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The Go Math Mathematics Program is the WCSD adopted mathematics program for Math 6, Math 7, Math 7/8 and Math 8. For teachers, this will provide access to all instructional materials. For students, this provides access to instructional games, homework, assigned assessments etc.




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6th – 12th Grade Mathematics
Vicki Collaro
Curriculum & Instruction

6th – 8th Grade Mathematics
Sarah Mascarenas
Curriculum & Instruction 


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Go Math Think Central

New for the 17-18 school year at PC, our K-6 math classrooms will be using GO Math from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt as a resource for students, families, and teachers. 

How can I access GO Math resources online?

Think Central Go Math LOGIN
Families may access resources, materials, tutorial Math on the Spot videos, an interactive version of the student text and more!  Please use your child’s login information to access these materials.  If you don’t know your child’s login, please contact your child’s teacher.


Thanks to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, the links below will allow families to quickly access the student text online.  However, for more features, videos, and interactive capabilities, please login to Think Central above.

Kindergarten Student Text – Access for Families

1st Grade Student Text – Access for Families

2nd Grade Student Text – Access for Families

3rd Grade Student Text – Access for Families

4th Grade Student Text – Access for Families

5th Grade Student Text – Access for Families

6th Grade Student Text – Access for Families

Why GO Math?

After careful review of several textbooks, GO Math was selected based on several key features.

  • The textbook and resources emphasize mathematical understanding, computational fluency, and real life applications.
  • The materials are flexible enough to allow our teachers to make adjustments as needed and to use strategies and lessons we already know are effective in meeting student needs.  After all, our goal is for our students to learn and use math and mathematical thinking, not to learn “GO Math” as a program.
  • There is a heavy emphasis on “math talk” which encourages students to explain their thinking.  Having students verbalize their thinking is important in developing a deep understanding of concepts.  You really understand a concept or procedure when you can explain it to others!
  • There is a write-in book provided at every grade level so students can keep these resources.
  • There is an interactive student edition available online at the Think Central link below which provides additional review and practice for your child when needed.
  • Math on the Spot videos are provided online at the Think Central link below for each concept.  These short videos provide an explanation or brief tutorial for a specific concept or skill.

How will GO Math be used in my child’s classroom?

GO Math will be used as a valuable resource for both teachers and students to provide a framework on which to build our math curriculum.  However, we clearly recognize the expertise of our faculty and know that a national textbook series will not exactly meet the needs of our students here at Penn Cambria.

You may notice that we are not using every lesson or following the exact lesson design in GO Math depending on the concepts being taught.  You may also notice that at some grade levels, we have redesigned some of the quizzes or tests to better meet the needs of our students.

What about basic computation?  Isn’t that still important?

Absolutely!  Basic fact fluency and computational fluency are very important skills for children to develop.  The more automatic those basic skills become, the more the student can devote efforts to things like problem-solving and critical thinking.  However, while being able to do the computation or follow the procedure is important, it is equally important that students understand why the procedures work so they are better prepared to apply math concepts when they face new situations.  After all, life is changing quickly today and our children will need to be able to apply what they know to tackle new challenges in the future.


I still have questions about the way math is taught today? How can I learn more?

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics has a great book titled, It’s Elementary: A Parent’s Guide to K-5 Mathematics. If you would like to borrow a copy, please contact our administrative office at 814-886-8121.



Sours: https://www.pcam.org/go-math-think-central/
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Go Math Answer Key for Grade 6: Students and Teachers will find Go Math Solutions extremely helpful in their Math Journey. Go Math Solutions of Class 6 will help students achieve better scores. Students can prepare for their rigorous math assessments easily seeking the help of the Solutions provided in Go Math Books. You can get answers to all the questions from the Go Math Textbooks.

Access the Chapterwise Solutions for all the questions in the exercises and make your learning effective. Go Math Answer Key for Grade 6 develops mathematical understanding in students. Access the worked-out solutions for the 6th Standard Go Math Books.

Download Grade 6th Go Math Answer Key PDF

All the solutions of Middle School Go Math Books for Grade 6 are prepared by mathematics educators. Go Math Books prevailing for 6th Standard are prepared to meet both the content and intent of Middle School. You can witness the Mathematical Concepts explained in a concise manner making it easier for you to have a good grip on the subject. HMHGo Math Grade 6 Answer Key includes the solved examples and practice questions to strengthen your Mathematical Concepts.

Grade 6 HMH Go Math – Answer Keys

Grade 6 McGraw Hill Glencoe – Answer Keys

  • Chapter 1: Ratios and Rates
  • Chapter 2: Fractions, Decimals, and Percents
  • Chapter 3: Compute with Multi-Digit Numbers
  • Chapter 4: Multiply and Divide Fractions
  • Chapter 5: Integers and Coordinate Plane
  • Chapter 6: Expressions
  • Chapter 7: Equations
  • Chapter 8: Functions and Inequalities
  • Chapter 9: Area
  • Chapter 10: Volume and Surface Area
  • Chapter 11: Statistical Measures
  • Chapter 12: Statistical Display

Go Math Middle School Grade 6 Answer Key of all Chapters

Avail Grade 6 Solutions provided over here and understand the concepts in a better way. Practice Go Math 6th Standard Solutions PDF and be prepared for the exam. Check your level of practice and understand where you stand in your preparation. Step by Step Solutions is provided so that you can get to know the concepts better. Go Math Grade 6th Solutions Key reflects more of the topics in your Middle School Textbooks. You can use them during your Homework or while preparing for Exams. Tap on the respective chapter you wish to practice and clarify all your concerns at one go.

Benefits of Go Math 6th Std. Solutions Key

There are plenty of benefits that come with solving Go Math 6th Standard Answer Key. Refer to them and know the need of practicing through Grade 6 HMH Go Math Answer Key. They are as follows

  • Go Math Answer Key for Grade 6 ensures success for every learner.
  • Middle School Go Math Solutions Key makes learning easier for both Students and Teachers.
  • A detailed explanation of Solutions provided for Math Practice Problems helps you get a good grip on the subject.
  • Go Math Grade 6 Answer Key gives you practice questions and solved examples to have a stronger foundation of Mathematical Concepts.

FAQs on Go Math Answer Key for Grade 6

1.  Where Can I get Go Math Grade 6 Answer Key PDF?

You can get Go Math Grade 6th Answer Key PDF for all the chapters on our page.

2. Which Website offers the best resources on Go Math Grade 6 Answer Key?

aplustopper.com offers genuine and reliable information on Go Math Answer Key for Class 6th. Ace up your preparation level and score well in the exams.

3. Where can I find Solutions for All Chapters of Go Math Class 6 Questions?

You can find Go Math Class 6 Solutions Key of all Chapters on our page. Access the Chapterwise Solutions as per your requirement and practice during your preparation.

4. How to solve Maths questions easily?

Students can get a good hold on the subject Maths by practicing from the Go Math Grade 6 Solutions Key. Learning concepts from the Go Math Middle School Answer Key for Grade 6 helps you solve all kinds of questions easily.

Sours: https://gomathanswerkey.com/go-math-grade-6-answer-key/


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