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Subnautica Cyclops – How To Build, Get Blueprints, Upgrades

The Cyclops is a vehicle in Subnautica. It is a submarine and can be built in the Mobile Vehicle Bay. However, you have to explore the depths of planet 4546B in order to get it. Here is how to build the Subnautica Cyclops and the upgrades you can give it.

The Cyclops can store a lot, including a Prawn Suit and a Seamoth. It can also be used as a moving base of operations and can be equipped with furniture. The Cyclops can have three different speeds and each setting affects the amount of noise created.

Subnautica Cyclops – How To Build

In order to build the Cyclops, you will need three blueprints. The first blueprint is for the Hull and can be found in the Sea Treader’s Path and the Mushroom Forest. The engine is the second blueprint and can be found in a lot of locations, including the Mushroom Forest, Mountains, Underwater Islands, Crag Field, and Crash Zone. The final blueprint allows you to build the Bridge. In order to do that, you can pick up the blueprint in the Crash Zone, Mushroom Forest, and the Sea Treader’s Path.

Subnautica Cyclops - Data Bank Image

Subnuatica Cyclops – Upgrades and Customisation

Various upgrades can be installed into the Cyclops. To do this, head to the Vehicle Upgrade Console on the port side. Here you can also change the vehicles name and colour. Below is a list of all the upgrades and what you need to craft them.

Pressure Compensator Module

This upgrade increases the Cyclops’ maximum crush depth. This allows it to survive greater pressure.

  • Base – 500 Meters Crush Depth
  • Mark 1 – 900 Meters Crush Depth – 1 Plasteel Ingot, 3 Ruby Required
  • Mark 2 – 1300 Meters Crush Depth – 1 Plasteel Ingot, 3 Nickel Ore, Depth Module Mk 1
  • Mark 3 – 1700 Meters Crush Depth – 1 Plasteel Ingot, 3 Kyanite, Depth Module Mk 2
Engine Efficiency Module

This upgrade decreases the total power consumption of the Cyclops by 300%.

  • Base – 300% Reduction – 1 Computer Chip, 1 Benzene, 1 Polyaniline
Thermal Reactor Module

This upgrade replenishes the power of the Cyclops by using heat from the ocean. At 35 degrees celsius, it has a 10% charge rate, but this increases up to 50% the hotter it gets.

  • Base – Up To 50% Charge Rate – 2 Polyaniline, 4 Kyanite, 1 Wiring Kit
Sonar Module

This will emit a wave detailing data of the area on the HUD as well as revealing the topography of the area.

  • Base – 1 Computer Chip, 3 Magnetite
Fire Suppression System Module

This upgrade will automatically extinguish fires that break out due to incoming damage.

  • Base – 2 Aerogel, 2 Crystaline Sulfur
Docking Bat Repair Module

This will automatically repair any Seamoth and Prawn Suits you return with.

  • Base – 1 Repair Tool, 1 Copper Wire
Creature Decoy Tube Module

This increases the number of creatures a Decoy Tube can hold. It will increase to five with this upgrade.

  • Base – 3 Titanium, 2 Lithium, 1 Aerogel
Shield Generator Module

The final upgrade will temporarily project an electromagnet shield around the Cyclops. This will repel and negate all incoming damage.

  • Base – 1 Advanced Wiring Kit, 1 Polyaniline, 1 Power Cell

That covers it for the Cyclops. What have you been working towards in Subnautica?

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Fabricator Menu Submarine.png

Upgrade Modules are software drives that improve the Cyclops, Seamoth, Prawn Suit, and Scanner Room.

Upgrade Modules for the Cyclops are crafted at the mini-fabricator in the Cyclops' engine room, Upgrade Modules for the Seamoth and Prawn Suit are crafted at the mini-fabricator in the Vehicle Upgrade Console (formerly referred to as the Vehicle Modification Station), and Upgrade Modules for the Scanner Room are crafted at the mini-fabricator in the Scanner Room.

Note that a few upgrades are compatible with both the Seamoth and the Prawn Suit, and both the Seamoth, Prawn, and Cyclops Depth Modules are themselves upgradeable.  In those cases, the base-level module is crafted at the mini-fabricators described above, but then improved individually at the Modification Station (not to be confused with the Vehicle Upgrade Console mentioned above).

Upgrade Modules for the Cyclops can be placed in the upgrade console found in the engine room of the Cyclops. Six Upgrade Modules can be applied at once.

