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—SMG4's catchphrase



Full name

Super Meme Guardian 4

Behavioral Alignment

Neutral Good


Keep his fans happy
To make memes for life
To uncover the mysteries of the SMGs (all mostly succeeded)


Making videos


"OOH MY ASS!" (catchphrase)
"Goddamn it, Mario!"


Making videos
Making memes
Playing video games

Super Meme Guardian 4, more commonly abbreviated as SMG4 and also known as SuperMarioGlitchy4, is an overall main character, the titular character and one of the two main protagonists (alongside Mario) of the SMG4 series.

He is a partly amnesiac machinima artist, Mario's closest ally (rival in the War of the Fat Italians series), the de facto leader of his gang, and the former arch-enemy of SMG3. SMG4 has been passionate and protective of his work; that aside, he seems to play the sane man who is often annoyed or shocked by Mario's crazy, flamboyant idiocy. Despite this, they are friends in most episodes, especially in the recent ones. SMG4 enjoys being around the presence of his friends, going on many zany adventures and fighting great enemies in story arcs. As the focal point of the Genesis Arc, he started searching for answers about his origins and earned most of his answers in the end.



As revealed during the Genesis Arc, SMG4 was born inside a Guardian Pod and it was plugged into the SMG4 Universe by Luke Lerdwichagul (SMG4's real-life counterpart). His Guardian Pod crashed in the field outside Peach's Castle and its entrance opened to release SMG4, who didn't know identity and was confused of his surroundings. He explored the Mushroom Kingdom and unbeknownst to him, SMG4's Guardian Pod was making most of the populace incredibly stupid and flanderized, including making the Kingdom's resident hero Mario an idiot with mental issues, and as a result of Mario’s transformation, Princess Peach a bossy, naggy ruler. During his sightseeing, SMG4 noticed a computer and taking a liking to it, decided to stay in the Kingdom to make memes out Mario and his friends, posting them on the Internet afterwards.

One day, he witnessed the arrival of SMG3 in his own Guardian Pod and they became mortal enemies just by disliking each other's presence. After SMG4 and Mario dumped SMG4's Guardian Pod into the Dark Web, thinking he saved the world, SMG4 left the kingdom as it is, since he believed there was nothing wrong with the residents having some humor and fun (though SMG4 likely grew annoyed and tired of everyone's antics as the years flew by). Afterward, he participated in a Meme School, where SMG4 became SMG3's rival in memeology. He successfully graduated from the Meme School, unaware that SMG3 became utterly jealous of SMG4, which would lead to his hatred of the future YouTuber. Knowing only the acronym of his name, he started called himself SuperMarioGlitchy4, which was also the name of his YouTube Channel at the time.


SMG4 debuted in the SMG4 series in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Account Loss, where he visited Peach's Castle as per his lawyer's advice and Mario was bribed by a Shady Character to give away SMG4's YouTube account. SMG4, enraged by this, worked together with Mario to defeat the Shady Character and they successfully retrieved the account.

As years of adventures went by, he was friends with various YouTubers and fellow Super Mario 64machinimists such as FightingMario54321 and Nintendofan997, however SMG4 started growing distant from them ever since the mid seasons of the SMG4 series. SMG4 and Mario had to fight against SMG3 and Bowser, however the latter became friends with them. He had an annual event called War of the Fat Italians where he would compete against Mario in challenges and rap battles. More characters join the main cast and his gang, namely Fishy Boopkins, Bob Bobowski, and Meggy Spletzer, thus the classic members of the roster have decreased in appearances.

The Waluigi Arc

In SMG4: Mario And The T-Pose Virus, SMG4 was looking out through a window in Peach's Castle. Luigi then asked what was he looking at and SMG4 replied that he noticed that Shroomy had been stuck in a T-Pose for a long time now. Luigi wondered if it was a new kind of yoga but SMG4 thought that that kind of yoga was very strange and went over to check him.

Luigi showed Mario what SMG4 was doing and Mario happily reported that he "[was] being a bird with Shroomy!" Upon hearing that, Luigi realized with horror that SMG4 had also become just a T-Posed person. Suddenly, both Shroomy and SMG4 turned around and started approaching the castle, freaking Luigi out and worrying Mario. As Luigi barricaded the doors and one of the T-Posers made a hole in the door. Mario threw Toad at the T-Posers, and the midget got infected by the T-Pose Virus. Screaming in horror as the T-Posed characters headed their way, both Mario and Luigi headed upstairs.

