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Bulk Hardwood Pellets: Your Efficient Home Heating Solution

Order Bulk Hardwood Pellets for the first time and get a Free Super Sack. These sacks are super strong and large enough to hold one ton of pellets. You can scoop the pellets out of the top of the sack as needed. These sacks can even be placed on your porch.

Better yet, built your own custom DIY Pellet Storage Bin for storing your HARDWOOD PELLETS. The bulk pellet storage bin can be placed in your basement, garage, or other indoor areas. Or consider an outdoor pellet storage shed placed at a location with convenient access and we’ll keep it re-filled as needed.

No matter which option you choose, we recommend making use of our outside fill kits that allow us to refill your storage bin when you’re not at home. It works just like the oil ports that are reused to refill heating oil tanks. We pull up to your home, connect our hose to your port, and blow the bulk wood pellets into your bin for a hassle-free experience.

Sours: https://kingdombiofuel.com/wood-pellets-for-heating/hardwood-heating-pellets/bulk-hardwood-pellets/

Bulk Wood Pellet Delivery

Ready to go bulk? Request a visit from PELLETS EXPRESS™ for convenient bulk deliveries to your home or business in Pennsylvania. Customers who buy their Energex wood pellets in bulk enjoy:

  • Convenience: Are you tired of lugging around and disposing of pellet bags every year? Experience the convenience of bulk pellet delivery that are placed where you want them!
  • Preparedness: Not everyone has the time, energy or ability to regularly buy wood pellet bags all winter. Order a bulk delivery to get the entire season’s fuel at once. As a result, you’ll have the peace of mind that your winter heating is covered this year.
  • Simplicity: We’ll work with you to set up a pellet system where our pellets travel directly from our Mifflintown, PA, plant to your bulk storage. No need for individual bags — just the amount you ask for.
  • Sustainability: Imagine how many bags you throw out every year when you buy them individually. Our direct transportation doesn’t require extra packaging.
  • Accessibility: Large quantities of wood pellets are heavy, making transport difficult for folks without the strength to carry them. Since we deliver your pellets right to storage, you’ll only need to worry about the amount that goes into your stove at one time.

Our customers take advantage of these benefits and more when they receive bulk wood pellets from PELLETS EXPRESS™. Please keep in mind that our bulk wood pellets are for sale only in Pennsylvania due to proximity to our Mifflintown plant.

Your Delivery From the PELLETS EXPRESS™

When you buy individual 40-pound bags of wood pellets, you have to carry, handle and discard every single bag. Some customers don’t mind managing these tasks, but the job isn’t desirable or feasible for many others. We started PELLETS EXPRESS™ to give our Pennsylvania customers a convenient solution to this issue.

Once we receive your bulk wood pellet order, we load the PELLETS EXPRESS™ truck at our plant in Mifflintown, PA. Our central location lets us travel to numerous regions in Pennsylvania to serve customers like you. When we get to your home, we deliver your wood pellets into a bulk storage container there. You won’t even have to leave your house to get access to clean and effective wood pellet heating.

Bulk Pellets DealersAddress:Phone Number:
Creekside Hearth & Patio220 West Freedom Ave, Burnham, PA 17009717-248-9984
Route 333 Supplies LLC9901 Route 333, Port Royal, PA 17082717 -527-4220
Mifflintown Hardware4158 William Penn Hwy, Mifflintown, PA 17059717-436-9650
AES Hearth & Patio1743 Pine Road, Newville PA 17241717-486-7690
Pennwood Corporation294 West College Avenue, Pleasant Gap, PA 16823814-359-2761

For Residential and COMMERCIAL Customers

If you need wood pellets, we can get them to you — it doesn’t matter whether you own a home or business. New to the world of wood pellet heating? No problem! We’ll walk you through the entire process. Tell us about the kind of heating you need, and we’ll come up with an easy-to-understand solution. Customers who don’t have bulk storage can choose from a variety of options that we provide, and we’ll gladly give you advice if you don’t know what will work best.