Upgrade Modules to the Seamoth are placed in a panel on the Seamoth's left side. Up to four Upgrade Modules can be applied at once.

Upgrade Modules for the Prawn Suit are placed in a panel on its top left. The Prawn Suit has four slots for Upgrade Modules as well as two purple-colored slots specifically for arm upgrades.

Upgrade Modules to the Scanner Room are placed in a panel inside the Scanner Room. Up to four Scanner Room Upgrade Modules can be applied at once.

Upgrades Compatible with Seamoth and Prawn Suit

Modules Description Enhanced
Seamoth Power Efficiency Module.png
Engine Efficiency Module
  • Recycles heat by-product to minimize power inefficiencies. Seamoth/Prawn compatible. Does stack.
Seamoth Hull Reinforcement.png
Hull Reinforcement
  • Preemptively hardens the chassis before collision, eliminating damage under normal conditions. Seamoth/Prawn compatible.
Storage Module.png
Storage Module
  • A 4×4 storage locker. Seamoth/Prawn compatible.
  • Can equip multiple copies for added effect.
  • Note that placing it in different slots on the Seamoth's panel will result in the access hatch(es) being located in different places on the actual Seamoth.

Seamoth Upgrades

Prawn Suit Upgrades

Cyclops Upgrades

Scanner Room Upgrades

Modules Description Enhanced
Scanner Room Range Upgrade.png
Scanner Room Range Upgrade
Scanner Room Speed Upgrade.png
Scanner Room Speed Upgrade


Upgrade Module In-game

An Upgrade Module

2015-05-08 00035

Old Upgrade Console UI

Seamoth Upgrades Panel

Seamoth upgrade panel, where Upgrade Modules can be placed.

The Vehicle Modification Station inside the Moonpool where the Upgrade Modules can be created.

  1. Install voicemail app
  2. Google drive diagrams
  3. 7 inch high storage baskets

PrimeSonic Subnautica Mods

MoreCyclopsUpgradesProvides the framework to expand the Cyclops with lots of new upgrades and more upgrade consoles to fit them all in.
Too many features to list here.101Vehicle Upgrades In CyclopsAdds all the crafts from the Moonpool's Vehicle Upgrade Console to the Cyclops Fabricator.83CustomCraft2SMLA complete replacement for CustomCraft built using SMLHelper for the better compatibility with other mods114UpgradedVehiclesDepth modules add gradually increasingly bonuses to vehicle HP, damage reduction, speed, and engine efficiency.
Improves Hull Armor Module and adds the new vehicle Speed Boost Module115DataBoxScannerFixFixes the bug where the Scanner Room would still pick up empty DataBoxes.
Special thanks to Vlad-00003 for making LargeDepositsFix open source which helped kick start the fix for DataBoxes.128MidGame BatteriesAdds a new Battery and Power Cell that can be crafted shortly after reaching the depths of the Lost River.170BetterBioReactorAll the enhancements of the Cyclops BioReactor brought to the base
Special thanks to Waisie Milliams Hah for helping with the UI additions.218VehicleModuleFabricatorAdds a new buildable fabricator for vehicle upgrade modules.
Big thanks to OSubMarin for getting the new model working.
Now remade inside CustomCraft2.93IonCubeGeneratorMakes ion cubes from inside your own base!
Created in collaboration with ccgould / FCStudios242



Mobile Vehicle Bay


Vast industrial-use submarine.

Hull Integrity

500 meters
Cyclops Depth Module MK1: 900m
Cyclops Depth Module MK2: 1300m
Cyclops Depth Module MK3: 1700m


Cyclops Hull Blueprint


Plans for building a Cyclops


Cyclops Engine Blueprint


Plans for building a Cyclops


Cyclops Bridge Blueprint


Plans for building a Cyclops


Be advised: the Cyclops is designed to be operated by a three-person crew. Only experienced helms-people should attempt to pilot this vehicle solo.

― PDA, Dialogue


The Cyclops is a player-controlled submarine that is constructed using the Mobile Vehicle Bay. It is equipped with a vehicle bay capable of storing a Seamoth or Prawn Suit and can be modified with a range of different upgrades.

At 54 meters long, 12 meters wide and 14 meters tall, the Cyclops is the largest vehicle available and capable of diving to depths of 500 meters, or 1700 meters fully upgraded. It can be utilized as a mobile base, capable of being outfitted with furniture and other amenities using the Habitat Builder.


