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I own 2 cats. Despite my best efforts to wash, clean, disinfect, keep my workspace free of cat hair, some is bound to get through.

If you are allergic to cats, please consider another maker for your desired services.


:: COmmission Status ::




(Please read before inquiring about any fursuit commissions)

The images featured here are samples of previous work. I will not replicate any previous works, and do not make characters that the buyer does not own.

When inquiring about custom commissions, I always require a character ref sheet in order to provide a quote.

Fursuit price quotes WILL NOT be given without an accurate reference sheet.

Please also take the time to fully read my TOS before contacting me!


“Read this! It’s important!”


I am a relatively new fursuit maker, so I don’t have too many examples of my work available just yet. But as I grow, I shall update this page with more fabulous examples for you!


Please always check for commission availability


(Note: These paws shown here were made with the Kloofsuits Paw Pattern)

Available for purchase on Kloofsuits Etsy Store!


Large Paws / Feral Paws

-Large and cute, these paws are great if you want big snuggly paws.

These paws can have any number of fingers, including dew claws for a more feral design.


Giant Bappers / Monster Hands

-More for looks than functionality, these gargantuan paws look like something that stepped right out of a cartoon or video game!

Unfortunately due to the nature of these paws, the wearer has limited to no dexterity in them.

-With these style of paws I will always include a “slip pocket” that allows the wearer to use their human hand as needed.

Starting at: = $250


Slim Realistic Claws

-This style is more suited for realistic suits, and often feature resin claws and attached arm sleeves. Moderate to good dexterity.

Starting at: $160 (hands only)

Starting at: $210 (arm length)

(Click here to view this commission type)


 ~~~Arm Sleeves~~~

Perfect for those looking to add to their partial suit, these fluffy arm sleeves tend to hug the wearer well and go great with a T-shirt.

These arms can also come with attached slim claws and small arm wings if so desired.

Starting at: $160

Vega Arms.jpg

~~~Arm Wings~~~

Perfect for avians and wyvern characters!
These giant wings use the wearer’s arms to move and flex in a realistic manner.


 ~~~Feet Paws~~~

-Great for stomping around with your big ol fluffy feet! These fursuit parts come in two main styles.

Outdoor Feetpaws

-Tough and durable EVA foam bottoms, these feet are built for active or outdoor use.

Starting at: $300

Fabric/Vinyl claws for +$20
Resin claws for +$40

Indoor Feetpaws

-Well built, but instead of the tough EVA bottom, these paws feature paw pad details.

Starting at: $350

Fabric/Vinyl claws for +$20
Resin claws for +$40

Sock Paws

-Designed strictly for indoor use, these adorable feets are very slim and form fitting. Often with very squishy toe beans!

Starting at: $250

(no sample currently available)

Fabric/Vinyl claws for +$20
Resin claws for +$40

~~~Digi Style Feet Paws~~~

-These feet are built to look like digigrade legs, but without the hassle of padding! Simply slip your foot into the normal shoe inside and enjoy a fantastic bendy design, without the stress of an angled foot!


-These feet are larger than normal fursuit feet, so keep that in mind when you consider ordering this product.

OUTDOOR FEET starting at: = $430

indoor feet starting at: = $500

Add solid vinyl bottoms for: +$40

Fabric, vinyl, or resin claws available! Email for further inquires.

Removable Fursuit Sandals also available upon request for +$50

One of the most recognizable parts of a fursuit, is the head. There are several different types of heads, so it is important to do your research to see which style best suits you.

As I’m a newer maker, I don’t have very many species examples available, but in time I will update this page with more content samples as they are completed.

Dino Mask Customs

-Made from the Jurassic Park dino mask, these are very lightweight, feature moving jaws, and can be outfitted with either following toony eyes or realistic resin eyes.


Starting at: $300

(Please note: This commission type is limited to the number of masks I have in stock. When my stock runs out, I will no longer offer this commission type)


Foam Base Heads

-Soft, breathable, and very sturdy.

-These heads are often done in a more toony style.

-Excellent vision.


Starting At: $700


Resin Base Heads

-Heavy, less airflow, tiny tear duct vision holes. Perfect for realistic heads!

