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Metal RV covers or motorhome covers are reliable for protecting your RVs from various weather elements. Made by 100% galvanized steel, a metal RV cover is far better choice than fabric RV covers, portable trailer covers, or foldable motorhome covers due to metal’s robustness. Ironic and remarkable in looks, these prefab metal buildings are not as expensive as they look. In fact, metal RV cover price with free delivery and installation starts from $1,195 with a regular roof, 18ft width and 21ft length.


Our many customers have been using our Metal RV covers for sheltering their RVs, boats, trailers, and other equipment. A metal RV and motorhome covers from VikingSteelStructures’ protects your vehicle from any damage due to severe weather conditions. Metal motorhome covers serve as a second home, so it deserves the utmost level of care, and installing metal motorhome covers is the best solution to offer proper protection to recreational vehicles and travel trailers.

The complete pricing list of RV covers in various states of United States is listed below.

– Prices are valid for Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia and Illinois.

Regular StyleBoxed Eave StyleVertical Roof Style

– Prices valid for Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Indiana and New York

Regular StyleBoxed Eave StyleVertical Roof Style
Regular StyleBoxed Eave StyleVertical Roof Style

*The above prices are subject to change per manufacturer.

All the above prices are for standard Motorhome Covers with 14 Gauge steel. These prices are subject to change as per the manufacturer.

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Cheaper than RV garages, RV shelters and carports offer excellent sun and weather protection without the permits.  TCM readers recommend the best brands and offer invaluable tips on design and installation process.

RV Shelters For Campers

We stored our camper in a RV garage during a summer stay in southern Florida about a year ago.  For those who aren’t versed in southern Florida’s typical summer weather, it goes something like this; hot, humid and sunny followed by a crack open in the sky and then it rains cats, coconuts, and lizards – for about half an hour – everyday.  Rinse (literally) and repeat.  That’s southern Florida in July, August, and September.

When this daily routine occurred, I was so incredibly glad our camper was safely stored under a solid roof.  We have used and maintained Sikaflex 715 sealant and EternaBond on our roof, but the rain comes down so hard in southern Florida that you begin to wonder if even that double-seal could withstand the assault.  A high quality cover would certainly help, but nothing is going to give the peace of mind that a solid roof above your camper provides.

If money grew on palm trees, we wouldn’t hesitate to build an honest to goodness RV garage.  No doubt they provide the best protection for RVs, but at a price.  A portable or permanent RV shelter or carport does nearly the same trick.  A hard roof to block the sun and rain for a fraction of the cost, build time, and permit pulling?  Yes, please!

Perhaps this is why so many readers have a RV shelter or carport for their truck camper.  They make a lot of sense.  Honestly, I don’t know why the dealers don’t at least offer them when they sell you a camper.  I bet a lot of folks would say, “Yeah, I’ll take one of those.  When can it be installed?”

If only it were that simple.  There are a myriad of shelter and carport brands, sizes, designs and features.  One size does not fit all.  The good news is that 19 fellow truck campers have taken the time to share their choices and experiences.  Isn’t this community awesome?  We’ve got each other covered.

Four Bay Metal Carport For RV Use

“I have an unknown carport brand. It’s a 26-foot by 50-foot four bay metal carport with a 14.5-foot roof. It was $7,100 installed.

We had the company construct it on dirt with no electricity. That way we didn’t have to go through the county permit process. They did install mobile home anchors. The anchors look like a 4-foot spiral slinky that goes into the ground along the base.

I added Coleman 100-watt solar panels with controllers to charge all of my trailers and toys that are parked inside the carport.

The front and back of the carport are open. Front roll up doors and back walls would have added an additional $11,000 to the build. We were just looking to keep the 110-degree sun and minimal central California rain off. The camper sits on its legs with a Calmark cover on it.

We contacted GreenTek in Dinuba, California for black netting that the local farmers use on their carports. It’s cheap and they cut it to size. We hang it from the top beams. It keeps the sun off and can be driven through when moving trailers.

