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Thread: 3 WetBikes on ebay!

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  1. 10-15-2006, 06:05 PM#1

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    3 WetBikes on ebay!

    Guy has 3 wetbikes for sale. Never seen 2 at the same time much less 3. Can you still get parts for these things?

  2. 10-15-2006, 06:41 PM#2

    Re: 3 WetBikes on ebay!

    Vintage wetbikes are popping up every where in the last yr thanks to Parts are still available and should be for awhile. In the last yr there has been 6 new in the crate bikes that have appeared. A guy in miss. has a 89 in the crate for sale right now. I still ride my 87 silver streak every chance I get. Stiil exciting after all these years!

  3. 10-15-2006, 06:50 PM#3

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    Re: 3 WetBikes on ebay!

    When I was 10 yrs old (86) my uncle had a couple of them and those things were great, not super fast but they were fun!!!! Speed does not equal fun in my book, if I had the money and time I would love to get one!!

    Some people are like slinkies - Not really good for anything, but bring a smile to your face when pushed down the stairs.

    90 SP

  4. 10-15-2006, 07:57 PM#4

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    Re: 3 WetBikes on ebay!

    I met a guy at a swap meet about 2 years ago that had three of them together on a trailer. I passed on them at the time but sometimes I wish I hadn't. There is also one on a dock where I usually ride. My friend just got ahold of the owner the other day and supposedly he is willing to sell so he may buy it.

  5. 10-15-2006, 08:39 PM#5

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    Re: 3 WetBikes on ebay!

    ive never seen one in real life but they look like a challenging ride

  6. 10-15-2006, 08:49 PM#6

    Re: 3 WetBikes on ebay!

    Awesome, who has riden one of those? what is it like compared to a ski?

  7. 10-15-2006, 09:11 PM#7

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    Re: 3 WetBikes on ebay!

    theres a guy on here that has like 60 wetbikes.....his whole back yard is just wetbikes.

    pwctoday....its like working with my brothers kids.

  8. 10-15-2006, 09:38 PM#8

    Re: 3 WetBikes on ebay!

    It really is in a class of it's own and tough to compare to anything because it steers from the front but at full speed you lean it like a road bike with out really turning the handle bars. Just getting on it is a challenge for some people. Back in the day I was a dealer and factory rider for all their promotional vids and mag. articles. The best part about it was I got to test ride all the new machines that came out that yr by all the manufacturers. From 79 to 84 they had 50 Hp engines then from 85 to 92 they had 60 HP. With a few mods the bike can go 43-45 Mph which is very exciting and feels much faster. I have been making hand laid ski's of my own design for 21 yrs now and they really make it fun to ride plus I know they won't brake or flex. A company called Aqua Jet(Jetbike) has been trying to get production of a modern redesigned bike for a number of yrs now. It has 150HP 3 cyl and runs about 60 MPH. Check out the videos in the media section at My videos from my race victories that ESPN filmed and factory demo tapes plus some personnel clips from fellow riders . I took my 95 seadoo out today and was bored after 20 minutes and wished I would have taken the bike instead. Alot of people have bashed the bike cause it's so hard to ride for most people. They sold pretty good back in the day when all that was on the market was kawasaki stand ups and X2. When the sit downs hit the market wetbike was out of business with in 4 yrs.

  9. 10-15-2006, 10:04 PM#9

    Re: 3 WetBikes on ebay!

    A few recent pics and some old. The guy with the 60 wetbike is Andy(American Wetbiker) from Idaho. He is a main supplier of new and used parts. I july we had a rally at Milford lake Kansas for 4 days of camping and riding all day. It was the most wetbikes in one place in 15 yrs and was a total blast.

  10. 10-15-2006, 10:55 PM#10

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    Re: 3 WetBikes on ebay!

    never riden one but it looks like fun...

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Insane Ski Bike - the most extreme bike you'll ever see

Just came accross this on ebay - The World's coolest custom ski bike ever made!
This is the craziest mountain bike ever made!

