Ebay international standard delivery rates

Ebay international standard delivery rates DEFAULT

eBay international standard

Up to lb.0.512345678910
1 - Canada$11$17$17$27$37$42$44$47$49$52$54
2 - United Kingdom$13$21$21$34$47$66$69$73$76$80$84
3 - Australia,
New Zealand
4 - France,
5 - Hong Kong,
Japan, S Korea
6 - Mexico$12$18$18$28$37$50$53$55$58$61$63
7 - Russia$12$21$21$34$48$69$74$79$84$89$94
8 - Brazil$16$25$25$38$52$59$63$67$71$75$79
9 - China$14$23$23$36$50$63$67$71$74$78$82
10 - Europe 1$13$23$23$38$52$57$60$63$65$68$71
11 - Europe 2$12$20$20$33$46$57$60$63$65$68$71
12 - Africa$12$21$21$34$48$70$75$81$87$92$98
13 - Asia$12$21$21$34$48$62$66$70$74$78$82
12 - Latin America$12$21$21$34$48$57$60$64$67$71$75

Package billable weight is rounded up to the next greatest weight break (e.g., 0.6 lbs. is billed at the 1 lb rate).
Important Notice: Sellers can ship up to 66 lb to CA and up to 44 lb everywhere else.

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Billable Weight

Billable weight is calculated as the greater of actual weight and dimensional weight. Actual weight is the weight of the fully packaged shipment in pounds (scale weight). Dimensional weight is calculated by multiplying the length by width by height of each package in inches and dividing the total by 166; ((L*W*H/166)). When the dimensional weight exceeds the actual weight; charges may be assessed based on the dimensional weight. Shipments whose billable weight exceeds the max allowable weight or dimensions rating limit will be returned to sender at sender’s expense (See oversized package detailed below).

Oversized Packages

Oversized Packages are calculated as Length + Girth exceeding 84 inches. Girth is calculated by measuring the total length in inches all the way around the parcel on the longest sides. In other words, the length and girth of a package is length plus (2 times the height) plus (2 times the width); (L+2(W+H)). If the dimension includes a fraction, a fraction of one-half or greater will be rounded up to the next whole number; less than one-half will be rounded down to the next whole number. Oversized Packages are not supported by eBay international standard delivery. Shipments which are oversized will be returned to sender at sender’s expense.

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Sours: https://pages.ebay.com/seller-center/shipping/ebay-international-standard.html

Just came upon this thread after dealing with a mysterious ... issue. I sell bumper stickers & bumper magnets, mostly.


In the past 2 weeks, I received 2 of my own little padded envelopes sent back to me! No explanation, no emails, no tracking, no way to even hunt down who the buyer even was. Wasn't contacted by the buyer about it, either. But here's the real kicker: inside was still my packing slip - dated September 2020. Yes. It's been "in the air" for 6 months before landing back in my hands.


Peeling back the top label layer, I found a local delivery label (for the destination country) piled atop my original label and a few others, then a "return to sender" atop that, and finally a USPS label atop that one as well.


Somewhere, the chain of communication seems to be broken between me <-> courier <-> customer. I have no idea why this ended up back in my hands, and if I punch in the "ESUS..." tracking number in various services, it comes up completely blank - so I have no way to know why it was returned or anything, since I also haven't got any emails on the matter.


I was hoping eBay's new delivery service would make international shipping less of a headache, not more than the nightmare it already was!

Sours: https://community.ebay.com/t5/Shipping/Problems-with-Ebay-International-Standard-Delivery/td-p/31751953
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Updates to how you ship

Send packages to international buyers with eBay international standard delivery

eBay international standard delivery, our new international shipping service, is now available to all US sellers using eBay Labels. eBay international standard delivery ships to over 210 countries and territories around the globe and is an economical alternative to other international shipping services.

eBay international standard delivery improves many aspects of common international shipping experiences. Benefits include:

  • Simplified pricing
  • Reliable tracking and visibility
  • USPS pick-up and drop-off convenience
  • Shipping protection for loss and damage
  • Seller protection for feedback and seller standards

You can add eBay international standard delivery as a service option on a listing in the international shipping section and print a shipping label with eBay Labels.

Comparison of common international shipping services on eBay

Features and BenefitseBay international
standard delivery
Global Shipping
Customs duties & taxes Delivery duty unpaid Delivery duty paid Delivery duty unpaid
Customs duties & taxes paid by Buyer Buyer Buyer
Shipments processed through a domestic consolidation center
Auto-populated customs e-forms
Seller protection for late delivery
Seller Rating/Feedback Protection
eBay Specialized Customer Service
Countries served213104213

Learn more about eBay international standard delivery.

Sours: https://pages.ebay.com/seller-center/seller-updates/2020-spring/ship.html
How To Calculate Shipping Costs on Ebay - Beginner Shipping Tips and Tricks

Beginning in February, eBay international standard delivery will be available to all sellers. This new program supports shipments to over 210 countries, offers better tracking visibility and includes late delivery protections for standards, service metrics, and feedback.  


If you ship to international buyers directly (not using eBay’s Global Shipping Program), you can select the eBay international standard delivery option as an economical choice to deliver your product. eBay international standard delivery is a Delivered Duties Unpaid (DDU) shipping solution—buyers won’t pay duties and tax at checkout on eBay, but may have to pay the carrier for duties and tax on delivery. 


It’s easy for sellers to save an average of 9% using eBay international standard delivery, as there is no change to the current process.  


This new option is available in the listing flow, under Shipping Details. You have the option of selecting Calculated or Flat international shipping cost listings. For either of these options, select “eBay international standard delivery” shipping service from the drop down menu. 


After your item sells, select the “eBay international standard delivery” option when you print a shipping label with eBay Labels for buyers in destinations outside of the US. Drop off your package at any US post office or schedule a pick up. Tracking will be automatically uploaded on eBay and tracked to its final destination. 


Each purchase of the eBay international standard delivery service includes a shipping protection plan to help in case of lost or damaged items. eBay will also protect you by removing negative and neutral feedback and defects when things happen that are outside your control (like late deliveries due to weather or carrier delays.) 


For more information on eBay international standard delivery rates, click here.< https://pages.ebay.com/seller-center/shipping/ebay-international-standard-delivery.html> 

Sours: https://community.ebay.com/t5/Announcements/Introducing-eBay-international-standard-delivery/ba-p/30655191

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