-These heads tend to be more fragile.

-They can have realistic glass eyes, or large foam toony eyes!


Starting at: $1000

resin base.jpg


*LEDS are avaible upon special request. Please ask in your inquiry email if this is something you wish to have in your head*

For other electronic requests, please visit Neozy’s Circuit Corner


This helpful little visual guide clearly shows the difference between what each of these options includes

 ~~~Partial Fursuits~~~

-Partials often consist of the Head, Hands, Tail, and sometimes Feet and Armsleeves. There are several variants of partials available.


(Head, hands, tail)

starting at: $1900


(Head, hands, tail, feet, armsleeves & sometimes wings)

starting at: $2600


(Head, hands, tail, feet, armsleeves, wings(optional), and either the torso or leg portion. This can be plantigrade or digigrade)

starting at: $3000

Stickers Body.jpg

 ~~~Plantigrade Fullsuits~~~

-This is the full package. Head, hands, feet, tail, wings (if applicable), head, and bodysuit.

-Please always do your research regarding the pros and cons of a fullsuit before you consider purchasing one.

-Plantigrade suits have straight human legs on them, and tend to be easier to walk in.

Starting at: $3300

Bodysuit only starting at: $2600

~~~Digigrade Fullsuits~~~

-This is the full package. Head, hands, feet, tail, wings (if applicable), head, and bodysuit.

-Please always do your research regarding the pros and cons of a fullsuit before you consider purchasing one.

-Digigrade fullsuits feature the signiture bendy legs that help create the illusion of a more animalistic suit.

Starting at: $4500



A question naturally arises in our minds that why people spent so much money on a fursuit. Actually, pursuing our hobby, we buy a lot of things that we do not even use in our daily life. Such a product is the fursuit.


It features cartoon characters of various designs as well as real characters. It is a misconception that furry fandoms are made only to match animals or fictional characters.

Furries generally indicate their relationship to various topics such as art, literature, role-playing in any forum, etc. But by far the most obvious and most well-known elements of the fursuits are the humanoid animal.

Surprisingly, it’s true that fursuits are relatively expensive. According to the information from Google, the least expensive suit costs $6000. So it is understandable how diverse this suit is.

I will now discuss some of the most expensive fursuits. Let’s see their names first.

  • Manuel Dawg
  • Sniper The Angel Dragon
  • Aero The horse
  • Lavender Corgi
  • Protogen
  • Zweitesich
  • Mishka The Silver Fox
  • Roar Dragon
  • Primal Visions Cheetah
  • Borzoi, Lion, Ram

Before getting into the main discussion I would like to share some information with you about the fursuit.

Most Expensive Fursuits

A fursuit is a fur garment commonly worn by members of the Cosplayer or furry fandom. The term “fursuit” was coined by Robert King in 1993. It is usually different from mascots and belongs to any group. Fursuits represent the main character created by their wearer.

Fursuit has been around for over 30 years, so its history is very old. Some manufacturers have made special contributions in this regard. Notable among these is Phoenix, who made and wore a suit at the age of 15. Everyone who makes a fursuit has their own style.

Here is the most popular online store to buy Fursuit

Let’s see the details of the top 10 Most Expensive Fursuits In The World



Albino Topaz created this fursuit on April 16, 2019. The manufacturer had the plan to create a designer fursuit. But it is one of the most controversial fursuits.

There is a special mark on the surface of the fursuit. Other fursuits have tails that are missing in this attire. Ever since it was made, fandom has been claiming it to be a faceless product. The design industry faces so many conspiracies. Even after all this, its popularity is not less.

Borzoi, Lion, Ram

They are the customized designer fursuit. These three were made out together. Zweitesich’s famous logo was inscribed on their faces. As soon as it came out, there was a lot of criticism, especially from furries, because no one wanted to go around with the brand name.

On the other hand, it was part of the criticism for its price. Because they did not have a tail, and they were much more expensive. Whether it’s for controversy or price, this fursuit has caught everyone’s attention.

Aero The Horse

This fursuit is by Sky Pro Costumes. Deanna Biesemeyer is the owner of this company. Their fursuits are very desirable among the customers. The company is also renowned for making telephones.

Anyways, The suit ‘ Aero The Horse ‘ is sold for $7100 this year

(2020). It is completely hand-crafted and is worth the price.

Lavender Corgi