Bulk Deliveries That Meet the Energex Standard

At Energex, we expect only the best from our products and services, including PELLETS EXPRESS™. You’ll get the same level of quality and care that you’d get buying individual bags from us, but with more convenience and a lower price. Live in Pennsylvania? Contact us to see if your area has bulk delivery available.

Sours: https://energex.com/products/bulk-pellets-pellets-express-delivery-in-pa/
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Bulk Wood Pellet Delivery Systems 

In order to effectively replace residential and small business fossil fuel use with renewable heating fuels, fuel delivery and system operation need to be about as seamless to the user as current fossil fuel systems. Therefore, a bulk delivery system would be essential to support a market. Yet, a market needs to exist before a bulk delivery network can become financially viable. Thus, a catch-22 of sorts.  

The Vision_Cycle1

The big picture idea is to heat our homes, offices, shops and institutions with locally grown and produced, renewable premium wood pellets or wood chips, rather than expensive, foreign (or domestic), polluting fossil fuels. Also, to do this with advanced, automated appliances and systems that are safe, convenient, clean and affordable.

  • These advanced furnaces (hot air) and boilers (hot water) are as automatic as conventional appliances. These are not wood pellet stoves or backyard boilers.
  • Wood pellets are delivered in the same manner as propane or fuel oil, to a storage bin, similar to the propane or fuel oil tank you might have now.
  • The Wood Energy Team and partners are working to pilot a program in southwest Michigan.

For the Homeowner

Early-adopter homeowners would install a wood pellet furnace (forced air) or boiler (radiator system) simply for environmental reasons, even when the installation costs are higher than traditional devices.  These people may also be willing to hand-fill a hopper with standard forty-pound bags, until a bulk delivery service can be built.  However, it will be difficult to find a certified installer (few in Michigan) and a vendor of these high-tech appliances.  But, the vision for an economic driver in Michigan involves tens of thousands of homeowners and small businesses that currently burn more expensive fuels, with greater price volatility and damaging environmental impacts. If existing models in New England and Europe are examples, then both incentives and time will be required.  

Advantages of Advanced Wood Pellet Heating SystemsBurnerPlates

  • Appliances are guaranteed reliable for over 30 years.
  • Fuel prices are stable and affordable.
  • Keeps energy dollars working in local economies.
  • Less fossil fuel pollution.
  • These “green” systems promote forest health and reduce waste. 

Challenges in Achieving a Working Business Model

  • Systems are initially expensive, but are affordable over the life of the system.
  • These systems are new and unfamiliar to most Michigan homeowners, but are common in New England and Europe.
  • Dealers and installers in Michigan are equally unfamiliar.
  • Premium wood pellets cannot be delivered in bulk, yet, because Michigan lacks the delivery infrastructure.
  • Experience shows that deploying these systems requires incentives, or a fossil fuel crisis.

Positive Forest & Environmental Impacts

  • Management Flexibility - More markets yield more management options and more management leads to better forests.
  • Healthier Trees - Related to the above but management does, indeed provide more products and services than unmanaged forests, including healthier trees that are more resilient to pests.  
  • Low-grade Materials - These materials are removed to shape longer-term desired future conditions of forests, creating higher quality trees or other forest characteristics. Markets for these materials are often lacking. 
  • Inventory Monitoring - Forest monitoring needs to continue, perhaps intensity, in order to better understand the effects of management activities the roles of various wood product markets.
  • Regional Differences - Forest conditions and growth-harvest-mortality ratios vary across the state and from statewide averages.  
  • Environmental Benefits - Wood is the most environmentally-friendly raw material at our disposal. Within the limits of natural productivity, wood should be used whenever possible, including the low-hanging fruit of heating and cooling technologies.