The sun tears up everything. Get a great quality cover. It’s worth it the money. Get a carport as a minimum. They are cheap. Every climate brings its unique challenges and everyone online is ready to critique not knowing your circumstances for camper storage.” – Ed Lardner, 2008 Ford F350, 2008 Arctic Fox 990

Best Shelter Camper Eagle Cap

“I originally designed the RV port to house our 1988 Lance 980. Our ultimate dream was fulfilled when we purchased the 2016 Eagle Cap 1165.

I can move the camper and utilize the cement slab for other work projects. A friend from church is in the construction business, and he did a wonderful job at constructing the port. I wanted a larger one, but space availability limited the external dimensions. I also wanted a 14-foot opening and this was achieved.

To do all over again, I would have moved the fence and trimmed the trees. I would have also poured a larger slab. The present dimensions are 12-foot by 24-feet. With the three slide-outs on the 1165, I would have poured a 16-foot wide by 26-foot long slab.

In fact, I am in the process of designing modifications to the structure to accommodate the slides. Any input or suggestions would be appreciated. I would use the same steel building materials, but my contractor is aging and in bad health, so I am on my own.

Don’t scrimp on materials. Go big enough to accommodate future expansion needs.” – Paul Roberson, 2014 Ford F-350, 2016 Eagle Cap 1165

Car Port Next To 2 Car Garage

“My carport is built onto the end of a two car garage and shop. The carport is merely an extension of the garage. It is mostly just a roof extension with overhang to protect the truck and camper.

Camper Covered In The Snow

We built it so we could close it in if we ever wanted to some day. My wife and I are perfectly happy with the far end being open. We can easily pull the truck out from under the camper.” – Gary Gadwa, 2012 Ford F-350, 2010 Eagle Cap 950

Covered Building For Camper In Winter

“I designed a 16-foot wide by 40-foot long by 14-foot tall pole building styled shelter with a 5-feet of wall extending down from the top. The roof is constructed by sixteen 6/12 trusses with 1-foot overhang. It is supported by 6-foot by 6-foot by 18-foot treated posts that are buried 4-feet into the ground on 24-inch concrete pads. The floor is concrete.

I gave the plans to a local pole building contractor and he bid it out for $10,000.

The project did go as planned and I’m very pleased with the building. The contractor did an excellent job and completed the building and the driveway within a week.

After five years of use, I don’t think I would change anything. I have since built a storage box for storing the truck’s tonneau cover and tailgate when we are on the road. I have even built a pulley system, designed to lift the tailgate off the truck and glide it over to the side and easily lower it into the storage box.

It really is a simple design which any pole building contractor should erect without any difficulty. I love it because of its durability.” – Ken Pastorius, 2015 GMC 3500, 2012 Arctic Fox 1150

Constructing Car Port For Northern Lite

“We bought our RV cover (carport) from Coast to Coast Carport. It is an A-frame vertical style RV cover that cost $3,500. This was a large scale project that required checking city codes, measuring the available space on the west side of our house, and hiring a concrete contractor to pour 35-yards of concrete.

We also had to relocate our home air conditioner from the west side of our house to the south side. I spent a lot of time researching and purchasing the RV carport, installing the RV cover, installing lights, and adding 30-amp shore power.

I was the contractor and hired out all of the different sub-contractor work. Five different sub-contractors worked on our RV cover project; a concrete crew, an air conditioner relocation crew, two different RV Cover crews and an electrical crew. In several instances, I also helped the different crews when they needed a hand.

Car Port For Northern Lite Camper From Weather

The carport has been awesome. Our truck and camper are both protected from the elements when we are home. We have 300-amp shore electrical power, 120-volt electrical power, lighting, a concrete driveway, and potable water.

Are you sitting down? We also have a dump station T-connected into our sewer system! It’s a full hookup, covered storage area right beside our home.

We spent extra money along the way but, looking back, we have no regrets about any of those decisions. For example, we used re-bar in the concrete even though many people are starting to use cheaper alternatives like concrete fiber additives.

We purchased an A-frame vertical RV carport because it is certified up to 110 mile per hour winds. It also has a much higher snow weight load than horizontal metal buildings. We recommend building it like you want it and try to do everything with an eye towards quality control.” – Sean Engle, 2016 Ford F-350, 2017 Northern Lite 10-2

Affordtable Buildings Jones

“I installed the 36-foot by 12-foot pole barn RV port by Affordable Buildings (I believe). I found the kit on Craigslist. It was $1,500, plus $100 for the delivery of the materials.

