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37 Best Jon Boat Mods with Ideas for Decking, Seats, Fishing & Hunting

Depending on your creativity, skills, and time, the limits to what you can do to a Jon boat are almost endless (depending on your imagination). I’ve been planning on making some Jon boat mods to my own for a while now but struggled to find an ultimate resource online where I could get inspiration and ideas from.

What I decided to do was gather as many ideas for Jon boat mods as I could from looking at forums, Pinterest, YouTube, and Facebook and compile them into this mega guide of Jon boat modifications, plans, ideas, photos, and videos.

Whether you’re looking for free Jon boat mod plans, ideas on what to do with decking and flooring, storage, seating, or optimising your boat for fishing and hunting, you will be able to find something to inspire you below.

Jon boat modifications and ideas

If like me, you woke up one Saturday morning and told your other half that you wanted to make some “Jon boat mods, I need ideas”, then this should give you all the ideas and plans you would ever need for modifications.

I’ve split the modification categories into sections, so scroll on down until you find the plans, photos, or ideas that you need.

Jon boat deck modifications

The flat-bottomed design of a Jon means it’s actually relatively simple to modify the deck area, adding storage, a casting area, little cubby holes, platforms, and seating upgrades. Below are some of the most ingenious deck mods I have seen online.

1. Awesome fishing deck set-up with casting area

This guy will be fishing in style no doubt, with everything he needs in handy reach of the seat. He’s raised the deck up for additional storage too, with a pull up panel giving him access under the deck to the various electronics in use.

Image from

2. Raised deck and pedestal seating

With a raised deck, rod holders, and pedestal swivel seats, this guy is going to make some serious catches during the fishing season. If you want to know what seats were used in this Jon boat modification project, click here for my guide to Jon boat seating.

Image from

3. Stunning 15 foot modification

This Tracker 1542 is just stunning, and can handle 2 people with ease. If you go any smaller with a raised deck, then it could become unstable, but I have it on good authority that this one handles just perfectly.

Image from

4. Let’s assume this one hasn’t quite been finished yet

It’s certainly a work in progress, and gives you an idea on how the under-deck section could work on a modification project. Once that carpet goes down this is going to be one hell of a modification.

Image from

5. Look no further for a storage mod plan

This is one of the best Jon boat mods I’ve seen where storage has been planned and maximised to suit the space. Just look at it! There’s room down the sides for fishing equipment, room at the front, and what even looks like marine speakers built in – this guy is winning the modification projects I have seen online!

Image from

6. Stunning 12 foot modification perfect for fishing

Check out this example of a 12ft Jon boat deck modification. The deck is split into 3 parts, with ample room for your feet with swivel chairs and rod storage to the sides.

Image from

7. Raised seating in easy reach of the trolling motor

The seat on this one looks quite high up, but you have to assume that the owner made sure the boat was stable before he got to work. With that raised pedestal, he’s got the trolling motor within easy reach too.

Image from

8. Small Jon boat modifications are also possible

Just because you’ve got a smaller Jon, it doesn’t mean you can’t do some decent mods. This looks extremely stable, and has room for 2 to fish, despite the small deck size available. He’s made great use of this as you can see.

Image from

9. Comfortable carpeting is a must

It’s not quite finished, but in this example you can see how the raised deck has been fully carpeted. You can pick up cheap carpeting for a project like this from most hardware stores.

Image from

10. Loads of room to fish with this custom deck set-up

The stability of this fishing set-up looks a bit more to my liking, as the seats are set a little lower on the deck. There’s plenty of room here to swivel from side to side to make sure you don’t miss out on that catch.

Image from

11. The best top and flat-bottomed modification I’ve seen

This guy likes straight lines and flat surfaces. You could probably flip this Jon upside down and it would still float, given how the top resembles a flat-bottom (well, almost).

Image from

12. Jon boat mods and bass fishing

There is no doubt what this guy has in mind; a day’s bass-fishing for sure. If you don’t end up catching any fish in this beast of a modification then you might as well pack up and go home.

Image from

Jon boat mods for bass fishing

Speaking of bass fishing, how about some more examples of Jon boat mods for bass fishing where the the set-ups have been completely customised to help you get the best catch. Below are my favorites I’ve found in the forums – see what you think.

13. If you don’t catch fish in this example you might as well give up

In this example, the guy added spray-in liner (he used 2 gallons), rod T bars, hangers to hold the jig boxes, vertical rod holders using PVC piping, then space for his fish finder. He said he still had a while to go with this mod, but I’d be happy just with this set-up!

Image from

14. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

OK, so let’s be honest, it’s not going to win any design or beauty contests. But who cares? The upshot is, it works, and he catches every time he goes bass fishing. Perhaps the grass carpeting could work for duck hunting camouflage too!

Image from

15. When beer might be more important than bass fishing

What I love about this design is the moment I saw it, my first thought was how great that cooler could be for beer. Forget having a live well, just throw some ice and cold beers in there and you’re good to go.

Image from

Jon boat mods for hunting

Let’s move on now from fishing, to hunting. If it’s duck hunting you’re into, then you need idea for Jon boat mods that not only give you the storage and deck room you need, but also come in camo colors. You can paint your Jon camo, but camo seats and covers (see the best camo seats here), and really go to town to make sure your prey doesn’t see you approaching.

16. At least make your Jon boat green

At the very least, you want a green paint job when doing any form of Jon boat duck hunting modifications. The guy below has got that first part right, but wouldn’t it have been better in camo shades. Keep scrolling for some better examples. (PS: You might also be interested in my recent article that explains how to paint an aluminum boat yourself.)

Image from

17. Jon boat mods for duck hunting should always be camouflage

And here it is! An amazing modification where the camo shades and styling have been taken to the next level. You can’t dispute that! Check out the camo grip flooring, camo deck mods, raised seating and more. I love it, I really love it.

Image from

18. Another idea on camo theme for duck hunting

This is absolute class. You can just imagine how you could kill the motor and sit in wait amongst the reeds in this awesome little Jon. You just wouldn’t see it, and more importantly, the ducks certainly won’t!

Image from

19. How to make your own duck blind for hunting (video)

If you do decide to go down the camo route for duck hunting, you should also plan to get a duck blind in place as part of your modification project. The video below shows you just how you can do that on a 12 foot Jon boat.

20. How to paint a Jon boat in camo colors (video)

But what about the most essential part of the modification plan, the camo? Watch this step by step video which shows you how you can paint your boat so it’s got the camo shades on it before you even consider trying to hunt.

10ft Jon boat modifications

Let’s not neglect the smaller Jon boats. Whilst they won’t be as wide or long (see average widths here), with a little creativity and inspiration you can still transform that small space into something ideal for hunting and fishing. Go take a look at the great ideas for deck and storage modifications below.

21. 10 foot Jon boat conversion project

Here’s that smaller example I featured earlier, but this time from a different angle. Before this conversion and customisation job was started, this boat was picked up second hand for the cheap price of just $75 dollars. Can you imagine how much it will have increased in value since then? The owner could keep doing projects like this and flip the boats on Craigslist – makes a nice little side earner for sure!

Image from

22. Best 10-foot Jon boat setup ever (video)

In this video example, you can see how a guy added a trolling motor, front seat, livewell and cooler, livewell pump, rear seat, seat swivel, bilge pump, and rod holders. The result is a great set-up for bass fishing in creeks, small lakes, and bays (as long as there are no waves!) – see what you think.