Timber Harvest

Responsible wood use begins with responsible harvest. Michigan adds huge volumes of wood to its inventory each year. A portion of that growing inventory could be used for increased benefits to society. Wood processing from forest to front door.Truck

  • Transportation - This involves the use of fossil fuels, the same as delivering any other heating fuel or manufactured goods. 
  • Mill Residues / Roundwood - These are the first choice for pellet manufacturing. However, as the wood pellet market grows it will soon consume residues and will need to turn to wood directly from the forest. This will increase the cost of pellet manufacturing. 
  • Pellet Manufacturing - There are several pellet mills across the state that currently operate under capacity. Nevertheless, should the pellet demand become an important economic driver, as in other regions of the U.S., there will come a point where additional mills will be necessary. 
  • Pellet Quality & Standards - Premium wood pellets now have regulated standards. This was not the case earlier in the wood pellet manufacturing era. 
  • Supply Stability - Raw product supply is certainly a Source1concern, yet we have barely scratched the surface of what could be available. The need for heat (and cooling) requires an uninterrupted supply chain, either for wood-based products or for fossil fuels. 
  • Local Economy - Because forest products such as chips, logs and pulpwood, as well as wood pellets are bulky, low-value materials, they cannot be economically transported very far. This translates into the need for local and regional markets, unlike fossil fuels. Keeping energy dollars local can be an important economic driver.  

Home & Business Benefits

  • Public Awareness - Most people are unaware of the advanced technologies for wood pellet heating. These modern appliances are furnaces and boilers, not wood stoves or old-style dirty backyard cordwood boilers (there are now some highly efficient backyard boilers on the market, too).
  • Site Conditions - Each site has a number of variables that translate into the viability of installing a wood pellet heating system. 
  • Installation & Operating Costs - Wood pellet systems are more expensive to install but typically have lower operating costs and the appliances last longer than conventional appliances. This will be more attractive to those with long-term interest in a home or other building. 
  • Appliance Quality & Technology - There are choices in selecting appliances and technologies. Not only does one tend to "get what you pay for", but there are also different levels of homeowner engagement, from simply "turning the thermostat" to loading pellet hoppers yourself. 
  • System Longevity -  Higher-end (and higher cost) appliances have lifetimes of at least 30-35 years. 
  • HVAC Installers - Most installers are also not aware of these advanced, modern appliances. 
  • Pellet Trucks - These are specialized pneumatic trucks that deliver wood pellet in a dust-free condition. They are expensive, typically around $250,000 and therefore require sufficient markets to pay for themselves.  
  • TruckHose1Insurance / Building Codes - These high-tech appliances come with the usual safety coding as gas or fuel oil appliances. However, the novelty of these wood pellet appliances sometimes causes local agents to emplace restrictions.
  • Lending / Incentives (New England examples) - Nearly all regions where wood pellet or wood chip technologies have become essential economic drivers were intitally grown with financial incentives.  

Atmospheric Carbon & Residues

  • Emissions - These advanced appliances meet or beat air quality standards, anywhere. 
  • Carbon Cycle - Much has said about carbon emissions of wood-based fuels. The most important point, perhaps is that all the carbon from burning wood recently came from the atmosphere, soon goes back into forests and is part of the natural carbon cycle. All carbon from burning any amount of fossil fuels was sourced outside the carbon cycle. 
  • Ash Disposal - Once or twice per year, a modern wood-pellet appliance will need to have an ash bin emptied. The appliances do not need to be cleaned any more often than conventional furnaces. 
  • Offset Fossil Fuel Use - This is where burning wood for heat has its greatest environmental advantage. By consuming less fossil fuel and other sources of inorganic carbon, that much less carbon gets released in the carbon cycle. Forest carbon can be burned for centuries with little impact on atmospheric carbon . . . as long as the forest remains as forest (an important caveat).  

References & Links

Also, please see the two recently completed publications from the Vermont State Wood Energy Team:

Sours: https://www.canr.msu.edu/wood_energy/bulk_pellets
Reasons to switch from bag to bulk wood pellet delivery

Bulk wood pellet delivery!

