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Headless Lake Dipsy is the second phase of Dipsy, the one after Headless Dipsy and the one before Lake Dipsy


I will write this soon...


He is similar to his death body appearance but with more blood, its more tall and haves scales on his body.


He is the threat of Teletubby Lake (Dawn).

He spots the player from a far distance and an slow but loud audio imitating the sound of a frog plays if he spots the player. Like the original Lake Dipsy he is very slow, he kills the player with his claws.

When he is chasing the player and he is near an echo of the walking of the player can be heard.

Sours: https://slendytubbies-oc-remake.fandom.com/wiki/Headless_Lake_Dipsy

Lake Dipsy

Lake Dipsy

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My first Slendytubbies drawing.

Art © Ruption Shine
Slendytubbies © ZeoWorks
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I've been playing 1.21 all day.
There's Dipsy and Final Po (as you said) but there's also the Announcer and Orange Tubby.
The Announcer is in the Military Base, but that was a surprise as I thought there would be the Scythe Tubby by LeyAM in the Military Base?
Also the Orange Tubby in the Training Maze, have you noticed he's the tubby who wrote the notes and journals in the Cave (story mode)?
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Yes, apparently the Orange Tubby is the third Test Subject (If you find the note with the 3 drawings on it), including Claw and Yeti Tubbie. And if you play as the Announcer on Military Base in Versus, it's the one from Survival, while in Collect, it's the Announcer Boss from the Campaign.
Btw, Dipsy is way more better and terrifying than Slendytubbies II Dipsy.
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I'm somewhat believing that in a Slendytubbies 3 expansion,that Dipsy will return as this...Principally as a boss of Survival Mode and playable in Versus Mode...And have a extra chapter where you're fighting the New Borns together with the Military,and when you survive for a time,Tinky Winky(In his TinkyTank transformation as the Phase 2),and after you beat him,Dipsy appears without his chainsaw,and he have more bloddy(cuz he has beated by a freaking laser that makes explosions)and then after that,after quitting Dipsy's health to half,he turns into this monster.(Also,Tinky Winky should have a 3th phase,where he turns into a little bigger TinkyTank and he has the same face he have in Slendytubbies 2.
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Let's all hope he returns in Slendytubbies 3 soon...i'm getting concerned...I think he's a cool character. Spooky Scary Swiggity Swooty Marionette (Chat Icon 
I just think it would be sad for him to be left out and not with the rest of the Slendytubbie family, in the final game.
Sours: https://www.deviantart.com/xamp6/art/Lake-Dipsy-521231423
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Exclamation  10-20-2020, 01:02 AM (This post was last modified: 10-22-2020, 08:24 PM by LeCarmeloth884.)
Well this is my side of the story (with a different font).

When Tinky Winky returned to the house to kill Dipsy, he simply beheaded him with his bare hands, not with a chainsaw, since in that case Tinky Winky should have kept it.
The thing is, when Tinky Winky left the house and Noo-Noo arrived, he saw how the infection affected Dipsy's body.
The case of the mutation in the body of Dipsy and Crawling Tubbie are special, since the virus, instead of making them bigger or taller, tried to compensate that they had lost important parts of their bodies so that they could continue to "live "(I say it in quotation marks because they are already dead) and could fulfill their purpose without problem, which is to "destroy the living and make it reborn".
But Noo-Noo saw that Dipsy could not be a good enemy because he had no head, which made him very helpless, so he searched the tool shop of the Teletubbie house and extracted a chainsaw. Noo-Noo ordered Dipsy to take the chainsaw and not let go of it at all, eventually Dipsy was able to instinctively handle it and thus Dipsy Chainsaw was born. 
Dipsy, along with infected Laa-Laa and Po, would escort and protect Noo-Noo to use his powers and take him quickly towards the satellite station.
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Well, Kuno confirmed that Dipsy Lake originated from Dipsy's severed head, so there's not much to say about that.
But something you do have to wonder about is because it is in a lake. Did he walk? Did his head reach the lake and mutated there?
I will try to answer this. Possibly Noo-Noo discovered that Dipsy's head was trying to mutate regardless of body, so Noo-Noo ordered Dipsy to take him and the head to the lake to get rid of it.
When they were in the lake, where Laa-Laa had already been dead for a while, Dipsy threw his head with great force and it came to rest on a shore of the lake, and then began to be dragged until it ended in a river and finally emptied into the lake we know.
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Well that's it, thank you very much for reading  Big GrinHeart
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im on the border between life and death................you decide which side im on


10-20-2020, 01:25 AM (This post was last modified: 10-20-2020, 01:35 AM by Vengador.)
[Image: latest?cb=20180402162053][Image: PYttcPu.png][Image: iIvOuPb.png] Good theories
!!!Soy Vengador!!!! [Image: LOIh5YG.png]

Noice I like the theory. I would love to do research on why ghost girl is a thing in this game lol and what she did to the people in the school . Kinda disturbing to think of lol

This is a great theory. I congratulate you LeCarmeloth!!

