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Red Komodo Camera Specs &#; Footage

The coveted RED Komodo camera is FINALLY on the market (as of ), and video creators of all natures are in love with it already. But what makes it so special? What sort of specs and technical build makes videographers swoon?

Before we dive into the technical specifications, let’s give this camera a proper introduction. 

What is the RED Komodo?

Welcome to the RED Komodo- a masterpiece built from innovating and revolutionizing cinematic film. In summary, it is a compact digital cinema camera. Note the word compact. This rig features all the high-quality specs you’d expect from a RED product, except it is all packed into a small and slim body frame.

Top RED Komodo Camera Specs 

This is arguably one of the most (if not THE most) impressive compact cinematic camera releases of To start off, this rig features a global shutter that utilizes high-quality sensor technology. That means your shots will have a dynamic range and capture every movement. 

Another top spec is the Komodo’s ability to shoot 6K cinema footage, which is quite impressive. RED Komodo 6k resolution allows videographers to create some truly advanced visuals. 

Quick Spec Snapshot 

If you are in a hurry and want a quick look at the RED Komodo camera specs, speak no more. Here is a list-like snapshot of what you&#;ll receive in this premier camera. Note: This technical informal is taken straight from the RED website.

Sensor Type


Effective Pixels


Sensor Size


Dynamic Range


Playback Frame Rates 

, 24, 25, , 30, 50, , 60 FPS, ALL RESOLUTIONS

REDCODE RAW Acquisition Formats

6K ( X ), AND

5K ( X )

4K ( X )

2K ( X )

Apple Prores 





Battery Type





This is NOT the entire spec list. A full, comprehensive listing of all official technical specifications of the RED Komodo can be found here.

Watch RED Komodo In Action

Do you want to see the RED Komodo camera in action? We love this RED Komodo video where you can see an unboxing, view test footage, and even download sample footage from the video creator. The footage download link is the first one listed in the video description. 

So, what do you think of the legendary RED Komodo camera, and do you plan on using it in the future?


RED Komodo 6K Sample R3D Footage

Komodo, the newest cinema camera from RED with a Super35 6K sensor, just started to reach the hands of first users. I must say that we are as much as excited as everyone in the industry!

The new RED camera is a huge breakthrough. It brings amazing video quality, small form factor and the best possible RED RAW R3D codec &#; which we love. Comments from early adopters are amazing. One of the many interesting things is a super battery life with hot-swappable ports. It means you can replace one battery, while the camera is running on the other one.

Together with first tests and opinions, we can also find something we&#;ve been all waiting for &#; a sample footage!

Phil Holland was kind enough to share it as one of the first. Enjoy!

What do you guys think? Are you excited?

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RED Komodo: Where are the Sample Footage?

The RED Komodo might be defined as the most intriguing piece of gear to be announced. This “Badass little RED” is out there in the hands of filmmakers that have been shooting with it aggressively. However, we haven’t seen a shot. Why? Read below.


In case you are living inside a cave and don’t know what Komodo is, check out our articles (all 13 of them) about the “affordable” action camera by RED. The success of this camera is critical, even crucial, to RED Digital Cinema (we’ll explain this thesis in a dedicated article). The Komodo is a courageous business step by RED company to penetrate to the masses that have the desire to shoot R3Ds but can’t afford it. Now and then, RED teases us about the Komodo being used by professional content creators. Till now, we get a solid idea of how the Komodo looks like, including accurate dimensions. There are RED fans that even 3D printed a precise model of it. Furthermore, there are in-depth stormy discussions about the Komodo on REDUser and on Komodo’s FB page. Check them out to join the conversation.

RED, Komodo and Mac Pro. Picture credit: RED Digital Cinema

We know that the Komodo has already shot a feature directed by Steven Soderbergh (Let Them All Talk). Soderbergh is known for being an early adopter of a new piece of technology. Moreover, in the era of COVID, Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion (shot on the RED One MX) is the second-hottest movie in the Warner Bros catalog.

