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Set in Boston, Massachusetts, Fallout 4 centers around an emerging inhabitant of Vault 111 as he or she awakens 200 years after the atomic war that destroyed much of the world's infrastructure.

Getting Started in Fallout 4

From storing items in workbenches and crafting stations, playing games your Pip Boy, and grabbing some additional armor, our Tips and Tricks pages below will provide all the knowledge that is needed to get you started in Fallout 4.

Don't forget to check out our Weapons and Perks guides to gain a better understanding of the items you'll be using everyday!

Fallout 4 Walkthrough and Quest Guide

Our Fallout 4 Walkthrough and Quest Guide will help lead you through every Quest, Location, and Secret in the Commonwealth. Click on the links below to find out more on Fallout 4's main storyline.

Fallout 4 How-To Guides

Need help managing a settlement, customizing armor, crafting, or understanding Factions? Click on the links below to learn even more about some Fallout 4's most important features.

Cheats, Secrets, and Mods in Fallout 4

From Infinite Stats and Money, classic videogame callbacks, movie references, and Star Wars Lightsabers, the pages below will have you uncovering every secret this wasteland has to hide.

Fallout 4 Collectibles

Can't find the Bobblehead or Magazine that you are after? Our Fallout 4 Collectible Guides will help you find every last collectible that is hidden across the Commonwealth.

Sours: https://www.ign.com/wikis/fallout-4/

This page will serve as USgamer’s Fallout 4 Walkthrough and Guide. It will cover tips to make you a better player at the game, as well as guides for base building, hacking and lock picking, perks, weapon crafting, armor crafting and character customization. We will also be providing a full walkthrough for the main story quests, as well as many of the secondary and side quests.

The quest walkthrough portion of our coverage will touch on every objective, and take you through strategies to beat each mission that you encounter. If you’re stuck, let us guide you through. If you’re not sure how to open a specific door or safe, we can help you find the answer. If you run into an angry Deathclaw, we’ll give you tips on how to run away really, really quickly.

Fallout 4 Features and Guides

Fallout 4: Character Creation and Customization Guide

We’ll help you make all the right decisions while making the perfect character for you, as well as how to change your character once you’re done at the mirror.

Fallout 4: Tips for Fast Travel, V.A.T.S. and Your Pip-Boy

There are a lot of moving parts in Fallout 4, and we had to figure them out by failing. Read up on our tips so that you can avoid some of the silly mistakes that we made in our game.

Fallout 4: Perk Guide - How to Build the Best Character

There are a lot of perks to choose from in Fallout 4, and some are important to ensure early success, such as Armorer, Gun Nut, Locksmith and Scrapper. Find out why you need them.

Fallout 4: Base Building Guide - Food, Water, Power, Defense

Building your base can be tricky, and if you mess up your resource management you can find yourself in a bad spot. Our comprehensive guide will help you with your settlement.

Fallout 4: Weapon Crafting Guide - Make the Best Gun

Customizing your weapons is a huge key to success in Fallout 4. Whether you want to add a sight, new grip, or even a suppressor, the process can be tricky. Let us help you with it.

Fallout 4: Hacking and Lock Picking Guide - Hack Doors, Open Safes

The hacking of terminals in Fallout 4 is… interesting. We spent more time on this than we should have so that you won’t spend hours trying to open the simplest of doors.

Fallout 4: All Bobblehead Locations - They're Action Figures Trophy

Gathering up all of the game's Bobbleheads is about more than your trophy case, you also get a few trophies for your efforts. We all love trophies.

Fallout 4 - How to Open the Cryolator Case, PC Cheats

We can help you open the Cryolator Case found in the second mission, Out of Time. PC players will be especially excited about how this works.

Fallout 4: All Magazine Locations and Types - Grognak the Barbarian, Tesla Science

Magazines offer unique perks for players who take the time to track them down. We've compiled a huge list detailing all the different collectible magazine types throughout the wasteland.

Fallout 4: Companion Guide - Dogmeat, Strong, Cait

There are 13 different companions to choose from in Fallout 4. Check out our breakdown of each companion option and discover who you should bring on your next wasteland adventure.

Fallout 4: The Best Perks and Character Build for Early Success

This guide will detail some of the best perks that players can use in Fallout 4, as well as an ideal build that will last beyond the 28 point registration form.

Fallout 4: Infinite Cap Glitch - Buy Everything in the Game

We show you how to get all of the caps from each vendor, as well as buy all of the items that they have for sale, no matter how expensive it is.

Fallout 4: Power Armor Guide - Fusion Cores, Mods, Repairs

Learn the ins-and-outs of modifying and repairing Power Armor suit modules, as well as tips for making sure your suit stays functional.

Fallout 4: Call to Arms - How to Join the Brotherhood of Steel Faction

Assist Paladin Danse and earn your way into the iconic Brotherhood of Steel faction. There's a free laser rifle in the deal for you.

Fallout 4: Cheats and Console Commands for PC

Use fly cams, jump to new heights, and even become godlike with these console commands. Oh, and you can also make Dogmeat bigger than a house.

Fallout 4: How to Get the X-01 Power Armor Suit

X-01 Power Armor is considered the most advanced armor suit in Fallout 4. If you are around level 30 or higher, you can track down a full suit of X-01 Power Armor in just a few steps.

Fallout 4: How to Earn XP and Level Up Fast

Learn some quick and unique methods for farming XP and leveling up fast during your wasteland adventures. Or, just use the cheat code.

Fallout 4: How to Join the Institute

There will be an opportunity to join the mysterious Institute faction near the end of Act II. Choose to aid the faction that best suits your needs.

Fallout 4: How to Use V.A.T.S.

