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Building the perfect home theater set up is about so much more than just picking out the right TV and speaker system. As important as those two choices are, you’re also going to need something to put them on. And there are few better choices than a stand with a built-in mount.

One of the many nice things about the current generation of flat-panel TVs is that they can be mounted on the wall, but if you’re looking for something more traditional or something that can be the focal point for your entire set-up you’ll want a stand with a mound. That’s because these streamlined media consoles give you a place to store all your AV components, including media players, video game systems and a set-top streaming device. If you want everything in one spot, a TV stand is the way to go.

If you’ve recently bought a new LCD or OLED TV and don’t want to mount it on your wall, you’ll want to invest in a nice stand. Here are some of the best currently available on Amazon.

1. Whalen Payton TV Stand

It’s not just the TVs that have changed, media consoles have too. Whalen’s stand looks stylish and modern but still has as much room, if not more, than a hulking older model. It has two shelves, so there’s plenty of space to store your media player, gaming system and more. The mount, which can rotate, also has hooks so that you can keep all your home theater setup’s cords hidden.

Whalen Payton TV Stand


Whalen Payton TV Stand: $

2. FITUEYES Media Console with TV Mount

Media consoles don’t come much more stylish than this model from FITUEYES. Even though it looks modern, the two wood panels on the front call to mind classic consoles. But the stand isn’t just good looking, it also features an adjustable mount and shelves so you can easily change things up whenever needed. Its two wood panels also hold two wood panels also hide shelving for your favorite Blu-rays or film-related books.

FITUEYES Media Console with TV Mount


FITUEYES Media Console with TV Mount: $

3. Perlesmith Swivel TV Stand

A lot of TV stands with mounts allow you to rotate your screen, but few give you as much movement as Perlesmith’s. The brand’s console features a mount that offers 45 degrees of swivel in either direction, meaning you’ll have a good view wherever you’re seated. Additionally, it features a bold, industrial design that will work in more modern spaces and plenty of shelf space.

Perlesmith Swivel TV Stand


Perlesmith Swivel TV Stand: $

4. Walker Edison Media Console

If you want a TV stand that doubles as a nice piece of furniture, look no further than this model from Walker Edison. While it doesn’t look quite like an old-school media console, its wooden base gives it a much more traditional appearance than other options on this list. In addition to its classic design, it also has plenty of storage space for media players, game consoles and Blu-rays and DVDs. And on the off chance it’s not big enough, the brand also has a model that’s a full foot longer.

Walker Edison Media Console


Walker Edison Media Console: $


Amazon Black Friday Deal: TV Wall Mount

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It’s finally here guys. Black Friday is upon us and it is time to go crazy with all of the deals that are going live right now at Amazon. Nothing is set in stone over at Amazon—except for big savings on all the things you could possibly need.

One of the most popular items people like to buy during this weekend is TVs. The deals on TV’s are usually insane on Black Friday and people go nuts for those deals. But if you are buying a TV, you have to take into account how you are going to display the TV. Either put it on a TV stand or mount it to the wall.

There are benefits for each option. But for those that don’t want to take up a lot of space in whatever room it will be in, a wall mount is probably for the best. Luckily for you guys, Amazon is having a pretty big discount on a great wall mount on Black Friday. The Mounting Dream TV Mount For inch LED is going to be on sale. But you need to act fast because it will only be on sale from 6 am to noon.

Wall Mount

When buying a new TV and a wall mount to go with it, you gotta worry about how well it’s made. Will it stay on the wall? Or is it kinda cheap and not worth the effort? No need to worry about that with the Mounting Dream TV Mount, as it’s sturdy and will stay on the wall. As long as you install it correctly, of course. But that should be pretty easy, as the installation is as simple as finding the studs on your wall and screwing it in.

Once the Mounting Dream TV Mount is installed and the TV is set up, the benefits are pretty clear. This mount is adjustable, so it doesn’t have to just stay in place. You can pull it out and alter the angle in whichever way you want. It makes installing a TV into a smaller room a lot easier because of this flexibility.

At any price, this Mounting Dream TV Mount would be a great purchase. But at this lightning deal price on Black Friday, you would be gravely mistaken for not picking it up if you are also buying a new TV. Better act quick though. Once the clock strikes noon, that is it. Better luck next year.

Get It: Pick up the Mounting Dream TV Mount For Inch LED ($23; was $33) at Amazon

Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication (11/29/) but are subject to change

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Best TV mounts in

Adding one of the best TV mounts is the quickest way to upgrade your home theater, short of buying a new TV. By giving your TV better viewing angles, increasing viewing comfort and even improving safety, a TV mount is an essential, but often overlooked part of any home theater. Whether you're trying to free up space by eliminating an unwanted TV stand, or just want to keep the TV out of the way until you're ready to watch it, a TV mount can help elevate your entire TV experience.

There are lots of options for wall mounting a TV, with fixed mounts, tilting and articulating arms, and options in different price ranges. The best mount will depend upon your TV, the room you're putting it in, and how you want to use it. With so many choices, there is a right TV mount for you. Our best TV mount buying guide will help you find the best one for your room.

What are the best TV mounts?

The best TV mount for most people is the Echogear Full Motion TV Wall Mount EGLF2. This dual-arm articulated TV mount is a great balance of flexibility and cost. It has one of the farthest extending arms on our list and a wide range of motion (tilting or swiveling), so you can find your ultimate viewing angle. It supports TVs up to 90 inches and has the strength to hold those large TVs solidly. It also has important extras, such as post-installation level adjustments.

If price is no object and you just want the best TV mount available, that’s the Sanus Advanced Full-Motion Premium TV Mount BLF This beast of a TV mount is also a dual-arm articulated mount, but it ups its game by extending 28 inches. It has the same tilt angle as the EGLF2 but a slightly more limited swivel. What really sets it apart is its looks — it’s as refined as the slick OLED or QLED TV you’ll want to attach to it.

If you can’t spring for those premium options, take a look at our budget pick — and the bestseller on Amazon — the Mounting Dream Tilt TV Wall Mount MDLK. This is a different style — tilt only — but if you don’t need to extend and swivel the TV, it will keep your TV securely on the wall and allows for some angling to adjust the screen and manage glare. Even though it doesn’t cost much, it can hold a lot of weight and will fit a variety of TV sizes.

The best TV mounts in

1. Echogear Full Motion TV Wall Mount EGLF2

Full-featured, full-motion TV mount


Type: Dual arm articulated

TV sizes: 42 - 90

Weight limit: lbs

VESA: x - x millimeters

Extends: 22 inches

Unit size: n/a

Reasons to buy

+Extends 22 inches+Wide range of motion+Great for large TVs

Reasons to avoid

-Sticks out inches from wall

Finding the perfect spot for a large TV can be hard. That’s where a dual-arm articulated mount comes into play, and the Echogear Full Motion TV Wall Mount EGLF2 has the flexibility you want in this type of mount. It works with TVs from 42 inches all the way up to 90 inches, and can support up to pounds — good enough for almost all current TVs. Best of all it extends 22 inches from the wall, can move degrees and tilts 15 degrees, allowing you to get the best viewing angle from a lot of different seating locations.

You can install the EGLF2 on studs that are either 16 or 24 inches apart and it includes important post-installation levelling for minor adjustments. The EGLF2 works with VESA patterns from x to x millimeters. The only potential drawback is that, when collapsed, the unit is inches from the wall.

2. Sanus Advanced Full-Motion Premium TV Mount BLF

A premium choice for premium TVs


Type: Dual arm articulating

TV sizes: 42 - 90 inches

Weight limit: lbs

VESA: x - x millimeters

Extends: 28 inches

Unit size: x x inches

Reasons to buy

+Extends 28 inches+Good tilt and swivel range+Well built

Reasons to avoid

-Very expensive

If you’ve spent thousands — or even tens of thousands — on a TV, you may want to get a TV mount that matches the quality of your screen. Sanus Advanced Full-Motion Premium TV Mount BLF costs much more than any other TV mount on our list, but it also looks and feels better than the rest. Its brushed metal construction comes in two colors, charcoal or stainless steel, to help better match your decor. It also extends the farthest of our top picks — a full 28 inches, and collapses back to just inches to stay out of the way. It's able to swivel 57 degrees to either side from center ( degrees total) and tilts 15 degrees, as well. With those options you should be able to find an ideal viewing angle in most situations.

