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What Is Sign in With Apple? How It Works

With the release of Apple's new iPhone operating system, iOS 13, Apple introduced "Sign in with Apple," a new option to sign up for accounts in apps and websites. This new alternate sign-in option is said to secure your privacy better than similar solutions from Facebook, Google, and Twitter, but it also binds you even more tightly to the Apple ecosystem. We'll go over how it works and some of the concerns that could arise. Signing in with Apple speeds up and secures the creation of new accounts. Sign in with Apple is a "single sign-on" (SSO) service that works in the same places you've probably seen buttons to log in with your Facebook or Google account. Instead of creating a new account using your email address and password for an app or website, you sign in with your Apple ID. Signing in with Facebook and Google is convenient, but it also gives those companies and the apps you use a lot of information about you. (This is the parent company of Wirecutter, The New York Times.) Your personal information is shared every time you check in with Facebook or Google, allowing firms to monitor you wherever you go. That can be a lot of data, considering how much personal information is stored on those sites. It should include your email address, profile photo, and name at the very least. If you're logging in using Facebook, a site may ask for additional information, such as your birthdate, page likes, images, and friends list. Apple claims to provide as little information as possible, just collecting your login and email address, and that it does not track your app or website activities. When you sign in with the Apple button, you have the option of creating a throwaway email address so that you never have to give the app or website your real email address. My username is Boots Cat in the guitar-lesson app Fratello, and my email address is [email protected] or something like that. If I want, any emails from the app are forwarded to the email address associated with my Apple ID, or I can disable forwarding. Even if I've deleted the app from my phone, I can withdraw access at any time. This functionality is very beneficial for programs that you don't care about or those you have to use only once. Signing in with Apple isn't always more secure. Log in using Apple provides obvious privacy benefits by separating your name and email address from your new account, but its security enhancements aren't as obvious. Creating a fresh strong password for each account isn't difficult if you use a password manager (which you should). Sign in with Apple, on the other hand, is a far better option if you don't have one and instead use the same few passwords on every site. It may not seem like the ideal idea to entrust all of your login information to a single firm, but there are benefits. Substantial organizations, such as Apple, Facebook, and Google, have large security teams, whereas smaller websites typically lack. As an example, consider the new account I created earlier: Apple is far less likely to be hacked than Fretello. However, SSO is still vulnerable to attacks, as evidenced by Facebook's announcement in 2018 of a breach affecting 90 million accounts. Finally, the main question is whether you should trust Apple with your security rather than whatever random app you're signing up for an account with. When it comes to security, Apple has had a difficult year. On the one hand, Sign in with Apple requires you to utilize two-factor authentication, which is a good thing. For the initial Apple ID sign-in, Apple, on the other hand, continues to only offer the less secure SMS form of two-factor verification. If you only have one Apple device, this is your only option (in contrast, you can use a second Apple device as a second factor to verify yourself if you own say, both an iPad and an iPhone). It's past time for Apple to provide hardware and app authentication to users with only one Apple device. You can roll your own set of throwaway email addresses with services like Mailinator or Guerrilla Mail if you prefer a DIY approach, but Apple's procedure is so seamless and simple that it's hard to picture doing it manually if you don't have to. There are some disadvantages to signing in with Apple. The fact that Sign in with Apple isn't currently offered in many places is one of the major roadblocks. I had to look for a compatible app for a few minutes just to see how it functioned. Apple sign-in does not display alongside Facebook or Google sign-in by default; app developers and websites must add support for it. By April 2020, Apple will require every app available in the App Store that supports Facebook and Google SSO to also support Apple's button, although I expect many sites to wait as long as possible to continue snooping on visitors' personal information. If you've already registered an account somewhere, Sign in with Apple is less useful because you're unlikely to want to create a new account if you're already set up, and there's currently no option to switch over an existing account. What matters more is what happens when you break off from Apple's ecosystem. Apple isn't offering Sign in with Apple because it wants to lock you into the Apple environment, not because it's a charitable organization. Although you'll be able to sign in with your Apple ID on the web, doing so replaces the seamless experience of using Touch ID or Face ID on an Apple device with the identical username and password experience you'll find elsewhere. Signing in any place you've used Sign in with Apple is cumbersome if you decide to leave Apple at any stage. Let's imagine I create a Bird scooter account on my iPhone using Sign in with Apple, then switch to Android. When I try to sign in using Sign in with Apple again, it redirects me to a Web view, where I must sign in using my Apple ID. It's not a bad method, but it lacks the one-touch convenience of utilizing Sign in with Apple on an Apple device. Should you use Apple Sign in? If you don't have a password manager (which you should), using Apple's choice is a convenient and secure alternative to making up new login credentials on the fly. If you don't anticipate ever leaving Apple's environment or if you only need a one-time-use account, it's easy to recommend. Personally, I'll limit myself to utilizing it for apps and services that I don't mind losing access to, such as Bird scooters, where I could theoretically create a new account every time and have no effect on my experience. I'll use a password manager for everything I access frequently from a non-Apple device.