Access is obtained either via the dive chamber located at the bow of the keel or via the docking bay when piloting a Seamoth or Prawn Suit. It is equipped with an onboard AI that will warn the player of danger and a beacon allowing the player to locate it at a distance. Should the player choose to build multiple Cyclops, each will have its own beacon.


Unlike most other blueprints, the player must find and scan three different sets of fragments to craft. These are:

  1. Cyclops Hull fragments (Mushroom Forest, Sea Treader's Path, East side of Mountain Island)
  2. Cyclops Engine fragments (Aurora, Crag Field, Crash Zone, Mountains, and the Underwater Islands Wreck, East side of Mountain Island)
  3. Cyclops Bridge fragments (Crash Zone, Mushroom Forest and Sea Treader's Path, East side of Mountain Island)

Each set requires three fragments to be scanned to complete the component. Each component is shown individually in the PDA. Each completed component will progress the overall Cyclops blueprint by 33%; to fully complete the Cyclops blueprint, the player must find and scan nine fragments in total. It should be noted that while the East side of Mountain Island is a viable place to find many / all of the parts, a Reaper Leviathan and Boneshark patrols the area, and the parts reside at a depth of over 200m.


The Cyclops functions as a cross between a Seabase and a vehicle: the player can freely walk around inside it, only controlling it when they approach the helm control and "use" it. While controlling the helm, the player is still able to move their viewpoint in a limited arc to look around. The Cyclops takes over the movement controls, with forward and back moving the submarine in that direction, swim up and swim down being used to ascend and descend, and left and right used to turn. It cannot "strafe" sideways, nor can it pitch forward or back as the Seamoth can.

The submarine is equipped with three external cameras which are operated via the HUD. These cameras are located on the keel, sail and screw, which in layman's terms are below, above and at the rear of the submarine, respectively.

The Cyclops has three speed settings: "slow," "standard" and "flank." As well as speed, each setting affects the amount of noise generated and, in turn, the attention drawn from hostile fauna. More information on noise can be found in the Noise subsection.

A Cyclops spawns with a full set of six standard Power Cells inserted into racks of three sockets on either side of the engine, and two wall-mounted Fire Extinguishers, one located next to the damage control console and the other in the engine room. If the player takes one of these, they can replace it (or place a different Fire Extinguisher) by equipping the Extinguisher and looking at the wall bracket, which will bring up a "replace fire extinguisher" button prompt.

The Bridge is located at the bow of vessel and features a large domed glass port which is the primary viewing port for navigating.

A wall-mounted fire extinguisher can be located on the port wall and the player is able to access both the Upper midsection via a large bulkhead door and the keel via a dedicated ladder.

There are several different HUDs located here.

The middle of the HUD area is largely clear, but much of the HUD available to the pilot is not visible until the player engages the controls. The Cyclops is incapable of movement if the engine is disabled, and will display "Engine off" in red on the HUD to remind the player.

  • Depth Indicator & Engine Power - Displayed at the top-center of the window, these values indicate the Cyclops' current/maximum depth, and the engine's remaining power (as a percentage).
  • Compass - Displayed at the bottom of the window, attached to the top of the steering controls.
  • Engine Power & Propeller Speed - Displayed on the upper-left of the window, the propeller icon toggles the engine on or off. Below it, players can select one of three speed settings. However, these speed settings are only visible on the HUD if the engine is turned on.
  • Cyclops Health and Noise Emissions - Displayed as two bars on the lower-left of the window.
  • External Cameras & Silent-Running Mode - Displayed on the right side of the window, these buttons allow the player to look through the external cameras, toggle Silent Running mode and activate the Decoy Launcher, as well as showing how many decoys are loaded. Other active Cyclops modules such as the Cyclops Shield Generator and Cyclops Sonar Upgrade will add icons to this panel, allowing the player to toggle them on or off.
    • Clicking the camera icon will allow the player to cycle between the external cameras. There are three in total; one under the keel, one behind the propeller and one on the sail. These cameras are best used for navigating around obstacles and for checking for predators. The player is still fully in control of the Cyclops while using the cameras. The cameras have their own directional light, though these are only active when the camera is in use.
  • Threat Indicator - A projector to the right of the helm displays a hologram of the Cyclops, the locations of nearby hostile creatures and the scope of the noise emitted, represented by a faint blue sphere. Hostile creatures appear as red triangles if they are likely to attack the Cyclops, and yellow triangles if they are not yet aware of it. Decoys appear as yellow dots.
  • Proximity Indicator - If any part of the Cyclops is close to terrain, a warning icon of the Cyclops viewed from above will appear in the center of the HUD, with flashing red dots showing where the terrain is relative to the Cyclops' hull.
  • Floodlights - Right-clicking while piloting the submarine will toggle the front-facing floodlights on and off, unless the vessel is rigged for silent running.
  • Damage Indicator - A hologram displaying a side-view of the Cyclops can be found on the port side of the bridge. The hologram displays the Cyclops' health bar at the top, and highlights the location of any leaks and fires in the sub. An alert will also be displayed here if there is at least one Lava Larva attached to the Hull. This appears as a small yellow Lava Larva icon. The Fire Suppression System can be activated from here, if installed.
  • The starboard HUD offers several more controls.

