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‘Balika Vadhu – Kachchi Umar Ke Pakke Rishte’ is an Indian television drama serial which brings up the issue of child marriage. The name of the serial justifies this; it means, Child Bride – Strong Relationships of Tender Age. The show was premiered on July 21, , and has been continuously running till date. It is broadcasted on Colors TV. Balika Vadhu has completed a total of episodes as of January 24, , and is now on its second season. Balika Vadhu’s 1st episode focused on the life of a small innocent girl named, Anandi (played by Toral Rasputra) who gets married to Jagdish at the very young age of eight. This serial is all about the life of Anandi, her struggles and the difficulties she faces due to this old Indian culture.

Filmed in rural Rajasthan, Balika Vadhu follows the grueling journey of Anandi from the verge of childhood to adulthood. She had to accept and to adapt to the new life that she was about to face. When Anandi becomes an adult, she deals with new trials as she attempts to carve out her own self into the world. Balika Vadhu considerately represents the difficulties of children who are innocently forced to get married in the name of tradition, and how they have to bear the consequences for the rest of their lives.

Anandi first gets married to Jagdish (played by Shashank Vyas) and then to Shivraj (played by Siddharth Shukla). Jagdish went to the state to pursue a higher education where he falls in love with another girl. He marries this girl, and when he returned, he demanded a divorce from Anandi. Being a very generous and kind-hearted girl, Anandi accepts her husband’s proposal. Later, Anandi works as a teacher. She teaches other girls how to be aware of the social issues and how to fight for their rights. Anandi becomes the sarpanch of her village and takes the decisions fairly by looking at the welfare of the whole village. After so many struggles, Anandi gets married for the second time, to Shivraj, a collector and also a good person.

Even though if Shivraj knew that Anandi was once married to Jagdish and had a divorce, he still marries Anandi. Meanwhile, Jagdish was unhappy with his wife and gets a divorce. He marries Ganga, who works as a nurse in a hospital. Anandi still gives in all her efforts to spread happiness and tries all the different ways to improve the condition of girls and bring awareness to the society. Balika Vadhu’s story is under the direction of Sidharth Sengupta along with Pradeep Yadav.

The show became very popular and gradually received many awards in the successive years. In , Avika Gor, who played the young Anandi, won the Best Female Child Artist and the Best Fresh New Face, Sumitra Bansal won the Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Surekha Sikri won the Best Actor in a Negative Role and Balika Vadhu won the Best Program with a Social Message in the 8th Indian Telly Awards. In , Avika Gor received the Popular Child Artist and Avinash Mukherjee, who played as young Jagdish won the Popular Child Artist as well. The serial also won the Popular Daily Serial in the 9th Indian Telly Awards. In , Avika Gor won the Best Actor (Female) Jury Awards at the 10th Indian Telly Awards. In , the serial received the Most Popular Drama Series award at the 11th Indian Telly Awards. Balika Vadhu – Kachchi Umar Ke Pakke Rishte had a very gripping storyline and that was one of the main factors of it’s huge success with the Indian audience.

The Balika Vadhu – Kachchi Umar Ke Pakke Rishte title song had such heart ranching lyrics, that people can still be seen humming them. Now in its second season, there is no news about Balika Vadhu  further story, but it can be predicted that the future episodes will not fail to gratify and satisfy our tastes. The details of the whole Balika Vadhu – Kachchi Umar Ke Pakke Rishte cast can be found on the sidebar.


Balika Vadhu 2, 11 October , Written Update: Champa Kaki traps Anandi

by Pinkvilla Desk  |  Published on Oct 11, PM IST  |  K


Balika Vadhu 2, 11 October , Written Update: Champa Kaki traps Anandi

In today's episode, Anandi saw some girls dancing and decided to participate in the show. When Anandi started dancing, everyone is shocked to see Anandi's performance and appreciate her. A women comes near Anandi and compliments her and offers Rs to Anandi, who refuses to take the money but the women insists, so she takes the money. She then asked Anandi where is she going. Anandi replies that she going to her home, from her sasural. The lady asked Anandi to stay there for some time. But Anandi tells her that she wants to go home. The lady lies to her that the buses are on strike.

