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War Commander: Rogue Assault Guide [Tips and Tricks]


Hello friends and welcome to the War Commander: Rogue Assault Tips and Tricks guide. This guide is going to help you new players go over the basics of the the game and get a better understanding of the game itself.


War Commander

War Commander: Rogue Assault is a top down RTS (Real Time Strategy) type game. The mechanics are based on strategy putting you in the shoes of a tactician.

In the game you take control of an army platoon and work to expand your forces. You build troops and use them in missions to defeat your enemies and advance through the game.

The main area you’ll spend your time in is the story mode and that’s where you’ll get your bearings on the game itself. Once you understand it a little more you can take your skills online and battle other players and their armies.


Game modes

In War Commander there are three different game modes you can play through. Campaign, PvP Battle, and War Zones. Each of the three game modes has their own set of rules to play by and give a unique experience for each.

Campaign is rather straight forward much like any other game with a story mode. You go through several missions following a small story that aligns with the actions your making.

You build your troops through out the story and in each mission you advance to harder difficulties. Campaign is the best way to understand War Commanders mechanics and get better at it before you jump into online battles.

The PvP Battles are relatively simple as well. You’re matched up with a single opponent and the two of you set up your armies then fight.

It plays the same way the Campaign does having the same strategic feel making you use your head and make decisions of how you want to act. Same for War Zones. They’re both similar and follow the same theme as the main game.


Game Mechanics

Now is when we get into the details of the game. War Commander as stated is a strategy game which means you have to plan your moves instead of just acting wildly.

At the tutorial you’re given a basic run down on how to do everything. You start off with a few units and then as the game goes on you’re able to buy more units to add to your troop.

Once you have your troop fleshed out and made how you want you can take them into a mission. The game play is rather simple and very easy to get the hang of.

To move your troops you touch an area on the map and they start an auto path to that point. While they move you can move the map itself to see where everything is giving you a good idea of where to send your men.

You can have your units move all together in a single troop or split them up and send them each in different places. Deciding how to move your units is all about the strategy you have for that specific mission.

Keeping your units together makes it easy to focus all your fire on a single target bringing it down faster. But it also makes it so all your men can be defeated all at once if they’re blocked in.

While separating your units makes them weaker and easier to be destroyed. But you can also have some take aggro from the enemy team while your others are off somewhere in the map destroying an enemy base.

The whole point of the game is to wipe out your enemies compound. To do that you have to defeat their ground units and destroy structures that they’ve built.

By touching a building or a turret your units will automatically attack until the target is destroyed. Every building has a different amount of health making some more durable than others.

Destroying buildings with single units will take a while where a full group could take a few seconds. Deciding how to go about destroying your enemies compound will all be based on your personal play style.

After the first few matches you should have the hang of the games basic mechanics. Its all really about thought and positioning, knowing where your enemies are going to be before your units even get there.

So put some time in to thinking about your moves and really give the game some focus as you play. You’ll find it gets more intense and entertaining when some investment is put into it.

And once you’ve gotten further you’ll be able to purchase better troops making the game itself all around easier for you to go through. Once you’ve finished the campaign and have a nice set up you should be well equipped to start challenging others online.


I hope this guide could be helpful to some of you new players out there. Enjoy War Commander and the fun strategy game that it is.

Until next time.



War Commander: Rogue Assault

War Commander: Rogue Assault is a multiplayer strategy game that challenges you to build a base of operations where you can control all your assaults. You have to build all kinds of buildings, gather resources, recruit soldiers, and of course, attack your enemies.

Gameplay in War Commander: Rogue Assault is relatively similar to that of Clash of Clans and other similar games, but with a major twist: you can manually control your troops at all times. Once you’ve spread your troops, you can manually move them by tapping on the screen.

War Commander: Rogue Assault includes an intense story mode that’ll face you against terrorists from all over the world. However, the best part of the game is to attack the other players’ bases. In these ‘online’ assaults you can test your troops as well as your strategy skills.

War Commander: Rogue Assault is a super fun strategy based game that also includes outstanding visuals. Also, as you keep playing, you can unlock more than 20 different troops, buildings and vehicles.
Reviewed by Andrés López Translated by Beatriz EscalanteSours:
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War Commander: Rogue Assault Review

One could be forgiven for passing up War Commander: Rogue Assault on their mobile storefront of choice. Its generic title and blasé thumbnail make it look like another Mobile Strike, Clash of Clans, or any of the umpteen dozen pieces of freemium shovelware out there. But Kixeye, headed up by Command and Conquer luminary Louis Castle, has its sights set on something higher than just setting up another pay-to-win scam. Because, at its heart, War Commander makes an earnest attempt at reviving the stagnating RTS genre for a modern audience.

As a StarCraft vet and Company of Heroes dabbler, I find that an enticing prospect. It helps that the world Kixeye has built feels ripe for conquering… and, erm, commanding. It’s the near future – oil’s run out, governments have split into factions, and warlords have taken over certain pockets of the world. I’m a sucker for these sorts of narratives, so the story hooked me almost immediately. There’s a certain tangibility to the world, something that makes your scrounging for resources feel significant, and the shortage of supplies understandable. While a lack of interesting characters (outside of a wisecracking AI) and some pretty unfortunate racial stereotypes hold the narrative back, the world itself is undoubtedly a compelling one.

