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The concert was long over, but the music of August was starting to reach the climax. August has an excellent ability in this point. When he finished his piece, he turned around his head and looked down to the point row. He saw him; Louis, the man he met in the park earlier that day and a beautiful woman standing next to him.

After the concert, Mr. Jefferies looked for August to tell an urgent thing to him. When August took a chat with Louis and Lyla, was his mother. And while she felt very happy to see her son, she said to August that Louis was his father. Then, the trio were in romantic condition for no see in a long time. Then, Mr. Jefferies told them to make the family in a legal sense. Suddenly, Marshall, Louis’ brother came to call Louis to go, but in fact he received a surprise about this.

In Jefferies’office, Louis and Lyla were in the same room, talking about how they met first, how they separated, Louis’ assumption that Lyla was married another man, and also having August. Lyla clarified all their misunderstanding, and also said that she was still single. Then, they decided to get married and made having August legal although they relized that it was going to take long process.

Finally, Lyla Nouacek becomes Lyla lonely. She and her family had a grand apartment with studio in Manhattan. She was still playing with New York Philharmonie on the persuasion from both her son and her husband. The orchestra welcomed her with open arms. Louis was still playing with the band and usually booked a room when he had a show outside the city. And August was in Julliard ad composed another rhapsody in his composition class.

Lyla and Louis had gotten into a fight about his last name. it was August in the end that had ended the little quarrel by saying that he would take both names in honor of them because they have given him the gift to her music. His name was August Novacek Comelly.

I think it is a very good ending for August Rush. As I watched the ending in the movie, I thought it was not quite satisfying. It was still unclear whether August recognized his parents or not or whether they all became one or not in the end. By reading this fanfiction, it is like a way to satisfy people who watch the movie about the ending. It is a good choice to be the ending of August Rush movie.


August Rush Finally being heard

A/N: I DON'T OWN ANYTHING, I love the movie so I could not help but do a fanfic on the movie, positive criticism is needed, tell me what you think, I will try to have the new chapter up sometime soon, right now High school senior year is hard....enjoy

Chapter 1

Tonight was the night that August Rush was going to conduct at the concert, along with the band's fist gig at a club. This was going to be one hell of a night as people from everywhere pilled into the concert to watch, not only August Rush a musical genius and a prodigy, but also a well know cellist named Lyla Novacek. As people came to watch the concert somewhere else a band that has not been together in years were playing their first gig at a club in the city, the music was depressing and almost had sad feeling to it, as Louis sang the song.

The beat was slow and soft as he continued to sing, meanwhile in the city at the subway the young musical genius was with Wizard getting ready to leave for a gig outside of the city. August had a longing look in his sad eyes which Wizard did not notice nor did he care, he watch Wizard and Arthurexchange money, thoughts were going through his mind as he thought back to the time he spent with Louis at the park that evening and what Louis said to him.

At Central Park, Lyla Novacek was playing the cello, as the music was soft and sad as well, like Louis both having one thing in common with Evan Taylor aka August Rush, calling out to one another searching for each other. Lyla's thoughts were wondering around as she thought back to her father and the news that her baby was not dead struck a hard cored in her heart, thinking about her son made her play the music hoping for her child to come to her, to hear her.

Louis and his band were playing the sad music, Louis was also playing after years of living in San Francisco he worked there as an accountant, he came to New York after reading about Lyla the girl he meet ten years ago under the moon as he sang Moon dance to her. He rushed to New York after a fight with his brother Marshall, he loved his brother yes, but he had to do this on his own. Six months he searched until that one evening where he meet August Rush. Since then his thoughts where on both Lyla and August, as he hoped his music was being heard.

Back at the subway August began to hear sounds and music like they were sad calling out to him, he had to make a run for it, but not with Wizard there. Not until he saw his friend Arthur, he said, "I have to go now" both Arthur and Wizard looked at August weirdly, until he gave the guitar back to Wizard; he has finally made his own choice and that is to go to the concert and to search for his family by playing music, he remembered what Louis said to him and decided to go to the concert and play, hoping that his parents would listen and come for him. He told Wizard, "I'm not coming back this time." Even though Arthur tried to calm Wizard down August gave Arthur a look that had truth in them, he was not returning he had to leave. When Wizard smirked he said, "My money's on the fact that you won't be able to find your parents." With that said August sprinted like his life depended on it, he had to get away from Wizard, Arthur came up behind and hit Wizard giving August time to run. Once gone Wizard sat down and played his harmonica, a sad song being played as he looked up towards the ceiling of the subway.

Back with Louis and the band, Louis was in the car as the guys were drinking beer being driven to the airport he noticed a sign that said something about a concert in Central park and at the bottom it mentions Lyla's name and August Rush, with that he said immediately, "stop here." least, he thought that was his voice. It had to be his voice, because he's the one who said it in the first place. "Let me out! Let meout!" Louis opened the door as soon as the driver unlocked it. He slammed the car door shut and ran to the park as fast as he can. "Louis! Louis!" Marshall got out of the car. "Where are you going?" he shouted. Oh, man! What's wrong now? He quickly got inside the car again and sat motionlessly. "What's wrong with him?" Nick asked.

