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Fap Ceo is a game launched by the publisher Nutaku with tens of millions of hits. The game was released to users on the 16+ game platform, with adult elements based on an office management game. There, you will be the managing director of a company, all staff is beautiful and attractive girls. You hire them to work for your company and have romantic dates with them. Do not hesitate anymore, download this game and explore with us about Fap CEO today.

About Fap CEO

The game is built on a story about office management, here you are the owner of a company. To develop your company, you will directly hire employees to work for you. Although it sounds boring, this game brings newness when the images used make players extremely excited.

As a game simulated on the mobile platform, it takes you into the usual business. Here, players will do all the work of a leader to develop the company.

Style play

In general, this game is not too difficult, because the goal is just entertainment. Therefore, its gameplay is similar to most of the simulation games of the same type that Nutaku launched on the market. With two empty hands, players will have to start from the smallest things such as recruiting employees, managing, assigning jobs to them. As long as the girls are beautiful enough, they can all join your company. Their job is to create video chats with customers when they ask for them. Recruit beautiful girls to make your company more profitable.

With the help of the beautiful and talented Amber assistant, you won’t have to do everything alone. Pay attention to upgrade your employees to make them look more attractive. You can use the money you receive to expand the size of the company, maybe you will become an underground billionaire in this game.



Initially, you will have an employee named Amber, but she is only the one to support you in the initial work, not doing video chat. Therefore, you and her will together recruit more girls to join your company. With the characteristics of the company, the selection is not too difficult, but it is important because it determines the profit you get.

Fap CEO gives players hundreds of choices with hot girls. But they all need players to unlock through different levels of play. With each successful unlock, you will get girls with different looks. Earning money when you exit the game is also an advantage because it helps players quickly unlock the company’s collection of beauties.

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Chat with girls

It’s great that you are the owner of the most beautiful girls, isn’t it? You can discuss business with them privately, and there’s no guarantee that these conversations won’t go any further. You can have an open conversation with them, and they’ll send you hot pictures. Give them gifts to please them if you want to start a relationship at your company. Your date flirting will be much more interesting when you are accepted by many girls. Therefore, in addition to managing your company, work hard to chat with them to relax.


This game brings you many highlights and constant innovation. With the revenue generated, you can refurbish the company, even buy a new building to work in. In addition, you can hire more employees to make more profits, or upgrade old employees by buying them new costumes. One of the tips to help you increase your sales significantly is to use boosters for a short time. These can help you unlock girls, equip equipment, or get rewards to give to your favorite girls. With each level, you will experience something new and exciting. Therefore, try to reach the highest level to become a rich billionaire with the most attractive female employees.

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The publisher Nutaku has been famous in the market when they released games with the most unique graphics. The game’s outstanding feature is the attractive anime-style graphics platform. Besides, the image of the girls is visually pleasing with sweet but no less hot beauty. With 2D graphics, the girls become attracted from the first second when you see and hear a soothing voice lullaby.

The sound of the game is also focused a lot to bring sympathy to users for this game. With the game platform of the Japanese publisher, Fap Ceo has really brought wonderful graphics.

Hopefully, the above information about Fap CEO will help players get the right view of it. The game is a game model to create excitement for anyone who needs to rest and relax. Your job is simply to download this fascinating game platform to your device and enjoy it right now. Thanks for visiting maxdroid!

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Fap CEO Wiki

FapCEO MainHeader.png

Welcome to the Fap CEO Wiki[edit]

Embark on an epic, sex-filled journey to build your very own video-chat empire, all while getting as much pussy as you can fuck!

  • Hire different girls with unique personalities and learn their story. Talk to them and get exclusive uncensored hentai content.
  • Level-up your girls to help them make more cash for you. Capitalize on their arousal and get rich by turning them on.
  • Once you max out, sell your company and start over, bigger and better. Unlock even more girls every time you sell.
  • Decorate your CEO office with eccentric and unique items, all with their own added benefits.
  • Customize your experience with new skills and perks.
  • Collect sexy pictures from the girls and fuck them in all the ways you can imagine!