This fursuit is super impressive. It holds the record for the most expensive fursuits for four years. It was made resembling Justin Bieber. The back has a big JB on it that is hilarious.

It was made by Albino Topaz and sold for $8025 in 2014. They could buy a boy band at this price. However, they couldn’t make the exact singer look.

Mishka The Silver Fox

This suit has a special character. The expression of this suit is so adorable. It is made by Howl Yeah.

It is a well-crafted fursuit. It was built for a person around 5’11” but can easily fit both bigger and smaller. In 2016, the price of the fursuit was considered quite high.

Sniper The Angel Dragon

Sniper The Angel Dragon

“Sniper The Angel Dragon” is made by PhoenixWolf Fursuits, creator of the famous suit for Telephone.

In 2016, it was the most expensive publicly sold fursuit. Phoenix commented that the auction was more like a battle that had been going on for hours. He finally congratulated Twilight Saint on winning the auction. At that time, a tagline became quite popular on Twitter -#thegreatphoenixwolfauctionof2015. ” Sniper The Angel Dragon” created a new record for recognized fursuit auctions.


It was a custom fursuit by Jting F. Its structure is modeled on engineering and it is very attractive to look at. Although many people recommended this, it turned out unsold. It actually deserves a lot of money but, sadly, it did not sell out. Still, it is an impressive suit.

The mentioned price was the suit’s estimated value.

Manuel Dawg:

Manuel Dawg

Manuel Dawg by Mixed candy is a very handsome suit. Mixed candy gets maximum auction through this fursuit. It is a mixture of simultaneously fierce, cunning, and handsome. Seeing this, everyone may get frightened. They may even want to cuddle the person beside.

This fursuit was sold in 2018. The record for the most expensive fursuit in 2016 was held by Sniper, and it was taken over by Manuel Dawg in 2018. Its material and costume products are really unique and attractive. Like other mixed candy’s fursuits, it has maintained the same quality as ever. The Dealers Den paid special attention to this successful auction of mixed candy.

Primal Visions Cheetah

The fur of this fursuit alone costs $10,000. So it is understandable how expensive it is. It is made by Lex Rudd. The price of this fur is high because it is woven in a loom.

It is NFL stretched, not sewn or painted. It has flexibility holders like dancing. When wearing, it fits the body tightly. It resembles a cheetah, hence its name.

Roar Dragon

Roar Dragon

This is a gorgeous handmade suit made in New Zealand. It is equipped with leather and latex. Moreover, it has a 3d printed head. It has some amazing skills. For instance, it has an individual moving skill that is insane! This fursuit is technically quite advanced. So, the reason behind its high price is quite clear.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a good fursuit?

good fursuit

Fursuit is made up of a combination of art, time, money. It takes one to six weeks for a professional person to make a fursuit. The question naturally comes to mind – how much money is needed to make a good fursuit.

A quality fursuit is available for a minimum $3,000. The prices are calculatedindividually for customizing fursuit. The price depends on colorization, use of fur, and weaving. It also depends on whether there will be a tail, how the toes will be, and what the height will be.

In these cases, a dummy is made for the particular customer so that it fits well in his body. Every fursuit maker has a different process of making. Some people make it with household items, others make it with nets, helmets, caps. The shipment of fursuit also has separate costs. The difference is obvious when the fursuit is seen face to face.

You don’t think the fursuits are expensive, when you first see them. But the fine handicrafts, the beautiful decoration one, make it clear that it is not wrong to charge a little more.

How much does a fursuit head cost to make?

fursuit head cost

The price depends on what kind of fursuit will be made, such as whether it is customized, made by using one’s own skills, or depending on a character. Suppose, someone wants to make a fursuit like a deer. In that case, there are three different prices for the head base. Different means are needed for the head base, and thicker foam is needed to make the head. It is known from some sites that the average amount of animal fur to make a fursuit is 4-5 yards, minimum 2-3 yards. However, it is better to start working with more fur. Most fursuits cost about $25 per yard.