War Commander: Rogue Assult Review - Free To Play Done Right

For the most part, though, players will be more focused on the actual gameplay than the narrative. That gameplay is, for all intents and purposes, a stripped-down RTS crashed into a modern “sit around and mine resources” sort of deal. Players spend time levelling up so they can beef up their base, pump out resources from said base, then funnel those resources into building better units. Higher levels equals more stuff to build, which leads to better equipment, so on, so forth.

Let’s be blunt – we’ve all played a game like this one time or another. Stuff like this makes up 99 per cent of the mobile gaming market at this point. But War Commander has an edge on the competition in that it isn’t obsessed with shilling for microtransactions or forcing players to sit through a cooldown for things to happen. Base-building is painless thanks to every structure being built instantaneously. The game is actually pretty fair with how many in-game resources you can pool, and it doesn’t shove in-game purchases down your gullet. That isn’t to say it can’t get grindy, because it can – especially as far as levelling up goes, as story missions are capped at certain player levels, which can only be raised at that point by playing the multiplayer.

Yet there’s something about the base-building component of War Commander that feels sincere. It feels like a game, not a cynical excuse to waste time and spend money. If one were to play this over the course of several months, I’d be liable to say they wouldn’t ever feel like they need to spend a cent on it.

The brunt of the gameplay is contained in missions. These take two forms – story missions and the multiplayer. Story missions are pretty cut and dry affairs, but fun nonetheless. Building up a squad and blowing up bases is satisfying, especially considering players are given direct control over their squad. Using my Pixel C’s touch screen to commend my squad, then watch them lay waste to a whole base gave me a sort of tactile satisfaction I’ve rarely experienced from a mobile title. It helps that the game looks crisp and clean, with every art asset clearly defined and easy to tap on at a moment’s notice.

War Commander: Rogue Assult Review - Free To Play Done Right 1

The multiplayer, where players will be spending most of their time, is more of a mixed bag. The core gameplay is still there, yes, and the idea of taking down another player’s hard work is a winning one. Yet, in my experience,War Commander’s netcode isn’t solid enough to support this ongoing metagame. I’ve found myself queueing for an attack for several minutes before the game outright stops working. This has happened on numerous occasions, on top of a few login issues. Beyond that, there’s a certain degree of tedium that sets in with attacking bases, as players often have pretty uniform layouts. The gameplay may still be great, but what it’s being used for in this instance is dull, and nowhere nearly as inspired and entertaining as the story missions. Considering that the multiplayer seems to be the showcase of the game, and that you have to play a bunch of it to unlock more of the story content, that’s kind of a shame.

But despite their lackluster usage, the mechanics, concepts and design choices of War Commander: Rogue Assault are all commendable. In the field of freemium mobile games, it’s a cut above the rest, because it feels like actual planning went into making a game and not a cash delivery service. I firmly believe some more care could’ve gone into the ongoing meta-game, and an overall lack of polish in everything that isn’t the gameplay holds the whole experience back. However, there’s something to be said for a free game that doesn’t require selling your spleen to make either make noticeable progress or have fun.

If you’re going to pick up a mobile base-building game, then make it this one. Because, at the very least, it feels like an actual video game.

Final Thoughts

Held back by a lack of polish and some persistent netcode issues, War Commander: Rogue Assault is nevertheless a decent mobile distraction that doesn’t tread into pay-to-win territory.

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ATF Continues Rogue Assault on Common Pistols, Rule of Law

Rogue elements of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) are continuing their assault on certain types of commonly-owned semi-automatic pistols. According to the law firm Wiley, ATF has developed a new interpretation of “handgun” that threatens to curtail the supply of foreign-manufactured pistols and could put many law-abiding gun owners in legal jeopardy.

In early October, NRA-ILA alerted gun owners to an ATF decision regarding firearm manufacturer Q LLC’s Honey Badger pistol. Back in August, ATF sent a cease and desist letter to Q LLC notifying the company that the agency had determined the Honey Badger, which comes equipped with a pistol stabilizing brace - to be subject to the National Firearms Act as a short-barreled rifle.

The determination was very concerning for many in the firearms industry and community, as pistol stabilizing braces have become a popular accessory to many commonly-owned semi-automatic pistols. Since 2012, ATF had repeatedly found that firearms with pistol stabilizing braces, like the one equipped on Q LLC’s Honey Badger pistol, were not “designed, made, and intended to be fired from the shoulder,” and were therefore not subject to regulation under the NFA. With no notice or opportunity for public input, ATF appeared to be reversing course.

Thanks to the efforts of concerned NRA members and other gun rights supporters, in mid-October ATF notified Q LLC that it would suspend its original determination for 60 days pending the outcome of review by the Department of Justice.

Now, ATF appears to be attempting to limit the importation of certain large frame pistols.

