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Mama Ree Drummond Drops Son Bryce Off for His Freshman Year at the University of North Texas

As fall looms and college campuses reopen their doors to students, parents across the South are taking their kids to university. One of those parents was Ree Drummond. The Pioneer Woman packed up her son Bryce and dropped him off at the University of North Texas this weekend&#x;and like many other parents, needed two separate trips to Walmart to get it done.

Ree Drummond Wal-Mart Headshot Spring

Drummond reminisced about the adventure in an Instagram post, it took "2 trips 2 hours apart to 2 different Walmart locations plus 2 hours of organizing and 2 iced coffees" to get "Bryce's kitchen all set up and stocked yesterday." Well, all that plus a " mile drive to Texas and back." For Drummond it was all worth it though to make sure that Bryce had everything he needed "to make an egg." It's no surprise that a Food Network star would want her kid to have a fully equipped kitchen, even while living in the dorms.

Devoted fans of the Pioneer Woman and her telegenic family may recall that Bryce was recruited to play football at the University of North Texas. According to Drummond's blog, Bryce "graduated high school a semester early and took college courses over the summer and fall to satisfy his high school requirements" all so he could play ball starting in January of this year. Those who've kept close tabs on the Drummond family over the years will know Bryce is the third child of Ree and Ladd, so the college drop off isn't new for Mama but of course never gets any easier. As she noted in that same blog post, "Excuse me while I go cry for four hundred years."

But they got through it and Bryce is settling in on campus. He's ready to work hard on the football field, fighting for the mean green, and, of course, he is expertly prepared to cook eggs, maybe even for the entire team.


Ree Drummond will be okayin

The Pioneer Woman knew she had to drop her oldest son Bryce off at college soon. But that didn't make losing one of her pookie heads at the ranch any easier. This past weekend, Bryce officially started his next chapter at University of North Texas, and it left the Drummonds feeling proud—but also a little emotional.

First, Ree shared a pic of Bryce saying goodbye to his brothers, Todd and Jamar. Her crying emojis pretty much sum it all up—could your heart just burst?!

Ree Drummond/Instagram

His older sister Paige posted a photo next, and if you weren’t feeling tearful yet, be warned.

Paige Drummond/Instagram

“Brycie left for college today &#;&#;Gonna miss you baby bro. Tear it up down in Denton!!” she said.

Alex Drummond/Instagram

Alex and fiancé Mauricio helped move Bryce in, so she was naturally next to congratulate him. She posted two pics: In the first, he's standing in front of the Mean Green sign, where she called him a “college boy." The second is of Bryce in his dorm room, complete with just a bunch of watery eyes emojis. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE FIND THE TISSUES?

Alex Drummond/Instagram

The final nail in the coffin was Ree’s full post on Instagram. You can tell she’s one excited football mama, but it’s still hard to say goodbye!

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“Ladd and I delivered Bryce to college today! &#; He was recruited to play quarterback at University of North Texas, and he worked hard to graduate from high school early so he could get down here and participate in spring practice with his new team. Alex and Mauricio live in Dallas, so they helped us move the big guy into his dorm room, then we all went out to eat enchiladas and burritos for dinner, which is what you do in Texas. Right now Ladd and I are about to pass out cold in an area Embassy Suites while Alex and Mauricio take Bryce to buy bottled water and string cheese for his dorm fridge. Meanwhile, Paige is back home in Oklahoma, driving to Jamar and Todd’s basketball tournament to cheer them on. My brain is dead and my heart is full. Good night. &#;”

As long as he calls his mom every single day, it’ll all be fine. Which he’ll totally do! Definitely. &#;&#;

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Ree Drummond Shares Adorable Throwback Pic of Son Bryce To Celebrate His 19th Birthday

Ree Drummond had some loving words for son Bryce Drummond on Friday.

In honor of her first-born son's 19th birthday, the Pioneer Woman star, 52, shared a sweet tribute to Bryce on Instagram.

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Attached to her words were a gallery of photos of Bryce, including a photo of him as a young boy, looking over his shoulder at the camera.

"Happy birthday to my third child and first son Bryce, who was my only anesthesia-free childbirth experience, who will eternally (to me) look like this [childhood] photo, and who will forever inhabit a very special portion of my heart&#x;the portion devoted to mysterious minds and deep dimples," Ree wrote.

