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Hi guys, it’s Lois, I thought I would do a post today to show you all the artwork I have been working on for the past couple of days.

I was given an assignment on Thursday to create what is known as a Vector Portrait. Vector Portraits are a form of digital artwork in which the shapes in the art are represented by mathematical equations within a computer. Geometric shapes like lines, waves, single points and curves are placed together by the artist to create an illustration while the computer keeps track of each item’s location, curve and relative proportion to the other shapes. At first when I was given this task I was taken aback by how complicated it seemed to be and how long it would take to complete just one portrait.

I came home from university yesterday and went searching for an image to do a Vector Portrait of. Of course, because it is Harry Potter Celebration weekend and I have a great love for the series I decided to do a Vector Portrait of Dobby the House Elf.

I started of with the image above and began to look where the colours in the image contrasted. To make sure your vector portrait look as life-like as possible it is best to start with small sections of the image and then build up. In the images below you can see how I built up the image section by section and piece by piece. This definitely takes a lot of time and patience.


After I had completed Dobby’s face which took about 4 hours I began to work on his body, this took just a little less time as there weren’t as many sections of contrast. Below you can see images of me building up Dobby’s body over time. Again, this has taken me a lot of time and patience.

Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 16.56.57.png

All of the little shapes that you can see over the overall image are made up of tiny little lines and shapes. There are approximately 350 layers and shapes to just this one image so you can see how it take a lot of time to finish. Below is an image showing all of the layers and shapes I had to use to make Dobby look like Dobby.

Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 17.04.16.png

I decided not to use the background from the original image as it would take the attention away from Dobby himself. So I opted for a gold gradient background for my finished image. Below you can find the finished image. I am actually quite proud of it!


There you have it my Vector Portrait of Dobby the House Elf. I hope you all like it and have liked this post. If you have liked this post and the image let me know in the comments below and I will do some more Vector Portraits because I really enjoyed doing this one!

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets begins with an assault on the reader, who is suddenly confronted by a large pair of green eyes staring out from the hedge.  Does the reader want to escape the gaze?  Or put out the eyes of the spy?The startling pink-rimmed eyes belong to Dobby the house elf, the first, least, and bravest of Harry’s protectors in The Chamber of Secrets.

It’s the first of many images of wide open eyes (and references to eye sockets) in a story stalked by an unseen beast whose gaze kills.  The terror it arouses is foreshadowed at the end of the Philosopher’s Stone in the illustration that shows the reflection of Professor Quirrell lifting up a fold in the back of his turban.

At the climax of Chamber of Secrets, Harry senses with eyes wide shut the stone serpents’ empty eye sockets tracking his movements in the dark.  Then Tom Riddle disarms him and twirls his wand while they talk to break his spirit.  Even after Harry learns that Ginny was the pawn in Riddle’s scheme to destroy him, he refuses to deny that Dumbledore is the greater wizard of the two, a statement that summons the phoenix Fawkes to the chamber Slytherin built.  What Riddle has forgotten is that Fawkes will be able to blind with the basilisk with its beak and cure any wound inflicted with its tears.  Reinvigorated by the phoenix’s bravery, Harry is able to give the basilisk a mortal blow with Godric Gryffindor’s sword and to thrust the monster’s fang into Riddle’s diary, unknowingly destroying the first Horcrux.

At their best, Kay’s illustrations capture an uneven story’s  grandeur.  One of the volume’s functions is laying down material that will drive the complex plot forward in the series’ successive installments, not unlike Pullman’sThe Subtle Knife or Tolkien’s The Two Towers.  The shifts between low comedy and heroism are not always managed skillfully from scene to scene and some of that awkwardness is reflected in the pictures.

It’s quite noticeable in the illustrations of Dobby, a crucial supporting character who unites servility with bravery.  Like Hagrid, he speaks in an awkward dialect that demotes him to a caricature.  Dobby is first compared to “an ugly rag doll” and Kay obliges with a picture of the house elf perched on the edge of Harry’s bed.  His pink slab of a lower lip, enormous pop eyes, huge ears fringed with fine bristles, and filthy feet with long untrimmed nails do not make him appealing, although the resemblance to a cute Frank Oz creature is unmistakable.  At the fantasy’s end, the equally unattractive portrait of Dobby cradling Harry’s filthy sock to his face (here pristine) gives the reader permission to laugh at the moment Dobby is freed from slavery.  His toughness, loyalty, and misdirected ingenuity is captured best in the vignette of him intent on the destruction of Aunt Petunia’s pudding with the pillow case riding above his buttocks.   His appearance is funny but without being as hideous or ridiculous as in the other two pictures.

Creating portraits that blend the admirable with the risible was perhaps one of the biggest challenges the text presented to Kay.  Moaning Myrtle has a mug right out of a cartoon when a better model would have been Shirley Henderson, who played the ghost in the film with a crafty yet infantile expression.