On the third floor, the T-Posers encountered Boopkins, Bob and Meggy. Boopkins was infected by the virus and Meggy easily knocked the T-Pose Zombies. However, they were unaffected as they proceeded to gang up on her as they prepared to make her one of them. The T-Posers headed up for the Clock Room where Mario, Luigi and Bob were hiding. The Mario Bros. quickly blocked the doors, making the T-Posers struggle to get through. After Bob ditched the bros. and headed for the roof, the T-Posers burst through. Mario and Luigi were chased to the top floor and the bros. tried to get to the roof, but the door was locked by Bob.

Even though the bros. managed to get through the door, Luigi was infected by the T-Pose Zombies, much to Mario's horror. After kicking Bob off the roof, Mario was cornered by the T-Pose Zombies. Unexpectedly, Peach showed up in a helicopter and fired away 1-Up Mushrooms at the T-Pose zombies, returning all T-Pose Zombies back to normal with SMG4 confused.

Peach revealed the cause of the virus to be T-Pose Shrooms, and Shroomy, being the one who ate one, recounted how he became a T-Pose Zombie. Waluigi, armed with his Staff of Rejection, created the Shroom and ordered Shroomy to eat it. When Boopkins suggested that they should look at his card collection, causing Mario to ask who wanted to do anything but Boopkins' suggestion, causing everyone else to cheer for Mario's decision. They quickly boarded the helicopter and left Boopkins.

In SMG4: The Mario Café, SMG4, Toad, Luigi, Saiko Bichitaru and Mario were kidnapped by Kamek and teleported to Bowser's Koopa Cafe. Mario wondered why they were all here, and SMG4, angry, explained that it was because he killed all of Bowser's employees, forcing them to take their place.

In the café, Bowser assigned SMG4 as the barista (who was pouring bleach into the coffee). Bowser asked if they were all ready but everyone shown were not. He told everyone to get ready for the first customer, which was Shroomy. SMG4 was still trying to comprehend the drink order, but as Saiko was getting impatient, SMG4 quickly ran out the door in a panic but noticed a coffee vending machine.

Seeing it as the answer to his problems, SMG4 ordered a drink from the machine and sampled it just to be safe. He threw it up almost immediately but decided it could do. As Shroomy contemplated the taste of his order, SMG4 tried to look nervous. Fortunately, Shroomy enjoyed his meal.

Suddenly, a huge crowd appeared outside, looking for a meal, concerning everyone except Bowser, as that meant more customers. Waluigi left the cafe after being rejected for causing the First T-Pose Outbreak, scheming a future plan while SMG4 loaded up on vending machine coffee to the point where it stopped working. Refusing to accept it, he sold water as "tasteless coffee".

The café was suddenly a ruckus. Bowser then heard people complaining about the service and leaving. That caused him to be so heartbroken that he had a heart attack and passed out. Luigi, being the only other enthusiastic character, called an emergency staff meeting and literally shoved everyone into a meeting room. Bowser woke up from his coma and said they needed a team-based system. Everyone emerged from the meeting room, ready to get back in business.

SMG4 agreed to swap places with Toad, as SMG4 "has typed stupid shit" all his life, meaning he could quickly type in each customer's orders. Bowser was overjoyed as his café was finally running smoothly, and played the Car Rap instrumental to celebrate. SMG4, Luigi, and Saiko moved to the music.

In SMG4: Mario The Ultimate Gamer, Mario and SMG4 were playing Super Smash each other in the ass Bros. where eventually, SMG4 defeated Mario. It also turned out that Mario lost to SMG4 for the 20th time with SMG4 mocking Mario just sucked at gaming. Mario had enough of losing and said he was going to train to become better than SMG4 before leaving the game room, although the latter was laughing as he bragged that Mario would not keep to his words.

After being trained by Tari, Mario and SMG4 had a rematch. Mario did better than last time but SMG4 still had the upper hand. Mario suddenly improved drastically, shocking SMG4 into doing even harder. However, in the last few seconds of the match, Mario delivered a finishing blow to SMG4, winning him the game. SMG4 became morbid that he lost while Mario was super ecstatic that he won. SMG4, crying to the door knowing that Mario would not let this go, suddenly saw Tari at the door, who quickly left. Tari then saw SMG4 sad because of his recent loss and asked him if he wanted to play for fun, which he agreed to. SMG4 and Tari played Super Smash each other in the ass Bros. while Mario was flaunting his victory over SMG4.

