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Miami, FL—(Hispanic pr wire)&#;October 18, &#;(NYSE: UVN)–Considered by some as Mexico’s “Gone with the Wind,” “Amor Real” (“True Love”) is an epic novela set in the mids that debuts on the Univision Television Network Monday, October 25 at 9 pm (8 pm Central).

Almost two years in the making, this spectacular period piece boasts an all-star cast of Hispanic television’s biggest stars including Adela Noriega (El Privilegio de Amar), Fernando Colunga (Abrázame Muy Fuerte), Ernesto Laguardia (Desencuentro), Chantal Andere (La Intrusa) and Helena Rojo (Ramona). The production, led by internationally acclaimed producer Carla Estrada, required the participation of over 1, actors, extras, technicians and artisans and is considered one of the most ambitious projects in the history of the novela genre.

“The work of our extremely dedicated cast and crew, along with the extraordinary collection of visual elements &#; lighting, camera work, custom-made wardrobe, attention to detail &#; allows the viewers to experience the characters’ emotions and also transport themselves completely to another era,” said Estrada.

With breathtaking cinematography, lavish sets, stunning locations and painstakingly detailed costumes, “Amor Real’s” story line nonetheless develops at a modern, fast pace. Sharp, sensual, and sophisticated, “Amor Real” brings to life unforgettable characters and tells the story of Matilde (Adela Noriega) – a beautiful woman who breaks the social code of the era and pays the price for true love. She is deceived and manipulated by her family even though she is the only one who can save them from their own misfortune. Unable to be with her true love, the poor soldier Adolfo (Mauricio Islas), she is forced to marry Manuel (Fernando Colunga), heir to a large fortune.

A mega hit in Mexico, Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Russia, Venezuela and several European countries, this lavish production is guaranteed to be appointment television. Univision’s newest blockbuster primetime novela “Amor Real” will air weeknights at 9pm (8pm Central).

Univision Communications Inc. is the premier Spanish-language media company in the United States. Its operations include Univision Network, the most-watched Spanish-language broadcast television network in the U.S. reaching 98% of U.S. Hispanic Households; TeleFutura Network, a general-interest Spanish-language broadcast television network, which was launched in and now reaches 80% of U.S. Hispanic Households; Univision Television Group, which owns and operates 24 Univision Network television stations and 1 non-Univision television station; TeleFutura Television Group, which owns and operates 31 TeleFutura Network television stations; Galavisión, the country’s leading Spanish-language cable network; Univision Radio, the leading Spanish-language radio group which owns and/or operates 68 radio stations in 17 of the top 25 U.S. Hispanic markets and 4 stations in Puerto Rico; Univision Music Group, which includes Univision Records, Fonovisa Records, and a 50% interest in Mexico-based Disa Records labels as well as Fonomusic and America Musical Publishing companies; and Univision Online, the premier Spanish-language Internet destination in the U.S. located at www.univision.com. Univision Communications also has a 50% interest in TuTv, a joint venture formed to broadcast Televisa’s pay television channels in the U.S., and a non-voting 27% interest in Entravision Communications Corporation, a public Spanish-language media company. Univision Communications is headquartered in Los Angeles with television network operations in Miami and television and radio stations and sales offices in major cities throughout the United States.

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Univision's prime-time telenovela lineup is generating some of the best ratings recorded by the network. In particular, the epic drama Amor Real (True Love), currently the most-watched telenovela of all time, has an average of nearly 5 million Hispanic viewers each night.

The network has aired more than prime-time telenovelas since , and on its most popular night so far (Jan. 10), Amor Real attracted million total viewers and was the second most watched program among Hispanic adults () among all broadcast networks, regardless of language.

Since Amor Real debuted on Oct. 25, , in the 9 p.m. timeslot, ratings have increased 77 percent among adults and 42 percent among Hispanic households.

According to Neilsen reports, Amor Real has achieved average ratings of among Hispanic households and among adults since its debut week. The show's average ratings are respectively percent and percent higher than the ratings of Telemundo's competing novela, Gitanas (Gypsies).

Considered by some as Mexico's Gone with the Wind, Amor Real is set in the mids, and is one of the most expensive telenovelas produced by Mexican network Televisa.

Music awards

On Thursday, Univision presents the 17th edition of its music award show Premio Lo Nuestro a la MM-zsica Latina.

The ceremony will be telecast live from Miami's AmericanAirlines Arena at 8 p.m. on WLTV-Ch.

