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10 Best Air Pistols &#; BB Guns For Self Defense, Hunting &#; Target Shooting (Reviews)

As a beginner, choosing the best air pistol can be tricky. Do you want to use it for long range shooting or for competing or even for self-defense? Will you use it in colder weather? If you are looking at the best pellet gun, there are many options, such as Beeman, Gamo, Airforce, Crosman, Air Arms, etc. Most of the firearms in today’s market use propellant charge. But in the case of air pistols, it is actually compressed gas or air. Air Pistols are also called air gun or Pellet gun or BB gun. If you need help in choosing the most appropriate pistol, have a look at the top air pistol reviews and individuals for each gun.



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Best Air Pistol Reviews For Self Defense, Hunting & Target Shooting (Updated List)

1. Crossman American Classic Pump Air Pistol ()

Crosman American Classic Pump Air Pistol () Crossman is also known as &#;American Classic&#; Pump air pistol, and it certainly lives up to its name. As a beginner, this is the best air pistol that you can have.

It is a single action bolt, which makes it easier to cock and load. It can shoot FPS and its rear can be adjusted. It has a caliber of and it is a single shot and pneumatic. It is also known as the &#;Pump master classic&#;. It has a lighter trigger than most of the pistols, which is pounds. On the other hand, it&#;s too heavy for a rifle. You can use it for small game hunting or for pest control. As it&#;s a pneumatic single shot air pistol, it won&#;t work like those spring. But as a beginner, this is the best air pistol for you, and it is definitely worth your money. Factory manufactured an upgraded version of this pistol.

Click to see more in-depth Crosman American Classic Pump Air Pistol review!


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2. Winchester Model 11K CO2 Pistol Kit with Case

Winchester Model 11K CO2 Pistol Kit with Case Winchester Model 11K CO2 gun kit is a semi-automatic BB gun. It has a gram carbon dioxide cartridge. It is a small pistol and is best to carry on and it has a beautiful nickel casing with a mid-range velocity. You can shoot at least foot per second with this beauty. It has a lighter trigger, which is roughly 4 pounds max, and its BB clip contains 16 shots. You have to put metal BB&#;s inside, though. It won&#;t work with plastics BBs. It is oftentimes compared with the model. You can use mm steel BB&#;s with this mode, as its magazine and grip are made of plastic. Other than that, it has a very amazing metallic finish. Shots fired from this pistol have a decent accuracy. It also has a lower price. You can manually check the safety clippings in it. The only downside is that it has a plastic magazine since a metal magazine would work much better.

Here is more detailed Winchester Model 11K Air Pistol review!


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3. Daisy Hunting Air Pistol

Daisy Hunting Air Pistol Daisy Hunting Air Pistol is a semi-automatic smooth barrel hunting pistol. It has CO2 powered BB repeater with shooting glasses. This pistol has three CO2 cylinders and it has a maximum velocity of fps. It has a built-in BB magazine, which can contain up to 21 shots. The BB loading process is a little bit tough, though, as the CO2 chambers are well hidden. Which is why you can&#;t guess that it runs on CO2. This is the most powerful pellet gun that you can get your hands on, and it is an amazing gun for target practice and competitions, as it has amazing powers and is top-rated among gun enthusiasts.



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4. Benjamin Marauder PCP (Best Pellet Pistol For Hunting)

Crosman Benjamin Marauder Call Air Pistol BP Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Pistol is a blot action pre-pneumatic pistol. It is a very quiet gun, thanks to its integral shroud, making it a great pellet pistol for hunting. It has a 12&#; choked barrel, which makes its shots precise. It is an air pistol and mostly uses psi compressed air. It also has a built-in pressure gauge and a reversible bolt. You can hunt up to 33 yards away with this beauty.

You need to have a scope or dot sight, as it doesn&#;t come with an open sight. Marauder pistol clips and air rifle clips are not interchangeable, and so, it has a manual safety system and it comes with a repeater.
The best thing about this pistol is its pound trigger, which comes with two stages. You can&#;t ask for a more precise shot than this. It is mostly used for small game hunting/plinking. Its magazine has a capacity of 8 round multi-shots. It is also lightweight and compact and comes at a mid-range price, making it one of the top air pistols which is worth every penny. Check more detailed Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Pistol review!


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5. C41 Air Pistol (BB)

C41 Air Pistol (BB) Crossman C41 is a BB air pistol. It is made with metal. It is a semi-automatic pistol, which weighs 2 pounds. It comes with a inch rifled barrel. You can use mm steel BB&#;s with this.
Although it’s a double action only gun, its trigger pull is amazingly fast. It&#;s quite cheap, considering that it is an all metal gun. Its drop-out magazine is also made of metal, which is a plus. A replica of the German Walther P38, it is ambidextrous, so any leftie can use this easily. It uses gram pellets and has hidden CO2 compartments. On the negative side, the grip feels loose and the gun is a tad big for a smaller hand.


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6. Umarex Legends M Blowback CO2 Pistol

Umarex Legends M Blowback Automatic Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol, Legends M Air Pistol Umarex Legends M is a blowback air gun. It is made of plastic and metals and weighs about 2 pounds. It has a inch metal, non-rifled barrel. It is a semi-automatic, single shot only, BB gun. Its trigger pull is quite sharp. The BB magazine chambering is done by the blowback action, which gives it a nice pull. It has a fps accuracy rate in hot weather. It also has an 18 rd. removable magazine. You have to manually check its safety and it mostly uses a gram CO2 cartridge. The loading process is quite tough, so you have to be really steady, otherwise, the magazine will just pop out. Also, its rear sight cannot be adjusted. If you ignore the bulky size, it&#;s a good one for competitions. Continue to detailed Umarex Legends M Air Gun review!