In SMG4: The Mario Carnival, SMG4 was at Bob's Carnival trying to win Bob Tickets to win the Eggman Football playing at a ring toss booth where the YouTuber was doing poorly. SMG4 then requested for 700 more rings, giving a huge pile of money in exchange. Instead of just tossing the rings, he used a machine gun to fire at the bottles. Somehow, he failed with the same results as before, with Bob commenting that he also sucked at shooting.

As SMG4 was raging at over how he kept missing, Mario pointed out there was a fan blowing away all the rings. Upon hearing that, SMG4 angrily asked if it was rigged. Knowing he would get in trouble if he admitted it, Bob decided to pass it off by giving SMG4 10 Bob tickets. Calming down, SMG4 declared that he was one step closer to getting the Eggman Football. Shocked that SMG4 had also laid his eyes on the prize, Mario said that he laid his eyes on the prize. Seeing they were in a competition, Bob asked if it was SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2018, which SMG4 replied it was not because it would be coming out later. With that said, the two went off to gather tickets.

After numerous games, SMG4 was about to play a fishing game when he found Tari playing the same game but failing at it. Knowing she was a good player, SMG4 asked her to help him, where although she claimed she was busy and that she was not good at carnival games, said she would help him if she got a duck from the game. Soon after, SMG4 fished up a duck for her and she kept to her promise.

Mario got help from Meggy in a game in which he must shoot the cardboard ducks, but Tari then came in with SMG4 and due to the increase in difficulty on the request of SMG4, Tari scored more points than Meggy. Tari, using her cybernetic arm, managed to win against Meggy in a competition, and it also earned a friendship with Meggy. Soon after, both SMG4 and Mario realized they had enough tickets. They quickly made a run for the prize cabin, only to discover that the tickets needed to buy the Eggman football was actually 100,000,000 tickets rather than 100,000. As a result, the two started crying on how they would never get the football (even though Bob tried to please them with a plastic toy comb but it did nothing in soothing them), only to see Meggy and Tari with a lot more tickets from playing more games.

Happy, the two quickly bought the football and started running out of the carnival, accompanied by Meggy as they promised to share the prize with her.

In SMG4: The Mario Convention!, SMG4 was at Glitchcon and opened his Tabletop Gaming Paradise!!!. Mario spotted SMG4 going around a corner and happily went to join him. SMG4, seeing the Mario Bros., welcomed them to his Tabletop Gaming Paradise!!!, which was empty except for a lone Birdo in the corner. As Mario turned to leave, Luigi asked if they could play Warhammer 40K, much to Mario's disbelief, and SMG4 happily set them up to play.

Waluigi, in his Walurambo form, attacked the convention and caused mayhem, transforming crowd members into T-Pose Zombies. Mario, Luigi, Boopkins and SMG4 were heading for the exit, but when Luigi got transformed, much to Mario's dismay.

In SMG4: Mario and the Waluigi Apocalypse, SMG4 went to Mario's House and got hit in the face by Mario upon entry, since Mario thought he was a T-Pose Zombie. After a short conflict, SMG4 told Mario they needed to save their friends. Mario then told SMG4 that there was no cure to the virus, and there are too many T-Pose zombies. SMG4 told Mario they needed to destroy the "THICC" beam at Glitchcon, and that he had a plan. He showed Mario his deathbus, an old city bus decked out with spikes and guns. After Mario added a cap and mustache in his likeness, they headed to the ruined Glitchcon.

Outside, Toadsworth was being chased by a small horde of T-Pose Zombies, he then saw SMG4 and Mario driving towards him the deathbus and exclaimed “Oh thank the stars! Rescue!!!” However, he was then run over by the deathbus. SMG4 wiped Toadsworth off his windshield, but when he noticed a huge pile of debris blocking the road. SMG4 gunned the engine, trying to get over, but the debris was too tall and too heavy. Suddenly, they were surrounded by a mob of T-Pose Zombies, who rocked the bus. The zombies later barged open the door. Mario, undaunted, kicked them back, despite SMG4's protests and yelling at him to get back inside. He held up well until a Pianta grabbed his leg and dragged him into the T-Pose zombie crowd. SMG4 cried out for his fallen friend as Mario started to black out.

