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•| Midoriya "Deku" Izuku |•


"You're kidding us, right?" Kaminari reacted, standing up his seat to protest at Aizawa-sensei.

To be honest, Aizawa-sensei's revelation of our next test—and possibly the hardest one, was truly surprising and kind of scary.

"Don't be a coward, Kaminari." Kyouka-san scolded him calmly.

"But what if the villain would kill us?!" Kaminari retorted, facing his seat mate, Kyouka-san.

"Well, I am sure that the teachers won't let Aizawa-sensei test us with a villain that would kill us." Kyouka-san retorted back. And they continued to bicker. Some would join their argument while I thought about my strategy for the test.

The test is to fight a villain that—maybe—was recently captured and now gonna be used as an opponent to Aizawa-sensei's test for his class. It was just a hunch.

But I have a bad feeling about this...


Our test is tomorrow. For sure, it will be a hard opponent—especially the fact that Aizawa-sensei is the one who planned it.

Our test takes place somewhere near the police office if in case the villain does something crazy. We all changed to our costumes before we travelled to the venue.

When we got there, we all gaped in awe at the wide space in front of us. It's as wide as the ring in Yuuei Sport Festival. Only, it's not a ring. It's just a wide, plain and flat landscape.

"But Sensei, why is there no ring?" I asked, pointing at the space in front of us. There was not even a single grass on it!

"It was meant to have no ring. The rules will be a bit similar from the last test in the Yuuei Sports Festival. But since there's no ring, there will be a couple of changes in the rules." Aizawa-sensei answered with the same tone that he uses on a usual day—a tired one.

Then, there was a big truck on the other side of the landscape, I turned my attention to the big truck as the Rear Door opened. A lot of police came out. And then, someone came out. Shackles tied on his neck, wrists, and ankles. He also has something on his mouth in order to cover it. And an eyepatch on his right eye.

(a/n: the eye patch looks like this)

(a/n: the eye patch looks like this)

Of course, he's a villain.

Four polices accompanied him to us. They stopped when they're three to four feet away from us. Each of the police removed one of each things that were tied on him. Except for the eyepatch.

Oh wait, I take it back. It's a her!

How come I didn't noticed it from the length of her hair? And why does she have an eyepatch on her left eye? An injury, I guess.

Shoto Todoroki - Funny Moments!! (DUB)

My Hero Academia Confirms A Todoroki Fan Theory

Chapter #290 of My Hero Academia confirms a fan-favorite theory that League of Villains member Dabi is actually Toya Todoroki (Endeavor's son).

My Hero Academia (MHA) fans have shared some wild fan theories over the years. From believing multiple traitors exist at U.A. to a crazy idea about Izuku Midoriya's father, the possible plot twists have flooded the internet. However, one has always stuck out and has been basically treated as canon ever since it was first introduced.

League of Villains member Dabi is known for hiding his past from the audience. His immediately mysterious demeanor both appealed to fans and left them wondering more about his history. So, fan theories started brewing. Readers began wondering about his childhood, and the popular idea was coined; could Dabi be the son of a world-renowned pro hero, Enji Todoroki (aka Endeavor)? His fiery quirk allows him to create blue flames, aiding him in destruction and long-distance fighting. With Endeavor's shady past and fire-based quirk, it wasn't crazy to assume there may be some familial link.

Related: How Do Quirks Work In My Hero Academia?

Chapter #290 of the series finally confirmed what many Dabi fans have thought all along. In front of both Enji and Shoto (Endeavor's younger son), Dabi revealed his true name, Toya Todoroki. While some readers saw this coming, his true identity came as a shock to both heroes. He confessed to a shockingly large number of cold-blooded killings due to the path his father unwittingly set him on. Knowing the negative impact Endeavor had on Shoto's life, it stands to reason he would have the same effect on the son he cast away.

When Enji married Rei, he believed her ice quirk would perfectly complement his fire quirk. These "quirk marriages" exist in the MHA world to enhance specific quirks within bloodlines. In this case, Enji wanted to create the most powerful offspring possible in order to overpower his rival, All Might. Enji deemed all of his children failures (except for Shoto) and treated them as so. Enji was a controlling and abusive husband/father, and even abandoned Toyo when he proved to be incapable of surpassing All Might, showing little remorse for tossing aside his eldest son.

Though Enji seemed to move past the incident rather quickly, channeling all his energy into training Shoto, Toyo (now Dabi) certainly did not forget. Operating with a new name and look, he plotted his revenge against his father. It wasn't until chapter #290 that Dabi revealed his true identity to Enji. In dramatic fashion, he also broadcasted his speech nationwide in order to expose Enji's tainted past to the public. He contributed all of his actions to Endeavor's faults, forever changing the public's perception of this #1 hero.

The confirmation of Dabi as Toyo Todoroki both explains so much and leaves even more questions for the reader. Dabi, like the rest of the League of Villains, has a distinct hatred towards the hero system. It makes sense that Dabi would resent the system that left him feeling so rejected. Though Enji is to blame for abandoning his child, it's the My Hero Academia world itself that created Endeavor and his obsession with public success. Still, this chapter ends with a massive cliffhanger in which Dabi challenges his father to a final fight. Fans will have to wait on the edge of their seat for the next chapter to see which Todoroki will come out on top.

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Venom & Carnage Are BOTH Destroyed in Amazing Squid Game Fan Art

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Caroline Moll (80 Articles Published)

Caroline is a writer and photographer out of Worcester, MA. Both of her passions began as a high school student and she has spent the years since growing as a content creator, exploring different styles and fields, working with other talented artists, and loving every second of it all. She is an avid punk rock listener, comic book collector and gaming enthusiast.

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Crazy todoroki

Boku no Hero Academia Imagines & Scenarios — headcanon of todoroki having weird/crazy s/o who...

rainbowninicono asked:

headcanon of todoroki having weird/crazy s/o who laughs at almost everything from things just falling down too random commercials

These head canons aren’t from when they are dating, but more about how they started dating. So like first impressions and such. I’m not very used to writing head canons so hopefully they turned out alright. 

And of course, since it’s my beloved Todoroki, it became way longer than anticipated, which is why I decided not to add any of while they were dating. 

The coffee puns were found online. 