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7. Smith & Wesson M&P Airgun

Smith & Wesson M&P 40 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol, Black, Standard Action The Smith & Wesson M&P airgun truly is one of the best models on the market and is perfectly suited for shooting enthusiasts. This pistol shoots cal BBs at velocities of up to FPS, and it comes with a fiber optic rear sight. This is a semi-automatic model that uses CO2 capsules for power.

One of the things we liked about this model is that it has a well-thought design. The CO2 capsule is concealed inside the grip, but the backstop slides easily to reveal it when you want to change it. The fiber optic rear sight has a U-shaped design, and the fiber optic is green and easy to spot. The front sight looks like a white dot, and it’s easy to spot even in low-light conditions. To acquire your target you have to line up the white dot between the two green sights.

Another good thing about this model is that it comes with an under the barrel rail that allows you to customize the pistol. You can either mount a laser sight or a flashlight under the barrel to improve your accuracy.

The pistol comes with a BBs magazine. You can fire the whole magazine in quick succession without any problems, and you can reload it with ease.


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8. Crossman CCP8B2 Vigilante CO2 CALIBER PELLET

Crosman CCP8B2 Vigilante CO2-Powered Caliber Pellet and BB Revolver, FFP Crossman CCP8B2 Vigilante CO2 Caliber Pellet and BB Revolver is designed like a classic pistol. It has a 10 shot pellet clip and a 6-inch rifled barrel. It has a maximum velocity of fps. It also has a tactical rail system and an adjustable rear sight. You can shoot both single and double action with this pistol. It is the best air pistol that has everything balanced and gives precise shots. It also has rails, so you can put scopes on it. It has an adjustable rear sight and its finger groves are textured. You can use steel BB&#;s in this gun. It has a double action trigger pulling, and its pulling weight was approx. 3 pounds. It is the bestselling, balanced BB revolver out there, and it is among the most powerful pellet gun in the market.

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9. Daisy Outdoor Products CO2 Pistol

Daisy Power Line CO2 Pistol Kit It comes with a steel-smooth bore barrel and cal. BB ammo can be used with Daisy

It has a 21 shot capacity clip. You can shoot up to fps max with it. It uses CO2 and is semi-automatic. It also has a blade with which you can open the rear sights. If you want a cool and powerful looking BB pistol, then you have come to the right spot. Get the scope calibrated and you will get the most precise shots. It has an awesome scope and laser sight and is perfectly balanced. It has a long trigger pull, which can be quite bothersome for people with smaller hands. It is a bit costly for a BB gun, but it is worth every buck.

Here is a full Daisy Outdoor Products review


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Crossman Bolt Action CO2-Powered Pistol

Crosman Bolt Action CO2-Powered Pistol Crossman Bolt Action CO2-Powered Pistol only has calibers, but don&#;t let that mislead you. It&#;s the perfect pistol for plinking, as you can easily load it. Its shooting capacity is precise and enjoyable and it&#;s perfect for people who are ambidextrous. It has thumb rests on both grip panels, so it will work for right handed people too. You can get any base to mount the scope, but Crossman’s MT is a good choice, as it is a beginner range pistol and it won&#;t do your wallet much damage. It can shoot up to FPS and it runs on CO2. But unlike GAMO, it doesn&#;t spend CO2 that fast. It is perfect for hunting and small pest controls. You can easily adjust its rear sight and it can be opened easily. It is a little pistol, but you should load it with Crossman Premier grain pellets, to see the accuracy of its shots. One negative point is that the trigger is a little wiggly in this model. Also, to mount a scope, you need to put clamps in the barrel. Made from synthetic materials and with a length of &#;, it is the best air pistol for pest control.

Click to see more detailed Crosman Bolt Action CO2-Powered Pistol review


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Beeman Sportsman Deluxe

Beeman Sportsman Series Deluxe Air Pistol - Model The Beeman Sportsman can shoot pellets at velocities of up to FPS. This single pump pistol has a rifled barrel and it comes with a fixed front sight and adjustable rear sights.

You might think that at velocities of up to FPS, the Beeman is not a very powerful gun, and you would be right. But what this pistol lacks in power and velocity, it gains in accuracy. This model is great for those who want to practice and improve their shooting skills because it’s accurate enough to allow you to group your shots.

This is a single stroke pneumatic handgun, so you will have to reload after every shot. To reload the pistol, you will have to pull back the cocking lever to compress the air that launches the pellet. The cocking lever is not very difficult to pull, but the process can become tiring after taking several shots.

The pistol comes with adjustable sights, so you can slightly optimize them according to your shooting style and preferences. Another good thing about this model is that it’s relatively quiet. The noise it produces is not extremely noticeable, so this model might be a good choice for those who enjoy plinking in their own backyards.


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Pellet Pistol Buying Guide

Here are some things that will help you choose the best pellet gun that suits you most.

  • Trigger Quality: Trigger Quality is a must for choosing your air pistol. You have to carefully consider the trigger pull of your desired gun.
  • Caliber: Caliber is another important factor. It can be , or
  • Material: There are different kinds of materials, such as Lead or Lead-free (plastic and/or zinc) or copper coated steel.
  • Power Source: There are different kinds of power sources; PCP (pre-charged pneumatic), CO2, and break Barrel.
  • Velocity: fps, fps, fps, and fps.