This Norco VPS dual suspension mountian bike is equipped with:

Rock Shox Boxxer front fork
Hope 4 piston DH hydraulic disc brakes
White Brothers Titanium handlebar
brand new custom painted freeridehub infinitely variable internal gearhub with 305% gear range and twist shifter
fully adjustable rear shock with air, coil and damper adjustments including shift on the fly compression damper connected to the left grip shift twist shifter
brand new Ouri hand grips and brand new seat
2 identical Nokian 24" mud tires with custom made, hand installed studs that utilize revolutionary "tek" screws for extra bite on ice, plus 2 brand new spare tires without the studs
Race Face cranks
Chris King headset
custom 4-part marine polyurethane paint on frame, rims, skis and hubs
4 independent fully adjustable lightweight air shocks for the skis - the skis all act independently to handle any terrain
custom machined solid aluminum front axle with stainless steel hardware
custom made aluminum ski mounts front and rear with multiple height adjustments
all skis and brackets bolt on - so in the summer you can ride this totally cool mountain bike without the skis - just swap over the tires to the non-studded ones
bicycle has been tested and filmed on the Blackcomb Glacier
over $20,000 invested and over 400 hours of labour
can deliver anywhere in the world for extra charge
ski angles can be easily adjusted as well as forward and backwards adjustments - second set of rear skis that are a bit longer are included free!
custom made fenders front and rear
blue anodized water bottle
all load bearing bolts are high strength, many bolts and hardware are stainless steel
telescoping seat post for adjustment of any type of riding and rider
bike frame easily fits riders 5 foot 6 inches tall to 6 foot 1 inch tall
all decals are easily removed

For AU $17,155.51, do you really think it is worth it?


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2018 Timbersled ARO 137


The Timbersled ARO 137 is for a rider who craves fresh, deep snow, and lives to break trail on waist-deep days. The ARO 137 will take you up the steepest climbs and across the steepest sidehills with confidence.

Features may include:

The chassis is narrower, more agile and 11 pounds lighter, which enhances the handling and minimizes rider fatigue. The ARO Chassis also features a raised drive shaft to improve lift and gets the bike up on top of the snow quicker.

The consistent 11.5" width of the ski and track allows for more confident handling. The track follows the line established by the ski for precise sidehilling and carving.

Our new rear suspension combined with a raised driveshaft, allows the ARO to mimic the feel and performance of your dirt bike. The new suspension geometry delivers 30% more front track shock travel and 2” more overall suspension travel. The track approach angle is optimized for improved lift in deep snow. Comes with FOX® ZERO Pro® shocks.

Designed with an aggressive tri-keel shape and all new skags for better grip and precise handling. This new ski allows for better lean angles on hard pack and more control in deep snow.

Narrower 137" track features optimized window placement along with an adjusted gear ratio which increases track speed and provides more power to the snow. With better climbing and increased traction, this convex track design is easier to lean and steer.

Complete, pre-bled brake system. Shielded design provides consistent braking performance across all bike brands and weather conditions.


The ARO platform is built around a true bolt-on design making it the easiest to install and convert. The pre-bled brake system combined with no modifications needed for install translate to quicker, easier conversions from dirt to snow - and back again.

Universal design for all bike brands. Direct bolt-on design - no drilling required.


137" Traverse Track, Traverse Ski, EK X-ring chain, Spindle, Shielded Brake System. Requires TSS or Solid Strut Install Fit Kit.

BUILDING A SKI BIKE - How to build a ski bike (without a welder)


Want to try something awesome?

Ski bikes are accepted at over 2000 resorts in Europe and more and more resorts in North America are now allowing ski bikes. Our Ski Bike Conversion Kit converts your existing bike into a ski bike. It comes with everything you need to mount an old cut off pair of skis, ski blades (recommended), or kids skis onto your bike.  90-100 cm are the recommended lengths.

How to Ride

If you can stop on skis or a snowboard or even a hockey skate type of stop, it won't take you long to get the hang of it. Your best bet is to hit the bunny hill for a few runs to get started. You will find that is is much easier to learn compared to when you first started skiing or boarding. At 53 years young, I have found this an easy learn and awesome way to enjoy the slope!

Check out this video to see how to ride !!!


For sale ebay ski bike

[UPDATE 3/2021: Skis are now more $ to ship across the USA, but are still cheap in closer zones. UPDATE 7/2018: It looks like FedEx has recently doubled their prices for shipping bikes, at least across a lot of zones, such as from MI > CA. I haven’t explored other options. I think now is the cheapest way to go. Thankfully it is still as cheap as FedEx used to be!]

I think that most people don’t know how to do this, or they get burned when letting others do it for them.

The best, cheapest way to ship BIKES is FedEx Ground 3-Day. You can ship a bike box with bike plus maybe 30 lbs of luggage, etc., for about *$45* across the USA.

As for SKIS, there’s only one way to go: USPS Priority. You can ship skis across the US for about $10-25 this way. XC skis go for $12-18. Downhill for $25.

