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Less chores, more fun, and a safer home?
It’s all possible with D-Link’s wide range of smart plugs, sensors, and hubs integrating with our award-winning IP surveillance cameras, under our signature smart home ecosystem, mydlink™.

Do It All with mydlink

Do It All With mydlink

Need Cloud Recording to support your home surveillance?
Or seamless compatibility with the Google Assistant and Alexa?
How about Smart Automations and Scheduling for a truly smart home?

mydlink lets you do it all in one complete ecosystem.

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Home Surveillance for Indoors and Out

Place our cameras wherever you want - inside or out. With IP65 weatherproof protection and wire-free flexibility on selected models, you can now keep an eye on things in any part of your home.

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Supports the Google Assistant, Alexa, and IFTTT

Supports the Google Assistant, Alexa, and IFTTT

Easily integrates with Amazon Echo’s Alexa or the Google Assistant for convenient hands-free voice control.

Take it to the next level with IFTTT recipes to automate with other smart home compatible devices. Save time, and enjoy a safer, more comfortable home.

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the latest D-Link news, product
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Always be the first to know Get exclusive updates on
the latest D-Link news, product
announcements and more!

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Dome or bullet, vandal and weather-proof or simple and light
- no matter the requirement, our extensive IP camera range has got you covered.
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Network Video Recorders (NVRs)

Network Video Recorders (NVRs)

Get real-time monitoring and playback anytime, anywhere. D-Link’s standalone network video recorders (NVRs) support up to nine network cameras with MJPEG, MPEG4 or H.264 recording to high-speed 3.5-inch SATA hard disks for long-term recording.

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Dome or bullet, vandal and weather-proof or simple and light
- no matter the requirement, our extensive IP camera range has got you covered.
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See the Full Range

Need more options? You'll find what you need in our impressive array of surveillance solutions designed to fit any deployment, at any budget. 

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Get exclusive updates on
the latest D-Link news, product
announcements and more!

Always be the first to know Get exclusive updates on
the latest D-Link news, product
announcements and more!

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D-Smart Plus
(Mobile App)

About D-Link Security Solutions

Precarious incidences reported in recent times has triggered security concerns. Organizations, Institutions, Residential complexes are looking for feasible surveillance solution, that can address their security concerns and offer total peace of mind. D-Link with over three decades of networking expertise offers integrated surveillance solution with its CCTV & IP surveillance products.

Simplifying technology has always been a core philosophy at D-Link. So be it the IP cameras based on modern plug-and-play technology that are extremely easy to install or the traditional Analog HD CCTV, D-Link is well equipped to cater to the needs of residential, SOHO, SME, Banking, Hospitality or any other commercial establishment.

D-Link IP based surveillance technology allows users to integrate audio and motion detectors into cameras, without the need for additional hardware and cabling. Plus they make it possible to analyses captured video content and raise alerts automatically when suspicious activity is detected, for round the clock surveillance with minimal staffing Similarly our Analog HD range of products are a natural extension of our surveillance portfolio, and offer amazing clarity, affordability and is backed by D-Link's excellent support infrastructure.

D-Link CCTV Solution is also driven by Software DCMS that empowers users to keep a check from anywhere, anytime.

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Secure Business - Customer Area, Reception, Lobby

Security of Banks

Secure - ATM's, Cash Counters, Locker Room, Entrance, Lobby


Secure offices & more - Lobby, Offices, Entrance


Secure health - ICU, Lobby, Entrance, Cash Counter, Operation theater

Retail Stores

Safe Shopping - Entrance, Shopping Area, Payment Junction, Store room

Educational Institutions

Secure learning - Class rooms, Playgrounds, Entrance, Lobby, Staff Room





View your CCTV Footage from any where D-Smart App is a mobile application/Android OS or iOS) for IPC, NVR & DVR.

User can use this app to add device, view live video, record playback, snapshot, local recording by a wireless network.

• Easy to use  • Intuitive  • Customizable

Download our app for iOS and Android


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D-Link Smart DIY Security Kit Review - D-Link DCS-8331KT

D-Link Home Security Camera Reviews

Our Experience With D-Link Outdoor

Right off the bat, we liked that D-Link cameras are pretty easy to control with their mobile app, which allow us to set automations and “rules” for how the camera should perform.

