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ManufacturerNameShort DescriptionHPPittsburgh Modular LFO2Pittsburgh ModularLFO2Dual Low Frequency Oscillator6Pittsburgh Modular VILFOPittsburgh ModularVILFOVoltage Influenced Low Frequency Oscillator8Doepfer A-111-5DoepferA-111-5Synthesizer Voice24Doepfer A-143-3DoepferA-143-3Quad LFO14Doepfer A-145DoepferA-145Low Frequency Oscillator8Doepfer A-146DoepferA-146Variable Waveform LFO8Doepfer A-147 VCLFODoepferA-147 VCLFOVoltage Controlled LFO8Intellijel RubiconIntellijelRubiconThru Zero Triangle Core VCO, Mk1, Panel B18Intellijel QuadraIntellijelQuadraQuad Envelope / Function Generator12Intellijel Cylonix - Cyclebox IIIntellijelCylonix - Cyclebox IIComplex VCO / LFO16Intellijel Dixie IIIntellijelDixie IITriangle Core VCO / LFO6Make Noise MathsMake NoiseMathsLightning bolt generator20Toppobrillo MultifilterToppobrilloMultifilterVoltage Controlled Multimode Filter12Toppobrillo Sport ModulatorToppobrilloSport ModulatorDual Lag and Hold Device12Bubblesound Instruments VCObBubblesound InstrumentsVCObOscillator8Bubblesound Instruments uLFOBubblesound InstrumentsuLFOVoltage-controlled analog low frequency oscillator based around a classic triangle core14Make Noise DPOMake NoiseDPOa voltage controlled oscillator designed for generating complex waveforms.28Synthesis Technology E355 Morphing Dual LFOSynthesis TechnologyE355 Morphing Dual LFODual wavetable LFO based on the E350 Morphing Terrarium14Intellijel DixieIntellijelDixieTriangle Core VCO // LFO4Intellijel Dr. OctatureIntellijelDr. OctatureOctal-phase shifted outputs / Low Pass Filter and VCO/LFO14WMD Phase Displacement OscillatorWMDPhase Displacement OscillatorPhase Displacement Oscillator10Flame C-3 Knob RecorderFlameC-3 Knob Recorder3-channel recorder of knob movements / 1-channel CV recorder6Analogue Systems RS-510E Trapezoid GeneratorAnalogue SystemsRS-510E Trapezoid GeneratorGenuine EMS trapezoid generator18MFB Dual LFOMFBDual LFO8Livewire Electronics Vulcan ModulatorLivewire ElectronicsVulcan Modulator2 linear cross-modulating vcLFOs with 10 outputs providing 30 possible waveform variations14Cwejman D-LFOCwejmanD-LFODual LFO14Cwejman PH-4CwejmanPH-4Four Phase Generator10Snazzy FX DreamboatSnazzy FXDreamboatDual Chaos Osc / Lfo8Subconscious Communications Model 37 ELF LFOSubconscious CommunicationsModel 37 ELF LFOVoltage Controlled LFO / Utility Oscillator4Blue Lantern Modules Duo Skew LFO V2Blue Lantern ModulesDuo Skew LFO V2Dual Lfo6Other/unknown DIY Thomas Henry X4046 VCOOther/unknownDIY Thomas Henry X4046 VCOOscilator12Plan B Model 37 ELF LFOPlan BModel 37 ELF LFOTriangle core LFO / VCO4Analogue Systems RS-600Analogue SystemsRS-600Performance Wheels12Malekko Heavy Industry Wiard OscillatorMalekko Heavy IndustryWiard Oscillator14Livewire Electronics Dalek ModulatorLivewire ElectronicsDalek Modulator2 linear cross-modulating VCOs and ring modulator14Analogue Systems RS-380Analogue SystemsRS-380vcLFO, VCA, Noise, S&H - Modulation controller12Synthetic Sound Labs Modulation OrgySynthetic Sound LabsModulation OrgyLFO16Analogue Systems RS-85Analogue SystemsRS-85VC LFO12PulpLogic monotron-EPulpLogicmonotron-EEurorack conversion of a monotron12EMW Wavetable LFOEMWWavetable LFOWavetable Digital Low Frequency Oscillator8Macbeth Studio Systems Single VCOMacbeth Studio SystemsSingle VCOTemperature compensated analogue VCO that can also double as a VCLFO.21Doepfer A-143-1DoepferA-143-1Complex Envelope Generator / Quad AD-Generator / Quad LFO28Frequency Central Loop/EnvFrequency CentralLoop/EnvLooping Envelope Generator10Vermona Fourmulator Quad Digital LFOVermonaFourmulator Quad Digital LFO4 digital LFOs34EAS Miss 10 LFOEASMiss 10 LFOE.A.S. Miss 10 LFO/S&H/Noise8synthCube Thomas Henry SN VoicesynthCubeThomas Henry SN VoiceArcade Chip Voice28Elby Designs CGS758 - Utility LFOElby DesignsCGS758 - Utility LFO18Blue Lantern Modules Moon Base DUO VCADSRBlue Lantern ModulesMoon Base DUO VCADSRDual Digital VC-ADSR with Repeat23Bananalogue Serge VCSBananalogueSerge VCSCV generator / modifier16Analogue Systems RS-80Analogue SystemsRS-80Voltage Controlled LFO, forerunner to the RS-8512Blue Lantern Modules Lunar Modulation Center VCO-LFOBlue Lantern ModulesLunar Modulation Center VCO-LFOBuchla-based Triangle Core VCO18Blue Lantern Modules Duo Skew LFO V2Blue Lantern ModulesDuo Skew LFO V2Version 2 simple LFO6Blue Lantern Modules White LFOBlue Lantern ModulesWhite LFOMulti-wave LFO6Blue Lantern Modules The BasicsBlue Lantern ModulesThe BasicsSeveral Blue Lantern modules as a single module42Doepfer A-171-2DoepferA-171-2VC Slew Processor/Generator8Malekko Heavy Industry Richter Oscillator IIMalekko Heavy IndustryRichter Oscillator IIAnalog Oscillator/LFO Module14CESYG DuaLFOCESYGDuaLFODual Voltage-Controlled LFO18Fonitronik Thomas Henry's Controller LFOFonitronikThomas Henry's Controller LFOLFO16Other/unknown Synthesizer Factory - Synth MachineOther/unknownSynthesizer Factory - Synth MachineClassic, versatile analogue synth voice module with zero support42Atomosynth