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Marvel’s Avengers – How to Link Your Square Enix Account

When you first start Marvel’s Avengers, you’ll be prompted to link your Square Enix Members account. The game says you’ll gain access to exciting features like multiplayer with friends, new hero releases, and future story and world expansions, but do you really need an account to play Marvel’s Avengers? How do you even link your Square Enix account? This guide covers all that and more.

How to Link Your Square Enix Members Account in Marvel’s Avengers

Linking your account is very easy. To link your Square Enix Members account in Avengers, just follow these steps.

  1. Visit
  2. Log in or create a Square Enix account.
  3. Enter the nine-digit code given to you in-game.

After these three steps, you’re all set. You can also try scanning the QR code on screen to quicken the linking process. Just scan the QR code with your mobile device and follow the given instructions. To join with email, press Y/Triangle and enter your email address. You’ll receive an email from Square Enix with more detailed instructions.


Account linking can be a bit finicky, so here’s a method that will work without fail.

  1. Visit this website and log in or create an account.
  2. Log in and select your profile in the top right corner.
  3. Click “Linked Accounts.”
  4. Select “Click here to manage your linked accounts.”
  5. Choose a platform and log in with your credentials.

As long as you link the platform you’re playing on to a Square Enix account using one of the above methods, you’ll be able to play the game.

Do You Need a Square Enix Account in Avengers?

A Square Enix account is not required to play Marvel’s Avengers, but your access will be heavily restricted unless you link your account. Multiplayer and upcoming content releases require the use of a Square Enix account. You cannot play online, try out new heroes, or play future story and world expansions without logging in. You can play solo without one, so you can see the entire campaign and play War Zones and other side missions with AI companions. Still, the full experience requires a Square Enix Members account.

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How to cancel Square Enix

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How to Link Square Enix Member Account to PSN Account? MARVEL Avengers 2020 PS4


« Using a Square Enix Account »

By using a Square Enix account, you can link multiple PlayOnline IDs to a single account and also use the Square Enix security token.

What is a Square Enix account?

A Square Enix account is a free service provided for authentication in all of Square Enix's online services.
Besides its use in all future online services, one can also associate multiple IDs from current services to a single Square Enix account and enjoy features only available to Square Enix account holders.

What is a security token?

A security token is a device that produces a constantly changing one-time password that can be displayed onscreen with the push of a button.
Because the device is completely detached from any hardware dealing in user authentication, it provides vastly improved security to the user.

What is a one-time password?

A one-time password differs from a typical ID or password in that it is a 6-digit numeric code that is produced and displayed on the security token's screen each time the token's button is pushed.
One-time passwords are very effective against spyware such as key loggers in that they are only valid for a set period of time and become invalid after they have been used once.

The following procedures are necessary for using a Square Enix account in PlayOnline.

Obtaining a Square Enix Account

You will need a valid e-mail address to obtain a Square Enix account.

Obtaining a Square Enix Account
You can obtain a Square Enix account through the Square Enix Account Management System.
If you have a valid e-mail address, select "Don't have a Square Enix account?" and follow the onscreen instructions to obtain an account.

*You cannot obtain a Square Enix account with a cell phone e-mail address or PlayOnline e-mail address.

Logging in to the Square Enix Account Management System and Linking the PlayOnline ID

Linking the PlayOnline ID to the Square Enix account will enable you to enjoy various services such as the Square Enix security token.

PlayOnline ID Link Settings
These settings can be performed from within the Square Enix Account Management System.
After logging in, select Link Settings from the Services and Options menu and follow the onscreen instructions to link the PlayOnline ID.

*A maximum of ten PlayOnline IDs can be linked to a single Square Enix account.
*Once a PlayOnline ID has been linked to a Square Enix account, it can never be unlinked.

Registering a Security Token to a Square Enix Account

Log in to the Square Enix Account Management System and establish your Security Token Usage Settings.
Completing the Security Token Usage Settings process will activate the token you've purchased.

