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North Central IowaI've got an old Gehl 3510 with a Ford VSG-411/413 industrial gasoline engine. Apparently this one is the year of the oddball carburetor. The dealer says there are no parts available and wants to sell me a new carburetor with an adapter block to make it fit for $700. This skidloader is very seldom used, but it would be nice to clean up snow around buildings that I can't get real close to with the blower. It's sitting in the shop without a carburetor and it's in the way. I don't want to spend a lot on it, but I'd like to make it usable. Is there any old car carburetors that would fit? I'm willing to fabricate linkages if necessary and could have a spacer block machined as well if that's what it takes. Does anybody out there have any experience with this motor?

On the the next skid loader question. I've got a 2006 Gehl 5640 Turbo that gels up sooner than any other piece of diesel equipment that I own. Yesterday it got down to nine degrees overnight. It was in the twenties when I tried to start the 5640. It started right up and ran fine. After about ten minutes, it started acting like it was gelling up. I dumped in a double dose of Powerservice 911 and added a dose of White Bottle Powerservice for good measure. I idled it for fifteen minutes and tried to use it. It would run normally for ten minutes and then act like it was gelling again. I went through this last winter and changed several fuel filters and ran high charges of Powerservice but got through the winter. I planned on getting some number one diesel around, but haven't gotten it here yet (shouldn't have to do that on November 15 around here). I had five other tractors running yesterday at the same time I was trying to use the skid loader. The fuel all comes from the same barrel and they had no problems. Is there something about this skid loader that makes it gel easier?

NebraskaWe had a 3310, them only had the 2 cylinder onan engine in them. We had to sell it because the motor was shot and onan isn't in business anymore. We sold it to a guy that had a little Kubota diesel engine out of a lawnmower that he wanted to put in it.

Now have a 4840E with duetz 4 cylinder diesel. They will gel up easy because the fuel tank is like a deep freeze back their. So as soon as we get no. 1 fuel for the winter that's the first thing to get filled up. One time we didn't have no. 1 fuel yet in the 4840 and it was cold so we run the knipco heater on the fuel tank for half hour to warm the fuel up before we took it out and used it. Nature of the beasts I guess.

Southeast NebraskaThey are not bad about gelling but they are bad about the fuel intake plugging in the tank. Think there is a nylon sock on it that plugs but it's been about ten years and my memory ain't what it used to be. IIRC a short term fix was to blow compressed air back through the line. Try that and see if it helps.

montana hilineWe have a Deere skidsteer. It always gels up first. I don't know if its the how the filters are made or where there at.
It's 18f today had enough power service in it for 40 below and its dead in the yard. Close enough to get a cord to it this time. Have to change filters and fill it with number one when it warms up this week.

NW iowa south of the CIty :)We had a 3510 and did put a new carb on but that was 10 years ago and it still ran like a ford,not good.

LPS Reman - Engine for the Gehl 3510

Loader Parts Source, Inc. now offers this Re-manufactured Long Block VSG411 Ford Engine for Gehl 3510 Skid Steer Loader.

Ford engines will include the fuel pump, oil pump, water pump and thermostat.

Ford gas engines will NOT include distributor, plugs, wires, manifolds, carburetor, thermostat housing, starter, alternator, flywheel or governor. Some models may vary. Call for details. 

We offer a one year warranty. See our policy HERE.

Please be sure to read our core charge return policy.

At Loader Parts Source, Inc. we strive for excellence. Our goal is always 100% customer satisfaction. If our product does not achieve this, please give us the chance to make it right! You can contact us by following this link or call our friendly Customer Service Representatives Monday-Friday 8am-5pm Eastern Time at (866) 573-3659.

Loader Parts Source would love to have your old core and will pay shipping charges to ship it to our location. Please contact our Customer Service Department at 866-573-3659 to request a return label.