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The Mother And Her Little Kitten

Cass was thankful school was nearly over for the day and for the summer. While she enjoyed her classes, she was having a hard time focusing because of a loss she had endured the day before. Suddenly, she overheard some of her classmates talking. “Did you hear? Cass had a kitten but then she killed it,” said one. “She should have known better than to take the kitten out into the road,” said another. “She can't even face that fact that she killed it,” said a third one. Having heard enough, not to mention her guilt over what had happened eating at her, Cass grabbed her school bag and left the school, not wanting to go home because she lived alone in the mansion with maids and butlers, but no parents. Her parents had died when she was a baby and one of the butlers who had been with the family when Cass's mother was younger had been entrusted as the girl's guardian. The girl appreciated the maids and butlers, but she felt lonely and the kitten she had found had brought some happiness to her life, but now it was gone. As she ran, tears ran down her face and she came to a stop at an alleyway that looked like no one went down it. Deciding to spend the night there alone to clear her thoughts and try to overcome her sadness, she sat down on an old, but sturdy, wooden crate, sighing softly as she covered her face with her hands, more tears falling from her eyes. A few moments later, she heard a thunderclap and looked up to see dark storm clouds had gathered and then she felt the first few raindrops as another thunderclap sounded out. “I better find some shelter,” she said to herself, knowing that she wouldn't make it back home in time before the storm really hit. She looked around before heading to the street and she was about to cross it when a truck came out of nowhere and was coming at her. Startled and scared, the green-haired child ran away in fear, not watching where she was going in her blind haste to escape and she tripped over the edge of the sidewalk, falling down and scraping her knee and her lower leg on some of the concrete that had been broken and had yet to be fixed. A cry of pain left her and she tried to get up again, but her leg was hurting too much. She managed to crawl to the side of a building as the rain began to come down in a downpour. She put her hands over her head to try and shelter herself, but was soaked in a matter of minutes. Sniffling, she felt her tears fall faster now and she curled up, wincing as her injuries stung a bit. Just then, she heard an odd sound and she didn't feel the rain hitting her anymore. “Are you alright, sweetie?” A kind voice asked. Cass looked up and saw a pink-haired woman smiling at her in a gentle, friendly way and she was carrying an umbrella, which she held up over both herself and Cass to protect themselves from the rain. The green-haired child strangely felt safe in this stranger's presence, perhaps because this woman seemed concerned for her and was being kind by holding up the umbrella to keep the girl from getting even more soaked. “Who are you?” The child asked, sniffling a little. “My name is Diane,” the pink-haired woman said with a smile before she noticed the young girl's injuries. “Oh, you're hurt.” She kneeled down to examine the injuries, seeing the girl had a scraped knee and a long gash on her lower leg. “What happened to you?” Cass sniffled again. “I tripped on the edge of the sidewalk,” she admitted. Diane smiled gently and reached a hand out to the girl. “Why don't you come with me? My home isn't far and we can wrap up your injuries. And perhaps something warm to eat? You no doubt must be cold from the rain.” The child looked up at her, seeing the woman's eyes were gentle and kind and she thought for a moment before nodding as she did want to get out of the rain. She reached forward and took Diane's hand, to which the young woman helped her up and then picked her up, holding the umbrella with one hand and carrying the young girl like how a mother would carry her daughter in her arms before she began walking, coming to an alleyway and smiling. “Here we are,” the pink-haired woman said. Cass looked to see they were approaching what looked like an old-time theater. “What is this place?” She asked. “My home,” Diane said, still smiling. The door then opened and there stood a tall man in a ringmaster's suit of white, gold, and red. His gold eyes looked relieved at seeing the young woman before his eyes widened at seeing the injured child in her arms. “Come in, my dears,” he said, holding the door opened for them. Once they were inside, Diane let out a sigh of relief and lowered the umbrella, which the tall man kindly took. “Thanks, Dad. It's really coming down out there,” she said. “According to the weather reports, it will be like this for a couple of hours,” he said before looking at the child in the girl's arms. “Who is your new friend?” He asked curiously. Cass shrank against Diane and hid her face, shivering a little as she didn't know who the tall man was, but he looked a bit scary. Just then, a young man came out and he smiled. “Diane, you're back,” he said in relief before seeing the child in her arms. “Who's this little one?” “This is Cass,” Diane said before seeing the child was clinging to her, but peeking out at Balan fearfully. “I think she's