Ree also included picture of Bryce playing football at the University of North Texas, where he serves as the team's quarterback. Another candid shot was snapped of Bryce dressed in a tuxedo at his sister Alex Drummond's wedding.

"I love you, B-Man," Ree added. "So very, very much."

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Ree Drummond Drops Son off at College
Credit: Ree Drummond/ instagram

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In addition to Bryce and Alex, 24, Ree and her husband Ladd Drummond are also parents to daughter Paige, 21, son Todd, 17, and foster son Jamar,  

Just last month, Ree dropped Bryce off at UNT again, documenting the goodbye on her Instagram page. (He started there in January, after graduated high school early so he could start spring practice with his football team).

Of course, the Food Network host made sure to fill up her son's pantry with all the essentials.

"2 trips 2 hours apart to 2 different Walmart locations plus 2 hours of organizing and 2 iced coffees was all it took to get Bryce's kitchen all set up and stocked yesterday. (Oh, and a mile drive to Texas and back.)," Ree captioned the selfie. 

She added, "I guess it's that important to me for my child to be able to make an egg.  I love you, my son!"  

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Ree has been going through a weight-loss journey, which started after bringing Bryce to college.

"I have a cooking show, I write cookbooks, I have a cooking website. I have a restaurant, a bakery. So you know, it just kept creeping up," she told Entertainment Tonight this week. "In January of this year, we took my son Bryce to college. I tell this story, but I basically hit rock bottom eating chips and salsa one night. I went a little overboard, but I thought that night, 'I am going to start tomorrow.' "

Since changing up her lifestyle, with a consistent fitness routine and more conscious eating decisions, Ree's lost almost 60 lbs. so far.

"I am doing something different," Ree said, adding that her fitness journey wasn't necessarily about losing weight but feeling her best. "The scale was sort of a gauge for me that I was heading in the right direction. And it was never about 'I have to lose this amount.' It's really about how I feel. I feel great."

"It changes your whole outlook, just having the routine of exercise in your day," she continued. "You know, I still eat the foods that I cook my family. I still eat cake &#x; I just eat a Rhode Island&#x;sized piece instead of a Texas-sized piece!"

FNL Player of the Week: Bryce Drummond, Pawhuska

I can't believe this day has arrived! Bryce, my third child and first son, has graduated from high school. Excuse me while I go cry for ninety years.

Okay, I'm back. Yes, Bryce has officially graduated, and a semester early! He took concurrent college courses over the summer and fall to satisfy his high school requirements, and within three weeks I'll be driving him down to Texas to start college. Excuse me while I go cry for four hundred years.

Okay, I'm back. Bryce is starting school early for one important reason: Football!

Ree Drummond

After verbally committing last spring, he finally signed his letter of intent last week to play football at University of North Texas, home of the Mean Green football team (and alma mater of NFL Hall of Famer Mean Joe Greene!). Bryce is really happy, and Ladd and I couldn't be more excited for Bryce that he'll be able to continue playing football—and we're so proud of him for all the hard work that got him there.

Debbie Formby

Bryce wants to get this show on the road, so while he might miss the ranch a little bit (haha), he wants to get to UNT as soon as he can and start practicing with the team. It will be so fun to watch his progress and see how he adapts to the pace and grind of college ball!

As for me (because uhthis is all about me after all!) I can't believe B-Man is leaving home in such a short time.

Ree Drummond

He was a little boy yesterday. This has snuck up on me and I'm not ready. I mean, I am ready. But I'm not. But I am. But I'm not.

Fortunately, I'll still have Todd and Jamar to get me through! Oh, and my husband. Ha. But then Jamar will be heading to college next summerand after that it'll just be Todd at home for two more years. This is happening, friendsand it's happening fast! Excuse me while I go cry for nine thousand years.

(I'll be okayas long as the global Kleenex supply holds up.)

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Drummond bryce

Pawhuska's prolific QB set to make college scene with Mean Green

Bryce Drummond became a dynamic force for the Pawhuska High School football team.