Introducing a revolutionary method for pellet handling and storage

  • no more handling and dumping bags
  • no more sore back and aching knees
  • no more wondering about whether you should buy 1 more ton to last the season
  • no more worrying that you won’t be able to get pellets when the inevitable shortages happen!
  • no more wet bags
  • free up space in your barn/shed/basement

Be the first on your block to switch to bulk pellets and experience the convenience firsthand.

Here’s how it works:

We set a pellet storage bin at your home on blocks or a concrete pad. These bins are weather resistant, attractive and long-lasting.

Our bulk pellet delivery truck comes by on a regular schedule and tops off your bin using our certified on-board scales.

You bring pellets in manually with an easy to carry 5-gallon pail or, for an additional fee, we can set up a hands-off vacuum or auger to place your pellets right where you need them.

Call us today.

Wood Pellets


Ehrhart Energy promises all customers that you will always have heat in the winter, with prompt delivery of any fuel we provide.


You will also always get fair pricing when buying any of our fuels, equipment, or services. We care—you can count on it.

Ehrhart Cares

Learn more about Ehrhart Energy bulk wood pellet delivery service. Contact us to speak with a representative today.

Sours: https://ehrhartenergy.com/wood-pellets/bulk-pellet-delivery/

Pellets bulk delivery wood

Buy Wood Pellets in Bags & in Bulk

Energex offers wood pellet products to meet all your home heating or grilling needs. Our BBQ cooking pellets and heating pellets for sale come from one of the most experienced producers in the industry. We also provide bulk pellet fuel delivery to select areas of Pennsylvania for customers who don’t want to handle plastic bags and enjoy the convenience of having pellets places anywhere in their home. All our pellets meet The Energex Standard — no exceptions.

Bulk Fuel Delivered to Your Door

Pellets Express Delivery in PA for Homes and Commercial Uses

Bulk Delivery Information

Bagged Wood Pellets

Our wood pellet products come in convenient bags you can take wherever you need to heat or cook. Choose from the following pellet types:

  • Hardwood Premium: Don’t underestimate our Hardwood Premium wood pellet. We took a wood stove staple that provides a high BTU value and ash levels on par with higher-end options while keeping an affordable price. Get over 8500 BTUs and enjoy an ash level under one percent.
  • Hardwood Super Premium: With an ash content under 0.5 percent, the Hardwood Super Premium blend ensures a cleaner stove. Invest more money into your clean, sustainable energy for even better results.
  • Premium Softwood: The best of both worlds. Higher heat output from the softwood, with the stable burn of hardwood. More than 8600 BTUs per pound and under one percent ash create a hot, yet clean fire. This pellet is also available in 20lbs bags to make it a little easier on your back.
  • Premium 100% Softwood: You asked for pure softwood pellets, and we listened. This product provides even higher BTUs than the softwood blend pellets while also staying below 0.5% ash.
  • XBLOX6 Bio-Bricks: Build hotter fires without the mess of storing cordwood with our firewood bricks.
  • Ol’ Hick 100% Hickory Pellets: As we like to say, Ol’ Hick smoke ain’t no joke. Our original BBQ cooking pellets contain only hickory from the Appalachian backwoods, resulting in a rich, smoky flavor like no other.
  • Ol’ Hick 100% Apple Pellets: Straight from the orchard, we have added Ol’ Hick Apple to our lineup for customers looking for a lighter, sweet smoke and fruity accent that fully complements the Ol’ Hick Hickory.

Most bagged fuel pellets come in 40-pound bags — except for our Premium Softwood Blend, which you can also buy in 20-pound bags.

Buy Wood Pellets in Bulk

If you prefer to skip the bag, The Pellets Express™ delivers to homes in Pennsylvania. Receive loose pellets straight from our facility in Mifflintown, PA, located in the center of the state. We come to your home or business and put your clean, renewable energy source into a bulk container on your property. Storage locations cans vary by home. Maybe you have an old corn or coal bin that we can turn into a pellet bin? We can also provide one-ton pellet sacks and the pellets can be stored where ever you want. If you are interested in Pellets Express bulk delivery, find a local dealer today or contact us for additional information and availability.