Anandi gets worried, and asks her now how will she go. The lady tells Anandi that she will leave her home in an auto. Anandi agrees and leaves to rest in a guest room. The lady tells her husband that Anandi is so beautiful and she wants to keep her. When Anandi was going inside she saw Premji there and thinks that he is looking for her. Anandi hides from Premji and goes into the room. Meanwhile, Khimji and Ratan are on their way to bring Anandi back from Premji's house. While Sejal was crying at home, Dewadi scolds her and says its all her mistake because she loved her so much. Maadi baa comes there and stops Dewadi from speaking rubbish and says we should not blame each other.

Maadi Baa leaves the house to look for Anandi. The little girl comes in Anandi's room and tells her that Champa Kaki is not good and she will not take you to your home. Anandi gets shocked and asks her why, the girl replies that Champa will make your dance in front of people to earn money. Anandi goes to Champa Kaki and taunts her saying that she thought that she was a good person, but she is bad. So Anandi tells her that she is leaving. 

We have seen this episode on channel's OTT platform.

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Balika Vadhu Season 2 12th October Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jigar calling Prem ji. Prem ji says someone told me that Anandi is found on the bus stand, I will go and bring her. Jigar says Anandi is found. Prem ji asks where is Anandi? Jigar says I brought her home, she went inside the house. Prem ji says we shall go home Lakha Kumar before something happens. Ratan tells Sejal that she felt Anandi is near them. Anandi walks inside and gets happy seeing her Baa and Babu. She calls them. Everyone gets relieved. Khim ji and Ratan get emotional. Ratan runs to Anandi and hugs her. Khim ji also gets emotional. Kanku cries seeing her union. Maadi Baa also gets emotional. Ratan kisses her. Anandi kisses her too. She says Baa, I missed you so much, why did you leave me and went? She says I don’t like to stay without you. She hugs Khim ji then? Maadi Baa is relieved thinking Prem ji brought her. Anandi sees plaster on Khim ji’s hand. Khim ji says small injury, will be fine in some days. Anandi asks why you left me alone here, nothing looks good to me, I asked everyone to take me home, but nobody listened to me, neither Prem ji kaku nor Sejal kaki and that’s why I have to escape from home to reach you. Ratan gets shocked and hugs her. She asks if she has gone mad, to leave the house. She says a kaka said about the way to the bus stand. She says she saw some dancers and she also danced with them. She tells everything whatever happened with her, and tells how jigar saved her. Ratan hugs her. Khim ji grabs Prem ji’s collar and asks how can Anandi suffer infront of you, you used to call her bhagyalakshmi etc. Prem ji says let me say. Khim ji says if you couldn’t drop her then would have asked me to come and pick her.

Prem ji apologizes. Khim ji asks if I had done the same thing then would you have forgiven me. Maadi Baa asks him to leave his collar and tells that he is your samdhi too. Khim ji leaves Prem ji and says I will not let Anandi stay here even for a moment now. Sejal apologizes to them for Anandi’s sufferings. Prem ji bends down on his knees and apologizes to Khim ji and Ratan. Khim ji turns his face. Anandi asks Khim ji, if he will not handle him, he is crying. Khim ji says I am very angry at him now, we shall go from here. Anandi says teacher told us that we get relations by birth, but there is one relation chosen by us, and that is friendship. Khim ji makes Prem ji get up and forgives him. He says but we can’t stay here for a moment. He asks Ratan to come. Ratan goes to Jigar and thanks him for saving Anandi. Moti Baa asks Ratan to stay for sometime. She tells Khim ji that he had brought Anandi twice to save her life, and if he takes her like this, then her life will become like a curse. She says she wants to bid her adieu in new clothes, like her bahu. Ratan says ok Moti Baa, just as you say. I will change her clothes. Sejal says I will change her clothes, don’t know when I will get the chance again. She hugs Anandi and takes her to room.

Prem ji says until Anandi changes her clothes, will not you drink tea with me. Khim ji says someone made me realized that this is not my friend’s house, but my daughter’s sasural. Babu ji asks him to sit for sometime.