Friends are the ones who always support...They will never abandon you no matter what you do!!!

Thank you all very much Big Grin

Right now I just remembered that I owe you all the drawing of "Tinky Winky but bad D:" and the origin theory of Shadow Tubbie...
I promise you that one day I will publish them, but not now because I am full of tasks ._.XD
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(10-20-2020, 01:39 AM)mahdy358 Wrote: Noice I like the theory. I would love to do research on why ghost girl is a thing in this game lol and what she did to the people in the school . Kinda disturbing to think of lol

Ghost Girl was Laa Laa's imaginary friend so we don’t know that much about what happened with her.

E p i c

[Image: unknown.png]

What about how noo noo became evil?


(10-20-2020, 10:05 AM)claudio08 Wrote: What about how noo noo became evil?

What its Simple He hated the creation

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Sours: http://zeoworks.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=17178
Catching Lake trout with Dipsy divers! DEPTH and SPEED! Red Lake Ontario


  • Alive
  • First Phase
  • Second Phase
First Phase
Second Phase


Headless Dipsy (first phase)
Lake Dipsy (second phase)


Tinky Winky, Laa-Laa, Po (friends)
Noo-noo (friend, formerly)
Blue Workers (victims)*


Deceased (presumably)

Appears in:

Main Land (corpse)
Secret Center (ST-II only)*
Custard Facility (ST-III only)*
Lake *
Training Maze (ST-II only)*

Dipsy is a major character of the Slendytubbies series and one of its primary antagonists when infected.

Dipsy was an experiment subject along with his friends — Tinky Winky, Laa-Laa and Po. He was tested in a futuristic house within a wild surface known as the Main Land and, just like his housemates, was not aware of his situation.

One day, the Green Tubby ate a Tubby Custard together with his beloved, however, Tinky Winky left the home due to an attack of distress during the night he had because of the custard he consumed — Dipsy became one of his victims.

Physical Appearance

Dipsy is similar to his appearance from the Teletubbies; he is a humanoid covered in green fur featuring a spiky antenna on top of his head — his face, along with the inside of his large ears, have a tanned skin texture. Nevertheless, after being massacred by the Purple Tubby, he is seen decapitated, as well as covered in blood.

First Phase

He looks many ways similar to his corpse with the exception of the pelage being paler, less blood on his body — he wields a seemingly bloody chainsaw. In Slendytubbies II, he is noticeable taller, much more muscular than in Slendytubbies III.

Second Phase

In Slendytubbies II, he possess a figure of some sort of a lizard-like creature — quite tall, extended arms and legs. The face of his is grey and contains a mouth of razor-sharp teeth — his eyes glow bright red in darkness. Also, Lake Dipsy’s body is covered in cuts on many sides — their origins are unknown — they are considered to be injuries.

In Slendytubbies III, Dipsy is completely changed, nonetheless, his resemblance to a reptilian-sea monster remains. Small spikes coming out of his arms, legs, and back are an unique feature of his new transformation — he has a rather saturated shade of green color. His face is detectably swollen and noseless — he did not maintain an abdominal screen, however, Lake Dipsy’s red glowing eyes, together with his razor-sharp teeth, are still present.


Known from the original television series, the Green Tubby is described as being sometimes stubborn, sarcastic, intelligent, and mature. Dipsy often wears a cow-skinned hat, his favorite item — he has a good relationship with Laa-Laa.

In the Slendytubbies franchise, not much is noted about him, nevertheless, he does display a helpful, yet lazy attitude. As an Infected, he does not have any personality besides being brutal in the way of killing his victims.




His remains are located inside the Teletubby House near Noo-noo. Unfortunately, he does not take part in any role in the game, only serving as a decorative prop until being presented in a pop-up as a bloody beheaded corpse.

Slendytubbies II

Dipsy returns in Slendytubbies II as one of the tertiary antagonists — especially in his second phase.

In Teletubby Land and in TubbyCraft, he is depicted completely as a cosmetic prop — he does appear in his regular form in one of the pop-ups.

Headless Tubby.png

When corrupted, he is the danger of the Teletubby Secret Center on his first mutation including Teletubby Lake on his second transformation — along with three other threats, Lake Dipsy is also present in the Teletubby Training Maze.

Like other monsters, he walks to the nearest custard from the player and stands on it until the collector moves closer to another porridge. If the player gets close enough, Headless Dipsy is going to chase them until the game ends. On his first corruption, he will kill the player by physical contact due to his hit-box being placed on his chainsaw, which is positioned forwards. On his second mutation, he swings his head as an attempt to headbutt the protagonist with it if they are next to Dipsy. Of course, if he successfully hits the player, the custard-collector will die — Dipsy will then chase down any remaining collectors.