Although V.A.T.S. no longer stop time, this unique targeting mechanic still offers many benefits in tougher battles, and can result in a satisfyingly gory outcome.

Fallout 4: How to Kill a Deathclaw

Deathclaws are vicious, fast, and intimidating. Keep these tips in mind when hunting for Deathclaws throughout the wasteland to prevent getting caught unprepared.

Fallout 4: What is the Best Faction?

Learn details about what makes each faction unique in order to decide who you will ultimately align with in the end.

Fallout 4: Unlimited S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Points Cheat

With the help of your trusty companion Dogmeat, quickly upgrade the ranks of your primary S.P.E.C.I.A.L. perk attributes at the beginning of the game.

Fallout 4: How to Get the Freefall Armor Legs

This rare armor prevents all fall damage, without having to wear Power Armor. However, you will need a Power Armor suit (and jetpack) to find this item.

Fallout 4: How to Find the 'Cheers' Easter Egg

It turns out Bethesda has hidden a nice easter egg reference to the television show 'Cheers', just outside of Boston Common. We'll tell you where to find it.

Fallout 4: Unique and Exceptional Weapons Guide

There are over 40 Unique, one-of-a-kind weapons to be found throughout the wasteland. We've put together instructions for how to find each one.

Fallout 4: Legendary Weapon Effects - Explosive, Kneecapper, Never Ending

Legendary weapons are indicated with a star icon, and will feature a randomly selected bonus effect that is applied when using the weapon. Check out this complete list.

The Best Weapon in Fallout 4 - How to get the Overseer's Guardian

Although there are more powerful weapons in Fallout 4, they lack the versatility of the Overseer's Guardian, making it our pick for the best weapon in the game.

Fallout 4 Main Quest Walkthrough

Fallout 4: War Never Changes - Get to Vault 111

The prologue for Fallout 4 will start with players creating their character and choosing whether to play as a male or female, and includes the Vault-Tec Registration Form.

Fallout 4: Out of Time - Greet the Dog, Dogmeat

The first real main quest will cover a lot of ground, giving players their Pip-Boy, a shot at the Cryolater, and even introducing the dog, which will soon be known as Dogmeat.

Fallout 4: Road to Freedom - How to Join the Railroad Faction

The secretive Railroad Faction only admits those who are worthy. Locate and follow the red brick path to freedom in order to join the secretive Railroad Faction.

Fallout 4: The First Step - Kill the Raiders at Corvega

The trip to the Corvega Assembly Plant is dangerous, and so is the inside of the building itself. Bring your shotgun and be on the lookout for water fountains.

Fallout 4: Jewel of the Commonwealth - Diamond City

Diamond City is just a collection of shacks at Fenway Park in Boston, but it’s a really cool environment in Fallout 4. It also marks the first mention of a companion, Nick Valentine.

Fallout 4: Unlucky Valentine - Skinny Malone, Valentine

There is a lot of combat and looting in this quest, but it’s made easier with the proper approach. We’ll help you find Nick Valentine, and even escape Skinny Malone unharmed.

Fallout 4: Getting a Clue - Find Kellogg’s House Key

Nobody wants to spend 250 caps buying Kellogg’s House Key, which is why we stole it in the middle of the night. Let us help you get the key without having to pay for it with caps.

Fallout 4: Reunions - Follow Dogmeat, Kill Kellogg

This mission will see players tracking down Kellogg, the man though to be responsible for Shaun's kidnapping. We'll tell you how to defeat him.

Fallout 4: Dangerous Minds - How to Get to Goodneighbor

In one of the more passive quests in the game, players will have to explore Kellogg's memories. We'll help you make your way to Goodneighbor.

Fallout 4: The Glowing Sea - Defeat the Legendary Deathclaw

As if radiation poisoning and Radscorpions weren't enough, there is a Legendary Deathclaw players must defeat. Bring your shotguns and molotovs.

Fallout 4 - Hunter/Hunted - How to Kill the Courser Synth

This mission is fairly straightforward, but there is a boss fight at the end. We have an easy way for you to take out the Courser and get the Courser Chip.

Fallout 4: The Molecular Level - Power the Signal Interceptor

This guide will walk you through how to complete the second to last main story quest in Fallout 4, including how to power the Signal Interceptor.

Fallout 4: Institutionalized - Meet the Division Leaders, Ending

The final main quest in Fallout 4 (but not the final quest by a long shot) will give players some closure regarding the events that took place early in the game.

Fallout 4: Brotherhood of Steel Quests

Fallout 4: Reveille - Brotherhood of Steel Airship

Explore the Brotherhood of Steel airship, meeting all of the key players in one of the Commonwealth's key factions.

Fallout 4: Fire Support and Call to Arms Quests

This guide contains the Fire Support and Call to Arms quest walkthroughs. Both of these quests must be completed in order to join the Brotherhood of Steel faction.

Fallout 4: Semper Invicta - Become a Brotherhood Initiate

Immediately after completing Call to Arms, continue on to Semper Invicta to unlock the achievement for officially joining the Brotherhood of Steel.

Fallout 4: Shadow of Steel - Board the Prydwen, Meet Maxson

Upon completion of Act I and getting inducted into the Brotherhood of Steel, you can now take a trip to the Prydwen to meet the rest of your faction bretheren.

Fallout 4: Tour of Duty - Meet the Prydwen Crew

After meeting Elder Maxson, you are free to get acquainted with the Prydwen and its crew members. There are four persons of interest, and this guide will help you locate each one.

Fallout 4: Show No Mercy - Take Back Fort Strong

Now that you've gotten acquainted with the Prydwen crew, it's time to tackle your first assignment as a Brotherhood Knight. Report to Elder Maxson for detals.

