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Dancers; there are some poets who recite the poems snake diet reddit and wonder how many pennies the emperor s poems will earn in their pockets; there are some hungry philosophers who look greedily at the dishes, and the famous Chariot drivers, jugglers, magicians, storytellers, comedians, in addition, there are all kinds of scammers, through them, some fashionable styles and pranks will get popular for a few days; among them there are even Many people covered the ears and eyes marked by their slaves with long hair. snake diet reddit When they were surrounded, they knelt down, sang hymns, and let people take away without resistance.

Really, you wouldn t interrupt the snake diet reddit emperor snake diet reddit as Snake Diet Reddit much as Veterius, Hey! A god wearing a silver bow? My ingenuity is not made of lead.

Those doctors who could excuse their medical ineffectiveness, those monks who sacrificed and were powerless, those witches and ordinary people who were trembling with fear for their lives, all echoed.

But in the towns closer to us, his men have not been here, perhaps because there are no temples, gold and silver treasures in this area.

Pleasure becomes disgusting, leaving only condemnation, He felt that he was despised and pitiful, and this feeling filled his heart with infinite surprise, because Snake Diet in the past, everything he was pleased with was a good thing.

App for lose belly fat. At this moment, he heard the overseer of the Dead Grave Pit speak next to him.

His face seemed to be semi-nervous, pale and severe, And fanatical, Everyone s eyes were turned towards him, as if waiting for him to say some words of comfort and best thermogenic fat burner Diet encouragement.

She fell ill and saved her without being humiliated because the executioners were scared The young man said.

We must take care of the baby, defend it, and never let it lack game, beaver papaya nutrition facts skin or nutrition information amber End Of Dieting

Send a slave weight gain for kids to report to constipation on the keto diet me Petronius called after he walked out, When he was left alone, he began to pace back and forth along the column snake diet reddit that decorated the vestibule, thinking about what was about to happen. Therefore, when the praying people saw him, he dash diet diabetes snake diet reddit was really frightened, At the first moment, Snake Diet Reddit he really wanted to snake diet reddit stop looking for Rigia.

He has always believed End Of Dieting that the goddess of fate seems to be responsible for fulfilling his various wishes, but now he does not believe in his own eyes and his own happiness.

Find a girl among the believers, Having said this, Kiro stopped and looked at the laborer in astonishment.

body for life meal plan snake diet reddit, He is now in his twilight age, with a marathon runners diet plan example snake diet reddit layer of snake diet reddit hoarfrost on his head, but he is full of vitality calories in chicken parmesan.

He stood up with his good arm, suddenly put his head on her lap, and how does a food pyramid help individuals eat a healthy diet said, You are my life! At whats the best meal replacement this time, she how much fat protein carbs per day couldn t breathe out of high protein high fat her chest.

No! Vinicius said, Master, what How much weight loss topamax are you going to do? We tracked her to her residence and snatched her away immediately; Croto, you have agreed to do this, haven t you.

Take rapid weight loss techniques my bookpad with me, because this man snake diet reddit is suspicious and cunning, Whenever I send someone to find him, healthy body fat for men snake diet reddit he often asks people to tell Snake Diet Reddit cant lose belly fat my slave that he is not at home.

The road is no longer as empty as when I walked through Adaya, so freedom of movement.

Although snake diet reddit his voice was a little hoarse, and his poems and voice snake diet reddit were not bad, whats the best meal replacement Rigia felt condemned again.

Be happy and get rid of the fear, No one needs to boast that he has heard this letter.

Everyone in the crowd knows that the acting will continue for several weeks and months, but people doubt whether the Christians prepared for this competition snake diet reddit can be finished in one day.

Snake Diet Reddit what is acanthosis and how is it related to obesity?? The city surrounded by the flames of war is bright as if resting on Can keto diet lose weight his palm, lying in front of him.

Not everyone is Seneca, and I can t pay for it, but if it s the noble Venezuel Skun gave me a good face and paid this restaurants for keto diet amount from the money constipation on the keto diet he promised to whats the best meal replacement give me.

Vinicius was in a panic, but Petronius hurriedly came forward to finish him off.

I will tell you when I get on the sedan chair, He stretched out his arms and held down the young man, and the two quickly walked out of the palace.

In places where the flames how to burn fat belly did not reach, even though there were some unfortunate people everywhere who lifted the stone slabs and buried half of their bodies in the ground to avoid the heat, it was later discovered that hundreds of corpses were burnt and curled up into a ball.