When you see Sellers charging much more, send them the link to this report. Of course, a Handling charge is always appropriate. And if the items are new or exotic there may well be reasons for extra cost. I’m typically sending cheap, used gear.


So here’s how to do it…

Let’s Start with SKIS:

Use the *free* USPS Priority “tubes” which are 36″ long and triangular in shape. Tape three of them end to end, overlapping as needed, to fit the ski length. It takes me 10 minutes of taping fuss. You have 108″ to play with in length plus girth. That works at least up to 215cm skis. You can request bundles of them to be delivered to you from their online shop, or get them a few at a time from your local PO. If you or your seller have an eBay Store there’s more magic waiting: when they process such a shipping label eBay gives a whopping *70%* discount for a cost of about only $5-10. I haven’t figured out why. Now, with 3-pin XC bindings I need to unscrew, bag and stuff them inside. Lastly: this triangle box is STRONGER by far than a long skinny rectangle: it keeps skis safe!

How to Ship a BIKE:

Now, this box size is one that requires breakdown of a bike. It’s about 54″ x 29″ x 8″ (ballpark, as I recall). It’s the common Trek roadbike box. I get them for free from a local bike shop. Weight isn’t the issue, it’s size.

Use the online label maker. You’ll see that at some point changing a dimension by 1″ will bump the price up a lot. Be careful! Don’t overstuff your box and make it wide in the middle.

It takes a half hour to prep such a shipment. The bike needs to have its handlebars/stem loosened and turned. Wheels, seat and pedals removed (sometimes crank, sometimes rear derailler needs loosening). You then ziptie foam pipe insulation to the frame-tubes. Put the parts in a bag that you ziptie to the frame. Ziptie the wheels to the frame in the only way that works (lift bike in and out a few times to see how the wheels have to go). Lastly, you need to protect your wheel axle/QR ends and you need to insert spacers in the front and rear dropouts to protect from squeezing/crushing. These wheel/dropout protectors are also available free from your LBS. (Now buy something from them.)

There ya go! …You’re welcome.

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New generation of skibike

Of all the trickle-down consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ongoing bike shortage is one we didn’t expect. Bike shops across the country are still running low on inventory, and refills from manufacturers abroad remain slow to arrive.

The force behind the shortage is positive — more people are riding bikes! According to a national survey by major bike brand Trek, 21 percent of American bike owners have been riding more often, and 50 percent say they plan to ride more after the pandemic ends. Cities like Paris and New York have even taken advantage of the situation to add miles of new bike lanes to help all these new riders get around.

You might be thinking of joining those ranks yourself, but empty shop racks are a considerable barrier to new wheels. Thankfully, there is another way — you can buy a used bike, and you can do it online.

This content is imported from Third party. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

There are a few places on the Internet where you can find used bikes: Craigslist and eBay are big ones, but there are also enthusiast communities like Pinkbike’s BuySell forum, Bicycle Blue Book, GearTrade and more. Then there’s The Pro’s Closet, which is less an intermediary between sellers and buyers than a dedicated used bike shop.

Shopping for a bike is a bit like shopping for a car (hell, some bikes are even as expensive as cars). If you’re a novice rider, you typically want to rely on the expertise and recommendations of a shop employee, and even if you’re more experienced, you’ll want to take the thing for a test ride. The quality concern becomes greater when shopping for a used bike, and yet those steps are not always possible when looking online.

With that in mind, here are some essential tips and tricks to buying a used bike on the Internet that can help you get a quality ride at a fair price.



The upside to using Craigslist is that you can coordinate with sellers in your local area to inspect your prospective new bike and give it a test ride before money actually changes hands. That might also be a con these days, given that meetups with strangers aren’t exactly encouraged in the coronavirus age.

Do Thorough Online Research

Begin your assessment before the meetup. Garner as much information from that ad as possible. For some perspective on price, Google the bike’s make, model and year to find out how much it cost new. Check photos for any troubling issues on key components (more on that below). Make sure it’s the right size for you. If any of this information is missing, ask the seller for more details.

Avoid Stolen Bikes

Remember, thieves often sell stolen bikes on Craigslist, and you are liable for possession of stolen goods once one is in your hands. A price that’s too good to be true and an obvious lack of information are both red flags. So is an urgency to offload the bike. You can ask the seller for a photo of the bike’s serial number, which is typically found engraved on the bottom bracket, and search for it in a bike registry such as Bike Index and Project 529.