Just before Mario is turned into a T-Pose Zombie, Saiko dropped in from nowhere with a giant hammer and knocked out several T-Pose Zombies. The two were shocked to see her, and she knocked the debris out of the way so SMG4 and Mario could go through. She hopped into the bus, and SMG4 happily drove away, almost leaving Mario behind, who managed to catch up to the bus and jump in. On the bus, SMG4 and Mario asked Saiko why she was helping them. She responded that she was only helping was that most of the people were "brain dead" and that she couldn't get any attention from them. The bus arrived at what was once Glitchcon, which was strangely unguarded. Waluigi laughed as he revealed he was right behind them and threw a ball of energy their way. The trio freaked out and SMG4 drove away as Waluigi chased them.


SMG4 net worth

SPORTSNETMicro TDHVeritasium en españolTVOkids PreschoolTVOkidsTVOkids Paw PatrolChristine JewellersTheStraightPipesFree RefillsTheSorryGirlsKroDingo Doodles

SMG4 income

SMG4 estimated earnings by months

MonthEstimated earnings
October 2021$ 15K
September 2021$ 56.1K
August 2021$ 45.4K
July 2021$ 40.2K
June 2021$ 24.4K
May 2021$ 50.5K
April 2021$ 21.7K
March 2021$ 33.3K
February 2021$ 33.1K
October 2020$ 29.2K
September 2020$ 38.2K
August 2020$ 36.8K
July 2020$ 28.8K
March 2020$ 44K
February 2020$ 59.9K
January 2020$ 55.9K
December 2019$ 29.9K
November 2019$ 36.6K
October 2019$ 16.1K

SMG4 net worth (revenue, salary)

SMG4 Frequently Asked Questions

How much SMG4 makes per month?

Income of SMG4 is $ 50K.

When SMG4 started youtube?

SMG4 started youtube in 2009-02-14.

How many video views does SMG4 have?

SMG4 has 2,433,269,884 video views on youtube.

How many subscribers does SMG4 have?

SMG4 has 4,880,000 subs.

How many videos does SMG4 have?

SMG4 uploaded 659 videos on youtube.

How much does SMG4 make per 1000 views?

SMG4 makes approximately $ 1.21 per 1000 views.

What is SMG4's net worth?

Net worth of SMG4 is approximately $ 2.95M.
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February 14th, 2009
May 7th, 2011




Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

SMG4, formerly named SMG4 // Glitch Productions, Supermarioglitchy4, and ṧღ64 ♭ℓ◎◎℘εґṧ, is an Australian YouTube channel where SMG4 and Glitch Productions Extras uploads on. This channel is currently owned by the Lerdwichagul brothers, Luke and Kevin. They also own Glitch Productions, the operator of the channel. Meta Runner was also uploaded onto the channel until 2020, where all future episodes are on the GLITCH channel. However, the individual first season episodes are still intact on the channel.

Channel History

SMG4's first video on May 7, 2011, and has since been in continuous operation. Over the years, the channel has grown popular, and as of May 2019, the channel has over 3,000,000 subscribers. Subscriber milestones have all been celebrated with special random videos known as ssenmodnars, the most recent having fan-submitted suggestions.

On July 12, 2019, in preparation for the release of Meta Runner, the channel's name was changed to SMG4 // Glitch Productions. It was later renamed back to its original name following the launch of the GLITCH channel, with Meta Runner and other web series being uploaded there from now on.

The channel reached 4 million subscribers on September 27, 2020,[1] and as of October 2020, it is the 31st most subscribed YouTube channel in Australia, just after Jalals at 29th (Unknown at 30th). [2]

Channel Description

ṧღ64 ♭ℓ◎◎℘εґṧ (2012-2013)


OK, first of all the things I make ISN'T machinimas they're just videos I stole from someone before they died and they are just vids! not machinimas mkay?

2nd the content is age-restricted...ok maybe not, I don't know what age you're supposed to be to find it funny

3rd my jokes are sorta crazy, so you have to be mature and crazy enough to get it -_- so watch if you dare

WARNING videos may cause head trauma, diabetes, seizure, and uncontrollable hate.