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GEHL SL3510 & SL3610 Skid Steer Loaders Parts
SL3510 , 3610

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  • a) For replacement, order 078029 Bracket.
  • b) For service, order Idler Pin W/spring Kit 070881.
  • c) For general repair, order Kit 076558.
  • d) For Fuel Valve repair, order Kit 076559.
  • e) Includes Starter, Fan, Carburetor Gasket, Fuel Line & Filter, Ignition Coil, Strap & External Resistor, Water Pump & Crankshaft Pulley & Dowel Pins. For Engine parts not included in this manual, refer to the Engine Manufacturer's Parts Manual.
  • f) For replacement order 083385.
RefPart #ItemPriceQty. Req.  
650486 Screw/Hc 5/16 x 3/4$1.56
650692 CS 5/16 x 1-3/4 C5ZY$1.56
2 073021a BRACKET/DIPSTICK MOUNTING (BEFORE SN2022)CALL   650486 Screw/Hc 5/16 x 3/4$1.563 064238 Yoke$23.004 064239 Pin/Yoke$3.35 655001 Pin/Cotter 1/16 x 3/4$1.565 74869 ROD/THROTTLE FORD(2)3/8 LH-NF-N, RH-NF-NCALL  6 062110 ROD END/LH FEMALE THD$12.98 650533 Screw/Hc 3/8 x 1-1/2 C5ZY$1.567 074868 Spacer$1.518 040775 Pin/Spring$1.579 72876 ARM/THROTTLE ASSYCALL  10 67415 BUSHING/NYLONCALL  11 72881 BRACKET/THROTTLE PIVOTCALL   650487 Screw/Hc 5/16 x 1$1.5312 72873 ARM/THROTTLE LINKAGE ASSYCALL  13 054202 Joint/Ball$25.8814 72386 BRACKET/GOV MTG ASSYCALL   650577 Screw/Hc 5/16 x 1-1/2$1.59 650490 Screw/Hc 3/8 x 1$1.5615 076522b GOVERNORCALL   650533 Screw/Hc 3/8 x 1-1/2 C5ZY$1.5616 75782 SHIELD/PULLEY$25.09 072916 Screw/Hex Flange Lock$1.5617 064094 Bearing/Ball$4.6018 064092 SHEAVE/IDLER$38.61 650647 Screw/Hc 5/8 x 2$1.6019 040885 Washer$1.5720 072385 Plate/Idler Mounting$13.94 650488 Screw/Hc 3/8 x 3/4$1.5621 064095 Belt/3l$17.7822 054885 Ball/Joint$9.8923 064102 Rod/Governor To Carb$9.5924 076530CD CARBURETOR/UPDRAFTCALL  25 77852 CONNECTOR/MALECALL  26 062023 Clamp/Hose #04M$1.5327 76862 HOSE/FUEL LINE 5/16 ID X 4CALL  28 076465e ENGINE/FORD GAS I-67CALL  29 072601 Hose/Assy$14.0630 081840 Connector/Straight ** Replaces 073025 **$5.3331 058615 Clamp/Insulated Hose$0.99 650490 Screw/Hc 3/8 x 1$1.5632 067898f STRIP/TRIMCALL  33 057557 Washer$1.9434 064543 Mounting/Isolation$9.1235 72395 MOUNT/FORD REAR LT ASSYCALL   650487 Screw/Hc 5/16 x 1$1.53 650502 Screw/Hc 1/2 x 2-1/4 C5$1.6036 054985 Cable/Solenoid$12.51 650486 Screw/Hc 5/16 x 3/4$1.5637 068256 Clamp$1.51 650486 Screw/Hc 5/16 x 3/4$1.5638 074900 Kit/Pump Drive Plate$311.9039 072414 Cable/Choke$77.6640 72403 HOUSING/FORD FRT ASSYCALL   650490 Screw/Hc 3/8 x 1$1.56 650491 Screw/Hc$1.50 650533 Screw/Hc 3/8 x 1-1/2 C5ZY$1.56 650502 Screw/Hc 1/2 x 2-1/4 C5$1.6041 72390 MOUNT/FORD REAR RT ASSYCALL   650577 Screw/Hc 5/16 x 1-1/2$1.59 650502 Screw/Hc 1/2 x 2-1/4 C5$1.6042 072389 Sender/Water Temp$24.7443 74431 SHIELD/MANIFOLDCALL  44 82217 STARTER$778.94Sours:
GEHL 3510

3510 GEHL Heavy sale in Wisconsin

Gehl 3510 skid steer, 27 HP 67 cubic inch ford 4 cylinder gas engine, 1700 lbs lift capacity, 3096 weight, 3756 hours, T bar controls, 54" bucket, gehl style mount plate, lights work, 27 x 8.50 x 15 tires, fronts 50%, rears 10%, bucket is included

Location Appleton, Wisconsin
Stock Number F08072
Operating Capacity 850 lb
Serial Number 001259
Horse Power 27

3510 engine gehl


GEHL 3510


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