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Top 11 Best No Show Socks for Men (Hands-On Review)

Are you looking for the best no show socks money can buy in ? Look no further. You&#;re in the right place!

Best no show socks

No show socks are a must-have for summer. They let you show some ankle and get that carefree &#;sockless&#; look without actually going barefoot.

I&#;ve been wearing no show socks regularly since , and every year I try to find the best pair available.

You can use the table below to see all of the best no show socks brands for , or keep scrolling for a full review of each pair:

But first, it&#;s worth asking&#;

Why wear no show socks?

We all want to go sockless when it&#;s hot out. It&#;s a laid back, cool look, and it feels refreshing.

Going sockless with leather sneakers

With some shoes and in some climates, your feet will start sweating, blisters start forming and your feet start to smell.

Sure, there are ways to combat this unpleasantness. You can avoid wearing the same shoes two days in a row, wash your feet each night, use shoe trees and odor-absorbing foot powder, etc.

Allen Edmonds shoe trees

But this is just treating the symptoms. The underlying problem is having your barefoot inside a canvas or leather shoe for hours at a time.

Even if your feet are immaculate and your shoes are pristine, going sockless can lead to sweat and odor.

Plus, let&#;s be honest: no matter how many times you see some model going sockless in double monks for a GQ photo shoot, wearing shoes without socks is often very uncomfortable.

It can even be painful and bad for your skin.

What NOT to do&#;

So what&#;s the stylish man to do when the weather turns hot? Wear socks, of course!

But not just any old socks. You don&#;t want to look like this:

White socks with sneakers

Instead, you&#;ll want to wear no show socks. Also called loafer socks or shoe liners, they provide just enough coverage for your feet without being seen above your shoe line.

Falk invisible step socks

Unfortunately, the majority of no show socks leave something to be desired. They usually end up slipping off of your feet after just a few minutes of walking around.

Or they come up too high, which kind of defeats the purpose.

There are, however, some solid sockless solutions out there, and I&#;ve taken it upon myself to hunt them down and test them out.

The Best No Show Socks for Men

I originally published this article a few years ago, and I update it every year to include new brands and remove any that have been dethroned or discontinued.

Mens no show socks

I&#;ve even looked at some non-sock options. For example, some people love these Pedag washable insoles, but for me they started slipping and bunching in my shoe after a few hours of wear.

What makes a great no show sock, you ask?

  1. Below ankle height
  2. Available in smaller and larger sizes
  3. Doesn&#;t slip off foot
  4. Retains shape after wearing/washing

Using the above criteria, the scientific method and complex statistical analysis, I was able to form some very clear conclusions and recommendations for you.

Excited yet? Let&#;s do this! Here are the best no show socks, in no particular order&#;


  • Price per Pair = $
  • Luxury quality
  • Super thin

These are some of my all time favorite no show socks. They&#;re super thin, but they never slip off my foot. Plus, they&#;ve held up wonderfully through many washer cycles.

Falke Invisible Step socks

These bad boys aren&#;t cheap. You can find them from $ per pair on Amazon, which is expensive for a pair of invisible socks.

But, for many years, they were the best no show socks I could find, and they&#;re still my go-to recommendation for premium quality loafer liners.

Falke Invisible Step driving mocs

They&#;re durable, which means they keep their shape after multiple wears and washes. They&#;re comfortable, and they stay on your feet throughout the day with the help of built-in rubber heel grips.

Falke Invisible Step sneakers

Plus, even though most no show socks are slightly visible beyond your shoe line, these Falke socks are virtually invisible, even in loafers.

FALKE Invisible Step Liner Socks

Boardroom Socks No Shows

  • Price per Pair = $14
  • Merino wool blend
  • Made in USA

Since its inception, Boardroom Socks has specialized in premium quality, American-made men&#;s dress socks. They&#;re one of TMM&#;s top picks for the best over-the-calf dress socks.

Now, Boardroom offers a Merino wool no show sock that&#;s right up there with Falke in terms of quality, look and feel.

Boardroom Socks no shows

Sold in 2-packs, these no shows are cut almost as low as Falk&#;s Invisible Step sock, and they&#;re very thin.