KoeAtomosynthKoeSynth voice by AtomoSynth28Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizer BlockPittsburgh ModularSynthesizer BlockMonosynth28Make Noise FunctionMake NoiseFunctionFunction generator8trouby modular Nasty LFOtrouby modularNasty LFO8Atomosynth Koe (Dark side edition)AtomosynthKoe (Dark side edition)Synth voice by AtomoSynth28Analogue Solutions LFO-NZAnalogue SolutionsLFO-NZLFO-NZ6Analogue Solutions VCO-RMAnalogue SolutionsVCO-RMVCO with Ring Mod12Analogue Solutions VCO 6HPAnalogue SolutionsVCO 6HP6HP Voltage Controlled Oscillator6Pittsburgh Modular BenderPittsburgh ModularBenderDual Cross Modulated, Voltage Controlled LFO10Xaoc Devices Karl Marx StadtXaoc DevicesKarl Marx StadtDoepfer DIY Synth Frontend42Elby Designs CGS721 - Super Psycho LFOElby DesignsCGS721 - Super Psycho LFOChaotic multi-LFO24Elby Designs ED721 - Super Psycho LFO ExpansionElby DesignsED721 - Super Psycho LFO Expansion7Doepfer A-143-4DoepferA-143-4Quad Voltage Controlled LFO / VCO22Doepfer A-143-9DoepferA-143-9Voltage Controlled Quadrature LFO / VCO8Befaco Slope Gen 282BefacoSlope Gen 282Slope Generator 28211Befaco VCO IIIBefacoVCO IIIVCO III11Analogue Solutions Station XAnalogue SolutionsStation XSynth Voice36d:Machinery Little Dieterd:MachineryLittle DieterDOEPFER DIY Synth Incarnation40Pittsburgh Modular OscillatorPittsburgh ModularOscillatorSawtooth-core Utility VCO8Cwejman VCO-2RM (White)CwejmanVCO-2RM (White)Dual Analog Oscillator/LFO with ring modulation204ms Company Quad Pingable LFO4ms CompanyQuad Pingable LFOQPLFO four pingable tri/ramp/saw LFOs (internal 5V)12Grayscale MFB Dual LFO (Grayscale panel)GrayscaleMFB Dual LFO (Grayscale panel)MFB Dual LFO (Grayscale panel)8Grayscale Modulation Orgy (Grayscale panel)GrayscaleModulation Orgy (Grayscale panel)Modulation Orgy (Grayscale panel)16Soundmachines Rc1 radiostarSoundmachinesRc1 radiostarRc1 radiostar28synthCube Steiner MicroconsynthCubeSteiner MicroconThis is a full kit to build the classic Steiner Microcon voice module in euro format.22Ginko Synthese TTLFOGinko SyntheseTTLFOClock synced LFO based around the Electric Druid TAPLFO chip10Modcan Quad LFOModcanQuad LFOFour independent LFOs with paging interface18Mungo Enterprises n0Mungo Enterprisesn0Parametric Noise12Mungo Enterprises w0Mungo Enterprisesw0Arbitrary Waveshape Oscillator12Endangered Audio Research GristleizerEndangered Audio ResearchGristleizerMakes Things MEAN.28Encore Electronics Universal Event GeneratorEncore ElectronicsUniversal Event GeneratorEuro Rack compatible module designed to be a versatile and useful addition to an already great modular system. The UEG can be used as an envelope generator, a complex LFO, or as a step sequencer.33Doepfer A-141-2DoepferA-141-2Voltage Controlled ADSR/LFO14Industrial Music Electronics Polivoks ModulatorIndustrial Music ElectronicsPolivoks ModulatorHMR1987 - LFO, Noise, S&H, Random6Grayscale 281 Dual Function Generator (Grayscale panel)Grayscale281 Dual Function Generator (Grayscale panel)Grayscale panel for the Dual Function Generator (Buchla/Toppobrillo 281 PCB)16Other/unknown Voice of Saturn SynthesizerOther/unknownVoice of Saturn Synthesizermodified APC circuit. Noisemaker14Blue Lantern Modules Simple Digital ADSRBlue Lantern ModulesSimple Digital ADSRLooping digital ADSR by Tom Wiltshire8Mutable instruments PeaksMutable instrumentsPeaksDual trigger to signal converter8Other/unknown LFO?    VILFO (resized)Other/unknownLFO? VILFO (resized)Pittsburgh VILFO down to 6HP6EMW LFO 2XEMWLFO 2XDual Low Frequency Oscillator6Intellijel Dr. Octature IIIntellijelDr. Octature IILP filter with 8 phase-related outs / VCO / VC LFO14Analogue Solutions LFO1 - VC LFO / S+H / NoiseAnalogue SolutionsLFO1 - VC LFO / S+H / NoiseFully fledged LFO layed out in a more traditional monosynth format18Make Noise MathsMake NoiseMathsMaths 201320Other/unknown System 100 LFO - DIY EditionOther/unknownSystem 100 LFO - DIY EditionSystem 100 LFO - DIY Edition6Analogue Solutions LFO2Analogue SolutionsLFO2LFO with 2 waveforms: triangle and square6Super Synthesis PH01Super SynthesisPH01Knob Recorder6Tiptop Audio Z3000 Smart VCO MKITiptop AudioZ3000 Smart VCO MKIVCO14Grayscale DPO (Grayscale panel)GrayscaleDPO (Grayscale panel)Alternate Panel for Make Noise DPO28Analogue Solutions VCO2 Dual VCO/LFO Beta VersionAnalogue SolutionsVCO2 Dual VCO/LFO Beta VersionBeta version of the VCO2 (different layout)18Analogue Solutions VCO2 Dual VCO/LFOAnalogue SolutionsVCO2 Dual VCO/LFODual VCO with many features18Industrial Music Electronics Hertz DonutIndustrial Music ElectronicsHertz DonutHM9791: Dual digital oscillator with internal modulation bus17Blue Lantern Modules Digital Duo VcLfoBlue Lantern ModulesDigital Duo VcLfoThere is a full tap tempo vclfo with full cv control on the left side. There is a S&H vclfo on the right side.23Blue Lantern Modules Tri Core Duo LFOBlue Lantern ModulesTri Core Duo LFODual triangle core VCLFO, switchable to VCO mode11Grayscale 4ms QPLFO (Grayscale panel)Grayscale4ms QPLFO (Grayscale panel)Alternate panel for