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Hey guys. I was wondering what would you consider best zones to start playing in would be to help out some new players =)

So far I've grown fond of West Point 1 because:

+ Plenty of flat ground to build houses on and expanding them.
+ Plenty of wildlife. Great for continuous income of meat and hide, and later on taming. Dodo, Phiomia, Trike, Parasaur, Carbonemys, Bronto, Pteradon encountered so far. No carnivores apart from an ocasional Dilo so far.
+ HUGE amounts of bushes on the south eastern side of the island. (500+ berries and fiber in 1 hour of farming).
+ Water. It's an island with a lake in middle so water is always nearby.
+ Lots of beaches with stone and flint.
+ HUGE amounts of trees in cliffs around the beaches for wood & thatch
+ Cliffs for strategic house and/or trap placements.
+ Mostly peaceful neighbours, at least on my server.

- Always hot during day. Even with full clothes I've rarely been in normal condition. Perhaps I did something wrong so this is a weak minus.
- No omnivores. I've writen this as a plus as well, but in mid-late game geting some Raptors and carnivores stronger than Dilos are tough to find. gotta leave house for 2-3 days unguarded.
- Lots and lots and LOTS of Megalodons around the island. Geting of the island is a big risk.
- So far not a single metal piece was found. (level 30 with 30 + hours of playtime)

These are all personal points of view and other players expierience may vary with each server and playstyle.

If we could get more info like this for other zones it would be great =)

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Disambig.pngThis article is about player spawn locations. For creature spawn locations, see Spawn Map.


Spawn Locations are the areas you can spawn in ARK: Survival Evolved. Different spawn locations grant different difficulties on your first days of survival. If you spawn in the north, you'd be likely greeted with cold temperatures and dangerous carnivores, such as the Raptor. If you spawn in the south, you'll have an easier time with warm temperatures and harmless herbivores such as the Trike.


a visual overview of all spawn locations of a map can be found here

MAP BC.png

Spawn Locations

South Zone 1
South Zone 2
South Zone 3
West Zone 1
West Zone 2
West Zone 3
East Zone 1
East Zone 2
East Zone 3
North Zone 1
North Zone 2
North Zone 3
The Center Topographic Map.jpg

Spawn Locations

Tropical Island South (Easy)
Tropical Island North (Easy)
Jungle North (Medium)
Jungle Mid (Medium)
Jungle South (Medium)
Redwoods West (Medium)
Redwoods East (Medium)
Snow South (Hard)
Snow North (Hard)
Lava Island (Hard)
Where to find the crystal wyverns spawn locations for crystal isles


Points ark spawn


Where to find the crystal wyverns spawn locations for crystal isles


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