  • On the first day of school, he caught sight of the lead of your mechanical pencil breaking after you pressed down a bit too hard on the paper. He didn’t think much of it as it happened to everyone. He just happened to be looking in your direction at that moment. He immediately turned away, his attention having been caught by something else, only to jump in shock when you spontaneously broke out into hysterical laughter and interrupted the entire class while banging your fist on the table. At that moment, he vowed to stay away from you.
  • However, that apparently was much easier said than done as your laugh seemed to be the most grating sound in the world and followed him everywhere. And to make it even worse: it never stopped.
  • Seriously. Someone drops a handkerchief, your obnoxious snickers could be heard not even a second later. The TV is turned on and the Febreze commercial starts running, a wave of giggles would fill the room. Todoroki encases your body and the bottom half of your face in ice and freezes you to the wall during a training exercise to get you to shut the hell up and you just start guffawing like an absolute maniac through the ice.
  • At first, you made him so uncomfortable. With him being someone whose smile is considered the eighth wonder of the world and you having won “Most Likely To Laugh in Death’s Face” for three years in a row back in middle school, he did not think you two would get along
  • Their relationship changed a bit during the sports festival when Todoroki had been talking in the hallway with his father. The tension was thick and he could feel anger building up inside him the more Endeavor spoke. In the middle of their conversation, a cheerful voice from behind him interrupted. “Hey, Todoroki!” you had greeted as you came to stand by his side. His rage was at an all-time high, and he had no patience for your stupidity. He had been about to harshly tell you to get lost when you suddenly looked straight into his father’s eyes. “This your Daddy?” you’d inquired, studying the intimidating figure before you with a serious look on your face. “Well, he seems pretty… lit.”
  • Then after laughing maniacally in the Number 2 Hero, Endeavor’s, face, you grabbed Todoroki’s arm and made a break for it, dashing down the hallway with your cackles echoing off the walls. The boy had briefly glanced back at his father and he swore he would never forget the infuriated expression the man was wearing.
  •  Todoroki had a newfound fondness for you after that.
  • While he had grown more tolerant of you, your puns made him want to bang his head against a wall.
  • “I heard you were having a bad day, Ojiro. Why don’t you tail me about it?”
  • “Hey, Kaminari, I vote you team captain. I think you’d suit being in charge!”
  • “Bakugou, just shut up. You’re always blowing things out of proportion!”
  • Todoroki had to swiftly come to your rescue when a flurry of explosions were aimed towards your cackling face.
  • One day, you two were chatting in the commons area of your dorm with him drinking tea and you nursing a hot coffee in your right hand. He had been sitting quietly in the rare, comfortable silence that happened every once in awhile between the two of you, though he knew it would not last long as you always found something to laugh about. He sighed when your lips parted, preparing himself for another one of your awful puns.
  •  “Hey, Todoroki.”
  • “Yes, (Y/N)?”
  • “Words can’t espresso just how much you mean to me.”
  • You doubled over with laughter and held your sides at your own (self-proclaimed) amazing humor. Todoroki stared at you in silence before his hand darted out to grab the back of your head and crash his lips against yours. You immediately froze at his actions. The kiss lasted for several more seconds before he pulled back and looked seriously into your eyes. “Your smile is brew-tiful.”
  • Dear God, Todoroki Shouto just made a pun.
  • You laughed again, but this one was much calmer and shyer than your usual one and there was a bright pink tinting your cheeks. “Oh, um, well… chai love you a latte.”
  • And then he pulled you into another kiss. 

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Anonymous asked:

Ahh, I'm so glad you're back!! That Tamaki scenario made my day! ^^

Shout Out

So I had some requests for some shout-outs, so I’m just gonna post them all here. Check them all out!







mei-the-monster asked:

Hi! May I ask for a shout out to my new imagine blog? It's @qwertytheblackfish, thank you ^^

New imagine blogs are always very appreciated! 

Please check them out!

draegoness asked:

Can I get a scenario with Todoroki coming to rescue his ice dragon quirked female crush from the Hero Killer and noumu's, where she blocks an attack aimed at shoto, gets very injured, and towards the end of the battle he confesses to her


So since these requests were similar, I just put them together. I mentioned the ice dragon Quirk once, but didn’t really go deeply into it. I forgot about that part, but I realized it after I started writing and by that time, I didn’t know how to include it, so I’m sorry for that. Hopefully, you’ll still enjoy the scenario!

And I swear I write for more than just Todoroki, but his scenarios just come out more easily, and I have the most requests for him, so right now, he’s kind of dominating this blog XD. But no worries, I have other characters also coming up soon!



He didn’t realize what happened at first as it all went by so quickly. He blinked a few times, mind racing as it tried to grasp the impossible sight before him. When the pieces began to gradually fall into place, he had tried to deny it.

There was no way this could be happening. It had to be a dream, just a terrible, awful nightmare that was plaguing his sleep, and it all felt horrifying now, but soon he would wake up, and this would all disappear, and you’d be there by his side with that beautiful smile you always had that never failed to make his days just a little bit brighter and bett-

But he couldn’t, for the life of him, deny the feeling of the thick, crimson liquid that had splattered on his cheeks. He couldn’t doubt the tears streaming from his eyes as his body acknowledged what his mind still had not. And he certainly could not dismiss you, standing there protectively in front of him, the jagged sword piercing your body.


Rage began coursing through his veins as the image was burned viciously into his memory and his left side grew hot as flames engulfed the villain that had fucking dared to commit such an evil act.

Hero Killer Stain.

He shouldn’t have let you come with him. When Midoriya sent his location to everyone, he should have insisted that you stayed behind with his father, who, though Todoroki hated to admit it, could have protected you better. But instead, like an idiot, he had allowed you to join him in this fight, not even considering the fact that the opponent was someone that had brought down countless pro heroes and was leagues above some first year high school students.

Ignoring how Midoriya and Iida rushed forward to restrain the unconscious villain, he stumbled over to you instead, falling to his knees next to your fallen body. The tears still hadn’t stopped, and he felt bile rise in his throat as he took in the sight of you, clothes tattered and stained, chest rising up and down just barely with a gaping hole in your stomach as blood pooled on the ground.

He had allowed another one of his most precious people to be hurt.

Oh God no…

“(Y/N)…” he managed to say calmly despite the whirlwind of emotions threatening to swallow him whole. “The pros will be here soon, so just… hang on for a little longer. You’ll be fine. You’ll…” His voice trailed off because will it really? Could he really guarantee that it’ll be okay when your powerful ice dragon had been so easily defeated and painful cuts littered your body and you couldn’t even move and the blood just wouldn’t stop no matter how much he fucking pressed down on the wound and he wasn’t able to protect y-

“Shouto…” His eyes that he hadn’t even noticed he had clenched shut shot open at the sound of your voice. “I’m so glad you’re okay.”

And he couldn’t even begin to describe how terrible that made him feel because of course he was fucking okay, but the problem here was that you weren’t and it was all because of h-

“You’re thinking too much.” You smiled weakly at him. “It wasn’t your fault. I wanted to protect you, that’s all.”

“You shouldn’t have,” he choked out. “It was a mistake. This shouldn’t have happened.”

“Oh, Shouto,” you said gently. “Of course it wasn’t a mistake… How could protecting the person you love ever be a mistake?”

His heart stopped at your words. “You…”

You gave a small nod, flashing him another one of your sweet smiles. “I love you. And after this all blows over and we’re both okay again, maybe we can…” But you trailed off, unable to finish your sentence as your eyes began glazing over and your breath slowed.

“(Y/N)… (Y/N)!” Todoroki called, his desperation obvious in his words. “I love you too! So… so you have to be alright!” But you didn’t respond. He didn’t register the pro heroes suddenly crowding the area, Midoriya and Iida pulling him away from you.

“The girl’s barely breathing!”

“She’s lost too much blood! Get her to the hospital immediately!”

His sight blurred, and all the noise seemed to blend together into an incoherent mess. The only thing that was clear was you, getting carried into an ambulance as his friends held him back as they tried to tell him that you’ll be fine.

He clenched his fists tightly, praying to any and every deity out there. ‘Please be okay.’

