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This was one of those things I would&#;ve much rather bought than DIY, and if asked I&#;d say yea get something made well and sound instead of dealing with the mess and time of sourcing random materials to make it- I know all about that frustration!  The issue comes though when I can&#;t find something I like or that has features I want.  Sometimes I&#;ll go further and imagine up exactly what the perfect one would be and spend too much time trying to find what maybe doesn&#;t exist.  So, we make one.

Part two of the inspo for this jewelry box was wanting to play with gray and leather, a combo that I found in one of the kitchens from yesterday&#;s postand somehow immediately thought I should incorporate that into the design of a box (?)  Let&#;s go.

-wood box (mine is from Michaels, about &#; square)
&#;wood filler
-foam brush
-glue gun
&#;natural tooling leather
&#;leather awl
-thumb tack

Remove any hardware on the box with a screwdriver and fill in the remaining holes with wood filler.  My box had a square engraving on top that I didn&#;t want, so I filled that with wood filler too.  Once the filler is dry, paint the box with at least three coats of paint with drying in between.

Cut a strip of batting the same width as the inside of the box and roll it up.  The batting length I used was about &#;.  Use a glue gun to glue down the end of the strip.  I used two layers of batting and the rolls ended up being too thick, so I&#;d say sticking to one layer is sufficient.

Cut up the velvet to wrap around each roll of batting and use the glue gun to glue it on.  The velvet doesn&#;t have to reach all the way around since the exposed batting will just be on the bottom side of the box.  Make sure to leave excess velvet on each end of the batting to tuck under once squeezed into the box.

I shoved in the rolls of the velvet covered batting into the box while tucking in the ends underneath each roll.  I also used a popsicle stick to further tuck in the velvet on the sides.  The rolls should be so tightly packed that gluing them in isn&#;t necessary.

For the handle, cut a strip of leather about 1 inch wide and &#; long.  Fold it in half and use a leather awl to pierce a hole near the edge for the thumb tack to go through.

Hammer in the thumbtack onto the front side of the lid of the box to secure the handle in place.


I wanted this box to be for organizing both rings and earrings because while my favorite storage method will always be trays, it was getting a little annoying to rummage through.  This way everything is neat and clearly visible.

I was originally going to paint the box white (who knew it?) but then gray called me when I kept seeing it in kitchens.  I adore this color SO much.  It&#;s a healthy alternative to a stark white and still has the same minimal feel, it&#;s just a bit more interesting, yea?

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21 Beautiful &#; Functional DIY Jewelry Boxes |

Jewelry boxes are a great way to store your precious gems and accessories, making sure they never get lost or damaged. Jewelry boxes are also a fun way to accessorize spaces of your home especially when that jewelry box is a creative project you&#;ve made yourself.

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This layered cake is a deceptively sweet looking jewelry box. Yep, it&#;s a fake cake! Get the how to for this Decoden Fake Cake Jewelry Box from Dream A Little Bigger.

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DIY Marbled Jewelry Box &#; Using A Cigar Box

DIY Marbled Jewelry Box &#; Using A Cigar Box

I have always been a very messy person, and my jewelry situation is no exception.  Typically it&#;s scattered across the top of our dresser and on my nightstand, not to mention the bathroom, my car, in the crevices of my purse&#;.etc.  As I was staring at the jungle of our dresser the other day, I decided I needed to check my egregious clutter habit and tame my jewelry once and for all!

As it so happened, an old cigar box my dad gave me was conveniently positioned amongst the various odds and ends.  Problem + solution all in the space of five minutes!

And so, I give you: the DIY jewelry box &#; from a cigar box!  I&#;m really loving the marbled paper, leather, and brass details.  You can make this in an afternoon and use any kind of smallish wooden box you have kickin&#; around.

DIY CIgar Box Jewelry BoxNow this is one of those instances where you must do as I say, not as I do.  The  beauty of creating a DIY project is that it&#;s really just about experimentation.  I try it one way, and it doesn&#;t work. I make a mistake and have to go back.  Sometimes I get fed up and toss everything in the trash.

Luckily this time I took some cues from my three-year-old (hands on your tummy and deep breaths, mommy) and managed to MacGyver my way to the finish line. So&#;some of the following photos won&#;t be accurate depictions of what your project will look like.  But never fear! Just read the directions and you&#;ll be fine, I swearrrr.

DIY Jewelry Box


  • Cigar box
  • Spackle or wood putty
  • Fine sandpaper (say&#; grit)
  • 2 paint brushes, one medium & one small
  • White high-gloss paint (any kind)
  • 9 foam cylinders &#; I found mine at Michaels
  • Hot glue gun
  • 9 x 3&#; piece of leather
  • Ruler
  • X-acto Knife
  • Mod Podge
  • Marbled paper
  • Craft wood &#; I used two pieces, x x 3&#;
  • Brass thumb tack


First, wipe down the cigar box with a damp rag and remove any hardware.  Lightly sand to remove any grime, and wipe again.  Fill any holes with spackle or wood putty and let dry completely.  Then, paint the craft wood as well as the entire box inside and out with the white paint.  If you don&#;t do this, the paper will look dark and icky after you Mod Podge it!  So paint it, and let dry.

