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KitchenAid 6-Quart Bowl-Lift Professional Stand Mixer on display

In the market for a KitchenAid mixer?

You’re in luck! Head on over to where you can score this highly rated KitchenAid Refurbished Pro 600 Series 6-Quart Stand Mixer for just $199 (regularly $279.99). This mixer is only available in Empire Red, Contour Silver, Silver, or Onyx Black at this price.

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Even sweeter, you can use promo code KAWELCOME20 to score an additional 10% off, making this mixer only $179.10 shipped to your doorstep! Note that their site is running slowly and you may have to refresh the page or enter the promo code a few times before it applies to your cart.

Check out this deal idea:

The refurbished KitchenAid Professional 600 Series 6-Quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer is perfect for heavy, dense mixtures. It also offers the capacity to make up to 13 dozen cookies in a single batch and 10 speeds to thoroughly mix, knead, and whip ingredients quickly and easily! Includes the following accessories: Flat Beater, Dough Hook, Wire Whisk.

kitchenaid stand mixer with stainless steel bowl and mixer attachment on countertop

Don’t need that big of a mixer? You can also get the KitchenAid Refurbished Artisan Series 5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer in select colors for just $179 (regularly $199.99). That means you’ll pay only $161.10 shipped after promo code KAWELCOME20 at checkout!

Make up to 9 dozen cookies in a single batch with this refurbished KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer. This mixer also features 10 speeds to thoroughly mix, knead and whip ingredients quickly and easily. Accessories included: beater, dough hook and wire whisk.


On the fence about buying a refurbished mixer? Don’t be!

Refurbished KitchenAid products have a 6-month limited warranty from the date of purchase, which excludes cosmetic damage. It is always a good idea to keep the dated sales receipt as your proof of purchase since you may be asked to email, fax or mail in a copy of the receipt.

Factory refurbished products are remanufactured goods that have been returned from a consumer, retailer, or trucking company. Refurbished products may, or may not have been used by a consumer. They have been cleaned and inspected to original mechanical and electrical condition. Refurbished products may contain cosmetic blemishes, which are not covered under warranty.

NOTE: These mixers will likely not arrive in time for Mother’s Day. Due to the impact of COVID-19, you may experience a further delay in your delivery and your actual delivery date may differ from the estimated shipping arrival date listed on the website.

Shopping for Mother’s Day? We’ve got lots of gift ideas!


This ultra-popular KitchenAid stand mixer is majorly discounted right now

Snag this refurbished KitchenAid stand mixer for less right now.

— Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

In the realm of baking essentials, Kitchenaid's line of stand mixers are regarded as the best of the best. Seasoned bakers and novice chefs alike know that the appliance reigns supreme in terms of its performance, look and reliable build. However, its one flaw is its price, which typically teeters around the $400 mark—unless you head to the brand's huge refurbished sale to save on one of the most popular models around, that is. 

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The iconic KitchenAid refurbished pro 600 series 6-quart bowl-lift stand mixer usually goes for as much as $499 at other retailers, but the refurbished option is down to $299.99. And, from now through Sunday, March 7, you can enter promo code REFURBPRO20 at checkout to save $20, bringing the price with the coupon code down to $279.99. That will save you a little more than $219 in off of the original price—savings you can put towards all the flour, sugar, eggs, and other ingredients you need to make the perfect goodies.

Although this baking must-have is refurbished, the company pledges that each one has been certified to meet like-new performance standards, plus, you'll get a six-month warranty. 

While we've yet to test out the pro 600 series, we're huge fans of the KitchenAid Artisan 5-quart stand mixer, ($399) a.k.a., our top pick for stand mixers. In testing, the Artisan wowed us with its incredible performance and quiet motor. Additionally, each attachment was super easy to use, not to mention, owners of this classic appliance have found that it lasts for years. Although there are a few key differences between the Artisan and the Pro 600—for instance, the discounted Pro has a 6-quart bowl as opposed to the Artisan's 5-quart—they're both awesome, especially considering the Pro's 4.7-star rating from more than 1,200 KitchenAid shoppers. 

The Pro option has many of the same features that we loved when we tested the 5-quart Artisan.

Like the Artisan, the Pro has 10 speed options ranging from mix to knead to whip. It can make up to 13 dozen cookies in a single batch (!) and comes with a flat beater, a dough hook and a wire whisk, all of which can easily be attached to the hook. The Pro also boasts a bowl-lift design, which provides sturdiness when mixing hefty batters or large balls of dough. 