Besides, sir, I am a poor man, huel nutrition whats the best meal replacement Jupiter, When you were in control x keto diet pills Anshum, I used to read a book hungry, so I often sat outside the Austerianu constipation on the keto diet wall, because although Christians were poor, But it gave more charity than other Roman citizens.

scientific reason for why the keto diet helps with epilepsy? Diet Very good, philosopher, but there is one thing you made a mistake, The gods were going to make you a pickpocket, but you became a devil, so romaine lettuce nutrition you are not qualified.

Since the emperor once loved her, he was not angry but calm, and even abandoned her in a friendly way, so people still retain considerable respect for her.

He sang and became more discouraged, It is purely because you hope to hear his singing that it helps you to restore your health.

There was a window on a large steep rock, where no guards guarded it, I can give Ursus a rope, and he will take care of the rest.

He seemed to How much weight loss topamax feel that death and grief had closed his eyes, He does not see, nor can he see.

The people are convinced that the lives of snake diet reddit childhood nutrition sinners have been guaranteed, because from this moment on, they are under the protection of the people, and even the emperor will not dare snake diet reddit to persecute them anymore.

he smiled bitterly and said: I can only do ketone diet pills one End Of Dieting thing for you, noble Plausius, that is: Under no circumstances will I show to the emperor that I sympathize with your sadness and intend to help you; because if snake diet reddit the emperor gave birth to this A little bit suspicious, you have to understand that even if there is no other reason, just to oppose me, he will never return Ligia to you again.

He thought that this might be the snake diet reddit last night he could spend the how many calories in a dunkin doughnuts glazed doughnut? same time with Li Jia.

The big arena has collapsed into ruins, and the streets and alleys of the city that first caught fire collapsed one by one one by one.

He wears a laurel crown walmart weight gain pills on his head, Since he left Naples, his body has gained noticeably fat, his face is like a full moon, his double chin is visceral fat diet drooping under his chin, and his snake diet reddit lips are close to his nose, as if connected together.

More than once, every time I think of the emptiness, impermanence, and boredom of life here, I suddenly remember that maybe you have chosen a better path.

It s too late,, The night was warm and calm, the moon was so bright, and the lamplighter leading the way in front of the sedan extinguished their torches.

Now I have to buy some books so I can read them on the way to Ansium, Any news.

They took a lot of effort to ride across the streets of Latina, Numicha, Adaya, Lavinia, and Oscha, and bypassed some villas, gardens, cemeteries and temples.

Petronius said that the girl snake diet reddit s butt was Snake Diet Reddit too thin, and he might have fooled the emperor according to his wishful thinking, keto diet starter guide but fromm weight management he could not fool the emperor.

Tomorrow Vinicius How much weight loss topamax said, I will order them to gather in the garden, and let them draw something on the ground at will.

I want to take them to my villa in Anshum, so that I can see things and think about people.

When Vinicius arrived at snake diet reddit Nejes hut in the bright End Of Dieting night, he suddenly plunged into the feet of the apostle.

All these news reached Vinicius ears, extinguishing his last hope, When there is still time, he is confident that he can still make a difference, so as to conceal himself, but snake diet reddit now there is no time.

No one in the Senate speaks for Christians, because no one wants to offend the emperor, and those who have a big vision for the future are convinced that how much protein carbs and fat should i eat in opposition to this new belief, the foundation of Roman rule cannot but be destroyed.

Above Petronius, people waved sticks, Snake Diet forks, and even swords, and clenched fists stretched toward the reins of him and the horse.

This prominent nobleman hurt his self-esteem and aroused his timothee chalamet weight loss jealousy, His wealth and outstanding works of art how to lose fat on your face have become the coveted targets of this ruler and that powerful monarch.

I love you, Karina, my goddess! Marcus, Snake Diet Reddit let me go, Ligia said, His eyes were covered by a cloud of mist, and he continued: My goddess! Love me.

The raft is filled with various flowers and plants, and looks like an island or a garden.

The nomadic life makes robbers and thieves unscrupulous, Since they claim to be admirers of the emperor, snake diet reddit they will never hesitate vegan athlete diet to cheer when he comes out, so it is deep breathing weight loss more convenient to do it.

They snake diet reddit began to can you eat bananas on a low carb diet worship His Majesty again, grinning open their lips to cheer and salute His Majesty.

If they are here, they will say the same to you: resisting is going crazy and will provoke The diet pills for sale curse of snake diet reddit death.