a bit scared of Dad,” she said worriedly. The young man smiled. “Hi, Cass, I'm Jake,” he said before gesturing to the tall man. “And that's Balan. He's mine and Diane's dad.” Balan smiled brightly and bowed like an entertainer would. “Hello, my dear,” he said, his voice gentle. “Welcome to our theater.” Cass noted his eyes seemed to soften as he looked at her and she felt a hand rub her back, to which she looked up at Diane, who smiled gently. “It's okay. Dad won't hurt you,” the pink-haired woman said before looking at Jake. “Jake, can you take my bag and put the groceries away for me?” “Sure,” the young man said with a smile as he did so. Diane then turned to the tall being. “Dad, can you bring Cass to my room while I get some towels, the first aid kit, and a few other things?” She asked. “Of course, sweetheart,” Balan said, gently accepting the young girl from his daughter and carrying her down the hallway. Cass looked up at him, still a bit unsure, but she noted that he was being gentle with her. She then saw him smile at her as he began rubbing her back. “Don't be afraid, little one. You're safe here,” he cooed soothingly before he moved his hand and gently cupped the right side of the girl's face, his thumb rubbing her cheek gently. As he did that, she became less afraid of him as she began to feel better and she snuggled closer to him before realizing that her soaked dress was getting his suit wet. “Oh, I'm sorry!” She said, leaning away from him. “What's the matter, my dear?” Balan asked, curious about her reaction. She looked embarrassed. “Well, I didn't mean to get your suit wet,” she admitted. The tall being chuckled warmly. “Don't worry, little one. A little bit of water isn't going to hurt me,” he said, holding her in a hug. Comforted, she hugged him back, resting her head on his shoulder. He smiled at this before opening the door to a room. “Ah, here we are.” “Thanks, Dad,” Diane said as she saw them come in. She got a towel and accepted Cass from Balan, wrapping the towel around the young girl, who snuggled into the warmth, giving the young woman a grateful look. Balan smiled, hugging his daughter and gently ruffling Cass's damp hair, making her giggle a little. “I'm going to make sure everything is settled before the storm gets worse,” he said, heading out. Cass began to feel better as she began to feel warm again and Diane smiled. “You can stay here with me for tonight, Cass,” she said. “Oh, that reminds me. I have to grab something. I'll be right back.” She set the child down on the bed and headed out, coming back moments later with some milk and freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies. The aroma of the cookies caught Cass' attention and she smiled at seeing Diane come in with the treat. “Now, how about you have some cookies and tell me what happened that you were out in the rain and got injured?” The green-haired girl nodded and sniffled, accepting a cookie and as she ate it, she began her story. “I was at school today when some of my classmates began saying that I had killed my kitten that I had found a couple days ago,” she said. “We had been out for a walk and the next thing I heard was a car hitting the brakes and then nothing, so I ran away, not wanting to look back.” “Oh, honey,” the pink-haired woman said, hugging the girl, who hugged her back and continued. “I left school early and found an alleyway to stay in for the night to try and clear my thoughts before the storm hit and went I went to find shelter, a truck came at me out of nowhere and scared me, so I ran and tripped over a part of the sidewalk that was broken,” she explained. “I had just gotten over to that building when you found me.” Diane felt bad for the child. “Well, let's see about getting your leg wrapped up and cheering you up,” she said as she began treating the child's injuries. Balan, who had been eavesdropping with Jake, looked at the boy and they both nodded before the tall being closed his eyes for a moment, opening them almost right away and touching Jake's shoulder. “Back door,” he whispered. Both headed to the back part of the theater and out the back door, hearing a cat meowing as it had taken shelter in a box by the door, but the box was rapidly becoming soaked, which meant the kitten wouldn't have a dry shelter soon. Jake held the door open as Balan stepped onto the stoop that had an small awning to protect it from the rain and he kneeled down to where the kitten could see him, clicking his tongue softly to the little animal. The kitten, hearing him, lifted up its head and looked at him with large eyes. “It's alright, little one,” Balan cooed softly before holding out a hand and rubbing his thumb over his fingers while clicking his tongue again softly. Seeing this, the small animal took a couple steps towards him, sniffing at the air before moving closer and sniffing at the white-gloved hand before rubbing her head against his fingers, purring. Smiling, the tall being moved his hand to give the kitten a gentle ear scratch, which made the cat purr louder and come closer. Balan gently scooped up the cat in his arms, noticing it had a flower by one ear and he smiled. “I think this might be Cass' lost kitten,” he said to Jake. “Looks like it,” the boy said. A loud thunderclap made the poor kitten jump and cry out, but Balan gently petted it to calm it down. “Shh, it's alright, little