23. Nice 10ft mod project (dog not included)

Here we see carpet seats, rear casting deck, cooler, fishing rod holders, and also bungee cord mounts so all the gear can be stripped down. He also made mounts for a second hand fish finder, with additional storage space added under the rear casting deck space. I don’t believe the dog was modified, he’s in his original format!

Image from

12-foot Jon boat mods

Here are some 12-foot Jon boat modifications that you can do. It includes some photos which give you a good idea on how to plan your own DIY project, some videos with step by step guides, and some of the best examples I have found online for 12ft Jon boat modifications.

24. Easy Jon boat modifications anyone can do (video)

This is one of the best YouTube videos I have found that focus purely on modifying a 12 foot Jon boat. In this short 5 and  half minute video you see the guy making reinforced storage compartments and a live well space, applying carpeting to a homemade plywood deck, mounting a trolling motor, and placing seating in.

25. Jon boat modification showcase (video)

In this stunning video you can see the modifications and customisations made to a Tracker 1236 Jon boat. Apparently it took a few months, as each part was purchased or made bit by bit. It looks amazing at the end of the video reel.

26. Converting a 12 foot Jon boat to a bass boat (video)

One of the most popular modification projects is a conversion from a Jon to a bass boat. In this 21 minute video you see just how you can do it yourself.

27. Slideshow photos of a 12ft Jon boat modification project (video)

In this YouTube video the guy has put together a slide show of all the mods he has made to his 12-footer. It’s one of the best modification projects I have ever seen documented anywhere online. It’s worth watching all the way through if you need ideas and inspiration.

14ft Jon boat modifications

Here are some 14-foot Jon boat mods if you are still asking yourself “I need ideas”. Whether it’s a flat-bottomed boat, a Jon with a v-hull, or something you’ve picked up used and want to customise, there will be some ideas and free plans you can use here.

28. 14ft Jon boat modification idea (video)

This 14 foot Tracker 1436 was bought from new. The guy in the video says he could have done things differently, but I think it’s a insanely good effort, and you can see the blood, sweat, and tears that went into this project. At nearly 17 minutes, it gives you a great idea on what is possible with a Jon of this size.

29. The story of an old Jon boat (video)

I believe that the best custom projects are where you modify an old and un-loved Jon into something new and fresh. And that’s exactly what you see in this video with an example of a 1974 craft that was water damaged and virtually unusable. Everything was ripped out with a new deck being built from plywood, with outdoor carpeting added. It even had a CD player fitted, a lick or paint, and it was good to go.

30. Custom mod project on a 1976 14 footer

Believe it or not, this boat was made in 1976.

I started out with just a 14 ft. Jon boat that was made in 1976. As you can see, there is still some work to go, but it shows what you can achieve with even the oldest of boats that you can pick up used for cheap.

Image from

31. Electric Jon boat modification plan (video)

In this example, the guy making the mods wasn’t allowed to use gas motors in his local lakes. He decided to take his boat and convert it into an electric-powered version. The boat in this video was a 14ft Tracker Topper. I love it!

Jon boat seat modifications

If you buy a new boat brand new, the seats that it comes with won’t always be suitable for what you want from your Jon. They might not sit you up high or low enough, may not swivel, and probably don’t give you the reach and comfort you need for fishing and duck hunting.

Because of that, you will see a huge range of Jon boat seat mods where guys rip out the old and install their own set-up. Whether you want a bench, a pedestal, or a swivel, here are some modifications to seating that could work for you.

All of the new seats in this guide you can see reviewed and rated in my guide to the best Jon boat seats.

32. Hatch door bench seating idea

One thing you don’t often see is hatch storage underneath bench seating. If you don’t want a swivel or pedestal, but do want to make the best use of storage on your boat, then this is a great way to do so. Here’s what it could look like.

Image from

33. Some manufacturers have great seating ideas already

If you buy this Crestliner below, you might not even want to make a seat mod. This stern seat could be just what you are looking for.

Image from

34. DIY swivel plate seating

In this DIY project, round holes were cut into the benches, then, tapped and threaded. Plates were installed to mount the swivel seats onto. You can see more photos from this custom seat project (plus more ideas) in my guide to seat mount ideas.

Image from

35. Fitted pedestal idea

This DIY customisation looks so good, but unfortunately I can’t credit it properly as it was posted into a Facebook group. The mount is very sturdy, and you can replicate it yourself using the product review found in my mount guide.

Image source unknown.

36: High pedestal seating example

In this idea, see how the guys has installed a pedestal seat on his Jon boat to get a really high fishing and vantage point.

Image source unknown.

37. Replicate these mods with a seat clamp

You can buy clamping seat systems and fit them quite easily to your boat (see prices). It’s easy, requires less modification and if you choose a decent kit such as Attwood or Alumacraft you should be zero problems.

Image source unknown.

Jon boat modifications affecting weight limit

When doing any modification project, you need to be aware of weight limits and stability. There are ways in which you can improve the stability of your Jon, but there will be a weight limit that you should not exceed.

The smaller your Jon, the bigger this issue can be. For example, I would not want to place a raised deck on a 12-footer, but that’s just me.

The last word…

I hope that’s given you some ideas you need and inspiration on how you can customise or modify your own Jon boat. Now you should have an idea on what you want to achieve, look for some plans online, or follow some of the great videos on YouTube.

You might also be interested in the following articles which will help you make your mods:

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how to build a boat bench seat

DIY projects allow you to achieve the result that you desire. Utilizing your skills and artistic talents is related to this matter, and it’s also a way to save some bucks. With regards to this, many boaters can manage how to build a boat bench seat by themselves.

You may have wood for building boat seats. Some upgrades can be done by adding cushion and vinyl. Once you choose a design, you can start collecting materials.

If you’re groping for design ideas, this article will show you DIY boat bench seats that will surely please you. You can follow them to refurbish or renovate a boat.

Table of Contents

How to Build a Boat Bench Seat? (Wooden Banquette)


Various boat styles showcase different angles and lines. Wide and deep hulls are the main characteristics of workboats, while sailboats are thin and long. Nonetheless, a wooden banquette would be fantastic on both of these vessels. Here are the steps:

  • Step 1.Take off Metal and Trim

A banquette is a bench along the wall. Therefore, you have to consider the needed space and shape for it. The center section of the boat is where you need to lay down this project.

To get started, you have to remove metal or trim but you must keep the pieces for reconnection later on. You may also need to take off logos and insignias that are still useful.

  • Step 2. Cutting the Chosen Area

Use chalk to draw a line on your chosen area then you can run the chainsaw over it. Cutting the area should be even and consistent. You may need to tidy up the cutting with a circular saw.

You have to be attentive while doing it as there may be some screws. These tiny pieces of hardware may be hiding underwood plugs.

Get rid of the debris created by cutting since it can block from cutting the bottom part.

Use two pieces of 2×4 wood and place them 16 inches above the boat’s floor with the support from screws for wood. This step is not only for building the base but hull reinforcement as well.

Get ¾-inch plywood to be added over the 2×4 woods with screws. This will strengthen the structural integrity that may have temporarily gone due to the cuttings that were made.

You may recycle some wood that just lay around or V-groove soffit panels. Get measurement from the seat to the boat’s top for the preparation of the seatback.

To ensure that you’re going to create comfortable seats, add horizontal wood blocks that tilt at a slight angle. Install the seatback with 15-gauge finish nails.

You may choose any suitable wood for the seat. Mahogany and tropical hardwoods like ipe are the best examples. Pre-drilled screw holes should be done before assembling the parts. Make planks for the bench size that you like and fasten them with stainless wood screws.

  • Step 7. Painting the Banquette

If you use recycled wood with some paint on it, you need to sand it before applying a new coat.