Experience Our Standard

The Energex Standard

We pride ourselves on our certification under the Pellet Fuels Institute (PFI) Standards Program. As the most rigorous set of standards the EPA approves, this benchmark ensures our products won’t damage your stove.

However, at Energex, we aim to go above and beyond the industry’s expectations — we want to set the bar even higher. That’s why all our materials and products go to our on-site quality control lab for thorough testing. Our team doesn’t put bags on the shelves that we wouldn’t use in our own stoves. Experience the Energex Standard for yourself. Contact us for more information regarding our quality control program for bagged and bulk heating pellets.

Get the Latest News, Tips, Recipes & More From:

Sours: https://energex.com/products/

For most people when they start to purchase wood pellets for the first time for their pellet stove or boiler they will purchase them in 20lb or 10kg plastic bags. However, if your going to be using a significant volume of wood pellets every year purchasing in bulk will get you a much better deal. So with this post, I thought I would write about how to get set up to receive loose bulk wood pellet deliveries. Should You wish to build your own wood pellet silo as I did or purchase a pre-made wood pellet storage solution. Whichever option you choose you need to make sure you can properly protect those wood pellets from the elements or those pellets could be damaged.

Disclaimer: Hey! By the way… any links on this page that lead to products on Amazon or other sites are affiliate links and I earn a commission if you make a purchase.

Bulk Wood Pellet Delivery and Storage Advice

If you have the time I would strongly recommend you watch the video below from the UK Pellet Council on best practices for accepting bulk wood pellet deliveries and silo storage designs. While obviously this video is based on UK examples, the same principles apply to best practise in the US as well. I followed this advice when I designed my own pellet silo which has served me well for over 10 years.

The Benefits of Bulk Wood Pellet Deliveries

So the first benefit that most people are drawn to is the lower price per ton of bulk wood pellets. However, there are other benefits to bulk wood pellet deliveries.


Moving from a gas or oil heating system to a wood pellet stove or boiler can be a shock to some people. Especially if they are told that every day they have to pick up one or more plastic bags of wood pellets and empty them into a hopper. Just a few decades ago this would not have seemed a strange concept, especially for those who used coal as their heating fuel. However, in the 21st century, there is a minimum level of convenience that most people expect.

With bulk wood pellet deliveries and suitable storage solutions, a wood pellet heating system can require no more effort than a gas/propane or oil heating system. If a large enough silo is installed a once a year annual bulk wood pellet delivery may be sufficient.

Reducing Plastic Waste

The average home will require 4-5 tons of wood pellets annually. Therefore as you can appreciate that’s a lot of plastic bags. Furthermore, when a wooden pallet arrives its also wrapped in a thick layer of plastic film to protect those bags from tears. If the bags get torn then moisture could make the wood pellets go bad.

With bulk wood pellet deliveries all of that plastic packaging is not required. I’ve sometimes heard of bulk wood pellet deliveries as being bagless deliveries. Plastic waste is a significant issue that needs to be addressed. Especially as in most cases, plastic bags such as these are not easily recycled. Its good to think that with bulk wood pellet deliveries you are not contributing to the plastic waste problem. Many people choose wood pellet heating as a more environmentally responsible heating solution compared to using fossil fuels. Therefore, choosing to go with bulk wood pellet deliveries is the ‘greenest’ way to accept wood pellet deliveries.

Bagged wood pellets

Reducing The Cost Per Ton of Wood Pellets

I’m not going state prices of bagged and bulk wood pellets as they would be pretty inaccurate even a few weeks after writing this post. What I’m going to emphasize is the cost relationship between the price of bagged wood pellets and bulk blown deliveries.