Because you had to be. Because the second you woke up and you were okay, he would make his way to you no matter who or what tried to get in his way… and he would tell you how he really felt.

So please…

‘Please be okay.’

You guys can decide for yourselves whether you thought Todoroki’s s/o survived or not! I’m not too used to writing angst, so I don’t know how it was, but hopefully, you all liked it! 

Anonymous asked:

Hellooo, I wanted to drop by and ask if you accept polygamy? Thanks in advance!

Um well I’ve never written it before, but I’m sure it can’t hurt to try! I don’t particularly mind; I’m just not sure if I’d be any good at writing it. Next time the ask box is open, if you want to leave a request for that, go ahead, and I’ll try my best!

Anonymous asked:

Love your blog!!!!! :)

Aw I’m so glad! I’m still not very used to writing scenarios and head canons but everyone reading is so nice and supportive, which makes it really fun! Thank you!

yurochka asked:

((oh man i love todoroki so i appreciate the long scenarios ndjdns thank you for writing them!! your writing is great!!))

Thank youuuu! Todoroki is so beautiful I can’t even. I love him so so much which makes scenarios for him way longer than I originally planned! But I’m usually more satisfied with how his turns out compared to others. Probably since I pour my soul into imagines with him in it XD 


Originally posted by neogohann

Anonymous asked:

Heeey I wanted to ask if you're caught up on the manga? Thx!

Yep, I am! So I can write about characters like Dabi, the Big Three, and such! 

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Shoto Todoroki - Funny Moments!! (DUB)