  • Step 8. The Last Touch for Refinement

You have to add a routed edge over the wooden seat. Then, you can put back the metal and insignia that you removed when starting this project.

The finishing touches will be covering the back panels with new paint, applying oil on the wood to have an attractive sheen, and sealing the original parts with polyurethane.

Cushioned And Vinyl-covered Boat Bench


When thinking of comfortable bench seats for boats, cushions and vinyl may be the first things that come into your mind. You can skip buying ones for your aluminum boat and instead, make them yourself for customization.

So, here’s a guide on how to make a boat rear bench seat if you don’t mind sewing some seat cover.

Materials and Tools to Collect:

  • Marine vinyl
  • Marine thread
  • Ballpoint needles (16 or 18 gauge)
  • Foam
  • Pre-made cording
  • Plywood (for bases)
  • Paint for the plywood
  • Double-sided tape
  • Staple gun and stainless staples
  • Scissors
  • Circular saw
  • Electric carving knife
  • Sander
  • Measuring tape
  • Zipper foot for sewing machine

Steps to Follow:

  • Step 1. Rectangular Box Frame

Making a rectangular box frame is the very first step. Make three sides for the lower portion, and they will touch the transom and the floor. Its top will be able to flip and access the engine.

Make some plywood strips based on the measurement of the bench seat. You may have a shop cut it for you. Some 1”x1.5” pressure treated lumber, waterproof wood glue, and 1” staples are the things that you need to put the pieces together.

After forming the box out of the plywood strips, get rid of splinters by sanding. This process can also break the edges to prevent damaging the vinyl. After sanding, you can apply two coatings of paint.

Once the glue has dried, place it on the designated area in your boat. It’s sturdy and it won’t give you problems.

  • Step 2. Setting the Vinyl Down

You don’t have to put vinyl at the bottom of the box. An extra piece is needed to be wrapped under the seat. Just apply more effort in working for a nice appearance and allow a vinyl skirt to hang.

Make sure to leave a margin of about half an inch for sewing the edges. This is enough to match the cording’s size. Use the double-sided tape to hold the cording and make it curved without twisting or binding.

If you know how to use the sewing machine, you’ll be fine. But if not, you can ask someone to do it for you. When vinyl is sewn properly, you can install the bench.

Measure the amount of foam that you need, then mark it. Cutting can be done with an electric knife. Give ½” extra to ensure that the vinyl cushion is stuffed nicely. When you have the right piece of foam, glue it on the top of the box.

Batting should be added on the sides for some cushioning with the roughly estimated size. It gives the seat a fuller look. Use a Loctite adhesive to glue it and trimming is needed once it sits in the right place.

  • Step 4. Adding the Vinyl by Stapling

Stapling creates a serious grip and adequate strength to hold the vinyl in place. It’s best to use stainless staples. You can begin on the opposing side and work your way to finish tucking the whole piece of vinyl.

Just keep pulling, stapling, and tucking to obtain a neat result. At this point, you have finished a bench seat or a motor box for your aluminum boat.

DIY Your Boat Bench Seat!

As long as you have time, resources, and willingness to work, there’s no reason that you won’t try following the steps on how to build a boat bench seat. You can choose the color, design, size, and materials that you like from these two guides.

Some boaters want to customize the looks of their boats to represent their personalities. No one is stopping you from doing so! It can be a technique to give life to an old boat. Also, you can always make a bench seat in a set-up that brings comfort.

Did you find this article helpful? If yes, share with anyone who would need this.

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9 Creative Boat Seating Options for Boaters Who Think Outside the Bench

The more, the merrier.

Sharing a good time with friends and family is the boater’s dream.

Well, not for the lone wolves out there, but for plenty of us this holds true.

Having loved ones on board always makes the experience more enjoyable.

Some of us even buy our boats for the purpose of spending more uninterrupted, quality family time together.

So, the more people you can seat on your boat, the more fun you can have on the next aquatic outing.

The more siblings, cousins and in-laws who can come aboard for the next big nautical cookout or movie night, the better.

At A Glance: Our Top 5 Picks For Boat Seating Options

How to Consider Your Boat Seating Options

It might not come as a surprise to learn that bigger boats can accommodate more passengers.

A compact, single-person kayak can only seat one person, for example. (That’s why it’s called “single person,” right? Right.)

A full-sized canoe can usually hold three adults or an adult and a group of kids—and, more often than not, a dog, too. A good-sized pontoon boat can seat as many as eight to ten adults.

The most recent addition to the US Navy’s modernized fleet, the USS Zumwalt DDG-1000 guided missile destroyer has a complement of 142 sailors. And, for a bit of perspective, the MS Allure of the Seas cruise ship can accommodate around 6,300 passengers when fully loaded.

In case you’re enjoying the boat and ship trivia, the longest ship ever built was the Seawise Giant, a supertanker that was 1,504 feet long. Yes, that’s a ship that was well over a quarter of a mile in length.

Most people are more interested in the seating capacity of a boat in their price range and that can fit at the local marina and be towed by an SUV with a boat trailer, so we’ll take a few steps back from the cruise ships and supertankers and instead focus on boat seating options that are a bit more practical.

If you’re considering purchasing a new boat, you have some latitude in controlling how many people you’ll be able to have aboard.

If you already own a boat, you might be able to accommodate more passengers than you think—and in comfort and safety, too—especially if you think outside the box for boat seating options.

Allows your passengers to stretch their legs out and has an underneath storage compartment. Also available in a variety of colorways.


Safety First: Know Your Boat’s Maximum Capacity Limits

Your boat, whether it’s a 24-foot pontoon boat or a 52-foot yacht or any other type of vessel, will have a maximum number of passengers specified by its manufacturer and/or by the United States Coast Guard.

This maximum capacity information was calculated carefully—there’s actually a surprising amount of math involved!—and is not to be taken lightly.

An overloaded boat is unsafe in any condition.

So, you need to know the capacity before looking at your seat options.

Also be sure to take into account any weight added to the boat by extra gear or supplies, from fishing tackle to food to extra fuel and so forth. Just because you can figure out how to seat more people on a boat does not mean you should do so, necessarily.

Always think of safety first. Then we can move onto creative boat seating options.

How Many People Can You Seat on a Boat?

Take these figures as a guideline, not hard and fast rules, and remember that a given person’s size must be factored in as well. In general, a smaller pontoon boat, one that’s under 20 feet long, probably has a maximum safe seating capacity of six adults, perfect for most family outings.

A pontoon boat measuring up to 25 feet can usually accommodate eight or ten people. A larger pontoon boat, one that measures over 25 feet and up, is usually stable enough for larger groups of 12 to 15 people.

Check the recommendations of the manufacturer, and remember to keep people spread out evenly on the deck. Even a large, stable pontoon boat can list dangerously to one side or the other if too much weight (i.e. too many human beings) end up on one side of the boat.

When you install your seating on your boat, you should keep all of the following in mind:

  • The weight capacity of your boat
  • How much the items currently on your boat weigh
  • How much the additional seating will weigh
  • How many people can comfortably be on your boat at one time
  • How to keep the weight distributed evenly on your boat with smart seating placement

1. Benches

This is the standard type of seating you’ll find to add to your boat. Benches are available in a variety of sizes, usually somewhere from 28 inches in length to 65 inches in length.

A simple, 36-inch Wise bench seat (check price on Amazon).

When you buy online, keep in mind that you may need to purchase the base for the bench seat separately. For example, the Wise bench seat above comes with this bench seat base (check price on Amazon).