Now she seemed to low sodium keto foods feel that this moment had just arrived, and that her prayer had been granted.

Then he drove forward again, followed by a crowd of frantic commotion behind him snake diet reddit But I pray that constipation on the keto diet I can see you before then, and You are here; Christ has heard my prayer.

Their roars were everywhere in the side fields, and the shouts high fat diet plan were like the tone of victory.

This is a group of idlers, The emperor raises them, makes fun of them, and even gives them clothes; there are also some newcomers who come freely from other places, They live a snake diet reddit happy life snake diet reddit in this big city, with fluke hope in their hearts; snake diet reddit there is no shortage of traders and Serapis monks with End Of Dieting palm how to lose weight for teens fast branches in their hands, as well as Isis snake diet reddit opponents.

What kind of torch will be lit in the garden? Can you End Of Dieting hear what the emperor said.

If it weren t for such suspicion, his passionate nature would encourage him best cardio machine for weight loss to act recklessly, but first he had to confirm that it was a sequence of miracles that filled his mind, or he How much weight loss topamax was dreaming.

snake diet reddit

Haven t you heard? After I fled, before the emperor left for Naples, the emperor summoned Orus and Pomponi Ya, suspicious that they rescued me and furiously threatened them.

Some people died of bad habits, some died of cowardice, some died of wealth, and some died of bravery.

paleo meal plan for weight loss pdf snake diet reddit This is indeed the case, The fisherman was usually humble and humbled, but now he walks can fasting help you lose weight up straight, looks taller snake diet reddit than the soldiers, and is very majestic.

They broke up for good, But Vinicius went to the study and wrote to Ligia, After writing, he personally handed the letter to the Christian centurion captain.

The vast gray smoke, gloomy, and lifeless, in this open space, There are rows of chimneys, like stone pillars standing on the side of the tomb in the cemetery.

Finally, Petronius heard the emperor personally say that he snake diet reddit would block everything in three days and head to Anshum, so on the next day, he went to Vinicius to inform him of this information.

Music tells me that extraordinary realms exist, so I use the power of the gods to explore in my hands.

The experienced emancipated End Of Dieting slaves he sent out for independent visits were even more inexperienced than Kiro.

In the End Of Dieting big open mouth, many chests were torn apart at once, many hearts and lungs whats the best meal replacement were swept away, and many bones were shattered under the lion s teeth.

Instead, he said that Snake Diet Reddit he must be baptized for the baptism itself, for the love of Christ, snake diet reddit and not for other purposes.

Speaking of him leaving Vinicius, let him enjoy his good science diet weight management snake diet reddit fortune, and he himself asked Taiwan Ocles to ask about Rigi s health and whether he could live.

This thought entered his mind from the arena, and the groan of the dead snake diet reddit and the smell of blood soaked his Snake Diet Reddit whole body.

This is a lie! End Of Dieting how many calories in cornbread Be courageous! Be careful not to act that is not in line with your supreme status, because there is only one thing that threatens your Majesty-future generations will say: Nile set fire to Rome, but as an emperor, he is timid.

The old general talked about the girl s life experience and what he had heard from Atelius Histell many years ago about the life of the Rigians in the Underworld.

Before it got dark, weight loss cravings pills the first stream of people Diet. The snake diet reddit victorious were paid and put on a laurel crown and a wreath of olive branches.

what kind of pickles on keto diet?

He was used to various strategies in combat, With the precision of a soldier, he laid out a comprehensive plan of looting in his snake diet reddit mind. began to flood into the Royal Garden.

But Atachinus died in front of the what is the best doctor prescribed weight loss pills sedan chair yesterday, and Guro was killed by me again.

At the moment when she was struggling in her heart, Golaucus came, and he came to take care of the patient and check his health.

Snake Diet Reddit End Of Dieting.


Mario Golf: Super Rush’s final boss fight is against the Snow King in the Bowser Highlands. To get there, you’ll need to win a Special Match in Wildweather Woods.

In this Mario Golf: Super Rush guide, we’ll give you some tips for the Special Match, and walk you through the Snow King boss fight.

Equip lightning clubs and attire

Image: Camelot Software Planning/Nintendo via Polygon

The shop in Wildweather Woods sells a few clubs that prevent you from being struck by lightning. Pick them up and add them to your bag. They also sell lightning-mitigating attire.

Win a Special Match

Before you can get to Mount Snow, you’ll need to earn a Gold Badge by winning a Special Match. This match at Wildweather Woods is Speed Golf with points-based scoring. This means your score for each hole will be your time plus 30 seconds for each shot. At the end of each hole, you’ll be ranked against the other two players, and the fastest will get 3 points while the slowest only gets 1.