I would say it would difficult for most people to install. If you are handy and in fairly good shape, it’s a project worth taking on.

The shelter does everything I hoped it would do. It keeps the rain, sun, and leaves off the camper.

One very important dimension to consider besides length and width is the height. Make sure you know the height of your camper on the truck including the air conditioning unit. Remember that you have to jack your camper up from there to remove it from your truck.” – Rick Jones, 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 3500, 2018 Arctic Fox 1150

Pergola Type Building For Northstar Camper

“I have a homemade pergola-type cover. My son and a few grandsons came to help me build it. It keeps most of the sun, rain and snow off it.

I had been storing my truck camper in a garage but, when I got a new camper, it no longer fit. That is the reason I built the pergola-type port to store my camper.” – Allen Brummel, 2013 Ram 2500, 2016 Northstar 650SC

Rhino Shelter Covered For Camper

“We have a Rhino Shelter that is 12-feet wide, 12-feet high and 28-feet long. Four years ago it cost $1,700 without shipping. I picked it up at the dealer.

It is pretty easy to install. Our son and I erected the frame and I installed the cover. It took most of a day to complete the job ourselves.

Our shelter is great and protects the camper from sun, rain and snow load. It is a very durable cover and it barely shows any wear after four years.

We have some big snow falls here and lots of very windy days. There have been no problems so far!” – John and Cathy Strasser, 2012 Chevy 2500HD, 2013 Eagle Cap 850

Hay shed To Protect Camper

“We have a homemade shelter. My husband built a big three bay hay shed back in the 1980s. It did not take long to build. I use one bay for my camper and a neighboring farmer uses the rest for some of his equipment

There are also two 15-amp outlets in the bay I’m using. It’s great for plugging in the camper when needed. I have a sonic mouse deterrent plugged into the other outlet. The upper half has sliding doors as well.” – Maaja Sutak, 2012 GMC Sierra, 2017 Northstar Adventurer

Best Car Port For Campers

“This large carport was built for a motorhome. The carport itself cost $4,700 when it was installed in 2011.

The shed was built on site from a company called Factory Direct, Inc. out of Orlando, Florida. I would not use this company again. I was rather picky about having everything vertical, plum and square. It has held up to a few hurricanes though.

This shelter is just what we needed. It is open on the sides so we get a nice breeze. This makes the structure comfortable to work in year round. During a real storm, water does come into the structure because of the openness. But this is not a problem. Our camper stays pretty dry.

This extra large carport is 20-feet by 36-feet by 12-feet high on the sides. This makes it even higher on the peak. The galvanized square tubing is 2.5-inches.” – Rob and Dawn Zimmerman, 2016 Ram 3500, 2017 Arctic Fox 1150

Catapult Structures For RVs Fitch

“I bought a steel carport from Catapult Structures. It is 12-feet by 21-feet by 8-feet high. The cost was about $2,000. The manufacturer showed up with a crew and all the parts. They had it up and anchored in about four hours.

It is a beautiful carport. However, I do wish I had made it about 4-feet longer. When the sun is low it will hit one end of the camper. To mitigate this, I hook some shade cloth over the front of my camper.

I also wish it was 1-foot higher. My advice is to go longer and a bit higher if you have the room. It’s nice to have plenty of room to move all around the camper when all is said and done.

Properly leveling the ground is paramount with these structures since the legs rest on a continuous steel foot for the length of the carport. A year later I added a concrete slab.

I wish I had done the slab first and then just mounted the carport on top of it. Things were more difficult because I did not spend the money for the slab up-front.” – Tom Fitch, 2002 Toyota Tacoma, 2016 Outfitter Caribou Lite

“I have a 24-foot by 31-foot carport with 12-foot sides. It’s from Carolina Carports. For the concrete and carport the cost was $7,000.

The installation took one afternoon with a crew of three. The local dealer told me of a concrete man and then Carolina Carport furnished the crew for the install.

It does protect the camper from the weather and sun. I had the carport installed adjacent to an existing concrete structure and can back it in far enough to keep the sun off the front of the camper. The side panels go all the way to the pad protecting the sides of the camper.

