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A 78-year-old curmudgeonly balloon salesman, is not your average hero. When he ties thousands of balloons to his house and flies away to the wilds of South America, he finally fulfills his lifelong dream of adventure. But after Carl discovers an 8-year-old stowaway named Russell, this unlikely duo soon finds themselves on a hilarious journey in a lost world filled with danger and surprises.


Simple Shapes

The characters in Up literally took shape on the page. Believing that basic visual cues convey much about personality, the filmmakers boiled the characters down to their physical essence. Carl was shaped as a brick, weighed down and resistant to change. Russell was
shaped like an upside-down egg, innocent, unfinished,
and optimistic.



Named by Russell, this extremely rare, 13-foot-tall flightless bird is hidden from the world in her remote Paradise Falls habitat. With brilliant iridescent feathers and a long, flexible neck, Kevin is exceptionally fast and nimble despite her size. In fact, the massive bird often gets into some very curious and seemingly impossible positions.

Very few know that this scientifically invaluable creature exists, but Carl and Russell stumble upon the bird, and Russell names her Kevin after he discovers they share a sweet tooth. Kevin and Russell bond instantly, and despite the bird's propensity to swallow Carl's walker, Kevin joins the jungle's latest and most unlikely pack along with Carl, Russell and Dug.

Charles F. Muntz

In the early 1930s, rich, clever, and handsome Charles F. Muntz is a beacon of hope for a down-and-out American public. He inspires his biggest fans, youngsters Carl and Ellie, to parrot his famous mantra "adventure is out there!" Traveling the globe many times over in his massive self-designed airship, he discovers the world's treasures: priceless historic relics, amazing scientific discoveries, and exotic flora and fauna never before seen. But when Muntz brings home the skeleton of a fantastic 13-foot-tall creature from a remote mountain in South America, he is discredited by scientists. Vowing to prove them wrong, Muntz returns to South America, swearing to bring back a live specimen, and he won't come back
until he does!

Alpha Pack

Deep in the jungles of Paradise Falls resides a dog pack on a mission to capture a rare bird that their master is pursuing. Just like their rejected comrade Dug, all the pack dogs have high-tech collars that give them unusual abilities especially designed for sinister hunting expeditions, including GPS tracking and translating their thoughts into speech.

Alpha, the pack leader, is a menacing-looking, black-as-night Doberman Pinscher with authority entrusted to him by their master that no one dares question. Beta, a tough Rottweiler, is Alpha's lieutenant, and Gamma, a rough-and-tumble bulldog, is his hench-dog. Nothing will detract the pack from its mission—except maybe
a squirrel.



The world of Up began with the thought of escape. From the claustrophobic shapes of an encroaching cityscape to the uncharted wilds of South America, from Muntz's half-mile long dirigible to Carl's uniquely mobile home, the Pixar team employed its newly invented concept of "simplexity" to push the visual envelope while keeping the world believable.



“Adventure is out there!” is the familiar motto from Up that inspired manyAnd the directors and artists proved it to themselves when they sought firsthand reference to design the pinnacle world where Carl’s journey would end. Together, they climbed mountains, trampled through jungle, and even got caught in a storm atop a tepui mountain in South America. “The research trip to Venezuela was one of the highlights of my career,” said Production Designer Ricky Nierva, “but I’m also glad we made it back alive to make the movie!”

Sours: https://www.pixar.com/feature-films/up
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Pixar's 'Up' Artwork on deviantART!

Pixar's Up Artwork on deviantART!</u>

This year has been another great year for Pixar, with the release of their latest film, Up, going down extremely well. It's now coming out on DVD in the States, and will soon be doing so all over the world, so in celebration, PPdA is featuring Upartwork from all over dA!

For those of you who haven't had a chance to see Up, the story revolves around Carl, a man whose life has passed him by but who, in his old age, manages to seize his last oppurtunity to achieve his dreams. Along the way, Russell, a young Wilderness Explorer, gets caught up in Carl's adventure and ends up having one of his own!

Carl Fredrickson

The main character in Up, Carl's adventure is what drives the story. As all the iconic Upimages have shown, Carl attaches thousands of balloons to his house in order to reach his dream destination- Paradise Falls. But things start to go wrong almost as soon as he lifts off...

Carl- Pixar's Up by phychoticsilenceUp by chibiviolinistCarl Fredricksen by NikiVandermostenCarl Fredrickson by greendesireThis Old Man CARL... by mikmix:thumb126636181:

Ellie Fredrickson

Ellie is Carl's wife and childhood sweetheart. With a fiesty personality and love for adventure, the two are a perfect match. But, as Carl soon finds out, even time spent with your loved ones doesn't last forever.

Ellie by Mitch-elCarl Ellie UP by foil-duckUp - Growing Up Together by KroizatTimeless Love by RoccoBertucci:thumb131308219:UP doodles by Lilostitchfan


Russell is a young Wilderness Explorer who first meets Carl when trying to get his last Wilderness Explorer badge, for helping the elderly. Carl first finds him to be an annoyance, but soon realises that Russell has helped him more than he could ever have expected.