one. We won't let the storm hurt you,” he cooed before they headed inside. Meanwhile, Diane had finished wrapping up Cass' leg and helped the child into a pair of dry, comfortable pajamas. The little girl smiled at her. “Thank you,” she said gratefully. “You're welcome, sweetie,” the pink-haired woman said. “Now, let's cheer you up.” Cass saw the pink-haired woman raise her hands and wiggle her fingers at her, to which the child's eyes widened before she squealed as Diane began tickling her sides. “Cootchie, cootchie, coo!” The woman cooed at her. “AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! NOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!” Cass laughed out, squirming around, her pajama shirt riding up a little to expose her stomach, which Diane wasted no time in tickling, even blowing a big raspberry right over the child's belly button, which made the green-haired child squeal. “EEEEEEEEK! AHAHAHAHAHA!” “Who's a ticklish little one?” The pink-haired woman cooed at her before seeing tears starting to bud in the child's eyes, so she stopped, allowing the little girl to catch her breath. Cass giggled and curled up, but she was smiling. “How did you know I was ticklish?” She asked curiously. “Most kids are,” Diane replied, smiling. The child giggled again. “It was fun,” she said before yawning a little. “Hey, Diane?” “Yes, sweetie?” The pink-haired woman asked. “Um, can...can I call you 'Mom'?” The green-haired child asked. “I...I don't have any parents of my own since they died when I was a baby. One of the butlers that has been in the family for a long time is my caretaker, which I'm grateful for, but...,” “It's not quite the same,” Diane said gently, smiling at the little girl. “And Cass? I'm honored that you want to call me that.” “Really?” The child asked hopefully. “Really,” the woman said with a smile. “Perhaps I can speak to the butler who is your caretaker and we can reach an agreement.” Cass smiled before another yawn escaped her and her eyes drooped. Diane smiled. “For now, how about you get some sleep, sweetie?” She said, tucking the little girl in and kissing her forehead in affection. As the child began to feel sleepier, the pink-haired woman began humming a soft lullaby, one that soothed the child instantly into a deep sleep. Smiling, the new mother stood up. “Sweet dreams, my sweet little kitten,” she said softly before heading out, going to find Jake and Balan in the living room. Balan looked up and smiled at her. “How is she doing?” He asked. “She's sleeping now,” the woman said. “She even asked if she could call me 'Mom'.” “I'm not surprised,” Jake said with a smile. “Your caring nature is one of the things I love about you.” Balan smiled proudly at his daughter before he perked up. “Oh, that reminds me, look what Jake and I found,” he said, gesturing to a nearby couch. Diane was surprised to see a kitten with a flower behind one ear sleeping peacefully there. “Is that...?” She trailed off, feeling hopeful. “It's Cass' lost kitten,” Jake said, smiling. “We figured we'd bring the kitten to her in the morning,” Balan said. Diane smiled. “That's a great idea, Dad,” she said. Morning came soon and Cass woke up to see her mother sleeping beside her and she snuggled closer, feeling her mother's arm come around her as the pink-haired woman woke up. “Good morning, my sweet little kitten,” she said. The green-haired child smiled. “Morning, Mom,” she said happily. A knock came at the door. “Diane? Are you and Cass up?” Came Balan's voice as he chuckled. “Her surprise is getting a bit impatient.” Diane laughed and Cass looked at her curiously, to which her mother smiled. “Come in, Dad,” she called out. “We're awake.” The door opened and Balan walked in, smiling as he cradled something in his arms. “Good morning, Cass,” he said cheerfully. “Good morning, Balan,” she said, not afraid of him now. She then looked curious as to what he was carrying and he smiled. “Jake and I found this little one outside last night and believe she belongs to you,” he said. “She?” The little girl asked, very curious now. Balan gently set down something and when his arms moved away, Cass gasped in shock and surprise to see her kitten was sitting on the bed beside her. The kitten, seeing her, meowed happily and jumped into the child's arms. The green-haired child hugged the kitten as tears of joy ran down her face. “I...I thought I lost her,” she said. Diane smiled. “Looks like she made it and was looking for you,” she said. Jake came in and smiled at seeing the happy reunion. “We knew you'd be happy to see her again,” he said. The kitten, happy to be reunited with her owner, purred as she moved around them all, rubbing up happily against their arms and purring as they petted her. Balan smiled at seeing this and he smiled at Cass, who smiled and hugged him, to which he hugged her back. She then thought of something. “Um, Balan? Since Diane is my mom and you're her dad, that makes you my grandfather, right?” She asked. “Yes, it does, my dear,” he said, smiling as he gently pinched the left side of her face in affection. “Looks like you found more than your kitten. You've found a family.” The green-haired child hugged him again as Diane and Jake joined in and the kitten did too, the little girl feeling happy to not only have her kitten back, but to also have a new family who loved her very much....