I ordered the carport that is hurricane rated for 120-mile per hour winds. It did its job when Irma came through last year.” – Michael Suan, 2009 Chevy 2500HD, 2010 Lance 830

Sonoran Style Car Port for RVs

“I have a Sonoran-style carport from Absolute Steel in Phoenix. It’s 12-foot by 12-foot by 25-feet. It was about $2,500, including delivery, but not including installation.

The flat gravel pad I sit it on has been a continuing project over the last couple of years. It started as a place to park a bumper-pull.

Once we settled on the Northern Lite and decided we wanted a cover, the actual shelter took me and a buddy just one full day of work to, as they say in the steel building business, erect.

It seems to work so far. I have some extra steel (the company sent replacements for a couple of panels with minor shipping damage). I will probably add one more row of panels on the west side for the afternoon sun and prevailing storm and wind protection.

Our corner of Montana seems to be suffering more frequent and more severe hail storms every summer. The peace of mind the shelter affords is well worth it. We considered it to be basically just part of the cost of owning a nice truck and camper.” – Scott Ellis, 2012 Chevy 3500, 2018 Northern Lite Queen Classic SE

RV Car Port And Garage

“I designed my combination workshop and camper port to fit a sloped area next to our existing garage. I obtained building permit. Unfortunately I was limited in height and footprint due to property line set-backs.

I did the construction. With the help of friends and neighbors we did the framing and pouring of concrete piers, wall raising, truss fitting and roofing. It went well and I am very pleased with the results.

If I were to do it again, I would negotiate harder to encroach a bit more on my wife’s garden. I could have made the camper port a couple of feet wider.

Keep your design simple and get working on relationships with friends and neighbors. I was surprised at how eager they were to assist. Also, I found the building inspectors very helpful.” – Steve Mullen, 2013 Ford F-150, 2012 Northern Lite Sportsman 8’11”

“Eagle Shelter System was the supplier. I am not sure of actual brand name. It was approximately $3,400. I installed the cover with a couple of buddies on a weekend day. The install was pretty easy.

I have a 25-foot by 24-foot shelter. The camper is on one side and my boat is on the other. It works well and keeps the sun and rain off the vehicles.

If you don’t have room for a permanent shelter the portable ones are great. In my location a permit was not needed to put up shelter because it is portable.” – Kelvin Kohanes, 2017 Ford F-350, 1994 Caribou

Carport Canopy Being Constructed

“I have a canopy from Northwest Metal Buildings in Hillsboro, Oregon. The cost with tax was $1,557 in September of 2011.

The canopy measures 12-feet wide by 26-feet long. The roof trusses are pre-manufactured along with the correct length of aluminum roof panels. Everything was brought over by trailer and four workers had it installed in less than an hour.

Carport Being Built In A Day

The truck and camper are both well protected. If I had solar panels they would never get charged. I put a 30-amp plug-in on the side of the garage. Because the aluminum siding that could be added would be quite expensive, I decided to use a 12-foot by 24-foot tarp on the left side to deflect rain, and a tarp across the back to shield the afternoon sun.

Truck And Camper Under Canopy

In hindsight I should have had the roof lowered about 18-inches and extended the length of the canopy to 28-feet. This would have given a little more room to park the truck under the canopy/camper when it’s off-loaded.” – Roger Odahl, 2008 Dodge Ram 3500, 2004 Eagle Cap 950

RV Porch Shelter Fifth Wheel

“A number of years ago I had a custom-built shed constructed in my yard. It is 30-feet by 40-feet by 16-feet high. I also had a porch added which is the same size. Both have concrete floors.

My fifth wheel and truck camper are stored under the roof of the porch. I have room to drive between the two so I can enter the shop through the 12-foot by 12-foot rollup door.

It works great. I added RV electric for both the trailer and the camper. I can be prepared to head out at any time with either RV.

In hindsight, I would have extended the porch roof by 10-feet so the entire camper would be under shelter. I would also have the electrical connectors run to the far end of the porch along with air pressure so I would not need to run extension hoses or cords.

Would I use the same contractors? Only if it was the dad; the son was too much of a ‘know it all’. That’s why the porch floor is concave instead of convex. This results in water pooling up at least two-inches deep every time it rains.

