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The Last Days - a new post apocalyptic, massively open-world game*

Hello everyone, I’ve been posting here periodically over the past few months on this map I’m working on, and I can finally say it’s finished, more or less (still some optimization to be done, one particular area is still underworks.)

The map is one of the largest explorable maps in roblox, each building is uniquely built all connected on a realistic road system in a post-apocalyptic environment. Inspiration was taken from the Last of Us.

I have tried my best to add as much detail to the buildings, roads etc., however, due to the amount of parts and textures it is very laggy to do more detailing in studio (more than 300k parts, thousands of textures…)

Made by Lazy Goat Studios

I am generally looking for feedback.


*-no gameplay yet, just the map for now.



Roblox: 15 Best Zombie Games

Zombie games have been popular on Roblox for years. Thanks to the cartoon graphics, zombie games are more fun than scary, and usually involve loads of different players battling against waves of monsters. You can unlock new weapons, get fresh cosmetics, and invite your friends to play as well.

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A lot of the games take inspiration from Call of Duty: Zombies, but there are a few that are more about storytelling than pure action. With so much to choose from in Roblox, it can be hard to know which game to play first. To help out, here's a list of the best zombie games in 2021.

Updated September 3rd by Harry Alston: We're updating this list to include five of the best new zombie games in Roblox. Thanks to lots of newcomers and some older games that have received updates recently, there are more zombie games than ever to play in Roblox. Here are our favorites.

15 Survival Zombie Tycoon

After a big summer update, Survival Zombie Tycoon is looking better than ever. Like all the best tycoon games in Roblox, this one is all about gathering resources and upgrading your base.

There's a whole arsenal of weapons at your disposal, although you'll mostly be using different swords to cut down hordes of zombies. You can play on your own or with friends - work together to take down the shambling monsters that attack your base each night.

14 Zombie Stories

Zombie Stories is more of a story-based co-op shooter than your regular Roblox zombie game. You can play with up to five friends or strangers as you tackle a gritty storyline with fast-paced movement and different weapons to choose from.

It's not quite scary enough to fit into our best Roblox horror games, but it definitely offers something a little bit different than wave-defense, tycoon games, and zombie modes.

13 Zombie Outbreak

With close to five million unique visits, this is actually one of the smaller zombie games on this list, but it's still a lot of fun to play with your friends.

It's your classic zombie survival game. Fight off waves of zombies with your friends using a range of different weapons and upgrades. There are some in-game cosmetics you can purchase as well, but they're not necessary if you just want to slay zombies.

12 Recoil Zombies

Recoil Zombies takes some classic Call of Duty zombie maps - Verruckt, Kino, and Nacht - and transforms them into an awesome Roblox experience. You'll recognize the locations if you're familiar with the other games, but even if you're not, you're still in for a good time.

The game is simple: defend against waves of zombies with a range of weapons, gaining score in a competition with your mates, and building up barricades and defenses against the swarms of zombies. You can also play solo if you're looking for more of a challenge.

11 Zombie Tycoon

Another tycoon game to add to the list (they are very popular on Roblox at the moment), Zombie Tycoon is a little different from the other similar games on this list.

There are a bunch of new unique weapons that really make this tycoon game stand apart: rocket launchers, sniper rifles, grenade launchers, you name it, this game has it. Loads of fun to play on your own or with some friends, and it receives regular updates, too.

10 Zombie Attack

Zombie Attack is one of the most popular zombie games you can play in Roblox. It has had one billion visits since it was created in 2017 and well over four million favorites. There are loads of different guns, levels, and even boss zombies that will take teamwork to bring down.

The whole point of the game is to level up your character. Over time, you will get more in-game currency to purchase new weapons and cosmetics. With enough time you can unlock some seriously powerful weapons, like an enormous laser gun. That gun is one of the rarest items that players want to get their hands on.

9 Project Lazarus: Zombies

Project Lazarus: Zombies is one of the original zombie games in Roblox, and the makers have been working on the game since 2016. The game still receives regular updates to this day. Project Lazarus: Zombies is definitely inspired by Call of Duty: Zombies, and is a more kid-friendly version of the popular franchise's game mode.

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You can play the game by yourself or with your friends. The rounds play out just like Call of Duty: Zombies, in as much as you have to build barricades around the main room and unlock guns by collecting points. There is even a Ray Gun.