Meanwhile, take out the foam cylinders and the hot glue gun.  Glue three end-to-end, and repeat until you have three little marshmallow snowmen.  Try not to sing Frozen songs.  Maybe go give in to your hot chocolate craving.

DIY Marbled Jewelry Box from a Cigar Box

With the ruler and X-acto knife, cut a strip of leather that is about 3/4&#; wide and set aside.  Take the remaining leather and cut into three equal strips, then use the hot glue gun to wrap each of the strips around the snowmen.

DIY Marbled Jewelry Box from a Cigar Box

When the cigar box is dry, take the interior measurements with your ruler.  On the reverse of the marbled paper, create two corresponding rectangles&#;one for the lid, one for the base&#;according to the measurements of the bottom of each plus the sides.  This will ensure that the pattern continues onto the sides of the box.

DIY Marbled Jewelry Box from a Cigar Box

Cut out each of the pieces (you should have 10 in all).

DIY Marbled Jewelry Box

Then, follow the directions on the Mod Podge bottle and découpage each piece of paper to its corresponding surface.  Let dry completely.

DIY Jewelry Box

Hot glue the leather pieces into one corner of the box.  Measure and cut one piece of painted craft wood to create a divider.  Mod Podge some marbled paper onto that piece, and hot glue it into place like so:

How to Make a Jewelry Box From A Cigar Box

Repeat to create a second, smaller divider like this:

How to Make a Jewelry Box From A Cigar Box

Now mark the top of the box lid in the center where your handle will go, and take out the extra strip of leather and thumb tack.

How to Make a Jewelry Box From A Cigar Box

Fold the leather in half to create a handle, securing the two ends with hot glue.  Then, take the thumb tack and push it through the center at the top.

How to Make a Jewelry Box From A Cigar Box

Add a tiny amount of hot glue to the spoke and back of the leather, and push the entire thing into the box top.  The final result should look like this:

DIY Marbled Jewelry Box Cigar BoxNow reattach any hinges and fill that baby with some pretty jewelry!

How to Make a Jewelry Box From A Cigar Box

Dwell Beautiful
Persia Lou

Did you like this project?

I&#;d love to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment using the box below and don&#;t forget to check out my other projects.  You can also follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest for more fun DIYs!

268 - Scrapwood Jewelry Box

25 Ingenious Jewelry Organization Ideas

You guys!

We&#;ve made it half-way through the ten week organizing challenge!

This week I&#;m super excited to be tweaking our master bedroom. It isn&#;t in half bad shape because I did a little bit of purging and organizing in here last Fall when we gave it a makeover for the One Room Challenge.  But with the pressure of getting it all finished in time for the challenge; I definitely didn&#;t do as thorough of a purging & organizing job as I could have, so it will feel great to get it complete.

One of the biggest areas that I struggle with in keeping our bedroom organized is with my jewelry and accessories. I was working on that task this weekend, and I took to my favourite research source for some great ideas!

If jewelry organization is an issue for you as well, then I hope you find some inspiration amongst these creative DIY ideas and jewelry organization systems that I&#;m sharing today&#;

As I mentioned, I found and collected these ideas from all over the web, and pinned them to my Pinterest board dedicated to unique and creative bedroom storage and organization ideas: Bedroom Organizing Ideas.

Check out these inspiring Jewelry Organization ideas&#;

DIY Wood Jewelry Blocks Via Emily Henderson

Simple Jewelry Wall Organization Via Sugar Bee Crafts 

DIY Jewelry Tree Via Lowes

Pegboard Accessory Organizer Via The 36th Avenue

DIY Jewelry Organizer Via Shanty 2 Chic

DIY Tabletop Jewelry Organizer Via Anika&#;s DIY Life

DIY Clothes Hanger Jewelry Storage Via Lowes

DIY Jewelry Organizer Via The Homes I Have Made

Super Simple Drawer Jewelry Organization Via The Summery Umbrella

Jewelry Organization Tips Via A Thoughtful Place

Geometric Industrial Wall Jewelry Organizer Via Made in a Day

DIY Ring & Earring Organizer Via I Heart Organizing 

Over the Door Jewelry Organizer Via

In Drawer Jewelry Organization Via Annie Selke

Driftwood Jewelry Organizer Via Etsy

Vintage Ladder Jewelry Organizer Via Pinterest (if you know the original source, let me know)

DIY Framed Jewelry & Earring Organizer Via Marty&#;s Musings

Plastic Animal DIY Jewelry Organizer Via Why Don&#;t You Make Me

Thread Rack Jewelry Organizer Via One Good Thing by Jilly

DIY Jewelry Board Tutorial Via Whippy Cake

All in One Space Saving Jewelry Organizer Via Etsy

Painted Twigs Jewelry Organizer Via Rebeccas DIY

Dresser and Wall Jewelry Organizer by  Graceful Order  Via I heart organizing

DIY Tiered Tray Jewelry Storage from Dollar Store Finds Via The Happy Housie

DIY Hardware Jewelry Organizer Via The Happy Housie

I hope you found something to help you with your jewelry organization situation! I know I did&#; and I&#;ll be sharing all of our master bedroom organization details with you later this week.

If you are looking to organize your whole home, then pop over to my ten week organizing challenge series &#; you can read all the details here: 

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