Make your plans early, discuss them well and ensure you include everything you want before the contractor shows up to disturb the soil. I forgot to put the pipe in for the sewer line so now I always need to run to the house if I need to go. The sewer line is 200-feet from the shop, so it is not a short dig.” – Harry Palmer, 2008 Dodge Ram 2500, 2008 Lance 915

“I do not know what brand of shelter I have, but it cost about $1,700 installed. It was installed by the seller, and only took the installers about 1.5 hours to erect it.

It absolutely does the job. My camper looks pristine and it’s five years old.

I got the idea after my first winter with my boat. I kept it outside under a Sunbrella cover and when I looked inside it had mold and mildew from one end to the other. It obviously wasn’t getting enough ventilation.

When I bought my camper, I bought another car port for it. It’s great. It keeps the rain and UV off and it gives me a place to putter around out of the elements. Now if I could just do something about the dust, it would be perfect.” – Steve Timmings, 2003 Ford F350, 2013 Four Wheel Hawk SC

Enclosed Car Port For RVs

“I have an RV port that was $5,000. It is concrete and was built by others. It is 12′ wide. I would have built it wider to better accommodate the slide.” – John Sturm, 2004 F350, 2018 Lance 995

“I have a generic metal 30-foot by 40-foot building that was approximately $20,000 with concrete flooring. A company installed it and had it up in less than a week after the concrete was poured. I also keep my fishing boat inside. It provides shelter and security for my toys.” – Chris Jeffery, 2017 Ford F 250, 2016 Travel Lite 625

In addition to keeping your camper covered, regularly check your camper’s seals and caulk problem areas.


Truck Camper Beast


Sours: https://www.truckcampermagazine.com/question-of-the-week/rv-shelters-for-campers/
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Metal RV Covers

Metal RV Carports

Carport Direct brings you the best standard metal RV carports in the states of Alabama, Arkansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Indiana, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Mississippi, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Maryland, New Hampshire, Maine, Delaware, Louisiana, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia. We offer standard size (12’-24’ wide) metal RV covers on Carport Direct. For triple wide RV covers, please call us or chat with us. Here are the three different RV and motorhome cover roof styles –

  • Regular Roof Style RV Covers
  • A-frame or Boxed-Eave Roof Style RV Covers
  • Vertical Roof Style RV Covers

Regular roof RV covers are strong and robust. They have the roof panels lined up horizontally running through the length of the building. The A-frame RV carports are stronger and have a more traditional boxed eave. The Vertical style RV carports are the strongest and have the panels running from top to down on the carport letting the snow, dirt, and debris fall off to the ground. The Vertical style RV covers have a 20-year rust through warranty on the roof panels while the horizontal roofs on boxed eave and the regular style motorhome carports only have the warranty for buildings 36 feet long or less.


The RV carport prices listed on the Carport Direct website are for a partially covered camper carport building. The prices for these metal RV covers include 13′ Walls, 14 Gauge Frame, One Center Brace on Every Bow, One 3′ Brace on Every Leg, Concrete or Ground Anchors, Bows/Legs 5′ On Center, & One Panel Down Each Side with J-trim for Strength & Stability. From the customization panel on Carport Direct, you can design a custom configuration according to your needs & specifications specific widths & lengths (more options available just call us), leg height, certification, and more. You can opt for the thicker 12 GA framing, add more garage doors, windows, walk-in doors, framed openings, and choose from a wide list of 14 color options. Carport Direct has conveniently priced a wide selection of Standard Steel RV covers in sizes from 12’ to 24’ wide, & from 26’ to 51’ long, which are suitable for most of our customers. We offer these standard sizes to save you time & money. We can build any custom size in between these sizes. Any custom size is priced the same as the next size up. I.e. a 16′ wide is priced the same as a 18′ wide, a 29′ long would be priced the same as a 31′ long.

Custom Metal RV Carports

We also offer a variety of options with our Metal RV Covers. You should consider purchasing additional panels down the open sides to keep the blowing rain off of your RV or equipment. We also offer additional bracing, ground installation anchors for wind certification if not anchored to concrete, & 12 Gauge frame for higher wind & snow load. Additional height is available for the legs, up to 16′ high. We also offer a variety of options with our Metal RV Carports. You should consider purchasing additional panels down the open sides to keep the blowing rain off of your RV or equipment. We also offer additional bracing, ground installation anchors for wind certification if not anchored to concrete, & 12 Gauge frame for higher wind & snow load. Additional height is available for the legs, up to 12′ high.

