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ESL Worksheets and English Exercises

Free ESL Printable Grammar and Vocabulary Worksheets, English Exercises, EAL Handouts, ESOL Quizzes, EFL Activities, TEFL Questions, TESOL Materials, English Teaching and Learning Resources, Fun Crossword and Word Search Puzzles, Tests, Picture Dictionaries, Classroom Posters, Matching Exercises and Flashcards For Kids

ESL Printable Grammar Worksheets and Exercises for Kids

Grammar is the ways that words can be put together in order to make sentences. Obeying the rules of grammar helps improve your English accuracy. Here in our grammar section you can find, view, download and print English Grammar Worksheets, Fun ESL Exercises, Tests, Multiple Choice Questions, Reading Comprehension Questions, Dialogues, Gap Fill Exercises, Word Order Exercises, Conjugation Activities, Speaking Cards, Writing Exercises, Word Lists, Classroom Posters, Handouts,  Quizzes, English Language Learning Resources for kids, teenagers, adults, parents and teachers.

ESL Printable Grammar Worksheets and Exercises for Kids
ESL Printable Vocabulary Worksheets and Exercises for Kids

ESL Printable Vocabulary Worksheets and Exercises for Kids provides free esl printable pdf worksheets for you. ESL Printable Vocabulary Worksheets, Picture Dictionaries, Matching Exercises, Word Search Puzzles, Crossword Puzzles, Missing Letters in Words and Unscramble the Words Exercises, Multiple Choice Tests, Flashcards, Vocabulary Learning Cards, ESL Fidget Spinner and Dominoes Games, English Language Learning Resources for kids, teenagers, adults, parents and teachers.

ESL Printable Fairy Tales Reading Comprehension Worksheets and Exercises

Reading fairy tales is important for a student's imagination and improves reading comprehension in a fun way. Here in our reading section you can find, view, download and print Fairy Tales Reading Comprehension Worksheets and Exercises, Fairy Tales Reading Texts, Reading Comprehension Questions, True False Questions, Sequencing the Story Exercises and Gap Fill Exercises English Language Learning Resources for kids, teenagers, adults, parents and teachers.

ESL Printable Fairy Tales Reading Comprehension Worksheets and Exercises

ESL Printable Flashcards and Game Cards for Kids

Using flashcards and game cards is of vital importance for teaching vocabulary at every stage of the class. Flashcards are an excellent way to present, practise and review vocabulary. When teachers use flashcards in classroom activities, the students are more likely to have more fun and they can memorize the new words more easily. We provide esl printable flashcards both with words and without words, Vocabulary Learning Cards and Dominoes Games.

ESL Printable Flashcards and Game Cards for Kids

96 Free TEFL and ESL Worksheets You Can Use Today

Teaching English isn’t all glitz and glamour and most ESL positions often demand a good deal of legwork from teachers. Depending on the level of preparation required for lesson planning, the curriculum, and the availability of materials, you may find yourself scrambling to come up with effective lesson plans on your own. Worksheets have historically been — and to this day remain — important staples of the ESL classroom, whether in-person or digital. While it’s certainly possible to get “carried away” with worksheets by becoming over-reliant on them, in moderation they can be immensely beneficial for driving home important terminology and concepts in the minds of ESL learners.

Fortunately, the web is chock full of high-quality ESL worksheets that are totally free. We’ve listed the best here, broken up by category.

ESL Conversation Worksheets

High-quality conversation worksheets touch upon the four pillars of ESL: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Here you’ll find a wide range of topics that will get your classroom chatting. Students will be able to ask well-structured, relevant questions, hold a conversation with one another, and formulate and express their opinions.

Speaking practice is arguably one of the best methods for students to acquire a second language and conversation is a great way to practice speaking the language in a non-intimidating way.

ESL Family Worksheets

The family is the most basic human social unit. Even the youngest learners will have their own well-developed conceptions of the family and, chances are, they’ll be enthusiastic to think and talk about their own in the classroom.

All levels and ages of learners can benefit from practicing family-related vocabulary. Luckily, there are worksheets for all ages and skill levels in this category.

Below, you’ll find beginner-friendly worksheets to introduce vocabulary about family and relatives, as well as advanced worksheets that cover more thought-provoking topics such as conflicts between family members and differences in cultural traditions.