Security Token Usage Settings
This can be performed from the Square Enix Account Management System.
After logging in to the Square Enix Account Management System, select Security Expansion from the left menu, select Security Token Usage Settings, and follow the onscreen instructions to register your token.

*One security token can be registered to one Square Enix account.
*Multiple security tokens cannot be registered to a single Square Enix account, and a single security token cannot be registered to multiple Square Enix accounts.

Updating Your Member List

Once you have linked the PlayOnline ID to a Square Enix account you will need to enter the necessary data on the PlayOnline Viewer's member list.

Enter the "Member Name," "PlayOnline ID," and "PlayOnline Password."
Enter the Square Enix ID you've linked to the PlayOnline ID in the "Square Enix ID" field.

*The PlayOnline ID will need to have been linked to the Square Enix ID entered.

If you are using a Square Enix security token, select "Use" for "One-Time Password."

*Please note that if a security token is registered to an account, you will need to enter a one-time password when logging in.
*If you plan to use the Square Enix account without a security token, you will not need a one-time password.

Members whose PlayOnline ID is linked to their Square Enix account will be displayed as "Square Enix" instead of as "PlayOnline."

Log In

Select a member, verify that the entered information is correct, and select "log in."

Enter the Square Enix password. If you have selected "Use" for your one-time password, you will need to enter the one-time password displayed on your security token.

*When using a Square Enix account, you will need to enter the Square Enix password each time you log in.
*The Square Enix password cannot be saved to the hard disk.

QIf I have multiple PlayOnline IDs, will I need a different security token for each of these IDs?
ANo, up to 10 PlayOnline IDs can be linked to a single Square Enix account.
If you set up a security token for the Square Enix account, you will be able to use it for all of the PlayOnline IDs linked to that account.
QCan I stop using my security token if I don't want to use it anymore?
AYou can remove your Square Enix security token from an account using the Square Enix Account Management System, but once you have done so, you will never be able to use it again.
QIf I remove my Square Enix security token, will I still be able to obtain a Mog Satchel?
ACharacters from PlayOnline IDs that are linked to a Square Enix account will not be able to acquire a Mog Satchel after the security token has been removed. Existing Mog Satchels will not be affected.
QWhat do I have to do to obtain a Mog Satchel?
AEach of the characters can obtain a Mog Satchel by registering a Square Enix security token to the Square Enix account the PlayOnline IDs are linked to.
QCan all of the characters under a PlayOnline ID obtain a Mog Satchel?
AAll characters on a PlayOnline ID using a security token can obtain a Mog Satchel.
QWhat do I do if my security token is lost or broken?
APlease contact the Information Center immediately.
As soon as we have confirmed that you are the account holder, we will remove the security token settings from the account in question. After the settings have been removed, you will be able to log in without using the security token.
QIs security token usage restricted by region?
ANo, security token usage is not restricted by region. However, you can only link Square Enix accounts and PlayOnline IDs that are from the same region. If you have a North American PlayOnline ID, please obtain a North American Square Enix account.
QI can't link my Square Enix account to my PlayOnline ID. What should I do?
APlease make sure that the Square Enix account and the PlayOnline ID are from the same region. If they are from different regions, please create a new Square Enix account from the same region as the PlayOnline ID and link them together.
QI accidentally linked my security token to a different Square Enix account. What should I do?
APlease contact the Square Enix Information Center.


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Can't register my Square Enix account to FFXIV?
So I installed FFXIV and while registering, since I use my steam account to login to SE I figured out I needed to go to Mog Station but when I get there, from what I read in the forums, all I have to do is login my SE account through there, but even that didn't work, and even saying my e-mail isn't registered with them,

But I can login to SE without steam just my e-mail and password

So do I have to click that light blue button Square Enix account register new account?


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Notice Regarding Square Enix Online Store and Members Account Merger (Sep. 18)

Starting Wednesday, September 20, 2017 at 4:00 a.m. (PDT), the Square Enix Online Store will be integrated with the Square Enix Members registration system.

After this time, you will need a registered Square Enix Members account in order to access your Square Enix Online Store account. If you do not have a Members account already, you can create one by visiting the Square Enix Online Store or the Members registration page located here:

Once your Members account has been created, you will be asked to link your Square Enix Online Store account to retrieve your Members points and purchase history. If you already have a Members account, you can link your accounts by logging into the Square Enix Online Store using your Members login credentials and following the on-screen instructions.

The migration process will be open until March 21, 2018.

For further information regarding this migration process please visit our F.A.Q. section.


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