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Facebook Comp Rules Dreamworld Family Pass

  • The competition is being run by the Australian Koala Foundation (AKF).
  • For your chance to win, you must comment on the video posted by AKF, following instructions on the post.
  • All entries will be entered into the competition; the winner will be randomly selected by AKF staff.
  • Winner will be notified by comment or private message.
  • There is 1 x Family Pass to Dreamworld Australia up for grabs.

  • Open to entrants 18+

  • Open to residents worldwide but PLEASE NOTE THAT:

  • Dreamworld Australia is located on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. The prize is the family pass ONLY so you must find your own way to Dreamworld at your own expense. 

  • The prize will be posted to the competition winner.
  • The prize may not be exchanged for cash.
  • Judges decision is final.
  • Promotion starts: 5.30pm EST 28/09/2015 and finishes 5.30pm EST 30/09/2015 

  • This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. Any questions, comments or complaints regarding the promotion will be directed to the AKF, not Facebook.
  • Sours: https://www.savethekoala.com/facebook-comp-rules-dreamworld-family-pass/




    the game where everyone creates together.

    DreamWorld is the massive digital world where everyone creates together. Think Minecraft or Roblox, a social platform where players create content for other players, except one immersive world.


    Active Founders

    Garrison Bellack

    CEO of DreamWorld. Competitive Gamer and Engineering Lead. Previously at Google, Facebook, and Apple.

    Zachary Kaplan

    Heya! My name is Zach, nice to meet you! I consider myself a maker, adventurer, doer, and entrepreneur. I'm now creating the virtual world, DreamWorld, with my co-founder and best friend, Garrison. Born and raised in Silicon Valley, left for three years to experience NYC, now I'm back to create the most inspiring digital space in existence. Let's have some fun :) Much love to all

    Open Jobs

    Startup jobs at DreamWorld

    Sours: https://www.ycombinator.com/companies/dreamworld
    1. Outdoor tarp cover
    2. External retaining clips
    3. Instructor resources pearson
    4. Apartments matthews nc
    5. Gil mckinney

    How To Target Facebook Ads To "Dreamworld" Audience | AdTargeting

    Many people are wondering whether their "Dreamworld" Facebook ads are working when the "Dreamworld" advertising are not getting any reach. Your "Dreamworld" Facebook ads can help you expand brand awareness, increase coverage and bring conversions, only if you choose the right Facebook interests and target your audience accurately. 

    The interest "Dreamworld" has 1,701,150 audiences on Facebook, this means that your "Dreamworld" facebook ads has many potential audiences. So the point is, how to target these people and make them really become yours. AdTargeting can be helpful. It is one of the best Facebook interest targeting tool to discover hidden or niche interests of "Dreamworld" Facebook ads that your competitor don't know, and provide audience analysis report. Keep reading and see how to target your audience precisely at once! In order to get more content, you can check the website google audience targeting.

    The interest "Dreamworld" overview

    InterestAudience Gender ratio of the audience Major Age
     Dreamworld   1,701,150Men accounted for53.7%
    Women accounted for46.3%

    At first, we can have an overview of "Dreamworld". The interest "Dreamworld"  has 1,701,150 audiences in Facebook. Among these audiences, men accounted for 53.7%, women accounted for 46.3%. The major age of Dreamworld audiences is 25-34, and they accounted for 36.22%.

    There are also many hidden interests of "Dreamworld". You can choose the most appropriate interest for your "Dreamworld" advertising according to the real situation.

    "Dreamworld" Facebook ads audience analysis report

    When you run "Dreamworld" advertisements on Facebook, you need to set suitable audience targeting conditions in "Dreamworld" Facebook ads. After analyzing the audience of "Dreamworld" , you can get the report of "Dreamworld" audience analysis include many detailed information:

    The majority of people interested in "Dreamworld" between 25-34, and they accounted for 36.22%. And other age groups like 18-24 accounted for 28.7%. The people interested in "Dreamworld" between 35-44 accounted for 19.96%.

    Women accounted for 46.3% and men accounted for 53.7%.

    The majority of people interested in "Dreamworld" are in a relationship of Single and they take a large proportion for about 40.3%.

    The majority of people have a College degree.

    From the job title of the audience, we can analyze that the people interested in "Dreamworld" who work on Administrative Services have the largest audience account for 26.5%. Besides this, people work on Sales and Management also have many audience.

    People in Australia have the highest passion for "Dreamworld". And United States and Thailand also have large numbers of people interested in "Dreamworld".

    Lists of interests for "Dreamworld" Facebook ads

    After analyzing the audience, you can also find other most related interests of "Dreamworld". And there is a Facebook interest list that maybe helpful for you in AdTargeting . You can not only get the lists of interests but also the audience number of each interest. The recommendation of relevant interests can give you some inspiration to choose interests for "Dreamworld" advertising.


    Target "Dreamworld" audience of competitors with Facebook Pages 

    The audiences of competitors are also our potential audiences. You can target audience of competitors with Facebook Pages in AdTargeting. A higher affinity score, means a higher relevance of the Facebook Page to your audience. Other professional contents: interestexplorer, facebook jewelry ads.

    Just get the most related Facebook Pages of "Dreamworld" and use them to target your Facebook ads to "Dreamworld" audience.


    Reports of other interests

    You can also get some reports of other interests. Then you can do better in Facebook audience optimization and target Facebook ads to audience more accurately. Here are the reports you might be interested in:

    What's more, you can have a fast browsing of popular interests in Top Charts very easily to follow the industrial trend. Wanna target Facebook ads to "Dreamworld" audience? Just practice these advices now!

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    Pakistan - DREAMWORLD Karachi 4-Night Resort Stay

    DW Topbg.jpg


    Dream World is a uniquely special role-playing game (RPG), that seeks to go beyond the normal one-click variety of other social networking RPGS. Dream World was developed by Playmage. The game was originally designed between 2002 and 2004 and has now been re-configured to work on Facebook, Kongregate, and other social networks. The game aims to give players a deeper experience of play than traditional RPGS, while at the same time focusing on making the game simple - by providing many tutorials.

    In Dream World, the ultimate goal is to save Dream World from being destroyed.

    From the official help guide:

    "Dream World is a rich multiplayer universe, an online role playing game (RPG) originally developed and played by thousands of players between 2002 and 2004. It has now been redesigned and adapted to be a social game for FaceBook and other networks.

    Unlike majority of RPGs you find on FaceBook and other social networks, Dream World is a much deeper experience similar to traditional RPGs, but simple designs and short tutorials that will allow any computer user to learn and play. Your main goal in the game is to save the Dream World from its ultimate destruction, and become stronger and well respected in the process."

    See Also

    Sours: https://dream-world.fandom.com/wiki/Dream_World

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    Pakistan - DREAMWORLD Karachi 4-Night Resort Stay


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