What is your intended use of the air pistol?

Love to hunt? Do you like small games or bigger preys? Air Pistols can be used for various means. You can use it for Plinking (BB guns are only used for plinking, Hunting PCP, charged barrel, targets, pest control, etc.) Small and medium game hunting is a mode of recreation in most gun-owning families. Crossman Bolt Action CO2-Powered Pistol is good for pest control. C41 BB is good for hunting. For small games, you can use Crossman , as it can easily shoot smaller games if the distance ranges from yards and its power source is Spring Piston. This gun is single shot and has a capacity of caliber.

How far will you be shooting?

There are many pellet guns for hunting in the market, and so, you need to choose your gun according to your preferred shooting range. If you want to shoot something within 15 yards, then go for variable pumps. CO2 guns will give you at least 20 yards. Break Barrel guns will go as long as 35 yards, but the most long range shootings come from the PCP guns. It&#;ll give you a whopping yard range.

How much do you want to spend?best air pistol

Daisy is a bit costly. It&#;s a mid-range product, but worth every penny. If you want to search within the middle ranged guns, then you can also look for Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Pistol. Crossman CCP8B2 Vigilante CO2 Caliber Pellet and BB Revolver are somewhere between a beginner and a mid-level price, but it&#;s the highest selling gun out there. Crossman or GAMO P are a good choice for beginner level guns.

Air pistol accessories

There are so many options for air pistol accessories. You can get airgun scopes, lasers, targets, pistol holsters, rifle slings, sights and lights, cleaning kits, flashlights etc. Pellets are also important. Most of the guns have specific pellets designed for them. You can use other pellets too, but it will provide messy results. You will also need extra cartridges and cylinders for refilling purposes. It is very tough to actually pinpoint the best caliber for shooting. Each caliber has their own merits. calibers are the smallest and they can shoot up to fps. It is mostly used for pest control. For overall use, you can get calibers and calibers are much larger in weight, but if you want to shoot a larger prey in a long distance, then go for the latter.

Model Specification Comparison Chart

C41 AIR PISTOL (BB$ x x inches

Bottom line

BB guns are the best medium to learn shooting. If you want to buy the best pellet pistol in the market, you have to first consider your specific uses and then proceed accordingly. You have to decide what&#;s best for you, be it the caliber or the pellets. From hunting to backyard plinking, there are a variety of guns and pellets out there. You also have to think about your budget, so that you don&#;t go overboard on things that you don&#;t even need. After reading our air pistols reviews, you should not have any trouble figuring out what you need. Most importantly, practice firearms safety while using them. Don&#;t let any child play with them unless they are under an adult supervision. Also, before buying, please do a background check on legal proceedings in your area.

Remember that you need to keep your guns clean and in good conditions. Thus, Shooting & Safety includes some articles about the best gun oils.


The first thing anyone shopping for a pellet pistol should think about is what they intend to use it for. Narrowing down the scope of your mission before jumping into long reviews will save you a TON of time and possibly even money.

Are you looking for a match grade yard pistol to destroy your buddies at competitive shooting? Are you just looking for something cheap take out those evil tin cans in the backyard? Do you need something powerful enough to neutralize those pests around the house?

Best Pellet Pistols Review Featured Image

In this guide, I’ll breakdown the different types of pellet pistols, discuss the pros and cons of each caliber, and give you a detailed review of what I think are the best pellet pistols currently on the market.

Keep in mind, there are literally hundreds of pellet pistols on the market right now and I obviously cannot review them all. If you feel there is a great one that I have left off this list, feel free to let everyone know in the comments section. You might also want to check out Corporal Goins&#;s Guide on PCP air rifles or our other guides on pellet guns and BB guns (there are some pretty cool full-auto ones).

Pellet Pistol Buying Guide

vs caliber, which is better?

There is an endless debate over whether or caliber pellet pistols are better. The truth is both shine in different areas. As explained in the velocity vs power section, you can’t just look at the velocity of a pellet pistol to determine its power.

caliber pellets are almost twice the size and weight of pellets, so after factoring the weight of the pellet into the equation, at close range pellets will have typically have more kinetic energy, assuming both are fired from the same gun, just in different calibers.

Fans of will argue that it doesn’t matter how much power a pellet has if it’s traveling through the brain of a squirrel at close ranges. Fans of will also argue that caliber pellets reach terminal velocity sooner, meaning they slow down quicker and lose more energy the further the distance gets, meaning at long ranges pellets could actually have more kinetic energy. They will also argue that pellets have less surface area, so they require less energy to penetrate targets, meaning the pellet will travel deeper into the varmint.

The biggest advantage of pellets is the can travel at higher velocities without tumbling and yawing in flight, however, because there are no pellet pistols that I’m aware of that can fire above fps, this really isn’t an issue here like it would be if we were talking pellet guns.

The truth is both do the job and not all pellet pistols are available in multiple calibers. Many PCP pellet pistols are only available in , so some shooters buy all their air rifles and pistols in just so they don’t have to buy two different calibers of ammo. I know pellets are cheap, but this is a justification for preferring caliber that I’ve heard.