Sours: https://www.carportdirect.com/metal-rv-covers

4 Reasons Why You Need RV Storage at Home

For many RV owners, your vehicle is your home away from home. Whether using it for a quick weekend camping trip or cross-country travel, it’s crucial to have safe and reliable RV storage. Keeping your RV outside without proper protection can not only wreak havoc on your expensive investment, but it can also open your vehicle up to theft and other undesirable risks.

There are several types of camper trailer storage options you can utilize depending on your budget, size requirements and space availability. If you’re still debating about whether you really need RV storage, here are 4 reasons why you should invest in a shelter today.

RV shelter protect the exteriorRV shelter protect the exterior

1. Protect the Exterior of Your RV or Camper

While you may enjoy the creature comforts of home inside your RV, don’t forget the outside. Protecting an RV’s exterior isn’t just about keeping your investment looking new. Providing a safe place to store your vehicle also means the exterior is shielded from things like moisture and extreme weather, which can have a negative impact on your vehicle’s structure.

The sun’s harmful rays can damage the paint job, or even worse. Too much sun for extended periods of time can even cause the roof to buckle, leading to a much larger repair bill than the price of camper trailer storage. RV storage also aids in controlling moisture. Leaving your camper trailer outside to contend with mother nature can lead to condensation issues, which can harm several areas of an RV, including roofs and awnings.

RV storage protect interiorRV storage protect interior

2. Shield the RV’s Interior

While the exterior of an RV may be top of mind, considering it has most exposure to Mother Nature, many people forget the wear and tear the sun can cause on the interior of your vehicle. RVs are unique in that the sun can attack many more surfaces than just your seating areas and dashboard. Because they are essentially roaming homes, harmful UV rays can do some costly damage to multiple surfaces.

Many inside areas or your RV are susceptible to the sun’s harsh rays. The dashboard can crack and fade from consistent sunlight; painted surfaces, bedding, carpet, and even appliances can also suffer sun damage. Camper trailer storage provides long-term critical protection for every area of the interior of your vehicle. Blocking ultraviolet radiation from the interior of your vehicle will keep it looking new, and likely save you repair or redecorating bills in the future.

RV storage year round convenienceRV storage year round convenience

3. Year-round Convenience

While storing an RV at an established rental facility may seem ideal at first, there is a major pitfall to keeping your vehicle offsite: it’s just plain inconvenient. When you want to get away for the weekend or take an extended vacation trip with the family, you’ll have to budget extra time to drive to your storage unit offsite and retrieve your RV. Depending on where you live, that can add a ton of extra time to your day along with added hassle you don’t want before hitting the road.

Camper trailer storage off your property also means it may take you some extra time to get your RV ready. If you have a storage solution at your home, you can pack up quickly while also making routine maintenance checks for the big trip for an all-around smoother experience. If you don’t think you have room for a larger structure at home, carports from Arrow might be a perfect choice.

RV storage save moneyRV storage save money

4. It Can Save You Money

While RV owners may not want to invest upfront for camper trailer storage units on their own property, it will end up saving money in the end when compared to foregoing storage or renting a space offsite. Depending on the type and size of RV you are storing, along with amenities of the unit and facility, it can cost hundreds of dollars a month to keep your vehicle save from the elements and also thieves.

If you purchase a storage solution to place on your own property, it will pay for itself over the amount of time you have an RV to store. In addition to the cost savings on securing an offsite shelter, you’ll also have immediate access to the vehicle at your home to make maintenance checks and repairs, which can also be an economical win in the long run.

RV Storage Ideas for your Backyard or Property

Now that you know why you need to invest in a shelter for your RV, let's look at some solutions that are engineered for use in your backyard, property, or wherever you need protection:  

Arrow Carports for RVs

Arrow Carport RV StorageArrow Carport RV Storage

Arrow makes carports specifically for RVs, manufactured with a metal cover made from galvanized steel. RV owners can choose from multiple size options ranging from 21 to 51 feet long. Carports are all about ease and accessibility, providing added convenience without a huge price tag. Although carports may not provide quite as much shade protection as other structures, these products from Arrow are heavy-duty and built to withstand 100-mph winds with a 35-psf snow rating. Other benefits of an Arrow carport for your RV include:

·         Simple assembly you can complete without professional help (although professional installation is available).

