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Exes Baggage was released on Sep 26, 2018 and was directed by Dan Villegas .This movie is 1 hr 44 min in duration and is available in tl language. Angelica Panganiban, Carlo Aquino, Dionne Monsanto, Joem Bascon and Coleen Garcia are playing as the star cast in this movie. You can watch the movie online on Netflix, as long as you are a subscriber to the video streaming OTT platform. Exes Baggage scores a 6.6 digit binge rating out of 10 and is a good movie to watch in the Romance, Drama and Other genres.

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After a chance encounter, Pia and Nix instantly hit it off. Natural conversations eventually develop into deep attraction. Despite their wounds from previous relationships, both decide to take a chance on each other. But when their love blossoms into a relationship, their differences will test their love and will make them question: Are they ready for love when they're still carrying baggage from their past?

Popular reviews

  • Philbert Dy

    I'm not really into the story this movie ends up telling. When things start to go wrong in the relationship, it seems to happen all at once. There's just a shift in one of the characters, and it becomes difficult to connect the dots of the narrative. The film plays at the markers of what's changed between the two without really fleshing it out or building up to it. The film seems to take it for granted that we know this couple is doomed to break up, and along the way it forgets to remind us that we're supposed to be sad about that.

    This becomes a real issue later on. Though the structure is a little different, the film…

  • Justin

    Dan Villegas REPENT for making an unlikeable Carlo Aquino character

    a bit messy and aimless at times, but overall the great performances (shout out to kween angelica panganiban) and cinematography made for some good "love isn't everything in a relationship" mumblecore mess

  • elise

    scratches head 😭 di ako gaano natuwa kidding 1/2 😭 nakailang PARANG TANGA ako please..... galing ni angelica panganiban though achieve asfk :**

  • Alainah

    can’t stand hetero couples🤨🤨 10 mins later... me and the bestie😄

  • Json Javier

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    My notes on Exes Baggage:

    1. In the movie As Good As It Gets, obsessive-compulsive Melvin (Jack Nicholson) professed his love to Carol (Helen Hunt) by saying one of the sweetest lines in film history, “You make me want to be a better man.” I remembered watching this in high school when my innocent heart had never experienced any real heartbreak yet. I gobbled up each word of that declaration with the belief that people would actually change themselves to win over (or win back) the person that they truly loved. I obviously didn’t know any better back then.

    Through the years, I must have heard every single version of that promise. Changing for the better? Swearing to always remain…

  • Michael Haneke Paneke

    Just a very very honest 'relationship film'--devoid of any missteps, and refreshingly not *about* anything: it's a character study, the "meaning" is what we take from it.

    One quick note about the direction: as our couple's relationship starts to fall apart, the film stops showing them in the same frame. The two-shots of the first half get replaced with choppy shot-reverse shots, even when the two are standing very close to each other. It's a good touch--particularly when it's used in the very *first* signs of trouble: the viewer can pick up just from the visuals that this apparently minor incident is important, that something has changed in the relationship. Enjoyed it.

  • coco martini

    mas nacute-an ako kay vicente enriquez and joven hernando kaysa kay pia and nix


  • DANI

    trigger warning:


  • brentencarnado

    This is a Filipino movie that I watched with my mother. Everyone in this movie speaks Tagalog, which I do not speak or understand.

  • gerald 🐢

    parang gusto kong isubsob yung mukha ko sa biceps ni carlo aquino (with consent ofc)

  • miguellugtu

    The leads have great chemistry but the story was kind of a drag, just reminded me how good Never Not Love You and Sid & Aya were. I have to say though that Dan and Tonette manage to choose the right songs to play at the right moments and direct the hell out of them.

  • Quark Henares

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    This movie is so effective you’ll actually think that the two hooked up during principal photography to consummate their repressed tweetums past. 

    Best in mastery of cinematic rules: Dan Villegas for that masterfully executed four-way conversation about chairs and the abiding of the rule of thirds

    Best in zeitgeist: DOP Carlos Mauricio, who perfectly reflected (with many reflections!) the neon-tinged millennial look of today. Plus : lighting around Carlo Aquino’s cuts wtf

    Best in hugot: Angelica Panganiban in that heart-wrenching confrontation scene + the way she frantically packed her bags

    Best in self-confidence: Dwein Baltazar who I imagine constantly writing her namesake as Angelica’s object of jealousy and insecurity AND THEN being cast as Coleen Garcia

    Best in pregnant pauses: Grabe ka editor Marya Ignacio for painfully prolonging awkward moments such as that banyo scene and meeting Joem Bascon scene

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Exes Baggage

2018 Filipino film

Exes Baggage is a 2018 Philippine romanticdrama film directed by Dan Villegas, starring Angelica Panganiban and Carlo Aquino. The film was produced by Black Sheep Productions as their theatrical debut and is distributed by ABS-CBN Films[3][4]

The film also marks as Aquino and Panganiban's long-awaited reunion movie.[5]


The story begins two years after the break up between Pia (Angelica Panganiban) and Nix Cabangon (Carlo Aquino) and they were invited in the party made by the married couple Reyna (Dionne Monsanto) and Tops. It shows some flashbacks where Pia and Reyna gazed on Nix at the bar which leads Pia to begin their romantic relationship with Nix after they both explained their main problems about their exes and Nix's hospitality to her. As soon as Pia sees Migs (Joem Bascon) and his family at All Home, Nix became jealous to her which leads them to have a fall out with each other at their home and is often mentioned about Nix's ex-girlfriend Dwein (Coleen Garcia). Nix soon apologizes to Pia for his rash behavior and not to mentioned about his ex. As Dwein showed up with Tops for the furnitures she wanted for Nix, this causes Pia to get jealous, realizing that Nix still have feelings for her and she was the main reason why Pia had broke up with Nix and left him at his home without stopping her.

Back at the present day, the two reintroduced themselves after their break up despite their actions between them until Tops' announcement to have a second baby (calling Reyna as his 1st baby) with Reyna as the band plays the song that Nix sang for Pia in their previous relationship. When both Pia and Nix almost kissed, it was revealed that Pia had already have a boyfriend named Anton who called her back home which makes Pia to leave the party. As Pia gets inside the car to get home, Nix showed up to say goodbye to her while calling her car as Ogie (which Pia names it in the beginning of the film). Pia finally refuses to call back on Anton from her phone and decides to reconcile with Nix.



The film released its one-minute teaser in the production company's Facebook page on August 4, 2018 and the video garnered almost 2 million views.[6] The second teaser was released via the production company's Facebook page on September 1, 2018 where the theatrical released date is also revealed, releasing the film theatrically on September 26, 2018.[7]


Box office[edit]

Exes Baggage earned an estimated amount of ₱21.6 million on its first day of showing.[8] As of October 5, 2018, the film earned ₱206,693,044.73 domestically.[9]

The film earned a total of ₱355.50 million in domestic and international showings as of October 23, 2018.[2]


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