On his second transformation, he detects the player from an extremely large distance, and Lake Dipsy keeps walking rather than running like other creatures do. Howsoever way it be, in the Teletubby Training Maze, he notices the custard-collector from the same radius as the three other monsters do. Also, he chases the player with the same speed, albeit his running matches his walking animation.

Slendytubbies III

It was green and carried a chainsaw. But worse of all it had no head, yet it was still alive.

— Ron — describing Dipsy.

In both Campaign and Multiplayer of Slendytubbies III, Dipsy makes a come back, nonetheless, he plays a much more structured role.


Chapter 0 — “It Was Good”

Chapter 0 it is when Dipsy is first seen inside the home — waiting for Po to return. The Green Tubby explained that he lost his hat a long time ago — the Red Tubby prepares Tubby Custards for her friends and herself. Ten hours later, after Tinky Winky broke the Tubby Custard Machine and left the house, Po is given the choice to wake Dispy, along with Laa-Laa, up or go alone.

If the Red Tubby wakes the two up and tells them that Tinky Winky disappeared, Dipsy is going to stay in the house for the possibility that the Purple Tubby comes back.

After Po found out Tinky Winky is at the beach, while escaping him, she returns to the Teletubby Home only to witness that Dipsy has been decapitated — he has been murdered off-screen.

Chapter 3 — “Run Away”

Dipsy is depicted as a minor antagonist during the third Chapter — before The Guardian arrived to the Satellite Station, the Green Tubby entered the facility and, furthermore, killed all of its engineers known as the Blue Workers. Interestingly, Headless Dipsy missed only one, named Ron — Ron is going to speak to The Guardian and make him aware about what happened. However, after the White Tubby got his way through the vents, Dipsy found Ron therefore brutally dismembered him.

Dipsy briefly appears in his healthy form as an hallucination that The Guardian sights while heading to the Secret Center. The hallucination does not last for long as it flashes back to reveal the Green Tubby’s current corrupted state. The Guardian is going to be hunted by Chainsaw Dipsy until reaching the entrance where the security laser is stationed — afterwards, Dipsy is not seen or mentioned again.


On Collect and Versus, Dipsy in his first corrupted state is danger of the Custard Facility at night and on the Lake oh his second transformation.

Like the rest of the enemies, Dipsy will approach the closest custard from the player and wander around it until he spots the player — either by the protagonist being in his field of vision. When the latter is spotted, Dipsy will chase down the player until there are no nearby custard-collectors. If he is next to a player, he is going to use his chainsaw or his claws, depending on his mutation, to attack, which will murder any player within range. He can be a considerable danger in both of his mutations — his first infection has a slow attack animation, nevertheless, the map can sometimes be cramped, whereas his second corrupted state features an incredibly quick attack speed, luckily, Lake Dipsy can be outrun due to the spacious nature of the map.


Chainsaw Dipsy is the boss of the tenth wave in the Custard Facility during the night — he can use two fire-based Special Abilities, which are named “Fire Toss” and “Fire Blast”.

Lake Dipsy is the sole boss at the tenth wave on Lake — he can use a single water-based special ability that is called “Water Shot”.

For more detailed information, see Survival.


Dipsy is available on both of his transformation to be spawned as an enemy or an ally to the player — he is also available as a playable character.

A non-playable reskin of his first mutation, known as the Infected Worker, is spawnable only as an enemy.

For more detailed information, see Sandbox.

Slendytubbies 2D

Dipsy's Corpse Sprite.png
Dipsy Sprite 1.png

The Green Tubby was meant to be in Slendytubbies 2D, unexplainably, he was removed from it for unknown reasons. Nonetheless, Dipsy was added in the V1.5 update — only represented on his second infection on the Lake.

Like several other reborn, he constantly follows the player while being invisible — If he is looked at from afar, he will freeze in place and become detectable. When the antagonist is close enough to him while visible, Lake Dipsy will send a scream and begin to chase the latter until the collector get far away enough.

In Versus, on Lake, the host of the game plays as Lake Dipsy.



In one of the pop-ups.


Dipsy's body texture

Slendytubbies II

Secret Center

In Slendytubbies II.

Teletubby Lake

In Slendytubbies II.

Headless dippy attack

Headless Dipsy attacking animation.

A grotesque version of Dipsy, together with Laa-Laa, in one of the pop-ups.


Dipsy’s second mutation — Lake Dipsy.

Sours: https://slendytubbies.fandom.com/wiki/Dipsy

Lake dipsy


Lake Dipsy Vs Mr Hopps stick nodes animation/horror battles


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