The BLF supports a wide range of TV sizes and holds up to pounds. If you can swing the cost of the BLF, you may get as many oohs-and-aahs about your TV mount as you do for your TV.

3. Mounting Dream Tilt TV Wall Mount MDLK

Inexpensive and very popular tilt-mount unit


Type: Tilt

TV sizes: 37 - 70 inches

Weight limit: lbs

VESA: x - x millimeters

Extends: n/a

Unit size: n/a

Reasons to buy

+Inexpensive+Supports as variety of TV sizes+Can hold a lot of weight

Reasons to avoid

-Limited tilt-No after installation level adjustments

You don’t have to spend a lot to get the advantages of a tilting TV mount. The Mounting Dream Tilt TV Wall Mount MDLK proves that point. The MDLK has a lot of features for the money — which is probably why it is the best-selling TV mount on Amazon. You can adjust the tilt of the mounted TV 8 degrees to help you find just the right viewing angle. It also has a fairly low profile — just inches from the wall, keeping it out of the way. The MDLK also features quick release straps to make it easier to get to ports behind the TV — something not all inexpensive tilt mounts offer. With support for a wide range of TV sizes, VESA patterns from x to x millimeters, and a weight capacity of up pounds, this mount will work with almost any TV.

One thing you give up with a less expensive mount is the ability to adjust the level after installing the mount, so make sure you spend the time during installation to get it right!

4. Rocketfish Tilting TV Wall Mount RF-TVMLPT03V3

Serious tilt and low profile combo


Type: Tilt

TV sizes: 32 - 75 inches

Weight limit: lbs

VESA: up to x millimeters

Extends: n/a

Unit size: x x 2 inches

Reasons to buy

+10 degree tilt+Low profile

Reasons to avoid

-A little expensive

A tilting TV mount can be useful when you’re watching in a bright room — you can tilt the TV down (or up) to reduce the glare from the sun or lights. It can also improve your viewing angle if you have to mount the TV higher than the ideal. The Rocketfish Tilting TV Wall Mount RF-TVMLPT03V3 tilts a full 10 degrees down (or 5 up), giving you plenty of angles to play with.

This solidly built mount works with almost any TV — from 32 to 75 inches — and holds up to pounds. It is also compatible with VESA patterns up to x millimeters. Its low, 2-inch profile means it won’t stick your TV too far off the wall and it has a quick release option for when you need to get to the ports on the back of your TV. You can find other tilt mounts that cost less, but none that are better.

5. Sanus Classic Low-Profile Fixed Position TV Wall Mount ML11

Low-profile fixed mount with handy extras


Type: Fixed

TV sizes: 37 - 80 inches

Weight limit: lbs

VESA: 75 x 75 - x millimeters

Extends: n/a

Unit size: x 19 x 1 inches

Reasons to buy

+Very low profile+Post installation horizontal adjustments+Quick release cords for access to back of TV

Reasons to avoid

-No tilt or options to adjust angle of TV

A fixed TV mount, which doesn’t tilt or extend, can be the best option for mounting your TV if you want it to be as close to the wall as possible. The Sanus Classic Low-Profile Fixed Position TV Mount ML11 protrudes just 1 inch from the wall — that’s about as tight as you can get. Fixed mounts often make it hard to access any connections on the back of your TV, so Sanus includes cords you can pull to release the TV from being locked on the mount — making it much easier to get to those ports.

The ML11 can handle just about any TV, from 37 to 80 inches, and supports a large variety of VESA patterns, from 75 x 75 all the way to x millimeters. With a weight capacity of pounds, you needn’t worry that it will crack under pressure. Able to work with studs up to inches apart, the ML11 makes finding the right place to put the mount easy. You can also move the TV horizontally after installing the bracket to better center your screen.

6. Echogear Full Motion TV Wall Mount EGMF2

Full-motion mount for smaller or lighter TVs


Type: Single-arm articulated

TV sizes: 32 - 60 inches

Weight limit: 60 lbs

VESA: x - x millimeters

Extends: 20 inches

Unit size: n/a

Reasons to buy

+inch extension+Good swivel and tilt angles+Single stud mounting

Reasons to avoid

-Harder to center than a dual stud mount-Somewhat limited VESA pattern support

Not everyone who wants a TV mount that swivels needs the robust features of a dual-arm articulating model. A single-arm articulating mount, such as the Echogear Full Motion TV Wall Mount EGMF2, can do many things its beefier cousin can, and usually costs less. With an impressive 20 inches of extension, 15 degrees of tilt and 90 degrees of swivel, the EGMF2 could be a solution if you have a TV that’s between 32 and 60 inches and weighs less than 60 pounds.

The EGMF2 is easier to install than a dual-arm model because you only need to mount it to a single stud. But that means you ideally want that stud in the center of where you want to mount the TV — not always an option. The EGMF2 supports VESA patterns from x to x millimeters — fewer than many of our picks.

7. Peerless-AV Full-Motion TV Wall Mount ETA

Handy for computer monitors and very small TVs


Type: Single arm articulated

TV sizes: inches

Weight limit: 25 lbs

VESA: 75 x 75 - x millimeters

Extends: inches

Unit size: x x inches

Reasons to buy

+Extends, tilts and rotates+Great for small screens

Reasons to avoid

-Only extends inches-Limited size and weight allowances

If you’ve got a small TV or a computer monitor, you can mount that too, clearing valuable desktop space or just to keep it out of the way when you’re not using it. The Peerless AV Full-Motion TV Wall Mount ETA is perfect for screens ranging from 10 to 29 inches. The single-arm articulating design lets you extend out to inches from the wall and retracts to just inches. You can move the mount around 90 degrees and tilt it 15 degrees to get a better viewing angle. And it’s very affordable for the quality.

Of course, this mount is designed for very specific screen sizes, so if you have something larger than 29 inches, this isn’t the mount for you. And inches of extension may not be far enough, depending on your set up.

How to choose the best TV mount for you

Picking the best TV mount starts with your TV: how big is it and how heavy is it? You want to make sure the TV mount will work with its size and be able to handle the weight. Next, you’ll need to check that the TV mount you choose will attach to your TV properly. Most TVs these days are VESA compatible, meaning the mounting holes on the back of the TV are a standard distance from each other. VESA patterns differ based on the TV size itself, but generally are listed as x millimeters, x millimeters and so on.

With several styles of TV mounts to choose from, your next choice is whether you want one that’s fixed (no movement); tilts; or uses an articulated arm (extends and can swivel). Fixed mounts tend to have the lowest profile, meaning the TV will be closest to the wall. This can make it challenging to get to ports unless the TV mount has a way to release the TV from the mount for access. Tilting TV mounts can be great for angling a TV for better viewing. Articulated TV mounts give you a lot of flexibility, with arms that both extend and swivel, allowing you to position the TV for the best viewing angle.

Finally, you need to consider where on the wall you are placing the TV mount. It should be attached to the studs in the wall (or concrete) to make sure it is secure. Find out how far apart your studs are and get a TV mount that can accomodate that distance. When installing you want the mount to be level; some mounts come with a level, though one you get at a hardware store may be more accurate. The best TV mounts allow you to adjust the level further after installation, to correct for any slight variations.

Once you've bought a mount for your TV, you might need some help hanging it on the wall. Check out How to mount a TV to the wall in 8 easy steps for our hassle-free advice.

Why get a TV mount?

