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Biocop TF Bottom Paint Outperforms in Micron 66 Bottom Paint in Independent Testing!

  • Biocop TFInterlux Micron 6630% Better Performance in Longevity and Reduced Growth!
  • US Made with Premium Copper, Solvents, and Rosins!
  • Bottom Paint That Works in Fresh Water!
  • Safer to Apply and Less Odor During Application!
  • More Color Choices!

Practical Sailor rates Biocop TF as a 24 Month paint and a “Top Choice”

2011 October Issues of Power & Motoryacht Magazine rates Biocop TF Excellent!

Apply Directly over Micron 66 or any other Bottom Paint and Receive…

1 Year Written Guarantee Against Barnacle Growth!

     Once Limited to Mega Yachts (82FT and above), Biocop TF is Legal for all Size Boats!

Provided by Sea Hawk Paints

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Micron 66 - worth the extra $$$?

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wongaga said..
I've heard of a few home-brew upgrades to AF including a dose of Roundup, but I must say I'm not keen. I wouldn't want to inadvertently add more gunk to the environment than I already do.

Cheers, Graeme

Dear wongaga, While I, and I am sure everybody else here supports the ethic of minimizing environmental impact from how we live our daily lives, I think you need to put some "reality check" into your thinking.

Us "rich yachties" have been accused by the political correct lefties of doing irreparable harm to the environment through our sewage discharge, that toxic paint we use on out yachts and those thousands of poor little barnacles that die when we scrape them off our boats because the "toxic" paint we used did not work.

Commercial vessels, in particular, large international bulk carriers, are allowed to put the most toxic paints of all on their bottoms in the name of "economic international trade". They fill their ballast tanks with water from the other side of the world full of organisms from there and dump them on the other side of the world where they previously did not exist.

Port Phillip Bay is a prime example of the environmental destruction that practice has caused.

But no!! Us small boat owners are the criminals causing "huge environmental damage" and that is why we cannot buy antifouling paint that actually works and have to fit holding tanks for our occasional discharge of human waste that bacterially dies in salt water.

Oh the shame of it all!!!!!

Copper Oxychloride is a common product that is sold at Bunnings and just about any garden shop. People buy it, spread it on their gardens, it rains and it gets washed down to where???

If you mix it in your antifoul paint and it stops barnacles etc from growing on your hull, has it actually leeched into the environment??

Am I trying to justify it's use on boat hulls by comparison with the multinational environmental vandals?? Not at all.

If the barnacles etc stay in their natural environment ie not on boat hulls and the copper oxychloride stays in it's environment, ie the paint, where is the harm??
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How much paint do I need?

Micron 66 combines Biolux® Technology for increased antifouling performance with a true Self Polishing Copolymer that gradually polishes over time, even while stationary, to a smooth finish. This ensures maximum continuous protection over a long product life, helping to minimize drag and fuel consumption. For use in salt and brackish water only.

Micron 66

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