If the work of the eyes is different, then more money is needed. Bakram costs $1,50. Now the analysis shows that most money is spent on wool. As a whole, it costs about $310. This is just a simple calculation. The amount of money can be more or less than this. Even if you want to make it yourself, you can’t make it for less than $200. You need to have enough technical knowledge to make it. On the other hand, the price depends on the country in which you reside. In some countries, cheap ingredients are available.

How much does a Kimono Fursuit cost?

Kimono is a Japanese word for fairy essentially. Mainly, Kimono is a Japanese traditional wear, but it is also used for animal products. For example, “Kimono anime friends “. Not only in Japan, but kimono fursuit is also used in Taiwan and China.

Kimono Fursuit

I found they are very top-heavy with tiny pits. Not all Kimonos have big eyes. Different designs are made in different cases. The eyes fog up for kimono suits. Fogging depends on many things, including the climate, heat. Sometimes the ventilation is terrible. Eye ventilation is very minimal.

Kimono makers are too hard to find. Because most of them speak Japanese, so it is not so easy to understand. Kimono fursuits usually cost between $1,100 and $2,800. If there are more crafts, the price is higher. Besides, if it is moderate, the price is lower.

Who is the most famous furry?

Now I will discuss about 10 famous furries from 10 different countries.

Fox Amore

The most famous furry from England is Fox amore. He is a music composer and creates incredibly awesome music. He is struggling a lot with concerts and music.


The most famous furry in Italy is Drachetto. He makes the Chubby Fox. He is a passionate photographer, well known for the fursuit photographs. He also owns Dragon fursuit.

Hiyu furry

The most famous furry from Sweden is called Hiyu. He is known for his youtube channel and the video, ” Living in space”. He worked about gravity and space that makes him popular. He not only talks about the typical furry topic but also explains things about space viz rocket stuff.

Kana furry

The most famous furry from Austria is called Kana. Sometimes Neon-Kana sometimes Ultra-Kana but in general, he is called Kana. He is a furry DJ. He has a relationship with “Banana house”.

Saphi Fox

Saphi Fox

The most famous fursuiter from the Check Republic is called Saphi Fox. He aims to spread fun and positive activity. He has also been to Eurofurence.

Greeny Woof

There is confusion about the most famous furry in France. Greeny Woof and Storm Tiger are competitors in this regard. The majority appreciate Greeny Woof. He is a furtuber. He posts a lot of funny stuff on Facebook, Twitter. So, definitely, he is very active on social media.

Leon The Fox

The most famous furry from the Netherlands is Leon The Fox. His youtube channel’s name is ” Fur Your Anthrotainment”. He is also a passionate dancer. He participates in various kinds of occasions.


The most famous furry in Spain is Tronchy. It is difficult to keep in contact with the Spanish furries. Tronchy is one of the organizers of Furrnion. It is a famous furry convention in Spain. He is a party lover.

Greek Yoshi

He is the most famous furry from Greek. The funny thing is he posted a lot about fursuit crushes. His long suit is somewhat different from others.


He is the most famous furry in Germany. He is also recognized as Kinora Fluffball. He travels a lot. He is engaged with CodyDawg.

I hope you find this article knowledgeable.

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Welcome to Atelier Amanojaku!

How to place an order

Would you like to place an order? First thing you'll need to do is get a price estimate. For a quote, please use the Email Form at the bottom of the page, or use our Quote Request Form.

Do you have an idea for a fursuit, but aren't quite sure what you'd like? Do you have concept art or other reference pictures you would like us to work from? No problem! We would love to hear from you here at Atelier Amanojaku! All you have to do is contact us and say hello!

Estimated date of delivery

If you order a fullsuit now, date of delivery will be Apr 2022.
(132 items are pending/in progress)


The price of our fursuits depends on your order. A full suit usually ranges between 380,000 to 550,000 JPY (about 3,500 to 5,000 USD). We are also available to do partial suits. Full payment must be received before we begin to produce your suit (about 2-3 months before delivery).

Our preferred method of payment is through Paypal. We also accept T/T Remittance.


Adorable Husky Partial Fursuit


It’s a Cyan,White,and purple Husky Fursuit with glittering ears. A HUGE Fluffy curl tail~ With soft purple beans, and cyan arm sleeves. With of course the Fursuit head. Also has moveable jaw.

Condition of Item
Payments & Returns
Payment Methods
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Item Location
23666, Virginia, United States
Ships To
United States
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Shipping Instructions
Shipping is the buyers choice. Just had to put something down