ESL Alphabet Worksheets

Learning the alphabet and the corresponding phonics is one of the most foundational aspects of a young learner’s initial ESL education.

These worksheets are targeted at a younger audience of English language learners, however, included in this list is also some vowel pronunciation practice that is suitable for all ages.

Even a student who has been studying English for years can still struggle with vowel pronunciation, often confusing once vowel sound with another, similar one. Revisiting the fundamentals of the alphabet can help.  

The younger crowd will also benefit from these fun activities, which not only introduce them to the alphabet but increase their vocabulary as well.

ESL Reading Worksheets

Reading comprehension is an essential skill that not only benefits ESL learners in practical terms, but is also a central component of most standardized English tests like theInternational English Language Testing System (IELTS).  

The ESL worksheets below offer a great opportunity to reinforce lessons, evaluate comprehension, and work together to answer the questions (for example, you can have the students take turns reading and then pose each question or exercise to the entire class).

You can tailor your reading material to meet the current lesson content and/or interests of your students. If you already have a story or book you’re working with, feel free to adapt these worksheets to fit by modifying the questions, wording, or exercises.

ESL Grammar Worksheets

Because English grammatical structure is dramatically different compared to the grammar of other languages (especially those from totally foreign linguistic families such as East Asian tongues), ESL students often struggle with mastering this aspect of English.  

These grammar worksheets are a great way to get creative with how you reinforce your lessons. Veteran teachers might find it valuable to adjust these to fit their own classes while less-experienced educators may find it more useful to rely on these as the main focal point of their lesson.

ESL Pronunciation Worksheets

Depending on your students’ level of skill, the following ESL worksheets can really help reinforce your pronunciation and phonetics lessons (as can these pronunciation exercises).

When you use these worksheets optimally as a teacher, you are able to not only demonstrate the correct sound but also how it will look on paper in a word or phrase.

Usually English phonetic sounds — even vowels and their combinations – have recurring patterns that, once identified and retained through practice, make bridging the gap between written and verbal word much easier.

These worksheets are more interactive than some of the others. In the past, I’ve taken one of these worksheets and transferred some or most of it onto the board – this not only encouraged the class to work together in sounding out the words, but made it easy to understand how to do the rest of the tasks in the worksheet on their own.

ESL Preposition Worksheets

Like other challenging aspects of English, other languages often lack prepositions. This makes acquiring native-level understanding of the structural form and function of prepositional phrases difficult. Proper preposition use into flowing conversation is even more challenging.  

I’ve found preposition worksheets to be invaluable in driving home the correct use of prepositions.  The simplicity of most sheets means they aren’t so intimidating to students. They are also easy to do on their own as they often only require filling out or circling one word or phrase.

ESL Worksheets for Beginners

For students young and old, beginner ESL worksheets are an important tool for drilling home the basics. They should be both easy to understand and engaging enough to command and hold attention.

Even among the most thorough and time-thrifty instructors, the beginner level is where ESL teachers tend to become over-reliant on worksheets. Don’t make this mistake. The best rule of thumb in this regard is to keep worksheets as tools of review rather than the main “bread and butter” of the lesson.

Feel free to borrow aspects of these worksheets that work, adjust those that don’t, and try to not lean too heavily on them at the risk of frustrating your beginner students.

ESL Worksheets for Adults

Despite the perception of worksheets being useful for younger students only, adult learners actually engage effectively with worksheets – when they are strategically included as part of an overall lesson.

Regardless of skill level, most adult students will expect a bit more depth from their ESL worksheets than young learners. With that in mind, we have included some more adult topics like idioms, parties, and a science story.

The best adult lesson plans utilize these worksheets as part of the journey instead of the destination. Accordingly, work to incorporate them into your lesson and see if they might spur additional conversation or activities or lend greater context to the lesson.

For some of these ESL worksheets, such as the one covering speed dating and party expressions, think of them as a way to “spice up” your lesson and get some creative interaction going.

ESL Worksheets for Kids

ESL worksheets are effective natural fits for kids’ lesson plans. Chances are high that your primary-level students are already well-accustomed to worksheet activities by the time you get them in your class. And, if the worksheets are high-quality, they will engage kids’ attention to the material at hand.