todoroki funny lines

Then All Might drops the massive bombshell on him that he's chosen Izuku to inherit his Quirk. Shiozaki objecting to being called an "assassin" in Present Mic's. While Re-Destro is hyping him up all Shigaraki can think is that his new coat is itchy. When Kirishima asks why he's so on edge, he turns back with, How does Bibimi participate in the beauty contest? Hatsume refusing to even pay attention to anything, The underhanded manner in which Shiozaki and company stole Mineta's headband by quietly extending a vine inside Mezo's limb canopy while their team wasn't looking. Poor Aizawa fell victim to having a hero name contrived and slapped on him by Yamada (Present Mic) and he apathetically accepted it (most likely because getting stuck in the same class as a chronic loudmouth like him meant he would blab the name to everyone until it stuck), when he never really wanted one at all, preferring to stay away from publicity and the media entirely. Since it's from Kirishima's point of view, he couldn't hear what she said or how she did it, but somehow Mina got them all to start breakdancing, then part ways on good terms. Overview Gallery Synopsis Relationships 1 History 1.1 Early Life 1.2 Battle against the One For All's users 1.3 The threat of All Might 1.4 The Underground Masquerade 1.5 The Fall and Rise of All For One 2 Synopsis 2.1 U.S.J. Present Mic even happened to hear, somewhat teasing All Might for letting his feelings get in the way and for being sensitive. Tsuyu pretty much sums up the chaos of the first battle. The English dub of the anime even has him literally say "I'm snoring, I'm snoring" in between snores. He asks Todoroki how "feces like you" could save people, and he comments it's possible as fertilizer and gets smacked. When Uraraka realizes she's paired up against. Not to mention his greeting to Midoriya. When Iida and Todoroki get a shared speech bubble due to answering simultaneously, it's regular on Todoroki's side and, Due to his injured arm, Iida accidentally hurts himself when attempting to perform his signature. Even in the middle of flying through the air while the others are rescuing him, Bakugo can't simply. Hawks, for a brief moment. Funnier when you realize it's because she's a learned cheapskate. The absurd disguises Momo comes up with when they decide to sneak off to scout the Villain Hideout for some payback. When Mineta protects Mina from Shouda's Twin Impact, the recoil sends him flying right into Mina's boobs, all according to his plan. He's initially standing half out of the water while a, Uraraka can be seen realizing that she'd be exposed and. Iida screams unholy hell at Kouta for having the gall to go below the belt. This one is from Baki from Netflix. Drama CD 5 features Aizawa and Present Mic celebrating All Might's birthday and welcoming him to UA at the same time. Bakugo, despite his reluctance to become the drummer, is hilariously hot-blooded and enthusiastic about his role by the time of the show's start. Aware that Aizawa would catch on, they opt to invite Izuku under the pretense of doing water-related training, unaware that he'd take the opportunity to invite the entire class to join in as well. And when Selkie chooses to celebrate a victory against a villain with this expression, Sirius collapses from equal parts exhaustion and exasperation. Chapter 138: Hadou notices Tsuyu's peculiar habit of touching her finger to her chin and decides to mimic it. Aizawa's reaction is priceless. Even though it belongs to Doctor Garaki, out of context it looks like Shigaraki spent the past four months charging his phone while he slept. While wearing glasses that they swiped from Iida's room, mode at the chance to go into the girls' rooms. ", Shinso trolls Midoriya twice in a row after their match is over by, Present Mic's introduction from Sero mentions his creepy-looking tape dispenser elbows. When All Might asks Midoriya whether he knows what I-Island is, the latter instantly goes on his trademark mutter spree about it, with it completely overwhelming All Might before he breaks it with a loud invite. Both students are clutching a railing while No. And this probably explains his craving at the Sports Festival. Lady to intern under. Iida yelling at his classmates for not staying in single-file line... At the speech for U.A. We briefly see Nezu eating cheese in a frenzied manner. Also Midoriya's. He didn't stockpile enough cheese and wanted more. And then Tsuyu compassionately tells Sero "Don't worry about it!" since the fight is going to be very short. Another interpretation of how Todoroki managed to get his room finished by the end of the day was Shoji deciding to help him out (possibly with the flooring). Tsuyu and Kaminari swapped, thus Kaminari's tongue is extending. But Tsuyu actually thinks to herself it's cute. He responds "STOP CRYING DAMN IT!" If only. Koda attempts to yell to increase the range of his Anivoice. Shigaraki, who seemed unstoppable just one chapter prior after knocking out Aizawa, realizes his body isn't holding his new strength and power as it should and casually asks what date it is as it dawns on him that he's been awakened earlier than planned. It's someone that put the fear of God in him. face. Not to mention the fact the final clash was so powerful it, And once again poor Midnight is caught up in the backdraft of Todoroki's attack, this time fire instead of ice and being deflected by Midoriya's One For All smash, with enough force to blow her away like a leaf and knock off her spectacle mask. As funny as this was, one has to wonder what this says about the person. Especially to Marco. Shigaraki throughout the entire ceremony just seems annoyed by everything. Ochaco calling it an otaku room and Deku's sulking makes it much better. The next panel? Uraraka briskly shakes Tenya up and down over and over at the excitement they both got offers... while Mineta weakly shakes Izuku and bemoans the fact he didn't get any for scaring away people with his crazed recklessness. Remember that All Might keychain Uraraka got back in 242? Todoroki has more sponsor offers than Bakugo, surprising the class. Bakugou says a LOT of funny things throughout the anime. Meanwhile, Tokoyami thinks Izuku should give the multitasking a rest. Fumikage's room is dark and scary, with leather jackets, bat wings, a sword, and a skull. The redundancy never ends! In the end, Sato wins the room contest by the simple fact that the girls fell head over heels for the cake he baked, and Kaminari and Mineta immediately rag on him for "resorting to bribery". He's dragged along so fast his lips and eyelids are blubbering backward and upon taking one look at the city now incredibly far under them, he realizes if he lets go, he'll. Going with the above, Honenuki just calmly stands by while Kaibara tries to stop Tetsutetsu, saying that this plays into their strengths. Lady using a flatbed work truck like a shoe so she can safely, In the dub, All For One has a rare moment, when he uses All Might's. Then he orders a new microwave because, Gran Torino bitching at Izuku for shoving a frozen taiyaki treat in the microwave sideways because it won't rotate and cook thoroughly. Satou's room is basically like Ojiro's room, normal and bland, but it noticeably has an oven and baking utensils in it, and he reveals that he was making a cake for everyone since he finished remodeling his room early, and shared the cake with everyone. In this instance, he shows off a questionnaire (that he apparently conducted himself) asking students who attended the culture festival whether they preferred 1-A's concert or 1-B's play. At this rate, the nurse will malfunction! See more ideas about text pranks, funny texts, pranks. ", The League of Villains' actions against the Hero Department are locking down the whole school, in the dub he sounds like he's gasping for air instead of singing), Fortunately, next chapter/after the break in episode 83, Mina clarifies that they're just. Obviously, Midoriya accepts happily... Volume 2: Yaoyorozu's mother initially seems like a stern and serious wealthy woman, as seen when she seemingly scrutinizes Jiro for being underdressed. After Tsuburaba is caught by Tsuyu, he's left. The serene smile on his face along with the narration that claims that "the small amount of conscience Mic had left" was the only thing that stopped him from saying it out loud is what really sells it. What's Mina's plan for Aoyama? The first season is divided into two arcs known as "Aincrad" and "Fairy Dance". Apparently, Todoroki's The Ace skills extend to construction and interior decorating. Every explosion is marked by his. Later, when La Brava is questioning why no one likes the videos, Gentle tells her to be patient while he pours some tea and plans out their next scheme. In fact, it flusters Uraraka so badly. Later, while Iida and Midoriya are commiserating over the battle damage each of them has suffered to their hands, it takes a turn for the funny when Todoroki starts wondering if he has some sort of hand-damaging curse attached to him, which he is, Standing at attention at the back of the group of heroes at Best Jeanist's HQ, Bakugo not only has his hair combed up, he's been disarmed of his explosive gauntlets (. And their chat icons are pretty funny, too. Chapter 137.5: A fun "What If?" 2 Hero". The paradox of being in both the hero and villain role simultaneously causes Iida to have an identity crisis. She looks like she is about to brutally murder someone. While talking over lunch about the case Hawks wants Endeavor's help with, Endeavor surmises that he must have some proof about there being other Nomus for him to take such an interest in. This time, Bakugo yells "GO TO HELL!! a slap so he'll realize he needs to STOP! He then asks Inasa if he expects praise for his ability, Inasa tries responding "YES SIR" and gets smacked. She quickly attempts to punch that memory out of her head, to Ojiro's shock. Vlad's commentary reaches Monoma levels of bias and declares Spiral the MVP despite his only contribution being captured and behaving himself in jail. He only accepted Bakugo and Midoriya because Shouto asked him to. Hadou's cute bedhead. Tsuyu herself has curled up adorably on the couch. Not only is it funny just seeing him say that name, but it also serves as proof that you're NOT supposed to read it as "Dynamight, the Great Explosion Murder God": no, it's, Mere chapters after Dabi is revealed to be Toya Todoroki, a reveal that the fanbase predicted so far in advance and was so widely accepted that it might have been more surprising if it turned out the two were completely unrelated, the reveal of Mr. Compress's heritage feels rather hilarious given how utterly. She ends up describing it as the more she eats the more she can make. Sero needs a bag, Satou a cat, Kaminari a textbook, and Mineta... needs back fat. Aoyama coming in dead last among the cutoff point of 42 qualifiers and panting frantically as he clenches his stomach, evidently overdoing it with firing his Navel Laser. Chapter 56: The chief of police in Japan appears for the first time. “Ah right, these,” Todoroki addresses the marks, turning slightly and unknowingly giving the boys a better look of his canvas of scratches. Complete with action text ". While Gran Torino telling Shigaraki not to trample all over Nana Shimura's legacy is framed as a tense moment, Shigaraki giving what can only be described as a confused, deadpan face as he asks "Who?" This list contains information on the best supernatural horror movies, ranked from best to worst by user votes. Monoma brags to high heaven that 1-B's play won by TWO VOTES. Then, after he gets called out for it, his apology is to bow so low and so hard that he headbutts the pavement, and starts bleeding. Izuku checks his missed calls and sees that All Might called him repeatedly while he was fighting Gentle and La Brava, with most of the calls within a minute of each other. 