The Dr. Seuss tale "The Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins," ends with the line that: "But neither Bartholomew Cubbins, nor King Derwin himself … could ever explain how the strange thing happened. They only could say it just "happened to happen" and was not very likely to happen again."

In some ways, that observation might fit the incredible four-season odyssey of the Pawhuska High School football program.

In , the Huskies stumbled to an record while their roster numbers shrunk and doubts about a major turnaround grew.

But, even then the seed of an amazing revival had been planted — and it was embodied in the frame of a six-foot-one, pound freshman interior lineman/tight end  named Bryce Drummond.

During the following three seasons, Drummond's body would mature to a strapping 6-foot-3, pound physique — and he would swap positions to become one of the most dynamic offensive forces ever to wear the Black & Orange.

The transformation began with the arrival of new head football coach Matt Hennesy in

Hennesy perceived in Drummond the ability to become a program-changing quarterback.

Three seasons later, Hennesy's hunch prove prophetic.

Since Drummond started at quarterback as a sophomore (), the Huskies have been on a gridiron boom — in , in and in , for a total record of ().

In , the Huskies thundered to a regular season record in Drummond's senior year — a perfect U-turn from the team's mark in , his freshman campaign.

Drummond's era in Pawhuska football is now ended.

But, his gridiron future is sparkling with possibility.

He is slated to play NCAA Division I football at the University of North Texas — and appears to have a chance to make an immediate impact.

"I think the system is same as what we run," said Hennesy. "He'll go in and compete for the starting job this spring. … He was their No. 1 overall recruit and the only quarterback they offered."

Hennesy also feels proud Drummond has followed through on his verbal commitment earlier this season with North Texas.

If Drummond's senior statistics are an accurate gauge of his potential on the next level, North Texas Mean Green fans have much to look forward to during the next few seasons.

Drummond threw for 4, yards and 59 touchdowns on of passing.

He also rushed for yards (on carries) and 18 touchdowns — resulting in a total of 77 offensive touchdowns.

Add to that a pick six and Drummond contributed 78 touchdowns his senior year Pawhuska scoring, as well as a mass of two-point conversions.

Parenthetically, he also averaged 44 yards per punt.

For his career — with just three years as the starting quarterback — Drummond shattered the 10,yard mark.

He amassed 11, total offensive yards — 9, passing and 1, rushing. Drummond also accounted for offensive touchdowns — through the air and 53 on the ground.

His final career passing percentage was (of); he threw 29 picks, but only six of them his senior year.

Drummond also finished with three career defensive touchdowns.

Hennesy said he doesn't know the last time a Pawhuska High footballer began his college career at a D-I program.

Drummond did enjoy special tutoring — of a sort — for his upcoming odyssey with the Mean Green.

Prior to this past season, Hennesy brought on board former North Texas starting quarterback Mason Fine, who Hennesy had coached at Locust Grove.

Fine — who owns several Oklahoma high school passing records, many of which Drummond threatened to reset — coached Drummond throughout the fall.

"I think having Mason year all year was even more so to help learn what they (North Texas coaches) do," Hennesy said. "It's good for him (Drummond). I know the coaching staff will take care of him and I think he'll have a good career there."

By the time his senior season () at North Texas arrived, Fine was considered one of the top college quarterbacks in Texas and also received attention as Heisman Trophy candidate.

He started most of his freshman year and all of the next three years as the North Texas quarterback and finished with 12, passing yards and 91 touchdowns. He also tried out for the Chicago Bears.

Drummond hopes to follow completely in the footsteps of his mentor.

But, the two display different styles.

"Bryce is a bigger, strong player while Mason is a heady player," Hennesy said. "Mason is super accurate. One thing they both have in common is they're both winners and super competitors."

This past season, North Texas finished , including a 4th-place showing () in Conference USA

Among the quarterbacks on this past season's North Texas roster were three redshirt sophomores, three redshirt freshmen and two true freshmen. Two of the redshirt sophomores appeared to split time pretty evenly.

While Drummond will be trying to make his mark at North Texas, his younger brother Todd is the Air Apparent for the Huskies.

Hennesy attempted to give the sophomore sibling plenty of reps this past season in order to prepare him.

"We'll hand Todd the keys," Hennesy said. "He'll be trying to step into some big shoes."

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