Returns Accepted
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Fursuits adorable

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adorable fursuit
10 CRAZY CUTE Fursuits that will melt your heart 😍 [Pocari Picks #03]

Furry fandom is a big (and radically misunderstood and misrepresented) tent, covering not only those who identify with animals—fictional or real—but anyone who appreciates anthropomorphic critters, too. Furries express their affinities through everything, from art and literature to roleplaying on forums and in person as various "fursonas." But by far the most conspicuous and best-known elements of the fandom are fursuits, the humanoid animal outfits some furries don to more fully inhabit a fursona. Although far less ubiquitous in the fandom, and far less often overtly sexualized than shows like CSI and outlets like Vanity Fair have made them out to be, fursuits are still prominent in the culture. Longtime intra-fandom journalist (and fursuiting husky dog) Patch O'Furr refers to them as "the theatrical soul of furry," acknowledging that, since the mid-2000s, they have become "the furry thing."

Yet while most now recognize furries by these suits, few outside the scene think about where said suits come from. You might assume they're repurposed mascot costumes—but you'd be wrong. Fursuits are, you'll notice upon close inspection, better fitted and intricately crafted, made for show and individuality. Which raises the question: Who's pumping out all of these bespoke and often exceptionally well-executed suits, crafted just for furries?

The history of the fursuit is relatively short; just a bit over 30 years old, technically. (More on that in a bit.) The big makers who have emerged from this young part of the scene are folks like Mixed Candy, Don't Hug Cacti, One Fur All, and Made Fur You, all of which have turned this tiny culture into a viable enterprise. Another of these notable fursuit makers is Phoenix. A furry herself (she dresses as a purple malamute), Phoenix started making suits in 2008 at age 15 and now runs The Phoenix Nest, a Minnesota-based, hand-crafted fursuit maker with an extraordinary eye for detail—"carefully made with both appearance and durability in mind," their site reads. "We are very excited to bring your adorable critters to life!"

Phoenix, who believes her operation is about average-sized for an established maker, says she takes fursuit commissions once a year. "Around 200 submissions," she said. She accepts around ten, citing time as an issue; but as a sought-after maker, she has the freedom to work with customers based on how well their ideas gel with their own sensibilities.

Every maker has his or her own style and process. Some only model their suits on real animals and opt for naturalistic features, while others go more fantastical or cartoonish. The price of suits can vary widely, but a hand-crafted, professional made fox or hound or unicorn (or whatever you want) full suit usually runs between one and three grand at the very least. According to Dogpatch Press, a furry news site, $4,500 is "a general high range for standard commissions."

And entrepreneurial crafters have come up with all manner of add-ons that drive prices way up. You can add cooling or camera and audio systems, hyper-realistic eyes that follow people around, eyelids controlled by magnets, or jaws that move at will. For evidence of this, one need look no further than this highly specialized cheetah made by Primal Visions, which features an arduino system that moves the eyes and mouth, and triggers growls based on bio-feedback. Purchased by a furry named Spottacus in 2014, it cost a whopping $17,500. And Spottacus isn't done quite yet—he's currently eying a design that costs $25,000, a pretty penny for a cheetah.

"I'm told Hollywood FX stuff, like with animatronics and more, can add at least a zero onto the highest fursuit prices," said O'Furr, which means some may hit six-figures after full modding.

This is extraordinary when you consider fursuits have not always been a part of the fandom, which sprouted out of underground comic and zine circles in the '60s and '70s and coalesced in the '80s, with furries initially circulating zines and letters. The term wasn't even coined until 1993. A proto-suit made an appearance at the first ever furry convention, ConFurence 0 in Costa Mesa, California, in 1989: Hilda the Bambioid, the brainchild of a Disney mascot wearer and crafter named Robert Hill, based on a popular sexualized anthropomorphic character of the fandom era. But the next few conferences saw, as furry historian (and non-suited fan) Fred Patten recalls, no fursuiting, not even another Hilda sighting. Instead, the furries of the early '90s wore costume tails and ears, which they may have picked up by overlapping with the nascent anime and sci-fi fandom convention circuits.