D-Link - New Automation

D-Link – New Automation

This “rule,” pictured in the above screenshot, was the default for our outdoor camera, which we named “Porch.” In the event a person or “abnormal” sound is detected in live view, the camera automatically starts to record, turns the spotlight on, and sends us an alert.

Pro Tip: You can name the camera pretty much whatever you want but we felt that “Porch” was a much better name than “DCS-8630LH.” One word of warning, though: If you have another wireless device installed out there, you might want to name the camera something more specific than “porch” to avoid confusion.

So that was our first takeaway using D-Link cameras: They’re easy to use and control in conjunction with the app. Now let’s move on to discuss a few more features as we dove in deeper.

Video Resolution and Wi-Fi Speed

In our previous tests of Wi-Fi security cameras, we learned that Wi-Fi strength makes a big difference in how the cameras perform day to day, right down to how clear your video recordings will be. In our hands-on Night Owl camera experience, for instance, we didn’t have to worry as much about our Wi-Fi connection because those cameras were wired to our home. But with our wireless D-Link cameras, this connection was a factor so we set our cameras to record at a lower video resolution. Overall, it made the whole setup run smoother, and it’s something we definitely recommend doing if you’re planning to add multiple security cameras to your home.

After a somewhat slow start loading live view and interacting with the app, we checked our Wi-Fi speed and discovered it was running at a bit less than half of its max-400 bps output. Sure enough, it looked like our Wi-Fi was being stretched too thin.

To try to relieve some of that strain, we decided to go into the app and lower the video resolution (very important!). That’s the first place we went, simply because we knew we didn’t have a terabyte or more to spare in our home Wi-Fi package at that moment.

Pro Tip: If you start to see slowdowns in your security camera’s performance like we did, it’s a really good idea to check out those video resolution settings. For more tips on getting a smoother home security experience, check out our updated security camera buying guide.

So while lowering resolution might slightly compromise the detail you get from your camera view, it doesn’t compromise the number of alerts you get. In our tests of SimpliSafe’s SimpliCam, for example, dropping the resolution from 720p to 480p yielded no difference in quality – to the naked eye, at least. We don’t think you’ll notice it, either.

Adjusting Location and Performance

D-Link Camera Installed Outside

D-Link Camera Installed Outside

We tested several angles for our D-Link outdoor camera, knowing it would fit pretty much anywhere we put it – it’s small, lightweight, and not very obtrusive in appearance, in our view, As seen above, this one went right above our Ring Doorbell, where the two cameras could go toe-to-toe in a race to see which one catches the porch pirate first. (They both lost. No pirates.)

Here, we started receiving person and sound notifications that matched what we had set up in our rules and automations tab, and the app began interacting with the camera, giving us more ways to see what this device could do.

In its previous perch, the camera didn’t always respond as fast or as smoothly, so we noted this as we continued our series of tests. Not only did moving the cameras around give us more information about the nuances and quirks of this camera, it also presented a teachable moment: You can’t place these cams just anywhere.

That said, with D-Link, we found that as long as the location of your camera is within range of your Wi-Fi router and isn’t being obstructed by any large objects, you should have no problem.

FYI: D-Link’s firmware update was pretty long for us: 10 minutes for each camera, in our estimation, which isn’t a huge deal, but longer than, say, a pair of budget-friendly Wyze Cams. If you want snap-your-fingers setup, we recommend giving Wyze a try – they’re neat little devices.

Managing Settings and Scenes

D-Link’s motion detection control center, called Scenes, is where you give the cameras more information about how you go about your day and get better, richer recordings.

D-Link App - Scenes

D-Link App – Scenes

With the app, any D-Link device we’ve got synced to it works in accordance with that scene. If we had D-Link smart plugs attached to our home’s lighting, for instance, we could enable “Home” to turn on the lights when we enter our front door, and switch our cameras to privacy mode.

When leaving home, the reverse sequence – turning off the lights and walking out the door – would then trigger the “Away” scene, when all cameras turn on again. And so on and so on. We really like how D-Link is smart in this way.

Once we’d dotted all those i’s, we could now look upon our camera’s view.

D-Link DCS-8630LH Camera Video Quality - 1080p

D-Link DCS-8630LH Camera Video Quality – 1080p

Sounds pretty cool, right? Now, let’s set all these neat features onto a new target: the D-Link indoor camera, aka DCS-8525LH.

Sours: https://www.safehome.org/home-security-cameras/d-link/reviews/

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D Link IP Surveillance 101 Video Tutorial


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