Velocity vs Energy vs Stopping Power

Velocity, energy, and stopping power are often misunderstood concepts in the world of air pistols. When it comes to power, most people only think of velocity, which is measured in feet per second (FPS). What most people don’t consider is the weight, diameter, and shape of the pellet. Some manufacturers know this and take advantage of it by finding the lightest possible pellets for the max velocity testing. Just keep in mind a feet per second (FPS) rated caliber pellet pistol will have much more kinetic energy than a FPS caliber pellet pistol. Kinetic energy can be calculated using the formula (KE=1/2MV^2) where M is the mass in grams and V is velocity in meters per second. When talking about stopping power, you also have to consider the diameter of the pellet, the shape, and the weight.

Here Are the Best Pellet Pistols

1. Crosman Benjamin Marauder Cal Air Pistol

Crosman Benjamin Marauder Air Pistol

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Velocity: feet per second
Power source: Pre-charged Pneumatic
Price range: Around $

My review: The Benjamin Marauder is the KING of air pistols. Its inch choked and shrouded barrel make it one of the quietest and most accurate pellet pistols currently on the market.

Crosman did a good job gathering feedback after releasing the Benjamin Discovery and incorporated many of the changes customers wanted into Benjamin Marauder rifle and pistol carbine.

The smooth pound trigger on the Marauder is perfect for such a light pistol or carbine and makes shot placement easy. The power, accuracy, and smooth trigger make this pistol perfect for pest control and varmint hunting. You can shoot this thing all day for a fraction of the cost of firing rimfire ammunition and still get a high level of performance.

When charged to around PSI, you’ll get around 30 to 35 accurate and powerful shots. With a good scope, a skilled shooter behind it, and proper pellets this pistol is a tack driver out to 25 yards, shooting dime-sized groups. At 50 yards this pistol can still take down small game and easily shoots 2-inch groups so long as you have the right pellets.

As mentioned in the buying guide section of this page, PCP air pistols do require a hand pump, fill station or high-pressure compressor to refill the air reservoir. The cheapest option by far is a hand pump if you don’t already have a SCUBA setup or high-pressure compressor.

Key Features

  • 8 shot rotary magazine
  • Can be set up as a pistol or carbine
  • Quiet but deadly
  • Good tree stand or field pistol
  • 30 inches in carbine form and 18 inches in pistol form
  • Lots of aftermarket accessories available

2. Crosman American Classic Pump or

Crosman American Classic Pump

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Caliber: or
Velocity: feet per second ( caliber version)
Velocity: feet per second ( caliber version)
Power source: Pneumatic multi-pump
Price range: $50 to $

My review: This is easily one of my favorite multi-pump pellet pistols of all time. It’s a single shot, bolt action pellet pistol that’s incredibly accurate and powerful for its price. Its power, combined with its rifled steel barrel, make it a plinker&#;s dream and a varmint’s nightmare.

There are two versions of this pistol, the caliber version is called the Crossman and a caliber version called the Crosman If you’re having a hard time deciding between the two calibers, check out the vs caliber pellet guns section of the page. If you’re just buying this for plinking, the version will suffice and it&#;s less noisy, but I prefer the version.

One thing you’ll notice with most of Crossman’s pellet pistols is it feels like they’re built like tanks. They’re made of mostly metal, so they’re not super light and don’t feel like toys like some pellet pistols do. They do have some plastic parts, but overall Crossman air pistols are built to last.

The pumping mechanism feels is pretty easy to pump. Crossman doesn’t recommend you pump the pistol more than 10 times because it can cause it can the air reservoir to leak and possibly even cause a second discharge without pumping the pistol.

As far as sights go, it has a pretty solid pair of iron sights. The rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation.

Key Features

  • Accurate
  • Adjustable open sights
  • Highly modifiable
  • Made in USA

3. Crosman Bolt Action CO2 Pistol

Crosman Bolt Action CO2 Pistol

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Velocity: feet per second
Power source: CO2
Price range: Around $70

My review: If you’re a fan of caliber Crossman reviewed above, you’ll most likely like the Crosman Just like the , this is a single shot, bolt action pistol that is built tough. This thing is pretty dang accurate considering the price and holds a nice grouping.

The major difference between this pistol and is the power source. The Crosman fires at the same velocity, but it uses gram CO2 cartridges to propel the pellet rather than the airpower generated by pumping the Crossman

It is easily the best pellet pistols for the money. Being a pellet pistol that shoots FPS, I think it’s fairly obvious why this is a very popular air pistol. This thing is perfect for pest control (its nickname is “The Rat Catcher”) and backyard plinking.

You can expect between 40 high power accurate shots per CO2 cartridge. It has a comfortable ambidextrous grip and feels balanced when holding it. It also has an ambidextrous safety.

To load the pellet, you just have to work the bolt to the rear, place the pellet, and close the bolt.

It comes with a nice pair of iron sights, but you could still mount a scope on it if you want to buy some riser blocks.

To refill the CO2 cartridge, there is a cap towards the front of the pistol, just under the barrel.

Key Features

  • Runs of 12 gram CO2 cartridges
  • Ambidextrous safety
  • Adjustable rear sights

4. Hatsan Model 25 Supercharger

Hatsan Model 25 Supercharger

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Velocity: FPS alloy/ FPS lead
Power source: Break barrel lever
Price range: Under $

My review: If you’re looking for an air pistol that has the power of an air rifle, look no further than the Hatsan Model This is probably the most underrated pellet pistol on this entire list. With a max velocity that looks more like that of a rifle ( to FPS), the Supercharger is one of the most powerful pellet pistols on the market right now.