Steven Soderbergh uses ice pack to cool the RED One on Ché set. Source: REDUser. Credit: Unknown

However, the trailer hasn&#;t released yet, so we can’t see any Komodo footage. By the way, according to Jarred land, the president of RED Digital Cinema, Soderbergh didn&#;t have an R3D recording on Komodo when he shot his film. Jarred says that Soderbergh directly recorded the 4k 12g stream, which it was the first test of Komodo’s first-ever implementation of 4k 12g SDI. Soderbergh tested the Komodo on real production. But that’s the Soderbergh’s method.

RED Komodo on "Red Notice" set. Credit: Jarred Land Instagram

I am not putting prototype Komodos in all these guys&#; hands to make pretty pictures.. but I am putting prototype Komodo in their hands for them to try and break

Jarred Land, RED president

As we speak, professionals filmmakers are trying out the Komodo. Matrix 4, The Suicide Squad, and Red Notice are examples of blockbusters being shot on Komodo. Also, we wrote about Michael Bay’s Superbowl Hard Rock Commercial, which has been released with Komodo footage. However, we don’t know for sure what are the Komodo shots, because it’s hard to distinguish the Komodo footage since the cuts are extremely short (the Bayhem style).

Michael Bay and the RED Komodo. Credit: Jarred Land Instagram

That&#;s why we do this testing.. to find problems, and fix them so when you do get the camera in your hands; it’s the best it possibly can be. Everything before that shouldn&#;t really matter.

Jarred Land, RED president

Jarred has shed some light on the reasons Komodo footage has not been revealed yet. As stated by Jarred (on REDUser): “These are not our productions that the cameras are being used on. The testing I have been sending Komodo out on are not RED marketing exercises, which we just get to throw around footage because you all ask for it, they are real productions using the cameras in real ways. And once shooting is finished, as you all know, there are editing and VFX and post and then a completely separated release schedule, that has nothing to do with us. And lots of those productions are very sensitive in storylines, which means they really don&#;t wasn&#;t anything out there till release, or at least the trailer. Even Soderbergh, who was one of the first to sling the Komodo last year, hasn&#;t released his movie yet. You got lucky with the Bay stuff because that was a Superbowl commercial that had an insane deadline, and they ended up dramatically changing the commercial because of the Kobe helicopter crash, which gave them even less time…I know it sounds strange, but I am not putting prototype Komodos in all these guys&#; hands to make pretty pictures.. but I am putting prototype Komodo in their hands for them to try and break. So yeah&#; Soderbergh, Matrix, The Suicide Squad, Momoa, Red Notice, and the handful of other productions that have used the camera get to release footage when they want. And remember&#; ALL the footage that has been shot is pre-released footage&#; Soderbergh didn&#;t have R3D recording when he shot his film, and if you look at the footage between the prototypes in Jan vs. the ones now, the IQ (image quality) difference is night and day. It&#;s why we do this testing.. to find problems, and fix them so when you do get the camera in your hands; it’s the best it possibly can be. Everything before that shouldn&#;t really matter&#;. 

Jarred Land, Lana Wachowski and the Komodo

No. There is not. We are circulating in a delicate and complicated situation due to COVID Camera manufacturers&#; employees are working from home, and the filmmaking industry is negatively affected. However, there is room for optimism, since this situation is temporary and things will get better soon. I believe coronavirus will delay the release of Komodo like everything else that will be delayed. Nevertheless, stay tuned (and optimist). We’ll keep you posted.

Yossy Mendelovich

Yossy is a filmmaker who specializes mainly in action sports cinematography. Yossy also lectures about the art of independent filmmaking in leading educational institutes, academic programs, and festivals, and his independent films have garnered international awards and recognition.
Yossy is the founder of Y.M.Cinema Magazine.

RED Komodo Review [RED Komodo 6K Sample Footage Download]

Driven Films takes the RED Komodo 6K for a test drive

Wanting to see what all of the hype was about, the Driven Films team took the brand new, unreleased RED Komodo 6K cinema camera for a test drive this past weekend. The RED Komodo 6K sports a Super 35 sensor capable of capturing × 6K Redcode RAW footage. The RED Komodo 6K was initially released in limited-edition colors that were made available only to select individuals or studios.