Live performers include salsa singer Marc Anthony; Paulina Rubio; singer/songwriter Alejandro Sanz; regaettM-sn artist Don Omar; Puerto Rican crooner Chayanne; norteM-qo group Los Tigres del Norte and pop star David Bisbal.

Premio Lo Nuestro will bestow awards in the five most popular Latin music genres -- pop, tropical, regional Mexican, rock and urban, as well as video of the year. Nominees were selected from charts compiled by the trade magazine Radio & Records.

Among this year's finalists garnering the most nominations are Anthony and Victor Manuelle, each receiving five nominations. Rubio, Montez de Durango, Los Toros Band and Rey Ruiz received four nominations each.

Prior to the three-hour telecast, Univision will air the Red Carpet portion of the show, from 7 to 8 p.m., as a live special titled Noche de Estrellas (Night of Stars).

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Every night across America, millions of Hispanic television viewers are tuning to Univision for "True Love." The Univision Network is proud to announce that its epic drama "Amor Real" (True Love) ranks as the most-watched novela of all time, with an average of nearly 5 million Hispanic viewers each night. "Amor Real" is the latest of Univision's widely successful primetime novelas. The network has aired more than primetime novelas since On its most popular night so far (January 10), "Amor Real" attracted million total viewers and was the second most watched program among Adults , among all broadcast networks, regardless of language.

Since "Amor Real" debuted on October 25, , in the pm timeslot, more and more Hispanic viewers have become captivated by the nightly love story. Ratings have increased 77% among Adults and 42% among Hispanic Households. "Amor Real" has achieved average ratings of among Hispanic Households and among Adults since its debut week. The show's average ratings are respectively % and % higher than the ratings of Telemundo's competing novela.

"Amor Real" has conquered viewers from coast to coast. In Los Angeles, "Amor Real" has registered a tremendous ratings increase of 49% among Hispanic Adults since the novela's debut, with a average nightly rating. Additionally, the average Hispanic Household rating has increased 24% in Los Angeles, and garnered an average rating of from the first day it aired. In Miami and San Antonio, the novela has seen Household ratings increases of 17%.

Considered by some as Mexico's "Gone with the Wind," "Amor Real" is a true masterpiece novela set in the mids about a young woman, Matilde, who breaks the social code of the era by falling in love with Adolfo, an army soldier with no fortune, despite pressure from her family to marry the wealthy Manuel who saves her family from bankruptcy. Over time, Matilde comes to love her husband for his noble and honorable intentions and genuine love for her, and breaks off the relationship with the hopeful Adolfo. However, the happy marriage is short-lived once Manuel discovers that his wife may have shared a liaison with Adolfo during the early days of the marriage. "Amor Real" is full of intrigue, deception, love found and love lost in a time of profound romanticism. Viewership is sure to increase as fans of the saga tune in to see how the dramatic love story will unfold over the coming weeks.

Source: Nielsen Television Index, Nielsen Hispanic Television Index and Nielsen Hispanic Station Index.

Sours: http://hispanicad.com/blog/news-article/had/television/amor-real-univision-real
Amor Real - Capítulo 95 - Gran Final - Parte 3/4

Amor real

Mexican telenovela

Amor Real (Real Love)[nb 1] is a Mexican telenovela, which was produced and broadcast by Televisa in Amor Real is a historical telenovela set in the Mexican post-independence period of the midth century.[1][2] The telenovela aired on Univision in the United States, REN TV in Russia, and La 1 in Spain, among others. It was successfully distributed to many countries worldwide.[2] Also, in , Amor real was released on DVD and it became the first telenovela to be released with English subtitles.[3] Televisa has released an abridged DVD version of the novela in several countries.[4]

The cast and the crew of the telenovela received many accolades, including TVyNovelas Award for Best Telenovela, in


In the midth century, in a time of Victorian morality, challenging the rules of the aristocracy to which she belongs, Matilde Peñalver Beristáin, falls in love with Adolfo Solís, an army soldier with no fortune; trusting that her father, Hilario - a fair and kind man - will let her marry him. But her mother, Augusta, is determined to force Matilde to marry a rich man in order to save the family from bankruptcy. Manuel Fuentes Guerra is the perfect candidate. He is an honourable and handsome young man who has just inherited a vast fortune. Augusta ignores the fact that Manuel is the illegitimate son of Joaquín Fuentes Guerra, a powerful landlord who raped a native girl, and who only recognised Manuel as his heir on his deathbed.