Fallout 4: From Within - Convince Doctor Li

Elder Maxson wants you to speak with Doctor Li at the Institute and request her help with a special Brotherhood of Steel project. However, she needs a little convincing.

Fallout 4: Outside the Wire - A Holotape for Ingram

If you have decided to stick with the Brotherhood of Steel in their endeavors, then complete this quest to ensure your alliance with the faction.

Fallout 4: Liberty Reprimed - Power the War Machine

Proctor Ingram is working on a special war device, but she needs several components before she can get the tech online. Speak with Proctor Ingram at Boston Airport to begin this quest.

Fallout 4: Blind Betrayal - Persuade Elder Maxson

Elder Maxson has some urgent matters to discuss with you regarding another Brotherhood of Steel member. This guide contains some spoilers due to the nature of the quest.

Fallout 4: Tactical Thinking - Railroad HQ, P.A.M.

Lancer-Captain Kells has an important task for you concerning the safety of the Brotherhood. Meet with him on the command deck of the Prydwen to receive your new orders.

Fallout 4: Spoils of War - Mass Fusion, Beryllium Agitator

Proctor Ingram needs you to retrieve a device strong enough to power her war machine, and she knows just where to find it. Consider wearing your Power Armor for this one as well.

Fallout 4: Ad Victoriam - Liberty Prime

Help Proctor Ingram put the finishing touches on the war machine before setting the Brotherhood's plan into motion.

Fallout 4: The Nuclear Option - Brotherhood of Steel

This quest begins immediately after the end of Ad Victorium, and initiates the end-game events for siding with the Brotherhood of Steel faction.

Fallout 4: A New Dawn - Jet Pack

After the conclusive events of the previous quest, speak with Elder Maxson once more to claim a new jet pack for your Power Armor.

Fallout 4: Minutemen Quests

Fallout 4: When Freedom Calls - Security Gate Password

Head to Concord and save the settlers from the Raiders. You'll also get your first bit of Power Armor in this mission, which is worth it alone.

Fallout 4: Sanctuary - Provide Food, Talk to Sturges

This quest provides everything you need to know about creating and maintaining a settlement. Since it can be a bit confusing for new players, we're here to help.

Fallout 4: The Sight - Mama Murphy

Mama Murphy has been given the gift of foresight, but only if she gets her chems. Choose whether or not to pump the old lady full of drugs, and prepare for the outcome.

Fallout 4: Taking Independence - Regain the Castle, Build the Transmitter

Preston Garvey wants to retake a former Minutemen base of operations, but he needs your help. After finishing a few of his Radiant Quests, speak to him about retaking the Castle.

Fallout 4: Old Guns - Find the Armory

Ronnie Shaw mentions that the Castle has an old armory full of weapons. Help her access the armory, and she'll help you boost the Castle's defenses.

Fallout 4: Inside Job - Network Scanner Holotape

If you decide to side with the Minutement, this quest will get you one step closer to your end-game. Know what you want to do before completing this quest.

Fallout 4: Form Ranks - Build Eight Settlements for Preston

Preston Garvey wants you to bring the Minutemen back to power, and doing that means building eight settlements throughout the Commonwealth. Here is how.

Fallout 4: Defend the Castle - Build Defenses, Institute Courser's

The Institutue is attacking the Minutemen, and you'll need to head to the Castle to defend it. We'd suggest bringing your best Power Armor for this one - it's a tough fight.

Fallout 4: The Nuclear Option - The Minutemen

This quest initiates the series of end-game events that result from siding with the Minutemen. Help Preston Garvey and the rest of the crew succeed in this daunting task.

Fallout 4: With Our Powers Combined - Build Artillery

The Minutemen have one more task to complete to ensure the safety of the Commonwealth. Help build artillery to eliminate the hostile threat.

Fallout 4: Railroad Quests

Fallout 4: Road to Freedom - How to Join the Railroad Faction

The secretive Railroad Faction only admits those who are worthy. Locate and follow the red brick path to freedom in order to join the secretive Railroad Faction.

Fallout 4: Tradecraft - Follow Deacon, Find the Deliverer

After unexpectedly stumbling upon the Railroad's hideout, you'll need to gain their trust. Follow Deacon on a mission to recover an item to join forces with this secretive faction.

Fallout 4: Underground Undercover - Patriot, Z1-14

There's a guardian angel working within the Institute. Help Desdemona track down Patriot and convince this mystery person to help with a daring rescue plan.

Fallout 4: Operation Ticonderoga - Clear the Safehouse

To receive this quest, you must first complete the Main Quest: Institutionalized. Then, head to the Railroad HQ to speak to Desdemona about a Courser problem.

Fallout 4: Precipice of War - Defend the Railroad HQ

After completing Underground Undercover, you learn of an impending threat to the Railroad HQ. Warn Desdemona and defend the HQ against the incoming enemies.

Fallout 4: Rockets' Red Glare - Fly to the Prydwen

This quest occurs immediately following the Precipice of War. Head out with Tinker Tom on to eliminate a dangerous threat once and for all.

Fallout 4: The Nuclear Option - The Railroad

This quest concludes the main storyline and initiates the final end-game sequence of events for siding with the Railroad faction.

Fallout 4: Institute Quests

Fallout 4: Synth Retention - Libertalia, Reclaim the Synth

To begin the series of Institute quests, players must first complete the Main Quest: Institutionalized. Father has arranged for you and a Courser to retrieve a synth in Libertalia.

Fallout 4: Battle of Bunker Hill - Deal with Synths

Several Synths have escaped from the Institute, and have been found at Bunker Hill. Decide where your loyalties lie, then manage the synth dilemma.

Fallout 4: Mankind Redefined - Meet with the Directors

After what you've accomplished for the Institute, Father feels you deserve a seat amongst the Directors. Head to the conference room to attend your first meeting.