Quad Pingable LFO12Eowave Zone B.F.EowaveZone B.F.Dual LFO with 8 waveforms5Other/unknown Halfling Double-LFOOther/unknownHalfling Double-LFODouble LFO with 8 and 80 minutes cycles4Modcan FMVDOModcanFMVDOTwo-Operator FM Digital Oscillator12Blue Lantern Modules Simple VCLFOBlue Lantern ModulesSimple VCLFOBasic VC LFO with skew4EMW Multi-LFO-NoiseEMWMulti-LFO-NoiseDigital Multi Waveform LFO6EMW VC LFOEMWVC LFOVoltage Controlled LFO8EMW LFO 3X TRIEMWLFO 3X TRITriple Low Frequency Generator6Frequency Central Wave RunnerFrequency CentralWave RunnerMulti-waveform sync-able LFO based on Electric Druid’s TAPLFO2D44ms Company Pingable Envelope Generator4ms CompanyPingable Envelope GeneratorPEG: Dual envelope generator whose envelope lengths are set by incoming clocks or "pings"20Super Synthesis PH01IISuper SynthesisPH01IIKnob recorder with CV in and clock in/out6Blue Lantern Modules Duo Digital VCLFOBlue Lantern ModulesDuo Digital VCLFOTom Wiltshire's twin VCLFO's23Eowave RayonnementEowaveRayonnementADSR / looping AD generator5Subconscious Communications Model 52 VampireSubconscious CommunicationsModel 52 VampireLFO/VCO Pair21AniModule AnVilopeAniModuleAnVilopeSimple Analog EG with Standard and Inverted Output as well as Loop4Bubblesound Instruments WrvcoBubblesound InstrumentsWrvco2010 prototype18Bubblesound Instruments WrvcobBubblesound InstrumentsWrvcob2010 prototype6Cylonix Cyclebox (Version 1)CylonixCyclebox (Version 1)Original version with slightly different front panel and features16Other/unknown Thomas Henry TL555 LFO ControllerOther/unknownThomas Henry TL555 LFO ControllerTL555 LFO Controller12nw2s nw2s::bnw2snw2s::bOpen, Arduino-based modular synthesis development platform40Pittsburgh Modular ENVELOPEPittsburgh ModularENVELOPEMultifunction Envelope Generator8Pittsburgh Modular SYNTHESIZER BOXPittsburgh ModularSYNTHESIZER BOXFully Patchable Synthesizer Voice28Verbos Electronics Voltage MultistageVerbos ElectronicsVoltage MultistageVerbos Voltage Multistage30Analogue Solutions LFO1Analogue SolutionsLFO1Voltage Controlled LFO6Steady State Fate SpectrumSteady State FateSpectrumSSF / WMD Smart Control Precision Analog VCO10Snazzy FX ArdCore  silver faceplateSnazzy FXArdCore silver faceplateArduino Based Module10Other/unknown Papareil VCLFO S/HOther/unknownPapareil VCLFO S/HCV-Sync LFO + S&H10Other/unknown HDCV88Other/unknownHDCV88HDCV8820brownshoesonly Triple Video LFObrownshoesonlyTriple Video LFO3 discrete, skew LFOs8Barton Musical Circuits 2LFO SHBarton Musical Circuits2LFO SHBMC 0178MFOS Alien Screamer (Music From Outer Space)MFOSAlien Screamer (Music From Outer Space)MFOS noise box8Other/unknown Benjolin (Rob Hordijk)Other/unknownBenjolin (Rob Hordijk)36Blue Lantern Modules Transistor Pyramid Core VCOBlue Lantern ModulesTransistor Pyramid Core VCOTPC VCO18Blue Lantern Modules Lunar Modulation Center 2014 RunBlue Lantern ModulesLunar Modulation Center 2014 RunDiscrete Triangle Core VCO18Frequency Central Ultra WaveFrequency CentralUltra WaveVC LFO10WMD Phase Displacement Oscillator MkIIWMDPhase Displacement Oscillator MkIIPhase Displacement Oscillator16Intellijel ShapeshifterIntellijelShapeshifterDual Complex Wavetable VCO26Grayscale 4ms PEG (Grayscale panel)Grayscale4ms PEG (Grayscale panel)Alternate panel for Pingable Envelope Generator20Livewire Electronics Dual CyclotronLivewire ElectronicsDual CyclotronDual asymmetrical LFOs controlling a pseudorandom voltage generator28Złob T.S. Dual LFOZłobT.S. Dual LFOZłob Modular Tim Servo LFO6Złob T.S. LFOZłobT.S. LFOZłob Modular Tim Servo LFO6Erica Synths Polivoks ModulatorErica SynthsPolivoks ModulatorDIY Polivoks Modulator clone (assembled and kit)8Erica Synths Polivoks Modulator (Custom Panel)Erica SynthsPolivoks Modulator (Custom Panel)DIY Polivoks Modulator clone kit8Dwarfcraft Devices The Great DestroyerDwarfcraft DevicesThe Great DestroyerDistortion, LFO8Plankton Electronics The Jellyfish (old)Plankton ElectronicsThe Jellyfish (old)VC Delay17Ladik O-510 Synare 2 - OscillatorsLadikO-510 Synare 2 - OscillatorsSynare 3 Clone Oscillators/Noise/LFO4Other/unknown Yusynth quadrature lfoOther/unknownYusynth quadrature lfoquad-lfo designed by Yves Usson from YUSYNTH8Ladik L-110  LFOLadikL-110 LFOLow Frequency Oscillator: Saw.down/Tri/Saw.up & manual.PWM4Million Machine March MeeBlip AnodeMillion Machine MarchMeeBlip AnodeMeeBlip synthesizer in module form.20Expert Sleepers Disting mk1Expert SleepersDisting mk116-in-1 multifunction module4Malekko Heavy Industry Richter EnvelatorMalekko Heavy IndustryRichter EnvelatorUpdated Version of the former Wiard Envelator10Million Machine March Moog WST-E1Million Machine MarchMoog WST-E1Moog WST-E1 Eurorack module45Pittsburgh Modular Chain ReactorPittsburgh ModularChain ReactorQuadraphonic Voltage Influenced Chaotic Waveform Generator12Ladik H-020 Harmonics GeneratorLadikH-020 Harmonics GeneratorHarmonics Generator with LFO8Ieaskul F. Mobenthey DenumIeaskul F. MobentheyDenumOscillatiens sans frotieres8Ieaskul F. Mobenthey FoursesIeaskul F. MobentheyFoursesChaotic Balls 