More satisfying is the second of the two portraits of Mrs. Weasley, holding up a flower pot of Floo powder, her red hair in need of a good hair cut under the crumpled green witch’s hat.  Kay was perhaps a little cruel in his depiction of an older woman’s body, who has had seven children, but Mrs. Weasley’s warm, unguarded expression makes her individual and likeable without sacrificing the realistic edge.

Kay proves he can do gross in the sketchy picture of Ron vomiting slugs followed by a full-page spread decorated with more slugs making trails of bright yellow bile.  The artist’s attempts to create something like cinematic special effects are more mixed than magical.  Harry’s figure on his maiden voyage on Floo powder should look as if it were speeding out of control instead of frozen in one moment (if indeed that’s possible).  When Harry bursts through the window in Tom Riddle’s diary, he seems to have fallen into an Abstract Expressionist painting instead of a memory strategically selected by his nemesis.

The October 2016 publication date for The Chamber of Secrets must have obliged Kay to repeat himself, not having the time to realize more of those important but potentially difficult scenes like the magnificent aerial view of St. Pancras,  Hagrid making his way down Knockburn Alley, or the tense interview between Aragog, Harry, Ron, and Fang.  For my money, the three following illustrations help establish the mood (and play to  Kay’s strengths) than do the two pictures of Dudley stuffing his face or the crowds of garden gnomes, Cornish pixies, and spiders.Architectural subjects are one of Kay’s fortes.  Yet it is easy to understand  why he chose to draw a frieze of high relief figures romping in medieval bathrooms instead of the entrance the Chamber of Secrets.  Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom may be in desperate need of remodeling, but that sink cannot have survived intact after a thousand years’ of abuse by school children with magical powers! More to the point, where is Dumbledore’s office, a scene tailor-made for Kay, which I would have been willing to trade for the four new blocks of Diagon Alley?  Why no stupendous view of the Chamber, with its columns, serpentine decorations, and ominous statue of Salazar Slytherin with the weedy beard down to his feet?  The spread with the basilisk’s gigantic moulted skin with small figures of Ron, Harry, and Lockhart in the middle distance is nothing more than a teaser.

Nor is it clear why there are no pictures of the two most important actors-Ginny Weasley and Tom Riddle.  Perhaps Kay was unable to find the right models in the time.  As wonderful as the pictures of Sir Patrick brandishing his severed head astride his skeletal steed, a rueful Hagrid, or the label for Skelegro are, they are no substitute for seeing how Kay would visualize the handsome, charming and utterly ruthless sixteen-year old shimmer in and out of focus.  Those missed opportunities ultimately diminish the Chamber of Secrets.

I wish the publisher had done away with most of the black pages, which are the equivalent of movie music that tells members of the audience what to feel.  Sections with the pages specially patterned with shadowy outlines of snake scales, spider webs, lime green triangles, and imitation foxing are no substitute for the chance to see Fawkes fly off with Harry, Ron, Ginny, and Lockhart, after those tantalizing pictures of soaring birds (and magical cars) in the novel’s opening chapters.  If it were up to me, I’d give Kay the time he needs to draw the illustrations The Prisoner of Azkhaban  that will bring the story to life.

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  • 29,634 views, 15.4 views per day, 1,922 days on eBay. Super high amount of views. 360 sold, 5 available.

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  • 8,754+ items sold. 0.1% negative feedback. Great seller with very good positive feedback and over 50 ratings.

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Harry Potter: 10 Facts You Didn't Know About Dobby The House Elf

Dobby the house-elf made his first appearance in The Chamber of Secrets and instantly became one of the most loved characters in Harry Potter. Though he is initially trying to stop Harry from returning to Hogwarts, it soon becomes clear that Dobby cares deeply for Harry and is such a sweetheart. Following him throughout the books, we get to see him become a free elf finally and really become everything that he wanted.

Dobby was always there for Harry, protecting him and doing everything he could for him. This is what makes Dobby such a wonderful character, and you can tell that he would give everything for Harry. He showed that even a house-elf can do incredible things, and his death was one of the most tragic parts of the series— in fact, we're still not sure anyone has fully recovered. To help you remember the house-elf with a love of socks, here are ten facts that you didn't know about Dobby.

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10 Dobby's Familiar Voice Actor

Harry Potter is known for its amazing cast, but one member that often gets overlooked is Dobby's voice actor. You can't see him directly on the screen, but Dobby's voice should be incredibly familiar. Toby Jones plays the role of Dobby, who you might recognize from Captain America: The Winter Soldierwhere he plays Arnim Zola. He also has major roles in The Hunger Gamesand Sherlock. His voice definitely played a major part in making Dobby the lovable character that we all adore.

9 He Negotiated His Own Wages

Once Dobby became a free elf, he took a well-deserved break, but then he wanted to get back to work. Dobby loved being free and wasn't going to go back to being an unpaid slave. He accepted a job at Hogwarts, with Dumbledore offering him ten galleons a week with weekends off. Though Dobby wanted to be paid, it was never about the money, so he declined Dumbledore's offer and asked for only a galleon a week.