2. The captain’s chair

Ah, the captain’s chair—the best seat on the boat. You can opt to steer from a bench seat, but where’s the fun in that?

Check out this classyWise captain’s chair (check price on Amazon). It just needs the base to be installed permanently on your boat’s deck.

3. Lounge seats

Lounge seats aren’t always the big lazy boys you might be expecting from the name. Rather, they’re just comfortable seats that allow your passengers to stretch their legs out. Here are the classic, comfortable Wise lounge seats (check price on Amazon).

4. Casting seat

A casting seat is a simple swivel chair that lets you fish with ease. These are often very small, space-saving chairs that can be detached or folded away when not in use.

Here’s a simple Wise casting chair (see on Amazon), though it requires permanent installation on the deck.

As with the captain’s chair, you’ll need a seat base and a post to complete the installation of a little, lightweight chair like this.


Now, just think about how these standard boat seating options would work on our example pontoon.

One of the main benefits of the pontoon boat tends to be generous seating capacity. The flat, open deck of these boats allows for multiple seating arrangements, including benches, captain’s chairs and even lounge-style seats.

The pontoon boat offers easy rearranging of seating positioning too. You can quickly change the types of seating on the deck, so you can design a boat that will seat all your passengers in comfort. Pontoons have plenty of deck space for this, but of course, many other types of boats can accommodate these seating options.

How to Add Boat Seating Options That Stow Away Easily

Not willing to tear your seating arrangement up at the moment?

If your pontoon boat, or any other type of boat, has its seating arrangement locked in place for now, don’t worry: You can still add additional seating options, and often without any significant expense.

If you want to add boat seating options that are decidedly temporary and that won’t take up extra space when not being used, look to the campsite as your inspiration.

5. Camp chairs

A camp chair like this affordable classic Coleman Oversized Quad (check price on Amazon), is designed to fold away into compact little packages when not in use.

Even so, many camp chairs can be deployed into full-sized, comfortable seats in a matter of seconds. Many such seats come complete with sunshades, cup holders and other accessories that make them so comfortable, your friends perched on the regular boat seats might even be jealous.

6. Stadium chairs

Another boat seating idea is a stadium chair (check price on Amazon). These are also called bleacher seats and can be affixed to the gunwales of a boat or even plopped onto the deck to create another comfortable spot for sitting.

Like the camp chair, the stadium chair folds up small enough to tuck away under a bench or in a corner of the boat when not in use, and it can be tossed in the trunk of a car for transport to and from the water, too.

How to Maximize Boat Seating Capacity With Multipurpose Gear

7. Cooler seats

If you and your friends or family are headed out for a day enjoying some boating on the lake, river or ocean, chances are you’re going to bring along some food and beverages in a cooler.

Most coolers have hard sides and a solid top and can be used as a seat in a pinch, though not necessarily as the most comfortable seat ever known.

So, why not instead opt for a cooler designed to serve as a comfortable seat?

There are myriad cooler seats available that not only feature padded seat cushions but that even feature backrests. Your cooler seat might just be the most comfortable seat on the boat, in fact! We recommend the Wise 70-Quart Swingback (check price on Amazon).

Yes, it’s a bit expensive for a cooler, but it’s cheap for a big, comfy seat that will last for years and years.

You can also check out this other beautiful seating option by Wise Seat(check price on Amazon), which has a roomy storage unit beneath the chair which can serve as a cooler, livewell or baitwell.

8. Storage seating

For even less expensive multipurpose seating options, consider a storage ottoman (there are many available on Amazon).

Ottomans designed for use in the home as a convenient way to create a lightweight, easily portable seat that can stow some extra gear aboard your boat and accommodate a seated adult in comfort, too.

An ottoman serves as seat, a footrest and storage that you can move around your boat easily and take on and off the vessel as needed. This cool Geartist waterproof ottoman (check price on Amazon) is a nice choice for boaters.

For a fantastic option designed specifically for a boat, try this Frabill combination trunk-seat (check price on Amazon). It’s the ideal blend of storage, seating and portability.

9. Seating off-boat with a great float

Just because you want to add more comfortable boat seating options for your passengers doesn’t necessarily mean you need to add more seating aboard your boat itself. Consider getting a giant raft-style float that you can tie to your boat and can even tow along at slow speeds.

There are many inflatable rafts, often called floating islands, to choose from out there. For one, this CoolerZ Tropical Breeze from Bestway (check price on Amazon) can comfortably accommodate multiple people (even several full-grown adults or a whole passel of kids), comes with a cooler and yet only costs $150 to $200.

The Fiesta Island raft (check price on Amazon) is extra heavy duty, and lets you stay cooling off in the water while lounging off the boat. It also comes with an inflatable cooler so drinks can be kept handily nearby.

These large rafts are both fun and practical, essentially adding more square footage of living space to your boat as well as easy access to the water for swimmers.

Just keep in mind you really will have to keep the pace slow if you want to tow one along. They’re not designed for high-speed aquatic adventures!


Choose the best seating options for you and your boat, and you’ll be all set for your next outing.

And you’ll be able to invite as many friends and family members as you could possibly want on board!

Making the seat boxes for the Sea Ray VLOG#44

Have a whale of a time out on the water with the best jon boat seats. Even when we’re roughing it out in the great outdoors, it doesn’t mean that we should forego all creature comforts. A good seat — or the lack thereof — can make all the difference between a great weekend trip and a week of back pain.

Indulging in fishing and other marine activities shouldn’t come with a price. With the help of jon boat seats, you can enjoy your hobbies for hours and hours without ending up with a bag of frozen peas on your lower back.

best jon boat seats

Jon boat seats are made for rugged outdoor experiences. They’re designed to keep you safe and in control while also making sure that you’re comfortable. The best ones are made of durable materials that can withstand harsh or rugged conditions out on the water.

Thus, jon boat seats should be able to last long. However, they should also be lightweight, easy to transport, and made to be solid but not bulky. It sounds like a tall order, but there is a vast array of seats for jon boats that can meet these basic requirements and more.


Table of Contents

Top 12 Jon Boat Seat Reviews

1. Attwood Padded Boat Seat

The Attwood Padded Boat Seat is an undeniable game-changer. It offers the utmost comfort for anyone who sits in it, and you can spend the entire day fishing with hardly any pain. This seat may change the way you look at boating and the way you spend your long weekends.

Sitting on a flat metal or wooden bench with no back or cushion doesn’t seem so bad at first. However, in a few hours, you’ll likely feel the strain of having no back support and you’ll start to feel pain in different parts of your body. With a simple but durable jon boat seat, this won’t be a problem.

Like many of the best flat bottom boat seats, this one knows how to play the long game. It’s designed to support your back and allow you to sit comfortably for hours on end. Additionally, it’s also lightweight and compact so it won’t take up much space and it’s easy to transport.

Because of its plastic frame, you won’t have to worry about rust or corrosion. However, even though the frame is plastic, it’s durable and solid. The seat is also outfitted with two weather-resistant cushions upholstered in camouflage-patterned material.

Sitting in this jon boat seat will definitely take some getting used to, especially because you’ll be perched higher than the level you’re used to. However, getting used to that new vantage point is great for the long run. This seat is durable and can last you a long time with proper maintenance.

Perhaps one thing that you’ll need to watch out for is that the seat can be somewhat difficult to install. The package should come with the bolts you’ll need for installation. However, from there, you might have to watch YouTube videos for further instruction.