Fallout 4: Mass Fusion - Get the Beryllium Agitator

Allie Filmore needs you to obtain a Beryllium Agitator for a special Institute project. Speak with Allie for details, then prepare to travel to Mass Fusion.

Fallout 4: Pinned - Retrieve Wallace

A person of interest is being held up inside a homestead in Greygarden. Attempt to diffuse the situation and bring Wallace back to the Institute.

Fallout 4: Powering Up - Record the Broadcast

Father asks you to record a special broadcast for the people of the Commonwealth. Before it can be sent out, you must first fix the transmitter.

Fallout 4: End of the Line - Old North Church

The time has come to eliminate one of the main threats to the Institute. At this point there's no going back, and you must be committed to the Institute for the long haul.

Fallout 4: Airship Down - Reach Liberty Prime

Father has one last major task for you to complete. Speak with Doctor Li or Doctor Watson in the Advanced Systems Division to get started.

Fallout 4: Nuclear Family - Visit Father

Speak with Father once more to inform him of your progress and to chat about the future of the Commonwealth.

Fallout 4 Tips

  • You can fast travel to locations that you’ve already discovered, so long as you don’t exceed your weight limits. Find the option on the Map tab of your Pip-Boy.
  • Don’t power through the main campaign and expect to have an easy go. The more time you spend on side quests and exploring, the better geared you will be.
  • If you want to carry more junk with you on your travels, give some to your companion, whether that is Preston, Nick Valentine, Piper or even Dogmeat.
  • Rename your favorite weapons, helping them to stand out from everything else. You can even browse to Weapons on your Pip-Boy to program your favorites.
  • The Molotov is your friend. We’ve yet to find an in-game enemy that isn’t at least very inconvenienced by this weapon, and most just die in spectacular fashion.
Sours: https://www.usgamer.net/articles/26-09-2017-fallout-4-walkthrough-and-guide
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Carl's Fallout 4 Guide

A Spoiler-free Gameplay Strategy Site

Carl's Fallout 4 Strategy Guide logo

Guides to PerksAbout the Guide & Navigating It
See My Plans for the Site if you're interested in the direction this is heading. Cheats are just below, as they belong in no category and are only for PC players. For now, I've got to have readers lean on this main page to get a feel for where to find things in the guide, though some things like Perks are found deeper (on their SPECIAL pages). We also have search but I cannot guarantee you'll find what you're looking for - I'm one man on a mission to make a huge Fallout 4 Strategy Guide and that takes time. The Guide is currently broken into four categories, as you can see below. Click to jump to the section you need help with:

  • Character Guides - Customizing your character in Fallout 4 - from SPECIAL, Perks, and basic understanding of Pip-Boy stats to making a build.
  • Gameplay Mechanics - Stealth, hacking, difficulty settings, and VATS. I go into AP usage of weapons mods, and will add more to this category
  • Settlements and Crafting Information - Settlements Tutorial, making Adhesive and where to find things. This goes into how to power Settlements and what Brahmin do for them. You should find plenty of helpful info here.
  • Quest & Misc Walkthroughs - Something I've covered only lightly, a few quest walkthroughs that are important such as Battle of Bunker Hill and some simpler things like side quests you may not know about. Needs heavy expansion but will come together with time.

Probably the only page on this site that just won't work for consoles. These are very handy for me as a guide writer, but generally just fun for messing around and testing perks. Always make a backup save before you cheat in case you regret it and want to return to your unmodified game. On this page, you'll find infinite money, crafting materials, weapons and armor cheats, as well as general commands to help struggling players - you can look up item and Perk ids, boost your carry capacity, reveal the entire map, or walk through walls. I've listed only the most useful cheats, because I personally hate looking through huge lists of console commands in order to find the ones I really want.

Customize your Character

Character Customization Guides

Bobblehead Locations Guide - Maps to Help Find All 20
All 20 of Fallout 4's SPECIAL and Skill Bobbleheads listed, with maps to help you find the building in which they are located. Descriptions will help you to avoid wandering buildings trying to get them. I've also provided quick navigation so you can jump to the Bobblehead you need.

SPECIAL & Perk Guides
Coverage of the seven main stats in Fallout 4, which determine the Perks your character can unlock. Their additional effects are minor compared to the power of most perks, but it's far from nothing - they all grant minor bonuses to multiple things and help define your build. The Bobbleheads will give you a free point in each of them, should you find them all.

  • Strength - Strength increases carry weight and raises melee damage. This guide covers its effects and Perks.
  • Perception - Perception improves VATS accuracy, helping you to nail those head shots. This guide covers its exact gameplay effects and the Perks in the Perception tree.
  • Endurance - Endurance gives your character more life (HP) and enhances their ability to run. There is a full list of Endurance Perks and their usefulness on this page.
  • Charisma - Charisma affects bartering prices, speech checks, and even determines how many Settlers can live in your Settlements. Check this guide for information on Charisma Perks.
  • Intelligence - Intelligence boosts your XP gain - that's it. It does however have some great Perks, which are detailed in this guide.
  • Agility - Agility gives your character higher AP and an improved ability to sneak around the Commonwealth. Agility Perks are listed and many are covered in detail.
  • Luck - The Luck stat reduces the number of hits it takes to score a critical and helps your character to find more loot. Read this guide to learn about the awesome Luck Perks that can be found in this section.

Full List of Perks
This is a list of every Perk in Fallout 4, extracted from my individual pages in the SPECIAL Stats guide, so that you can have all Perks handy on one page. I've included the mechanics info from each page (along with my opinions), but left the images out to keep it tight.