If you've looked at the list of the best TV mounts above, you already know that the hardware needed to hang a TV on the wall can be extremely affordable – even less than a new TV stand would be, if your current furniture isn't big enough to support that big screen TV you've been eyeing. 

But affordability isn't the only benefit to mounting your TV. You can also get improvements in ergonomics, overall picture quality and even safety, all with relatively easy installation that you can do in an afternoon.

Save space: By mounting the TV on the wall, you get the benefit of freeing up a little more space in your room, eliminating the need for a bulky, specialized piece of furniture to place the TV on. In most living rooms, this space savings can even be enough to let you go a few inches larger on screen size, since the TV will sit closer to the wall, and just a little bit further from your couch.

Better aesthetics: A wall-mounted TV just looks nice, and can help make your home theater setup look more professional, more put together. And if you do a full installation, with cables run behind drywall, it looks a lot cleaner, too. (Don't worry, you can get a similar effect by hiding the cables behind a neutral colored cable run.)

More comfortable viewing: The ergonomics of watching TV can be downright lousy. If a TV is set too low, it can make you crane your neck a bit, while a TV that's too high requires tilting your head back to look at an angle. Not only does this horizontal angle reduce the picture quality, it can potentially cause musculoskeletal disorders from holding the bad position for the minutes or hours spent watching. An adjustable TV mount lets you move the TV to just the right height.

Eliminate glare: If your living room lights frequently reflect off of your TV screen, then you could definitely see some improvement from an adjustable mount. Whether it's overhead lights or sunshine from a window, the glass surface of most displays can catch all those rays, obscuring the screen and reducing the visibility of your TV. Dimming the lights for a movie is great, but if you have to do it just to watch the weather, you should probably get a mount with adjustable tilt.

Better safety: A wall mounted TV is actually a safer TV, especially if you have kids. According to a report from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, falling TVs make up 32% of all injuries caused by tip-over incidents, and they're especially dangerous for small children. The trend for larger TVs makes this a problem that will only get more common, but a simple wall mount means you'll never have to worry about your TV getting knocked over or falling due to earthquake or horseplay. 

And check out the rest of the best TV accessories for your home theater:

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Michael Gowan covers soundbars, TVs, portable speakers and other audio- and video-related topics for Tom’s Guide. He’s written about music and technology for more than 20 years for a raft of publications including Wired, Men’s Journal, PC World and Macworld. When he’s not reviewing speakers, he’s probably listening to one anyway. 

No Stud TV Wall Mount - Hanger (MI-376)

The 8 Best TV Wall Mounts

While they’re not as flashy as other home gadgets, TV wall mounts can make or break your viewing experience. 

Whether you&#;re shopping for a wall mount for your TV to save floor space or to improve your watching experience, we&#;ve put together a list of the best and easiest to install TV wall mounts you can purchase right now. 

Table of Contents

Top TV Wall Mounts

From wall mounts with telescopic arms to mounts that can swivel, pan, and tilt, here are our top picks. 

1. Mounting Dream MDK

Mounting Dream MDK
Mounting Dream MDK
  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN: TV Mount fits for most inch flat screen TV, 99 lbs. Max weight capacity with Max
  • UPGRADE VIEWING EXPERIENCE: Full motion TV wall mounts tilt TV forward 15°/backward 5° to reduce screen

The Mounting Dream MDK is a heavy-duty TV wall mount fit for VESA-compliant 26&#; to 55&#; TVs weighing no more than 99 lbs.

It can be installed on a solid concrete wall or wood studs up to 24 inches apart. This product is not suitable for installation on drywall alone. 

For concrete wall installation, wall anchors can be included in the box upon request. For wood stud installation, the long, single wall plate works best with studs 16 inches apart, but arm extensions are provided for studs with inch spacing.

A wall-mount template, a 6-foot HDMI cable, three cable ties for wire management, and one bubble level are also included. 

This mount can be installed in three easy steps:

  1. Mount the detachable wall plate onto a concrete wall or on two wall studs
  2. Secure the brackets to the back of your TV
  3. Attach the bracket to the wall plate

Once installed, you can fine-tune the level +3/-3 degrees using the four leveling bolts attached to the bracket. You can also tilt your TV +5/ degrees to avoid glare. 

This wall mount retracts, leaving only inches of space between the TV and wall to save space. It can also swivel up to 45 degrees both ways for flexible viewing experience. 

  • Compatibility: VESA-compliant (75mm x 75mm to mm x mm)
  • TV Size & Max Load: 26&#; to 55&#; TVs up to 99 lbs.
  • Installation: Solid concrete or wood studs (inch to inch spacing)
  • Leveling: +3/-3 degrees rotation, +5/ degrees tilt post-installation leveling
  • Profile: inches to inches from the wall
  • Swivel: +45/ degrees
  • Material: Heavy-duty steel construction w/ six-piece articulating arms
  • Inclusions: 6-foot HDMI cable, 3 cable ties, bubble level, template

2. Mounting Dream MD

Mounting Dream MD
Mounting Dream MD
  • Heavy duty unit fits for most of " TVs up to 99 LBS, with max VESA of x mm/mounting holes
  • Viewing becomes more comfortable: tilts TV up 5° and down 15° to reduce glare, swivels TV left or right

A close relative to the MDK, the Mounting Dream MD offers similar features, toughness, and installation process. However, it&#;s designed for single-stud installation. It also works on solid concrete walls. 

This mount supports 26&#; to 55&#; TVs weighing 99 lbs or less. Its bracket allows VESA-compliant TVs with 75mm x 75mm to mm x mm screw spacing to be securely mounted, while its 6-piece, dual articulating arm allows your TV to swivel 45 degrees to both directions for viewing flexibility.

You can also rotate the bracket 3 degrees clockwise and counter-clockwise to fine-tune the level or tilt the TV up to 15 degrees downward and 5 degrees upward to minimize glare.

Both these adjustments can be made after installing the TV mount. 

This wall mount follows the same installation process as the MDK, with the exception of the wall mount, which only requires one wood stud. 

  • Compatibility: VESA-compliant (75mm x 75mm to mm x mm)
  • TV Size & Max Load: 26&#; to 55&#; TVs up to 99 lbs.
  • Installation: Solid concrete or single-stud
  • Leveling: +3/-3 degrees rotation, +5/ degrees tilt post-installation leveling
  • Profile: inches to inches from the wall
  • Swivel: +45/ degrees
  • Material: Heavy-duty steel construction w/ six-piece articulating arms
  • Inclusions: 6-foot HDMI cable, 3 cable ties, bubble level, template

3. Monoprice Stable Series Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket

TV wall mounts that swivel and swing are great for mounting a TV on a corner or for when you want to watch your favorite shows from different areas of a room, but in most cases, a fixed TV wall mount that can tilt a little is just the perfect choice.

That&#;s exactly what this wall mount is, and with a price tag just under $40, it&#;s one of the most budget-friendly options on our list. 

This mount comes in four variations for different TV sizes. Small is for 32&#; to 42&#; TVs weighing less than 80 lbs. Medium supports 32&#; to 55&#; TVs.

Large and Extra Large are both for 37&#; to 70&#; TVs, but the Extra Large variant has a long mounting plate, which is better for wide-screen TVs particularly if you&#;re mounting on wood studs.

The Medium, Large, and Extra Large versions can all support up to lbs. All versions can be installed on concrete and brick walls as well as wood studs.

When installing a this mount, you&#;ll need a mm and 10 mm drill bits, a Philips screwdriver, an electric drill, a tape measure, a pencil, and a level bar.

Be sure to check the level before drilling any holes as it&#;s difficult to make adjustments once the mounting plate is secured.

Also, customers who have tried using the Tilt Series recommend adjusting the tilt before attaching the TV to the bracket because it&#;s difficult to lock once the TV is in place.

The bracket allows tilting up to 10 degrees downwards, while the entire mount secures the back of the TV within inches to the wall. 