  • Allows comfortable sitting for hours
  • Supports your back
  • Lightweight, compact, and easy to transport
  • Strong plastic frame that doesn’t rust
  • Weather-resistant cushions
  • Comes with bolts for installation


  • Can be difficult to install
  • High perch takes some time to get used to

If you’re looking for a portable yet durable seat that will let you sit in your boat comfortably for hours, this is the seat for you. It offers all the essentials of jon boat seats and can help prevent back pain and other issues.

2. Wise Economy Low Back Seat

Practicality and affordability — these are the best things that the Wise Economy Low Back Seat has to offer. Installing a nice and comfortable seat on your boat shouldn’t break the bank. With this seat, you’ll be able to vastly improve your weekends on the water while keeping your wallet intact.

While a fancy seat with all the nice trimmings may seem like a great idea, it’s just not necessary in a lot of situations. Much of the time, a good seat with decent padding and effective back support is enough to keep you comfortable for hours. This seat can offer you that support and prevent any aches and pains that come with bad seating.

What you have here, therefore, is the best among cheap jon boat seats. This proves that you don’t have to spend large amounts of money for something that works well and can last for a long time.

Even though this isn’t the most luxurious of seats, it’s still made for utmost reliability. It has an injection-molded plastic frame and aluminum hinges, ensuring durability and easy installation. The seat padding, meanwhile, is covered in marine-grade vinyl that’s easy to wash and clean.

Thus, not only can this seat withstand heavy use, but it’s also easy to keep clean. You can simply hose it down when it gets dirty, and you won’t have to worry about rust or water damage. Even with minimum maintenance, this seat will remain functional, clean, and usable any time you need it.

However, you might find that the seat can be a bit too small for some. It has a width of 16 inches and a seat depth of 14 inches, and it’s rated to accommodate up to 200 lbs. The seat is narrower than others, though it will be able to comfortably accommodate the average person.


  • Affordable yet reliable
  • Provides back support to prevent back pain
  • Has a sturdy plastic frame with aluminum hinges
  • Convenient and washable vinyl seat covers
  • Durable — does not rust or retain water damage


  • Seat might be too narrow for some

This low-maintenance seat offers durability and reliability with its sturdy construction. It’s easy to clean, and even though it’s well-made and high-quality, it won’t cost too much money.

3. Millennium Marine B100 Boat Seat

Are you the type who takes the boat out regardless of whether it’s raining or shining? If your answer is yes, then you need equipment that can keep up with your lifestyle. The Millennium Marine B100 Boat Seat is a seat that can withstand the elements and all sorts of weather conditions.

This seat will help keep you steady even when conditions are rough. It’s rated for 400 lbs, able to take a lot of weight and made to be strong and sturdy. Thus, it can stay in place with no problem at all.

With its strong and durable construction, this seat can last for years to come. It is resistant to sunlight, mold, and mildew, with a tough aluminum frame. Like other aluminum boat seats, this one is lightweight yet strong.

Additionally, the fabric can get wet but it won’t stay wet. It can be rained on and splashed on, but the water will slide right off the material. This means that you won’t have to suffer through the discomfort of sitting on a wet seat for too long.

Speaking of discomfort — that’s just not something that can happen with this seat. You can lean back or forward as needed, and you won’t have to worry about toppling over. It provides a good amount of support so you won’t end up going home with a sore back and muscles.

Though this seat may not look flashy or fancy, it’s made well. It can withstand heavy use and is a great choice for any enthusiast, hobbyist, or professional.

While this seat has very good construction, the straps on both sides can pose some problems. They can get in the way and interfere with your movements, such as blocking your elbows and arms.


  • Withstands different weather conditions
  • Sturdy aluminum frame, able to carry up to 400 lbs
  • Lightweight, resistant to sunlight, mold, and mildew
  • Dries very quickly when wet
  • Effectively supports your back
  • Great or enthusiasts, hobbyists, or professionals


  • Has straps that can interfere with movement

This durable all-weather seat can carry heavy loads with no problem at all. It’s made to withstand the elements and can serve its owner for a long time to come.

4. Leader Accessories Plastic Shell Boat Seat

When something is practical and affordable, don’t let it pass you by. The Leader Accessories New Plastic Shell Folding Boat Seat is a must-have that can easily fit in your boat. Because of its durability, design, and usefulness, the only thing you’ll regret is not buying more of it.

Corrosion is something that you have to worry about when it comes to water, and it’s not something you need on a jon boat. This seat, however, is made of a hard plastic shell that will not rust or corrode. This plastic material is guaranteed to be sturdy and heavy-duty so it won’t break or crack easily.

Of course, despite the hard plastic material it’s made of, this is still a very comfortable seat, thanks to its padding. The padding is soft enough to make you comfortable for hours to come.

Additionally, this seat is designed to fold down when not in use. This can be especially convenient when storing and transporting the seat because it won’t take up as much space. Also, when it rains, the seat itself won’t get drenched since it’s fairly water-resistant.

Another thing to look forward to is the size of the seat. It’s wider than other seats, but not so wide that it’s too heavy or bulky. You won’t have to worry about how well and how comfortably you’ll be able to sit in it.

However, one thing that you have to watch out for is that its snaps tend to be somewhat flimsy. The snaps can be repaired or replaced, but you’ll need to keep an eye on them. Otherwise, this is a solid and sturdy seat with a lot to offer.


  • Practical and affordable
  • Made of durable plastic that does not corrode
  • Comfortable to sit in
  • Folds down when not in use
  • Fairly water-resistant
  • Wider than other seats, but not heavy or bulky

This seat is perhaps one of the most favorite folding jon boat seats, and it’s not heavy, bulky, or difficult to load. It’s a seat that can help you stay comfortable for hours even in rough conditions.

5. Attwood Low-Back Padded Boat Seat

Can something be lightweight and sturdy at the same time? The Attwood Low-Back Padded Boat Seat definitely can. With its light but durable frame, comfortable padding, and practical design, this seat is a great addition to any jon boat.

This seat proves that you don’t need to spend a lot of money for something that’s high-quality and well-made. It’s very affordable, but it has a high-impact plastic frame and aluminum hinges that allow the seat to easily fold over. Additionally, it is covered in marine-grade vinyl.

Thus, this seat gives good value for the money. It defies a lot of expectations; you may not expect anything too good for a low price, but this seat will prove you wrong. You may also not expect sturdiness because of the seat’s weight and construction, but this seat can last for innumerable boat trips.

Of course, the most important thing is that this seat can provide ample support for your back. With the use of jon boat swivel seat mounts, you can easily change orientations while on your boat without straining your body too much. You’ll find that being comfortable can make your fishing trips a lot better.

One drawback, however, is that the vinyl of the seat is a bit difficult to clean. Dirt won’t easily wash off, which can be inconvenient.


  • Lightweight but sturdy construction
  • Affordable, can be folded
  • High-impact plastic frame and aluminum hinges
  • Comfortable and provides back support

Though this chair is affordable and lightweight, it’s also high-quality and durable. It can provide the back support and comfort you need to make fishing and boating trips so much more pleasant.

6. Wise Molded Fishing Boat Seat

Sitting back and relaxing on your boat shouldn’t be a tall order. With the Wise Molded Fishing Boat Seat, you’ll be able to kick back without worrying about toppling over or damaging any jon boat chairs. It’s bigger and stronger than many other options and it can support you reliably with no problems at all.

In this case, maybe bigger is better. With a remarkable width and the capacity to withstand the weight of heavier occupants, this seat is made to be sturdy and reliable.

However, sturdiness and reliability won’t be enough without comfort. It has vinyl-covered padding, which can help prevent back pain and other body aches. Additionally, the size of the seat also provides a lot of room, allowing you to fully relax and enjoy your time on the water.