August Rush-Raise it up

How a Movie Based on Harry Styles Fanfic Managed Not to Include Harry Styles at All

Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes-Tiffin in After. Not pictured: Any hint of Harry Styles or his punk-edited tattoos. Photo: Aviron Pictures

Back in October 2014, when producer Jennifer Gibgot sold Paramount Pictures the film rights to Anna Todd’s wildly popular and wildly erotic Harry Styles–inspired fanfiction, the author’s first novel hadn’t yet been released. After hit bookstores about a week later, became a best seller, was translated into 30 languages, and was eventually followed by four more novels in the series. A film adaptation seemed like the next logical step for everyone involved, and Gibgot was glad she got in early.

Over the months that followed, Gibgot grew close to Todd, who’d become a sudden rising star in the fanfic world. Gibgot began to feel a real sense of responsibility for After’s cinematic future, so much so that she started regularly DMing with the series’s rabid followers on Instagram — the “Afternators,” as they call themselves, who’d been fawning over Todd since she first posted sexually explicit One Direction fanfic online. The young girls often asked Gibgot why the movie hadn’t started shooting, and who would be playing their beloved Hardin Scott (the name Todd had chosen for her Harry Styles avatar in the book). Would they ever know? As months turned into years, Paramount seemed less and less likely to make real on its promise to resurrect sexy, damaged Hardin Scott. Why was it taking so long to bring the internet’s favorite X-rated teen romance to screen?

Frustrated, Gibgot made a desperate plea to a studio executive. “I just went to her and I said, ‘I know this is not your fault. I know that you’ve tried. But you have to give me After back if you’re not gonna make it,’” Gibgot says. “‘Because these girls won’t stop writing me and I feel like I’m really disappointing them. It’s kind of breaking my heart.’” In a surprising move, Paramount agreed — with a caveat: The company returned the film rights to Gibgot, but she had to find funding outside the major studio system.

Last Friday, five years after the initial sale of After, the movie finally hit theaters worldwide. Though it’s been battered by critics, After fans arrived at the box office as Gibgot knew they would. The movie outperformed expectations, delivering $6 million domestically in its first weekend and even more globally. Gibgot expects the film to reach $40 million worldwide by Monday. Theatergoers are proving eager to see what a meme that turned into a blog that turned into a novel that became a feature film actually looks like.

But what’s more interesting than the end result — a coming-of-age tale stripped almost entirely of its One Direction roots — is the saga of those five years that preceded the movie. The process of adaptation is always fraught; add in a million hypervigilant fans and it gets even trickier. To understand how a movie based on Harry Styles fanfic became a film that doesn’t mention Harry Styles at all, you have to go back to the beginning.

Hero Fiennes-Tiffin versus Harry Styles. “He doesn’t even have long, curly hair.” Photo: Getty Images

Long before After the movie, Anna Todd was a 24-year-old military wife in Waco, Texas, who just happened to fall down a One Direction rabbit hole. This was 2013, around the time of “punk editing,” which involved tattooing and piercing celebrity crushes with Photoshop, turning boyish teen idols hard-core for Tumblr. Todd searched the blogging platform Wattpad, home to user-generated stories about real and fictional characters, and noticed that no one had posted any fanfiction based on Punk Harry Styles yet. So in April 2013, she started telling the tale of an inexperienced college freshman named Tessa who falls in with a rough group of tattooed sophomores named Harry, Zayn, Niall, and Louis. (Tessa’s clean-cut friend from English class is, of course, named Liam.)

Todd posted the chapters of her fanfic under the username “imaginator1D.” In Todd’s story, her protagonist Tessa cheats on her high-school boyfriend with Harry Styles, fights with her mom, loses her virginity, and tries alcohol for the first time. She and Harry bicker, break up, hook up, and talk about Jane Austen. What started as a hobby turned into something else as Todd’s readership grew; by July of that year, her story had been read by millions. Commenters requested specific plot points, made related memes, and wrote their own fanfic based on Todd’s writing. In 2014, herposts reached 1 billion reads, according to Wattpad’s measurements.

That’s when the book deal arrived. A year into her project, Todd snagged a six-figure, three-book contract with the publishing house Simon & Schuster. Todd’s editor, Adam Wilson, worked to fix the typos and grammatical errors left in the original blog posts (Todd didn’t edit her work prior to posting). He changed the One Direction characters’ names, for legal reasons; Harry Styles became Hardin Scott — equally tempestuous, horny, and into 19th-century female authors. Wilson, with Todd’s help, also trimmed the story. Todd’s fanfic served an audience hungry for her characters’ “everyday schedule and what they’re doing all day,” Todd tells me. “There were times where Hardin and Tessa would be at the grocery store or something and it’d be a whole chapter on Wattpad that doesn’t really fuel the story.”

Even with the edits, the published version ran 582-pages-of-truly-racy-prose long. So when Gibgot, a fan of Todd’s work since Wattpad, sold the film rights to Paramount, the idea of turning the bawdy best seller into a 120-page screenplay felt especially daunting. Screenwriter Susan McMartin’s agent sent her the book in 2015. “I was in Paris with my 13-year-old daughter and my 85-year-old mother,” she says, laughing. “And I’m sitting there reading this book as if I’m reading a dirty porno.” Poring over lines like I can feel my eyes widen and hear my own gasp as Hardin’s manhood comes into view. Wow, it’s big. Much bigger than I expected. How am I going to even get it into my mouth? felt odd in that company — and yet she couldn’t put it down.

