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Optimal Performance from the Best Lacrosse Mesh

Are you planning to buy the best lacrosse mesh that perfectly suits your style of playing? You need to take a lot of factors into account to know whether you are going in the right direction or not. As manufacturers are introducing new items each day, finding the best product is no easy feat. This detailed buyer's guide will certainly help you make the best purchase.

What Are the Different Types of Lacrosse Mesh Available on the Market?

Hard Mesh

Hard mesh is well-known for being a great pocket. It's like wine: the longer it sits on the shelf, the better it becomes! Because of how long-lasting hard mesh is, it can be used over and over again with few visibile signs of wear and tear each time. There are professionals who don't replace hard mesh to make them good to be used even in harsh weather conditions. If you want to reap such benefits, consider getting hard mesh.

Soft Mesh

The soft mesh was chosen since it comes out of the packaging ready to string and play with, and it is simple to modify. Unlike other styles, this one has a softer feel to it, making it more pleasant to play goalkeeper or shoot at netminders who are doing their hardest not to let any pucks in.

Soft mesh, unlike hard mesh, encourages fakes and provides more comfort with the ball, making handling easier. Switch to soft mesh if you're worried about getting called out by defenders or having problems making accurate passes.

Performance Mesh

StringKing's advancements in the lacrosse mesh realm allow producers to build high-quality equipment faster and at a lower cost. It was only a matter of time before other companies got on the performance mesh bandwagon and claimed to be employing it as well. So, what constitutes a 'performance' item? That's an excellent question! The majority of things have been branded as such depend on their construction materials— but there isn't really one clear definition out there yet that we can rely on when buying gear from different brands.

6 Diamond Lacrosse Mesh

This is the only lacrosse mesh in which each row has a distinct number of diamonds. It was originally designed to improve functionality, however, it never delivered on its promises. The concept was wonderful, but the execution was lacking at first because there were no alternative options, and hard-soft combinations aren't optimal for maintaining good pocket placement when you require utility from your gear setup.

Wax Lacrosse Mesh

Wax mesh gives a more comfortable grip, which is crucial for lacrosse players. Wax comes in a variety of forms, the most prevalent of which being microcrystalline and paraffin (refined or fully refined). The size normally spans from 15 to 20 millimeters, with most players preferring larger sizes of roughly millimeters in diameter.

How to Choose the Best Lacrosse Mesh?

If you're still having trouble deciding on the best lacrosse mesh after reading our list of the top 10 best lacrosse meshes, compare the elements below to the goods above. It can assist you in sorting out your options and finding the best option for you.

There are a few things to consider when looking for the best lacrosse mesh for you.


Lacrosse players pay attention to the structure before purchasing because it affects the experience. Different structures are used to create different lacrosse meshes; for example, some have five layouts while others only have two. To acquire the function you want from the greatest lacrosse mesh, you should carefully examine the comprehensive details. After that, you'll be able to make the greatest decision.


The material is another factor that influences the lacrosse experience. You'll notice if the lacrosse mesh isn't composed of high-quality materials by looking at its bounce, distance, and height when it flies. As a result, if you want to get the best lacrosse mesh, you need to pay attention to the materials it is composed of.


You should think about how long the mesh will last. Its durability is poor if it dies after a single hit. Your enjoyment and performance will be harmed by the lacrosse mesh's low durability, and so will your wallet. Save your game and your budget by investing in a durable and reliable mesh.

What Are Some Key Considerations For Buying The Best Lacrosse Meshes?

Type of Mesh

Before making a purchase, determine whether the mesh is soft, semi-soft, or firm.

The more experience you have, the easier it is to buy a pocket. It's a good idea to try out a few different types first to get an idea for the feel of each one.


Another thing to think about is the net's pattern. The holes are commonly diamond-shaped, but they come in a variety of sizes and configurations. You may also discover you have a preference when it comes to pattern, so keep an eye out for your favorite.