8 Zombie Uprising

With almost 100 million visits since 2020, Zombie Uprising is one of the fresh zombie games in Roblox. There are waves and waves of zombies to fight off, and you can use a wide variety of different weapons, including assault rifles and shotguns. Every time you take down a zombie you get some cash that is used to upgrade your gear.

There's a bit of variety in terms of enemies too: there are Ice Zombies, Demons, Mini-Bosses, basically lots of different types to battle with. The game continues to receive updates. More maps and guns will be added to the game's already huge stockpile. Zombie Uprising is a great place to show off your expensive catalog items.

7 Zombie Rush

Zombie Rush is a third-person zombie game where you defeat waves of zombies. Its newest update added some new advanced Zombie AI (so they're a bit harder to shoot) and a brand new Nuke Launcher weapon. Since 2013, the game has been visited over 600 million times.

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What's unique about Zombie Rush is that it also gives players the opportunity to play as the zombie. Rather than just using a weapon all the time, you can hop onto the other side and try to take down your friends as a super-fast zombie.

6 Field Trip Z

Compared to many of the other zombie games on this list, Field Trip Z leads you down a story with multiple endings. The choices you make and the paths you take all lead to different outcomes, which means you can play through quite a few times before you get bored. It's one of the best story-based games in Roblox.

However, it's not all story. Field Trip Z is all about its massive zombie bosses. Best approached with a team of players, these huge bosses will need to be taken down to progress through the story. There are quite a few parkour jumps and puzzles to explore with your friends.

5 Zombie Defense Tycoon

Zombie Defense Tycoon is a bit of a different zombie game. Rather than using weapons yourself, this is more of a tower defense game where you need to build up your base to defend against waves of attacking zombies. You'll have to set up a sort of mini-factory to farm resources.

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You then use those resources to build walls and construct other defenses, like turrets, tire barricades, and rocket emplacements. It takes time to get to the top-tier weapons. If you want, you can also purchase a weapon for your character to use.

4 Among Us Zombies

Love Among Us but think it could be better with zombies? Roblox delivers. This game takes the quirky aesthetic of Among Us and its spaceship map and adds waves of zombies for you and your friends to defeat. Like other games, you unlock currency by defeating zombies, which you can use to buy new weapons.

In terms of gameplay, it's not really like Among Us at all. There aren't any imposters or challenges to complete (there are a couple of different tasks, though), and there's no player voting system to speak of. It's just Among Us characters killing zombies, and that's that.

3 Zombie Strike

Zombie Strike is another popular zombie game that claims it's inspired by games like Counter-Strike and Dwarf Fortress. Its new Dual Wield update lets you use two weapons at the same time if you can find the legendary perk that lets you do so.

Zombie Strike is set on a large open map and can be played with other players. You unlock gear by defeating zombies and completing quests, and you can use special items like grenades and healing potions to survive the waves of zombies.

2 MMC Zombies Project

MMC Zombies Project is a highly-rated zombie game that takes clear inspiration from Call of Duty: World At War zombies, with wave after waves of zombies attacking you. You can build barricades, buy iconic weapons (like the M1 Garand) and upgrade your gear.

The map is just like the original zombies map from Call of Duty, so if you've played that before it'll definitely deliver up some nostalgia. This is a game best enjoyed with your friends, though there can be up to 40 players in a server at the same time.

1 Zombie Tag

Zombie Tag is a classic Roblox zombie game. Some players are the zombies, others have to hide or defeat the zombies as they attack. Human players will need to collect keys dotted around the map, unlock each of the safes, and then escape with a helicopter.

This game has had 30 million visits since last year and recently received a new update with a Shipwrecked map. It's a fun game to play with your friends and there can be up to 20 players on a server at a time.

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20 Best Roblox Apocalypse Games - Most Played

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5) Survival: Apocalypse (CHRISTMAS UPDATE)

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6) Zombie Apocalypse LEVELS SAVE!

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Played 1,166,062 times. APOCALYPSE SURVIVAL Preview Image

8) Apocalypse Games [Development Ceased]

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9) [Hiatus] Apocalypse Rising Randomizer

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10) Snoop Dogg Apocalypse NEW!