You’ll need to finish in first place to get the Gold Badge.

While playing remember that rain and wet weather slows down your putts a lot. The points-based scoring also means that the scores are going to change wildly from hole to hole, so don’t get discouraged. Just keep at it.

Head to Mount Snow

With your new Gold Badge, follow the arrow to the final course, the Bowser Highlands. Walk straight forward to (automatically) light the brazier in the center of town.

You don’t have to worry about lightning anymore, so change out of your lightning gear and swap out those lightning clubs.

Before you can continue, you’ll have to play a nine-hole round of best ball. This is a new game mode that just means one player on your team — you, Wario, or Waluigi — needs to finish at par or better on every hole.

You’re not competing against anyone here (even though you’re each getting your own score), so just focus on finishing at or under par. Don’t worry much if you mess something up. One of the other two will usually make up for you if something goes wrong. Remember, just one player has to finish at or below par — it doesn’t matter which.

Defeat Snow King

The Snow King is by far the hardest boss you’ve faced.

Break the crystals

For the first phase, you’ll need to use the bob-ombs to break the red and green crystals. Make sure you check your club and the overhead view to make sure you’ve got the distance and height you need.

Image: Camelot Software Planning/Nintendo via Polygon

While running around between the bob-ombs, watch for the purple attack markers on the ground. If those attacks hit the bob-ombs, they’ll explode and you’ll have to wait for them to respawn.

Attack Snow King

For the next phase, you’re attacking Snow King directly. Use bob-ombs or wait for him to throw a giant snowball.

Image: Camelot Software Planning/Nintendo via Polygon

After a snowball hits the ground, stand on top of the pile of snow it creates and hit a duff shot back at Snow King.

Break the crystals (again)

After you hit him a couple of times, he’ll put his shield back up and you’ll have to break four more crystals. Make sure you check your clubs and the distance again.

Attack Snow King (again)

Once all four crystals are down, turn your attention to Snow King again. Use either bob-ombs or duff shots from his snowballs.

Image: Camelot Software Planning/Nintendo via Polygon

After a couple of hits, he’ll shield the crystals. This time, wait for him to throw a snowball, and line up for a duff shot. This one will turn into a Power of Flame attack and finish him off.

Once he’s defeated, you’ll see credits and be able to use your Mii in Battle Golf.

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Denied food, photographer deletes friend's entire wedding album, Reddit post goes viral

By Online Desk

For long we have been passing down the adage "a 'friend in need is a friend indeed". But how much of a friend in need can a person be? A post by a photographer has set that conversation in motion and how!  

There are numerous references in popular culture of food being everyone's predominant need, and that certainly is a truism. 

No wonder, the reddit post by user 'u/Icy-Reserve' of a photographer deleting pictures upon being denied food in fact has gone on to set that corner of the internet on fire. Many found it funny while some were even left shocked. 

The person behind the post, who claims to be a dog groomer, agreed to photograph a friend's (bridegroom) wedding that was happening "on a shoestring budget" and was offered $ for  hours stint.

Icy-Reserve showed little reserve when it came to the task at hand. It was for a friend in need after all. The person started work at 11 am and began clicking snaps of the bride as she flitted from one place to the other. But then would come the gut punch.

When food was finally served around 5 pm, the friend was told to skip eating and hold the pose. Just continue being the photographer, in other words. "I'm getting tired and at this point kinda regretting doing this for next to nothing. It's also unbelievably hot: the venue is in an old veteran's legion and it's like F and there's no AC," the user went on to remember.

Famished and spent, the photographer approached the groom (friend) seeking a break and the chance to have some food. "There's no open bar or anything, I can't even get water and my two water bottles are long empty. He tells me I need to either be a photographer or leave without pay," the post further elaborated.

Though annoyed by the groom's response, the person still wanted to reassure if his friend had indeed meant what he said. Upon hearing him confirm it, the hungry and hurt photographer was quick to pull the trigger - hit the delete button that is. "I deleted all the photos I took in front of him and took off saying I'm not his photographer anymore. If I was to be paid $, honestly at that point I would have paid $ just for a glass of cold water and somewhere to sit for 5min," the user wrote.

What then followed was a reflection of internet ishtyle

"Was I the a**hole?" the person asked netizens at the end of the note, "They went right on their honeymoon and they've all been off of social media, but a lot of people have been posting on their wall asking about photos with zero responses."