If this is your first time replacing the pocket on your stick, you'll want to get a mesh that is easier to string. The more malleable the net, the easier it is to work with.


The mesh must be of adequate quality. The manufacturers that made the products should have tested them. In the design phase, both the material and the construction should be carefully studied, and it may be reported on in the product's description.

Best Lacrosse Meshes FAQs

What side of lacrosse mesh do you use?

The rough side of the lacrosse mesh is usually regarded as the front side. This is the side of the ball that makes contact with it. Some players, however, believe that this is a personal preference, as the rough side provides a greater grip while the smooth side provides a better release.

Which lacrosse mesh is the best?

The ideal lacrosse mesh should have the right mix of elasticity and tension. It should be water-resistant and long-lasting so that it can last the entire season or even longer.

Coated strings, which are water-repellent and endure longer, are preferred by players. Semi-soft meshes are the best option since they provide the best pocket response and feel.

Which lacrosse mesh is ideal for attackmen?

As an attacker, you need a lacrosse mesh that allows you to attack with precision and accuracy. As a result, you should go for a lacrosse mesh with high-quality shooters.


Maroon Marc Mesh



has never taken shots, mesh is little dirty

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Blue Collar Lacrosse Inc. makers of Marc Mesh; the original Wax Mesh.

"We take pride in producing a dye job worthy of the name Stars n Bars. Marc Mesh uses the highest quality materials and dyes available for crisp, sharp, solid lines (NO FADE, RUN or BLEEDS)."

Incorporated in February of , Blue Collar Lacrosse, Inc. (BCLaX) set out to provide the Lacrosse community with the highest quality Lacrosse Pocket possible.

We still continue that quest today, however nothing our ‘POC-TEC-TONIC’ R&D team has come up with comes close to matching the PERFORMANCE (in any weather Lacrosse is played) of Marc Mesh (invented by Marc Leveille over 12 years ago).

Marc Leveille
Marc has been a hands on Lacrosse Stick Surgeon for over 30 years. His stringing talents have been in high demand from many of the game's elite that come from Southern Ontario Canada for decades! Marc served as the Referee and Chief in Burlington for 5 years, and has refereed games all the way up to the Senior Level. Marc has coached at every age group in Box, up to Junior ‘B’ in Oakville. He was also part of the Senior Hamilton Field team that competed 2 year running at Canada’s Nationals. Marc also served on the Burlington Junior and Minor executive for 10 years.

Tim Weston (aka the Chief Punk)
Simply put, Tim can’t string a Lacrosse stick to save his life. Tim graduated with a BA in Business Administration from New England College (96’) in Henniker, NH (Home of the Pilgrims). Since then he has served as apprentice to his father in family owned and operated ventures and brings those skills to Blue Collar.

As an NCAA DIII player for the NEC Pilgrims Tim recorded 72 goals and 22 apples in 95’, 50 goals and 55 apples in 96’ (His efforts have him in the NCAA DIII Record book on page 2 and 3 for ‘Points in a game’ and ‘Points in a season’.) Tim also played Senior Lacrosse with the Peterborough Laker Transport. Currently he is the Defensive choreographer/co-ordinater at the U of T ‘University of Toronto’ (a program deep in history dating back to the ’s).

Joel Leveille
Joel’s had a Lacrosse stick in his hands since the age of 3. Joel has refereed and coached also for well over 10 years. As a player Joel constantly played for teams a year. As a player Joel played for the Oakville Buzz (Leading the team in points in there inaugural season as a rookie) and the Burlington Jr. A Chiefs. Joel currently teaches Lacrosse at the Blyth Academy. Nobody strings more sticks for Pros than Joel annually for the last 4 years and counting. Most recently Joel has played in 2 Canadian National Field Lacrosse Championships, winning a Victory Cup.


PROfessionally Strung Lacrosse Head on AMAZON 4 under $75 with Marc Mesh


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