Boardroom Socks no show driving mocs

They have a no slip silicone heel and seamless toe design, but what really sets these socks apart is their material and construction quality.

Boardroom Socks no show sneakers

A family business, Boardroom Socks has been knitting hosiery in their North Carolina factory for several generations, so they know a thing or two about socks!

Boardroom also offers free shipping and returns for U.S. customers.

Boardroom Socks No Show Socks


  • Price per Pair = $10 (use code MODESTMAN for 15% off)
  • Low, mid or high cut
  • Great for loafers and boat shoes

These are my top recommendation for ultra low cut, ultra thin no show socks.

They&#;re some of the best socks for loafers and boat shoes, or any shoe that&#;s a bit tight on your foot.

Keep in mind, Sheec has two different types of no shows: Active X ($/pair) and Secret ($11/pair).

Sheec Active vs Secret 2 Solehugger

They&#;re both great, and they&#;re both available in low, mid and high cuts. You can buy individual cuts or a variety pack, which I recommend.

Sheec Secret 2 low
Sheec Secret 2 mid
Sheec Secret 2 high

I love the Secret model for its &#;barely there&#; feel and ability to disappear in any type of shoe (even low cut driving mocs and boat shoes).

Sheec Secret 2 low driving mocs

These are right up there with Falke, in terms of quality and profile. Plus, if you hate feeling the seams of your socks around your feet, you&#;ll love these Sheec Secret socks.

Sheec Secret 2 low sneakers

Of course, the Active X (which feels more like a traditional no show sock) is a great choice too.

Bombas Low Cut No Show Socks

  • Price per Pair = $
  • Super low cut
  • Extra thin material

Bombas Low Cut No Show Socks are some of the lowest profile socks I&#;ve found to date, which makes them the best socks for boat shoes and other low cut loafers or mocs.

Bombas Low Cut no show socks

It&#;s not easy to make a truly invisible loafer sock that doesn&#;t slip off your foot when you walk around, but Bombas has done just that.

Bombas Low Cut driving mocs

These are only offered in two sizes &#; M and L &#; but I found that the M size fits my size (men&#;s U.S.) foot well.

This cotton-poly blend sock has a seamless toe design, so you won&#;t feel any bunching or pressure between your toes and the inside of your shoe.

If you want an ultra low cut sock to wear with boat shoes, loafers, espadrilles, etc., these are a great choice.

Bombas Cushioned No Show Socks

  • Price per Pair = $
  • Thicker material
  • Higher cut (great for )

These cushioned no show socks from Bombas are made from a thicker cotton-synthetic blend and have extra padding on the footbed.

Bombas Cushioned no show socks

I&#;ve found that these socks are more comfy than their ultra thin brethren (think Sheec or ) with certain shoes, like leather trainers.

Bombas Cushioned sneakers

The higher cut and extra padding are just more comfortable, assuming you don&#;t need a super low cut sock to wear with, say, driving shoes.

Bombas Cushioned driving mocs

The padded footbed also makes walking around more comfortable, assuming you like the extra support between you and the ground.

I tend to switch between this type of no show (high cut, cushioned) and thinner, lower profile versions depending on what type of shoe I&#;m wearing.

Smartwool Sneaker Cushion Socks

  • Price per Pair = $
  • Thicker material
  • Made in USA

Like the Bombas Cushioned no shows, these Smartwool Sneaker Cushioned No Show Socks were designed to be worn with &#; you guessed it &#; .

Smartwool Sneaker Cushion sneakers

Available in three different sizes and made in the USA, these wool-nylon blend low profile socks are just as high quality as Smartwool&#;s more popular hiking socks.

Note: these aren&#;t cut low enough for loafers or boat shoes:

Smartwool Sneaker Cushion driving mocs

Yes, they&#;re more expensive, mostly because they&#;re made from wool and manufactured in the United States. But I don&#;t think they&#;re overpriced (i.e., they&#;re worth it if you have the budget).

Plus, wool tends to reduce odors and handle moisture much better than cotton. Bottom line: these are some of my favorite no show socks for .

  • Price per Pair = $
  • Wide variety of sizes
  • One year guarantee

Invisasox aren&#;t as high quality as Falke or Sheec, but they&#;re more affordable and available in a wider variety of sizes (shoe size US).