12Befaco Slope Generator v2BefacoSlope Generator v2Slope Generator v217Liivatera Through-Zero VCOLiivateraThrough-Zero VCOThrough-Zero VCO and LFO module14MFB SEQ-03 Step SequencerMFBSEQ-03 Step SequencerStep Sequencer & More20Doepfer A-143-9 Lin FMDoepferA-143-9 Lin FMVoltage Controlled Quadrature LFO / VCO with FM-Input Modification8VBrazil Systems Aether OscillatorVBrazil SystemsAether OscillatorHybrid VCO with built-in LFO20VBrazil Systems MultiLFOVBrazil SystemsMultiLFOHybrid Triple LFO20Industrial Music Electronics KermitIndustrial Music ElectronicsKermitHM2063: Dual Modulation Aid10EMW SAMPLE & HOLDEMWSAMPLE & HOLDSample & Hold - Noise generator - LFO module10EMW SAMPLE & HOLD (Aluminium Panel)EMWSAMPLE & HOLD (Aluminium Panel)Sample & Hold - Noise generator - LFO module10Blue Lantern Modules Pyramid Twin Discrete Dual VCLFOBlue Lantern ModulesPyramid Twin Discrete Dual VCLFOPyramid Twin Discrete Dual VCLFO12Xaoc Devices BatumiXaoc DevicesBatumi1974 Quadruple Low Frequency Oscillator10Klangbau Köln Benjolin (Rob Hordijk)Klangbau KölnBenjolin (Rob Hordijk)Klangbau Köln's take on Rob Hordijk's Benjolin32Doepfer A-147-2DoepferA-147-2Voltage Controlled Delayed Low Frequency Oscillator8Special Stage Systems Control CoreSpecial Stage SystemsControl CoreNES-compatible gamepad to control voltage interface14Bubblesound Instruments dlADSR (prelim)Bubblesound InstrumentsdlADSR (prelim)mockup of the new dual LFO/ADSR from bubblesound, release in early 201516Other/unknown SN controller Other/unknownSN controller lfo21Circuit Abbey ADSRjr ExpanderCircuit AbbeyADSRjr ExpanderExpander for the ADSRjr4Circuit Abbey ADSRjrCircuit AbbeyADSRjrEnvelope Generator4Monome EarthseaMonomeEarthseashape-memory pattern instrument6Blue Lantern Modules LMC VCO WHITE FACEPLATEBlue Lantern ModulesLMC VCO WHITE FACEPLATEBuchla Triangle Core VCO18Ladik O-111 VCO4 w. LFO modeLadikO-111 VCO4 w. LFO modeTriangle/square core oscillator/LFO4Elby Designs ES114 - Universal Slope GeneratorElby DesignsES114 - Universal Slope Generator14Liivatera Sample & Hold + LFOLiivateraSample & Hold + LFOSample & Hold with LFO8Other/unknown iModularOther/unknowniModulariModular interface20Cwejman VCO-6 Multi Output Oscillator (White)CwejmanVCO-6 Multi Output Oscillator (White)VCO-6 (White)14Abstract Data ADE-32 OctocontrollerAbstract DataADE-32 Octocontroller8x output modular control panel - Gates, LFOs, Arps, S&H & more...14Rebel Technology ChronosRebel TechnologyChronosTime-keeping module with tap tempo and tempo-synced LFO6Snazzy FX Tidal Wave Snazzy FXTidal Wave Sound processor and complex synth voice20Pittsburgh Modular Oscillator V2Pittsburgh ModularOscillator V2Analog Utility Oscillator6AMSynths AM8027 Dual VCOAMSynthsAM8027 Dual VCOARP 2600P Dual ARP 2600 VCO28Frequency Central System X OscillatorFrequency CentralSystem X OscillatorRoland 100M VCO, modified for Euro10Nonlinearcircuits Sloth (4hp)NonlinearcircuitsSloth (4hp)Slow Chaos4Synthesis Technology E350 Morphing TerrariumSynthesis TechnologyE350 Morphing TerrariumDual wavetable oscillator14Noise Engineering Variatic ErumptionNoise EngineeringVariatic ErumptionDual-Burst Generator with built-in LFO10Synthrotek MST VC LFOSynthrotekMST VC LFOVC LFO4Million Machine March Moog MinitaurMillion Machine MarchMoog MinitaurFat sounding Bass Synth module45Aion Modular 921 VCOAion Modular921 VCOOscillator12Flame 4VOXFlame4VOXQuad Polyphonic Wavetable Oscillator29Grayscale Mutable Instruments Tides (Grayscale panel)GrayscaleMutable Instruments Tides (Grayscale panel)Alternate/DIY panel for Tides14Audio Damage ADM06 Sequencer 1Audio DamageADM06 Sequencer 136Pittsburgh Modular WAVEFORMSPittsburgh ModularWAVEFORMSComplex Analog Oscillator10Nonlinearcircuits 2xLFONonlinearcircuits2xLFOdual LFO with difference rectifier8L-1 Basic VCOL-1Basic VCOAnalogue triangle core VCO/LFO10Endorphin.es Furthrrrr Generator (golden)Endorphin.esFurthrrrr Generator (golden)Dual Complex VCO with waveshaper30Malekko Heavy Industry AD/LFOMalekko Heavy IndustryAD/LFOAD/LFO12Grayscale Mutable Instruments Peaks (Grayscale panel)GrayscaleMutable Instruments Peaks (Grayscale panel)Alternate/DIY panel for Peaks8ALM Busy Circuits ALM008 - Pip SlopeALM Busy CircuitsALM008 - Pip SlopeCompact voltage controlled envelope4Mutable instruments Tides (2014 version)Mutable instrumentsTides (2014 version)Tidal modulator14Blue Lantern Modules tap tempo lfoBlue Lantern Modulestap tempo lfotap, lfo6Roland SYSTEM-1mRolandSYSTEM-1mSemi-modular Synthesizer Voice84Roland SYSTEM-500 572RolandSYSTEM-500 572Phase Shifter + Delay + LFO16Roland SYSTEM-500 540RolandSYSTEM-500 540Dual Envelope Generator + LFO16Qu-Bit Electronix EONQu-Bit ElectronixEONEnvelope/Oscillator/Noise2Studio Electronics OSCILLATIONStudio ElectronicsOSCILLATIONDiscrete DC-Coupled Analog Oscillator16Studio Electronics LFO 2Studio ElectronicsLFO 2Dual Low Frequency Module6Bastl Instruments CV TRINITYBastl InstrumentsCV TRINITYhex modulation signal superhero14STG Soundlabs .E GSTG Soundlabs.E GTwo stage looping envelope generator4PulpLogic