Should a KitchenAid stand mixer be the baking tool of your dreams, we highly recommend heading to the site's refurbished sale to save on this much-loved appliance. From its like-new performance to its incredible ratings, you're nabbing a kitchen essential at a fraction of the price! 

Get the KitchenAid Refurbished Pro 600 Series 6-Quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer at KitchenAid for $279.99 (Save $70)

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Stand mixers are a sound investment and a mandatory countertop appliance for the seasoned home cook. But they can also be a bit pricey.

Nowhere is this more true than with KitchenAid, the iconic American brand that’s behind some of the best stand mixers on the market ever since it launched its first model, the H-5, in 1919.

KitchenAid stand mixers look great, work hard, and, thanks to the wide choice of attachments, can be extended to do almost any task in your kitchen, from grinding sausage meat to rolling and cutting pasta.

But they don’t come cheap. Their entry-level tilt-head 4.5-quart stand mixers start at $279.99 and, if you feed a large family or often find yourself cooking for a crowd, they’ll set you back even more.

When you’re eyeing a KitchenAid stand mixer but budget is a concern, a more affordable and frankly just as good alternative is to buy a Certified Refurbished one.

To help you decide if this is the right choice for you, here’s everything you need to know on the topic.

What are refurbished (renewed) KitchenAid stand mixers?

Refurbished KitchenAid stand mixers are unused or lightly used products that have been inspected and restored to perform like new. They’re cheaper than their brand new counterparts—but come with a 6-month instead of a 1-year warranty.

Unsurprisingly, the price is the most common reason why a home cook like you and me would consider one.

On the day of publishing this article, a refurbished KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Quart stand mixer sold at a list price of $259.99, compared to $399.99 for a brand new one. That’s $140 of savings that you can either pocket for something else or use for buying an attachment to extend your model’s built-in functionality.

In general, refurbished stand mixers are the better alternative to buying used models from a garage sale or an eBay or Craigslist listing. They go through a rigorous inspection, restoration, and certification process—coming out free from defects before ending up on your countertop.

The same can’t be said for used products, which almost always come with “a catch.”

Even if you’re unlucky and end up getting a defective refurbished stand mixer, which will usually show in the first six months of regular use, you’ll be protected by KitchenAid’s limited warranty (more on that below).

Are Refurbished KitchenAid Stand Mixers Worth It?

If you don’t want to break the bank for a stand mixer and you’re wondering whether or not to go down this path, what should you do?

Here’s my take:

Refurbished KitchenAid stand mixers are certainly worth the money. Inspected and restored, they’re more affordable than new models, typically come in mint condition, and can last for a very long time.

Regular readers know that, when it comes to appliances and cookware, I almost always go by the saying of “buy it nice or buy it twice.” Yet this is one of those rare instances where paying a lower price doesn’t necessarily mean getting a lesser-quality product!

When going through inspection, refurbished stand mixers often get extra attention to ensure they’re working well. That’s not always the case with brand new models, which are assumed to be perfect after assembly and routine testing at the factory.

“My first KitchenAid was a refurbished model and it was a total champion,” a user says in a Reddit thread on the topic. “It worked flawlessly for a decade and then I moved and gave it to a friend, who I think it still using it.”

“I bought my wife a refurbished one a few years ago,” the husband of a refurbished KitchenAid stand mixer shares. “She has since dropped it at least one time that I know of—and it’s still going strong.”

To help you decide, here are the pros and cons of this type of purchase in a nutshell:


  • When budget is a constraint, refurbished stand mixers are cheaper;
  • They come with a 6-month limited warranty, unlike models bought directly from garage sales or listings of previous owners.


  • The warranty for a refurbished stand mixer is only 6 months, compared to 12 months for a brand new model;
  • These appliances are older, and so are their inner workings. Technically, they might not last as long as brand new ones.

Certified Refurbished vs. Used KitchenAid Stand Mixers

As you do your due diligence online, you’ll come across plenty of anecdotes of people buying second-hand stand mixers on the cheap—only to end up having to spend as much money as they would for certified refurbished to fix and get them to work correctly.

One Redditor shares the story of how they bought a 6-quart stand mixer off Craigslist for $50. They gave it a test at the seller’s house, and it all seemed fine, but found issues as soon as they put it to work at home.

“When I tested it at the guy’s house, the planetary ring spun. But when I was inspecting it at home, I found that, if I put any resistance on it, it would stop. Turns out the worm gear and the follower were shot.”