  • Compatibility: VESA-compliant (75mm x 75mm to mm x mm)*
  • TV Size & Max Load: 32&#; to 70&#; TVs up to lbs.*
  • Installation: Any type of wall
  • Leveling: Tilts 0 to 10 degrees downward
  • Profile: inches from the wall
  • Swivel: N/A
  • Material: Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Inclusions: All mounting hardware and a built-in level bar

* Check each variation for the specific values. 

4. Amazon Basics Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount (inch to inch)

Another budget-friendly option, this full motion articulating TV wall mount is great for bedrooms, home offices, game rooms, and other installation locations that require versatility. It&#;s one of the cheapest articulating wall mounts there is. 

This Amazon Basics wall mount supports 22&#; to 55&#; TVs weighing up to 80 lbs. It can be installed on a single wood stud or a solid concrete wall, but it&#;s not designed for brick wall or metal stud installation.

Because the bracket is non-detachable from the mount, at least two people are required to install this product, particularly when attaching the TV to the bracket.

Before purchasing, check that the back of your TV has screw holes that are mm x mm to mm x mm apart. 

This wall mount features an extendable arm up to inches, degree adjustable tilt (+10/-5 degrees), and full degree swivel that also allows the bracket to pan for maximum viewing flexibility. 

  • Compatibility: VESA-compliant (mm x mm to mm x mm)
  • TV Size & Max Load: 22&#; to 55&#; TVs up to 80 lbs.
  • Installation: Solid concrete or single-stud
  • Leveling: +5/ degrees tilt
  • Profile: Extends up to inches from the wall
  • Swivel: Swings a full degrees, pans
  • Material: Heavy-duty aluminum and steel construction
  • Inclusions: Screws, spacers, and washers

5. Sanus Premium Series Tilting TV Wall Mount (VLT6-B1)

Sanus Premium Series Tilting TV Wall Mount
Sanus Premium Series Tilting TV Wall Mount
  • The Sanus Vlt6 Advanced Tilt Premium TV Wall Mount features a revolutionary design, providing ” of
  • The extension allows even the largest of TVs to achieve the maximum listed tilt range.

This TV wall mount is a bit pricey ($+), but it&#;s a great option for mounting a large screen TV above eye level, such as over a fireplace. 

This wall mount is compatible with 46&#; to 90&#; TVs and can easily hold up to lbs. It works on solid concrete, brick walls, wood studs, and even metal studs.

However, there are different requirements for each wall material, so be sure to read the manual before installing the mount.

For instance, the TV bracket can be adjusted laterally along the mount&#;s railing to allow the TV to be centered despite off-centered studs.

However, you should not adjust the bracket laterally if installing onto a concrete or brick wall. You will also need different tools depending on the wall material and a visit to the hardware store may be required. 

As for features, this is a tilting TV wall mount. It can tilt up to 7 degrees upward and 12 degrees downward.

With other TV wall mounts in the market, upward and downward tilting might be a problem for larger TVs, as the size of the TV itself prevents it from getting the maximum tilt range.

With this mount, however, the bracket can extend up to &#; forward, allowing larger TVs to tilt all the way up or down as allowed by the mount. The extendable bracket also allows easy access to the back of the TV for wire management or installation of accessories. 

In addition, the mount can be easily fine-tuned post-installation. You can freely adjust the height and level. You can also move the brackets laterally along its mount, which is helpful if the wall studs are off-centered. 

Finally, the wall mount has an open wall plate design, allowing you to install it directly over a wall outlet and giving you plenty of hiding space for attached TV accessories. 

Aside from great products, Sanus offers premium customer service. You can find online manuals and installation how-to videos, call-in customer support, or use their website&#;s Mountfinder™ feature to confirm compatibility with your TV and wall material. 

  • Compatibility: VESA-compliant (mm x mm to mm x mm)
  • TV Size & Max Load: 46&#; to 90&#; TVs up to lbs.
  • Installation: Any type of wall
  • Leveling: +7/ degrees tilt; free height, level, and lateral adjustments post-installation
  • Profile: Extends up to inches from the wall
  • Swivel: N/A
  • Material: Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Inclusions: Screws, spacers, and washers

6. ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount EGLF3

ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount
ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount
  • Pull it out, put it in, swing it side-to-side. No, no - this isn't the latest dance craze; sorry Swayze
  • Upgraded tilt mechanism lets you adjust the TV with just your fingertip. Use the orange tension knob to

Beyond the brand&#;s smart quips, ECHOGEAR makes intelligently designed TV wall mounts. The ECHOGEAR EGLF3, in particular, offers a full-motion articulating bracket that can swivel, tilt, pan, and zoom with post-installation leveling and lateral-adjustable mounts for off-centered stud installation.

When checking out this product, make sure to get the upgraded version as it offers better features (compared to the original) for the same price.

This mount supports TVs with screens up to 78 inches. It is ideal for TVs over 43 inches.

It can support a weight of up to lbs. Before buying, check that your TV is VESA-compliant with screws mm x mm to mm x mm apart. Be sure also that you install it on a solid concrete wall or drywall with wood studs.

This particular model fits wood studs with inch spacing with up to 1-inch wiggle room. A more expensive version is available for inch to inch wood stud spacing. 

This wall mount is designed so you don&#;t have to worry about off-centered studs. Once the wall plate is installed, the part that connects to the bracket can be adjusted laterally up to inches left or right.

The bracket can also be tilted +5/ degrees, leveled +3/-3 degrees, extended up to 19 inches, and swiveled up to degrees. All those adjustments (except for the lateral movement of the mount) can be done post-installation.

To make things even better, this mount makes wire management easy. Cables can be routed through the bracket&#;s arm and two cable ties are included to avoid dangling wires. 

  • Compatibility: VESA-compliant (mm x mm to mm x mm)
  • TV Size & Max Load: 46&#; to 78&#; TVs up to lbs.
  • Installation: Solid concrete or wood studs (16 to 17 inches spacing)
  • Leveling: +5/ degrees tilt, +3/-3 degrees level adjustment, inches lateral movement (both directions)
  • Profile: inches, extends up to 19 inches from the wall
  • Swivel: degrees
  • Material: Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Inclusions: All mounting hardware, template, cable clips

7. Sanus Super Low Profile TV Wall Mount MLLB1

Sanus Super Low Profile TV Wall Mount
Sanus Super Low Profile TV Wall Mount
  • Universal mounting design for TV's & Monitors 37""
  • Super low-profile design places the TV just " from the wall.Locking mechanism with quick release

Although most consumers prefer tilting or full-motion TV wall mounts, there are instances when a solid, fixed wall mount is the ideal choice. If that&#;s what you&#;re after, the Sanus MLLB1 is a great option. 

This is a fixed TV wall mount for VESA-compliant 37&#; to 80&#; flat-panel TVs with mm x mm to mm x mm screw spacing.

While some Amazon customers claim to have installed a curved TV using this product, it&#;s not recommended and it may just not work with larger curved-screen TVs.

This wall mount can be installed on solid concrete, concrete block, or wood studs at least 16 inches and up to 24 inches apart. There&#;s no need to worry if your studs are off-centered as the mounting bracket can be adjusted laterally depending on the size of your TV. 

As this is a fixed wall mount, its main feature is its low profile. Once installed, the back of the TV sits only inches from the wall, which is perfect for TVs that flaunt their slim profile, like LG&#;s line of OLED TVs.

However, because of its almost flushed design, it may not be ideal for TVs with backward-facing cable ports and there&#;s little space for wire management. It&#;s also recommended to mount your TV at eye-level instead of overhead as this mount does not tilt. 