Cyclic Skew blackPulpLogicCyclic Skew blackCyclic Skew12Evaton Technologies CLXEvaton TechnologiesCLXDual Clock / LFO / Clocked Logic6Hikari Instruments SINEHikari InstrumentsSINEDigital Sine Wave Oscillator / LFO / CV Tool3Livewire Electronics Audio Frequency Generator (AFG)Livewire ElectronicsAudio Frequency Generator (AFG)VCO28Barton Musical Circuits Quad Trapezoidal LFOBarton Musical CircuitsQuad Trapezoidal LFO8Make Noise DPO (black panel)Make NoiseDPO (black panel)Dual Voltage Controlled Oscillator28Other/unknown LowfoOther/unknownLowfoLow Frequency Oscillator (LFO)14Pittsburgh Modular Envelope (Mk. II)Pittsburgh ModularEnvelope (Mk. II)Multifunction Envelope Generator8Pittsburgh Modular LFO2 (Mk. II)Pittsburgh ModularLFO2 (Mk. II)Dual Low Frequency Oscillator6Fonitronik PS3100FonitronikPS3100Triple Vactrol Resonators20Steady State Fate Mini SlewSteady State FateMini SlewSSF / WMD VCS with Dynamic VC Output and Shape Response8Erica Synths Black LFOErica SynthsBlack LFOLFO with VCA circuit that controls LFO amplitude.12Other/unknown MeasuresOther/unknownMeasures8 step sequencer (gate/trigger/CV)10Sputnik Modular Quad Function & Trigger SourceSputnik ModularQuad Function & Trigger SourceQuad function generator a la Buchla 281. 28Cwejman CTG-VC (Grayscale alt panel)CwejmanCTG-VC (Grayscale alt panel)Complex Voltage-Controlled Transient Generator14Cwejman CTG-VCCwejmanCTG-VCsingle complex voltage controlled transient generator14Cwejman D-LFO (Eggshell)CwejmanD-LFO (Eggshell)Dual LFO14Analogue Solutions StationXAnalogue SolutionsStationXSynth voice36Sputnik Modular Dual OscillatorSputnik ModularDual OscillatorComplex Dual Oscillator28Analog Ordnance Shapable LFOAnalog OrdnanceShapable LFOSQR/TRI LFO8Liivatera Quadrature Low Frequency OscillatorLiivateraQuadrature Low Frequency OscillatorQuadrature LFO with eight phase shifted outputs16PulpLogic Cyclic Skew silverPulpLogicCyclic Skew silverModulation source12Other/unknown Shock Electronix  Modatron DelayOther/unknownShock Electronix Modatron DelayModatron Delay22Other/unknown Shock Electronix Modatron DuoOther/unknownShock Electronix Modatron DuoModatron Duo22Other/unknown Shock Electronix Modatron ModulatorOther/unknownShock Electronix Modatron ModulatorModatron Modulator22Moog Music Inc. Moog Mother-32Moog Music Inc.Moog Mother-32Complete semi-modular voice with sequencer and keyboard60Other/unknown Threesome 555 VCOOther/unknownThreesome 555 VCO3* Thomas Henry's VCO 555 with Fonik PCB's42Other/unknown Uoki-Toki - 2 LFOOther/unknownUoki-Toki - 2 LFODual LFO4Other/unknown Uoki-Toki - Polivoks LFOOther/unknownUoki-Toki - Polivoks LFOModded Polivoks LFO4Other/unknown Uoki-Toki - 4 LFOOther/unknownUoki-Toki - 4 LFOQuad LFO4Other/unknown Psycho LFOOther/unknownPsycho LFO6Dreadbox ThetaDreadboxTheta20Dreadbox YpsilonDreadboxYpsilon22Million Machine March 1U Oscilloscope & Skew LFO for VideoMillion Machine March1U Oscilloscope & Skew LFO for VideoOscilloscope & Skew LFO for Video Synth33PT Audio Dual Digital OscillatorPT AudioDual Digital OscillatorDual.Digital.Oscillator26Random*Source Variable Q VCF Random*SourceVariable Q VCF Serge VCFQ by Random*Source 14Million Machine March Slim Line Korg MKP2sMillion Machine MarchSlim Line Korg MKP2sSlimmed down the original, custom for a specific customer.17Other/unknown AD AR Ian FritzOther/unknownAD AR Ian Fritz12Other/unknown Papareil LFO / SHOther/unknownPapareil LFO / SH8Other/unknown Serge VCSOther/unknownSerge VCS14Other/unknown HexInverter Jupiter StormOther/unknownHexInverter Jupiter Storm14Nonlinearcircuits Triple SlothNonlinearcircuitsTriple Sloth6x slow chaotic modulation12Ladik L-111 LFO2LadikL-111 LFO2Low Frequency Oscillator: Saw.down/Tri/Saw.up & manual.PWM4Sputnik Modular 5-Step Voltage SourceSputnik Modular5-Step Voltage SourceOdd-number 4-channel sequencer with built in clock source/LFO28Industrial Music Electronics Double AndoreIndustrial Music ElectronicsDouble AndoreHM2017: Dual A-D Envelope Generator & 2-channel VCA with Digital Curve Shaping21Ginko Synthese TTLFO v2Ginko SyntheseTTLFO v2Tap Tempo LFO version 28Other/unknown Uoki-Toki - 4 LFOOther/unknownUoki-Toki - 4 LFOQuad LFO in 6 HP6EMW VC LFO (alu)EMWVC LFO (alu)with 4 waveforms8Other/unknown 555 Timer - Ring ModulatorOther/unknown555 Timer - Ring ModulatorDIY Timer and ring modulator7Befaco RampageBefacoRampageDual Sergesque Slope Generator with Logical Crossfading18omsonic VCLFO-ComsonicVCLFO-CVoltage Controlled LFO8MFOS ZeurOneMFOSZeurOneMFOS Ultimate42Macro Machines omnimodMacro Machinesomnimod4 powerful channels of LFOs, Step Sequencing, Envelope Generation and Envelope Following, in limitless combinations.14Expert Sleepers Disting mk3Expert SleepersDisting mk3Many-in-1 multifunction module4Other/unknown Cavi Trigger V1Other/unknownCavi Trigger V1Simplest continuous trigger6birdkids Control BusbirdkidsControl Bus104GMSN! Pure LFOGMSN!Pure LFOSimple PCB layout with common, easy to source components.4
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Modular Synth LFOs