·         A black powder coated finish resists rust and corrosion.

·         14-foot-tall canopy can double as a picnic area cover or shade solution for gatherings.

ShelterTech SP Series Buildings

ShelterTech RV storageShelterTech RV storage

ShelterTech has an impressive line of camper trailer storage options to keep your RV’s exterior safe from the elements.ShelterTech’s SP Series shelters are single pipe fabric buildings manufactured to withstand rough weather. They are even wind and snow rated to take on tough weather. Made from high-quality galvanized steel with an ultra-durable PVC fabric, this option is even more affordable than other options like steel or concrete. No matter the size of your RV, the SP Series is customizable, allowing customers to choose from multiple shapes and sizes. These structures can be trusted to protect the exterior of your RV thanks to:

·         Galvanized USA-manufactured carbon steel construction with rust and corrosion protection.

·         Rugged 14.5 oz. commercial grade fabric is UV treated inside and out to protect your RV.

ShelterCoat Garages

ShelterCoat RV StorageShelterCoat RV Storage

ShelterCoat’s series of customizable RV storage structures allows owners of RVs of any size to create a storage solution that fits your budget and needs. This is the ideal option if you’re looking for camper trailer storage that is portable and easy to assemble. You can also choose from round, peak, and barn style options for your backyard or property. ShelterCoat offers interior protection of your RV with features such as:

·         Powder-coated all-steel frame that protects against rust and corrosion.

·         Standard, heavy-duty, and ultra-duty fabric options to choose the level of protection you need within your budget.

·         Frame stabilizers and ratchet tensioning system for secure shelter frame.

RV Storage: Simple Solution for Protecting Your Investment

While owning an RV can be expensive, you can easily tack on unwanted costs by ignoring simple measures like protecting your vehicle from the elements. Utilizing a shade solution for camper trailer storage will keep an RV looking and running like new. Purchasing a durable RV storage unit will protect the interior and exterior of your vehicle along with all of the other expensive amenities inside the RV such as furniture and flooring.

When choosing the ideal storage unit for your backyard or property, make sure to check HOA rules and pick a product that fits best for your RV and home’s needs. Options from ShelterTech, ShelterCoat, and Arrow Storage Products provide customizable size and cover choices for any RV and budget. While it may be an additional investment you may not have bargained for when purchasing your vacation vehicle, a dependable shade solution on your property will pay you back in dividends.

Sours: https://www.shelterlogic.com/shop/knowledge/4-reasons-need-rv-storage-rv-protection

Rv cover portable

RV Carports & RV Canopy Shelters

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Looking for 16 wide by 36 long with 13 ft open ends.

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The closet item we offer is located here. The door height is 12'6". 

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from Molalla asked:

June 6, 2020

We are thinking of purchasing the 16 x 40 x 16 rv carport. We are putting it on a concrete pad. What size pad would you recommend to allow for footings/anchors?

1 Answer

A concrete anchoring solution is dependent on the customer. The footpads are usually 3-5 inches in diameter.

Submitted by:Chaz A. on June 8, 2020

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Clyde S.

from Surry, VA asked:

April 22, 2020

Do you have a portable canopy for travel trailers with their slides out on both sides?

1 Answer

We do not.

Submitted by:Sarah B. on April 23, 2020

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Terry C.

from Fresno, CA asked:

March 1, 2020

Do you have something like a 10' X 40' RV Canopy Shelter 12' tall at the wall and 13' at the peak?

1 Answer

Please view the closet item we offer located here.

Submitted by:Chaz A. on March 2, 2020

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from Northern California asked:

October 14, 2019

I have a fire truck that is 8W x 9.5H x 22L which options do I have?

1 Answer

Here is a link to a shelter that would fit your needs.

