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This step by step tutorial explains how to draw a sitting cat from the front view and provides detailed illustrated examples for each step.

Sitting cat front view drawing step by step

Animals are a fairly difficult to draw and may requite different approaches for different poses. This tutorial provides a very in depth breakdown of drawing a sitting cat which should make the process much easier even if you are beginner.

Step 1 – Cat Proportions Sketch

Cat sitting front view proportions sketch

Start the drawing of the sitting cat by first sketching out the major shapes of the its’s body.

Cat sitting step by step front view proportions sketch
  1. As the drawing will be fairly symmetrical draw a vertical line that will help you see if both side are of even width.
  2. Sketch out the head which will be a bit like an oval but with squashed in sides.
  3. Draw the body that will be shaped sort of like a drop of water with the head resting on top of it.
  4. Draw the outer shapes of the paws without any of the small details like the toes.
  5. Draw the rough shape of the front legs that will curve slightly outwards about halfway up the body and then angle a little bit inwards.
  6. Draw the outer shape of the ears and the tail.

Step – 2 Cat Body Shape

Cat sitting front view body sketch

After you have the basic proportions and shape of the cat draw in some of the smaller shapes and curves of the body.

Step 3 – Cat Face Proportions Sketch

Cat sitting front view face proportions sketch
  1. Draw a horizontal line through the head to help you place the cat’s eyes on the same level.
  2. Draw the eyes as sort of ovals with slightly pointy ends that are angled a little bit inwards.
  3. Draw the nose close to a triangle with the bottom end slightly cut off.
  4. Make two sets of curved lines going form the inner tips of the eyes towards the tip of the nose. These will represent the bridge of the cat’s nose.
  5. Draw the mouth area with two curved shapes to each side for the top and one more for the bottom jaw.

Step 4 – Details Sketch

Cat sitting front view details sketch

Move the the smaller details of the cat in this step.

Draw the pupils of the eyes. A cats pupils are basically vertical ovals with pointy ends so draw accordingly.

Next draw some division lines on the paws to indicate the individual toes. Keep in mind that the front paws in this example are slightly angled so as the toes turn away from the viewer they will become less visible. Draw the dividers accordingly with smaller division for the far toes.

The pack paws are angled as well but the paw on the left is facing more directly towards the viewer while the paw on the right is facing more sideways. For this reason one toe on the right-side leg will not be visible.

Step 5 – Outline Drawing

Cat sitting front view outline drawing

At this step remove all of the guidelines and go over your drawing with a more solid stroke. Don’t make the stroke too dark yet if you are drawing with paper and pencil as you will want to erase it in some parts for the last step of the tutorial.

Step 6 – Minor Details

Cat sitting front view details drawing

In this step you can fill in the eyes excluding the reflections. You can also add some details of the inner ear and forehead.

Step 7 – Whiskers & Claws

Cat sitting front view whiskers and claws drawing

Draw the whiskers and the eyebrow hairs. Try and make these of slightly varying length and positioning to make them look more natural. Keep in mind that the overall shape of the whiskers still fans out fairly evenly.

You may also want to add some claws or claw areas in this case on the front paws. As cats have retractable claws you wont really see the claws themselves when their front paws are in a relaxed state.

Step 8 – Fur

Cat sitting front view drawing

Finally you can add some small touches of fur. The fur will particularly tend to stick out where there are some curves on the body as well as the neck area where some cats have a mane. There will also be some fur inside the ears though not as solid as over the rest of the cats body.

Try and draw the fur clumps of different sizes and pointing in slightly different directions to make the fur look more natural.


Drawing a cat is fairly complicated especially if you are a beginner to drawing. If you need more help try studying photos of real cats in different positions to gain a better understanding of their anatomy.

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How to Draw a Cat Sitting


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A cat sitting is a cool thing to draw. This art lesson uses a photo of a cat sitting as reference. This is a classic cat pose with the cats back towards the viewer and the cat looking off to the left. The tail curves nicely to the right.


Begin with a reference image of the cat sitting you plan to draw.  Study the reference image and if possible, print it and draw some lines onto your reference image as you study it. If you can't draw directly on your reference image, you could use tracing paper, acetate, or print a copy of it to draw on.

Now let's get started with the cat drawing step by step drawing tutorial.

Cat Sitting Drawing 1: Below is the reference image - you may want to print this image or open it in another browser window to have it handy while you draw.

Cat Sitting Drawing 2: Start your drawing by using circle shapes to create the form of the cat. If you want to work on your drawing side-by-side with the reference image, you can draw guide line to help you place the circles.

Cat Sitting Drawing 3: Sketch in the ears by creating triangular shapes at the top of the head.