As with other age groups, ESL worksheets for kids should never be the focal point of your lesson – their attention spans are too short and how their learning styles are too varied to rely entirely on a worksheet.

Instead, use these worksheets during the last few minutes of your class or as homework (depending on their level) primarily as reinforcement mechanisms to maximize your students’ retention of the material.

On the web, you can find free age-appropriate ESL worksheets for kids on virtually any topic. Here is a small sampling of a wide array of subjects.

ESL Vocabulary Worksheets

When it comes to retaining English vocabulary, the key to success is repetition. Only after continual practice using a term or phrase will it become permanently etched in the mind of the learner for fluid recall in everyday conversation.

In that pursuit, ESL worksheets are crucial when looking to reinforce new vocabulary or practice old lessons – the beauty of these sheets is that they can be edited to fit any lesson with minimal effort.  

Consider having your students work together on a sheet and play around with pairing stronger speakers with weaker ones to see how it works – these worksheets aren’t too intensive and are great for partner exercises.

ESL Writing Worksheets

English writing is a tough skill to learn (and to teach) effectively. Nonetheless, mastering writing, even as a non-native learner, is possible. Expertise in writing should be one of the long-term ultimate goals of any language training program.

These writing worksheets are aimed at making this essential skill easier (or at least more fun).  

Before handing out these ESL worksheets, I’d recommend practicing a few examples on the board (you can even make a game out of it) to ensure everyone understands the instructions.  

Rather than relying on these worksheets alone, instead incorporate them into your lesson to practice and reinforce the aspect of English writing that is the focus of your overall lesson.  

ESL Past Tense Worksheets

Mastering the foundational aspects of English, such as switching between tenses, is a challenge because of the language’s unique grammatical structure.

In fact, many of your students may not be used to conjugating verbs at all – it’s entirely possible that their native language does not require altering the form of the verb to match the tense at all.  

Given the unique challenge of tenses in ESL learning, one of the strategies to help your students should include practice, practice, practice. Worksheets are a great way to drill home verb conjugation. Here are some of the best.

ESL Money Worksheets

Financial literacy education – such as how to manage money wisely and how to convert currencies, for example — is an essential (and, all too often) overlooked subject that has real-world benefits. You can give your students a head start in their financial literacy with hearty helpings of economic education.

Add these handy worksheets to your lesson plans on money.

ESL Clothes Worksheet

Virtually everywhere in the world, fashion is likely to be an area of intense interest for a large subset of your students – especially among adolescent and young adult learners.

As such, teachers often find that lesson plans (when they are well-developed) that center around fashion and clothes elicit the most engagement and participation from their students.

Here are some of the top ESL clothes worksheets to include in your clothing lesson plan.

ESL Food Worksheets

If Anthony Bourdain and other culinary-anthropological entrepreneurs have taught us anything with their world eating tours, the central takeaway is that food is a universally relatable subject that is central to our identities and even to our basic survival.

Everyone understands food as an important, fundamental subject. In many ways, we orient ourselves in the world and within our societies by the foods and meals that we share. This is why ESL education focused on food can be so effective for learners of all ages.

Here is a sampling of the best ESL food worksheets.

Want more?  Here are some of the best online resources we found for ESL Worksheets & PDFs:

  1. Sherry kirby
  2. Cookbook binder cover
  3. Steelseries arctis 1
  4. Mk3 jetta bumper
  5. Glow exit signs

Free ESL Worksheets

EL Civics HomeCivics LessonsESL LessonsLife SkillsFamous AmericansHidden PicturesWebsite Directory

EL Civics for ESL Students


Short StoriesShort Stories - These high-interest short stories are designed for ESL students from beginning-low to intermediate reading levels. Each story is based on an everyday problem that a character is having and includes an image. The stories are designed with life skill lessons in mind and should work well with the units found in a typical ESL picture dictionary. All the worksheets start with a short reading assignment and include a true/false exercise and an easy writing prompt. Happy reading! (DIRECTIONS: To open a worksheet in a new window right clickon the link. Then when you close the worksheet you can open another one.)

