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Marucci Bats

Marucci bats top industry leaders in both baseball and softball. Known especially for their bone-rubbed wood design, Marucci bats make their mark as a powerful, durable option for any athlete. Built with the highest quality maple and ash, these bats have become the standard for quality in wood baseball and softball bats.

Founded in 2004 in a garage in Baton Rouge, Marucci has always been dedicated to quality, consistency, and craftsmanship. The founding members of Marucci were both Big Leaguers themselves, so they know what it takes to make an excellent baseball bat. In fact, these bats are trusted by many of today’s Big Leaguers, including Chase Utley, Jose Bautista, Davit Ortiz, Anthony Rizzo, Andrew McCutchen, more.

Many Marucci bats feature harmonic dampening systems for a better feel and less negative vibrational feedback. At the same time, these bats deliver an uncompromisingly solid structure. Simply put, these bats were built to last.

JustBats offers many options for athletes looking for the perfect baseball or softball bat. Our catalog of Marucci maple, ash, and all-alloy bats has something for every player. If you go with a Marucci bat, you take power and consistency with you to the plate.

If you’re unsure about which bat is right for you, we’ve got you covered. Visit our Baseball and Softball Bat Resource Guide, which contains everything you need to know to choose the right size of bat, the right size of bat, and which options match your specific preferences.



Since being founded in 2002 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Marucci Bats has made a dent on the wood baseball bat market. The American company was founded by the Louisiana State University Athletic DirectorJack Marucci. The company's co-founders are former Major League Baseball playersKurt Ainsworth and Joe Lawrence. Marucci Bats were born.

Marucci first thought of making replica bats after his son Gino wanted a baseball bat of his own so he can copy his favorite stars. Marucci found it difficult to find a bat for his son to use so he made his own. The initial bat made for his son was done with Amish wood and Gino ended up using the bat in his games, which led to Marucci making more bats for Gino's friends.

Marucci eventually made a bat for then-MLB first baseman, Eduardo Perez. Through Perez, now the bench coach for the Houston Astros, Marucci found a home for his products in the hands of several MLB stars. Among the MLB superstars that swing these premier wood bats are Jose Bautista, Carlos Beltran, Jose Reyes, David Wright, Ryan Howard, Albert Pujols and Shin-Soo Choo.

While Marucci Sports began by making only wood bats, the company has since evolved to include BBCOR baseball bats, helmets, bags, batting gloves and a limited edition series of softball bats. The one softball bat offered comes in two weight drop ratios of -8 and -9. Only 500 of each bat were made for 2013 and each comes etched with the serial number. The bats are constructed with Marucci's two piece construction that provides you the ultimate power with each swing.


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Marucci Sports

Marucci Sports is an American sports equipment manufacturing company based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Marucci focuses on baseball equipment, specifically producing bats, balls, gloves, batting gloves, batting helmets, and chest protectors.

Marucci's bats were the most used in the MLB, with more than 40% of players. In 2020, the company was acquired by investment firm Compass Diversified Holdings.[1]


Jack Marucci, LSU athletic trainer,[2] built his first baseball bat after he unsuccessfully tried to find a suitable one for his son Gino. The bat-making was just a hobby until Marucci associated with two MLB players, Kurt Ainsworth and Joe Lawrence. Ainsworth began recommending Marucci's bat to other players, and in 2009 he became one of Marucci's co-founders.[3]

As of 2013, Marucci bats were used by one-third of Major League Baseball players, like David Ortiz, José Bautista, Albert Pujols, Chase Utley, Anthony Rizzo, Giancarlo Stanton, and Bryce Harper.[4][2] In a relatively short period of time, Marucci took a large share of the baseball bat market from longtime industry leader Louisville Slugger, with industry tracking publications validating #1 bat in the majors since 2013 by a wide margin.[5][6]

While in 2006 Marucci supplied 4% of MLB players, by 2016 the company supplied 40%, with about 400-500 bats made a day.[2]

In 2020, Marucci Sports was acquired by American investment group Compass Diversified Holdings[7] for USD 200 million.[1]

They have made bats known as the Cat 6, Cat 7, Cat 8, Cat 8 Connect, Cat 9, Cat 9 Connect, and Cat 9 composite for USSSA baseball and BBCOR baseball. They have also made the Marucci F5, Marruci Cat, and Marucci Cat Connect for USA baseball which is mainly used in little league.




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