Typically with bulk deliveries, you are able to get a reduced price per ton compared to bagged wood pellets of between 25-50%. Now, the price you can get often depends on what size/volume of delivery you are willing to accept. For instance, there is usually (depending on the supplier) a drop in price over a certain number of tons. For instance, our last delivery of bulk wood pellets dropped by a further £20 per ton as we were able to accept over 8 tonnes. Therefore this leads to an important point. To get the lowest price per ton for bulk wood pellets you really want to install the largest silo you reasonably can.

Being Resilient to Supply and Demand Issues

Like any other commodity, the price of wood pellets goes up and down depending on the supply and demand within the market. There are certain times when supply outstrips demand before demand catches up again. When supply outstrips demand the price of wood pellets falls. Hence if you have a large wood pellet storage silo you can take advantage when prices are at their lowest. That’s why I built myself a 15-tonne storage silo even though I only use a maximum of 7 tonnes in a year. That way I can have two years of fuel to help avoid price spikes.

Surplus Bulk Deliveries

Another benefit of having the largest wood pellet storage silo you can accommodate is surplus bulk wood pellet deliveries. The best way to describe what I mean by surplus deliveries is to provide you with an example.

I’d already had my annual bulk wood pellet delivery when several months later I got a phone call from the supplier. They had been doing a round of deliveries in the area and had several tonnes of wood pellets leftover in the truck. Obviously, they don’t want to be using fuel to transport those wood pellets back to the depot.

Therefore they offered me a very good price to accept the delivery of those surplus tonnes. Therefore, by having a large storage silo I could take advantage of this deal. I use between 5-7 tonnes per year, but my storage room can take up to 15 tonnes at full capacity.

Blown Wood Pellet Best Practice

Whether you intend to bring in a company to install your wood pellet storage silo or you want to go the DIY route its a good idea to make notes on the points below. While the construction of a wood pellet storage silo is a relatively simple job, it’s easy for a bad design to lead to bad quality wood pellets. So even if you want to bring in a company to complete the works, with the information below you can check they are doing it right!

Minimise Pipe Length and Bends

When it comes to bulk wood pellet deliveries you want to keep the length of pipework to an absolute minimum. Quite simply, the longer the wood pellets spend within the pipework the more opportunity there is for them to get damaged. Furthermore, the longer the pipework the higher fan speed required, again leading to a higher likelihood of damage.

The UK Pellet Council states a recommend maximum of 30m of pipework. However, interestingly one UK bulk supplier (liverpoolwoodpellets.co.uk) states that:

“Make sure the access from the truck to the store is less than 18 m. Pellets won’t blow over 20m, it just doesn’t happen.” – Liverpool Wood Pellets

Dust and Bulk Pellet Deliveries

Wood fuel pellets in the US and in Europe are produced to a set of standards. These wood pellet grades dictate the density the wood pellets should be produced to, their ash content and moisture content. However, wood pellet grades also dictate that the fuel should have a minimal level of fines (dust). Fines within the pellets reduce combustion efficiency and can even cause some augers in pellet stoves and boilers to become blocked.

Wood pellet delivery pipe work bends

When it comes to bulk wood pellet deliveries its very important that the wood pellets are handled with care to avoid the pellets breaking apart and causing dust. The UK Pellet Council provides the following advice:

  • Maximum pipe distance of 30m
  • Avoid pipe bends where possible
  • When bends are required use sweeping bends with a minimum radius of 50cm
  • 4″ Spiral Steel Pipework is ideal
  • Male Camlock fittings with dust caps
  • Visual inspection chamber
Bulk blown wood pellet delivery

Wood Pellet Impact Mats

If you have watched the best practice video above you will have noticed what an important role the impact mat plays during a bulk delivery. Without the impact mat, the wood pellets would fly into the wall and break apart leading to lots of fines and dust. The solution is to install a wood pellet impact mat roughly 0.5-0.7m away from the wall of the silo inline with the blown delivery pipe.