Plus, they&#;re guaranteed to last for at least one year of regular wear, which is awesome.

Invisasox socks men

Made from a spandex/cotton blend, these are very stretchy and very thin (almost see-through when stretched).

Invisasox socks on feet

They&#;re also available in a range of practical colors that will match whatever shoe you&#;re wearing. I love this because it helps to blend your sock and shoe, which enhances the &#;invisible&#; effect.

Invisasox with shoes

Like the other no shows on this list, have a rubber grip sewn onto the heel to help your socks stay on your feet.

I haven&#;t had any problems with these socks slipping off my feet throughout the day.


Stance Gamut No Show Socks

  • Price per Pair = $
  • Light cushion material
  • Higher cut (bad for loafers)

I wanted to include these Stance no shows because they&#;re very durable and comfortable, as they&#;re more cushioned than many of the loafer liners you&#;ll find on this list.

Stance no show socks

But keep in mind: because they&#;re not as low cut as other brands, I can only wear them with certain shoes.

Stance no show socks on feet

They&#;re great if you want to wear higher cut (think leather ) but still go &#;sockless&#;.

But they&#;re definitely visible in lower cut shoes, like boat shoes, loafers and some types of

Stance no show socks with shoes

Don&#;t get me wrong &#; these are way better than regular ankle socks, but I&#;d prefer a true no show sock since these higher socks will be visible in most of my shoes.

That said, they are durable and comfortable. They&#;re thicker than the other loafer socks I tried, which is great if your shoes are kind of loose, and they keep their shape after multiple washes.

Stance Men&#;s Gamut Socks

Ninja Sox

  • Price per Pair = $
  • Thicker material
  • Great for

Ninja Sox are similar to Stance in that they&#;re thicker than other brands (like Sheec and Falke).

Ninja Sox

They&#;re not quite as low cut as the other options on this list, but they are very comfortable and durable, and they stay on my feet all day.

Ninja Sox driving mocs

They also have a bit of compression through across the arch of your foot, which is a nice detail that increases comfort.

Ninja Sox sneakers

I think Ninja Sox are a good choice if you don&#;t like the feel of super thin no shows, or if you need a thicker sock to make your shoe fit better.

You can buy Ninja Sox right here.

The Best No Show Socks For Each Type of Shoe

If you&#;re wondering what the best sock is for [insert shoe type here], I&#;ve got you covered:

What are the best socks for boat shoes?

Honestly, boat shoes were meant to be worn without socks. These fully leather lined slip ons were designed to get wet (hence the name). They&#;re very comfy in bare feet once they&#;re broken in.

But, if you do want to wear socks with boat shoes, I recommend buying the low cut Sheec Secret socks.

What are the best loafer socks?

Since loafers tend to be low cut and fitted (they can&#;t be tightened, so you buy &#;em tight and break &#;em in over time), the best loafer socks are low cut and thin.

There are several no show socks on this list that meet this criteria, including: Bombas Low Cut, Sheec Secret or Active (low cut), Falke Invisible Step and Invisasox.

What are the best low profile socks for ?

Compared to loafer socks, the best low profile socks for are cut a bit higher (to protect your ankle against your shoes&#; collars) and are made from thicker material.

My favorite no shows for are Smartwool Sneaker Cushion Socks and Bombas Cushioned Socks.

Are there any truly invisible socks?

If you want some that just barely covers your toes and heel, try Sheec Secret or Bombas Low Cut. either of these will be truly invisible in any type of men&#;s shoe.

Closing Thoughts

If you&#;re still with me, congrats: you now know exactly where to buy the best no show socks money can buy in !

If you skipped to the end, you missed a great read and lots of laughs, but hey&#;no hard feelings.

Did I miss any of your favorite no show sock brands? Let me know in the comments section below!

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The demise of many cute outfits come summer is often caused by the painful display of peeking socks. That's why we’re determined to find the best no-show socks for women to prevent any further sartorial tragedies. (You can thank us later.)

At first glance, the pursuit for invisible liners may appear to be a rather simple task, but anyone's who's endured an afternoon of walking around with multiple heel-and-toe blisters in new leather sneakers will tell you there's more to no-show socks than meets the eye. Either the wrong pair balls up at the bottom of the shoe, the elastic digs painfully into the heel, or the fabric is so thick it defies the very nature of being a no-show sock.