  • Compatibility: Universal mounting design
  • TV Size & Max Load: 37&#; to 80&#; TVs up to lbs.
  • Installation: Solid concrete, concrete brick, or wood studs (16 to 24 inches spacing)
  • Leveling: Lateral adjustment for centering
  • Profile: inches from the wall
  • Swivel: N/A
  • Material: Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Inclusions: Screws, spacers, and washers

8. Loctek Curved TV Wall Mount

Loctek Curved TV Wall Mount
Loctek Curved TV Wall Mount
  • ☞UNIVERSAL TV MOUNT: Fit for most curved inch TVs. Compatible VESA Size
  • ☞UPGRADE VIEWING EXPERIENCE: TV's distance to wall is from " to "; Tilt -2°/10°; Swivel

Most wall mounts on this list can technically accommodate curved screen TVs if used with the right spacers, but if you have a curved TV, we highly recommend using only wall mounts that are designed specifically for such. The Loctek Curved TV Wall Mount is exactly that. 

This wall mount is an articulating, full-motion mount that fits 32&#; to 70&#; curved screen TVs with VESA-compliant screw spacing from mm to mm up to mm x mm. It can be installed on solid concrete or wood studs with up to inch spacing.

The bracket that screws onto the TV is detachable, so you can install the entire product all by yourself. To keep the setup neat, it comes with snap-on plastic moldings to hide wires and installation hardware. 

This mount features a swiveling arm up to 45 degrees to the left and 45 degrees to the right and a tilting mounting bracket up to 2 degrees upward and 10 degrees downward.

When retracted, the back of the TV sits only inches from the wall, but the telescopic arm allows you to pull your TV outward up to inches. 

  • Compatibility: VESA-compliant (mm x mm to mm x mm)
  • TV Size & Max Load: Curved screen TVs between 32&#; and 70&#; up to 99 lbs. 
  • Installation: Solid concrete or wood studs (16 inches spacing)
  • Leveling: +2/ degrees tilting
  • Profile: inches to inches from the wall
  • Swivel: 45 degrees left and 45 degrees right
  • Material: Heavy-duty steel with snap-on plastic moldings
  • Inclusions: All mounting hardware

Searching for the right wall mount for your TV is no easy task. There are hundreds—if not thousands— of options available with different pricing, configuration, and size and weight ratings.

We&#;re confident that this list we&#;ve put together will help you choose the right TV mount, but if you want to do your own research, here are a few guidelines to help you. 

What type of mount are you looking for?

Are you after a fixed mount, tilting mount, or articulating mount? Each type is ideal for different setups, so be sure to know what you need before starting your search. 

Is it compatible with your TV?

Besides the size and weight rating, you should check whether the screws at the back of your TV will fit the mounting bracket. Most TVs are VESA-compliant with screw spacing between 75mm x 75mm and mm x mm. 

What&#;s the construction material of your wall?

Usually, TV mounts are designed for drywall over wood stud installation. If you&#;re planning to install on a brick wall, masonry, or metal studs (for commercial installation), check that the mount is compatible with those materials or consider hiring a professional installer. 

Can the mount hold the weight of your TV?

If the size of your TV does not cause any issues, its weight might, especially if your TV is a little older. Check the weight rating of your mount to see if it can hold your TV. For good measure, get a mount rated to support % of your TV&#;s weight. 

Is it easy to adjust post-installation?

Depending on your particular application, it may be hard to get the TV installation right on the first try, even for experienced DIYers. Besides choosing a wall mount that is easy to install, we recommend getting one that you can adjust post-installation.

Many mounts available today allow you to easily fine-tune the TV level by degrees, even after the TV is attached. 


With so many TV wall mount options, it makes it easy to find the right mount for your application.

Whether you are looking for one that is heavy duty, one that swivels, or even just one that is stationary; there is a TV mount available to get your TV secure and off of the entertainment center.


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How we picked

Why you should trust us

I’ve been reviewing home and outdoor gear since I spent 10 years in construction as a carpenter, foreman, and site supervisor, working on multimillion-dollar residential renovations in the Boston area, and my deep understanding of fasteners, materials, and styles of wall construction helped me evaluate the wall mounts.

In writing this guide, I consulted with Grant Clauser, Wirecutter’s senior editor of audio/video and smart-home coverage. Grant has THX Level II home theater design training and has been writing about and reviewing home theater equipment since

Who this is for

If your TV is sitting on a stand or tucked in an entertainment center, you may want to consider putting it on the wall. A wall-mounted TV takes up little space, looks streamlined, gives you flexibility with placement, and—depending on the specific mount—allows you to easily direct the screen around the room or move it to reduce glare. A TV mount is also bolted to the wall, so it’s much safer than keeping a TV on a stand—an especially important factor if you have kids in the house.

It’s hard to overstate the added safety of a wall mount.

Placing a TV on a stand requires a lot of room. Many of today’s TVs have widely spaced feet, so you need a long surface to support them. Once you’ve set up a TV on a stand, you can only shift it side to side or angle it ever so slightly, and that requires actually lifting the weight of the TV or sliding the feet around on the stand’s surface. These maneuvers could potentially damage the TV or scratch the stand. Anti-tip devices are available if you’re using a TV stand (and you should use them), but they further limit the movement of the TV.

It’s hard to overstate the added safety of a wall mount. According to Safe Kids Worldwide, a nonprofit that works to reduce preventable injuries to children, each day 10 kids go to the ER because of a tipped-over TV. When properly installed, a TV on a wall mount is extremely secure. Typically you attach a mount directly to studs with large lag screws, and you then bolt the TV to a bracket that you lock into the mount. Most of the mounts we found have a weight rating that far exceeds the weight of an average TV.

How we picked and tested

You can find a variety of TV wall-mount styles—from basic, low-priced flat mounts with no TV-positioning adjustments to expensive, fully automated motion mounts that can raise, lower, or pivot the TV with the press of a button. We think the best choices for most people fall in between, in the form of a tilting wall mount or a manual full-motion mount.

A tilting mount gives the television a slight range of pivoting motion up and down. Tilt mounts offer a number of advantages over basic flat mounts. Most important, the tilt can help compensate for glare on the screen. Natural light can reduce visibility, and even a small adjustment up or down can typically minimize this problem. Because they can tilt downward, these mounts also provide more flexibility as far as TV placement—you can mount your TV higher on the wall than with a flat mount. Another major benefit is that the tilt usually creates enough space for you to fit a hand behind the TV for wiring purposes. With a standard flat mount, typically you have to handle the wiring before you mount the TV to the wall, a restriction that can make installation difficult.

Manual full-motion mounts also have their advantages. These mounts can extend the TV off the wall, usually in the range of 15 to 30 inches, and can pivot the screen to either side. They’re useful if, say, you want to put your TV in a kitchen and angle it so you can watch it from the breakfast table sometimes and from the counter otherwise. Because of their extending arms, these mounts are bulkier than tilting mounts, but some models can hold the TV as close to the wall as a tilting mount can. Full-motion mounts are typically three to five times more expensive than comparable tilt mounts.

We focused our search for tilt and full-motion mounts on models that met the following criteria:

  • Compatible with at least a inch TV: TV screens are getting larger, and some TV manufacturers offer their higher-performance models only at 55 inches and higher. So we looked at mounts that supported a range of television-screen sizes from 30 to 80 inches. That range put the inch size in the center of the mounts’ capabilities, and it encompassed a wide selection of general-use TV sizes. Whichever mount you decide on, we recommend visiting the manufacturer’s website to confirm compatibility with your specific TV.
  • Thin profile: A TV mount shouldn’t call attention to itself, so we placed a premium on those that held the TV closest to the wall. The best mounts hover around the 2-inch mark, but some get the back of the TV even closer to the wall than that.
  • Post-install level adjustment: If you install the wall mount even just a bit out of level, it can look dramatically off once you’ve attached the TV. With larger screens, this becomes a significant issue, particularly if you have any strong patterns on the wall, such as brick or wallpaper. Even just having the reference line of a nearby doorway or window is usually enough for the eye to pick up a slightly crooked TV. Also, if you own an old, uneven house (like I do), you may even want the ability to tweak the TV slightly out of level, in order to align it better with the surroundings. The best mounts have small post-install level adjustment screws that let you raise or lower each side of the TV after you’ve installed it on the wall.
  • Sturdy construction: A TV mount supports a large (and expensive) TV, so we placed a strong preference on those with a robust construction. The best ones we looked at are built from a single piece of thick metal. Others have multi-piece designs, a factor that adds to the installation time, creates a potential weak spot, and can limit the movement of the TV once you’ve set it up. We also kept an eye out for the smaller details that indicated a well-manufactured mount: rounded-over edges, solid-looking rivets, bolts that threaded easily, and the inclusion of all the necessary hardware.
  • UL approval: Mounts that are UL-approved have undergone an additional level of testing that only adds to your peace of mind while you’re hanging a TV on the wall. To attain UL certification, a mount is tested to at least four times the advertised weight rating. Most of the mounts we researched have an advertised weight rating of to pounds, which is already excessive given the relatively light weight of today’s TVs.
Closeup of a sticker on a TV mount showing a lb weight capacity.
  • Wide range of VESA patterns: The VESA pattern is the layout of the mounting bolt holes on the back of the TV. The pattern depends on the brand and size of the TV. We preferred mounts that could handle a wide array of patterns and thus offered the best chances at compatibility. We recommend confirming that your chosen mount will work with your specific TV before purchasing. Most manufacturers have online assistance for this, or you can call customer service.
  • Pricing: In our research, we’ve found that tilting TV mounts that fit the above criteria typically cost $60 or more, with a post-install adjustment feature significantly adding to the cost (which is a little funny, seeing as it’s such a simple mechanism). For those on a tight budget, we looked at mounts lacking this feature—and we found some for as little as $ Full-motion mounts are more expensive, with the full-featured models typically costing $ and up. Most basic models cost around $

In looking for models to test, we searched the websites of respected TV-mount manufacturers such as Monoprice, OmniMount, Peerless-AV, Rocketfish, and Sanus. We also searched a variety of retailers, including Amazon and Best Buy. For our original tests, in , we evaluated eight tilting TV mounts. Understanding that there are buyers who are interested only in getting a decent mount for as little investment as possible, we ended up with a test group in which three of the units did not have the post-installation adjustment and cost as little as $ In , we expanded into full-motion mounts and tested two high-end, feature-rich models, as well as two stripped-down, less-expensive models.

On a nuts-and-bolts level, all of the mounts worked. But we also found that smaller touches separated the excellent from the simply good.

For testing, we built a wall with wooden studs at a standard inch spacing covered in half-inch drywall, emulating standard wood frame construction practices. We then installed each mount on the wall and used a 2-byfoot sheet of plywood to simulate a inch TV. We also tested most of the mounts with a inch TCL 55P TV.

We found that, on a nuts-and-bolts level, all of the mounts worked. They all have weight ratings that far exceed the weight of the vast majority of TVs currently available, and they all tilt enough to handle most glare situations (roughly between 7 and 15 degrees) or pivot enough to point the TV around the room. But we also found that smaller touches—the quality of the materials, the ease of adjustment, the locking and unlocking mechanisms, the readability of the mounting instructions, and the inclusion of all the correct mounting hardware—separated the excellent from the simply good.

Our pick: Sanus VMPL50A-B1

The Sanus VMPL50A-B1 TV mount installed in a wall.

After all of our research and testing, we selected the Sanus VMPL50A-B1 as the best tilting TV mount. This UL-approved mount is designed for TVs ranging in size from 32 to 70 inches, and it can hold up to pounds, which is more than enough for any TV.1 This Sanus model has one of the thinnest profiles of the tested mounts, holding the back of the TV about 1¾ inches off the wall. Yet, when tilted, it still gives you room to get a hand behind the TV for wiring purposes. In our tests, installation was quick and easy, and we found that the mount was fully adjustable once we had the TV in place, both side to side (in case the studs aren’t in exactly the right place) and, with two bolts, to correct the level. The VMPL50A-B1 is compatible with 22 VESA patterns and comes with 10 bolt sizes, the largest selection of any mount we tested.

The VMPL50A-B1 can tilt 9 degrees forward and 10 degrees backward. This range was similar to what we saw from the other tested tilt mounts, most of which could tilt forward and backward anywhere from 7 to 10 degrees. Depending on the size of the TV, this range can give you an extra couple of inches to squeeze your hand in to plug in a new component. Some mounts offer a little more tilt than the VMPL50A-B1, but a degree or two doesn’t make a huge usability difference. One thing we particularly like is that the VMPL50A-B1 has a nice range of tilt both up and down (some mounts allow tilt in only one direction), and you can adjust it with just one hand on the TV.

On all of the mounts we tested, knobs on the monitor brackets control the tension of the tilt; bigger, heavier TVs need tighter tension, and smaller, lighter TVs need less. The VMPL50A-B1’s knobs are unusual because they’re designed for you to turn them by hand or, if your hand can’t fit behind the TV, with the included hex wrench. With larger TVs, making this adjustment can be difficult even with the hex wrench (and most mounts have instructions to set the tilt-tightening knobs before mounting the TV to the wall plate).

Closeup of the tension knobs on the Sanus VMPL50A-B1 mount.

Once you’ve installed the TV on the wall, you can use the same hex key to adjust the side-to-side level. The included hex key has a ball end, which makes it easier for the hex key to turn the bolt while you’re coming at it from an angle. The level-adjustment bolts are very close to the wall, so this is a nice little touch.

As with the majority of the mounts, installation of this one in our tests was relatively easy. The process is the same with all of them. First you mount the wall plate to the wall with four bolts (always into studs or solid masonry). Then you attach the two mounting brackets to the back of the TV. And, finally, you lift and set the TV so the brackets hang off the wall plate and lock them in. We like that the VMPL50A-B1’s brackets lock in place with an audible click. Getting the TV up and hooked on the wall plate is an awkward maneuver, so for us it was a relief knowing when it was properly secured. It’s also nice that the TV brackets lock in automatically. On some of the other models, the brackets need to be secured with a tightening screw, a step that’s a little more time-consuming.

Closeup of the brackets on the VMPL50A-B1 mount.

The VMPL50A-B1 is compatible with 22 VESA patterns (the varying bolt patterns found on the backs of TVs), and it comes with the largest bolt selection of the tested mounts. Most tilt mounts come with seven or eight different-size bolts, but only the VMPL50A-B1 and the Rocketfish RF-TVMLPT03 come with 2 This simply gives you a greater chance at a successful installation the first time through, without your having to call the manufacturer to request bolts that are compatible with your TV.3

The VMPL50A-B1 can mount into a wood stud or concrete block wall. Like the majority of mounts, it is not to be used with metal studs. All of the appropriate hardware is included, which is something we can’t say about all the mounts we tried. If you’re looking to place your mount on a brick wall, Sanus recommends hiring a professional due to the natural inconsistencies of brick.

Although the VMPL50A-B1 does not come with a mounting template to assist you with the drill-hole placement, this honestly didn’t make any difference to us. The wall plate is light and easy enough to maneuver that we actually preferred directly using that, rather than the thin, floppy cardboard templates that came with some of the other models we tried.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

For all that we liked about the Sanus VMPL50A-B1, it’s not without its downsides. None of them, though, offset the mount’s positives.

The low profile of the VMPL50A-B1 is one of this mount’s primary benefits, but this also means you have limited room to run wiring behind it. It’s true that tilting the TV forward opens things up a bit. But if you have a TV with rear-facing inputs, there is a chance that you will have to remove the TV from the wall if you need to change any wiring.

We also found that, once installed, the Sanus’s monitor brackets sat very close to the wall. So when we were removing the television, we had to be extra careful not to press the brackets back against the wall and mar it.

Upgrade pick: Sanus VLFB2

The Sanus VLFB2 mount.