    • External Color Scheme and Custom Name - Players can use the panel on the left side of this HUD to customize the color scheme of the Cyclops' exterior and set a custom name of up to 14 characters for the Cyclops. The Cyclops' name will be displayed on its exterior starboard side and on its beacon.
    • Internal Lights and Floodlights - Players can use the panel on the right side of this HUD to toggle the exterior front-facing floodlights and internal lights on or off. Both sets of lights can not be toggled on if Silent Running mode is activated.

    The upper midsection of the vessel grants access to the Bridge via a single large circular airlock, and to the port and starboard sides of the engine room via two bulkhead doors.

    The access port to the vehicle bay is located in the center of the large room and allows the player to disembark via a docked Seamoth or Prawn Suit.

    A console is also located in this room, which allows the player to manage upgrade modules and access any storage on a docked vehicle. The health and energy of the vehicle can also be viewed on this console.

    In between the two engine room doors is the loading port for the Decoy Tube. One Creature Decoy can be loaded here, or five if the Cyclops Decoy Tube Upgrade is installed.

    This section is the largest open space on board. Thus it is a good place for the player to place large stationary items such as Fabricators, Lockers, or Indoor Growbeds.

    The engine room is located at the stern of the vessel. The engine takes up almost all of the space in the room, leaving only a narrow passageway on either side for the player to walk down.

    This is where the Cyclops' six Power Cells are located, three on either side of the engine. The player can check the charge status of each Power Cell and remove or replace them with LMB.

    The Cyclops' upgrade fabricator is located on the starboard hull. It functions similarly to the upgrade fabricator in the Vehicle Upgrade Console and Scanner Room, allowing the player to craft dedicated Cyclops Upgrade Modules, which can be installed at the upgrade console located in the port side of the engine.

    A wall-mounted fire extinguisher can be found on the port outer wall.

    The player can dock a Seamoth or Prawn Suit within the Cyclops by approaching the middle of the keel, similar to the Moonpool. There is only space for one vehicle to be docked at a time.

    Seamoths and Prawns will recharge while docked, draining power from the Cyclops' power cells. Vehicles in the Cyclops will also be repaired automatically if the Cyclops is equipped with a Cyclops Docking Bay Repair Module.

    The Vehicle Bay can be accessed via the Ramp Section or the Keel Section, allowing the player to observe any Docked Vehicles. The doors from the lower section into the Ramp Section and Keel Section automatically close upon docking or undocking Vehicles

    The keel section of the Cyclops has five built-in Storage Lockers, each containing 18 (3×6) units of space. The diving chamber is located here, which allows the player to embark and disembark from the vessel through a hatch.

    The Ramp Section is located beneath the Engine room, and serves as an access route between the Engine room and the Vehicle Bay. It has a small amount of room on the walls for smaller wall mounted objects like Wall Lockers and Fabricators.

    Construction Recipe

    Upgrades and Customization

    The Cyclops can be customized using the onboard Cyclops Upgrade Fabricator located on the starboard side of the engine room.

    Upgrades can be installed and removed via a six-slot panel on the port side of the engine room.

    The Engine Efficiency Module and Decoy Tube Upgrade are first unlocked after building a Cyclops for the first time, but the Engine Efficiency Module can be acquired by grabbing the upgrade from the modification storage in the drive core room of the Aurora.


    Upgrades cyclops

    Where do I install the Cyclops Upgrades?
    I've created some Cyclops upgrades, but for the life of me I can't figure out where to install them. I've been all over the ship, inside and out.


    - Tech

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