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Pump Up Your YouTube Videos with Stock SFX

Making your YouTube video stand out from millions of others can be frustrating. Luckily, a simple way to take your videos to the next level is adding stock sfx. Audio clips can help you ding and highlight a feature of the newest iPhone, blow-up the competition in your Magic the Gathering weekly show, or calm your audience with a crackling fire while you tell bedtime stories.

Don’t get overwhelmed trying to find the best audio clips for your YouTube video. We’ve made finding the right stock SFX for your YouTube video easy by rounding up some of our favorite sound clips. Check out the clips below, then explore our guide for learning how to create a YouTube channel.


A rainy day makes most of us want a window with a book and a cup of something warm. Capture that rainy day feeling for your book review or unboxing video with our rain sound clips. You can also scare or shock your audience by using a thunderbolt or high-intensity rain sequence—sure to be useful for a school project or telling an unsolved mystery.

Lightning Bolt Thunder Crack Sound Effect

Download this Lighting Bolt audio clip!

Rain with Thunder Sound Effect

Download this Rain with Thunder audio clip!

Gentle Rain Sound Effect

Download this Gentle Rain audio clip!

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Did you just come up with a brilliant idea mid vlog? Add a ding in post-production to your video and make that moment standout! Including a ding SFX into your video can cue your Sim’s Let’s Play audience in the beginning of a club gathering, highlight the main point of your latest rant, or help you count off your kills in a Call of Duty live stream. Check out our favorite “ding” sound clips below.

Shine Ding Sound Effect

Download this Shine Ding audio clip!

Bell Ding Resonate Sound Effect

Download this Bell Ding audio clip!

Desk Bell, Service 1 Sound Effect

Download this Desk Bell audio clip!


Adding a Swoosh effect to your basketball or baseball practice video is a no-brainer. The swoosh sound can also be used as a ‘sign’ that mail has come your character’s way, accentuate how easy it is to use a new kitchen gadget, or to highlight an important paper flying out a window.

Fast Strong Wind Whooshes Sound Effect

Download this Fast Wind Whoosh audio clip!

Deep Fast Whoosh Sound Effect

Download this Deep Whoosh audio clip!

Air Flyby Whoosh Sound Effect

Download this Air Flyby Whoosh audio clip!


Ka-Booooom! Who doesn’t love to watch things explode? You can digitally blow up your YouTube videos with the help of audio clips that are perfect for adding some extra points to your Twitch replay of Grand Theft Auto 5 or rant about the latest lip kit.

Strong Explosion Blast Sound Effect

Download this audio clip here!

Distant Bomb Explosion Sound Effect

Download this Distant Bomb audio clip!

Huge Distorted Explosion Sound Effect

Download this Distorted Explosion audio clip!


The sound of a crackling fire immediately puts you into relaxation mode. Our fire sound clips will invite your YouTube subscribers to settle in and get cozy while they watch your video. Alternatively, fire audio can also be used to highlight dystopia, letting you set Panem on fire with your blazing review of Mockingjay.

Fire Sound Effect

Download this Fire audio clip!

Fireball Whoosh Sound Effect

Download this Fireball audio clip!

Raging Fire Sound Effect

Download this Raging Fire audio clip!


“Double double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble!” Like the three witches from Macbeth, these sounds will cast a spell over your viewer. Add some magical clips to your YouTube video while showcasing a double rainbow, sharing a new Harry Potter theory, or live streaming your Dungeons and Dragons game.

Magic Turning Spells Casting Sound Effect

Download this Magic Spells audio clip!

Bubbles Magic Popping Sound Effect

Download this Bubbles Magic audio clip!

Magic Spells with Harp and Chimes Sound Effect

Download this Magic Harp audio clip!

For every YouTube video, there is a perfect track. Swoosh on over to our library of sound clips and see what you can create.