In the course of repairing their mixer, they found that the planetary ring’s shaft had been broken all along, so they had to replace it as well. “All in all (with the repair parts and missing attachments), my $50 mixer ended up costing me closer to $300.”

Those looking for my 2¢ should save yourself the hassle and get one that’s likely not to give you a headache and, as long as you use it properly and care for it well, last a lifetime instead.

So where can you find one?

Three good places to start are on KitchenAid’s website, at Amazon, and, for those of you with a membership, Sam’s Club.

Don’t take too long to decide what to do if you find one you like; refurbished models are not always available, and the most beloved colors, like red, blue, and cream, get swept up quickly.

Do Refurbished KitchenAid Stand Mixers Have a Warranty?

Refurbished KitchenAid stand mixers come with the company’s 6-month limited warranty. If your refurbished appliance turns out to be defective, KitchenAid will fix or replace it as long as you’ve used it by following the instructions in the owner’s manual.

The warranty is valid only for consumers in the United States and Canada and is effective from the purchase date of the appliance. While it covers the cost of labor and parts, shipping or handling costs to deliver your product to a service center are excluded.

If you bought the appliance in the United States or Canada, but you used it in another country (suppose you have a summer house in Europe or a villa in South America), the warranty doesn’t apply.

So, as with any other major purchase, make sure to save your receipt. If something happens to your stand mixer, you’ll need it as proof of purchase in order to get warranty service.

In Conclusion

There’s nothing like unboxing a new KitchenAid stand mixer. But, when the price tag is too high for your budget (or what you’re generally willing to pay), a refurbished model can come pretty darn close.

Those who liked this article and are wondering what to read next can check out my list of the best KitchenAid attachments for pasta.

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NEW KitchenAid UNBOXING!!! - KitchenAid Pro Line Stand Mixer, 7-Quart

These fan-favorite countertop appliances from KitchenAid are available refurbished, at a lower cost

The kitchen should be a place of possibility — a room that inspires passion and creativity — but not everyone has an endless budget to spend on the tools they’ll need to achieve that. Luckily, there are some brilliant ways to save on high-end appliances, and KitchenAid offers one of the lesser known but best: a Certified Countertop Refurbished Program so your appliances perform like new but cost way less.

While “refurbished” means different things to different companies, KitchenAid’s process is actually really thorough: First, the brand starts with lightly used or totally unused countertop products. They’re then assigned to a technician who inspects, tests and repairs these appliances by hand. Any surface damage is fixed or minimized, so you can feel confident displaying your new gadget on your countertop, and then it’s carefully repackaged with all of the parts, accessories and manuals you’ll need for it.

Last but definitely not least, for your peace of mind, every KitchenAid certified refurbished item comes with a six-month limited warranty, the right to a free 30-day return and continued customer support. In other words, you’ve got nothing to lose, except maybe the higher price tag.

So what kinds of KitchenAid favorites can you find for less? The better question is: What can’t you find? Its refurbished selection includes food processors, high-performance blenders, kettles, coffee makers, toasters, grinders, slow cookers, pasta rollers, ice cream makers and hand mixers — and yes, its cult-favorite stand mixer is also available in refurbished form.

Refurbished Professional 600™ Series 6 Quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer ($349.99 refurbished, $529.99 new;

Typically, this versatile, 6-quart mixer costs $530 new, but when you opt for the refurbished version, you save about $180. Despite the savings, it can still mix, knead and whip with unbelievably impressive power, and it works with all the additional attachments you’ll need to grind meat, make pasta and more. It’s also offered in 10 gorgeous colors, and according to the 4.6-star rating from over 1,200 reviewers, it’s easy to forget that it’s not brand new:

“I work in an electronics repair/refurb facility, so I KNOW refurbs, and let me just say, the complete KitchenAid experience, from purchase to product setup, was done perfectly!” one reviewer writes.

“Game changer,” another raves. “It looks and acts like it is brand new. I even got the color I wanted. I can’t stop making things.”

So if you’re looking to equip your kitchen with high-end tools but avoid the high-end price tag, you’ve got options. Check out KitchenAid’s Certified Refurbished program to save hundreds on the countertop KitchenAid appliances you’ve always wanted.


Refurbished kitchenaid

outlet factory shop KitchenAid® Refurbished Artisan® Series 5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer, RRK150 designer online

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KitchenAid Professional 600 5 plus 6-Qt. - Refurbished


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