Cat Sitting Drawing 4: Sketch in the shape of the cat's sides. The circles provide a guide.

Cat Sitting Drawing 5: Sketch in the sides of the tail with sweeping curves from the base of the body. 

Cat Sitting Drawing 6: Sketch in the face. Look carefully at the source image and try to copy the outline of the face profile.

Cat Sitting Drawing 7: Refine your sketch. Now you can strengthen the outline of your cat.

Cat Sitting Drawing 8: Erase your sketch lines and continue to refine your cat drawing. 

Cat Sitting Drawing 9: Fill in the fur detail. i know this was a huge leap from the previous step. Just take your time to study the reference image and place the major markings.

Cat Sitting Drawing 10: Add some color to your cat and you are all done!

Congratulations you have finished this online art lesson, "How to Draw a Cat Sitting!" Great Job! 

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The whole world loves cats today, doesn’t it? That is why we present you with this guide on how to draw a sitting cat. We tried to create a really simple guide that will be relevant even for novice artists. These are really easy nine steps to create a really cool drawing.


Step 1

So let’s start a guide on how to draw a sitting cat. Unlike a human, a cat does get taller when sitting. Let’s try to depict this pose using simple geometric shapes. Draw two identical circles and one large, irregular oval shape, as in our reference.

Step 2

We connect the two upper shapes using two smooth vertical lines. After that, you can add the outlines of the ears, which look like a pair of triangles. At the very end, draw the outline of the tail, which is under the largest shape from the first step.

Step 3

Now let’s draw the face of our cat. Use small, smooth, curved lines for this. Try to avoid putting too much pressure on the pencil in this step.

Step 4

In this step, we will detail the parts of our cat’s face. To form the final eye cut, close the two curved lines from the previous step. Inside each eye are narrow, elongated pupils. The cat’s nose looks like a small inverted triangle. There are three rounded lines under the nose.

Step 5

We hope that you are not very tired of this guide on how to draw a sitting cat. Let’s add the outlines of the inner parts of the auricles. It looks like a pair of triangles. Also, with the help of sweeping short straight lines, we outline the beams of the mustache of our cat.

Step 6

To make our drawing more complete, let’s sketch out the fingers of our cat. It looks like small rounded lines. Well, now our cat looks much more cute and realistic, doesn’t it?

Step 7

So, it’s time to remove all unnecessary construction lines from the previous steps. Without this action, the body parts of the cat will look transparent. We will also make the contours of the body and face clearer and more complete.

Step 8

Any drawing looks much cooler with shadows. Therefore, in this step, we will add light shadows inside the outlines of the eyes, under the nose, in the lower torso, and on the tail. Don’t forget about the highlights, which are located within the contours of the eyes.

Step 9

In this step, we finally get rid of all the mistakes that could have been made during the entire drawing lesson and make the final touches.

If this drawing guide on how to draw a sitting cat was helpful, please let us know about it. Your opinions and criticism are very important to us. Your comments really help us to understand in which direction our drawing lessons should be moved.

Beginners' Lesson - How To Draw a Cat

How to Draw a Sitting Cat

In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a sitting cat in just nine easy steps. I have prepared a very useful lesson for you.

This lesson on how to draw a sitting cat will suit all novice artists. On my site before that, there were already lessons in drawing cats. Today I have prepared for you a lesson in drawing a cat in a sitting position.

After completing the lesson, you yourself will be surprised how quickly you managed to draw a cat. I have chosen the easiest drawing technique for this tutorial, which consists of nine really easy stages.

Cats are the protagonists of films, cartoons, books. Children love to stroke them, take pictures and, of course, draw. My today’s lesson will help you draw these fluffy and cute animals.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 20 minutes.

How to Draw a Sitting Cat

  1. Draw the head.

    Sketch the outline of the cat’s head.

  2. Depict the ears.

    Using two triangles as in my example draw the ears.

  3. Add details to the face.

    At this stage, sketch out the mouth and eyes of the cat.

  4. Add more details.

    Draw the cat’s nose in the center of the face. Don’t forget to depict a mustache.

  5. Draw the torso.

    Sketch out a long oval shape.

  6. Start drawing the legs of the cat.

    Draw the front pair of legs using an oblong shape.

  7. Continue depicting the legs.

    Draw the back pair of the cat’s legs.

  8. Add the tail.

    Almost done. Draw the tail of the cat as in my example.

  9. Color the drawing.

    Choose any color for your cute cat drawing.

I am sure you have a great drawing in the end. Please, don’t forget to download the PDF version of this tutorial. In addition to the steps presented above, you will find some interesting and useful extra worksheets.

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