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11) Apocalypse Rising FFA Arena (NEW GUNS)

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13) Apocalypse Rising: Legacy

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14) Apocalypse Rising Lazarus Testing

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18) [FIXING :/ ]Apocalypse Rising Re-Imagined Mod

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19) DSIO™ AWAITING UPDATES (Apocalypse Reinstated)

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20) Final Frontier :: Apocalypse Simulator

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Top 10 Best Roblox Zombie Games to play in 2020

This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

Apoc Games.png
Dead Player.png

Apocalypse Games, is a First-Person-Shooter game created byGusmanak and ZolarKeth, and is based off Apocalypse Rising. It uses the same maps but not the same system. In Apocalypse Games you are in first person. Making it an FPS. It has Apocalypse Rising weapons and locations, but do not come here expecting some Apocalypse Rising gameplay. You start with a Makarov and a choice of a Mosin Nagant, Lee-Enfield, M1 Garand, DB Shotgun or an M3. After choosing your gear, players vote on the map and gamemode to play on next. A map can have any mixture of these features, all random.

  • Sole Survivor/Team Survivor
  • Location
  • Time of Day
  • Zombies/No zombies
  • Hardcore mode/Normal mode
  • Player respawning/No respawning (Double Points)
  • Friendly Fire on/Friendly Fire off
  • Random Gamemode and Options

Each match is about 5-6 minutes long.

As you kill players and zombies you earn CR (Credits) and RP (Research Points) which you can use to buy better guns, outfits, hair colors, and more.

Each player kill is worth roughly 300 CR as of v1.1.0. CR and RP are used to purchase items in game. To buy a gun, you must first Research it in order. RP are used for Researching items. You may buy CR, but not RP as it would make the game a pay-to-win. Clothes and other items do not take research points.


RP=Research Points

The objective of the game is to kill other players while trying to play the objective (And/or with zombies) and live as long as possible. You spawn with 4 mags for whatever gun you have. Food, ammo, and other useful items can be found around the map, but will drop when you die, and your items will able to be picked up by other players.

Make sure your internet connection is not slow in order to fully enjoy the game.

After it's 1.3.0. update, third person was removed. The entire game is now spent in first person.

The game was released on the First of May, 2014 and is now open to the public. During Beta, it oddly costed 100R$ to play, until Gusmanak lowered it to 50R$. It is now free to play, and has a spot on the Popular page.

Game Modes

Apocalypse Games has a variety of game modes. Below is a list of the Game Modes

-Sole Survivor

In Sole survivor, it is a free for all based mode in which players have to get the most kills in the match. When No respawns is activated, it becomes an elimination match in which you try to survive the longest.

-Team Survivor

Similar to team deathmatch, in this mode, two factions (Survivors and Bandits) must fight each other and earn the most kills to win.

-Team/Sole Exterminators

In Exterminator, Players must kill as many zombies as they can to win the game. Zombie health remains the same in this mode.

-Capture the Beans

In Capture the Beans, players must attack each others Ural's in order to grab their supply of Beans. The player who captures them must then make his way to his team's Ural to earn points for capturing Beans. The team with the most points at the end wins.

-Ural conquest

In Ural Conquest, there are 3 Urals scattered across the map that must be captured and held by your team to earn points. Enemies can capture your Urals so always have guards ready.

-King of the Ural

In this mode, there is one URAL that teams must fight over. Capture the URAL and hold it to earn points.


There are a variety of maps in the game. These maps include:

-Radio Tower

-Towns such as Dirk

-Cities such as Hark




  • Gus and Keth have quit updating AG and are letting someone else develop it.
    • This was given to two members of Apocalypse Rising Community where they can work on it.
  • Despite the game being extremely popular for the first three weeks or so, after that it quickly fell into obscurity. The exact reason for this is unknown, but it probably has to do something with either:
    • The massive difficulty for new players, due to the starter weapons' poor quality, and the fact that the veteran players had outright better weapons.
    • The long amounts of time it took to level up and get money.

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If you're interested in testing out Apocalypse Rising 2 Alpha, you can play the game before everyone else for only 200 Robux! Eventually, it will be free to play for all users. Apocalypse Rising is an open world zombie survival game where the zombies aren't the only threat. Group up, repair vehicles, build bases, eliminate the infected, and watch out for hostile survivors! VIP servers are only 100 Robux per month. You can subscribe to a private VIP server by clicking on the "Servers" tab. VIP servers allow owners to kick and ban players, as well as set moderators who can do the same. Apocalypse Rising does not support mobile platforms. We apologize for the inconvenience.
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10 Roblox Games like Rust (Must Try !)


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