AND ALSO HAS probably SOME content not for little children

SMG4 (2015-2016)


hi, I'm smg4 and I make weird videos of Marios going crazy. some may think it's stupid and some may think its funny. and some people think I'm a big fat rip off, well you're completely correct!

well, thats up to you. i make a video every sunday or saturday whichever place you live in :P I dunno


2nd the content is well inapropriate for some and well stupid and really really uncessary for others.

3rd my jokes are sorta crazy, so you have to be mature and crazy enough to get it -_- so watch if you dare

WARNING videos may cause head trauma, seizure and uncontrolable hate. hehe

AND ALSO HAS probably SOME content not for little children

My cc SO YOU GUYS STOP ASKING (no permission needed so go steal it :P )

8107EC20 9CB0

8107EC22 BB00

8107EC28 9CB0

8107EC2A BB00

8107EC40 0000

8107EC42 BB00

8107EC38 0000

8107EC3A BB00

SMG4 (2017)


My Youtube animation channel is what you get when you cross Nintendo and stupid ass memes.

Hi, I'm SMG4 and i make weird videos of Mario going crazy. some may think its stupid and some may think its funny. and some people think i'm a big fat rip off, well you're completely correct! (i am in no way intending to offend anyone in my vids!) :D

For business contact me at [email protected]


my colour code: 8107EC20 9CB0 8107EC22 BB00 8107EC28 9CB0 8107EC2A BB00 8107EC40 0000 8107EC42 BB00 8107EC38 0000 8107EC3A BB00

SMG4 // Glitch Productions (2019-2020)

Here at Glitch Productions, we make long-form animation series such as; Meta Runner and SMG4.

Want to watch a fully 3D animated adventure about e-sports, speedrunning, and video games? Go check out Meta Runner. Want to watch a light-hearted meme-filled story about Mario going on dumb adventures? Go checkout SMG4.

BUSINESS: [email protected]

SMG4 (2020-present)

I make animated videos of Mario and random losers going on dumb adventures 🍝

New Episodes every Saturday 9 AM PT

BUSINESS: [email protected] MERCH:



—SMG4's original YouTube Channel slogan

My YouTube animation channel is what you get when you cross Nintendo with stupid ass memes.

—SMG4's second YouTube Channel slogan

WHAT IS UP! My channel is what you get when you cross Nintendo and stupid ass memes.

—SMG4's third YouTube Channel slogan

I make stupid Mario animations.

—SMG4's fourth YouTube Channel slogan

SMG4 is an animated show by Glitch Productions following Mario going on stupid adventures!

—SMG4’s fifth YouTube Channel slogan

Want to watch a light-hearted meme-filled story about Mario going on dumb adventures? Go checkout SMG4.

—SMG4's sixth YouTube Channel slogan

I make animated videos of Mario and random losers going on dumb adventures 🍝

—SMG4's current YouTube Channel slogan




Channel icon from 2009 to 2014

SMG4 icon

Channel icon from 2014 to 2019

SMG4 icon

Channel icon from April 2019 to November 2019

SMG4 Logo 2020

Channel icon From November 2019 To June 2020


Current channel icon since June 2020

08JFx07a 400x400 SMG4 X-Mas

SMG4's Twitter profile from October 1st at the earliest.


SMG4: Mario has a BBQ but he's not invited

Meta Runner

Australian animated cyberpunk web series

Meta Runner
Meta Runner Season 2 Poster.png

Season 2 promotional poster

Created byLuke Lerdwichagul
Kevin Lerdwichagul
Written byKevin Lerdwichagul (S1)
Jasmine Yang[a]
Directed byLuke Lerdwichagul
Voices of
  • Celeste Notley-Smith
  • Robyn Barry-Cotter
  • Jessica Fallico
  • David J.G. Doyle
  • Hayley Nelson
  • Anthony Sardinha
  • Brendan Barry-Cotter
  • Elsie Lovelock
  • Amber Lee Connors
Theme music composerAJ DiSpirito
Opening theme"Always Running" (written by AJ DiSpirito, performed by Matthew Guerra, S1)
"Only Up" (written by AJ DiSpirito, performed by Lizz Robinett, S2)
Ending theme"Breeze" (written by AJ DiSpirito, performed by KIMI, S1)
"Steady" (written by AJ DiSpirito, performed by Matthew Guerra, S2)
ComposerAJ DiSpirito
Country of originAustralia
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes20
ProducerKevin Lerdwichagul
Running time12–19 minutes
Production companiesGlitch Productions
Screen Australia
Original networkYouTube
Original release25 July 2019 (2019-07-25) –
Related showsSunset Paradise