ESL Worksheets eBookESL Worksheets eBook- These free eBooks have 10-20 printable worksheets with short stories for beginning to intermediate level ESL students. All the images are black and white so they print clearly. The books are being released under Creative Commons License 3.0, so you are free to make photocopies or even upload them to your own Web Site as long as you give credit to their creator and don't change the content. Each story covers a life skill subject like family, transportation, health, employment, technology, etc.

Crossword PuzzlesCrossword Puzzles- Crossword puzzles provide a fun and easy way for ESL students to improve their vocabulary and spelling skills. The intellectual stimulation provided by solving crossword puzzles keeps students focused and engaged while creating a joyful atmosphere in the classroom. If the puzzle clues prove too difficult for your students, you can always make things easier for them by writing the words from the answer key on the board. Allowing students to work in pairs will also make solving the puzzles faster and easier.

Read AloudRead Aloud Worksheets- Reading aloud helps ESL and K-12 students improve their verbal fluency and pronunciation skills. Students can read aloud in pairs, in small groups, to the whole class, or to several classes. It is best to practice these worksheets chorally with the class before putting the students in pairs or groups. A fun variation is to divide the class into two groups and have them stand in two circles, an inside circle and an outside circle. After partners have practiced reading aloud, the teacher can blow a whistle as a signal for the outside group to circle clockwise and read aloud to a new partner.

Vocabulary WorksheetsVocabulary Match- ESL students can easily complete these simple vocabulary ESL worksheets by using a dictionary or an electronic translator. The lessons can be expanded by instructing students to turn their papers over and write one sentence for each of the twenty words in the first column. Most experts suggest reading the words aloud to the class before students tackle the writing part of the assignment.

Hidden Picture WorksheetsHidden Pictures- ESL students will improve their English vocabulary skills and spelling skills by solving these cute picture puzzles. After they have found and circled the correct items, they can write the words in a list to practice spelling them. The can also create sentences using the vocabulary words or even write a paragraph about the picture. These puzzle worksheets lighten the mood of the class by combining fun with learning.

Cloze WorksheetsCloze Exercises- Funny pictures and interesting stories make these cloze exercises enjoyable. Students listen and write the correct vocabulary words on the blank lines as the teacher reads the stories aloud. After they have checked their worksheet, students can practice reading the story with a partner.

Life Skills WorksheetsLife Skills Worksheets- Life Skills are basic everyday skills like reading charts, schedules, recipes, and completing forms. Most adult ESL programs assess students with life skills tests to discover what level English as a Second Language class they need. After students complete a designated amount of instruction, they are given another test to determine their progress. Funding for ESL programs is largely based on the benchmark gains that students make on these tests. The free ESL worksheets found in this section will help students improve their performance in completing life skills tasks. They can be downloaded and used in class or passed out as homework assignments. They can also be shown on interactive whiteboards.

Grammar WorksheetsESL Grammar Worksheets- Adults learning English will find these beginning-level worksheets easy to use and easy to understand. Each worksheet is limited to just one or two teaching points and the exercises are repetitive. Intermediate-level classes can use them for a quick review of the basics, especially at the beginning of a new term or school year.

HandwritingHandwriting- Tracing develops the small motor skills needed for mastery of handwriting. It allows literacy students to practice holding and using a pencil or pen. The worksheets here come in two types: printing and cursive. All the fonts are clear and clean, and some of them have lines to help beginning students write straight. Be sure to review basic letter formation to reinforce the proper strokes to use when writing. If you read these worksheets aloud to the class, they can also provide listening practice. You might want to have the students practice reading the worksheets aloud to each other.

Writing WorksheetsWriting Worksheets- The blackline pictures at the top of these worksheets provide a fun and easy writing prompt for multi-level classes. Beginning students can create short descriptive sentences while intermediate students can write more elaborate sentences. After the students complete the writing assignment, they can share their sentences and stories with a partner. Some classes might want to color the pictures and display them on the wall or in a group portfolio notebook.

Blank Maps - Geography WorksheetsBlank Maps- Maps show the physical and political boundaries of states, countries, and places. The maps in this unit can be traced, labeled, and colored. They also make great report covers for geography homework assignments. Some of the maps are in worksheet format and include lesson exercises.