Main Character Guide - Stats, Inventory, Menus, and More
Understanding the various stats of your character in Fallout 4, as well as the numerous Pip-boy screens. This guide is great for newcomers to help them manage their inventory, quests, and gives some tips to finding components and favoriting weapons, armor, healing items, and drugs.

Leveling System and HP Gains
This guide goes into detail on Fallout 4's level up system. Each level you gain a perk point and an amount of HP based upon your character's endurance stat. Though Perks entirely replace Skills in this game, it's a great system and there are many other ways to improve your character as you explore the huge Commonwealth. Magazines you find will give you hidden perks, as will bobbleheads that grant bonuses or raise your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats.

Making a Build: Perk Choice Tips
This guide is an overview of how to make a strong build in Fallout 4 for high-difficulty play. It doesn't tell you WHEN to take Perks, but gives you some guidelines to help you choose the best ones to make your character strong.

Major DLC

Fallout 4 Automatron DLCAutomatron DLC Guide
The Fallout 4 Automatron DLC will pit us against an evil mechanist who is creating robots that are marauding the commonwealth. The motives behind this are shrouded in mystery, but we are able to make our own robot companions out of the scrap we gain from destroying his creations! See here for a guide to getting started, along with a walkthrough to the third quest: Headhunting, and final quest Restoring Order (to deal with Mechanist). Rewards after Mechanist (Spoilers): The Lair, Eyebots, and Rogue Robots. Learn more about Building good robot companions.

Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLCFar Harbor
The Far Harbor DLC released May 19, 2016. This is the largest addon to date and features a massive area that is said to be the largest DLC area Bethesda have created. Featuring a story revolving around the Children of Atom, Synths, and a lone settlement's conflict with them, it offers a deep main quest and story. Players will find new weapons, armor, and enemies lurking in the area of Far Harbor. Here are walkthroughs to Quest 1: Far from Home, Walk in the Park, Quest 2, and Quest 3: Acadia, DiMA and Where you Belong with more to come!

Nuka World
Fallout 4 Nuka World released August 29. This DLC allows players to conquer settlements by leading raiders. Its central location is a run-down theme park. First, you must pass a significant challenge only available at level 30. Here is a list of the current guides to Nuka World:

Gameplay Mechanics in Fallout 4

Gameplay Mechanic Guides

Companion Perks & Affinity Guide - List of Likes & Hates
A guide to getting Companion Perks, which are permanent hidden perks gained by reaching maximum affinity with each companion. Lists the major things that each companion likes and dislikes for your character to do, so that you can get the Perks faster.

Difficulty Settings and What Changes in Each Mode
Fallout 4's difficulties explained. The main changes are damage dealt, damage taken, and the rate that Legendary Enemies spawn, but these have some major implications on your gameplay. Survival Difficulty is particularly nasty, with healing items greatly reducing the rate of regeneration. This effectively makes them less useful during combat, should you find yourself in a dangerous situation.

Gameplay Tips and Things that Aren't Obvious for New Players
Helpful tips for new players. This list is ever-expanding as I myself go through the game and think of things. Have a tip? See my contact info above.

Fallout 4's Vault Assisted Targeting System (VATS) and AP Cost from Weapon Mods
Use this guide to learn the basics on V.A.T.S. and get tips to modify your weapons to minimize AP cost while maximizing utility. Weapon type and mods greatly impact the amount of AP it costs to fire a weapon in VATS. I've analyzed scopes, sights, barrels, and receivers to help you figure out what type of mods would be best for your guns.

Action Points, Boosting AP, and Regeneration
A guide to Action Points and how its regeneration works. Also looks at the various things you can do to raise your character's AP or increase its regeneration in some way.

Radiation works a bit differently in Fallout 4. This Guide explains its effects on your character, rad resistance from various sources, and how you can remove radiation damage done.

Fighting Legendary Enemies & Their Spawn Rates
This guide looks briefly at Legendary enemies' spawn rates, but its priamry purpose is to give you some pointers in fighting Legendaries in order to get their loot!

Chems in Fallout 4: Drug Effects and Crafting
All you need to know about chems, addiction, and stacking the buffs provided by these. Lists all craftable chems, and a few of the rare ones that you may find.

Does Loot Respawn, or Do Enemies Come Back to Cleared Areas?
This page goes over the types of items you can expect to reset - and how long - after you've cleared an area. It's mainly to address a common FAQ from newcomers to the series or Bethesda games in general.

Dogmeat is the first follower many players get in Fallout 4. Learn all about this faithful companion, her level, carry capacity, combat capabilities, commanding her, and where to find her some dog armor to look a bit more vicious.

Stealth in Fallout 4
All about the stealth meter and how that works, while providing you some tips to help you avoid detection, pull off more sneak attacks, and improve as a sniper or melee blitz machine.

Hacking Tutorial
A step-by-step example showing how to guess the correct password on a terminal in Fallout 4.

How to Join the Railroad: Road to Freedom
A simple step-by-step for joining the Railroad Faction in Fallout 4. Joining them and at least working with them for a bit can get you the Ballistic Weave Clothing Mods to give Energy and Damage Resistance to certain item types.

How to Wait in Fallout 4
For many, advancing time isn't obvious. Use a chair or bed to sit or sleep until the time of day suits you. Using a bed grants a well-rested XP bonus, so long as you're the owner! I guess I too would be a light sleeper if I were snoozing in someone else's bed without permission.


Settlement & Crafting Guides

Settlements Tutorial
A guide to settlements and how to manage them, attract more people, and bringing in food, water, resources. Also goes over how to power things, supply lighting and defense. You can also learn to get the Benevolent Leader Achievement.

Supply Lines in Fallout 4
Supply lines transfer food and water between Settlements. They also let you craft things without the materials in your inventory so long as a connected Settlement has the necessary materials. The Local Leader Perk is necessary to establish Supply Lines.