Wood pellet impact mat

Now, there are quite a few websites selling impact mats (also called damping mats) and I do feel it’s very important to install one. However, for a piece of rubber and mounting bracket, some companies do overcharge. For my own installation, I actually used an old air bed which I mounted to the ceiling as an impact mat. Its worked perfectly well during the 8 bulk wood pellet deliveries I’ve had over the years.

The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

Wood pellet store ventilation is very important. Many people are not aware that wood pellets off-gas carbon monoxide, and you wouldn’t know in most cases. However, when large quantities of wood pellets are stored in airtight containers/rooms carbon monoxide can build up. There have been instances of fatalities from people opening inspection hatches on large silos that have not been opened in many months. Therefore, it’s very important to ventilate any silo or storage room that accepts bulk wood pellet deliveries.

My storage room is well ventilated. However, as an extra precaution, I’ve also fitted a carbon monoxide monitor which will beep if there is a build-up of carbon monoxide.

How Long Can You Store Bulk Wood Pellets For?

In the past, I’ve been asked how long wood pellets will last in my storeroom. For instance, some people have asked me if wood pellets have a shelf life? The answer is that wood pellets will last pretty much indefinitely as long as you protect them from moisture. So that means your bulk wood pellet storage solution must not only protect the fuel from the rain but they must also be stored in a low humidity environment. If you don’t your bulk wood pellets will absorb the moisture and expand, making them useless.

Bulk wood pellets moisture

Are Bulk Wood Pellet Deliveries Available In Your Area?

There is obviously no point in spending the time and money to purchase or build a bulk wood pellet storage solution if you cannot actually get bulk deliveries to your location. Whether bulk wood pellet deliveries are available will not only depend on how far away you are from the applicable supplier but also how remote your property is. For instance, if you are based down a narrow track which isn’t a proper road. I have heard about cases in the past where some suppliers have refused to offer bulk wood pellet deliveries because of access issues. So if you do live down a small narrow road, check with the bulk wood pellet supplier that access will not be an issue.

Bulk Wood Pellet Deliveries In The US

In the US one of the most popular websites to order wood pellets from is WoodPellets.com. However, they don’t actually offer bulk wood pellet deliveries. Information on their website makes it appear that they used to offer a bulk delivery service, but this has stopped for some reason. The likely reason being a bulk wood pellet delivery wagon is quite an expensive piece of kit. It requires hydraulics to lift the storage bin and a large pneumatic system to transport the wood pellets from the truck into the customer’s silo.

Below are some potential options for bulk wood pellet deliveries in the US if you live within the applicable areas:

Maine Energy Systems (MESys)

As you have probably guessed from their company name MESys are based in Maine on the US-North East coast. MESys offer bulk wood pellet deliveries covering most of the state of Maine.

Vermont Renewable Fuels

Again, the area covered by this company for bulk wood pellet fuel deliveries is in the name. They state that they own the only bulk delivery truck in Vermont with certified scales. After deliveries customers are provided with a receipt that states the number of tons delivered.

Vermont Renewable Fuels Bulk Wood Pellet Deliveries

Energex – Pennsylvania

Energex provides bulk wood pellet deliveries to most parts of Pennsylvania with their PelletsExpress truck. I’ve reviewed their website, however, they don’t state how many tons the PelletsExpress truck can hold. From the looks of it, I would estimate 4-5 tons. Therefore if you have a particularly large silo it would take a couple of trips to fill it. However, as most homes will only use 4-5 tons over a heating season typically one delivery would be fine.

Energex bulk wood pellet delivery truck the PelletsExpress

Sandri Energy

Sandri Energy actually covers a couple of states with their bulk wood pellet deliveries including Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont. They also have a range of different sized delivery trucks which include 9 tons, 23 tons and 30 tons. Their trucks use both pneumatic (blown) and auger discharge systems.

