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ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SHELF! Customer service is OFF THE CHARTS! When FedEx “claimed” they delivered but didn’t, we were told to contact seller and they IMMEDIATELY started fabricating a replacement without question. THIS SHELF IS SO BEAUTIFUL and looks awesome in our bar–we change colors for the season or the reason for our party. Best customer service ever–HIGHLY RECOMMEND this for your bar–it looks so cool!

-By jessandon 

5 STARS!!! Really happy with this purchase

Really happy with this purchase. The functionality of the LED lighting exceeded my expectations. The number of colors and other things you can do with the lights is just simply cool. They are well made and have a very professional look. I got two of them.

– By Blueacresmanon 

5 Super Product!

Very well built, and very bright. Great product to show off your bottles.

– By Whatever…on 



4.5″ LED Lighted Floating Shelves


The 4.5″ led lighted shelving is the perfect addition to any home, bar, restaurant or any retail environment. It’s ideal for displaying a single row of bottles or smaller items or products and is guaranteed to make whatever you display on them stand out like never before!

Shelf Dimensions

4.5″ D x .75″ H x X” L

Controller Kit

•Each shelf system will require a controller kit which is sold separately.
•Each kit can power multiple shelves as long as that the total shelf lengths do not exceed 20 linear feet.
•If the total length of shelving is over 20 feet you will need to purchase an additional controller kit to create a second system.
•There are exceptions to the 20′ rule which you can read about in the shelving faq section below.

Front Lighting Diffuser

•While it’s virtually unnoticeable on the shelf, all of our floating shelves include a front lighting diffuser. A feature unique to our shelves. This diffuser absorbs the lighting from the back of the shelf to provide a perfectly even glow across the front. Without this diffuser, the led lighting would travel through the shelving and you would see each individual led (hotspots) See example

Shelf Brackets

•Each shelf includes brackets for mounting. The number of brackets included will vary between shelf lengths. These brackets have a satin nickel finish for a sleek modern look.
•If you have your own mounting system in mind, let us know and we will deduct the cost of the brackets from the shelf.

Custom Dimensions and Modifications

•Whether you’re just wanting a more custom look or need certain specifications for your project, we can custom tailor your shelves to meet just about any need!


How many controllers and power supplies will I need?
  • Each power supply and controller can power up to 20 linear feet of shelving.
  • Any combination of shelving up to 20 feet will work on one power supply and controller whether it is (10) 2′ shelves, (4) 5′ shelves or (2) 8′ shelves.
  • See also 20′ Rule Exceptions at the bottom of this page.
Why can I only run 20′ of shelving on one power supply and controller?
  • Each power supply and controller are only capable of powering so many LEDs over a certain distance. Any more than this and there may be a noticeable difference in brightness from the beginning of the shelving compared to the end.
  • See also 20′ Rule Exceptions at the bottom of this page.
What do I do if I want more than 20′ of shelving?
  • This is very common and in this case, you will need additional power supplies and controllers. A pair for each 20′ length. Note: Having two or more different controllers will make it difficult to sync color changing modes between each different system.
  • Alternatively, you can create a power loop by connecting power at both the first shelf and the last shelf. This method requires a 3 Way Splitter and probably additional jumper cables.
  • Please note that this is an advanced connection method and should only be done if you can confirm the power supply is not drawing over its maximum output which is 60 watts.
Where do I put the power supply and controller?

It depends on where you’re putting the shelves. If you’re installing them behind your bar or somewhere with cabinetry your best bet is to put both in a nearby cabinet or drawer. If they are free floating in a room it becomes more difficult. A lot of our customers simply hide both behind whatever it is they put on the shelves.

How do I hide the wires between the shelves?
  • The best way is to put them inside the walls or adjacent cabinets. If this isn’t an option, then the only thing you can really do is run them on the wall and disguise/paint them.
  • ***Always check your local electrical codes or consult with an electrician before running cables through your walls. Do not put the power supply inside your wall or in any very confined space.
How are the shelves mounted?

All of our shelves use the same satin nickel mounting bracket. There are two different sizes. Small for 4.5″ deep shelves and large for 9″ deep, wine rack shelves and curved shelves.

How much weight can these shelves hold?

Each bracket is rated to 30 lbs (assuming you’re screwing into studs) which is more than any amount of bottles you could fit on it. However, we would advise against doing something like stacking bricks on these shelves.

What if my brackets don’t line up with my studs?

Although these brackets come with plastic drywall anchors, if you’re planning to use these shelves to display heavy items like bottles, we recommend getting heavier duty anchors (toggle bolts) from the hardware store just to be safe.