You also won’t have much trouble attaching this seat to your boat benches. It comes with clamps that you can use to secure its position. This means that you won’t have to drill into a boat bench just to make sure that this seat stays in place. However, drilling and screwing this seat into place is also an available option.

If you buy this chair, you might find yourself using it for years and years to come. It’s made to last long, and you’ll be able to find the same seat on other boats, just years older. Thus, you’ll likely have this seat for a long time.

While this is a comfortable and durable seat, you might run into some issues with its cushions. The cushions tend to come off because they’re not fastened too securely. Fortunately, this can be easily fixed.


  • Big and sturdy chair that can withstand weight
  • Vinyl-covered padding for extra comfort
  • Easy to attach to your boat
  • Can last for a long time


  • Cushions tend to come off

With this seat, you’ll be able to have a nice big chair at home and on your boat. It provides a lot of comfort and is made to stay useful and serviceable for a long time.

7. Leader Accessories Low Back Boat Seat

Want the feel and appearance of high-end luxury without the high-end costs? You can make it possible with the Leader Accessories New Low Back Folding Boat Seat. It’s a great-looking and comfortable chair that can make your little flat-bottom jon boat feel like a yacht.

Once you sink into this seat, you’ll feel that comfort and luxury right away. The seat and the back are covered with thick, plush padding and UV-treated marine-grade vinyl.

Another thing that you’ll definitely like about this chair is that it offers a lot of space. You’ll be able to comfortably sit through long mornings without worrying about hurting your back or straining your muscles.

Furthermore, the seat is also easy to install in different ways. You can attach the seat directly to your boat’s bench, or you can also use a pedestal to give you some more height. The installation won’t take long at all and you’ll be able to get the job done with the help of just a screwdriver.

Not only is this seat easy on the eyes, but it’s also easy on the wallet, too. There are flimsier and far less comfortable boat seats for jon boats out there that cost about the same as this seat. This seat, therefore, is the much better option when compared to other seats with roughly the same price tag.

Undeniably, this seat is durable and comfortable. However, you might find that the hinges that attach the back to the bottom of the seat don’t seem to be as sturdy as they should be. It’s best to keep an eye on the hinges, but you can also slide the back lower down to make the hinges less likely to bend.


  • Comfortable seating with thick padding
  • UV-treated marine-grade vinyl upholstering
  • Large and prevents body aches and strains
  • Easy to install on your boat with a screwdriver
  • Great quality for an affordable price


  • Hinges should be sturdier

Luxury and comfort don’t have to be expensive, as this seat will prove time and time again. It has plush padding, quality upholstering, and good construction that can keep you comfortable and free from back pain.

8. North Captain Low Back Folding Boat Seat

Good captains never abandon their ships, and they definitely won’t if they get to sit in the North Captain Low Back Folding Boat Seat. This seat is great-looking and can make even the cheapest jon boats seem expensive. More than that, however, this seat can support your back and withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

Some people use jon boat bench seat cushions to make the uncomfortable seating a bit easier on the rear. However, why resort to half-measures like that when a seat like this is easily and readily available? Because this seat is so easy to install, it won’t take up much time or work.

Once you’ve installed the seat, however, it’s going to make your boat look all new and improved. It looks sleek and high-end and can make you look and feel like the captain of your own ship. Additionally, it’s comfortable and can make you feel as though you’ve brought your living room aboard your boat.

This seat is also made to be solid and rigid, and you won’t feel any flex in the back. The hinges are also sturdy, though they’re often the flimsier part of boat seats like this one. You can thus lean back and relax against your seat as much as you want without worrying about how much weight you’re putting on the back.

The back of the seat, meanwhile, can be folded over when the seat is not in use. It comes with straps that can secure the back against the seat, thus preventing damage or accidents.

What you have to watch out for, however, is that at first, the seat padding may not feel as comfortable as you expect. It will likely feel a bit too hard in the beginning, but over time and with use you’ll be able to break the cushions in.


  • Can withstand harsh outdoor conditions
  • Quick, straightforward installation
  • Great to look at; can make your boat look fancy
  • Comfortable to sit in
  • Has a solid back and hinges
  • Foldable back with straps


  • Cushions need to be broken in

Look great and feel great with a well-made and easily installed jon boat seat. Because this seat is sturdy, you’ll be able to lean back and relax with no worries at all.

9. Attwood Camouflage Casting Seat

Casting seats are a bit different than the typical jon boat seat, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t do well on your boat. The Attwood Camouflage Casting Seat is a great alternative or addition to your boat seating. Not only is it comfortable to use, but it may even help you haul in more fish than you expect.

Other camo jon boat seats usually have a backrest that you can lean on, but casting seats are typically more like bar stools. If you don’t need much back support, but you’d like to have something nice and soft to sit on, this seat can do the trick for you. It won’t take up much space and you’ll have more room to freely move your arms.

Furthermore, this seat is easy to install. It comes with bolts that you can use to secure the seat onto the jon boat seat mount, ensuring that you can be seated comfortably and safely. You’ll also be able to install the seat using common tools you likely already have lying around, such as a screwdriver.

The upholstering of the seat, meanwhile, has a nice camouflage design that can go well with any boat and boat decor. The shape of the seat, meanwhile, is designed to easily accommodate your thighs without cutting off circulation or making sitting too uncomfortable.

Attwood, the company that made this seat, has built a great reputation over the years and is known to produce high-quality boat products. You can trust, therefore, that this seat was made with the same high standards.

However, because this seat doesn’t have a backrest, it won’t be of much help with preventing back pain. If you end up with a sore back after sitting on a boat for hours, this might not be the seat for you.


  • Allows freer movement
  • Easy to install with bolts and basic tools
  • Striking camouflage upholstering design
  • Designed for comfortable seating
  • Made by a reputable company


  • Not helpful in preventing back pain

This casting seat is designed to allow more freedom of movement and to provide a comfortable fit. It may not have a backrest, but it’s well-made, well-designed, and serves its purpose well.

10. Wise Cooler Seat Cushion

With the limited space and seating on smaller boats, sometimes you have to get creative. Luckily, with the Wise Cooler Seat Cushion, you’ll have a seating and storage solution that can save space. This seat cushion can be easily attached to a cooler lid to provide extra but still comfortable seating.

A seat like this one can be useful on fishing and hunting trips. You can use this seat cushion to replace or add to your duck boat seats, and you can also use it to add more seating to your truck. Furthermore, it serves a space-saving dual purpose because it also functions as a cooler cover.

Additionally, this cushion could end up being the most comfortable seat on your boat. It has 3 inches of padding that’s very plush and soft, which can help make long hours on the water a lot more pleasant and comfortable. The foam also doesn’t sink or compress too much when you sit on it.

Installing this cushion is easy and uncomplicated. You won’t need too many tools or too much time; just make sure that you align the snaps just right. The cushion can also be taken off easily when needed, which can make packing up or cleaning up an easier and simpler task.

Another great thing that you’ll like about this cushion is that it has a generous length. Just one cushion can fit two people, though the fit is going to be somewhat snug. However, it still offers a wide enough seating option for at least one person to be comfortable in.

However, the vinyl upholstering of the cushion is not as stain-resistant as it should be. If there are any spills or accidents, they won’t be that easy to wash off.


  • Suitable for small boats and trucks
  • Dual-purpose — serves as a seat and a cooler lid
  • Comfortable, with padding 3 inches thick
  • No-sink foam and removable cushion
  • Easy installation with snaps
  • Long and wide enough to seat one or two people

There aren’t many dual-purpose jon boat seat cushions out there, but this one is definitely a great space-saver. As a bonus, the cushion is comfortably plush and wide enough to seat up to two people.