Sejal tells Anandi that she is very courageous to get saved from Banjarans. She says shall I tell you something. Anandi says I get punishment without knowing my mistake and asks her to tell first. Sejal says an understanding bahu is the one who doesn’t say sasural matters in mayka and viceversa. Maadi Baa comes there and hears them. Anandi says I didn’t like when bapu and Kaku have an argument. Sejal says I know you will remember my words always. Anandi says I will remember always. She hugs her.

Maadi Baa tells Sejal that she did the right thing and told a good thing to Anandi. She says you made her understand and she understood it without arguing. Anandi asks Maadi Baa if you aren’t angry with me. Maadi says I was strict with you and says what to do such kids don’t understand. Anandi says my teacher says that if anyone explains anything with love, then the student understands. Maadi Baa says some students are very hard to understand something. She asks her to think her as her teacher. Anandi says my teacher never punished me like you do and tells that she is like her maths teacher very strict. Maadi baa says may be I am grumpy, and asks her to remember whatever she taught here. Anandi says ok. Maadi Baa takes her to Thakur ji and asks her to forward her hand. Anandi says will you beat me with scale now. Maadi Baa asks if you think me as the butcher and asks her to see the ring. Anandi says it is very beautiful. Maadi Baa says it is of my Lala, now wear it. She makes her wear it and says you might be thinking that I am very strict and punished you without any reason. She says it was due to my rules and customs, except when I gave Prasad to Jigar and Kanku and not you. She says I did wrong and asks her to forgive her.

Anandi tells her that her teacher tells that it needs courage to apologize and says you are very courageous and gave me your lala ji’s ring. She says I can just hug you and don’t have anything to give. She hugs her.

Simplicity and truthfulness are the nature of children, so many times they do not understand the real motive and manipulation hidden behind the caress of elders.

Precap: Khim ji tells Prem ji that he is sad with whatever happened with Anandi, and is more sad that everything happened infront of him. He tells that Anandi will be sent here once she turns 18 years. He takes Anandi from there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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Balika Vadhu S2 - बालिका वधू - Ep. 45 \u0026 46 - Recap


Anandi and Shiv - Balika Vadhu

Balika Vadhu 13th July Written Update

Anandi finally signs the papers and she is saddened. They are declared divorced and are given their certificates, family is emotional as well. Anandi and Jagya have a staring competition at this time whilst the family look on in the background, we are shown past scenes of their marriage etc. DS and family come and console Anandi and she keeps staring at Jagya crying.
DS then stands in between Anandi and Jagya and Jagya then leaves from there. Anandi notices that Jagya is leaving and there is a short moment when the family look back at Jagya.

Its raining outside and Jagya walks in the rain solemnly, Anandi calls him from outside the courtroom. She walks to Jagya and states that today not only feelings but by law they are strangers, his life is his and hers is hers.
She continues that they are strangers today, but there was a time where they meant something to one another and she congratulates him and wishes him happiness. Jagya states that what happened was neither his fault nor hers, fault is tradition and Bal Vivah, but they were punished and he got it the most.
Anandi counters that their family was affected in this as well.

She contines at the time when she only knew of friendship how was she to know what love meant, and the time she found out what love was he had left. Jagat answers that his destination was different to hers.
Anandi adds that whenever he passed anything it felt like she had passed it herself, but now those memories aren’t even hers.
But even now she hopes his dreams comes true and that not only her the family want it as well, just that he is so involved in his life that he has forgotten about them. She will too try to move forward in her life like he has as she has nothing to hold onto now. She wishes him happiness in his life

As Anandi leaves Jagya holds her shoulder and takes her hand.
He states what she has done for him he could never do and saying thanks is too small a word, but tells her to take care of herself.
He has not given her anything but prays that she gets all she deserves.
There is another staring marathon in the rain this time and then they walk in separate directions.
Anandi gets in the jeep to leave, Jagya is in the rain still looking on.

VOICEOVER – Bal Vivah joins two people in such a relation that even after its broken the feelings still remain in a corner like a painful memory.

PRECAP – DS and Bhairon see Anandi’s parents and tell them about the divorce and inform them about their intention to have her remarried and only they can make Anandi understand

Vadhu balika you tube

Balika Vadhu has been a cult concept for Hindi Television in India and on the renowned channel, Colors. The first edition of the show was iconic in all ways possible and had a strong effect on the minds of TV viewers. Child marriage, though is an issue that is not much heard of, especially in the vast urban land, this evil social still prevails in the rural sects.