Game Info[edit]


Current Events

Bondage FestDP With Alexis and Nova Part 2

Past Event

DP With Alexis and NovaGains Week 31Wasteland Howlers Part 2Wasteland HowlersLana in Wonderland DailyIntroducing M.I.A 2021Sex Ed Classes 2021Safari Heat

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Updates are presented with a small message and a picture called: Message of the day

For more details, please read the patch notes:

Lastest patch note:


1.103 HOTFIX - 1.103


  • Time Skip window automatically suggests the most efficient amount of timeskips to use to refill replies completely.


  • We have revoked the new Timeskips System. We've developed and tested a new version of the Fap CEO economy where Timeskips were not used for replies, and some new items were due to be introduced in circulation, such as items that would extend the reply limit separate from those which would refill replies to the current cap. After a month of testing, we've concluded that it will require more dev time and testing than we currently have available. We will reconsider this sometime in the future.
  • Fixed a bug where the reply revenue from timeskips would not display the correct amount with respect to your reply timer reduction decoration.



  • Starts Monday, 18 October 2021 13:59:59 UTC, ends Monday, 25 October 2021 13:59:59 UTC


  • DP with Alexis and Nova Part 2 Daily Event comes with:
    • One new thread from Amber's Newsfeed, giving you the opportunity to exchange event items for:
      • Second Valentine's Special Thread containing 4 pictures with Nova and Alexis
      • 50 Keys
      • Red Latex Alexis Outfit
  • Daily quests now award Chocolate Glazed Apples as well as Rubies!
  • Use Chocolate Glazed Apples from Daily Quests to unlock the new content.



  • Starts Friday, 15 October 2021 13:59:59 UTC, ends Friday, 22 October 2021 13:59:59 UTC


Welcome to BONDAGE FEST Clicking Event! Work your way through the clicking tiers and join Anika’s Exploration of all things. Watch out for Pink Suction Cups Event Chest and have fun!

  • Chest opens every 120 minutes. Click on it repeatedly to open it up and gain Pink Suction Cups!
  • Use Pink Suction Cups to get 30 seconds of play time! Every click has a chance for time skips, keys, boosters or more Pink Suction Cups!
  • Use multiple Pink Suction Cupss at a time to increase your clicking power and get to the next tier faster!
  • Tier rewards:
    • Tier 1: 1x Anika Animation, 2x Multiplier, 50 Pink Keys, 100 Keys.
    • Tier 2: 1x Anika Animation, 3x Multiplier, Bound Ingrid outfit, 200 keys.
    • Tier 3: 1x Anika Animation, 5x Multiplier, Bound Anika outfit, 100 Pink Keys.
    • Tier 4: 1x Anika Animation, 10x Multiplier, 1x New Thread from Anika.
  • This event also brings out an all new Archive Pack: Lisa's Toys Art Pack, containing:
    • Lisa's Toys Photos
    • Photos from previous Animations with Lisa
    • Promotional Artwork with Lisa
    • Early Game Design Document

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Play Fap CEO[edit]



Sours: https://fapceo.miraheze.org/wiki/Fap_CEO_Wiki
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Fap CEO is a hentai clicker hero game from adult game experts Nutaku. In this game, you play as a video-chat mogul trying to create an adult chat empire. The game features elements of resource management, and romance. The aim is to expand your virtual adult video-chat network and engage with as many of your virtual employees as possible.
In Fap CEO, players can interact with a wide variety of different girls in the game. Each has their own unique personality and story, and you’ll have to talk with each to unlock more content. As you find out their likes and dislikes, you’ll be able to experience steamy scenes with them.

Of course, as the CEO of an adult chat company, you’ll need to be making money. As you level up your girls, they can learn new skills and talents to make you money. The more you arouse them, the more money they’ll make for you. Watch as your sexy empire grows.