However furries with mascoting cred (like Hill), Hollywood costuming experience (like Lance Ikegawa), or just a strong desire to inhabit their fursonas by applying some tailoring and crafting skills, puttered away, and slowly started gaining attention. By the mid-'90s, their suits were crude. But they'd started to get some play in the community. Around the same time, the furry convention circuit expanded and the nascent internet banded the fandom together, facilitating the spread of ideas.

"Once it got going," said Jurann, a polar bear in the fandom since 1994 who got his first suit around 2000, "within a couple years, you had people promoting themselves as fursuit makers and making a suit every month or two."

These early makers practiced intense experimentation, informing each other of their techniques and putting out how-to guidesfor newbies, the ultimate being Critter Costuming, a 2004 manual by Adam Riggs, a.k.a. Nicodemus Rat.

Some folks still use these guides to craft their (often low-quality) suits for cheap. But by the mid-aughts the craft had become so specialized and demand within the fandom was high enough that a few makers were able to turn fursuit crafting into a living.

From then on, many suit makers, Phoenix included, have operated on a commission model, with furries sending in either specific designs or open-ended requests to designers. If a maker takes on a design, or agrees to invent something, they request specific measurements to use in creating a perfect fit. Most makers offer partial suits, which just include a head, tail and paws; three-quarters, which add on hip-to-feet bits and are often worn with a baggy shirt or jersey mascot-style; or full-suits, the most visible and best known of the lot. The suits take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to painstakingly handcraft every element of the suit from scratch.

Several fursuitreview sites have sprung up to help furries find their ideal style, but also to weed out unoriginal, fly-by-night, or otherwise sub-par suit makers. "There can be high turnover," said O'Furr, especially as people dipping a toe in the industry realize how much labor is involved, and how hard it can be to develop a style and a following. But the suit watchers I've spoken to suggest there are a few hundred makers active at any given time, about a hundred of whom have some longevity and enough business to stay afloat. Only a few dozen can command high prices and have earned a great deal of respect within the scene.

Beyond those tiers, there's also a huge market for designs made sans commissions by big makers, or for used suits, on auction sites like FurBuy, which emerged as a community-focused alternative to cavernous eBay. At any given time they have up to 200 suits up for auction. Smaller auction sites and venues like Etsy also have a few suits for sale at any time. And furry conventions always have in-person sales areas, Dealer's Dens, featuring suits.

Taken together, this suggests many thousands of suits are created or change hands yearly, amounting to millions in sales.

"People are constantly getting new characters and fursuits," explained Phoenix of the perpetual market, especially those with novel designs or mods. "Some people have a dozen fursuits of different characters."

There's also a ready market for fursuiting skills outside of the fandom. "As fursuits have gotten higher and higher quality, and fursuit makers have made a name for themselves, they've been approached by sports teams to make their mascots as well," said Jurann. That seems to be true of municipal agencies and other organizations as well.

But the market is also bolstered by the perpetual growth of the fandom—and suiting specifically. New conventions spring up across the world almost weekly, notes scene expert Fred Patten, and social stigmas weighing down furries have finally begun to fade a bit. Most new furries are in high school or college according to Jurann, so they'll likely have even more to spend on suits moving forward. And more of them will likely buy suits than in the past, with the possibility of multiple purchases. Patten suspects media coverage focusing on fursuits has exposed more people to furry fandom and will likely increase their popularity, much like cosplay-focused coverage of anime, comic, and sci-fi conventions has built norms around dressing up.

Because of these factors, suit making will likely grow not just in volume but also complexity and expense. "The fursuit market will continue to grow," said Patten. So if you're looking to buy a fursuit, get it now. It'll only get crazier and more expensive with time.

Follow Mark Hay on Twitter.

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Savannah “Vanny” Robertson and the Bunny Killer lookalike plush toy