The LFO is one the key components for generating sounds within your Eurorack modular synthesizer. The more LFO modules you add to your Eurorack, the more possibilities for sound design are at your fingertips.

Some LFOs can be used specifically for drum sounds, such as the Dreadbox Drips, which uses a variety of waveforms to shape anything from a smooth snare, static snare, electro toms, or 808 sounding kick drums. Other LFOs can be used for a variety of sound design options such as the Mutable Instruments Tides, which also use a variety of waveforms to generate endless possibilities of sound designs.

LFOs can also be controlled by external devices through their CV inputs, which will trigger the way the LFO responds to the incoming signal. They can also be affected by sequencers or CV gates, which will generate a unique musical pattern that you can manually create and alter in real time.

Most LFOs have pretty common controls. The waveform choice will be the starting point for your sound, which is commonly a sine wave, sawtooth, reverse sawtooth, or triangle wave.

You then have the depth control, which will determine how aggressive the waveform is, or how far it will variate across the zero voltage line. Low depth will result in a smoother sound, where full depth will result in aggressive noise, fuzz, or glitch sounds.

The rate will determine how fast the LFO travels across the zero voltage line. Similar to tremolo or vibrato on a guitar amp or pedal, a very slow rate will be a softer pulse sound, where the fastest rate will have a panic effect to it. Some LFOs have the ability to tap tempo or sync the rate of the LFO to a master clock, which can ensure all the sounds within your Eurorack are oscillating at the same rate.

The noise control is to add some grit or ambiance to your signal. This is commonly used to create space around the sound, kind of like reverb, and can make a soft pad sound very “airy”. You can also crank the noise control, and with the addition of a drive circuit, create sounds similar to electric guitars, distorted synths, or aggressive ambient noise.

There is a whole world of LFOs to choose from, each with their own unique characteristics for sound design. To find the best option for your Eurorack setup, be sure to contact your sales rep at Vintage King.

Sours: https://vintageking.com/instruments/eurorack-and-modular-synths/modular-synth-lfos-logic
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Top 47 LFO Modules 2021

We have collected for you the LFO Modules

Equipment list navigation:

  1. Intellijel Designs Quadrax
  2. Joranalogue Audio Design Filter 8
  3. Make Noise MATHS
  4. Doepfer A-145-4
  5. Doepfer A-147-2 VCD LFO
  6. Doepfer A-147-2 Vintage Edition
  7. Vermona Modular fourMulator
  8. Xaoc Devices Batumi
  9. Befaco Rampage
  10. Joranalogue Audio Design Generate 3
  11. Erica Synths Drum Modulator
  12. Erica Synths Black Octasource
  13. Frap Tools Falistri
  14. Behringer 150 Ring Mod/Noise/S&H/LFO
  15. Mutable Instruments Tides
  16. Klavis Twin Waves MKII
  17. Robaux 3PT
  18. 1010music toolbox
  19. Roland System-500 572
  20. Doepfer A-141-2
  21. NANO Modules QUART
  22. Roland System-500 540
  23. Make Noise Function
  24. ACL QLFO
  25. Marienberg Devices VC Low Frequency Oscillator A
  26. Doepfer A-143-3
  27. Doepfer A-143-4
  28. Doepfer A-143-9
  29. Behringer 140 Dual Envelope/LFO
  30. Doepfer A-145 LFO Modulation Generator
  31. Joranalogue Audio Design Contour 1
  32. Doepfer A-111-2
  33. Doepfer A-111-3
  34. Doepfer A-146 LFO II
  35. IO Instruments Themisto
  36. Industrial Music Electronics Kermit MKIII
  37. Erica Synths Pico RND
  38. Dreadbox Ataxia
  39. Erica Synths Pico LFO / S&H
  40. Malekko Quad LFO Black
  41. Erica Synths Black Dual EG/LFO
  42. ADDAC 405 VC Relabi Generator
  43. Roland System-500 555
  44. ACL QLFO B-Stock
  45. Doepfer A-147-2 Vintage Editio B-Stock
  46. Robaux 3PT B-Stock
  47. Metabolic Devices Moonwalker

1. Intellijel Designs Quadrax

Intellijel Designs Quadrax

Intellijel Quadrax; Eurorack module; quad function and envelope generator; 5 different modes per channel: AD (Attack / Decay), AHR (Attack / Hold / Decay), Cycle, Pulse Burst and morphing LFO; 4 CV inputs which can be assigned to Rise and Fall control of each channel; chaining of multiple channels possible to create complex envelope shapes; adjustable response curve per channel (logarithmic to linear to exponential); Trigger input and signal output per channel; expandable via Intellijel Qx module (item 477994); power consumption: 106mA (+12V) / 9mA (-12V); width: 14 HP; depth: 38mm

2. Joranalogue Audio Design Filter 8

Joranalogue Audio Design Filter 8

Joranalogue Audio Design Filter 8; Eurorack module; multimode filter and 8-phase oscillator; OTA based 4 pole filter; 8 separate filterpole outputs with different characteristics: lowpass (6dB, 12dB, 18dB, 24dB), hipass (6dB), bandpass + notch, phase shifter and bandpass; coarse- and fine-tune controls for filter frequency; linear and exponential FM for filter frequency, each with bipolar attenuators; 1V/oct. CV input; CV input with bipolar attenuator for resonance control; “ping” input triggers an internal transient generator for creating drum sounds; “hold”-input and -switch freezes the filter core at its current state; at self-oscillation Filter 8 works as an 8-phase sinewave oscillator with 45° phase shift between the outputs; selectable LFO mode; switchable gain-compensation for all outputs; can process audio and CV signals; 2 audio inputs; power consumption: 75mA (+12V) / 75mA (-12V); width: 12 HP; depth: 43 mm

3. Make Noise MATHS

Make Noise MATHS

Multi-function Eurorack module

  • Generates a variety of linear, logarithmic, or exponential triggered or continuous functions
  • May be used as envelope, LFO, oscillator, and slew limiter
  • Generates analog signals from digital information (Gate / Clock)
  • Generates digital information (Gate / Clock) from analog signals
  • Up to 4 control signals can be combined
  • Allows for the creation of more complex modulations
  • Power consumption: 60 mA @ +12V, 50 mA @ -12V
  • Dimensions (W x D): 20 HP x 24 mm

4. Doepfer A-145-4

Doepfer A-145-4

Doepfer A-145-4; Eurorack module; quad LFO; for each channel manaual frequency control and outputs for triangle and square waveforms; per channel two frequency-ranges available via jumpers (0,002 Hz – 50 Hz); power consumption: 30mA (+12V) / 30mA (-12V); width: 4 HP; depth: 30 mm

5. Doepfer A-147-2 VCD LFO

Doepfer A-147-2 VCD LFO

Voltage Controlled Delayed Low Frequency Oscillator

  • Module consists of a voltage-controlled low frequency oscillator (LFO) and a voltage controlled amplifier (VCA)
  • Switchable to polarizer / ring modulator, and voltage-controlled linear delay envelope (only one parameter: Delay or Attack) for delayed LFO operation with voltage control
  • Width: 8 HP
  • Depth: 55 mm
  • Power requirement: +60 mA (+12 V) / -40 mA (-12 V)
  • Width: 8 HP
  • Depth: 55 mm
  • Power requirement: +60 mA (+12 V) / -40 mA (-12 V)

6. Doepfer A-147-2 Vintage Edition

Doepfer A-147-2 Vintage Edition

Voltage controlled delayed low frequency oscillator

  • Voltage Controlled Delayed Low Frequency Oscillator
  • Module consists of Voltage Controlled Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO) and Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA)
  • Switchable to polarizer / ring modulator and voltage-controlled linear delay envelope (with only one parameter: delay or attack) for delayed LFO use with voltage control
  • Vintage Edition with black front panel
  • Width: 8 HP
  • Depth: 55mm mm
  • Power requirement: +60mA mA (+12V) / -40mA (-12V)