How to Check the Bike in Person

If these steps lead you to believe the bike’s legit, you can set up a time to meet, check it out and give it a test ride. If you have a friend who knows bikes (or better yet, works at a bike shop), buy him or her a six-pack in exchange for coming with. If you don’t, you’ll need to study up on how to QC the frame, fork, headset, wheels, wheel bearings, tires, drivetrain, derailleurs and more. Global Cycling Network has a detailed video that shows precisely what defects to look for on each of these components — watch it, make a checklist and bring it with you to the meetup.

Finally, give it a short ride to see how it feels, and even after you buy it, bring it to a shop afterward to have it assessed by a professional.




If you’re looking for a specific model or brand, eBay can be a great way to score a deal. But since you can’t see the bike in person, research — use the same process outlined for Craigslist — and communication with the seller are even more critical. You can apply most of these steps to other online marketplaces like Pinkbike and Facebook.

Size Up the Seller

Even before you start researching the bike, check the seller’s rating and feedback — a score lower than 99 percent should be avoided, and negative feedback speaks for itself. If a seller doesn’t have a history at all, don’t purchase from them. Read the listing description in detail, looking for information about how long this person owned the bike, how often they rode it, how they stored it and why they’re selling. If this information isn’t there, ask for it.

It’s All About the Photos

Without seeing the bike in person, the photos are the only view of the bike’s condition. Scrutinize them, zoom in on them, look for any sign of mistreatment or disrepair. If the seller didn’t post a thorough set, contact them and ask for a full list of specific shots (like a closeup of the rear derailleur, for example) so you can perform a virtual assessment. Pay attention to the background, too, as it might offer clues to how it was stored.

How to Find a Bargain on a Used Bike on eBay

Listings on eBay are rife with spelling errors, and many bike brands have hard-to-spell foreign names. FatFingers is a tool that searches eBay for misspelled listings, so if you’re looking for a Pinarello, you can find bikes listed under Pinerello and Pinnarelo. This tool can help you find a really good, albeit misspelled, deal others may have missed.


The Pro’s Closet


If you’re looking for a high-end bike, The Pro’s Closet is your best bet for finding a good deal without the risk. The company started a decade and a half ago when Nick Martin, an ex-professional mountain biker who sold his old bikes on eBay every time a sponsor upgraded him, began helping other pros do the same. Martin and his team continued to flip bikes and other gear on eBay, the company grew, and in recent years it developed its own platform to address the needs of bike customers better.

Quality Guarantee

Much of what The Pro’s Closet does is derived from the auto industry. The company has a program called Certified Pre-Owned, which is a system of inspecting, verifying and refurbishing each bike to a high standard that’s backed up by a 30-day guarantee (the company also recently created a carbon frame warranty). The process involves an assembly line of mechanics who specialize in particular parts of a bike, says Travis Erwin, chief revenue officer at The Pro’s Closet. “Instead of one person going from the beginning to the end,” he explains. “A bike touches close to 15 people by the time it gets out the door.”

The different steps include verifying the bike’s make, model and year to washing the bike to adjusting the drivetrain and shining the wheels. An exhaustive photography process documents each bike from every angle and puts every scratch and scuff in plain view, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

There’s also a full spec list that details all the parts and a handy graphic that rates the condition of the bike’s various aspects on a scale of one to 10. For example, a bike’s frame might score a nine, but its tires a five. The Pro’s Closet provides all this information upfront so you don’t have to do any sleuthing.

About Pricing

Bikes sold by The Pro’s Closet might be more expensive than those you’ll find on other online platforms. Again, the company functions like a car dealership in this regard — it has amassed data on the secondhand bike market and uses algorithmic tools to calculate prices. Erwin also notes that used bikes are snowflakes; one Canyon Neuron AL isn’t the same as another because it has different dings, a different history and even different parts if the previous owner made any upgrades. The company takes each one of these factors into account in pricing (and everything is documented on the listing, too). Plus, part of the value is in the convenience of the service, and the security of knowing your buying from a reputable dealer rather than some total stranger’s front yard.


The Pro’s Closet uses the same data and algorithms to buy bikes into its stock. You can use it to trade in a used bike for another one (all you have to do is take a few photos and give it a condition rating to receive an offer). Then you have a few options. You can take cash, or opt for a voucher worth five percent more to use at your local bike shop. Or you can get 10 percent on top of that if you opt for credit at The Pro’s Closet. Note: The company deals in premium bikes exclusively — the original MSRP on any trade-in bike has to be $1,500 or more.


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