Make no mistake, this is a man&#;s pellet pistol The break barrel single cocking mechanism does require a fair amount of force to cock (around 40 pounds), but for adults it’s still fairly easy, especially if you use the detachable cocking lever which can easily be attached to the end of the barrel. I know 40 pounds of pressure may seem like a lot, but it’s a small price to pay for FPS from a single pump springer with good range. Also, like a lot of single pump and barrel break air pistols, when you cock the gun the automatic safety engages.

The red and green fiber optic sights are easy to acquire, and they’re one thing a lot of people comment on the first time they fire the Hatsan Mod That said, many people still mount a scope on it.

The only real cons I see about this air pistol is it’s a little heavy and hard to cock for smaller people. I’ve even heard of people sending it back because they found it a little too hard to cock. The accuracy is pretty good, but it’s certainly not as accurate as some more expensive high-end air pistols like the Benjamin Marauder. Overall, considering its quality, power, range, and accuracy, I would say this is easily one of the best pellet pistols under $ currently on the market. When this gun was first released it was closer to $ It does have an adjustable trigger, but I still found it to be a bit heavy. That’s okay, though, because this isn’t designed to be a match pistol. It’s more of a backyard plinking type pistol that can be used for some small game. To make a budget air pistol with the specifications of the Hatsan Model 25, most of the parts had to be plastic. While the most important parts like the main cylinder and inner barrel are metal, the rest of the gun is made of a cheaper ballistic polymer (AKA plastic).

You can purchase Hatsan Model 25 in caliber, but the max velocity (around FPS) is significantly less.

Key Features

  • Recoil reduction mechanism
  • One of the most powerful pelelt pistols on the market
  • Rifled barrel
  • 2 Stage Quattro Trigger
  • It comes with a fully adjustable rear sight for windage and elevation

5. Gamo Pt

Gamo Pt

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Velocity: FPS
Power source: CO2
Price range: Around $80

If you don’t already know, Gamo is the largest manufacturer of airgun pellets in the world. Their pellet pistols are top-notch, and this pistol actually reminds me of the Sig Sauer replica reviewed above. It’s CO2 powered and has a 16 round pellet double magazine. It has fixed sights with reflective white dots.

This pistol also has the blowback feature, meaning the slide moves back and backward and forward between shoots. This feature does look and feel cool, but it does use a small amount of air, and personally, I’d rather just get more shots out of each CO2 cartridge.

Overall, this is a solid pellet pistol and comparable to the Sig Sauer pistol reviewed on this page. The performance is similar, so if you’re trying to decide between the two, I recommend picking whichever one you find more visually appealing.

Key Features

  • Rifled steel barrel
  • Blowback feature
  • Fixed sights with white dots
  • Weights pounds

6. Crosman Vigilante

Crosman Vigilante

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Velocity: feet per second
Power source: CO2
Price range: Around $60

My review: The Crosman Vigilante is a revolver style pellet pistol that looks unique and shoots great.

While I would definitely recommend this pistol for backyard plinking, there are far better pellet pistols on this list for hunting.

Although this air pistol can shoot BBs, if you want to prolong the life of the pistol I recommend only shooting pellets through it. The pellet rotary clips hold 10 pellets and the bb clips hold 6 rounds.

Key Features

  • Shoots pellets or BBs
  • Accurate rifled steel barrel
  • Single or double action trigger
  • Fixed front sights and adjustable rear sights
  • Dual accessory rails

7. Replica Sig Sauer P Air Pistol

Replica Sig Sauer P Air Pistol

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Velocity: feet per second
Power source: CO2
Price range: Under $

My review: If you’ve read any of my reviews on this website, you already know I’m a big fan of Sig Sauer. The P replica holds up to Sig Sauer standards and I think it’s a fun pistol to shoot.

It holds pellets in its 16 round double-sided rotary magazine (8 on each side). It has a in rifled steel barrel that gets the job done and makes the pistol pretty accurate. It has a single and double action trigger.

It’s made of mostly metal and feels real. There are only a few components on the gun that are actually made of plastic, like the grips and some internal parts. It does have full blowback, meaning the slide works much like a real pistol.

This pistol can fire BBs or pellets, but the manual says that it should be operated with pellets only. I have seen this pistol fired with BBs, and surprisingly it seems to be just as accurate with BBs.

Sig advertises it at FPS, but from reviews I’ve read by people that actually tested it with a chronograph, the velocity is closer to FPS. The discrepancy in advertised vs real world FPS is probably because lighter pellets were used during Sig Sauers testing. All in all, the difference really isn’t a huge deal and almost all manufacturers advertised max velocities are higher than you’ll get with standard pellets.

Key Features

  • Runs of 12 gram CO2 cartridges (fits in the grip of the pistol)
  • 16 round magazine
  • Quality magazine release and safety
  • White dot sights
  • Working safety and decocker
  • Thread of tip of pistol for silencer
  • Blowback action

8. Beeman P17

Beeman P17

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Velocity: feet per second
Power source: Single stroke pneumatic (over-lever cocking)
Price range: Around $35

My review: The next two pistols on this list, the P17 and P3, are made by Beeman. If you don’t already know, Beeman is one of the most reputable manufacturers of spring powered air pistols in the world. They have a unique over-lever cocking mechanism that allows for a great deal of power to be generated from a single pump.

The model reviewed here, the P17, is a less expensive version that is made in China, while the P3 is made in Germany. Both of these pistols work just fine for plinking, but I wouldn’t use them for any type of pest control.