Carl and Russell by sharkie19Russell Balloon V.3 by CaptainPanWilderness Explorer by sharkie19:thumb121133783:Campfire Tales by Mitch-el


When Carl and Russell come across Dug, a fiesty, talking dog, the two are suitably shocked. But Russell falls in love with this bounding character and Dug sticks with them for the rest of their adventure.

dug by y-u-k-i-k-odug from UP by LizaTigressMy Name Is Dug by danidippsDug Keychain by Boneitis:thumb116583664:Dug the Dog by A113Panda


Kevin is a crazy but funny bird who, though she can't speak, exudes personality. She gets caught up with Carl and Russell at first because of chocolate, but soon, things get much more complicated...

Kevin by Mekkikevin by marissamcpeakKevin from Up by Snow-wolf601:thumb124748906:


That's it for this article! I hope you've enjoyed all of these featured artworks, and for those of you who have seen the film, I'm sure you'll agree that watching Upis not only fun and exciting, but is truly inspirational and even, at times, heart-wrenching.

Thank you for reading! If you enjoy creating or browsing Pixar artwork and would like to be in a club with many others that do, feel free to click the icon below and have a look at our page.

Thanks once again! :D

Sours: https://www.deviantart.com/pixarplanetda/journal/Pixar-s-Up-Artwork-on-deviantART-214213156
Favorite Pixar's Up scene ever - Ellie and Carl's relationship through time, Sad scene

Here is some of the work I did on UP (2005-2008).



After finding they cannot have children, Carl & Ellie make Paradise Falls their life goal.


One of the goals for the Prologue was to evoke the feeling of childhood and innocence, with story & design.




Explorations of old age and loneliness. The idea was to keep Carl isolated within the frame and suggest loss with composition & light. The film deals a lot with loss and letting go of the past.



Character Design: Daniel Lopez Munoz

Design Sculpt: Greg Dykstra

I painted and photographed this sculpt to see what Carl might look like in different lighting. Bryn Imagire (Shading Art Director) painted other sculpts exploring healthier complexions. She also made models of the house, plants, and rocks, to impart a tactile quality to the digital work.

cast urethane/acrylic

On UP I made some animated tests using After Effects as a way to take static images further. Using music and sound also helped the tone of a scene or idea.


Exploring the way light might change in a room as the house travels through the clouds.

Music by Nelson Riddle


Music by Maurice Ravel



I made these figures then photographed them on my desktop. The smallest figure is the size of a grape. It was a way of arranging and finding interesting compositions in 3D. EFX were added in Photoshop.


Figures: balsa wood/wire/acrylic


The weather can change within minutes on top of a Tepui, from eerily foggy to sunny and back. This is a moment in the film, when Carl sees Paradise Falls (Angel Falls in real life) for the very first time.

Music by John Williams


I had the opportunity of visiting Venezuela with some of the other crew members. Tepuis are large, flat-top mountains that rise out of the jungle basin. They are so tall that certain species of plant and animal only exist at the top, a mile above the jungle floor.

Nat McLaughlin (Environment Artist) left and Ronnie Del Carmen (Head of Story) right. This gives a sense of the topography on Roraima, the highest of all the Tepuis.

This map was made after we returned from Venezuela and charts the course of the main characters and obstacles they encounter. Muntz's hangar lies at the middle of a crossroads, between the bird's nesting grounds and Paradise Falls, an important path Carl must take.



After returning from the trip, we were inspired to illustrate what we saw. A challenge in CG is conveying how something feels, over how it looks in reality. Research trips can sometimes be a plus and a minus: the plus in that visiting a place surpasses what you gain from photos alone, the minus in being a slave to the reality.

Imagination and feeling should dictate everything.


These were done for our 'looks' test to get a sense of where we were headed stylistically (stylized to more naturalistic).


We wanted to use light theatrically, as a way to selectively indicate detail.


Another study in selective detail. The idea was that depth of field could simplify the jungle, allowing backgrounds to go softer and more impressionistic, so the eye could focus on the foreground.


Muntz was originally based on Howard Hughes, the aviation pioneer who became a recluse in his later years. In an earlier version of the story Muntz was obsessed with the Snipe eggs, which could reverse old age like the fountain of youth.


When a story is in early development..anything goes.

Colored Pencil

These thumbnails were done in preparation for our CG 'looks' test. The goal was to solidify our treatment of organic environments as well as make a setting in which the characters could interact.


This CG test was the resulting work of many departments and taught us a great deal. I brought these frames into Photoshop and added some atmosphere and efx, which the Lighting Department used to tweak the final shots.

Film renders/Photoshop pass

The first pass color script for ACT I. Others were also done for ACTS II & III. These are very simple, but help give a sense of the film's tone, which is taken further with lighting keys.


This was my last assignment on UP. I tried providing more lighting information than the abstract scripts, which are more for tone. Other artists also contributed greatly to the lighting design of the film and the Lighting Team led by Jean-Claude Kalache did a super job.

Sours: http://louromano.blogspot.com/2009/05/art-of-up_3697.html

Pixar up artwork


Disney-Pixar UP themed house -- Acrylic painting


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