More Downloadable ESL Worksheets

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Using PPP lessons for teaching English - Intro to ESL Lesson Planning (Part 2)

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High School ESL Grammar, Vocabulary and Reading Skills
50 pages of various levels of ESL practice including beginner, intermediate, advanced and low-literacy/SIFE. Grammar practice includes present tense, mixed tense, conjunctions, apostrophe use and passive voice among others. Readings and vocabulary expansion exercises include a woman's story of gro
Persuasive/ Argumentative Essay Rubric (Middle and High School ESL ELLs)
This rubric consists of 5 grading criteria: Structure, Quotation and Elaboration, Position and Support, Quality of Language & Mechanics and Resources.I've used this for my high school ENL students for our Persuasive Essay Unit, and the detailed descriptions of each criteria allow students to kno

School esl worksheets high

The Best Websites for Printable ESL Worksheets

Usually as a TEFL teacher in English language schools, you’ll have a text book with a set curriculum which you need to follow over the duration of your course, whether it be for a class of young absolute beginners or a class of advanced adult students. You might have two pages in the text book to cover an ESL lesson lasting anything from 30 minutes, up to two hours. An experienced TEFL teacher will know that the way to do this is by using supplementary material covering the same language in the book.

Supplementary material can come in many forms, from music to PowerPoint presentations, dialogue students need to listen to or ESL printable worksheets.

For me, using ESL printable worksheets is by far the most common supplementary material, as they are easy to print and bring to class, require little preparation and there are a wide array of choices for TEFL teachers to find printable ESL worksheets online, which fit the topic or grammar point of their English class perfectly. There are some very handy websites out there which offer free printable ESL worksheets for teachers and students.

Here are a pick of some of the Best Websites for Printable ESL worksheets for you to use with your students in English classes.

ESL Tower is a good mixed-bag website for TEFL teachers with grammar printables, grammar games and quizzes, vocabulary printables, vocabulary online ESL games and English pronunciation exercises. There is a wide choice of ESL activities available for English teachers.

English Club has some neat ESL handouts for you to discover and print for free, along with other printable ESL worksheets and a worksheet maker should you wish to customise your worksheets a little bit for your classes. There are also skills lessons and TEFL training available.

This website doesn’t have the sheer number of free ESL printables that some of the other TEFL websites do on this list, but I like the simple layout and the printable ESL worksheets they do have are high-quality. They also have some nice phonics and early reader free printable esl worksheets for kindergarten teachers to use.

Kids Pages has free educational resources for parents and teachers and their list of printables worksheets for English teachers is pretty comprehensive. There are also downloadable flashcards, ESL colouring pages for younger learners and printable alphabet cards to brighten up your classroom.

Teachers Pay Teachers is pretty well know in the field of education and it gives the opportunity to teachers who like to create their own material to sell this material to teachers who want to buy educational resources and use it in their school. This website has a very large selection of ESL supplementary material and there is a lot of free stuff available. Definitely worth a visit.

All Things Grammar is probably the best website out there for grammar-based printable ESL worksheets and there is a very handy A-Z list on the left-side of the home page so you can find exactly what you need for your English class. Teaching grammar can be boring for the students, but it’s essential for them to make the transition to competency, so should not be avoided. There are also other cool printables such as classroom attendance, lesson planners, class calendars and printable certificates.

ISL Collective is a community-based website for ESL teachers to share their worksheets for free. Because the community is so large, you are pretty sure to find any ESL worksheet you need here. As the number of ESL printable worksheets there are so varied and large in number, some will inevitably be better than others, so you’ll need to pick and choose. However, given half an hour of searching, then you should find the perfect free printable esl worksheets to cover a number of your classes for the week.

Englishwsheets has an awesome array of printable ESL worksheets to browse and find exactly what you are looking for to supplement your English classes. Again, on the left-hand side, you’ll find a list of grammar points and on the right-side, vocabulary topics. There’s also free writing worksheets and reading exercises to use in your English classes.

ESL Printables was my staple go-to for ESL printable worksheets throughout my own teaching career. It’s free to register an account and you then just need to share one worksheet which you’ve created yourself. This entitles you to download 30 worksheets in return every day and you get download points each time someone downloads one of your ESL printable worksheets. It’s a lot of fun and it has a great community and teacher forum. You can search by topic, grammar point, age of student or difficulty. There are also thousands of ESL PowerPoint presentations to download for free on a massive range of topics.