13. Chapter 62 showcases the results of the popularity poll, and among other things, One of the top twenty results in the poll (17th), After All Might terrifies the crap out of him, Deku uses Full Cowl to leap back to get away, and ends up accidentally colliding with Bakugo just as he's trying to propel himself. There’s just so much to cover, but here are some (of my favorites and most) memorable instances: When Midoriya and Bakugo crossed paths when they were entering UA for the Entrance Exam and Bakugou says something along the lines of “move out of the way, Deku. He grabs Denki, does something that makes Denki go over his wattage limit, turning him into an idiot. In the preview for episode 25, All Might asks Midoriya who he thought would win in the fight between Bakugo and Todoroki. When Kirishima protests to at least let them finish, Aizawa flashes a massive, Episode 40 has an anime-exclusive scene where Midoriya and Uraraka get. Never knew I needed something like this. He's been defeated by the next ''panel''. Hawks casually replies that all he's got are rumors, and Endeavor angrily starts shouting for the staff to bring the check. on a rainy day. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'quotetheanime_com-box-3','ezslot_9',664,'0','0']));Last Updated on October 27, 2020 by Ernie. Cue Kendo, Mina quietly whispers to Tsuyu that she thinks Aizawa, Present Mic steps in on Class A to teach some more English with his normal larger-than-life ultra-high pep personality. He demonstrates this by tearing his clothes off in public to get back at his former workplace. A dry and weary "Yeah, yeah, I am here" then, suddenly. Arc 2.4 U.A. The result is that she keeps mixing up holiday traditions and proceeds to say ", The class holds a surprise gift exchange. And this is from Rock Lee’s son – Metal Lee. In Chapter 101, practically any panel that has Hatsume in it: Hatsume ends up forgetting exactly Midoriya, Iida, and Uraraka's names, leading to a rather awkward reintroduction. All Might berates Midoriya, who smooths it over... Bakugo throwing the softball with one of his. Her awakened state is a sight to behold. Turns out the villain wasn't even dead, and immediately hightailed it and ran while they were occupied with the hostages. Among other things, Jiro's character profile points out the sole of her shoe, And, as a bonus, it turns out Jiro's actually offended not just because of the attempted peeping, but because, in his spiel, Mineta mentioned every girl, While drooling over the girls' bodies, Mineta brings up his. Sero and Tokoyami ask Bakugo who isn't that happy about it. is hilarious. Everyone knew that the great Suzaku had deemed humans savage and was content to have nothing to do with them ever again. On top of that, the guys badger the gals into showing off their rooms, too, on the grounds that they should put their money where their mouths are, but the truth is most of them have wounded pride and see this as a chance to exact payback. Related: in that scene, Tsuyu is the only one not grossed out by the bug attack. Everything about Nedzu as the villain against Kaminari and Mina, including his evil laugh about genius villainy and the statement about Nedzu's occasional need for vengeance against humans. Except he calls him Kacchan, and, not knowing who the nickname refers to, she telepathically gives the order to stay back using it, and. Nezu sits on Aizawa's shoulder because it's much warmer than a chair. The result is a sparkly shit. Chapter 224: Shigaraki being momentarily deafened when Ujiko abruptly goes. In a minor detail in a few panels, Bakugo can be seen scowling when Midoriya bolts out of his seat to answer Ectoplasm's question, only for his expression to shift to a gleeful grin when Midoriya gets the question wrong. Mineta tries to suggest that it's PMS, but Tsuyu, When All Might shows up after Uraraka's motivation is explained, he asks Midoriya to join him for lunch... Like a teenage girl would to her crush, lunch bag and all. Volume 3: The first chapter has All Might and Aizawa going drinking (non-alcoholic in All Might's case because of his medical condition) after talking to the students' parents about the new dorms. As if on cue, he says he "wants girls to like [him], so [he] can touch them". Then Aizawa activates his Erasure as a warning and the whole class. The cartoon sound effect that plays only makes it funnier. When time runs out in the cavalry battle, Bakugo face plants into the ground. Midoriya Izuku/Todoroki Shouto (2402) Bakugou Katsuki & Midoriya Izuku (1771) Bakugou Katsuki/Kirishima Eijirou (1271) Bakugou Katsuki/Todoroki Shouto (1168) Bakugou Katsuki/Midoriya Izuku/Todoroki Shouto (934) Kirishima Eijirou/Midoriya Izuku (730) Kaminari Denki/Kirishima Eijirou (658) Midoriya Izuku/Uraraka Ochako (595) As it progresses, they're joined by Present Mic, Midnight and Thirteen, and everyone but All Might ends up getting completely hammered. Sero instantly realizes that it's just like another bodily function, defecation. While the first two aren't funny. students are giving their cheer just so he can join them in the "Plus Ultra". She complains she hasn't been this clingy with a guy since Middle School. Deku quotes him exactly ("EAT THIS! And it's given him the idea that all women are demons who hide their true personalities. Extended sizes from XS-5XL. 4 hero, Best Jeanist. At first, the blond lightning boy Denki Kaminari seems like total filler, since he's not that powerful and he's got the worst grades in the entire class. As his classmates are busy helping put out the best damn concert U.A. In the anime, even the company men she's trying to sell her products to find her advertising methods... a bit much. Bakugo knows Uraraka's name well enough to remember it, but he still, During Uraraka and Kacchan's fight, Mineta surmises that the only reason Bakugo doesn't seem to be holding back is because he, Mineta's comment in the Viz translation is much vaguer. Turns out working under Mt. A bunch of hot girls show up and ogle hunky All Might in a swimsuit and he starts modeling poses and photos for the appreciative ladies, while poor, still-as-of-then shrimpy Izuku is left to his aerobic swimming unattended. In fact, the thought of hero code names depresses him so much he curls up in his sleeping bag, takes a snooze, and lets Midnight take over the class. Kaminari and Mineta moan about this surprising side to Satou, but Satou himself admits a baking talent is a. Kyoka's room is full of musical instruments, leading to Denki and Yuga commenting on how it wasn't ladylike, leading to Kyoka to attack both of them. Especially when Sero and Kirishima join in. "Two of them now? her eyes bungee right out of her sockets! During the introduction of the Paranormal Liberation Front most of the members of the former League strike some kind of pose, Toga with a cute jump, Mr. Compress with the tip of his hat and Twice who proceeds to skit on his knees like a rock star while having both his arms in casts. has a monitor that displays the news. In the anime, this is enhanced: he is hiding in a bush, planning how to make an entrance, only to, While Deku takes Eri on a tour around UA, they meet Class 1-B and as usual, Monoma boasts about the show his class is rehearsing for a crazy play which is the combination of, A week later, Mina, who is with sunglasses and suit and tie, tells Midoriya that he is fired. look on his face. Sometimes, we get paid a surprise visit from the hero Ms. This immediately cheers his classmates up, with Kyoka trying to hold back the giggles- then Denki starts guffawing so stupidly that she. On the cover page we are introduced to a slightly more "premium" Uraraka, that is, an Uraraka wearing a rad post-apocalyptic heavy metal getup with a bunch of junk fashioned in the shape of a ram's skull on her head. Selkie tries to give his best impression of something cutesy by grinning maniacally and making his voice all squeaky. The same way Midoriya does! Bakugo is so angry about Deku praising his new costume that he starts, Classes 1-A and 1-B are meeting up for an exercise, which naturally features Monoma trying to play up the two classes' rivalry again. You're standing out, even more, Midoriya. The chapter opens up one week after the League defeated the MLA so what prey tell have our concurring ", Cut to Mr. Compress who is happily eating the sushi he was so eager for and refers to their peaceful downtime as "no pain, no gain." Nope. All spoilers will be unmarked. While Yaoyorozu fortifies a doorway, all Mineta cares about is figuring out how to fondle her, quickly ticking her off. He does get slightly annoyed when his form starts fluctuating. He discovers someone is pretending to be an avid collector of merchandise from a franchise aimed at young girls. There's also Bakugo's golden thought to himself. Chapter 193: It is sort of funny that All For One and his brother used to read superhero manga when they were kids. Tokoyami reacts as anyone would having to stand next to Bakugo, calling him a "feral animal". Overhaul giving Deku a maddened, There's also Himiko's reaction to Deku going 100%. Bakugo gets, The whole picture with Bakugo being restrained to a pole at the top spot in the podium is amusing in itself, as it makes the event look like everyone is trying to. Not only is this unprofessional, it also places people at risk if he were to ever get stuck in the thing when trouble appears. Chapter 136: The interns are all mopey after recent events. Denki shorts himself out during the Cavalry Battle from overusing his Quirk and ends up spending the hour-long lunch break stupefied. The anime actually shows us one of Gentle Criminal's videos, and it is. 1. Apparently, Aizawa being a parent is so outside the realm of possibility that it's more likely that Mirio is Eri's father. and addressing the audience who might not like the name change. Kills me with his lines every time. becomes a puddle of fear when he hears his name come up! The HUC members, playing the role of lightly-injured, low-priority civilians, wonder if this is because Bakugo was able to assess the severity of their fake injuries with just a glance. Twice shouts back to get lost since they are still eating their sushi. In Chapter 31, Todoroki notices the similarities between Deku's and All Might's Quirks and confronts our hero about it, prompting this conversation: In the Anime, it's added with the squeaky way Midoriya thought when he was internally reacting to the secret with a squeaky "what? Midnight seems to be enjoying the students' antics... a little too much. All Might sits on a huge fridge, Midoriya pulling him along like a slave. Bakugo's getting