Following the special edition models came the Stormtrooper Edition, which is the model I tested. Upon launch the RED Komodo 6K will come in a standard black variant.

RED Komodo Stills_jpg

So, you’re interested in the Komodo. There isn’t all that much information on the camera yet, even from RED directly. While the Komodo is still in beta, it’s set to release sometime in Fall Luckily some Stormtrooper owners are renting their Komodo out on websites like This allowed Driven Films to reserve one locally (well, kind of locally) and give the camera a try.

In this first impression video, I tell you exactly what I thought of the RED Komodo 6K based on a few test shoots as well as a client shoot for Cars & Coffee Palm Beach. If you want to know what I thought of the RED Komodo 6K watch this video below.

If you’d like to download a few sample clips that I shot on the Komodo 6K, click the button below. The footage is yours to test out and use to get an idea of what the RED Komodo 6K is capable of. You may not use this footage in a commercial project. Please be sure to hashtag #DrivenFilms and tag us on Instagram @driven.films

I put this little camera through as much as I could in the short amount of time I had my hands on it. From handheld footage at the Jupiter Inlet Beach, to low light testing in downtown West Palm Beach, to throwing the Komodo on our chase vehicle to capture some car to car shots, the Komodo performed, and beyond what was expected.

The RED Komodo 6K has a Canon RF Mount however, with the use of an RF to EF adapter, you can use lenses such as the trust Sigma mm ART lens (EF Mount).
RED Komodo Stills_jpg

YouTube, Gear ReviewsJoe NickloRED, Camera Gear


Komodo footage red sample

This hands-on review of the RED Komodo contains the best footage I’ve seen it produce so far

Recently, we posted a video by filmmaker Joey Helms about his shiny new RED Komodo 6K camera, and five reasons why you might want to get one. He got a lot of questions asked in response to posting that video, so he’s created this minute follow up to provide a full hands-on review and blast through as many of those questions as possible.

Joey seems to know what he’s talking about with this camera, too, as the video shows some of the finest sample footage I’ve seen shot with the RED Komodo so far. Whether that’s down to the camera settings used or the work he does in post, I’m not entirely sure but he sure makes that thing look pretty amazing.

Joey’s video is broken down into sections, talking about the different aspects of the camera. He also includes sample footage shot in three very different conditions. 6pm footage, where it’s still rather bright out, 6am footage when the sun’s just starting to make an appearance to test the dynamic range, and 11pm footage once the sun has made its descent to see how it performs in low light.

Here’s a full breakdown of the different sections.

  • – ‘6PM’ Footage Sequence
  • – A Message For You!
  • – Compression, File Sizes, & Crop
  • – RAPID ROUND I: Features
  • – Dynamic Range incl. ‘6AM’ Footage Sequence
  • – Audio
  • – RAPID ROUND II: Accessories
  • – Footage Download / #komodochallenge
  • – Low Light incl. ’11PM’ Footage Sequence
  • – Menu & Wireless Control

Joey has even offered up the sample footage he shot for the video for download so that you can all have a play with it yourself. In fact, he’s created a challenge to see exactly what people will make of it. If you do make something with it, feel free to share it in the comments here, too.

In between all the gorgeous footage, Joey talks about the different functions, features and capabilities of the camera, along with a couple of rapid-fire rounds where he answers questions posted on his previous video.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a RED Komodo 6K Cinema Camera, then it’s well worth a watch. Even if you haven’t, but want to see some nice eye candy footage, you might want to check it out.

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RED Komodo 4K Hawaii Test Footage!

RED Komodo Sample Footage Available for Download

Red Digital Cinema has been slowly releasing glimpses of its upcoming Komodo 6K camera for about a year now. The seemingly endless teasing has ratcheted up everyone’s anticipation for what we are hoping will be something incredible.