Once you get to the point where you’ve maxed out your current empire, you can sell the company for a huge profit. From here, you can start again and unlock new girls. You next company will be bigger and better every time.

The game also allows players to decorate their CEO office. Fap CEO features a wide selection of items, from the unique to the eccentric to the erotic. Each item has its own unique set of benefits that will help you progress through the game.
As you play through the game, you’ll encounter more girls and be able to attain new skills and perks. When you shower your girls with glorious gifts, they’ll send you sexy pictures and let you get up close and personal with them. There are many different ways you can intimately interact with the girls, meaning you’ll want to play on to explore all the options.
Fap CEO features a rich cast of sexy characters, as well as some fun gameplay mechanics. Get started today with your very own adult-chat company!

Sours: https://www.bananatic.com/games/fap-ceo-352/


Choose Platform

Windows Desktop

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Summary of Game


What would you do if you suddenly had the chance to be your own boss?
Welcome to the competitive world of Fap CEO! Now, your dreams have come true, and you are on your way to becoming the kingpin of the camgirl industry! Hire sexy girls to work for your studio and get the hard cash rolling in. Get to know them, and they'll fall straight onto your cock!

Embark on an epic, sex-filled journey to build your very own video-chat empire, all while getting as much pussy as you can fuck! The more you get to chat with your girls, the more secrets they will reveal and the harder they will fall for you.

Who said business and pleasure don't mix?


Enjoy all the perks that come with being the top dog and put your clicking power to the test!

Climb the corporate ladder by buying, selling, hiring and building up to more and more extravagant studios, in a race to become the best video-chat studio ever! The girls you hire along the way will be right next to you to fulfill your every request.

Key Features

- Hire different girls with unique personalities and learn their story. Talk to them, pamper and seduce them, and get exclusive uncensored hentai content!
- Level-up your girls to help them keep that revenue rolling in! Cash in on their arousal and get richer and richer the more turned on they are.
- Once you max out, sell your company and start over, bigger, better and kinkier than before! Unlock even more girls every time you sell.
- Decorate your CEO office with eccentric and unique items, all with their own added benefits.
- Customize your experience with new skills and perks.
- Collect uncensored, steamy pictures from the girls and get to fuck them in every which way you can imagine!
- Enjoy the world of FapCEO on PC browser, Android AND a downloadable PC game!



CasualClickerDating Sim


AnalBig TitsCreampieIdleResource ManagementUncensoredCollectionWesternNutaku ExclusiveAnimated Sex

Available On

Android PC Browser Windows Desktop

Game Information
  • Languages:

    Deutsch, English, Français, Español

  • Version:


  • Download Size:

    2.62 mb

  • Release Date:

    July 23, 2018

News and Updates

2020/07/16Introducing Roxanne

Welcome to the Introducing Roxanne Clicking Event! Meet our latest character: Roxanne! Please her and receive special new email with animations, new threads and photos! You can find Ice Cream Scoops by clicking the Event Chest repeatedly! Have fun!

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2020/07/16Introducing Roxanne

Welcome to the Introducing Roxanne Clicking Event! Meet our latest character: Roxanne! Please her and receive special new email with animations, new threads and photos! You can find Ice Cream Scoops by clicking the Event Chest repeatedly! Have fun!

Continue Reading...

Hello CEOs!

Line up for Judy's Backdoor Pass Clicking event! Enjoy all the benefits of backstage access and unlock Judy’s new animations and thread! Keep an eye out for Backstage Passes as you open event chests and use them to increase your clicking power and unlock rewards! Have fun!


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Ceo fap

Fap CEO v1.102 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Fap CEO (MOD APK, Unlimited Coins/Gems/Key) is a tycoon game with captive ideas for players to build a company with beautiful female employees and many sensual secrets.

Business always gives players an enjoyable experience when they can find ways to make many profits on their own. They will be able to scale up or hire more people to keep the facility running smoothly. So, gradually during the game, players will have specific strategies to prioritize the necessary things and achieve the things they want. If you love business games and are looking for something interesting, then Fap CEO can’t be missed.