McMartin had 24 hours to prepare to sell her cinematic vision of After when she got back to the States. Her pitch to a room of producers — including Todd and Gibgot — centered around her respect for the original text. She was hired immediately to finish the script within seven months, checking in with Todd throughout the process. For McMartin, the hardest part of the adaptation process was translating the sexual awakening at the original story’s core for a PG-13 screenplay. “[Todd’s] book is much more 50 Shades of Grey,” McMartin says. “It’s a young version of a kind of steamy, steamy romance novel.”

Right away, McMartin felt the presence and pressure of After’s outspoken internet fandom. “They’re dying to know, ‘Who got hired to write our movie?’” she says. So she started communicating directly with the Afternators just as Gibgot had, tweeting at them and posting videos to her Facebook page. She received a public blessing from Todd on Instagram — in the form of a selfie and an emphatically exclamation-pointed caption sent out to the author’s hundreds of thousands of followers. When McMartin sent in the second draft in early 2016, Todd posted a photo of the screenplay for her fans. “I can’t even explain to you how much I love the script,” Todd wrote on Instagram. “I was terrified it wouldn’t be like the books, but it soooo is.”

For almost two years, however, the film sat idle at Paramount, never moving from the script phase into production. After much frustration, Gibgot seized the After rights back in November 2017. Immediately, the producer found three different financiers who were interested in funding the film; she went with CalMaple Films, a nonmajor studio captivated by the best-selling status of the book and its masses of internet-native devotees. (Similarly, when it came time to find a distributor last year, Aviron Pictures jumped at the chance; it helped that The Kissing Booth, another Wattpad story, had recently become a hit on Netflix.) CalMaple agreed to start production right away.

With funding secured, Gibgot, Todd, and the project’s many producers went about hiring a director. Enter Jenny Gage, who’d directed the much-loved Brooklyn teen documentary All This Panic and pitched a vision of an authentically young After cast helmed by strong female actresses. “I had been reading scripts and the female characters always felt like the second characters, you know?” Gage says. “This one was front and center Tessa’s story. It was a coming-of-age sexual awakening all through her point of view.”

Remember: Prior to Gage’s hiring, screenwriter McMartin had made a point of staying loyal to Todd’s story. “Fiercely loyal,” she wrote to me via email. But Gage believed some big changes needed to be made to McMartin’s script — there were too many male characters and not enough focus on Tessa’s personal growth. So she hired screenwriter Tamara Chestna to take over for McMartin, before eventually writing a final draft of the script along with her husband, Tom Betterton, who was also the film’s director of photography. “Once the director came on she brought in a new writer, and then she and her husband also did their own rewriting,” McMartin explained. “I had no say in the outcome.”

The couple came to the After adaptation in reverse order, reading McMartin’s script, then Todd’s book, and only later learning of its fervent online fans. But they swiftly realized that they were entering into a project for which readers had been fantasy-casting for years. “There were so many characters [in the preexisting script] and we’d say, ‘Maybe we should get rid of one?’” Gage says. “And it’d be like, ‘No, you can’t, because the fans will go crazy.’” In fact, a friend of Gage’s had seen a particularly well-made fan trailer on YouTube and mistakenly assumed that the director’s version would be a remake. “From the very beginning, there was this idea, driven a lot by the fans, that it was gonna be very old-school, arch, broad, Riverdale,” Betterton says. “That was the casting the fans had pushed forward.”

Early on, fans homed in on an actor named Daniel Sharman to play Hardin (a petition “Daniel Is Our Hardin” appeared in February 2018). In the years leading up to production, the Afternators — and even Todd and McMartin — tweeted regularly at Sharman (along with Indiana Evans of Ash vs. Evil Dead and Gregg Sulkin of Runaways). But Gage and Betterton wanted someone younger for their leading man; they wanted to appeal to teenagers in 2019, not 2013. In the end, it was less important to them that Hardin look like Harry Styles at all.

One of the first actors they auditioned was Hero Fiennes-Tiffin, the then-20-year-old nephew of Ralph and Joseph Fiennes who’d played Young Voldemort in the sixth Harry Potter film. “Immediately, we fell in love with Hero. We found him week one into casting and we cast for six months,” Gage says. “With Hero, the producers were not onboard. At all. And I kept saying, ‘Trust me.’ They weren’t convinced of his looks.”

At one point, Gage and Gibgot met with a casting director and producer at Creative Artists Agency to try to find their Tessa. Gage posted a photograph of the meeting for Female Filmmaker Friday. In the frame was a printout with possible actresses accompanied by postage-stamp-size headshots. “You couldn’t see anything!” Gage says. “But the fans had gotten a magnifying app …” “Enhance. Enhance. Enhance,” Betterton says, laughing. When fans didn’t see the name of their favorite, Indiana Evans, there was public uproar. The producers eventually chose Julia Goldani Telles of The Affair anyway, but then she dropped out last July due to scheduling issues. So Josephine Langford became the film’s Tessa. (Langford, the younger sister of Katherine Langford of 13 Reasons Why, who had read for the part and been on Gage’s short list for some time, didn’t officially land the starring role until two weeks before filming began.)