11. Tempress ProBax Orthopedic Boat Seat

What does this seat have that other boat seats for aluminum boats don’t? The Tempress ProBax Orthopedic Boat Seat was actually designed with the help of spinal surgeons. Thus, it has an ergonomic design that can effectively help prevent back pain among fishing and outdoor enthusiasts.

While this seat is certainly comfortable to sit in, that’s not all that it offers. It also helps people keep a proper posture when sitting, which in turn helps reduce back pain. The design of the chair provides upper and lower back support and is thus helpful when sitting for long hours of fishing or hunting.

It’s therefore not surprising that this seat is considered to be one of the top-rated jon boat seats. It’s made of durable materials and can last for years to come with proper use and maintenance. Additionally, it’s upholstered in UV-resistant marine-grade vinyl that’s also stain- and mildew-resistant.

You also won’t have to worry about your safety when it comes to using this seat. It is fully ABYC H-31 compliant, which means that it meets or even exceeds the standards for boat seat safety. Thus, it’s a great purchase that gives you a lot of value for money.

If you have some back problems, or your shoulders, neck, and knees tend to hurt a lot, this is a great seat for you. You won’t have to forego your hobbies or a nice weekend on your boat just to avoid pain. With the help of this seat, you’ll have the opportunity to have comfortable seating that can help reduce the strain on your back, neck, and joints.

This is definitely a well-made seat, but it’s important to note that it’s water-resistant, not waterproof. You’ll still need to protect it from heavy rains by using a rain cover.


  • Ergonomic design prevents back pain and body aches
  • Provides lower and upper back support
  • Sturdy and made of durable materials
  • Resists UV rays, stain, and mildew
  • Compliant with boat safety standards
  • Gives great value for money


  • Not waterproof; needs protective covering

With its ergonomic design and compliance with boat safety standards, this seat is worth every penny. It’s also well-constructed and able to help prevent back pain.

12. Wise Deluxe High-Back Seat

Wise jon boat seats have appeared on this list a lot, and for good reasons. The Wise Deluxe High-Back Seat is just another one in a line of well-made and reliable jon boat seats by the same brand. This seat has a lot to offer and can help keep you comfortable and free of back pain after long hours on your boat.

You can make older boats look like new again with the help of these affordable but stylish seats. With a solid but lightweight plastic frame and different color combination choices, the construction and design of these seats are high-quality. Additionally, the cushions are upholstered with UV-resistant and marine-grade vinyl.

This seat also comes with a high backrest, which can be helpful in preventing discomfort, back pain, and other kinds of body aches. The cushions, meanwhile, are made of high compression foam padding.

With its ready-made drill holes, installing and mounting this seat is also easy and simple to do. You can install it or attach it directly to the boat, or you can use a pedestal mount or a swivel base. This can make for a great swivel seat for jon boat because a swivel base will be easy to install as well.

Additionally, this is a versatile seat that can do well with a variety of watercraft, like jon boats, tri-hull boats, pontoons, and more. Because it can fit in well with all kinds of boats, it gives great value and is a good purchase for any hobbyist or enthusiast.

While the seat cushions are thick and solid, they’re also quite hard and aren’t as soft as other seat cushions. However, they may still get softer over time.


  • Affordable but stylish with different colors
  • Solid, lightweight plastic and high-quality vinyl
  • High backrest helps prevent back pain
  • High compression foam padding
  • Ready-made drill holes for easy installation
  • Versatile and usable in different boat types

A Wise boat seat is reliable, comfortable, and made of durable and solid materials. It can help ensure your comfort without breaking the bank.

What is Jon Boat Seat and How Does It Work


Jon boat seats, to put it simply, are chairs and seats that are made for jon boats. Jon boats are low-maintenance boats with a flat bottom, suitable for fishing and hunting. The seats, therefore, are designed to make these activities easier to do and to make you more comfortable.

Typically, jon boats come with flat benches that can serve as seating. However, the problem with these benches is that they’re often uncomfortable and can cause back pain. The discomfort can not only diminish the experience of fishing or hunting, but can also cause some health problems in the long term.

Here are some jon boat seat mount ideas. A jon boat seat can be installed or mounted directly on the benches in the boat with sturdy metal hardware. The seats can also be mounted on a pedestal, which in turn is mounted on the floor of a boat.

You can also rig up a swivel seat by installing the seat on a swivel base. The swivel base will then be installed on a boat surface, like a bench, or a pedestal.

Types of Jon Boat Seats

Padded vs unpadded

Most jon boat seats and row boat seats come with padding or seat cushions. However, some are also unpadded, though still as comfortable as their padded counterparts. It’s up to you which one you prefer, but most boat seats are padded.

With a backrest vs without a backrest

Because jon boat seats are made to provide back support, most of them come with a padded backrest. This will allow you to lean back and relax your back muscles, which can help reduce muscle strain.

However, other types of seating can also work well on jon boats. Casting seats, which typically don’t have a backrest, can have a place on a jon boat.

Plastic vs metal vs wood

Many removable jon boat seats have frames, hinges, and parts made of different materials. Typically, manufacturers use plastic, metal, or wood as the base structural materials for a jon boat seat. Each type of material has its own pros and cons, and most boat owners already have a set preference.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using a Jon Boat Seat

Do you love going fishing, but hate that long hours on the boat can be murder on your back? A simple solution, such as installing boat seats, can be just what you need.

Sitting for long hours in an uncomfortable seat can cause back pain or, at least, intense discomfort. Comfort may not seem like such an important thing, but it can help prevent pains and aches caused by prolonged sitting. A jon boat seat can help make you more comfortable on the boat and can thus help prevent these pains and aches.

However, you’ll need to pay attention to the weight rating and construction of a jon boat seat. Some seats are rated for up to 400 lbs, which means that they can safely carry that much weight without being in danger of breaking. Typically, though, jon boat seats and especially their backrests can’t safely support too much weight.

Buyer’s Guide


What kind of boat do you have?

The run-of-the-mill jon boats aren’t very big, and they typically come with benches on the inside. Make sure to pick a seat that won’t be too big or unwieldy for the size and weight of your boat. The upside is that a swivel seat is a great option for boats this size.

Other bigger boats, meanwhile, will be able to accommodate pedestal mounts and bigger seats. You may also be able to opt for heavier and more substantial seats.


There’s no reason to spend more than you should on a jon boat seat if you can find one that’s sturdy and comfortable for a low price. Fortunately, there are many affordable yet high-quality options on the market.

Even so, figure out how much you’re willing to spend on a new jon boat. Make sure that your budget is reasonable. If it’s too low, you’ll either look around for too much time or you’ll end up with a substandard product.

Personal preferences and needs

What do you need a jon boat seat for? Usually, people buy these seats to avoid back pain and muscle pain. Additionally, these seats can also make sitting for long hours a lot more comfortable and doable.

Thus, the jon boat seat you choose should be able to give you what you’re looking for. If you need a bigger seat, for example, don’t settle for a smaller one. After all, jon boat seats are made to provide comfort. If you’re not comfortable with what you bought, then it’s a bad purchase.

Another thing to consider is the size and weight rating of the seat. Some seats are larger than others, with a more considerable width and depth. Other seats, meanwhile, can accommodate up to 400 lbs of weight. Make sure to check the reviews to see how a particular seat has held up for previous buyers.


It’s always good practice to check out what buyer reviews say about a product. Manufacturers and sellers will always talk up their wares, but some of what they say will likely be inaccurate. Buyer reviews, however, can give you a frank and honest opinion about the product.