16-year-old Savannah “Vanny” Robertson was the stereotypical “goody two shoes” teen girl; she got straight A’s in school, she didn’t get into trouble or hang around with the wrong crowd, and was the pride and joy of her parents. Her father, Professor Jason Robertson, teaches biology at the local university and introduced her to the world of the Fazbear Fandom. Naturally drawn to its anthropomorphic cast of characters, Vanny latched on quickly and began to amass her own collection of Fazbear merchandise from the age of 13. Her bedroom is decorated with her collection, as well as other popular toys from the 1980′s and 1990′s.

But, more than she loves being a Fazbear collector, she adores masquerading as her fursona Bunn E. Rabbit in the form of fursuiting. Vanny’s parents are decently well off, and thus had no trouble having a personal costume crafted just for her, as is customary among fursuiters. She has attended many a charity event dressed as her character and brought smiles to members of her community for quite a while. Despite living in the same town that the long feared Bunny Killer inhabited years ago, the face of Bunn E. is a beloved one among the townsfolk, and many know Vanny by name (both her own and her character’s.)

However, things would take a turn for the worse when on an outing to find garage sales in her area, she happened upon a home that sold a little plush rabbit that reminded Vanny very much of Happy Hare. Upon being asked of its origin, the homeowners told a story of their young daughter finding the rabbit abandoned in a playground and bringing him home, only to complain of nightmares involving him starting the night she found him. Curiously, she described these nightmares as featuring the bunny plush as a full fledged mascot costume, with a steak knife in hand, chasing her around an empty restaurant in the night while the bodies of other slain children lay around the scene. And so, the parents decided to sell the offending toy just days after their daughter brought it home. Despite the gruesome tale she was told and its eerie similarity to the Missing Children Incident of her favorite defunct pizzeria, Vanny brushed off the story as a little girl with a vivid imagination and purchased the rabbit.

Upon bringing it home, her mom Alexandria expressed an aversion to it that she could not explain; feeling as if she were being watched by the toy. Her father commented on its resemblance to the fabled Bunny Killer and wondered aloud if this was intentional. But Vanny was not convinced that her find was harmful in any way and tried to convince her parents that they were being silly. She found a place in her room to put the new item in her collection and didn’t think twice about it until weeks later...

She disappeared.

What nobody knew is that this little rabbit friend was no toy, but a decoy that held Wayne’s soul, somehow escaped from the deepest depths of hell and waiting for the perfect victim to help him carry out his wicked deeds. Patiently he watched over all the people who came in contact with him, adults and children alike, examining closely to determine who would be most suitable to inhabit. When Vanny came along, he didn’t think all that much of her until one day, she suited up in her beloved costume to take some pictures for social media. When he saw her rabbit persona, he was hit with a wave of nostalgia for his own costume that he made especially for luring children away to their doom, and instantly decided he had found his new vessel.

Wayne waited until she came over to include him in her photos to take action. As she held him in her arms, he made his move to invade her psyche, but instead possessed the costume itself. No matter, he was still now in full control of his victim, who was unable to remove any part of her costume, try as hard as she could. Vanny was now at the mercy of the devil himself and was powerless to stop a single thing that was to come.

He made his escape through her bedroom window and went into hiding, deep in the forest surrounding the town she called home. And began to plan his next move in complete solitude, as Vanny’s screams for help went unheard, and her actions not her own.

The search for Vanny continues even through the construction, advertising, and grand opening of Freddy Fazbear’s Family Centre. Ironically, posters featuring both her face and the face of Bunn E. Rabbit decorate the three story attraction at almost every turn, but not a single soul has reported any sightings of the girl since her disappearance almost an entire year ago. Her poor parents are worried sick, her friends and teachers always thinking about whether or not she is even alive, all while she remains trapped in her own body while a vicious, blood thirsty monster has her trapped deep in the bowels of Freddy’s.

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