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A wooden pickaxe or better is required to mine this block


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Universal Cables are Mekanism's way to transfer power. They are capable of transferring Mekanism's power Joules (J), as well as a variety of other power types such as Thermal Expansion's Redstone Flux (RF), Buildcraft's Minecraftjoules (MJ), and Industrialcraft Energy Unit (EU). This flexibility allows players to mix power generation from different mods while still only using one type of cabling.

Cable Mechanics

Each cable network has a certain transfer rate and capacity (energy stored in the cables). The capacity is the sum of the capacity of all cables in a network, the transfer rate is the same, but per tick.

Connecting and Routing Cables

If a cable is next to another, the two will connect. Likewise, if the cable is near a machine and its side can accept energy, then the two will be connected. For cable/machine connection you have the option of using shift + right clicking with the Configurator on the cable segment to break the connection.

In previous versions, all cables are ForgeMultipart compatible, meaning you can place Microblock covers in the same space as cables and vice versa. Non-hollow covers can block connections between cables as well as machinery if the cover was placed down before the cable was. Hollow covers can be placed over cables that have an existing connection.

In v9, all cables are MCMultiPart compatible, which is used by Chisels n Bits, allowing you to place Bits in the same block as cables.

Upgrading cables

In Mekanism V10, cables can be upgraded in-world to higher tiers by right-clicking with the appropriate material - Infused Alloy to upgrade from Basic to Advanced, Reinforced Alloy to upgrade from Advanced to Elite, and Atomic Alloy to upgrade from Elite to Ultimate. This will upgrade up to eight connected cables at once, and consumes the alloy. Note that if this is used for less than eight cables, the alloy is still consumed.

Cable Types

Sours: https://wiki.aidancbrady.com/wiki/Universal_Cable

Golrith said:

I see on these forums comments about the Universal Cable being "not good" and "bad for servers", but there are no details as to actually what is wrong with these using these cables.

Could anyone explain what is wrong with the UE cable, what should/shouldn't you do with it?

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Here's the lowdown:

  1. For medium-to-small builds, UE cable is more performant than any cable but perhaps Thermal Expansions conduit. The actual performance difference in small networks (5-10 clients, a handfull of producers) between TE and UE is minimal. It's much more efficient for servers than buildcraft pipes or IC2 wires (especially IC2 wires, see below). For larger networks, prefer TE conduits.
  2. In MC1.5, almost everyone has implemented the IC2 power protocol incorrectly. Even GT and MFR did it wrong. This is not because they are bad, but because IC2 changed stuff and didn't make those changes clear to developers. In mixed modpack games, IC2 cables introduce huge problems as a result. Don't use them, prefer UE cables for everything.
  3. There is a very odd memory leak bug in Mekanism for very large cable installs. It's gotten better, but make sure to get the bugfix2 build (easiest way to get it is to download a recent distro of 1.5 Resonant Rise and poach our jars, afaik we are the ONLY public modpack to use it right now). Also, never let a UE cable cross a chunkloaded boundary. Keep every piece of every network chunkloaded.
  4. Mekanism has a few bugs in 1.5 that will never be fixed. Disable Robits and dynamic if you can. Both are pretty useless, anyways. Be wary of mechanical pipes, we think there are dragons lurking in there (reports of circular networks killing server tps).
All in all, Mekanism is a great mod and it challenges a lot of the traditional assumptions about factory mods. It will happily let you miniaturize a huge factory at the cost of pretty absurd power draw (mekanism's ore tripling is the most expensive in terms of both power and materials, but relatively quite easy in terms of automation and can handle very high throughput very quickly if you can power it). Some people find this OP, but I think it's an interesting mechanic. Usually what happens with UE ore factories is that you have a space-intensive reactor complex feeding power into a very, VERY space-efficient Mekanism 4 box factory with top buffer.
In 1.6, these mechanics change a lot with the addition of Resonant Induction. The mod is too new yet to really tell you how it changes things, but it sure does.

Addendum: late 1.5 and early 1.6, a bunch of performance problems with generators got resolved. Early in the 1.5 branches we had situations where windmills could crash the server or nuke TPS.


Sours: https://forum.feed-the-beast.com/threads/universal-cable-ue-question.30088/
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Blast resistance30
Next tier
EU traversing320 EU/t
MJ traversing0.0032 MJ/t
RF traversing1,280 RF/t
Tesla traversing1,280 T/t
Ore dictionary nameuniversalCable

The Basic Universal Cable is a cable added by Mekanism, which transmits energy between energy producers, storage blocks and energy consumers. It is the lowest tier of cables provided by Mekanism, with the lowest transfer rate and can transfer all supported forms of energy (RF, Tesla, Energy Units and MJ) between all associated machines. It is also used to craft the next tier of cable, the Advanced Universal Cable.



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Sours: https://ftb.fandom.com/wiki/Basic_Universal_Cable
Cable Guide - Minecraft - Mekanism v10 MOD GUIDE

NillerMedDild / Enigmatica2Expert Public

Think I just found something. The bug might be triggered by exiting an entire world and re-entering it. That could help explain why "a long time" causes this to happen, as that might imply a session with a brief return to main menu at some point for some reason, and would also explain why a full client restart is required to fix.

Doing more research. Will update when I have some steps. This definitely makes it an IC2 issue I believe though.

EDIT: Confirmed. In my particular world, when I load into it the first time, my cables are fine. If I immediately save/quit back to title and rejoin, the cables are immediately broken. I have not been able to recreate this in a fresh world. I'd upload my existing world, but the save folder is approaching 1GB, and the backup is 300MB. I'm going to see if I can get that any smaller, then I'll start seeing if I can figure out what might be causing this.

The basic test I did on a fresh world was to give myself the bare minimum - Metal Former, Universal Cables, Power Cell - and then quit and reload. That wasn't triggering it, so there must be some interaction that causes this.

I am attaching a log file, which does start throwing interesting and likely related messages. In this particular log, 21:00 is when I originally loaded the game, and 22:09 is when I loaded up the world a second time after taking a break. As I'm parsing through this, I just noticed this line in my log file:

[21:49:36] [Client thread/INFO]: Unloaded world <[email protected] 0 MultiplayerChunkCache: 625, 625> is still hanging around after 60 seconds.

That sounds like something interesting, but it may be entirely unrelated seeing as I was able to trigger this with the world unloaded for only a few seconds.


EDIT2: More testing. In addition to that Unloaded world message, there were thousands of "Tile ... had the wrong world in grid update" messages in that log file. In a new test I just did, when I ensured that I loaded the second instance of the world very quickly, I do get those messages showing up. Shortly thereafter, the Unloaded world message showed up.

So it sounds like something is holding the original server open. This could explain why my basic test was failing as well, as this something might be something relatively mid-game for this pack.

EDIT3: Might be The End dimension messing with things somehow. I went to the End and killed the Ender Dragon, and only once I did that did the "Unloaded World" messages start occurring. I haven't been able to recreate the wrong world tile messages yet though.

Sours: https://github.com/NillerMedDild/Enigmatica2Expert/issues/1116

Universal cable minecraft


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