If you’re tight on funds, the P17 will do the job just fine, but if you’re one of the fortunate among us that have a large amount of disposable income, the P3 is more reliable and has a better trigger. The most noticeable difference between the two is the internals and trigger mechanism. I’ve also read less complains of air leaks with the P3, although most people have no problems with the P From what I’ve read the accuracy and velocity are very similar, and I’ve even heard from people who tested both with a chronograph say that the P17 fires at a slightly higher velocity.

For an inexpensive single pump pellet pistol, the Beeman P17 delivers good performance. It’s a single-stroke pneumatic air pistol, meaning it is powered by an air piston instead of a CO2 cartridge.

The fiber optic open sights are pretty basic and what you’d expect from an inexpensive air pistol. To cock the gun, all you have to do is pull the hammer back The rear sights are adjustable for windage and elevation.

It has a nice safety feature, once the gun is cocked the safety automatically switches to the safe position. This is a nice feature because as mentioned it does take a good bit of force to pump it and you don’t want to have a loaded gun in the fire position as you’re focusing on cocking it.

The load and pump the gun, pull the hammer to the rear, this will open the pistol. The top of the pistol is attached to the front of the pistol with a hinge joint, so you can rotate the top slide all the way forward. In this position, you can load the pellet into the breach and pull the slide all the way back to its original position. If you’re confused by this, just watch some Youtube videos. It does take a fair amount of force to pump the pistol, so this may not be the best choice for youngsters.

Key Features

  • Rifled steel barrel
  • Lightweight polymer frame
  • Made of mostly plastic with metal parts

9. Beeman P3 Air Pistol

Beeman P3 Air Pistol

Check Price on Amazon

Velocity: feet per second
Power source: Single stroke pneumatic (over-lever cocking)
Price range: Around $

If you read the review of the P17 above, you already know the basics of this pistol. This is a solid pellet pistol made in Germany that’s known for its quality. Considering it’s powered by a single pump it’s incredibly powerful and has very little recoil.

The top-loading function is a little funky, but after some practice, it’s easy to load and use this pistol. As mentioned with the P17, it does take a pretty good amount of force (around 30 pounds) to actually pump the pistol, so this is probably not the best option for kids.

It has fiber optic sights that are adjustable for windage and elevation in the rear.

All in all, it’s a unique air pistol with a unique cocking mechanism that gives a lot of power from a single pump. As mentioned, however, it is a little hard to pump so this is not the best option for youngsters.

Key Features

  • Quiet toploader
  • Quality metal internal components
  • Adjustable trigger
  • Ambidextrous, except the safety that is on the left

Beeman P1 Air Pistol

Beeman P1 Air Pistol

Check Price on Amazon

Velocity: feet per second
Power source: Single stroke pneumatic (over-lever cocking)
Price range: Around $

My review: If you’re looking for a single pump, spring-powered air pistol, the Beeman P1 is almost impossible to beat. This kind of quality does come with a hefty price tag, though. This thing is top-notch and has almost no metal, except for the fiber optic sights.

The Beeman P1 was inspired by the Colt , and while it is not an exact replica, they do look a lot alike. You can find this air pistol in caliber, caliber, and 22 caliber but only the version has two power levels.

One stand out feature of the P1 is its adjustable trigger, that can easily be adjusted with an Allen wrench. You can literally make this thing have a hair-trigger if you so desire. If you do decide to modify the trigger pull be very careful and make sure the pistol is uncocked and unloaded before doing so.

Another unique feature about the P1 is that when fired the pistol actually goes backward instead of forward. This transfers the energy backward and gives it recoil a lot like a real firearm, although much less.

If you decide to buy the version, the two power levels features is pretty nice. Basically, to fire in low power mode, you only cock the lever halfway until you hear a click. Although it’s not hard to cock the full way, if you’re just plinking or letting someone younger operate it, it’s not really necessary to cock to full power.

When cocking to low power instead of high power you lose just over FPS of velocity. This isn’t a huge deal if you’re plinking soda cans at 10 yards, but if you’re planning on using this for pest control, you’ll definitely want to have it at the full power setting.

As far as accuracy, this thing is deadly accurate at close ranges and has decent range. However, if you’re looking for a pellet pistol to hit varmints at 30 to 40 yards, there are probably better options for you on this list. That said, this is one of the highest quality single pump air pistols ever made. It’s certainly not for the average Joe, but it is powerful, accurate, well made, and a close replica to the

Key Features

  • Over-lever cocking mechanism allows for a surprising amount of power from a single pump
  • Adjustable trigger and ambidextrous safety
  • Read sight adjustable for windage and elevation

Beretta PX4

Beretta PX4

Check Price on Amazon

Velocity: feet per second
Power source: CO2 cartridge
Price range: Around $70

My review: If don’t already know by the name and picture, this is a replica of the Beretta PX4 Storm. It has an easy to load double-sided rotary mag that gives you 16 shots total. After firing the first 8 shots, flip the mag and you’re ready to fight the next 8. Being a CO2 powered pellet pistol it will shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger.

Shoots BBs and pellets out to 10 meters pretty accurately. This an awesome replica and great for plinking, but there are far better air pistols on this list for hunting.