When starting the Fap CEO experience, you will surely be impressed by the beautiful and colorful graphics. These can be seen as good impressions to attract players and make them have comfortable entertainment time. Simultaneously, the game’s observation becomes more accessible than ever when you will have a space for yourself and the staff to operate the money-making work. The element that anyone will love is the characters with different looks.

For a business game, characters must combine and contribute to the job, and you will need to take care of their potential later on. Also, it’s hard to ignore their looks, and for sure, anyone will be impressed. Each character has different looks and costumes, and they are very well coordinated to be perfect, making it difficult for players to take their eyes off.

When you carry a business game, you will visualize the gameplay of this game and how to observe your background reasonably. Therefore, players will get a complete perspective to be able to manage their staff. Simultaneously, this space will gradually be filled as you can hire more employees and everyone wishes to have a lovely team.


Fap CEO offers you a novel but equally challenging role: you will be the studio owner, and your staff will be girls. They will help you generate revenue by using your beauty and attracting more people. You will have for yourself a certain amount of money and accumulate a large amount of money from there. But this is not a job that can be done in a short amount of time.

Like other commercial games, players will need to spend a lot of time in the early game to earn money and expand the scale of the studio. It is relatively slow and becomes progressively faster when you have a sufficient workforce. A prerequisite for you to make as much money as possible is to hire many beautiful girls to come to your studio and maintain their state.

That becomes completely easy when everything happens automatically, and you won’t need to put in too much effort and perform too many operations. Your job is to cover the studio and check the status of each person. After scanning, you will have new strategies for you to develop the studio, and this game gives you the basis to do that. In other words, once you get used to the mechanics of the game, you can experience it on your own.


Any establishment is indispensable for employees, and in this game, they have a significant role that you cannot ignore when providing a stable source of income for you. Also, over time, you will be able to open up new characters for yourself and will need to consider how to use them. At the same time, each character will bring you a new experience with their unique looks, and you will be completely unable to take your eyes off them.

Each different character has its stats and increased profits. So, the simple problem is that the more girls, the more money you can get. Simultaneously, with the increase in the amount you earn, your pocket will get thicker. Besides hiring more and more female characters, you do not care about the quality they bring through the care and upgrade of their abilities.


In Fap CEO, if you think they are just the ones helping you to get rich, then you made a big mistake. You will take the time to manage them, but sometimes it is also necessary to build a relationship with each person. Everyone has a secret in Gallery that you’ll spend a lot of time getting there. So in your spare time, text and explore them. When you reach a certain level, you will receive an impressive gift.

Download Fap CEO (MOD, Unlimited Coins/Gems/Key)

Download (102MB)

You are now ready to download Fap CEO for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read MOD Info carefully to avoid mods not working
  • To see CPU or GPU your device uses, check with the CPU-Z app

Join @moddroid_co on Telegram channel

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Sours: https://moddroid.co/fap-ceo-1.html

Fap CEO Android

Fap CEO is an idle management game in which you will be able to become a business tycoon by offering adult video-chat services along the lines of Chaturbate, LiveJasmin and company. Your mission is to manage the company so that it grows by hiring new female employees.

A tycoon management game for adults

As is usual in this kind of game you have to start up a company from scratch and turn it into a business empire. The thing that differentiates this game from other tycoon games is that they take place in a factory, a mine or an amusement park, and the employees don't take their clothes off and show you their bits and pieces (thankfully, to be honest).

These are the main features:

  • Hire a bunch of female employees, each with her own unique personality.
  • Up level your employees to help them earn more money and motivate them... you already know what that means.
  • Decorate your office with eccentric items.
  • Collect photos of your employees.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.
  • The installation of the app by means of the APK file requires the activation of the "Unknown sources" option within Settings>Applications.
Sean Mitchell

Sean Mitchell

Sours: https://www.malavida.com/en/soft/fap-ceo/android/

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