Although most people will be satisfied with a standard tiling mount, a full-motion mount offers you the flexibility to pivot a TV left or right to improve viewing from different angles. Of the full-motion mounts we researched and tested, the Sanus VLFB2 (also sold as the Sanus BLFB1) had the best combination of a low profile, a long extension, a wide pivot, and excellent placement flexibility. This UL-approved mount is designed for TVs from 42 to 90 inches and that weigh up to pounds. It’s compatible with 15 VESA patterns. The arms are capable of a massive, inch extension, but when you press the mount back against the wall, it has a profile of only 2 inches or so. The movement of the mount is smooth, and the adjustments, like the post-level install and the lock on the TV tilt, are intuitively placed and easy to use. Setup is a little more fiddly than with the other full-motion mount we tested, but that’s a minor point considering the VLFB2’s wide movement capabilities.

The mount’s arms extend the back of the TV 28 inches off the wall. With that long of an extension, the TV gets a lot of room to pivot side to side. The majority of the mounts we researched had extensions of only around 15 to 20 inches, a shortcoming that also limits the amount of pivot. When retracted, the VLFB2 puts the back of the TV at just over 2 inches off the wall, which is a very thin profile for a full-motion mount. Some full-motion mounts go a little closer (less than 2 inches), but they don’t have the extension of this Sanus model.

In our tests, the VLFB2’s motion was very smooth. The arms had only minimal flex, and they moved around with very little effort. Others we tested were “stickier” and had an uneven resistance as we moved the arms.

The Sanus VLFB2 mounted to a wall, fully extended.

The adjustments all work fine. You handle the post-install leveling adjustment with two screws, and you adjust the tilt with a small knob on the mount, just behind the TV. Because it’s a full-motion mount, you don’t have to worry about having enough room to make the adjustments, since you can do them all with the TV extended.

The VLFB2 is large, but considering the sizes of TVs it’s compatible with (42 to 90 inches), it should remain hidden behind the TV. Compared with the smaller and sleeker Peerless SUAPU mount we tested, the VLFB2 feels a little imposing in size, but it has a purpose. Because the bars of the wall mount are 32 inches wide, it gives you a lot of wiggle room to center the TV perfectly on the wall. TV mounts need to be screwed directly into studs, and smaller mounts like the Peerless have less maneuverability to end up positioned exactly where you want them.

If the Sanus VLFB2 has a flaw, it’s that there are more stylish mounts available. The Peerless SUAPU, for one, is very attractive and has an almost artistic feel, but it does not have the extension or the placement capabilities of the VLFB2.

Budget pick: Monoprice EZ Series Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket

The Monoprice EZ mount.

If you’re on a tight budget, and if you’re confident that your installation skills are accurate enough for you to skip the post-install level adjustment, we recommend the Monoprice EZ Series Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket. The Monoprice EZ Series (formerly called the Stable Series) was one of the least expensive UL-approved tilting mounts we could find, and it’s about as no-frills as mounts get. It has a weight rating of pounds, on a par with our other recommendations, and it works with TVs from 37 to 70 inches, with VESA patterns up to by The instructions are plain and basic, as is the unit itself. But it’s a simple and effective way to hang your TV securely on a wall.

Given that the Monoprice mount is less than half the price of the Sanus VMPL50A-B1, it’s no surprise that the fit and finish aren’t as good. The metal of the brackets is a little thinner, the tilt-tension knob isn’t as nice, and the mount can’t tilt backward at all (it can tilt forward 10 degrees). Also, the monitor brackets lock into the wall plate with screws. This is a tedious process, but not a dealbreaker.

Embedded in the wall plate of the Monoprice mount is a small level vial to help with installation. We checked this level against a high-end torpedo level and found that the included one was way off. Because this mount offers no post-installation adjustments, we strongly recommend that you not rely on this level during installation.

But even with these limitations, the Monoprice succeeds at holding a TV against the wall and offering enough tilt to reduce glare. It also comes at a budget price. Just make sure the initial installation is accurate, because you can’t make adjustments once you’ve installed the wall plate.

Also great: EchoGear EGLF2

The Echogear EGLF2 mount.

If the full-motion Sanus VLFB2 is not in the budget, or you don’t need its extreme capabilities, the EchoGear EGLF2 is a nice, inexpensive alternative. It has none of the finesse, capabilities, or polish of the VLFB2, but considering the vast cost difference, this is not surprising. Still, compared with the other full-motion mounts in its price range, the EGLF2 is UL-approved, offers smooth action on the arm, and gives at least some attention to aesthetics. It also holds the back of a TV less than 2½ inches off the wall, closer than most mounts in its price range are capable of. The EGLF2 is compatible with TVs sized between 42 and 86 inches and weighing up to pounds, and it supports nine VESA patterns.

The EchoGear EGLF2 can extend a TV 22 inches from the wall. Although that’s 6 inches less than the Sanus VLFB2 can stretch, it’s more than what you can get from most $ full-motion mounts, which top out at around 20 inches. The movement of the arms is smooth, in contrast with the stiff arms of the similarly priced Mounting Dream MD, which we also tested.

The Echogear EGLF2 fully extended.

The EchoGear EGLF2 doesn’t have the long extension or aesthetic polish of the Sanus VLFB2. But at a third of the price, it offers a nice set of features and very smooth arm movement. Photo: Doug Mahoney

Closeup of the locking pin mechanism on the Echogear mount.

The locking mechanism on the EchoGear’s tilt function is intuitively placed and easy to use. Photo: Doug Mahoney

Closeup of the comparatively inelegant welds on the Echogear.

The EchoGear doesn’t have the fit and finish of the Sanus. The bolts are exposed, and the visible welds are uneven. Photo: Doug Mahoney

As for looks, the EGLF2 is nice for its class, but, again, it’s a far cry from the VLFB2. The bolts are exposed, the welds are uneven, and overall it has a stripped-down, industrial feel. But a few minor touches help it look better than other $ mounts: The corners are slightly rounded over, and the mounting bars have an arc. These small details stood out when we looked at this model in direct comparison with the hard edges of the Mounting Dream mount.

The EGLF2 also has a tilt feature and post-level adjustment. As with the VLFB2, both adjustments are easy to reach and fairly simple to use.

Other TV wall mounts we like

We liked several other mounts that we tested, but one or two small drawbacks caused them to fall behind our picks.

The Peerless-AV STP is a good tilt mount. In most ways, it’s nearly identical to the Sanus VMPL50A-B1, but it holds the TV farther off the wall (over 2½ inches), and locking the TV into the wall bracket is not as easy.

A former upgrade pick (before we added full-motion mounts), the Sanus VLT6 tilt mount also allows the TV to shift slightly to each side. Like the Sanus VMPL50A-B1 tilt mount, this model can tilt up and down and offers a post-install level adjustment, but here you can also extend the TV off the wall about 5½ inches, so it’s like a mini full-motion mount. This flexibility gives you a lot of room for wiring and lets you angle the screen to the side a little. The VLT6 is the only tilt mount we tested that can attach to metal studs. The back of the TV sits 2¾ inches off the wall, 1 inch more than with the Sanus VMPL50A-B1.

For an inexpensive tilt mount, we also liked the UL-approved EchoGear EGLT3. It’s very similar to the Monoprice EZ Series, but it makes one trade-off. On the positive side, it offers post-level adjustment, whereas the Monoprice doesn’t. On the negative side, the mount holds a TV off the wall more than 2¼ inches, about a half-inch more than the Monoprice does. If you’re unsure of your skills at getting a mount level on the wall, the EGLT3 might be a better option, but we expect most people will be happier with the more-discreet Monoprice.

If you’re looking for a full-motion mount, and aesthetics are your number-one concern, we like the Peerless SUAPU. Compared with the full-motion Sanus VLFB2, the Peerless SUAPU doesn’t extend as far and doesn’t pivot as much, and its shorter mounting bars may make it more difficult to center on a wall. But even with those drawbacks, we were amazed with the overall look of the Peerless. Every detail appeared to be well thought out, and the sleek, artistic look impressed us.