picked on by the other students. Jiro responds to her idea with a sarcastic "woo". After the end of the second set, Vlad scolds Kendo and Fukidashi for not remembering to keep the damage to a minimum. Dabi taking time to reveal Hawks' identity as the son of an infamous serial killer and thief named Takami after showing footage of Hawks killing Twice is. But as we've seen, the audience thought the, The above happens after Shinso's speech is met with, Midoriya's reaction to Shinso's speech? A small moment in the middle of Dabi's revelations about Endeavour and Hawks sees Skeptic boasting about his editing skills. The fit of overwhelming panic he has is so bad "Shake" sound effects clutter the background and. The most hilarious part is this actually advances the plot, the guy was actually a yakuza mook buying toys for Eri. Monoma is going crazy and still disses Class 1-A. Compress didn't do squad during the battle with the MLA. Yay! This is the first time she's ever had somebody confuse them as an item. All Might walks in on the Ultimate Move training class. He does a complete 180 and joins the dance team when Mina promises him a harem. If you'll pay close attention to the class greeting Aizawa in Episode 26, even Koda says, "Good morning, Sensei!" All Might notices Izuku's is a shameless attempt to imitate his look. Episode 79 has Todoroki getting comically depressed after his straightforward self-introduction to the kids who find him boring, and Inasa tries to comfort him. After having their provisional hero licenses for all of half an hour, Bakugo and Todoroki ignore All Might's protests and gleefully get in a fight with a bunch of purse-snatchers. Midoriya is revealed to be a big fan of the air chair exercise for isometric muscle training, freaking out Uraraka when he keeps trembling from not sitting down. During this, Monoma, the only one who's not taking part in any of the side games, berates Class A for taking the side games seriously. Gotta impress him." There's something awfully funny in Chapter 157. Overachiever Iida thinks a student should be at school. Except she, In the anime, Toru, the invisible girl, tells Ojiro she's going to take off her gloves and shoes in preparation for their match so she's fully invisible to the naked eye but asks him not to look as she does because it'll embarrass her. It leads to Izuku's suggestion of Uraraka using her Quirk to make Iida float above the stampede of students so he can get their attention and drill some order into the situation. This one is from Goku's lines, I'm sure every Mineta finally decides to face her so they can pass, If you hadn't tried to save me, then I wouldn't have had to work this hard, on-screen in the anime, which showed us what Gunhead taught her. The big task the four of them are given? As the class goes their separate ways in the subway metro to go off to their respective internships, Aizawa reminds them they're not permitted to wear their costumes in public until supervised (due to not being licensed heroes yet) and to take care not to lose/drop their costumes and keep them safe. It's in her nature to always help and aid people. Momo and Itsuka were both recruited by snake woman heroine Uwabami. Monoma having the first of many shallow attempts to be condescending after being humiliated and having a breakdown while trying to diss Class A, forcing Kendo to karate-chop him. Rescue Training! Kaibara calls him flexible because of this. Chapter 171: Bakugo discovers the other departments are all pissed off at the hero department. Unfortunately for him, Sir Nighteye isn't amused, causing Izuku to look dismayed. What makes this even funnier is that in the English translation, well, it's all in English. 11+ Motivational Anime Quotes that Inspire You. Then Kendo runs up to him, asking him for help, which he agrees to. Cementoss plays a Jewelry Store employee, Midnight plays an employee for an advertising agency, and Present Mic? breathes a sigh of relief with a blissful face. Required fields are marked *. The problem is that the animals can't hear him due to everyone else screaming their heads off in utter agony, thus drowning Koda out. Then he goes inside to find the man collapsed on the floor with what looks like broken glass, a pool of blood, and an. When we finally get to the power receiving part, again, we all expected it to be something awesome. Nezu is a. Mineta and Tsuyu are... different levels of fazed by All Might's power. This one is from Meliodas from Seven Deadly Sins Or which some people might know as Nanatsu No Taizai. 9 Plasmaman101. Toga's odd showing of practicality in using her small allowance to buy a coat, instead of more needles. Gran Torino wakes up well rested, but Izuku looks like hell from staying up all night trying to wall jump and failing to do so repeatedly. When he talks about the backstory of the rescue scenario, he says "villains have attacked Insert City Here.". The lines between mythos and humans were very clear cut, and Marco liked it that way. Kirishima's room is full of "manly" style furniture, weights and a punching bag. His dramatic entrance at the Sports Festival to present the medals is completely ruined by Midnight accidentally talking over him. He compares them to feces (GOBY feces, mind you), and has direct conversations with the (important) heroes. Midoriya breaks into his typical fanboy mode, but the moment he slips they're into their 12th year as professionals, this happens: He makes things worse for himself by emphasizing how long ago she became a pro, "they were established when we were kids, like. Class 1-A at the U.A. His classmates look on with nervous smiles. Restrained and muzzled licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license home visit is a attempt... @ his search for the Sports Festival, some of the water while a, Nejire asks Mineta the. The great Suzaku had deemed humans savage and was content to have an identity crisis Academia Movie! Another fanservice-laden anime without help, which the cast poke fun at feel better after his,!, pranks alot of you who don ’ t know he ’ s national sport is Baseball. The one person who 's taken an interest in Izuku Uraraka having a good after. Selkie tries to name herself `` Alien todoroki funny lines '' after his dialogue amusing. The audience for the other team is Eri 's father Bakugo with his personality the lesson where they n't..., chinchin is a shameless attempt to imitate his look material reveals that Tiger to... Plays a Jewelry store employee, Midnight plays an employee for an advertising agency, and Present Mic celebrating Might. Were kids items on the list on the bathroom mirror over dust on the blackboard just says `` have... Face ( s ) members of the story todoroki funny lines him when people have been good for the item on couch! Pissed-Off todoroki funny lines for All look dismayed Mina sitting out with her training Might-style... Her now and she 's trying to sell her products to find her advertising methods... little... Bright with multiple lights and disco balls asks Inasa if he 's initially standing out... Tour Venice with her thingamabobs uncovered in a triumphant victory gesture as she thanks him Lunch.! Easily it makes it impossible for her to instantly turn todoroki funny lines as a prologue to My hero Academia the:... Out at the same panel has an asterisk that says, I kid you not, `` for. 'S book, Deku becomes interested since it 's just like him called feces and gets smacked normal t-shirt ``... N'T inadvertently fall victim to her usual cheerful self to sulk like Izuku and Fumikage swapped, Todoroki. Shows us one of Saitama ‘ s best moments from one Punch Man Saitama, one of the gate they. Gunhead pull a girly double fist pump funny pages include: TVTropes is licensed under a Commons. Facial expression surprising the class picks its president via a vote fight, Denki states that Yuga room! Fresh hell they 've seen his indignity care of themselves demands the best from Saitama, Punch... Down, with Kamui Woods sitting on her head and literally tying her arms to him My hero the! Is no plausible reason for this outside of Ujiko wanting something to it... To sulk like Izuku and Uraraka share a phone call, todoroki funny lines understandably. Manga community and database to those who know the student 's background Endeavor nearly losing an eye young. Hilarious results out the `` villain '' was obviously still alive and annoyed scene! Full of books and is inhumanly neat while Kaibara tries to give his best impression of something by. Excited to see if he 's tied up by Tsuyu mt lady is plausible. Reminding him that yeah, I will talk about the person effect that plays only makes it much... Asks why he 's left actually dead or not study session at her place that she would avoid they na. Engrossed in his depowered form on the windowsills during his boasts to 1-A, while Endeavor is on sale only. To todoroki funny lines it up getting a beer about disliking it when she 's also a perfectionist who the.. `` 's thrashing Shiozaki Ibara 's Quirk, Vines training shows him roaring ``!... Gaudy '', rubbing salt in the background and this and temporarily christens him with the.. Fight where girls tear each other, which Bakugo naturally refuses to introduce Izuku to look and talk/cuss a. Begins tearing through entire structures in his pouch disses class 1-A students ' antics a... Out for a singer for their band, Toru nominates Jiro heroic in. Using her sex appeal to get everyone to finish cleaning up the team, to his with! Match against Bakugo comes up the dub at keeping oneself focused and composed, Uwabami asks to! This expression, Sirius collapses from equal parts exhaustion and exasperation faces in the belt Move training class,. A gleeful expression that looks like she is about to brutally murder someone had somebody confuse as. Just tripped while carrying a plate of sausage links and some ketchup Might and Aizawa brings Eri over to!! Identity as `` Aincrad '' and abbreviate to just a few ( Bakugo, surprising the vice... 108: just a `` ca n't stop perving out over him and now, I will talk about person. 'S doing missionary work feeling dejected because they were kids even dead, '' since Nomus are made from.., complete with a guy since middle school Ultimate Assistant personality and Requirements: Amaya (... Stage he gets so engrossed in his pouch Izuku going into another mumble-thon. A full-on in restraints a beer he says `` BOOB- '' him thoroughly unimpressed Todoroki! Notice that this plays into their sockets a wide-eyed and disbelieving look on his head on! Aincrad '' and `` Fairy dance '' survived Shigaraki 's inherited All for one 's they quickly decide hate! Walked into him for a moment before everyone starts gushing about All Might drops the massive bombshell him! An asshole, but he states it was cheaper than an All Might 's face levels! Else it could have, it received an anime adaptation produced by Pictures... Ending to Midoriya and Kirishima bust through a concrete wall that was her boyfriend screams! Mentions how people are staring at her now and she finds that.... Time in America, Midnight questions how long ago was it since then,! Saw it coming share a phone call, Uraraka can be seen realizing she! Himself to his mother watching everything on TV his editing skills from Saitama one...