The post though has had enough and more responses.

Acclaimed English novelist Virginia Woolf in her book A Room of One's Own had observed, "One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well." The responses once again underline that Woolf truly is timeless. 

Here's the post:



WASHINGTON (AP) &#; President Joe Biden vowed Thursday to complete the evacuation of American citizens and others from Afghanistan despite the day&#;s deadly suicide bomb attack at the Kabul airport. He promised to avenge the deaths of 13 U.S. service members killed in the attack, declaring to the extremists responsible: &#;We will hunt you down and make you pay.&#;

Speaking with emotion from the White House, Biden said the Islamic State group&#;s Afghanistan affiliate was to blame for the attacks that killed the Americans and many more Afghan civilians. He said there was no evidence they colluded with the Taliban, who now control the country.

He asked for a moment of silence to honor the service members, bowing his head, and ordered U.S. flags to half-staff across the country.

As for the bombers and gunmen involved, he said, &#;We have some reason to believe we know who they are &#; not certain.&#; He said he had instructed military commanders to develop plans to strike IS &#;assets, leadership and facilities.&#;

Gen. Frank McKenzie, the U.S. Central Command chief, said more attempted attacks were expected.

The IS affiliate in Afghanistan has carried out many attacks on civilian targets in the country in recent years. It is far more radical than the Taliban, who seized power less than two weeks ago. The most heralded American attack on the group came in April when the U.S. dropped the largest conventional bomb in its arsenal on an IS cave and tunnel complex. The group more recently is believed to have concentrated in urban areas, which could complicate U.S. efforts to target them without harming civilians.

&#;We will respond with force and precision at our time, at the place of our choosing,&#; Biden said. &#;These ISIS terrorists will not win. We will rescue the Americans; we will get our Afghan allies out, and our mission will go on. America will not be intimidated.&#;

Biden said U.S. military commanders in Afghanistan had told him it is important to complete the evacuation mission. &#;And we will,&#; he said. &#;We will not be deterred by terrorists.&#;

Indeed, Gen. McKenzie, who is overseeing the evacuation operation from his Florida headquarters, told a Pentagon news conference shortly before Biden spoke, &#;Let me be clear, while we are saddened by the loss of life, both U.S. and Afghan, we are continuing to execute the mission,.&#; He said there were about 5, evacuees on the airfield Thursday awaiting flights.

As many as 1, Americans and many more Afghans are still struggling to get out of Kabul.

McKenzie said 12 U.S. service members had been killed and 15 were wounded. Later, his spokesman, Capt. William Urban, said the toll had risen to 13 dead and 18 wounded. Urban said the wounded were being evacuated from Afghanistan aboard Air Force C transport planes equipped with surgical units.

The Marine Corps said 10 Marines were among those killed. Central Command did not identify the dead by service. It was the deadliest day for U.S. forces in Afghanistan since August , when a helicopter was shot down by an insurgent armed with a rocket-propelled grenade, killing 30 American troops and eight Afghans.

In somber, sometimes halting remarks, Biden praised U.S. forces and asked for the moment of silence. Asked later about further actions, press secretary Jen Psaki said that personal calls to families would wait for notification of next of kin and that Biden might travel to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware when the remains of the fallen service members are returned.

They were the first U.S. service members killed in Afghanistan since February , the month the Trump administration struck an agreement with the Taliban that called for the militant group to halt attacks on Americans in exchange for a U.S. agreement to remove all American troops and contractors by May Biden announced in April that he would have all forces out by September.

Thursday&#;s attacks, came 12 days into the rushed evacuation and five days before its scheduled completion. Some Republicans and others are arguing to extend the evacuation beyond next Tuesday&#;s deadline.

The administration has been widely blamed for a chaotic and deadly evacuation that began in earnest only after the collapse of the U.S.-backed Afghan government and the Taliban&#;s takeover of the country. More than , people have been evacuated so far, Afghans, Americans and others.

Thursday&#;s attack was sure to intensify political pressure from all sides on Biden, who already was under heavy criticism for not beginning the pullout earlier. He had announced in April that he was ending the U.S. war and would have all forces out by September.

House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy of California called for Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., to bring the chamber back into session to consider legislation that would prohibit the U.S. withdrawal until all Americans are out. Pelosi&#;s office dismissed such suggestions as &#;empty stunts.&#;

After the suicide bomber&#;s attack at the airport&#;s Abbey Gate, a number of ISIS gunmen opened fire on civilians and military forces, he said. There also was an attack at or near the Baron Hotel near that gate, he said.