Needless to say, this iteration of #Hessa wasn’t the one fans dreamed up — on the screen or in the script. Hardin had rough edges that both McMartin and Chestna attempted to smooth in their respective adaptations. Todd’s heartthrob drove a muscle car and knew passages from Wuthering Heightsdetails that the screenwriters happily maintained — but he was also domineering; his flirtatious teasing could come off as abusive, and his tendency to police Tessa’s whereabouts could feel controlling. Gage and Betterton worked to update his story and the story around him, cutting a frat-house scene that almost escalates to sexual assault. Tessa’s roommate Steph became gay (and a Juul smoker), and one of the One Direction boys was written as a girl.

Most importantly, Gage’s team considerably altered the shocking twist that ended Todd’s original Wattpad tale. In Todd’s version, the #Hessa love affair is revealed to be yet another modern take on The Taming of the Shrew — a dirtier and dead-serious 10 Things I Hate About You. On the book’s brutal final pages, Hardin’s laughing friends explain to a shell-shocked Tessa that he’d brought them the bloody sheets from their first sexual encounter to prove he won a bet. The film muddies Hardin’s culpability in the entire Shrew-ish story line, allowing the leading man to walk away with his humanity à la 1999’s Patrick Verona.

Todd, always in close contact with her fans via Twitter and Instagram, prepared them for most of these changes. She was aware that parts of the way she wrote Hardin and Tessa’s relationship needed revisions in 2019; Todd was in her early 20s when she first envisioned it, after all. She and Gage, who’d had many dinners and phone calls throughout the process of crafting their leading man, both stressed that they loved working together and almost always found a middle ground.

Nonetheless, the two had divergent visions for Hardin: Todd’s was a brooding, X-rated, malevolent version of Harry Styles; Gage’s is still brooding, but decidedly kinder and PG-13 — he doesn’t even have long, curly hair. “That definitely was difficult because I know, with Hero, he didn’t want that to happen,” Todd says, referring to the nice-guy makeover in After the movie. “I didn’t want that to happen. Josephine didn’t want that to happen. But that’s one of the things that the director wanted to happen. So we were all kind of going against one person who happened to be the director. It was a little hard to find the middle ground with that.”

Adaptation, like translation, is a tenuous negotiation between originality and originalism. Like much of YA fiction, After follows a teenage protagonist who is thrust into an uncomfortable situation and then forced to grow up quickly. But Todd’s story has no werewolves, vampires, wizards, or chronic disease. It’s not postapocalyptic; the fate of the world doesn’t hang in the balance. It’s about a conservative college freshman, a bad boy, and a tumultuous first love. The reason it first gained purchase was because it was also a One Direction story; part of the hook was letting the readers date Harry Styles.

In the end, the film loses all of its One Direction connections and much of its Hardin Scott. The leading man becomes something like a photocopy of a photocopy of a photo of Harry Styles; it’s still nice to look at it from afar, but a little confusing when you get real close. The question is, what else could’ve been done? A faithful adaptation of the #Hessa relationship from 2013 would’ve felt like an unseemly portrait of a toxic relationship today. It also would have garnered a film rating that would have prohibited its target audience from seeing it. Perhaps translating Harry Styles to Punk Harry to Hardin Scott to the silver screen was always a quixotic endeavor.

“I think that it’s kind of a blanketed general statement to say, like, ‘Oh, we’re changing it just because of this moment in time.’” Todd adds. “I think that’s maybe on the other side of extreme. Are we dumbing down Game of Thrones because of 2019? No. I didn’t want Hardin to just be a headline of ‘Oh, he’s a mean guy!’ or ‘He’s this’ or ‘He’s that.’ So I was happy to take away some of his personality. But I do feel like it did get lost a little bit in translation sometimes to where he just comes off as one-sided.”

The Making of a Movie Based Entirely on Harry Styles FanficSours:

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August Rush_Deleted Scene with JRM and Alex O.

'Archive Of Our Own' Fanfiction Website Is Up For A Hugo Award


And now we bring you the story of a different kind of online community. It's the fan fiction site Archive of Our Own. It has millions of users and was created out of deep dissatisfaction with ad-based social networking. This weekend, it is up for a Hugo Award, one of the biggest awards in science fiction. NPR's Neda Ulaby reports.

NEDA ULABY, BYLINE: The Archive of Our Own, AO3, is all about people, mostly women, writing fan fiction. And if you want to write off fan fiction as women writing love stories between TV characters, how about showing a little respect?

FRANCESCA COPPA: Fan fiction writers are some of the oldest denizens of the Internet 'cause we're geek girls. And as geek girls, we were on Usenet back when the Internet was two cans and a piece of string.