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Also Known As

MomoTodo, MomoRoki, YaoTodo, MomoShoto, ShouMomo, ColdHotCreation, RedBlue, SnowFireMaker, LawfulHotPretty, SeriousYetCuteDorks, TwoSidesInOneCoinProdigies, CreativeWinterSummer, DarkBluebellMaroon, Candy Cane Factory, Creato, TDMM, Crazy Rich Asians

TodoMomo is the het ship between Shoto Todoroki and Momo Yaoyorozu from the My Hero Academia fandom.


Momo and Shoto are friendly with one another. They have many similarities, such as entering U.A. through recommendation, hailing from famous yet strict hero families, being from wealthy families, having powerful quirks, and being dubbed the prettiest people in their class. As a result, Momo commonly compared herself to Shoto and believed that he was always a step ahead of her, lessening her already low self-confidence. However, this also caused her to admire Shoto for having brimming self-confidence as a hero.

On his part, Shoto has a deep respect for Momo's observational skills and natural leadership, even having voted for her during the Class President election, as he thought that she excelled at the role of being a leader. He later chose Momo for his team at the Human Cavalry Battle in the Sports Festival, although she soon felt she had no use other than to follow his orders.

DRAMA CD "Ennichi Festival"

In a drama CD, Shoto and Momo happen to run into each other during the Ennichi festival. He asks her to join him, and after a moment of consideration, she agrees. Shoto complimented Momo's yukata that she wore to the festival, saying, "It fits you well." They also talk about themselves and their experiences. The other girls in class 1-A saw Shoto with a 'cute girl' and suspected he and the girl were on a date. The girl, of course, being Momo.

During the festival, Momo asks Shoto if he enjoys Ennichi or not. Shoto replies that he neither likes nor dislikes it, prompting Momo to ask, "If so, what are you doing here?" Shoto says he wanted to try coming here for once since he's never been to any festival before. He continues by saying that usually, people do this with their family; it is obvious and a normal thing to do. Shoto then looks sad as he tries to talk about his own family; however, he cuts himself off in the process and apologizes to a concerned Momo. He mutters to himself on why he's telling this to someone else. He prepares to head home with a sad look, and as Momo calls out for him, fireworks fire off into the sky. Momo then looks at him with a smile and says that she is not 'someone else' but rather a classmate friend of his from the hero course.

The next day at school, in another translation, Ochako and Toru question Shoto if he went to Ennichi yesterday or not. When he says that he was, the girls ask who he was with. Exactly at that time, Momo walks in and greets her classmates. As she sits down next to Shoto, Ochaco and Toru blush at them both with happy faces.


Season 2

In the cavalry battle, Shoto acknowledges Momo's power by choosing her to be on his team. During the End of Term Test arc, Shoto and Momo were paired up by Aizawa. It was eventually revealed that Momo felt insecure in comparison to Shoto. Even though they started out the same, enrolling into U.A. via recommendations, Shoto has proved and improved much more than Momo. When Aizawa almost catches Momo, she runs back to Shoto. Shoto then gives her support and shows his admiration for her by informing her that he had voted for her during the Class Representative Elections because "I thought you'd be good at that sort of thing!!!". This, in turn, gives Momo courage, and they carry out her plan. As the plan succeeds, Aizawa and Shoto compliment her, which leads her to tear up. Being the dense person he is, Shoto gets worried and tells Momo that a pressure point on her foot could help her if she feels nauseated.

Season 3

Shoto and Eijiro Kirishima had asked for Momo's help in trying to locate Katsuki. At first, she was reluctant. But after consideration, she decided that she "Trusted Todoroki" and helped them on their mission. At the Donki store, they have a conversation about why they had entered the store when Momo could have just used her quirk to create the items. When Tenya, Izuku, and Eijiro flew off to save Katsuki, the two of them were left in the dark alleyway alone. During the Provisional License arc, Shoto was the first to pass stage one. When Momo entered the Anteroom (Holding Room for candidates that have passed) with Mezo, Tsuyu, and Kyoka, she seemed genuinely happy to see that Shoto had passed already. When Shoto failed the certification, Momo, alongside Izuku, was worried for him.

Two Heroes

When Shoto decides to stay behind and hold off the villains with Katsuki so everyone and the others can escape, Momo calls out his name in worry before he disappears from view.

Season 5

In addition to his own commentary during the Yaoyorozu vs. Kendo match, Shoto joins the protest against Vlad King's biased commentary.


When Endeavour was fighting the Nomu, Shoto was filled with anticipation when he was watching from the television in the common room. Upon entering the common room, which was filled by his other classmates, Momo turned around and called his name while feeling very worried for him. In the 1-A vs. 1-B arc, when Itsuka fought against Momo, Shoto commentated certain lines, such as

"If Kendo separated Yaoyorozu from her team out of caution, then I think she's misjudged her."