8 Dobby's Sock Collection

Dobby earned his freedom by getting a sock, and they always held a special place in his heart. During his time as a free elf, Dobby took up collecting socks, trying to find all the interesting pairs that he could. He even shared his love with Harry, knitting him a personalized set of socks for Christmas.

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7 Leaving Socks For Dobby

Dobby is one of many characters to leave a lasting impact on the fans. His death was especially heartbreaking and one of the most impactful moments of the entire seven-part story. Dobby has a statue at Warner Brothers Studio that is incredibly lifelike, and visiting fans have been moved to leave a tribute. Visitors have begun leaving socks at the statue, which Dobby would absolutely love. Some fans go so far as to take the socks off their own feet to leave them in remembrance.

6 Emma Watson's Reaction

The Deathly Hallows is full of emotional moments. It's hard to believe that any fan could make it through the book without shedding a few tears. Dobby's death was one of the moments that hit the hardest, and it seems that was true for Emma Watson, as well. Watson said in an interview that Dobby's death made her completely break down.

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5 Dobby's Friend Winky

Though the movies don't show this wonderful relationship, the friendship between Dobby and Winky really shows Dobby's heart. Winky was the house-elf of Barty Crouch. When he freed her, she couldn't take it.

Dobby found her a job at Hogwarts, but she still didn't know what to do with herself. Winky became a heavy drinker of Butterbeer, which, for humans, wouldn't have any effect. On a house-elf, however, it was very potent, and she became a heavy drinker. Dobby was always there for her and took care of her through the drinking.

4 Dobby's Illustration

With the new edition of Harry Potter came all-new illustrations. Jim Kay was the illustrator for the series and was given the task of giving Dobby a new illustration. Kay claimed that Dobby was one of the hardest characters to illustrate because he didn't want to let the fans down and knew that they had high expectations. He based his illustration on the descriptions in the novels and did an amazing job.

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3 Dobby's Birthday

While we don't know exactly how old Dobby is, we do know his birthday. Dobby was born on June 28th. While this may seem like just any other date, its actually the same birthday as J.K. Rowling's sister, Dianne. Dianne loves Dobby, so Rowling gave them the same birthday. Its a nice little detail for Rowling to throw in, and also shows how loved Dobby is.

2 Finding The Gillyweed

In the movies, Neville Longbottom gives Harry the Gillyweed that makes sure he can complete the task for the Triwizard tournament. In the books, it goes a little bit differently. Dobby is the one who finds the Gillyweed for Harry. They probably changed it in the movie so that they wouldn't have to spend the money on the CGI for Dobby. It's understandable, but it's also a little sad that we don't get to see how Dobby was always looking out for Harry.

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1 Dobby's Last Words

Dobby's death is incredibly tragic, but this small detail might make it even more so. When Harry first meets Dobby, the house elf's first words are "Harry Potter." When he is dying in the books, the last words that he manages to get out are "Harry Potter." That means the first and last words that Dobby said in the books are Harry Potter. This shows how much Dobby cared for the boy who lived.

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Art Print Harry Potter Dobby on Book Page from Philosopher's Stone Poster

Art Print Harry Potter Dobby on Book Page from Philosopher's Stone Poster. This Dobby illustration is professionally printed on to a real page from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. • Printed on a real page from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Book Page Art.. Brand: : Perfect in Print: Listed By: : Artist , Country/Region: : United Kingdom: Artist: : Perfect in Print , Material: : Page from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone: Date of Creation: : Made to order , Pattern: : Poster Print Picture Wall Art: Print Surface: : Page from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone , Style: : Contemporary: Featured Refinements: : Poster , Subtype: : Printed Wall Hangings: Room: : Living Room , Theme: : Harry Potter: Size: : 125mm x 200mm , Type: : Harry Potter: Height (Inches): : 7.8 , Originality: : Original: Width (Inches): : 4.9 , Subject: : Fantasy: Country/Region of Manufacture: : United Kingdom , UPC: : Does Not Apply: ISBN: : Does Not Apply , EAN: : 3789130208568 ,.

Art Print Harry Potter Dobby on Book Page from Philosopher's Stone Poster

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Art Print Harry Potter Dobby on Book Page from Philosopher's Stone Poster

Art Print Harry Potter Dobby on Book Page from Philosopher's Stone Poster

Potter Dobby on Book Page from Philosopher's Stone Poster Art Print Harry, • Printed on a real page from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Book Page Art,This Dobby illustration is professionally printed on to a real page from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone,Here are your unexpected goods,best prices, best service,Fast Free Shipping,Deals of the day up to 25% off,free shipping and great service today. Dobby on Book Page from Philosopher's Stone Poster Art Print Harry Potter, Art Print Harry Potter Dobby on Book Page from Philosopher's Stone Poster.

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