Water and Food
Water and Food in Settlements and how it is deposited into the Workshop Inventory. This guide shows you a good place to get food early in the game, and describes how you can get ample amounts of purified water to use for healing or selling for caps.

Scavenging Stations and What They Do
A guide to Scavenging Stations and the scavengers you can assign to them. Includes information on how often supplies are deposited and how to make best use of Settlers once you have enough food and water.

Where to find Things: Crafting List to Help you Get Items You Need.
Advice on using Tag for Search to find components, as well as a list of various crafting materials that are useful to you. Listed by component, so that you might find an item that has what you're missing.

Adhesive: Finding it and Making it for Crafting
This guide details how to make Vegetable Starch from Mutfruit, Tatos, Corn, and Purified Water in order to get 5 Adhesive each. A good location (graygarden) is mapped, so that you can travel there and get the required vegetables. You then only need an excess of water to get the Purified Water you need to get the Adhesive.


Weapon Guides

Pistols in Fallout 4
A list of all Pistol-class weapons in the game, along with their base stats (including AP Cost). This is a section I intend to expand over time, covering every weapon type and giving individual weapons a page that describes select modifications and how they affect weapons. You can see examples of this project below:


Main & Side Quest Walkthroughs

While my primary focus is to make guides for Fallout 4, quest walkthroughs will come over time as I will inevitably enjoy sharing some of the quests you can find off the beaten path, as well as detailing how main quests work when possible. Expect spoilers in this area, because it's impossible to have pages on these things and NOT spoil something. However, I will not write anything too revealing about the story in the walkthroughs or the descriptions on this page.

When Freedom Calls and the Museum of Freedom
While such an early quest hardly deserves a walkthrough, I wanted to point some things out to newcomers while trying to minimize spoilers. This walkthrough offers some tips to players who are new to Fallout 4 and emphasizes that the Minutemen Quests are optional.

Mystery Meat - Cheaper Prices from one Quest
Do the Mystery Meat quest and you can get one copy of Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor along with a Barter Bobblehead, both in one location and with an easy-to-complete quest that offers lots of free meat, bones, a fusion core and some ammo.

Secret of Cabot House: Charisma Bobblehead and Lorenzo's Artifact
This Quest is the only way to enter Parsons State Insane Asylum and get to Jack Cabot's office where the Charisma Bobblehead is located.

Vault 81
The benefits of traveling here are plenty - a medicine bobblehead, Curie (companion), the ability to buy the powerful Overseer's Guardian combat rifle, and the below quest.

Hole in the Wall (Vault 81)
Allows Curie as a companion. You'll get a Syringer for your trouble, and along the way may contract a disease that permanently lowers HP. Thankfully, there is also a Medicine Bobblehead as a reward.

Finding the Agility Bobblehead on the FMS Northern Star
There's no quest for this, but you can journey to the Wreck of the FMS Northern Star to get the Agility Bobblhead, perhaps one of the most desired in Fallout 4, and kind of hard to spot.

Where to Find Serum for Virgil
This side quest confuses many players, so I wrote this small guide to direct you to the serum within the Institute

The Battle of Bunker Hill
Who do you inform about this battle, should you? This quest describes the few outcomes and how to come out of it with everyone still liking you.

Mass Fusion
This Institue Quest gives you the opportunity to side with the Brotherhood. This walkthrough details the quest, outcomes of your choices, and things you can find along the way.

Beginning Guide: Skipping Quests, the Minutemen, and Rescuing Nick Valentine
This Guide lists some of the options you have on a second playthrough of Fallout 4. You do not require the Minutemen to use Settlements, you don't have to go to Diamond City to eventually track down Nick Valentine, and can quickly get to the Getting a Clue and Reunions Quests.

Endings Guide: Which Quests Trigger Faction Hate and How Far You Can Go
This page summarizes the consequences of endings of Fallout 4 without giving story details. It is a guide to which quests you can do without upsetting each faction, so that you feel more comfortable to press on with them. It is not a true summary of endings - but who would want to be told how the game ends in every way? Experience it yourself!

Finishing Fallout 4 with the Minutemen Ending (SPOILERS)
This guide will help you if you're not friends with X and can't work with Y. Only use this if you want to finish the game with the Minutemen, and it'll tell you how to proceed.

Useful Fallout 4 Sites

The Fallout 4 Wiki
This is a great site to lookup quests, for when you want to know everything about a topic and don't mind to experience spoilers. I don't see our sites as competition, mine is an entirely different style of writing and this community-driven wiki is useful for many things.

Build Planner
This is great for planning a build ahead of time, because it does the math for you - wanting multiple level 50 skills, and certain stats set to 10 can require your build to go well into the 60s. This may help you prioritize certain perks, and let you determine which are more important for you.

Fallout 4 Map
Want to track down every nuka cherry, nuka quantum, or just see what a certain location might have to offer you? This excellent Fallout 4 map site will help immensely with that.

More Guides to Come

Future Plans for the Guide

I've got much more to come. I can only do one or two pages of this size daily. Next I plan to make a guide to SPECIAL stats, one for each category of Perk, list all Bobblehead locations with detailed instructions on finding them, and write more gameplay guides to help players navigate the Wasteland of the Commonwealth as the Lone Survivor.


If you like my style of guide-writing and have any article suggestions, send them along to [email protected]! You may have an idea I did not think of - yet - I'm still playing this awesome game. It's all I wanted it to be, and millions of people seem to agree.

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Fallout 4 Full Walkthrough Gameplay - No Commentary (PC Longplay)

Fallout 4 Wiki Guide

Note: Many missions have multiple outcomes, and as stated above, can be done in a different order than listed below. This guide covers just one of many possible playthrough styles.