7. Vermona Modular fourMulator

Vermona Modular fourMulator

Module for Eurorack Modular System

  • Digital quad-LFO module
  • Quad-modulator with CV input and trigger outputs
  • Individual modulators (LFOs) can be synchronised to one another or to a master clock
  • Integrated clock generator -Tempo can be adjusted via tap-button or external clock signal
  • Width: 34 HP
  • Depth: 35 mm
  • Power requirement: +120mA (+12V) / -10mA (-12V)

8. Xaoc Devices Batumi

Xaoc Devices Batumi

Eurorack Module

  • Voltage-controlled digital quadruple LFO
  • Each oscillator can be used independently or in one of 3 synchronised modes: quadrature, phase and divider
  • Assignable waveform outputs
  • Assignable reset / tap-tempo inputs
  • Zoom mode
  • USB port for firmware updates
  • Power consumption: 80 mA
  • Dimensions (W x D): 10 HP / HP x 45 mm

9. Befaco Rampage

Befaco Rampage

Befaco Rampage; Eurorack module; dual function generator; suitable for a lot of different applications like AD envelope, ASR envelope, VCO, lowpass filter, LFO, slew limiter, comparator and more; two channels with faders for Rise and Fall, trigger button, adjustable response curve and selectable one-shot or cycle mode; per channel gate outputs for End-Of-Cycle (EOC) and Rise / Fall time; per channel CV inputs for Rise, Fall and response curve; logic section with gate outputs for MIN, MAX and B>A; power consumption: 110mA (+12V) / 90mA (-12V); width: 18 HP; depth: 30 mm

10. Joranalogue Audio Design Generate 3

Joranalogue Audio Design Generate 3

Eurorack module

  • Analogue through-zero-oscillator
  • Precise 1 volt/octave tracking over the entire audio range
  • Exponential FM input with attenuator
  • Linear through-zero FM input with attenuator, bias switch and AC coupling switch
  • Through-zero phase modulation with up to 900° offset
  • Through-zero amplitude modulation for fundamental
  • Odd and event outputs
  • Hard-sync (reset) and soft-sync
  • (Flip) parallel available
  • Switchable LFO mode
  • 5 Separate signal outputs: Core (triangle), Fundamental (sine), Even (sawtooth), Odd and Full-Mix
  • Current consumption: 130 mA (+12 V) / 115 mA (-12 V)
  • Width: 12 TE
  • Depth: 30 mm

11. Erica Synths Drum Modulator

Erica Synths Drum Modulator

Eurorack Module

  • 2-Channel LFO and noise source
  • 8 Waveforms which are continuously faded into each other
  • Digital noise with adjustable pitch
  • High pass / low pass filter for noise available
  • 2 Outputs per channel with adjustable phase shift
  • Sync input and Rate CV input
  • VCA for channel 1
  • Link switch for synchronizing both LFOs
  • Current consumption: 86 mA (+12 V) / 7 mA (-12 V)
  • Width: 10 TE
  • Depth: 45 mm

12. Erica Synths Black Octasource

Erica Synths Black Octasource

Octasource Module

  • One of 8 waveforms available on 8 outputs or all 8 waveforms simultaneously on all outputs
  • LFO manually and CV controlled
  • Manual selection of the phase shift direction
  • 8 Simultaneous outputs
  • Synchronization to an external clock
  • LFO freeze function
  • Morphing function
  • Two-colour output signal level LEDs
  • Power consumption: + 82 mA, -44 mA
  • Dimensions (W x D): 12 HP x 25 mm

13. Frap Tools Falistri

Frap Tools Falistri

Eurorack Module

  • Analogue movement manager
  • Consists of two function generators that can be used as envelopes, LFOs and VCOs (with V/Oct. tracking)
  • Characteristic curve of each time segment adjustable
  • The shape of the segment can be set independently of time
  • Quadrature mode
  • Trigger button for both function generators
  • Bipolar and unipolar output per channel
  • EOR and EOF trigger outputs per channel
  • Two cascaded flip-flop circuits for use as suboscillarors of clock dividers
  • DC-coupled four-quadrant multiplier for amplitude modulation
  • Ring modulation and for use as VCA
  • Slew limiter with adjustable rise and reset time
  • Power consumption: 170 mA (+12 V) / 170 mA (-12 V)
  • Width: 92 mm
  • Depth: 38 mm

14. Behringer 150 Ring Mod/Noise/S&H/LFO

Behringer 150 Ring Mod/Noise/S&H/LFO

Behringer 150 Ring Mod/Noise/S&H/LFO; Eurorack module; analog Ring Modulator; Noise Generator with two outputs for white noise and pink noise; Sample & Hold section with Clock Out, External Clock In and sliders for Clock Rate and Lag Time; analog LFO with 5 waveforms; sliders for frequency and delay-time; 3 selectabe frequency-ranges (0.03 – 30Hz); CV and trigger input and 2 LFO-outputs; power consumption: 60mA (+12V) / 50mA (-12V); width: 16 HP; depth: 44mm

15. Mutable Instruments Tides

Mutable Instruments Tides


  • Tidal Modulator – works as LFO, VCO, AD and AR envelope
  • Frequency range: 2 – 2,000 Hz (can be extended by CV offset)
  • V / Oct tracking and exponential FM
  • Shape and Slope controls to control segment times and waveforms
  • Smoothing or Waveshaping of the output signal possible
  • All parameters are CV controllable
  • 4 Independent outputs with different operating modes, e.g. for phase-shifted function generators, polyrhythmic LFOs and much more
  • Trigger input for AD / AR modes and LFO reset
  • Clock input for PLL mode
  • Power requirement: 50 mA (+12 V) / 20 mA (-12 V)
  • Width: 14 HP
  • Depth: 25 mm

16. Klavis Twin Waves MKII

Klavis Twin Waves MKII

Klavis Twin Waves MKII; Eurorack module; digital Dual VCO/LFO; both Oscillators can independently set as VCO or LFO; Features in VCO mode: V/Oct tracking over 10 octaves, Through zero and linear FM; Sub-octave output, Hard & Soft synchronization, Quantizer with various scales; 20 synthesis algorithms like Wave shaping, Phase modulation, Phase positioning of multiple waves, up to 5 stacked oscillators in tunable unison, Self-sync with phantom oscillator, Additive synthesis, Variable bit reduction (bit-crushing), Ring modulator, Noise with filter and more; Features in LFO mode: simultaneous signal and trigger outputs, external synchronization, wave shaping, phase modulation and random algorithms; Display with contextual icons and instant reminder help text; automatically saved settings; 3 CV inputs with attenuators; V/Oct. and Sync input; signal output for each channel and separate Pulse output; power consumtion: 52mA (+12V) / 17mA (-12V); width: 8 HP; depth: 21mm