The list of grievances caused by an ill-fitting style is long—and yet, in the dense thicket of internet tabs, we found redeeming (and objectively cute) options to restore our faith in thoughtful sock design. After all, we won't stop wearing our ballet flats, our chunky leather loafers, or our slip-on sneakers anytime soon, so it's only right that we fill our drawers with pairs that stay put, keep our feet from sweating profusely, and hold up for longer than a single machine wash. Ahead, 11 of the best no-show socks for women to shop now.

  1. Craftsman 25 piece socket set
  2. Malignant hero syndrome
  3. Vsim nursing fundamentals

Nothing ruins the look of cute sneakers or flats like bulky socks. Problem is, if you skip socks, you might end the day with painful blisters and smelly feet — no, thank you!

Invisible (or no-show) socks may seem like the simple solution, but many pairs fall down and ball up under your feet. That's why the Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab found the best no-show socks that stay up on your heels and are super comfy. We chose these picks because they're from brands we trust, have reviews from many happy customers, and have innovative features to keep your toes comfortable. And since we all have shoes where regular socks just won't cut it, the styles below have no-show options for both men and women.

Based on our tests, the best no-show socks to buy right now are:

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Best Overall No-Show Socks

Cushioned No-Show Socks



Popular from the T.V. show Shark Tank, Bombas socks provide soft cushioning while fitting great in shoes for both men and women. These no show socks are a little thicker than regular socks, which means they stay put better on your heel. They are versatile and can be worn with a variety of shoes from running sneakers to heeled booties. We love that for every pair purchased, they donate a pair to a homeless shelter.

  • Featured on Shark Tank
  • Excellent cushioning
  • Donate a pair for each pair purchased

Best Value No-Show Socks

No-Show Socks (7 Pairs)



Less than $2 a pair, these no show socks by WANDER are mostly cotton with some polyester and spandex. They’re designed to be super soft while still breathable and moisture-wicking. There are three non-slip silicone grips on the heels to keep them in place. Available in eight variety packs, there are styles for men and women alike.

  • Inexpensive
  • Soft and moisture wicking
  • Non-slip silicone grips on the heels

Best No Show Socks for Exercise

Essential No-Show Socks (6 Pairs)
Under Armour



Under Armour uses technology designed to keep you cool when working up a sweat. These no show socks are made of polyester and a little spandex to wick away moisture while being stretchy. There are no seams around the toe to help prevent irritation when exercising. 

  • Minimal seams
  • Designed to keep you cool

Best No-Show Socks for Sneakers

PERFORMANCE ZERO Running Socks (3 Pairs)



When wearing everyday sneakers like Vans, Converse, Keds, or Toms, no-show socks are a must since they're cut lower than traditional running sneakers. This style by Swiftwick is ideal for everyday use as they are thin enough to avoid feeling bulky while still providing cushioning. Reviewers love that there are additional reinforcements at the heel and toe to prevent blisters.

  • Moderate compression
  • Reinforced heel and toe
  • Fabric with ventilation to allow airflow
  • Only available in black and white

Best No-Show Socks for Loafers

No-Show Socks (3 or 6 Pairs)



These socks are made to be completely hidden in loafers or boat shoes for both men and women. The back heel has a silicone grip to prevent the sock from sliding down or bunching. The fabric is moisture-wicking to keep your feet cool and dry. Reviewers loved that they are a “true no-show” sock and are not visible at all in loafers.

  • Very low cut design
  • Heel silicone grip
  • Not suitable for sneakers

Best No-Show Socks for Flats

Lace Casual No-Show Socks (5 Pairs)

Bella Moda


Fashion meets function with these stylish socks. They peek out of flats slightly to show just a hint of lace. They have cushioning in the heel to keep your shoes super comfy. The silicone rubber nubs on the bottom prevent sliding out of your shoe or bunching. Many reviewers noted that they wore more expensive styles previously, but these are their new favorite.