This guide is broken up into two segments, the first focusing on the essential "Main Quest" or "Story" missions, and the second focusing on the various optional quests that appear throughout the game.

Main Quest Guides

Automatron DLC Walkthrough

Far Harbor DLCWalkthrough

Vault-Tec Workshop DLCWalkthrough


Depending on how you decide to build the teleporter in The Molecular Level, the following quests will be made available:

Story Quests

Minutemen Quests

Depending on how you decide to build the teleporter in The Molecular Level, the following quests will be made available:

Story Quests

Brotherhood of Steel Quests

Depending on how you decide to build the teleporter in The Molecular Level, the following quests will be made available:

Story Quests

Radiant Quests

Miscellaneous Quests

Railroad Quests

Depending on how you decide to build the teleporter in The Molecular Level, the following quests will be made available:

Story Quests

Radiant Quests

Miscellaneous Quests

Secondary Quests

Guide By Locations (Main Quest Locations)

Other Side Locations

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4 walkthrough fallout

Fallout 4 walkthrough and guide

The end days have arrived. The arrival of a new Bethesda game often signals an end to countless social lives, as hundreds of hours are hungrily gulped up by these broad and brilliant open-ended role-playing adventures. Fallout 4, Bethesda Game Studios' first game since 2011's Skyrim, and a follow-up to 2008's much-loved Fallout 3, is no exception. In offering a vast post-apocalyptic Boston with which to sculpt your own stories, this promises to be an epic like no other.


Boston's new, a destroyed future that's riddled with stories of America's grandiose past, and elsewhere Fallout 4 places a new emphasis on crafting and building your own homestead and community. With so much to take in, you'll perhaps want a guiding hand to help you through the wasteland, guide your through the biggest quest lines and lead you to the greatest loot. That's where our comprehensive guide - which we'll be updating over the coming weeks - will no doubt come in handy.

Fallout 4 walkthrough

On this page - Prologue, Vault-Tec, Vault 111, decontamination pod, starting stats
Our quick guide to polishing off the opening section of the game.

Fallout 4 - Out of Time, Codsworth, Vault 111, Sanctuary, Concord, Red Rocket
Leave the vault, catch up with Codsworth and make it alive to Concord.

Fallout 4 - When Freedom Calls, Preston Garvey, Power Armour, Fusion Core, Deathclaw
Help the setters, gain your Power Armour and clear out Concord.

Fallout 4 - The First Step, Tenpines Bluff, Robotics Disposal Ground, Lexington, minutemen
Find Tenpines Bluff and defeat the Corvega Assembly Plant raiders.

Fallout 4 - Jewel of the Commonwealth, Diamond City, Piper, Trinity Tower Radio
Reach Beantown Brewery, get intel on Shaun and locate Diamond City.

Fallout 4 - Unlikely Valentine, Nick Valentine, Vault 114, Park Street Station
Track down Nick Valentine and find Vault 114.

Fallout 4 - Getting a Clue, Kellogg, cigar, Dogmeat, Geneva, Ellie
Get some new intel on Shaun and start the investigation at Kellogg's house.

Fallout 4 - Reunions, Fort Hagen, Command Centre, Brotherhood of Steel
Infiltrate Fort Hagen, then make sure it's toast for Kellogg.

Fallout 4 - Dangerous Minds, Doctor Amari, Memory Den, Goodneighbor, Hancock
Meet Doctor Amari at Memory Den and have a rummage through Kellogg's past.

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Fallout 4 - The Glowing Sea, Virgil, Rocky Cave, Crater of Atom, Institute Courser
Find your hazmat suit and track down Virgil near the Crater of Atom.

Fallout 4 - Hunter / Hunted, C.I.T., Greenetech Genetics, Z2-47, K1-98, Jenny
Head to Greenetech Genetics and finish the fight with Z2-47.

Fallout 4 - The Molecular Level, Road to Freedom, Freedom Trail, code, Desdemona
Get on the trail to freedom and suss out the code.

Fallout 4 - Tradecraft, PAM, Deacon, tourist, Carrington's prototype, Deliverer
Meet up with Duncan and grab a few extra goodies along the way.

Fallout 4 - Mercer Safehouse, Signal Interceptor, Tinker Tom, Reflector Platform
Wrapping up the penultimate quest in the game.

Fallout 4 - Institutionalised, Allie Fillmore, Justin Ayo, Madison Li, Clayton Holdren
The end is coming! Completing the final main quest in the game.

Other Fallout 4 guides

Fallout 4 - all Bobblehead locations
Tracking down all 20 of the game's performance-boosting Bobbleheads.

Fallout 4 - Companions, Affinity and Romance
Finding and befriending every Companion in Fallout 4.

Fallout 4 - cheats and console commands
Cheating your way to PC victory with an assortment of console commands.

Fallout 4 - getting started with base building
Ian's got your back with a video guide to building your base.

What does it take to run Fallout 4 at 1080p60?
Digital Foundry walks you through optimising the game on PC.

Fallout 4: Far Harbor guide
A full walkthrough to Fallout 4's biggest DLC expansion, but where to find the best armour and weapons.

Fallout 4: How to start Nuka World DLC
Fallout 4's final add-on Nuka World is out now and here are its opening moments.


Hello, and welcome to the marvellous, fusion-powered future - 2077 to be precise! After the opening cut-scene, you'll get your first glimpse of your new ugly mug in the mirror. If it's not to your liking, don't worry, you're free to make a better, more aesthetically pleasing one using the game's extensive character customisation tools. When you're happy with your tinkering, confirm your changes and prepare to slip into first-person mode.