Sandri Energy bulk wood pellet deliveries

Bulk Wood Pellet Deliveries in the UK

In the UK we have a more established network of competing companies offering bulk wood pellet deliveries. Below are details on a couple of options to consider. Prices will obviously vary depending on how close you are to each supplier.

Liverpool Wood Pellets

Despite the name, Liverpool Wood Pellets actually offer bulk deliveries UK wide. They offer Balcas Brite’s premium wood pellets. Their wagons carry between 15-28 tonnes of wood pellets. They have specific requirements about providing sufficient space for truck manoeuvring and they will only blow pellets up to a maximum distance of 18m.

Liverpool Wood Pellets Bulk Deliveries

Forever Fuels

Forever Fuels are my current supplier for bulk wood pellets. I’ve been able to get a fair price over the years and deliveries turn up on time. Just like Liverpool Wood Pellets, Forever Fuels also distribute Balcas premium wood pellets to the ENPlus A1 grade. They have depots and offices around the country to provide a UK wide service.

Forever Fuels bulk wood pellet deliveries

LC Energy

A relatively new player to the bulk wood pellet game and they also only provide deliveries to specific areas of South East England. LC Energy is based in Surrey and provides EN Plus A1 pellets made from FSC certified virgin softwood. They have a fairly detailed FAQ section on what customers should expect to happen during a bulk wood pellet delivery and how to prepare.

LC Energy Wood Pellet Deliveries


Verdo has two UK production facilities located in the North and South of the country with a couple of distribution depots in between. They offer UK wide bulk wood pellet deliveries with lorries which carry up to a maximum of either 14, 18 or 27 tonnes. Again, as with the other suppliers their pellets are made to ENPlus A1 standards.

Verdo Bulk Wood Pellet Deliveries

Conclusions on Bulk Wood Pellet Deliveries

If you have sufficient space either within your existing buildings or space outside for a wood pellet silo I would encourage you to consider it. While there is obviously an upfront cost the savings on bulk wood pellets over time can be considerable.

Personally, I also like the peace of mind that I have a sufficient supply of wood pellets no matter what the weather holds. When a particularly harsh winter hits you don’t want to be having to buy wood pellets during that winter. Not only may there be issues with supply but the price will likely be considerably more than you would pay when accepting a large delivery during the summer months.

A to Z List of Pellet Grill/Smoker Brands

A to Z List of Pellet Grill/Smoker Brands

Back in 2007 when I first become aware of pellet grills and smokers the only brand I was really aware of was Traeger. Traeger is really where this whole concept of cooking with pellets started in the 1980s. It was a ‘slow burner’ (pardon the pun) but since the 2010s is really when pellet grills and smokers started to get mainstream awareness, discussed alongside gas and charcoal grills. There are now over 30 pellet grill/smoker brands that I’m aware of, and the link above goes to my A to Z list of brands article.

Now, you may already be aware of a few of the other brands such as Pit Boss, Camp Chef, Z Grills and I’m sure you are aware of Weber, though you may not have known they have entered the pellet grill game. However, they are now many, many more brands to look into. Some may be what are commonly referred to as ‘Traeger clones’, but many others are offering their own unique designs and features.

A to Z List of The Best BBQ Wood Pellets

A pellet grill/smoker is only as good as the BBQ pellets you put into it. The type/quality of the BBQ wood pellets you use will impact temperature performance and smoke flavour. There are many pellet flavours including Apple, Hickory, Mapel, Oak and Walnut to name but a few. However, some brands are hardwood blended pellets whereas others are 100% single wood species.

In this article, I provide details on over 20 brands of BBQ wood pellets, their range of flavours, whether they are 100% single wood species or hardwood blended pellets, their typical price and where they are available. I also provide tips on how to get the best deal when buying BBQ wood pellets and how to test pellet quality. Finally, I discuss the new kid on the block, charcoal pellets and their special attributes compared to all other hardwood BBQ pellets.

Sours: https://www.pelheat.com/wood-pellets-bulk.html

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