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Ding Sounds Effect Download

When to use a Ding Sound effect

It might seem a bit obscure, but a ding noise can be surprisingly useful. I’ve compiled a list of all the different ways you can use ding sound effects:

  • A doorbell, dinner bell, school bell
  • Walking into 7/11
  • Hitting the bell to get a cashier's attention 
  • Oven/toaster going off
  • Clock ding dong sound effect
  • Elevator sound effect ding
  • Clinking glass for a toast
  • For comedy in a meta, Deadpool-style joke
  • Pulling a stop on the bus
  • iPhone ding sound
  • Tapping a spoon on a cup
  • Boxing match
  • As an audio transition 
  • Airplane cabin ding sound effect
  • Typewriter ding sound effect

I could continue… but you get the point. Each ding is specific, which is why sound design is so important. You could even have a scene with like 5 dings in it. Here's an example I wrote in StudioBinder's screenwriting software:

Read Scene with 5 Dings in it

Something like that. I fit 7 dings, and that’s without a dinner bell or an elevator sound effect ding! I didn’t even use the toaster ding. Instead, I used the toasters to set up the expectation of a ding noise. 

There's a great example in the closing seconds of Say Anything... directed by Cameron Crowe. Here, the ding noise is suspenseful, but it can be comedic or stylistic too. 

An iconic ding sound effect in Say Anything... 

This scene is designed around a ding sound effect. It’s suspense meets comedy. 

Yet, whenever I think of ding's, it triggers thoughts of Wes Anderson. Not that Wes Anderson uses a lot of them, but he seems like the kind of director who would. Anyway, let's find out where to get your ding sound effect download.

Ding Sound Effect Download

Best ding sound effect download sites

There are several great sites to get your ding sound effect free. Most of these sites will have their own ding sound effect as well as a ton of other sounds like gun sound effects. 

But if all you want is a free ding sound, these sites have my favorite ones. Often with quite the variation so you can find the correct sound effect for your video.

Find your correct sound effect

Make sure you pay attention to the necessary creative commons attribution for each sound to make sure you get your ding sound effect free. 

Finding Your Ding Sound Effect Free


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72+ Free YouTube Sound Effects: Mouse click, Subscribe Bell, Censor…

Hey Stranger, welcome to another useful post. In this post, we’ll get the most needed free YouTube sound effects for the videos, while editing.

Free YouTube video sound effects

First of all, while editing the YouTube video, you need a few sound effects to add. For instance, while clicking the mouse (the mouse click sound), and telling the subscriber to click the bell icon (bell sound), and many more like this.

Even though, sometimes you need to add the video intro/outro background kinds of music.

To achieve this, you must have royalty-free sound effects. Because stealing other video’s music may cause copyright trouble. Therefore, to avoid this, we bring you this post.

So, how to get free sound effects for your channel videos. Let’s see that in the below chapter.

Get Free Sound Effect for YouTube Videos

Before revealing the site to download these amazing sounds, let me add a few interesting sounds here. Kindly play below the music.

Mouse Click

Subscribe Bell Sound




These are the sample music files for your reference. Likewise, the 72+ sound effects are available on the site of My kind advice for you is, don’t take the sounds from someone else videos or work.

Sometimes, it causes you to terminate the channel if you get three copyright strikes.

In case, you want to add more background music and sound effects mean, kindly check out below-verified sites,

  1. HOOKSOUNDS – Powerhouse of all sound effects and background music.
  2. BoomLibrary– Includes 3D surround effects.
  3. TunePocket – It has more than 1600+ soundtracks.

That’s all about this short post. Let me know in the comment section, what other sites you’re using for free royalty music. Also, read the below frequently asked questions by most of the Stranger Show readers regarding YouTube tips and doubts.


1) How to make copyrights free videos?

One of the biggest head-ache for YouTuber’s is making videos without stealing someone’s work. Therefore, for the YouTube free music/sound effects, use the above as we mentioned and for small clip videos, use

2) Possible ways to make money on YouTube?

> YouTube AdSense.
> Affiliate Marketing.
> Sponsor Ads.
> Channel Membership.

3) How to become a successful YouTuber?

Everyone wants to succeed on YouTube, but only a few make it happen. So, dedicate yourself continuously for the next 6 months on YouTube and make more useful videos. It leads to a successful path.

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