Explore your home and greet the Vault-Tec salesmen

Your first task is to explore your beautiful, slightly space-age suburban home - so poke your recently-adjusted nose around the place and see what's what. Along the hall to the left of the bathroom you'll find your bedroom and son's nursery, while the living room and kitchen - where Codsworth, your genial robotic manservant awaits - lie to the right. After a short time, you'll hear the front door bell ring - so enter the living room and open the door.

Speak with the Vault Enforcer on your doorstep (selecting the conversation options that take your fancy) and eventually you'll learn that you've been pre-selected to take shelter in Vault 111 - should total atomic annihilation occur. Accept the salesman's offer then prepare to fill in your registration form.

Fill out the registration form and choose your starting stats

This bit of admin enables you to choose your character's name and starting stats. You've 21 points to spend as you wish across the categories of strength, perception, endurance, charisma, intelligence, agility and luck - with explanations of each appearing on-screen should any confusion arise. You can place four points in each category for an initial even spread if you choose, or you might prefer to specialise in certain skills. Spend your points wisely and confirm your selection to continue.

When you're done, your visitor will leave and Codsworth implores you to drop in on your wailing baby. Head back to the nursery along the corridor and play with Shaun. Next, spin the crib mobile as instructed and let your wife know how you feel about going to the park later. As soon as Codsworth interrupts your conversation, leave the nursery and return to the living room - you'll see an important news broadcast on the television.

Make your way to Vault 111

It seems that things are about to get nuclear - so thank goodness you just agreed on that new vault plan, eh? Quickly slip through the front door and follow your wife along the street. Up ahead, an attendant directs you along a footpath to the right. Join the throng of people racing toward the vault and wind your way through the woods, crossing the bridge and moving up the hill.

At the entrance barrier, speak with the solider on duty and pass through the gate. On the other side, follow the attendant along the path and step on the circular platform as instructed. Just in the nick of time, you'll descent to the apparent safety of the vault, passing deep into the bowels of the earth.

Enter the decontamination pod

When the elevator comes to a halt, climb the steps ahead and follow the walkway along into the vault. Pass through the security gate at the end of the route, then grab a jumpsuit from the attendant on your right. Next, follow the doctor along the hallway. When he comes to a halt, activate the decontamination pod on your left as instructed and ready yourself for a long, not-entirely-peaceful slumber. Shortly, the prologue will come to a close.

- The next part of our walkthrough explains how to complete Fallout 4: Out of Time.

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Fallout 4 – 5 Theories That Are Absolutely Terrifying – Fallout 4 Lore and Secrets

Fallout 4 guide

Fallout 4 is bigger than it's ever been, thanks to Far Harbor — and our guide is, too. You can find our Far Harbor walkthrough in the table of contents below.

It's time to go underground with Fallout 4's Vault-Tec Workshop. This downloadable content allows you to build and manage your own vault, Vault 88, and comes with many new vault-related structures and items. Clean bed linens and new toilets for all!

This is also the first Workshop add-on to have quests. Run Vault-Tec approved experiments and decide what kind of Overseer you want to be. In this guide, we'll help you navigate your way through Vault-Tec Workshop.


Whatever your experience level, our Beginner's guide is a primer on how to make the most of your time during the initial hours of your playthrough. Many of our tips will be familiar to Fallout fans, but a refresher never hurts. We also touch upon the new Settlements feature of Fallout 4, which is helpful for a number of the early quests.

Speaking of which, we've organized quests based on the likely order many players might experience during their playthroughs. It assumes you're taking your time with the game rather than mainlining the story. Fallout 4 begins at an extreme corner of the map, which increases the likelihood that you'll come across many of these quests in the order we did.

The same goes for the collectibles in this guide. In a game that is rich in unique items and collectibles, we decided to focus on four categories: Magazines and Bobbleheads for their usefulness in enhancing stats, Holotapes for the occasional arcade game unlock, and Lunchboxes, given the series' history with these pieces of child-sized luggage.

You can also expect updates detailing perks and the Commonwealth's myriad locations.

Table of contents

Beginner's guide (updated)

This is where you'll find a series of tips and tricks to help the unfrozen acclimate to the post-apocalyptic future. After playing dozens upon dozens of hours of Fallout 4, we've expanded this guide with even more.

Companions Guide

Everything you need to know about the 13 friends you can make in The Wasteland — and the perks they can grant you.

Faction guide

Are you a Minuteman or part of a Brotherhood? What does the Institute stand for, and why would you sign up? Ever wanted to ride on a Railroad? Find out everything you need to know about Fallout 4's factions in this section of the guide.

Perks guide

Fallout 4 has more perks than you can shake a box of Rad-X at. We'll tell you to what's valuable and how to use them. We've also included several suggested builds, based on your play style.

13 tips for everybody

Fallout 4 is hard. These 13 tips should help.

Here's how to get unlimited adhesive in Fallout 4

You don't have to dwell in Fallout 4's wasteland for long to realize that the most valuable commodity isn't caps ... it's glue.

A guide to getting rich, getting high, and blowing everything up (without cheating)

The fastest path to riches is farming,


Fallout 4 is an open-world game, and you can explore the wasteland at your leisure. Though it's open-ended, Fallout 4 is filled with quests — some optional, some required — that pull you through the game. We've broken down the quests into a few categories, each of which you can navigate to below.








Bethesda sprinkled Fallout 4 with a light dusting of collectibles, many of which will make your character stronger, while o let you play games. Also, there are lunchboxes. These guides will help you catch 'em all find every one of them.

Far Harbor guide

Far Harbor brings a new, story-based component to to Fallout 4, and we bring you a guide.

Main quests

Acadia quests

Children of Atom quests

Far Harbor quests

Miscellaneous quests

Sours: https://www.polygon.com/fallout-4/2015/11/9/9695714/fallout-4-walkthrough-index

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