Well, the second edition of the supremely successful show only means that it will be harrowed with comparisons from the past in every phase of its tenure on TV. Certainly, Balika Vadhu when it came on air, was huge and had a strong script with great actors. 

We at will not want to review the new edition of Balika Vadhu by keeping into context this comparison factor. 

Let us understand that it is a huge challenge for the writing and creative teams involved in playing around with the same broad concept around child marriage, yet coming out having an identity of its own!! We are happy to tell you that Balika Vadhu 2 has successfully managed to have a skin and colour of its own in its initial look and feel and even with regards to its story build-up.

Set in Gujarat, Balika Vadhu 2 starts off heralding the great understanding, friendship and bond between the best of friends Khimji (Anshul Trivedi) and Premji (Sunny Pancholi). The two of them can never shy away from giving their life for the other. While Premji was shown being saved from the clutches of the police by Khimji in the opening scene of the show, Premji has sacrificed a lot and has always prayed that his friend Khimji be blessed with a baby girl. 

The bond of friendship between Premji and Khimji has been beautifully encapsulated with sequences that provide goosebumps as well as tears of joy. Actors Anshul Trivedi and Sunny Pancholi are tailor-made for the roles they play. They are so natural in their emotions that viewers are sure to feel the strong bond of their love for each other. 

Actors Ridhi Shukla as Ratan, Anandi’s mother and Shiju Kataria as Sejal, Jigar’s mother provide great support to the men. 

We have promised our readers that our review is in no way comparing the first edition with the second. But one aspect that we want to strongly point out is that even though Balika Vadhu in its first edition had a stronger cast, this one is not far behind. Balika Vadhu 2 might not have big names like Anup Soni, Surekha Sikri, Satyajit Sharma, Smita Bansal, but the actors who have been gotten on board are very natural performers, quite capable of stealing the limelight on the basis of their performances.

Adding more value to this statement that we have made, we tell you that one should watch out for the performance of Kumkum Das who has been an asset in Gujarati theatre and cinema. Her portrayal as Kadwi Baa will surely impress all the critics. 

Also, it is a revelation to see Rashmi Gupta, who was seen as a glam doll in Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega coming up with such a de-glam, powerful role of Leela. She has certainly made many people notice her for the class act that she is here!! Shekhar Choudhary who plays Leela’s husband is good. 

The story in its first week has been pacey, with loads of twists and edge-of-the-seat drama. We are simply in love with the ambience and the look and feel of the village that has been set up. The opening scene wherein Premji attends a mass child marriage ceremony was a visual treat.

The screenplay has been tight, with no loose ends left for the viewers to pick up their remote. The drama has been realistic, with the makers touching upon varied social evils in the very first week. 

While the act of child marriage has been clearly shown to be an offence, with the police constantly being there to stop the crime, the makers have also got into the women abuse issue too. Leela is humiliated and abused by her husband Bhavaan (Shekhar Choudhary) as she is not capable of becoming a mother. Also, the dowry system and how menacing this social evil can turn out to be, in a girl’s life has been shown with the death of Kadwi Baa’s granddaughter Sarita’s story. 

Melanie Pais who has always played the modern girl roles looks proficient in doctor Sharda’s role. 

The wedding scenes of Anandi and Jigar were shot realistically. It will be interesting to see how Shreya Patel and Vansh Sayani get into the skin of the roles of Anandi and Jigar. 

Overall, a very good start considering that there were too many expectations from this new season of the cult show Balika Vadhu 2. Sphere Origins has handled this concept really well in the past and is taking this phase ahead in the right direction.

Last but not the least, kudos to the writing team; the dialogues are powerful and strong. 

If only the comparisons do not diminish the charm of the new product, Balika Vadhu 2 will shine on. Hope the makers keep the storytelling as different as chalk and cheese when compared to the earlier edition. 

We credit Balika Vadhu 2 with stars out of 5. 

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Balika Vadhu S2 - बालिका वधू - Episode 46 - 11 October 2021


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