This is a quality website for ESL worksheets and other education printables. The best part of this website is the excellent selection of writing worksheets, which lay the foundations for your primary children to practice their handwriting in interesting ways. There are also printable worksheets which focus on behaviour, language, science, maths and social skills.

ESL Plan 101: How to Make an ESL Lesson Plan for ESL Learners

ESL Worksheets & Lesson Packets

These ESL worksheets and lessons can save busy teachers planning time. They also provide useful practice to supplement the lesson’s main activities. They can be especially helpful to teachers who don’t have a textbook, or need to teach areas the text does not cover well.

cover pictures for some ESL Worksheet pdfs: a games packet, The Impact of Disease, Medical Mysteries, Word Roots, Basic Academic Vocabulary, Word Detective, & Learn English with ...CognatesSome ESL worksheet pdfs on EnglishHints

Most ESL worksheet packets include lesson planning suggestions and integrated lessons.

They have ideas for class discussion and games as well as worksheets. 

Some also include links to reading or listening practice or to videos. 

Jump straight to the different worksheet page links (including individual free printable worksheets-- see end of list)

More details:

All are printable pdfs for English language learners from high beginner to advanced.

Most will work in general classrooms for ELL students, or in ESL or EFL classes from 4th or 5th grade up. (They were designed with middle school, high school, or sometimes adult classes in mind.)

Some worksheet packets (like those for prefixes, suffixes, or roots) can also be used for individual study. Others with lesson plans have related packets for individual rather than classroom study.

Using pdfs

To use these ESL worksheets you will need a pdf reader. If you do not already have one, you can download the Adobe Reader for free here.(Be sure to uncheck the McAfee Security Scan if you already have a system you prefer. It conflicts with some other systems…)  

Please remember that these worksheets are under copyright. As the copyright holder, I am giving you the right to use them for your classroom. You may not share or redistribute them without permission. 

(Contact me if your school needs several sets or there’s economic hardship, and we can work something out.) Return Policy

Your satisfaction guaranteed. Please contact me if you have any problems or questions. If you are not happy with any worksheet, contact me for a full refund.

If you find the worksheet helpful, please share that information too!  (Leave a note on Facebook comments below or let me know.)

Types of ESL Worksheets Here:

  • Academic Vocabulary Worksheets(The page explains why it's important to teach academic vocabulary. It includes a free pdf on scientific method vocabulary and a pdf on goals and words for success. It also links to other pages with vocabulary packets.)
  • Common Phrasal Verbs (explanations, examples, and practice for 7 short lessons. It introduces almost 100 very common phrasal verbs.)

        >> 3 free reading comp lesson plans 

       >> The Word Detection packet teaches inference, prediction, and word analysis skills +. It also provides lots of academic vocabulary practice. The Word Detection bundle includes the packet plus the root and affix packets above.

     >> Medical Mysteries has a unit of lesson plans on the history of diseases. The Impact of Disease in History, a Disease Webquest, or the History of Scurvy are individual lessons from Medical Mysteries.

  • Grammar Worksheets has free individual tense worksheets & paid packets of past tense worksheets. *
  • Free Printable Worksheetslinks to many of the free individual worksheets above. Many of the vocabulary and quiz worksheets on that page are for advanced students. (Some of them review a lot of vocabulary at once.) *

* Pages marked with asterisks at the end have pdfs for individual study as well as classroom practice. (The Roots+* page is only for students.) 

Using ESL Worksheets for Personal English Study

Many of the packets listed above are designed for classrooms. The ones that have an asterisk (*) at the end also have some pdfs made for individual study.

ESL worksheets can be a useful way to gain confidence with new vocabulary and structures. Remember that the most important practice of all is to use those new words in real communication. 

That’s why teachers often have several lessons on related subjects. Extra lessons review some of the same newly-learned structures and words. It’s also why I give links to related reading or listening materials. Use them-- and practice with someone else when you can (if you are not in an English class).

(See Practice English Conversation and Learn English Freefor ways to find a study partner to practice with.)

Try writing your opinion about something new you learn. That will help you remember it as well as increasing your fluency.

The more you use what you learn, the better you will keep it and the easier it will be to improve your English. 

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