What if I don’t need the brackets?

If you’re installing your shelves inside a cabinet or have some other kind of support, be sure to contact us before you order as we will subtract the cost of the brackets from the price of the shelves.

Can I use these shelves on a brick or stone wall?
  • You can. However, you'll need some a masonry anchor kit along with a masonry drill bit. These are available at any hardware store.
  • Also, keep in mind that it will be more difficult to hide the wiring on a stone or brick wall. While some pictures show installations on stone without wires, these are customer photos in which they ran wires in their walls before installing the stone.
Can I mount these shelves ontop of a mirror?
  • If your mirror is already in place, then we wouldn't recommend it unless you're extremely handy and know how to drill through glass.
  • If you're having your mirror cut specifically for your project, they can pre-drill holes that match the required holes for our brackets. Just make sure they line up with your studs.
20′ Rule Exceptions

The Short Version

You can exceed 20′ of shelving  on a single controller kit if:

• You never plan on using your shelves on White
• If you do use them on white, you’re not concerned about the trailing end being much dimmer and/or a pinkish color

The Long Version

Why the 20′ rule exists to begin with

We created the 20′ rule to ensure that everyone purchasing our shelves is happy with them no matter what color they use them on. When using the shelving on white, we cannot guarantee you’ll be happy with the result over 20′ and we can’t have that!

So, whats the deal with White?

• Our lighting uses Tri-Chip LEDs. One chip with 3 colors (Red, Blue Green). To create white, it mixes all three colors at full brightness. This means that White draws nearly 3x more power than any single color. 
• Low Voltage power can only travel so far before it begins to lose strength. This is called voltage drop. When this happens, LEDs get progressively dimmer and dimmer. 
• Because white consumes so much more power than other colors, a noticeable voltage drop occurs much sooner. In this case around 20′. After 20′, White will start looking more and more dim and pinkish is in tone. The pink effect happens because the LEDs aren’t getting the right voltage to properly mix to create a crisp white.

We want you to be happy with your shelves so if you plan on using them on white, please stick to the 20′ rule. If you hadn’t even considered using white, go nuts!

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Armana Productions Home Bar Light Shelves - Made in The USA - 2' Long RGB LED Wireless Remote Controlled Illuminated Bottle Shelf - 4.5" Wide

Our standard width wall mounted LED Bar Shelves are the thinnest on the market, measuring in at only .75” thick. Using powerful RGB LEDS that are rated at over 50,000 hours of life, allows you to choose from an unlimited number of colors and effects. Our included wireless remote control lets you choose from predetermined colors and effects, such as fading and flashing. Or, create your own color scheme and store it in the remote for quick access.

Our high density LED strips that boast 18 LEDS per foot, are perfect for illuminating bottles, glassware, artwork, or any item of your choosing. Our rugged design is tough enough to stand on, and with our long lasting LEDs, you’ll enjoy our shelves for many, many, years to come.

Our standard width Liquor Shelves measure 4.5” wide and .75” thick. Standard lengths are 2’ to 8’. We are happy to size the length to your exact specifications.

Daisy Chain our Bar Shelves, by connecting up to 16’ of shelves on one power supply and remote. Tell us the length of connector cable between shelves and we’ll include it with your order.

Our shelves are made modularly, so if there is ever an issue with the LEDs, controller, or power supply, they can be easily swapped out.

  • High Density LED strips with 18 LEDs per foot!
  • No MDF, wood, particle board, laminates or styrene us
  • UL Listed power supply
  • Glossy black on the front and sides with a frosted top
  • Durable, liquid resistant construction
  • CE certified 3-chip RGB LED lights
  • Low-heat LED’s rated at 50,000 hours
  • 44 Key RGB wireless remote to control unlimited colors and multiple lighting effects
  • Made in the USA
  • Display Rail Dimensions: 4 1/2”D x 3/4” thick
  • Power: Standard 12 volt UL Listed power supply. Plug into any standard wall outlet and turn on.
  • Bottle Capacity: 2ft holds 6, 3ft holds 9, 4ft holds 12, 5ft holds 15, 6ft holds 18, 7ft holds 21, & 8ft holds 24 bottles
  • 2 Feet, 3 Feet, 4 Feet, 5 Feet, 6 Feet, 7 Feet and 8 Feet.
  • Ships within 7 business days from Chicago, IL.
  • 44 Key Wireless Remote Control - choose from standard colors or create your own. Unlimited color possibilities
  • UL Listed Power Supply
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