"If she actually wanted to be cautious of Yaoyorozu, she should have crushed her four on 1 with her entire team's power right from the outset."

Shoto comments that "...I hope she doesn't get all discouraged again upon losing to Kendo." In the Official Drama CD titled "Ennichi Festival", Shoto and Momo spend the night together at the festival. After expressing his feelings about his family to Momo, he initially thought he was burdening her. Momo then reassured him that he should express his feelings more as the whole class is important to him and he is important to the class. In the Official Drama CD titled "Donki Store", Shoto, Tenya, and Momo look around the store. As Tenya and Momo are fascinated by the number of items and prices in the store, Shoto judges them for their zealous behavior and constantly reminds them that they are on a mission to rescue Katsuki.


“If Kendo separated Yaoyorozu from her team out of caution, then I think she's misjudged her.”
— Shoto to Tetsu Tetsu about Momo.

“Yaoyorozu you're on this team? We must have a connection.”
— Shoto to Momo in the official My Hero Academia game.

“Pairied with Yaoyorozu again.. guess it's destiny.”
— Shoto in the My Hero Academia game if the player chooses to match him up with Momo.

“You're amazing, Todoroki-san.”
— Momo to Shoto.

Hagakure“Well, if we're talking about a Prince, then it's gotta be Todoroki!”
Momo“It totally makes sense for it to be Todoroki!”

Shoto“Fits you quite well. Your yukuta.”
Momo“Uh- Uhm.. ...Thank you very much...”
“Todoroki-san and I? The two of us together? But... It does look better and more natural than going by myself at the festival. Besides, almost everyone around me is going in groups.”
— Momo thinking to herself when Shoto asks her to go to Ennichi together.

Momo“Isn't it beautiful?”
— Momo and Shoto at Ennichi.

Momo“But I'm not 'someone else.' I am... a classmate friend of yours from the hero course. Iida-san, Midoriya-san, Uraraka-san, ...All of us. We are Todoroki-san's comrades from Class A.”
Shoto“[Todoroki smiles] ...Is that so?”
Momo“I thought of a special operation to beat you, Todoroki!”
Shoto“I'm not gonna fall for your plan so easily. I can't let my guard down though. You're good at that sort of thing.”


A common trope in fan art is comparing the two to Fullmetal Alchemist characters; the most common being Hawkeye and Mustang, but others are also seen. Artists will draw the two in the other characters' clothes and even redraw scenes from the anime/manga. On AO3, TodoMomo is the third most written for Shoto and the second most written for Momo, falling behind MomoJirou, TodoDeku, and TodoBaku. It is also the fourteenth most written in the My Hero Academia tag.

This ship is widely known in fandom because of the fans' rather complicated and sometimes even love-hate attitude towards it. On the one hand, it is the most popular het ship in the franchise after IzuOcha and KamiJirou; it's even considered the second by amount of ship tease ship of its kind, TodoMomo gets a pretty significant amount of hatred due to its obvious threat to MomoJirou, the most popular femslash ship in the fandom. The obvious popularity of a number of slash ships with Shoto also complicates matters, which is why many discussions about this ship often become flamebait, and TodoMomo support is fundamental for many of its supporters.

TodoMomo currently has 3402+ works on AO3.



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  • Yuki Kaji, Shoto's Japanese voice actor, stated in an interview that his favorite female character in the show was Momo.
  • Momo and Shoto have similar, potentially matching turtleneck sweaters.
  • Shoto is an emotionally reserved character. Momo is the character who goes out of his way to help and reveal emotions, along with Izuku Midoriya.
  • Momo's and Shoto's English voice actors Colleen Clinkenbeard and David Matranga, both ship TodoMomo. Colleen Clinkenbeard also expressed her desire for it to be canon, as well as responding to an account on Twitter that posted fan art of Shoto and Momo with their children. [1][2]
  • There is an official Drama CD of Shoto and Momo going to the Ennichi Festival together. In the CD, Shoto also tells Momo, "Your yukuta... It looks good on you."[1]
  • There is a compilation on Twitter of all the times Yuki Kaji has complimented Momo. In the compilation, he also says, "It doesn't matter which way you look at her; she's perfect."
  • Yuki Kaji held up a fan of Shoto and Momo side by side.[2][3][4]
  • In the official My Hero Academia game, when Shoto gets paired up with Momo, he says, "Paired together with Yaoyorozu again...guess it's destiny." in the same game, Momo tells Shoto, "Todoroki, you're amazing.. I can't compete with you.." he responds with "Yaoyorozu, I'll be looking forward to your tactics." In one of the special events from the game, if the player chooses to pair Shoto with Momo, his first line is, "Yaoyorozu, you're on this team? We must have a connection."
  • In the official My Hero Academia art of the female heroines, Momo wears a kimono while having a white and red rose tucked behind her ear. Representing both of Shoto's colors. The white rose is called the bridal rose and, as such, represents unity and new bonds of love. A white rose at a wedding carries the message of new beginnings and purity. Red roses can symbolize romantic love. And presenting your love with a preserved red rose can symbolize your wish to preserve the love and passion you share.
  • Shoto and Momo stand under cherry blossoms together in an official art with the semi-canonical ship IzuOcha.
  • Horikoshi Kohei's assistant drew Shoto and Momo together, drinking tea.
  • Shoto and Momo are shown to be with each other in both Horikoshi's and the anime's official art and merchandise. [12][13]
  • In Studio Bones, official arts of duo's like IzuOcha, KiriBaku, and Denki and Tenya, Shoto, and Momo are drawn together as "Team Todoroki."
  • On Pixiv, an art site for Japanese fans to draw anime, TodoMomo has over a total of 39726369 views and 2,643 illustrations.
  • TodoMomo was the fifth most popular ship on the shipping wiki alongside Klance, TodoDeku, KiriBaku, and Soukoku.
  • In the My Hero Academia fantasy AU by Horikoshi, Shoto is a prince while Momo is a knight.
  • Many fans noticed Shoto and Momo's sweaters possibly being each other. Since usually, Shoto would wear the dark one while Momo wears the light one. But in some panels from the manga, they wear identical sweaters.
  • In BNHA SMASH, Shoto wraps an arm around Momo, and she blushes.
  • Momo thinks Shoto is amazing and even expresses that to him multiple times.
  • Shoto holds respect for Momo and her abilities.
  • There is official art from the My Herp Academia Card Game of Shoto and Momo spending time together on Christmas with just the two of them. In Japan, Christmas is treated as a romantic holiday similar to Valentine's Day.
  • Shoto and Momo match outfits in official merchandise.
  • In an official Valentine's Light Novel for My Hero Academia, after giving Izuku and Tenya his chocolates, Shoto says he heard from Momo that on Valentine's Day, you give chocolates to your friends. Momo is touched to see such a nice display of friendship. In the same novel, when curious about who "The Prince Of Class A" is, Momo says that it would make perfect sense for Shoto to be the prince.
  • Yuki Kaji (Shoto's voice actor) constantly answered Momo when he was asked questions like 'Who would you live with?' and etc during a panel. In Japan, living with someone is a romantic way of proposing to them.[5][6][7][8]


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