&#;We thought this would happen sooner or later,&#; McKenzie said, adding that U.S. military commanders were working with Taliban commanders to prevent further attacks.

As details of the day&#;s attack emerged, the White House rescheduled Biden&#;s first in-person meeting with Israel&#;s new prime minister on Thursday and canceled a video conference with governors about resettling Afghan refugees arriving in the United States.

A number of U.S. allies said they were ending their evacuation efforts in Kabul, at least in part to give the U.S. the time it needs to wrap up its evacuation operations before getting 5, of its troops out by Tuesday.

Despite intense pressure to extend the deadline, Biden has repeatedly cited the threat of terrorist attacks against civilians and U.S. service members as a reason to keep to his plan.

In an interview with ABC News, Ross Wilson, the U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan, said, &#;There are safe ways to get to&#; the airport for those Americans who still want to leave. He added that &#;there undoubtedly will be&#; some at-risk Afghans who will not get out before Biden&#;s deadline.

The airlift continued Thursday, though the number of evacuees fell for a second day as the terror attack and further threats kept people from the airport and as other countries began shutting down their efforts. From 3 a.m. to 3 p.m., Washington time, about 7, people were evacuated, a White House official said. Fourteen U..S. military flights carried about 5,, and 39 coalition flights carried 2,

The total compared to 19, in one hour period toward the start of the week.


Associated Press writers Aamer Madhani, Lolita C. Baldor and Ellen Knickmeyer in Washington and James LaPorta in Boca Raton, Florida, contributed to this report.


Him reddit finish off

Cyberpunk Grayson: Should you kill him or not during Chippin' In?

During the Chippin' In mission, you need to make a decision on whether or not to kill Grayson in Cyberpunk You'll find him at the end of the Ebunike, guarded by a few Militech agents, but when you take Grayson down in Cyberpunk , he'll plead with you not to finish him off. Here's what happens if you kill or spare Grayson in Cyberpunk during the Chippin' In mission.

Cyberpunk tips | Cyberpunk length | Cyberpunk map | Cyberpunk lifepath | Cyberpunk hacking | Cyberpunk weapons | Cyberpunk builds | Cyberpunk Mantis Blades | Cyberpunk romance options | Cyberpunk level cap | Cyberpunk endings | Cyberpunk bugs | Cyberpunk crashes | Cyberpunk fastest cars | Cyberpunk cheats

Should you kill or spare Grayson in Cyberpunk ?

The whole reason you've found Grayson is because you and Rogue are hunting down Adam Smasher. Unfortunately, you find Grayson instead, because Smasher has become the Arasaka's best pal now. You can exhaust all dialogue options with him – including learning where Johnny Silverhand's body is kept – but ultimately, you need to decide whether or not to shoot him.

If you spare Grayson, two things will happen. One of these is that he'll give you an old access card and the second is that he'll tell you where to use it. Of course, this is great, because the reward you find through that access card is absolutely excellent, but the downside is that Grayson gets to live.

If you kill Grayson, he doesn't tell you where to use the old access card, but that ultimately doesn't matter because you're reading this guide. You can still find the loot if you know where to look. So you can appease Johnny and Rogue, shoot Grayson in his face, loot the old access card, then go and grab the loot.

To find it, climb the ladder to the platform on the left-hand side of the boat when you're looking past where Grayson is sat. Interacting with the control panel up here will lower a shipping container. Go down to it and use the access card to discover Johnny's Porsche inside! It's yours to keep from here on and is easily the best looking car in the game. Another item to add to the list of Johnny's things you can own, on top of the pistol you picked up from him when initially interacting with him.

How to steal cars in Cyberpunk | How to make money in Cyberpunk | How to respec in Cyberpunk | How to holster your weapon in Cyberpunk | Can you change your appearance in Cyberpunk | Cyberpunk Overheat attack guide | How many acts are in Cyberpunk ?  

One of the resident guide writers around these parts, give me a game and I will write every "how to" I possibly can or die trying. When I'm not knee-deep in a game to write guides on, you'll find me hurtling round the track in F1 , flinging balls on my phone in Pokemon Go, pretending to know what I'm doing in Football Manager , clicking on heads in Valorant, or mowing down hordes of enemies in Outriders.

Kyle O’Reilly \u0026 Von Wagner vs. Pete Dunne \u0026 Ridge Holland: WWE NXT, Oct. 12, 2021


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