They’ve been rather shy in sharing the details about the full capabilities of the camera and with good reason; the marketplace has a lot more competition than when they first release the Red One in Red is no longer the maverick, disruptive tidal wave it used to be and companies like Blackmagic, Z CAM, and Kinefinity are chomping at the bit to one-up them.

But today, we finally have another glimpse of what will be! Phil Holland has a raw clip to share for us nerdy pixel-peepers to tear apart. Let’s have a look.

“The Medium is the Message,” Marshall McLuhan famously said that in Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, and this sample clip is a comical illustration of that concept. Though we’ll just look at the image, and not worry about how this evolution of technology will impact the future of humanity.

Phil delivers this sample clip to us as a piece to camera with teasing that he is going to unveil the full resolution sample clip for us to download, but it ends up really being the clip that we’re already watching. My apologies if I spoiled that for anyone.

Now on to this clip!

  • ISO:
  • Shutter:
  • Kelvin:
  • Tint:
  • Frame Rate: 24fps
  • File Size: GB

In the description, Phil tells us that this was shot in 6K using the native REDCODE RAW HQ codec at 24fps and that is really all the information we get about what we’re seeing here.

There is no mention of ISO, Shutter, Lens, or anything we can use to evaluate this against the competition. But just like Mr. McLuhan said, the content is less important than the message itself.

When we dig into the metadata in REDCINE-X, it reveals it was shot at an ISO, and the color temp settings are +, and this speaks volumes about this camera. The short version is, the colors and quality of the image it creates is absolutely stunning.

Its beautiful skin tones remind me of Canon colors but with a little extra something that seems to make the subject pop.

In previously released videos, you can see a massive green shift in the highlights when compared to a Helium 8K camera. Red has clearly done a lot of work in developing this little guy.

Any properly exposed image can be corrected in post, so when I’m looking at a camera I like to see how well it handles underexposed images as well as slightly overexposed shots when I’m back in the edit suite. Unfortunately we don’t have that to test at the moment, but just playing around with the sliders, I’m totally impressed.

It seems like there is endless amounts of data in the highs, and the very little noise in the lows.

I’m all around rather taken with the Komodo after seeing this shot, and I can’t wait to get my hands on one.


Let’s talk about the marketing maneuver RED is making with the Komodo 6K. Frankly, it’s kind of annoying. Since about this time last year, I’ve been hearing about this camera on blogs. It started out as surgically placed whispers, then a shot of a name plate.

They followed that up with a shot of the headphone inputs.

And then, we heard Steven Soderbergh was testing the camera. *That was in August of

A shot here. A clip there. Pictures of it colored orange, and white. And now, here we are with something we can sink our teeth into, finally.

Red has so much to offer as a company and I’m sure this camera will be fantastic, but this attempt at viral marketing has been a real dud. It didn’t work with the failed Hydrogen One, and I don’t feel like it is working now.

The specs that I’ve heard are a little lackluster when you compare it to a feature-packed camera like the  Z CAM F6 or an all-in-one like a C III but the quality of the image is going to be pretty hard to beat.

What I like about this camera is the global shutter, and integrated RF mount. This will allow you to adapt this camera to a fair range of lenses, use Canon’s Drop-In ND filter mount with EF glass, and even attach a focal adapter for a Full Frame look.

There is a serious lack of inputs on the body, however, for It doesn’t appear to have TC-IN, audio is a mm Jack (no XLR), and the power is maxed out so it can’t provide power to an external monitor from the body. That is easily solved by using a V-Mount plate or potentially Core SWX Nano batteries which have D-Tap and USB power.

All around, though, this clip leaves me hungry for more. RED, if you’re listening, we all want this to be the greatest camera ever. Please make them and release them as quickly as you can. I’d be ecstatic to be shooting with this camera. RED is still at the top of their game.

Here are a few other sample shots I found online if you’d like to take a look.

And, you can find our complete coverage of the Komodo 6K here.

[source: Phil Holland]


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