  • Trendy lace fabric
  • Cushioning on the heel
  • Silicone rubber nubs on the bottom
  • Reviewers note tan color is more similar to peach

Best Merino Wool No-Show Socks

Tactical No-Show Cushion Sock
Darn Tough



Merino wool is known for excellent breathability and moisture management to keep you cool in the summer. These socks by Darn Tough are made from mostly Merino Wool with added nylon and spandex for stretch. They’re completely seamless to prevent any irritation. We love that these socks have an unconditional lifetime guarantee, so they are worth the investment.

  • Mostly Merino wool
  • Seamless design
  • Unconditional lifetime guarantee
  • May be too thick for very tight shoes

Best Toe Topper &#;No-Show Socks

Seamless Toe Topper Liner Socks (5 Pairs)


If you think you can't wear socks with open-heeled shoes, think again. These toe socks are perfect for wearing with slides or mules since they cover just the ball of your foot and toes, leaving the heel exposed. With silicone grips on the bottom, they'll keep you from sliding out of your slides.

  • Socks for open heeled shoes
  • Silicone grips on the bottom
  • % nylon

Best No-Show Socks for Extra Low-Cut Shoes

No-Show Socks For Heels


If you hate wearing socks — but still want to avoid smelly feet — these sock inserts are for you. They attach to the inside of your shoe so you are protected from blisters and bad smells while being able to take your foot in and out barefoot. They can be worn in very low cut shoes and even heels. The key is a thin fastener that connects the sock to the inside of the shoe at the heel and top. Only you will know they're there.

  • Perfect for ballet flats
  • Attach to the inside of your shoe
  • Prevent smelly feet

Best Novelty No-Show Socks

No-Show Guac Socks
John's Crazy Socks



John's Crazy Socks’s founder, John Lee Cronin, has Down Syndrome and developed his company with his father to not only create hilarious, fun socks, but to also give back to amazing organizations: 5% of all sales goes to the Special Olympics and sales from specific styles benefit other causes. The patterns available are completely unique and even feature popular characters like Batman and Spongebob. We especially love these stop, guac and roll socks.

  • Fun patterns make great gifts
  • Cotton blend fabric
  • Donate 5% of sales to Special Olympics

Best No-Show Toe Socks

Five Finger No-Show Socks (6 Pairs)



Give your toes a little extra TLC with these no show socks: They protect each of your toes from skin-on-skin contact when exercising to reduce the risk of blisters or chafing. The band in the middle holds tightly to your foot to prevent sliding or bunching. This set comes with four pairs of black socks and two pairs of grey.

  • Prevent toe irritation
  • Compression band to keep socks in place
  • Only available in one size

Emma Seymour, Good Housekeeping InstituteProduct Testing Analyst, Textiles, Paper and Plastics LabEmma Seymour is a test analyst in the Textiles, Paper and Plastics Lab at The Good Housekeeping Institute where she evaluates fiber-based products ranging from bedding to clothing.

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Bombas Set of 4 Lightweight No Show Socks on QVC

These Are the Best No-Show Socks Steph Has Found for Exposed-Ankle Season

Rejoice! It's the most wonderful time of year: EAS. That's Exposed-Ankle Season, of course. Liberate yourself from the constraints of boots and tall socks, bust out your favorite loafers or sneakers and let those ankles be free. But in order to do that &#x; and not wind up with horrible blisters before you make it to ETS (Exposed-Toe Season, duh) &#x; the key is to arm yourself with some quality no-show socks. 

Over the years, I've tried just about every option you can find at Target, Nordstrom or Amazon, and have always just accepted that wearing no-show socks means settling for the fact that they'll inevitably ride down and bunch up. Enter these miracle foot accessories from Bombas, which completely changed everything. They're cut in some sort of magical way that holds them firmly in place, have extra cushioning at the toe and heel (so they're insanely comfortable) and last much longer than the other hole-prone no-show socks I'd been wearing of years. Bombas also makes a slightly cheaper non-padded version and a low-cut version (risqué!), which are also great, but I'm especially addicted to the extra cushy support of these.

Now my only objective is to stock up on as many pairs as possible and try like hell not to let them mysteriously disappear into the laundry Bermuda Triangle.

Women's Cushioned No Shows, $12, available at Bombas.

Please note: Occasionally, we use affiliate links on our site. This in no way affects our editorial decision-making.

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