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Spring Country Alpaca Plush Toy, Llama Stuffed Animal Large 18" Doll Plushie Hug Pillow Soft Fluffy Cushion Super Kawaii Gift for Birthday Girls and Lovers Washable

Color:Pink 18"

Detail:* Material: PP cotton and Soft Plush, bot durable and environmental friendly * Washing:Only dry-clean * Package:1 PCS * It can be the perfect gift for your friends, family, lovers and children Note: * Plush toys received may have some plush fallen phenomenon, it is not the quality problem of the product itself. * It's the floating hair during the production process though we had fix them before shipping out. Just use a soft brush to clean it will be fine. * Plush toys in the transportation process may cause extrusion and lead internal filler uneven, you can just pat it will be recover the lovely shape Commonly Asked Questions Q: How durable is it? A: We thoroughly test our Alpacas to ensure they stand up to all conditions. Q: Will the fur hurt or irritate little baby skin? A: Absolutely not, the doll is made of premium PP cotton with care and love, they are tested to ensure it safety with children Q: Does it have a name? A: No, but we invite you and your loved ones to name it, so that the child can name it themselves!


Alpacasso Rainbow Alpaca Plush (Big)

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Large alpaca plush


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