Key Features

  • Double and single action trigger
  • Realistic ejection cut
  • Picatinny rail
  • Blowback functionality
  • 8 shot double-sided 8 shot rotary magazine (16 shots total)
  • 12g CO2 cartridge located in handle
  • Rifled metal barrel

Air Venturi V10

Air Venturi V10

Check Price on Amazon

Velocity: feet per second
Power source: Single stroke pneumatic
Price range: Around $

My review: As far as match grated target pistols, the Air Venturi is one of the best for the money. This thing is an absolute tack driver at 10 meters and delivers exceptional performance for a single stroke pneumatic pellet pistol.

Whether you’re just looking for match grade pellet pistol or just a deadly accurate pistol to take out those evil targets in the backyard, this is a great option. One thing to note is that the grip is designed for right-handed shooters. If you’re a left-handed shooter, the left-handed grips typical run between $50 and $

As far as the sights, it comes with a blade sight and fully adjustable rear notch style sight.

Key Features

  • Trigger is adjustable to under 1 pound
  • Competition grade target air pistol
  • Consistent FPS
  • Easy to pump

Crosman S

Crosman S

Check Price on Amazon

Velocity: feet per second
Power source: CO2
Price range: Around

My review: The S is one of the cheapest entry-level competitive shooting pistols on the market. For those of you looking to hit bullseyes without dropping $, this is a solid choice. Crosman’s designers and engineers worked closely with competitive shooters to create a pistol to compete with high-end air pistols for a fraction of the cost. The inch Lothar-Walther chocked match barrel combined with a quality single-stage adjustable trigger makes this a great starter pistol for those getting into competitive shooting

It has an adjustable hammer spring that allows the operator to adjust the velocity anywhere between to feet per second. You expect to get around 60 powerful shots from a single CO2 cylinder.

Key Features

  • Under $ and meets IHMSA rules for Production Class Silhouette competitions.
  • Grooved receiver for mounting a scope
  • Adjustable velocity
  • Williams notch sight with target knobs for easy adjustment
  • Stainless steel bolt
  • Overall length of around 16 inches

T Air Pistol

T Air Pistol

Check Price on Amazon

Velocity: FPS
Power source: CO2
Price range: Around $

My review: The T is another popular air pistol made by Crosman. This pistol was actually designed for shooting clubs and organizations to teach beginners how to safely handle and shoot pistols. There isn’t anything fancy about it, but it’s accurate, easy to shoot, reliable, and has good range for a CO2 powered pellet pistol.

It features a rifled inch barrel and a single-stage adjustable trigger that can be adjusted between pounds.

All in all this air pistol is very accurate and reliable air pistol and considering its affordable price point I definitely would recommend it.

Key Features

  • Powered by 12gram CO2 cartridges
  • Great trigger
  • Great target pistol and could be used for small pests
  • Adjustable rear sight for windage and elevation
  • Adapter available for scope
  • Made in USA

Air Pistol Common Calibers

is the most common caliber of pellet pistol. You&#;ll find them made from many materials, including copper, zinc, and there are even some plastic variants. pellets are great for plinking and in some cases can be used for varmint hunting, however. because higher caliber pellets can travel at higher velocities and generate more power, are not the best for hunting. pellets can travel at high velocities but are not really designed to travel at velocities higher than fps. Any faster than fps and the pellets tumble and yaw in flight, making them much less accurate.

is one of the most popular calibers for hunting. Because they’re a little heavier than , they can travel further at higher velocities without losing accuracy, however, because most pellet pistols travel at speeds far under fps, this is not a bid deal.  These are perfect for small game like squirrels.

Intended Use



Self Defense?

Obviously, a caliber pellet is not ideal for self-defense, but are they viable at all? I mean after all, there are true stories about people being killed after being shot in vital organs like the heart.

In my opinion, none of the pellet pistols on this can be considered a reliable or viable self-defense weapon, but I do want to present you with the counterarguments. Some would argue that in a self-defense scenario you aren&#;t always trying to kill an attacker, and usually, you&#;re just trying to deter or incapacitate. Since most intruders look for easy targets, some argue that simply having an air pistol that looks real may make them rethink their decision and find an easier target. The counterargument to that would be because you pulled out a gun, the attacker may feel threatened and actually use their real gun against you, when if you had nothing you may have just lost some personal belongings, instead of your life.

In terms in incapacitating an intruder or attacker, a single shot pellet gun isn’t going to do you much good for those purposes, but things get interesting when you start talking about some of these air pistols that hold 15+ pellets. I guess if you land some really great shots to exposed areas on the body you could do some serious damage, but I certainly wouldn’t count on it. Also, when you’re in a fight you get a surge of adrenaline that reduces pain sensitivity. I highly doubt a pellet is going to cause enough pain or damage to actually stop an attacker.

Disagree? Let me know in the comments, this is just my opinion.

Advantages of a pellet pistol over traditional firearms?

Laws are Kinder to Air Pistols: One of the biggest reasons to buy an air pistol is that laws are much kinder to air powered pistols and rifles than traditional firearms. Because air powered pistols do not use combustion to expel a projectile through a barrel, they are generally not considered a firearm. This makes them much easier to purchase, and you can even find many of the best pellet pistols on Amazon. While laws are kinder to pellet pistols, there are still age restrictions, supervision requirements, and it’s still illegal to use these types of devices in public places. Because laws vary so much from state to state. I recommend Googling “air rifle laws” or “air pistol laws” in your state.