Meta Runner is an Australian computer-animatedweb series created by Kevin and Luke Lerdwichagul, best known for creating the Super Mario 64machinima parody web series SMG4. It is produced by Glitch Productions, funded by Screen Australia,[2][3][4] was financed with support from Crunchyroll and AMD for the first season,[2] and financed in association with Epic Games.[2][5] It premiered on the YouTube channel SMG4 on 25 July 2019 and season 2 premiered on the channel GLITCH on 16 October 2020.

The series takes place in a futuristic society where entertainment and lifestyle are based on video games and esports, and is also home to Meta Runners, people who have replaced their limbs with cybernetic arms to boost their gameplay performance. The series focuses on an amnesiac cyborg girl named Tari, who discovers that she has the ability to warp inside video games, and comes across and helps an undercover group called MD-5 in their mission to expose the corrupt company TAS-CORP.

A third season was announced by the creator Luke Lerdwichagul a few weeks before season 2 was completed, since the latter season ended on a cliffhanger, but the release date is still unknown.

A pilot for a spin-off show titled Ultra Jump Mania, based on the fictional video game of the same name in the show, was released on 4 September 2020. It is currently unknown if the pilot was successful enough for a full series to enter production or not.



As revealed in a video titled "The Making of Tari"[6] uploaded by Luke and Kevin Lerdwichagul on 14 February 2019, the concept of Tari’s character started when Kevin and Luke Lerdwichagul asked their younger sister, Tish, who was drawing in her sketchbook, if she had any ideas for a new character to add to their channel’s titular machinima series; she drew a “gamer girl” character who would become Tari. The first early design of Tari was for her to be a robot instead of a cyborg, with a similar hairstyle to Sofia Porter, an antenna on top of her head, headphones, a simple jacket with a love heart stitched onto it and a d-pad for her right eye.

Eventually, Tari was redesigned as a human cyborg with a white vest with the Meta Runner emblem which was based on the blue jay’s wing, two human eyes, a cybernetic arm, and sand brown trousers. She was also given a blue hoodie with blue jay wing patterns on each shoulder starting from "Sequence Break" (episode 4).[7]

Tari made her debut in the SMG4 series in late 2018 in the episode "SMG4: Mario The Ultimate Gamer",[8] starting as a recurring character but later being promoted to a main cast member. Tari is voiced by Australian actress Celeste Notley-Smith in both SMG4 and Meta Runner.

On 20 April 2020, Screen Australia announced the funding of Meta Runner season 2.[9][10] The second season aired from 16 October to 18 December 2020.

Season 3 of Meta Runner was confirmed by Luke in the SMG4 episode Cooking with Mario & Bowser: World Tour (a follow-up to 3 shorts he made in 2014 and 2015), which aired on the SMG4 channel on 21 November 2020. At the start of the video, he says the sales of the Season 2 merchandise will fund the making of Season 3.


Meta Runner was first teased at the end of the SMG4 episode, "War of the Fat Italians 2018",[11] depicting the character Theo and the date 5 December 2018. The months following had similar teasers of different Meta Runner arms before the official trailer[12] for Meta Runner was uploaded on 5 December 2018.

On 18 March 2019, it was announced that Meta Runner was one of many projects to receive funding from a $500,000 grant from Unreal Engine.[13]

On 25 June 2019, it was announced that Meta Runner would be funded by Screen Australia,[14]Epic Games and AMD. On 20 July 2019, Glitch Productions announced that they had partnered with Crunchyroll to produce the series.[15]


In Silica City, all media and entertainment are mostly based around video games, not just serving as entertainment, but also jobs in live streaming and lifestyle. Among the gamers are Meta Runners, individuals who have replaced their limbs with cybernetic arms that allow them to boost their gaming performance.

The series tells the story of Tari, a Meta Runner who was the subject of an experiment called Project Blue, led by Dr. Sheridan, a scientist who was commissioned by TASCorp. After waking up in an abandoned lab, Tari finds herself in Silica City with no memory of what happened except for a few flashbacks. The last thing Tari can remember is a sudden accident causing an explosion in the lab.