Submitted by:Briana L. on October 14, 2019

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S. P.

from Westfield, Ma asked:

October 10, 2019

Class A RV- 102 inches wide, 12ft 5 inches high, 35 1/2 ft long. What is the best shelter? Really don't want to go wider than 14 ft wide if possible.

1 Answer

Here is a link to a Peak Style Portable Garage that should work for your needs.

Submitted by:Briana L on October 11, 2019

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from Elkhart, IN asked:

September 27, 2019

I have a motorhome 8� wide, 26� long 11� high. I live in northern Indiana so winters are windy and can be lots of snow. Suggestions?

1 Answer

Please view our Shelter Logic 16x36x16 located here.

Submitted by:Chaz A. on September 30, 2019

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Larry W.

from Fort Worth asked:

April 16, 2019

I just purchased a Sprinter. 24 length, 11'8". Need a cover to protect from the elements, sun, small hail. Any recommendations?

1 Answer

With a door height of 13'4" and an overall length of 36', you may be interested in this Peak Style Portable Garage Canopy by Shelterlogic.

Submitted by:Cortney O. on April 19, 2019

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from Riverside, ca asked:

March 10, 2018

I need a portable garage or carport for a vehicle that is 8' wide 19 ft long and 10' tall. I'm having difficulty finding a shelter on your site that would accommodate the height of my vehicle . What would you suggest for me?

1 Answer

Unfortunately we do not have any shelters that have the dimensions you are looking for. None of our door heights, or opening heights, are ten feet tall. Thank you for your inquiry.

Submitted by:Sarah on March 12, 2018

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from CO asked:

August 18, 2017

I have a Nexus Viper 25V Class C (B+) RV, 24'-8" long, 8' wide, 10'-7" tall. Please, confirm that the 14Wx 30Lx 12H will be the right fit? Thank you.

1 Answer

Unfortunately, the actual measurements are at the Standard End Door: 12' W x 10' H at edge. It would not be tall enough.

Submitted by:Sarah on August 18, 2017

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from Birmingham, AL asked:

April 10, 2017

I need a shelter 36' x 16' x 16' with a 14' door. Do you have such a model?

1 Answer

I apologize, but we currently do not carry a shelter in that size at this time.

Submitted by:Darnarius on April 11, 2017

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from Sonoma, CA asked:

January 17, 2017

I have a 32 ft class A motor home. I would just like to get a canvas canopy to keep the weather off the roof. Do you have one in that size?

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from FL asked:

October 20, 2015

Do you have a RV Carport that will most RV's and is at least 11 feet in side clearance? I'm looking for something that is 12' W x 28' - 30' L.

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from Suffern, NY asked:

June 9, 2015

I am looking for a temporary shelter to work on my RV through the winter with. My RV is 40 feet long and 15 feet wide with the sides extended. I also need room to work on it so I'm looking for something that is about 50 feet long and 20 feet wide. What would you recommend?

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from Scappoose, OR asked:

November 11, 2014

Our Class-A motor home is 12' 6" high. Do you have a 14' x 42' shelter with a 13" opening?

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from Bertrand, Ne asked:

May 4, 2014

How do they stand up in the wind? 50mph?

1 Answer

In order for these types of canopies to stand up to wind speeds greater than 35 MPH, it is recommend to use auger stakes and to utilize support guys that tie back to the ground adjacent to the canopy. This will allow the canopy to remain stationary without lifting in high winds.

Submitted by:Collin C. on May 5, 2014

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from Durham, Maine asked:

October 10, 2013

I have an RV that is 29 feet long and about 11 feet high. I'm looking for a canopy to fit it and protect it from the winter months. Can you help me?

1 Answer

This Shelter Logic Portable Garage Canopy sounds like the perfect solution for your RV storage needs during the winter season. It is 14 x 36 x 16 and is treated to withstand all but the most rigorous of weather.

Submitted by:Kelsey C. on October 11, 2013

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from Houston, TX asked:

October 1, 2013

Do you have an RV & Camper shelter that fits 18' X 24' X 14'?

1 Answer

Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately we do not have the size you are searching for. I have provided an item that you may be interested in. Please follow the link below: ShelterLogic 18 x 24 x 12 Peak-Style Portable Shelter

Submitted by:Emily on October 1, 2013

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Sours: https://www.ecanopy.com/rv---camper-shelters.html
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