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HD wallpaper: woman wearing red hood holding red rifle illustration, RWBY, cold temperature

woman wearing red hood holding red rifle illustration, RWBY, cold temperature, HD wallpaper
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Weapon Shield Sniper rifle Sword, offspring, rwby, rifle, combat png

Weapon Shield Sniper rifle Sword, offspring, rwby, rifle, combat png

PNG tags

  • rwby,
  • rifle,
  • combat,
  • shotgun,
  • bolt,
  • semiautomatic Rifle,
  • semiautomatic Firearm,
  • bolt Action,
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  • Weapon,
  • Shield,
  • Sniper rifle,
  • Sword,
  • offspring,
  • png,
  • transparent,
  • free download

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RWBY Arsenal: Team RWBY’s Weapons, Explained

Each RWBY heroine has her own style, including signature weapons powered by Dust. Here's what you need to know about each of their weapons.

One of the biggest draws for RWBY (pronounced "ruby"), which has been a mainstay of Rooster Teeth since its debut in 2013, is its distinctive and interesting protagonists: Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang. The four are young "Huntresses" who, as Team RWBY, fight monsters called Grimm to keep the world of Remnant safe. Each heroine has her own style, including notable attacks called Semblances and signature weapons powered by Dust, a magical energy source native to Remnant.

Here's what you need to know about Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang's weapons in RWBY.

Ruby Rose's Crescent Rose, Explained

Team RWBY is led by Ruby Rose, a teenage girl who's dreamed of being a Huntress since childhood and worked towards that goal as a student at Signal Academy and later Beacon Academy. As befits a leader, Ruby wields a truly impressive High Caliber Sniper-Scythe (HCSS) named Crescent Rose that she built herself during her time at Signal. Crescent Rose is near and dear to Ruby, who has even referred to the weapon as "sweetheart," and is an inextricable part of her combat style.

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Crescent Rose is notable for having a converting frame and three distinct modes of use. In "storage" mode, the weapon is at its smallest and can be hidden under Ruby's cloak for transportation. In "rifle" mode, the weapon becomes a medium-length bolt-action rifle. Finally, in "scythe" mode, the weapon expands into a scythe about two feet taller than its wielder. In this mode, Crescent Rose can serve as either a bladed melee weapon or a long-barrel sniper rifle, allowing for versatility in combat.

While Crescent Rose is an impressive weapon, it requires a highly skilled wielder. It has a massive recoil that could disadvantage a lesser combatant, but because she built the weapon and is familiar with its ins and outs, Ruby is able to use the recoil as a launching mechanism in battle, either going short distances for an attack or straight up into the air. She can also use the recoil to make attacks faster and stronger by firing a shot with the rifle before taking a swing with the scythe. If she plants the blade of the scythe in the ground, it allows her to prevent the recoil from ruining her aim with the rifle. There is also a second blade at the bottom of the scythe's shaft and the rifle's muzzle can rotate for various attacks. The scythe can also be thrown like a boomerang so it returns to the user.

Finally, Crescent Rose is capable of using multiple types of Dust: Fire Dust works similarly to a flamethrower, Ice Dust creates icicle projectile bullets, Gravity Dust enhances the weapon's recoil and gives Ruby faster acceleration speeds, and Electric Dust fires a burst of electricity that paralyzes the opponent.

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Weiss Schnee's Myrtenaster

RWBY's second team member, Weiss Schnee, uses a Multi Action Dust Rapier called Myrtenaster (named after a German myrtle flower that's often white in color). It is an average-sized rapier with cycling chambers filled with different types of raw Dust that can be triggered in battle. The Dust will then go onto the sword's blade or be combined with Weiss' ability to create Glyphs (magical surfaces with various secondary effects) with her Semblance. Red Dust gives her abilities to create waves or projectiles made of fire; Blue Dust aids in the creation of ice crystals, sheet ice, and ice-impacted Glyphs; Yellow Dust can help create time dilation Glyphs (speeding up the movements of the Glyph's target); Cyan Dust creates Hard-Light barriers and projectile Glyphs; White Dust creates wind attacks; Purple Dust can manipulate gravity.

Myrtenaster's design is influenced by the swords belonging to Weiss' sister, Winter, and differs from a typical rapier in that lacks a knuckle guard or quillons.

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Blake Belladonna's Gambol Shroud

The third member of RWBY, Blake Belladonna is a cat-eared Faunus (or animal person) who wields a weapon known as Gambol Shroud, which has been significantly damaged and repaired over the course of the series.. It is classified as a Variant Ballistic Chain Scythe (VCBS) and combines a pistol, katana, a kusarigama (or chain sickle) and a heavy sheath. The sheath itself has a sharp edge and can double as a cleaver. The pistol, found in the hilt of the katana, serves as a ranged weapon, while the katana itself is strong enough to cut through the body of android soldiers (though other droids and some Grimms seem to be immune to its effects).

The katana also has a second edge, meaning that the weapon can be held with both the pistol and an edge facing outward. Gambol Shroud can also be used like a kusarigama by wrapping a ribbon on the katana's hilt around the pistol's trigger. This allows the weapon to be swung around in a fight. When utilizing the weapon in this way, Blake uses the recoil from her pistol to increase her power and speed in a fashion similar to how Ruby uses Crescent Rose. The ribbon can also be used as a slingshot or grappling hook in extreme situations.

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Yang Xiao Long's Ember Celica

Ruby's half sister Yang Xiao Long is the final member of Team RWBY, and she uses Dual Ranged Shot Gauntlets (DRSG) called Ember Celica. The gauntlets seem like bracelets at first glance but can expand to full arm guards that contain chambers that hold twelve shells of raw kinetic energy apiece. The barrel to launch these shells is hidden between the index and middle fingers on the gauntlets. When Yang punches, she creates waves of energy that look like explosions and affect enemies in the manner of a seismic pulse.

Later in the series, Adam Taurus cuts off Yang's right gauntlet and arm. Shortly thereafter, she receives a cybernetic arm that functions in the same way as her gauntlets, with the additional ability to plant small explosives that Yang can then trigger.

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China Censors NBA After Boston Celtics Player Speaks Out on Tibet Abuse

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'Crimson Twilight' - RWBY OC Weapon (Commission)

RWBY: TD- GRM10 Standard Rifle

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History: After the Collapse of the Grimm Empire, the Grimm Loyalists fled to the mysterious continent, and formed the Grimm Remnant.

Over the decades, using stolen plans and models from Mantle, the Grimm Remnant began a industrial revolution, and with their new technology, such as guns, airships, and robots, began to modernize the Grimm Army. However, the UER sent spies into the Grimm Remnant, and with intel, the UER began their own industrial revolution.

In the Grimm Remnant, many models in submachine guns, pistol, rifles, and heavy guns were made.

The GRM10 Rifle is the standard rifle of the Grimm Army.

This gun is mostly used by Grimm Light Infantry, and sometimes the Grimm Heavy Units.

It has a semiautomatic magazine rifle, opening by a bolt action for reloading the clip, and that can have a bayonet attach at the end.

The most common dust round used for the GRM10 Rifle is fire dust and electric dust, however it also used ice dust, and wind dust.

(Notes: A new part of my world building, Gunbucket. The GRM10 Rifle is based off Vexiphile M1903 Guiberson. The models belongs to these amazing Gunbucket artists, including darthpandanl, Soundwave3591, Vexiphile)

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Rifle rwby

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RWBY - It's also a gun


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