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Professional Texture Gun and 5L Hopper


When applying wall texture, achieving a professional, flawless finish is critical. Homax® makes texturing walls and ceilings like a pro easy with our texture repair tools.

Homax Texture Gun & Hopper is a professional grade texture tool that applies interior wall texture and ceiling texture. Sprays most gravity-fed texture materials including orange peel, splatter, heavy splatter, knockdown and popcorn acoustic ceiling. The included 5-liter hopper holds dry mix textures or pre-mixed textures. Three 3 spray tips (4mm, 6mm and 8mm) are also included.

Homax Texture Gun & Hopper is constructed of durable aluminum. The large comfortable pistol grip and trigger lock makes large jobs less stressful on your hands. It operates off a compressor, 2 hp or larger (min. 7cfm @25 psi). Includes an air shut off valve and 1/4 quick connect compressor connector.

  • Wall texture gun and 5-liter hopper
  • Sprays multiple textures including orange peel, splatter, heavy splatter, knockdown and popcorn acoustic ceiling
  • Use with wall or ceiling dry mix textures or pre-mixed textures
  • For wall and ceiling repair or small remodels
  • Includes 3 standard spray tips (4mm, 6mm and 8mm) for multiple texture options
  • Includes a 5-liter hopper to hold a large amount of material
  • Includes air shut-off valve, 1/4 in. quick connect compressor line connector and instruction manual for ease of use
  • Maximum operating pressure of 70 psi
  • Operates off a compressor, 2 hp or larger (min. 7cfm @25 psi)
  • Cleans up with water for easy maintenance
  • Large, comfortable pistol grip trigger for less fatigue during large jobs
  • Quality, polished aluminum construction for durability
  • Product satisfaction guaranteed for a period of 1 year from date of purchase when used as directed

Where To Use

Homax Texture Gun & Hopper is ideal for applying new wall texture, repairing existing texture, or small remodels. Use to apply a variety of texture patterns and materials on walls and ceilings. Easily match an existing pattern or create a custom look.


  1. Mix material in a separate container. Average consistency should be similar to pancake batter. Material may be thicker or thinner depending on desired texture/pattern.
  2. Attach the hopper (#17) by tightening the clamp (#18). Fill with no more than 1.25 Gallons (5L) of material.
  3. Connect the air hose to the air inlet (#13) and set the pressure to 50-70 PSI. Do not exceed 70 PSI.
  4. Squeeze the trigger (#14) to test pattern.
  5. Spray from a distance of approximately 12” to 14”, maintaining distance as you spray.
  6. When you finish spraying, release the trigger (#14) and disconnect the air hose.
  7. Empty the hopper (#17). Do not store the hopper filled with material

Note: It is recommended that you test the Texture Gun on scrap material such as cardboard to become familiar with the available adjustments, prior to use.

Sours: https://www.homaxproducts.com/wall-ceiling-textures/touch-ups-guns/professional-texture-gun-and-5l-hopper

How do you use the homax texture gun?

  1. SNAP gun onto hopper.
  2. ADJUST settings for desired texture pattern.
  3. SPRAY texture onto surface.
  4. IF DESIRED, knock down texture with Homax Knockdown Knife or mud knife.
  5. PAINT surface after allowing texture to dry.

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Just so, how big of a compressor Do I need to spray texture?

There is no one-size fits all in air pressure for texture guns. You have a regulator on your compressor. Set it for 70 PSI to start, and test the spray. Adjust the pressure down to as low as possible for the material being sprayed and a level that gives a good coating.

Additionally, what do you use for texture hopper? A texture hopper gun facilitates textured finishes for drywall-covered walls. The gun uses an air compressor to push mud through the nozzle of a gun and spray it on the wall or ceiling. Use texture hopper guns to create orange peel or popcorn-type finishes to drywall ceilings or walls.

People also ask, do you have to prime before texture?

You could prime before texture if you want, but it is an unnecessary step when the fresh bare drywall is the perfect surface to accept texture as it is. Just brush the surfaces down with your hand or a dust brush beforehand so as to remove as much of the surface dust as possible.

How do you knock down texture on walls?

How to Apply Knockdown Texture

  1. STEP 1: Prep the space.
  2. STEP 2: Smooth the surface.
  3. STEP 3: Assemble the gun.
  4. STEP 4: Mix the drywall joint compound.
  5. STEP 5: Test the mud.
  6. STEP 6: Select your optimal spraying speed.
  7. STEP 7: Splatter the surface.
  8. STEP 8: Do the knockdown.
Sours: https://askinglot.com/how-do-you-use-the-homax-texture-gun
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Pneumatic II Spray Texture Gun & Hopper


Decorative interior spray texture has become a popular finishing choice for drywall. It is quick to apply, hides minor surface imperfections and is more cost effective than roll-on textures or wallpaper.

Homax® Texture Gun & Hopper operates off small portable compressors and HVLP spray units. The trigger simultaneously controls both the material and airflow, or can be easily modified for continuous air flow. There are two easy-to-use adjustments on the gun that will produce your choice of multiple spray patterns. Homax Texture Gun & Hopper can be used to apply interior texture to a wall, a room, a basement, or more! It’s the ideal tool for small patch and repair work, or complete remodeling projects.

  • Applies Interior Wall & Ceiling Textures
  • Sprays a Variety of Texture Materials and Patterns
  • Compressor Operated (3/4 HP or Larger, HVLP Compatible)
  • Trigger Controlled Airflow
  • LightWeight and Portable
  • Ideal for repairs, remodels, new construction and DIY projects


  1. SNAP gun onto premixed texture bottle or black hopper.
  2. CONNECT compressor hose to spray gun handle.
  3. SPRAY texture onto surface.
  4. PAINT surface after allowing texture to dry overnight.
Sours: https://www.homaxproducts.com/wall-ceiling-textures/touch-ups-guns/pneumatic-ii-spray-texture-gun-hopper
Live, Spraying a Knockdown Texture with a Hopper Sprayer, by That Kilted Guy DIY


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How to spray Texture on Walls \u0026 Ceilings - DIY Hopper Gun Tips


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