Great Way to Teach Youngsters: Will correct parental supervision, pellet pistols are a great way to teach kids how to safely operate firearms. Because they have little recoil, it’s a good way to build good shooting habits. Also, air pistols are less powerful, so yo

Cheaper Ammunition: Costs a lot less to plink and take out those pests around the house.

Types of Pellet Pistols You Have to Choose from

They are many types or air pistol propellants.

Spring Piston or Break Barrel

Spring pistol air pistols utilize a cocking mechanism that compresses a spring on a pistol, which then propels the pellet from the barrel at high speed. This type of pellet pistol is generally the simplest and least expensive. While the design is quite simple, there are still some very impressive spring powered air pistols on the market right now

Variable Pump

Variable pump air pistols have a lever that when pumped, compressed air into an air reservoir.

You can find variable pump air pistols that are inexpensive, but still quite powerful.

CO2 Powered

CO2 is a common power source for pellet pistols. CO2 air pistols utilize a small (typically 12 gram) CO2 tank to propel the pellets. The CO2 tanks are often attached to a hose or outlet inside the handle of the pistol. When the trigger is pulled, air is released into the chamber, forcing the pellet out at very high speeds. CO2 pellet pistols are great for target practice or small game hunting.

CO2 pistols do have some pros and cons. The biggest pro is that you can fire multiple shots without having to pump or cock the gun. They’re also typically a bit more powerful than spring powered air pistols. The biggest downside is that you need to purchase CO2 cartridges that can’t be refilled. CO2 cartridges aren’t very expensive and can be purchased at most sporting goods stores and online retailers like Amazon, but the small cost does add up over time. One small tip for those of you that do decide to buy a CO2 powered air pistol, if you add a little bit of Pellgun oil to the tip of the cartridge it will improve the life of your air pistols seal and prevent leakage over time. This is certainly not required but if you do find you’re having issues, it’s something to consider.

Pre-Charged Pneumatic  (PCP)

PCP pellet pistols are nice because you can fire multiple shots without needed to refill the air reservoir. The downside of this, as you probably guessed, is that they are far more expensive than other types of pellet pistols.

Hand pumps are the simplest and cheapest ways to refill an air reservoir. They look a lot like standard bicycle pumps but are able to attain much higher fill pressures. A bicycle pump will not work for a PCP air pistol. Using a hand pump takes a little work and time, but if you&#;re just getting into the world of air pistols it&#;s a good option. A reliable hand pump will likely cost you anywhere from $$ new, but you can find some pretty good deals if shop for used pumps.

Another option is to invest in a SCUBA/SCBA setup. This option requires less work and time to fill the pistol’s reservoir. SCUBA tanks allow for a fill pressure of around PSI, while SCBA tanks allow for pressures around PSI. The higher pressure of SCBA tanks allows for more fills before the fill tank itself needs to be refilled. Most people choose SCUBA tanks because they can easily be refilled at most dive shops, while SCBA tanks need to be taken somewhere like a paintball store or even a fire station if they will work with you. Crosman has a map on their website that allows you to search for shops near you that can provide to PSI fills.

The last option is to use a high-pressure compressor. High-pressure compressors can actually be used to fill your PCP pellet pistol or high-press fill tank. The downside is good high-pressure compressors run anywhere between $ to $ plus. If you&#;re just buying your first PCP pellet pistol, I wouldn&#;t recommend this. Unless you have a compressor or SCUBA setup, just buy a hand pump, then later on down the road if you really get into PCP air pistols and rifles you can invest in a high-pressure tank if you think you need it.

Regulated PCP Pistol Meaning: When shopping for PCP pellet pistols you&#;ll see the term regulated or unregulated. Regulated means there is a device inside the pistol that measures air coming through the air tube. Regulated PCP pistols are generally more consistent and each shot will have roughly the same velocity. On the flip side, with an unregulated pistol, as the air pressure in the reservoir drops, you&#;ll see a slight drop between shots in each fill. Some of the best air pistols of all time are unregulated so don&#;t stress too much about whether or not the pistol you&#;re looking at is regulated or unregulated. You can always have a gunsmith add a regulator onto your pistol later on down the road.

Alright, that does it for this review. Let me know what you think is the best pellet pistol for the money in the comments. Like I said earlier, there are hundreds to choose from, so there is no way I can review them all here.

We have a lot of air pistol and air rifle reviews on this website, so consider checking out some other pages before you go! If you have any questions, be sure to let me know in the comments and I&#;ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Corporal Wabo Profile Image

Corporal Wabo

Corporal Wabo is a former Infantry Squad Leader with 3rd Bn 4th Marines that specialized in Mortars. In his free time, he enjoys hunting, hiking, running, shooting guns, and reviewing gear. He started this website while transitioning out of the Marines, and since has recruited several other Marines to help him work on the Marine Approved website. We are currently looking for former Marines to join the team who are interested in writing about tactical gear, survival gear, hiking supplies, etc. For more information about us or joining the team, check out the &#;About Us&#; tab.

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This is my first ever pellet gun (I'm 60) and I am surprised at how powerful it is. With 4 pumps the pellet penetrates 3 layers of cardboard and 40 pages of a magazine. Loading is easy and the pellet seems to always easily fall into place. The pistol grip and the pump grip are plastic that seems adequate for the stresses put on them.

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My was accurate out of the box using pumps, but after fewer than pellets, the pin that holds the base of the pump linkage worked out of the holes. I did not notice that it was gradually sliding out until it was too late. It is a press-fit pin and it is under a lot of stress from the pumping. This is not a good design. I

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