Of course, this isn’t to say that reviews are always true and should be believed. It’s best to take them with a grain of salt, but it’s also good to check out product photos posted by verified buyers. This will show you what the product is like in real life and what you can expect.

Care and Maintenance

Typically, jon boat seats are made with durable and low-maintenance materials. They should also be able to withstand harsh conditions without sustaining much damage. Also, they should be able to withstand the rain and the beating sun while remaining in great condition.

However, though jon boat seats should be durable, it’s best that you do regular maintenance to ensure longevity. Wash the dirt off the seats as often as you can and make sure to check hinges and any metal components for signs of corrosion. This way, you can prevent stains and rust from setting in.

Also, avoid putting too much weight on the seat to make sure that it won’t suddenly break or buckle. Some seats have a weight rating, but many others don’t. Thus, the best thing to do is to err on the side of caution by not standing on the seat or putting too much strain on it.

Frequently Asked Questions


Unless you’ve been fishing or involved in a marine hobby for many long years, you may not have much of an idea what to look for in jon boat seats. The information below may be of help.

Who makes the top-rated jon boat seats?

Attwood and Wise are two of the best-known jon boat seat brands. However, other brands are also worth looking at. Tempress, for example, offers an ergonomic boat seat that was designed with the help of spinal surgeons. You can also check out Leader Accessories for durable and sturdy jon boat seats.

How do you install Jon boat seats?

You can install jon boat seats directly on the boat benches, though you can also use pedestals and swivel bases to build jon boat swivel seats. A pedestal will give you more height and may be more comfortable for some. A swivel base, meanwhile, will allow you to swivel around as needed.

In general, jon boat seats don’t come with pedestals or swivel bases. These jon boat accessories will have to be bought separately, so make sure that they’re compatible with the seat you want to use. You’ll also have to buy hardware like bolts and screws for secure installation.

However, installation is typically quite simple. Most if not all boat seats come pre-drilled, and they can be attached to the boat using tools like a drill and a screwdriver. You also won’t have to spend too much time on the installation because it’s straightforward and easy to do.

How to clean and care for jon boat seats?

A good jon boat seat shouldn’t need much maintenance, though some maintenance is still necessary. For example, if your seat can be folded, make sure to fold it over when it’s not in use. This can protect the seat from damage and can prevent moisture from staying too long on the upholstery.

You should also regularly inspect the hinges of the seat to see how well it’s holding up. For some seats, the hinges are the flimsiest part and the most prone to damage. If the hinges have weakened, the backrest may no longer be able to accommodate as much weight as it used to accommodate.


Jon boat seats may be something that many people take for granted, but it makes more of a difference than we may think. They not only upgrade older boats, but they can also add value to any watercraft.

Additionally, there are a lot of expectations when it comes to boat seats. These seats should be made well, with good materials that can last for years to come. They should also provide stable support and comfort for hobbyists and enthusiasts that spend long hours on marine-related activities.

Sitting in one spot or in one position for a long time can lead to back pain and other types of aches. If you’ve suffered injuries to your back, neck, shoulders, or knees, sitting like this can be especially uncomfortable. With the help of the right jon boat seat, however, you’ll be able to enjoy your hobby without pain or discomfort.

That’s why you should only choose among the best jon boat seats when looking for new seating for your boat. These seats have a lot to offer: sturdy frames, comfortable padding, good upholstering, and more. You’ll be able to check all the basic boxes, and you’ll just need to worry about the extra features you’d like to have.

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2011-03-25  · Re: Homemade Boat Seats If you plan on just wood seats you can save some money. If you plan to cover them, the foam, vinyl, and sewing equipment rental (if you don't already have it) will greatly outweigh the cost of getting some seats from a salvage yard or if you are a careful shopper, you may be able to find new or lightly used stuff on E-bay.
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2010-01-11  · A homemade boat can be constructed without too much experience. In order to build a boat the correct design, materials and tools will need to be selected, and once the boat has been assembled it will need to have some furnishings which will inevitably include a boat seat. A boat seat can be an easy project with a simple design that will add comfort to the boat.
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Homemade boat seat plans homemade boat seat plans plans boat building. A site dedicated to amateur boat building, with an on-line catalog of boat plans and kits, bulletin board, project registry, builder photos, news letters,. Shop for boat seats and choose from a rich assortment of fishing boat seats, swivel seats, pedestals, ski boat seats and accessories at walmart and save. save money ...
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The PM-38 Plans for the "PM-38" free motorboat plan first appeared in the August 1962 issue of the "Popular Mechanics" magazine. It was named the PM 38 because the magazine claimed that it could, not only be built in 38 hours, for a materials cost of a mere $38 (1962 prices) but would, when launched, do 38 mph.The one pictured was built by Mark, in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.
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Jun 2, 2016 - Since I posted the seats I am making on my boat restoration thread, there has been a lot of interest in some instructions on how to make your own boat... Jun 2, 2016 - Since I posted the seats I am making on my boat restoration thread, there has been a lot of interest in some instructions on how to make your own boat... Jun 2, 2016 - Since I posted the seats I am making on my ...
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2021-03-14  · For a unique conversation piece, you try making one of these DIY woven seat benches. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to make, and your guests will be impressed by your sense of style and creativity when they get their first look at your unique bench. Here’s what is needed for the project: 2 boards of 2×2 wood at 45” 4 boards of 2×2 wood at 16” 2 boards of 2×2 wood at 14 ...
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2017-10-25  · DIY Boat Seats by Liz Tomas Updated October 25, 2017. boat image by pearlguy from Items you will need. Plywood. Saw. Sandpaper. Screws. Drill. 2 Aluminum rods. Metal rods. Marine adhesive. Foam. Waterproof material. Cushions. There are many different types of boat seats. The purpose of the boat seat is for comfort as well as for safety, as there are often conditions when …
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Diy boat seat plans - to aid produce the interest individuals website visitors will be excited to help with making these pages. restoring the quality of the article might you put on in the future so as to definitely fully grasp after reading this post. As a final point, it is far from one or two thoughts that really must be built to encourage an individual. and yet a result of policies from ...
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The dining table, in the rear section of the cabin, seats four and then drops down to convert into an extra bunk 6 ft. 4 in. long and 38 in. wide. Cabin headroom is 6 ft. 2 in., and two cots can be stationed to the rear of the cabin area. Click Here for the Plans. Bayou Belle. Bayou Belle is a 25' scow that can be built as a sports utility, a fishing boat, or a houseboat, depending on your ...
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About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ...
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2010-06-14  · Hey guys, I'm gonna start building seats for my boat sometime this week and was wondering If anyone has built their own seats, I Have a bucket seat out of a dune buggy that fits beautifully in the Driver area so thats what i'm gonna leave for the driver. I've got an upholstery shop right down the road that can do the covering for me but I have to build the frame first. any ideas are greatly ...
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Either way, if you’re in the market for a fishing boat, consider building your own johnboat with these plans. 9. DIY Simple Wooden Boat. This option doesn’t come with plans which I could find. However, it could still be used as inspiration for building your boat. Again, these boats would be good options if you’re someone looking for an inexpensive way to go fishing. 10. Homemade PVC Raft ...
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2017-05-13  · Build your own boat seats plans build pontoon houseboat. Diy boat seat rebuild and repair amazing boat seat vinyl repair 6:55 how to make boat canvas, bimini, enclosure side curtains, start a new. Since i posted the seats i am making on my boat restoration thread, there has been a lot of interest in some instructions on how to make your own ...
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