Using all kinds of intrigues, Augusta and her son Humberto send Adolfo to prison and convince Matilde to believe that he is married and has children. Overwhelmed and in despair, Matilde surrenders to her mother's pressure and agrees to marry Manuel, especially after she learns that he has paid the family's debts. Adolfo escapes from jail and immediately goes to look for his beloved Matilde, who has just married Manuel. Desperate, Adolfo manages to secretly speak with Matilde to clarify the misunderstandings. Swearing they will love each other forever, they decide to run away, but Manuel discovers them. Deeply hurt, Manuel is not willing to give her up. He forces her to leave with him, despite her love for Adolfo. After arriving at Manuel's hacienda, Matilde has to put up with Antonia, the former administrator's daughter, who is in love with Manuel.

Meanwhile, Adolfo, after an intense and frantic search finds Matilde and, intending to bring her back, poses as Manuel's new administrator. Manuel, unaware of Adolfo's real identity, sympathises with him and gives him a special, friendly treatment. In spite of the situation, Adolfo has to admit that Manuel is a noble, fair man. At that point, Manuel and Matilde discover that they have been victims of Augusta and Humberto's deceit. As time goes by, the subtle attention and Manuel's avid desire end up conquering Matilde's heart. Suddenly one day, she realises that the love she felt for Adolfo has disappeared and that she's fallen in love with Manuel. Matilde tells Adolfo the truth and urges him to leave.

Heartbroken, Adolfo accepts his reality and leaves the ranch the same day, that Matilde announces to her husband that she's pregnant. The couple's happiness does not last long. Manuel discovers who his new administrator was and, in an instant, everything falls apart. Matilde's pleas and explanations cannot convince Manuel, he feels betrayed once again and cannot forgive her. Driven by anger, Manuel doubts his paternity and throws Matilde out of the hacienda. Soon after that, he starts a compromising relationship with Antonia that will later make his reconciliation with Matilde more difficult. Manuel and Matilde's relationship will suffer and prosper during times of civil unrest, political and societal intrigue, and subterfuge. Only time will tell whether or not they find 'Real Love' with each other or with someone new. [5]


Main article: List of Amor real characters


"The work of our extremely dedicated cast and crew, along with the extraordinary collection of visual elements — lighting, camera work, custom-made wardrobe, attention to detail — allows the viewers to experience the characters' emotions and also transport themselves completely to another era."

Carla Estrada[2]

  • Amor Real it is a remake of the telenovela, Bodas de odio, from , based on the novel of the same name, written by Caridad Bravo Adams.[6] For this version it was adapted by the Italian writer, María Zarattini.[7]
  • The telenovela was filmed at the ex-hacienda of Tetlapayac and the surrounding area in the state of Hidalgo for a lapse of eight months. Because the story takes place in midth century Mexico, sets of buildings and plazas had to be built.
  • The production, required the participation of over 1, actors, extras, technicians and artisans.[2]
  • Jorge Avendaño Lührs, Mexican pianist and composer, composed the original score (incidental music).
  • The opening theme, "Amor Real", was written and performed by the former Mexico-based duo, Sin Bandera.


Mexico's television ratings[edit]

While on the air in Mexico, the telenovela registered very high ratings, especially in the final weeks of its airing when the telenovela showed an average of 35 points.[11] During the whole five-month run in Mexico, it remained on the #1 spot,[8] with a 60% market share, as reported by Ibope Mexico.[12] Due to the enormous popularity of Amor Real, the entire telenovela was reruned for the second time after a public demand, only four months after the original airing finalized.[13]

International success[edit]

Besides the success in Mexico and Latin America, Amor Real was internationally successful, too.[2] When the telenovela aired during prime time on Univision, it frequently managed to beat leading U.S. networks in the ratings.[3][14] The series aired on Univision in the U.S. with no subtitles, however. It ranks among Univision’s highest rated telenovelas of all time.[15] The telenovela also had successful results when it aired in Spain, on the Spanish national television, TVE, where it was shown in the afternoon, in [16][17] In , Amor Real was released on DVD and it became the first telenovela to be released with English subtitles.[3] The DVD release had very successful sales in the U.S.[18][19] The international DVD release of the telenovela, also included countries such as Canada, Puerto Rico, France, Italy and Spain.[4]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Here are some of the nominations and wins for Amor Real:


  1. ^Also dubbed as Real Love in English.
  2. ^Amor Real won 25 Sol de Oro Awards that are bestowed by the Mexico's National Association of Journalists. It won in all categories.[25][26]


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