What to look forward to

Sanus’s new $ VLT7 looks to be a step up from the VLT6 listed in Other TV wall mounts we like. The VLT7 allows for tilting in all four directions (the VLT6 only tilts up and down) and can extend inches from the wall to support the full tilting range for larger screens. It is compatible with TVs from 42 to 90 inches and has a depth of inches. We plan to check out this new model soon.

The competition

The AmazonBasics PBH Heavy-Duty Tilting TV Wall Mount was the budget pick in an earlier version of this guide. It’s similar to the Monoprice EZ Series, but it lacks UL approval. Given that the two mounts are in the same ballpark price-wise, we prefer the model that has been approved through third-party testing.

The Rocketfish RF-TVMLPT03 tilt mount has the same general characteristics as the Sanus VMPL50A-B1 and the Peerless-AV STP, except that the Rocketfish is typically a little more expensive, and the monitor brackets are made of a noticeably thinner metal. It also doesn’t come with any kind of masonry anchor, as the rest of the mounts did—though Rocketfish will send those pieces to you with a phone call. On the plus side, the release clips of the Rocketfish were among the easiest to use.

The OmniMount OET has the slimmest profile of all the tilt mounts we tested, with only a narrow 1½ inches separating the back of the TV and the wall. To get behind the TV for wiring, you can tip the mount back and fold two “kickstands” out of the brackets to hold the TV off the wall. It’s a clever system, but the OmniMount OET typically costs about the same as the Sanus VLT6, and we prefer the latter’s ability to angle the screen to the side (even if it does hold the TV a little farther off the wall). Also, the OmniMount’s monitor brackets are designed to be unlocked with hanging cords, and it’s a nuisance to tuck those cords out of sight.

The Cheetah APTMM2B is another budget tilt mount we considered. Although you can adjust the Cheetah to fit almost any size TV, for TVs in the size range we were looking at, the wall plate requires disassembly so you can add an extension to it. This Cheetah mount was the only model in our test group that required any kind of assembly, and once we pieced it together, we found that the splices holding the extension got in the way of the TV’s side-to-side adjustment. The Cheetah can hold pounds, but it’s not UL-approved. Also, the overall polish of the mount was lacking; some of the screws had a little surface rust out of the box.

A lot of other mounts from reputable manufacturers don’t offer post-install adjustment. This group includes the Sanus MLTB1 and the OmniMount OST.

We did not test the EchoGear EGLT1 low-profile tilting mount. It was the least expensive UL-approved model we saw, but it holds the TV a little farther off the wall than the Monoprice , and it does not offer post-install adjustment.

We also encountered a slew of inexpensive models (roughly under $25), similar to the AmazonBasics and the Cheetah, that offer the same stripped-down, low-cost, non-UL-approved functionality. This batch includes the Impact Mounts IM and the Ollieroo HD Tilting Adjustable TV Wall Mount. The customer feedback on Amazon for the majority of these models is usually pretty high, but we frequently found comments about cheap parts and limited customer service. Many of these manufacturers don’t even have websites. In fact, a couple of these inexpensive models disappeared in the time it took for us to write the initial version of this guide, highlighting the come-and-go nature of these inexpensive mounts.

Among full-motion mounts, we also tested the Mounting Dream MD It’s similar to the recommended EchoGear EGLF2 but falls a little short in a few areas. The arm action isn’t as smooth, and the aesthetic polish isn’t as good. Whereas the EGLF2 has curves, the Mounting Dream has hard lines. It also extends to only 18½ inches yet has a profile of 2¾ inches, while the EGLF2 reaches 22 inches and sits just over 2¼ inches off the wall.

We researched a lot of other full-motion mounts, and none of them measured up to the Sanus VLFB2 or the EchoGear EGLF2 in capabilities.

The Sanus VLFB1 is notably thin, with a profile of just over 1½ inches, but it’s typically priced at more than $ (which is a lot given what the VLFB2 offers at around $). The Sanus VXFB2 and Peerless SAPU each cost $ or more but set the TV farther off the wall than our full-motion pick does.

We researched, but did not test, a number of other Peerless mounts. The SAPU has a profile of over 3 inches. The SUAPU offers almost no flexibility with placement due to its narrow mounting bracket. And the SUAPU has a larger bracket but is still nowhere near the width of the full-motion Sanus model we recommend.

In the lower full-motion price range, the Monoprice , , and all have profiles of over 3 inches. The company’s EZ Series model is not UL-approved.

The Mounting Dream MD sits almost 3½ inches off the wall. The MD has a small wall bracket, which doesn’t offer much flexibility in placement

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Doug Mahoney is a senior staff writer at Wirecutter covering home improvement. He spent 10 years in high-end construction as a carpenter, foreman, and supervisor. He lives in a very demanding year-old farmhouse and spent four years gutting and rebuilding his previous home. He also raises sheep and has a dairy cow that he milks every morning.

Top 5 Best Corner TV Wall Mounts In 2020 Reviews

Here Are the 6 Best TV Wall Mount Systems on Amazon and Why They Rock

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. 

Amazon is a great place to source and buy a multitude of products. Most items ship free if you&#;re a Prime member, and Amazon boasts fast delivery, unbeatable prices and real reviews you can trust from millions of fellow shoppers.

One of the biggest sellers on Amazon is the TV wall mount. Wall-mounting your flat-screen TV is a great way to save space. Some places you can wall-mount your flat-screen include:

  • Over your fireplace mantel
  • In one of the cubbies of a built-in wall unit
  • In an outdoor lounge or patio area
  • On your kitchen backsplash

Many TV wall mounts can articulate — swing out and pivot up and down. This adds flexibility to your wall-mounted TV system because you can angle the TV for the ideal viewing angle, or to avoid glare from a sunny day.

For all of the details on how to best hang your TV and what tools make installation easier, read our detailed guide on best TV wall mount systems.

How we chose the best TV wall mount system

To find the best TV wall mount systems, we looked at Amazon&#;s best-selling TV wall mount rankings, which it updates hourly. By analyzing user reviews (at the time of research), number of sales and flat-screen TV wall mount features, we narrowed down the extensive list to feature the best TV wall mount models for different purposes. Here are the six best TV wall mount systems on Amazon, with photos showing how you can use each TV mount:

1. VideoSecu MLBE TV Wall Mount

Average review: out of 5 stars

Number of customer reviews: 24,

Perfect for: Thanks to heavy-gauge steel supports, this supports any flat-screen between 25 and 88 inches. This is the most versatile flat-screen TV mount on the list.

Why it rocks: This is Amazon&#;s No. 1 product in the best TV wall mount models. The kit comes with mounting hardware, a removable VESA plate (for eight different hole patterns) to make one-person installation easy, a foot HDMI Cable and a magnetic bubble level. Post-installation level adjustment makes hanging your TV perfectly a no-brainer. A low profile mount design retracts to inches from the wall to save space but can extend up to 20 inches from the wall for viewing. The versatile tilt angle of 15 degrees/-5 degrees with a swivel of up to degrees offers you great viewing flexibility.

2. Cheetah APTMM2B Tilting TV Wall Mount

Average review: out of 5 stars

Number of customer reviews: 17,

Perfect for: This TV mount is one of the few that can accommodate standard TVs as well as curved TVs. We focused on the tilt versions, available in a VESA or plate. These are great for heavier TVs; the VESA supports up to pounds.

Why it rocks: This TV mount can be mounted to nearly any surface and comes with anchors for a variety of wall materials. It sits flat at  inches from the wall and can tilt up to 10 degrees. It includes a Twisted Veins foot HDMI cable and a three-axis magnetic bubble level. The TV and wall plate can be attached via an easy lift and lock system.

Hanging your flat-screen is a great way to reclaim valuable floor and counter space, and if done creatively and cleverly, it can add a unique design feature to your home. And thanks to the variety of excellent TV wall mount models on the market, getting the TV room of your dreams is more attainable than ever before. If you&#;re inspired by any of the best TV wall mount models featured abe, we&#;d love to hear about it.

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