ULABY: That's Francesca Coppa - geek girl, university professor and an architect of the Archive of Our Own. That reference to a room of our own by Virginia Woolf is not accidental. Coppa says women, generally speaking, are expected to be useful. Making up fiction about characters you love is beyond not useful. It's subversive. It's fun.


ULABY: Historically, fan fiction has been about big, imaginative leaps. Imagine a hot relationship between "Star Trek's" Kirk and Spock. What if they met up with Doctor Who, or Sherlock Holmes, and started solving mysteries? Or...


ULABY: ...What if NPR's Peter Sagal broadcast Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! during a zombie apocalypse?


UNIDENTIFIED PERSON #1: (Reading) Hello, everyone. We're going to be cutting our show a little short today because, as you may have heard, there is an apocalypse happening.

ULABY: If you want to hear people having an absolute ball with their imaginations in podfics like this one - stories, videos - the Archive of Our Own is where to be. Or, if you care about who owns and who gets to tell stories, says Lynn Munter. She lives in Duluth, Minn., delivers newspapers and contributes stories to the Archive of Our Own.

LYNN MUNTER: Stories tell us who we are and what we're trying to become in our lives.

ULABY: The Archive of Our Own is not for profit. It was built for fans, by fans. It's one of the most visited websites in the world, and it accepts absolutely no advertising or grants. It's funded entirely by donations, which means, says Munter, you don't have to buy your way in.

MUNTER: It results in a very egalitarian sort of community where everybody is in there on the same footing.

ULABY: A community that created the space when they realized huge corporations were trying to monetize and track their fandom. It's what the Internet was supposed to be, says Francesca Coppa. Here's what she said when I asked her who uses AO3.

COPPA: I don't know because we built it not to collect your data. We don't care how long you stay. We don't care when you come or go. We don't tell you, if you liked this, you might like that.

ULABY: The Archive of Our Own has more than 2 million registered users around the world. Millions more drop into appreciate fan stories and podfics, like this one about a hapless woman who works doing public relations for Marvel Comics superheroes.


UNIDENTIFIED PERSON #2: (Reading) Here's my destiny, to stand at a podium in a blazer and say, sorry half of Manhattan got smushed (ph). Promise it will somehow - somehow - never happen again.

COPPA: The frustrated PR person having drinks after work is the part of the story that Marvel doesn't give us.

ULABY: And it's the part interesting for some fans to fill in. Francesca Coppa says the Archive of Our Own makes it easy to find stories about stuff you care about and stuff you'd rather avoid.

COPPA: So there might be a time when, you know, when you're up for a really kind of sexy story about a vampire who's going to take you and tie you up and throw you on the bed. A different person is like, I don't want to read any stories about any vampires doing anything to me.

ULABY: Hundreds of people volunteer to make this website work - coders, data administrators, and lawyers, like Betsy Rosenblatt, who deals with big companies who might not be thrilled that the vampires in these stories might be copyrighted characters from "Twilight" or "The Vampire Diaries."

BETSY ROSENBLATT: One can understand how a rights holder might not want to have their characters put in these situations.

ULABY: And that real people, like Kim Kardashian, might not be excited when they show up in these stories, too.

ROSENBLATT: But none of those are legally valid claims. They're just things that people don't like.

ULABY: This weekend, the Archive of Our Own is up for a Hugo, one of the most prestigious awards in science fiction and fantasy. This nomination was a big deal, says Francesca Coppa, because fan fiction has been so dismissed for so long. She says what's powerful about the Archive of Our Own is that anyone gets to be a published writer.

COPPA: It's about dance like no one is watching, write like no one is watching, and have fun with it.

ULABY: There's room on this literary dance floor, she says, for everyone.

Neda Ulaby, NPR News.

Copyright © 2019 NPR. All rights reserved. Visit our website terms of use and permissions pages at for further information.

NPR transcripts are created on a rush deadline by Verb8tm, Inc., an NPR contractor, and produced using a proprietary transcription process developed with NPR. This text may not be in its final form and may be updated or revised in the future. Accuracy and availability may vary. The authoritative record of NPR’s programming is the audio record.


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The boy stood up from his seat as quietly as possible, making sure not to let the stool’s feet drag on the wooden floor, yet the movement sounded large in the silence left behind. That was when he finally noticed Hope and Reverend J. “Hello,” he said. “Is it...okay for me to be here?”

While he was playing the pipe organ, haloed by the filtered light from the stained glass windows, he looked like a miracle. Now though, standing there in an oversized hoodie, he was back to being the shy boy Hope had locked gazes with last evening, shuffling his quiet steps down the far aisle of the chapel, too polite to interrupt choir rehearsal yet too curious to walk away.

Hope, too, was curious. But she wasn’t so overly-polite as to keep herself from blurting out, “That was the most awesome and impressive organ playing I’ve heard in my life.”


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