17. Robaux 3PT

Robaux 3PT

Robaux 3PT; Eurorack module; 3-channel Multimode Controller; three trimpots for each channel to define Minimum, Offset and Maximum values; CV control knob with LED rings to control all three channels simultaniously (also via CV input); 7 selectable modes: Mactro Controller, 3-channel LFO, Chord Generator, Quantizer, Random Generator, Sequencer and Euclidean Pattern Generator; power consumtion: 20mA (+12V) / 0mA (-12V); width: 10 HP; depth: 25mm

18. 1010music toolbox

1010music toolbox

Sequencer and function generator

  • For Eurorack systems
  • 4x Gate sequencers and 4x polyphonic note sequencers with 1-32 steps each
  • Step size from 1/64th note up to 8 bars
  • 3x LFOs with standard waveforms
  • 1 Bar CV sequencer
  • MIDI input for recording sequences
  • MIDI output transmits gate and control signals
  • 3.5″ Touch screen
  • Width: 26 HP
  • Depth: compatible with skiff housings
  • Power requirement: +350mA (+12V) / -0mA (-12V)
  • Includes a 4 GB microSD card (contains firmware and allows the saving/loading of sequences)

19. Roland System-500 572

Roland System-500 572

Module in Eurorack format

  • Phase shifter + delay + LFO
  • Time-dependent multi-effect module
  • Has a 5-stage phase shifter, an analog audio delay, a voltage-controlled gate delay and an LFO
  • The Phase shifter has controls for shifting the frequency or the intensity of the resonance
  • Thus, both subtle and very superficial analog effects are adjustable
  • The Audio Delay has independent controls for controlling the delay time and the resonance (or feedback) and other features. Also very short modulations can be adjusted, which sound like a chorus effect
  • Both the phase shifter and the delay can be modulated either via the internal LFO of the 572 or via external CV signals
  • The ratio between the original and the effect signal can be adjusted via the controller or CV (Control Voltage)
  • The LFO section has a control for setting the frequency as well as output jacks for the normal and inverted output of the signal
  • The gate delay has controls for controlling the threshold, delay time, and gate time for controlling incoming gate signals from external modules
  • Power consumption: 110 mA (+12 V), 90 mA (-12 V)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 81 x 58 x 129 mm
  • Euro bag width: 16 HP
  • Includes 4 screws for installation and Eurorack bus power cable

20. Doepfer A-141-2

Doepfer A-141-2

Voltage Controlled Envelope Generator

  • Voltage Controlled Envelope Generator VCADSR / VCLFO
  • Type: ADSR
  • Manual control and control voltage input with attenuator for each of the parameters Attack (A), Decay (D), Sustain (S) and Release (R)
  • Width: 14 HP
  • Depth: 70 mm
  • Power requirements: +40 mA (+12 V) / -30 mA (-12 V)

21. NANO Modules QUART


NANO Modules QUART; Eurorack module; four-channel AD Envelope Generator and LFO; manual controls for Rise and Fall times per channel; 3 selectable time-ranges per channel: Fast 0.1ms – 4s / Medium 1ms – 16s / Slow 20ms – 80s; each channel works as an unipolar LFO when the Trigger input is unused; Trigger input and signal output per channel; power consumption: 20mA (+12V) / 12mA (-12V); width: 10 HP; depth: 15mm

22. Roland System-500 540

Roland System-500 540

Module in Eurorack format

  • Dual Envelope Generator & LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) is a multifunctional modulation source
  • Two independent ADSR envelope sections (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release) can generate different voltages to control other synthesizer modules in Eurorack format (e.g. oscillators, filters and VCAs)
  • Each section can be triggered in different ways: via an external source, internally, manually via the connections for each of the envelopes or via an inverted output signal
  • In addition, the 540 module has a voltage controlled LFO with 5 waveforms
  • Both the frequency and the application delay of the LFO start point can be set via the control dials
  • The delay and reset can be triggered either from Envelope 1 or Envelope 2
  • Power consumption: 85 mA (+12 V), 50 mA (-12 V)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 81 x 58 x 129 mm
  • Euro bag width: 16 HP
  • Incl. 4 screws for installation and Eurorack bus power cable

23. Make Noise Function

Make Noise Function

Multi-Function Module in Eurorack Format

  • Generate a variety of linear, logarithmic or exponential functions
  • Can be used as a simple filter, LFO, Envelope, Portamento Generator or Sample & Hold
  • Current consumption: 30mA @ + 12V, 20mA @ -12V
  • Dimensions: (W x D): 8 HP x 24 mm



ACL QLFO; Eurorack module; quadrature LFO / VCO; 4 sinewave outputs with 90° phase-shift each; 3 selectabe frequency ranges (0,02 Hz – 17 kHz); CV input for LFO frequency; 1V/Oct. input and solid pitch-tracking over 2-3 octaves; power consumption: 28 mA (+12 V) / 28 mA (-12 V); width: 8 HP; depth: 22 mm

25. Marienberg Devices VC Low Frequency Oscillator A

Marienberg Devices VC Low Frequency Oscillator A

Voltage-Controlled Low-Frequency OscillatorVoltage controlled LFO which produces the sinusoidal, delta, pulse, sawtooth and ramp waveforms. The waveforms can be changed via the Shape parameter. For LFO frequency, Hard Sync and Shape, control voltage inputs are available.

  • Analog LFO with the sinusoidal, delta, pulse, sawtooth and ramp waveforms
  • Wave-shaping function
  • Frequency range: 0.1 – 32 Hz
  • Voltage range per input: 0 to 10 V
  • Power consumption: 80 mA
  • Connectors: 6.3 mm mono jack
  • Dimensions: 222.25 x 50.8 x 56 mm
  • Weight: 307 g
  • Can only be operated with Marienberg Devices power supply units!

26. Doepfer A-143-3

Doepfer A-143-3

Quad LFO

  • Consists of four modulation oscillators
  • 3 Waveforms are possible for each oscillator
  • Frequency range selectable (low, high, mid)
  • Euro rack format
  • Width: 14 HP
  • Depth: 40 mm
  • Power consumption: +70 mA (+12V)/ -60 mA (-12V)
Sours: https://soundsmag.com/top-lfo-modules/
Simple LFO with Square and Triangle waves - DIY Modular in a Week .1


Modular lfo


Simple LFO with Square and Triangle waves - DIY Modular in a Week .1


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