Main characters[edit]

  • Tari (voiced by Celeste Notley-Smith) is a shy and insecure Meta Runner who has the ability to warp into video games she plays. She also has an in-built AI that advises her on what actions to take while she is warped inside a video game. She is determined to find out who she is and where her unique abilities come from. In Season 2, she was revealed to be the "Project Blue" AI and parts of Lucinia's mind combined. She is based on the blue jay.
  • Theo (voiced by Robyn Barry-Cotter) is the goofy yet determined protagonist of the game Ultra Jump Mania, where he encounters Tari after she stumbles into his world. He gets transported to the real world via Tari's abilities.
  • Belle Fontiere (voiced by Jessica Fallico) is the anti-hero of the series who is a rival of Tari, and is also known for being a representative of TASCorp and their number one Meta Runner. She used to be best friends with Lucinia, but after finding out about her apparent death, she begins to disobey her boss and act on her own accord.


  • Sofia Porter (voiced by Hayley Nelson) is a cheerful and upbeat girl who is one of Tari's friends. She isn’t known to play video games, but she does help MD-5 via her hacking skills.
  • Lamar Williams (voiced by Anthony Sardinha) is an easygoing otaku with a unique cybernetic arm and is a friend of Tari's.
  • Masa Shimamoto (voiced by Brendan Barry-Cotter) is a calm, composed, and serious friend of Tari but is a former team captain for TASCorp. He was decommissioned after trying to hack into Lucks’ private server to prove his theory that Lucks killed Lucinia, but he has gained a new cybernetic arm by the time he meets Tari.


  • Derek Lucks (voiced by David J.G. Doyle) was the main antagonist of seasons 1 and 2 who was obsessed with Tari, due to her unexpected ability to warp into video games. He tried to capture Tari in order to discover the cause of her ability and give it to his other Meta Runners so that TAS Corp surpasses their competition. He was assassinated by Masa at the end of Season 2 after his arm was hacked by Dr. Sheridan.
  • Evelyn Claythorne (voiced by Elsie Lovelock) is the secondary antagonist of the 2nd season and a Meta Runner at TASCorp., who is shown to be rather snobby and whiny throughout her appearances in the show. She is also forced to be Tari's show match partner, even though she heavily resents Tari for stealing her spotlight. She is also one of the most hated characters in the series according to the community.
  • Dr. Sheridan (voiced by Anthony Sardinha) is presumably the overarching main antagonist of the series. He is an ex-TASCorp scientist who created Project Blue to try to prevent Lucks from firing him. He was presumed missing alongside Lucinia after an explosion while developing Project Blue, but has survived and is now plotting revenge against Tari, starting with him hacking Masa's arm and causing him to kill Lucks.
  • TASCorp Workers are the minor antagonists in the series. They include white-clad scientists and black-clad security guards. They are fully masked and never shown to talk, instead of expressing themselves via body language. They are highly obedient to Lucks, as they have no problem carrying out his more immoral orders.

Minor characters[edit]

  • Lucinia Porter (voiced by Amber Lee Connors) is a Meta Runner at TASCorp and was the human test subject for Dr. Sheridan's “Project Blue”. She was presumed missing after the "Project Blue" test ended with an explosion. Derek Lucks revealed at the end of Season 2 that Lucinia was still alive but is in a coma. She is the sister of Sofia Porter and a good friend of Belle.
  • Bot-Boys (voiced by Kevin and Luke Lerdwichagul) are common robots found across Silica City, usually with a job or function. One is also shown to be in the game Ultra Jump Mania.
  • Marco (voiced by Jason Marnocha) is a host of underground gaming tournaments in the slums of Silica City. He collects Meta Runner arms and uses two of them as additional limbs.
  • Bo (voiced by Elsie Lovelock) is a minor character who serves as the mascot of TASCorp. She only appears on Silica City billboards, though she has become the main character of some of Glitch Productions’ merchandise advertisements.
  • Elder Tomato (voiced by David J.G. Doyle) is a character in the video game Ultra Jump Mania. His purpose in the game is to give the player expositionary information and advice. He is also a supporting character of the spinoff series Ultra Jump Mania.
  • Satsuki-chan (voiced by Amber Lee Connors) is a character from the dating simulation game Nova Explorers. She appears in the handheld dating simulation game Pocket Gakusei due to a crossover between the two games.

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  1. ^Initially credited as Jeffrey Yang in seasons 1–2.


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