Under federal law (18 U.S.C. 922(I)) it is unlawful “for any person, other than a licensed importer, licensed manufacturer, licensed dealer, or licensed collector, who does not reside in any State to receive any firearms unless such receipt is for lawful sporting purposes.” Further, 18 U.S.C. 925(d)(3) provides that “The Attorney General shall authorize a firearm or ammunition to be imported or brought into the United States or any possession thereof if the firearm… is generally recognized as particularly suitable for or readily adaptable to sporting purposes.” Therefore, in most circumstances, in order to import a firearm into the U.S. the firearm must be “readily adaptable to sporting purposes.”

This is what is known as the “sporting purposes test.” Under this regime, ATF has created a straight-forward point-based factoring criteria to determine what handguns may be imported. Federal law (18 U.S.C. 921(A)(29)) defines a handgun as “a firearm which has a short stock and is designed to be held and fired by the use of a single hand.” Handguns earn various amounts of points for individual characteristics and a minimum point threshold is required to pass the “sporting purposes test.” The “sporting purpose test” and ATF criteria were created with the goal of prohibiting the importation of small inexpensive handguns – so-called Saturday Night Specials. Therefore, the criteria favor larger and heavier handguns.

It is important to note that the “sporting purposes test” predates the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in District of Columbia v. Heller. The Heller decision made clear Americans have an individual right to keep and bear arms for “lawful purposes, such as self-defense.” Given the Court’s emphasis on Americans’ right to access arms for a variety of lawful purposes, including self-defense, the continued validity of the “sporting purposes test” is dubious.

According to Wiley, in the last few months ATF has altered its interpretation of the statutory definition of a “handgun” and appears to be moving away from just using its point-based factoring criteria for pistol imports. Wiley noted, “In company-specific letters, [ATF] takes the position that if a submitted firearm is too long or too heavy, it fails to meet the definition of ‘handgun’ under the Gun Control Act, as it is not ‘designed to be held and fired by the use of a single hand.’”

According to the documents provided to Wiley, ATF will now take into consideration the following “objective design features” when determining if a firearm meets the definition of a “handgun.”

  • Incorporation of rifle sights;
  • Utilization of "rifle caliber ammunition" (both 5.56mm and 7.62mm have been considered as such);
  • Incorporation of “rifle-length barrel;”1
  • The “weapon’s heavy weight"
  • Ability to accept magazines that range in capacity from 20 rounds to 100 rounds, “which will contribute to the overall weight of the firearm”; and
  • Overall length of the weapon which “creates a front-heavy imbalance when held in one hand.”

However, Wiley also pointed out that ATF has made clear that the “objective design features” are “neither binding on future classifications nor is any factor individually determinative[.]

Therefore, much like with the Honey Badger pistol, ATF is using subjective criteria to determine how a given firearm is regulated – in this case in order to prohibit certain types of common semi-automatic pistols from being imported. This creates an untenable situation for firearms manufacturers and importers who are unable to predict ATF’s conduct, and thus how to comport their behavior to the law.

Even more dangerous Is how ATF’s recent reinterpretation of the “handgun” definition may affect millions of law-abiding gun owners. In recent years, the AR-15 and other intermediate cartridge semi-automatic pistols have become increasingly popular. If ATF were to apply a version of their new subjective interpretation of the “handgun” definition to these firearms the agency could find that these common pistols are not “handguns.”

Such an interpretation could place these common pistols under NFA regulation as “Any Other Weapon[s]” (AOW). AOWs are required to be registered in the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record. Possessing an unregistered AOW is punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment in federal prison.

In response to the Honey Badger classification and pistol import changes, Congressmen Richard Hudson (R-N.C.), Ralph Norman (R-S.C.), Greg Murphy (R-N.C.), and Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.) recently sent a letter to Attorney General William Barr and ATF Acting Director Regina Lombardo asking them to quickly address the inconsistent and unlawful actions of the agency. Congressman Hudson noted “ATF’s decision will turn law-abiding citizens into criminals overnight. As one of the strongest defenders of our Second Amendment rights in Congress, I appreciate my colleagues joining me in this effort to urge Attorney General Barr to protect the Constitution, end this injustice, and prevent it from going any further.”

A vital component of a free society is the rule of law. This includes the right of the citizenry to be placed on notice as to how they must conduct themselves in order to comply with the law. ATF’s recent haphazard and unpredictable interpretations of federal gun law imperil law-abiding gun owners and the companies who serve them.

© 2020 National Rifle Association of America, Institute for Legislative Action. This may be reproduced. This may not be reproduced for commercial purposes.


Assault rogue

War Commander Rogue Assault WiKi: Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Wise Geek → Best Mobile Games → War Commander Rogue Assault: Review of Guides and game Secrets

WAR COMMANDER ROGUE ASSAULT is an Android game with a release date of 12/21/2016 from KIXEYE. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A Guide for Beginners
  2. Base Construction Guide
  3. Army Secrets
  4. Upgrade Tips
  5. PvE Guide - Objectives
  6. War Zone Walkthrough
  7. Base Defense Tips
  8. Secrets of a Successful Assault

War Commander Rogue Assault: A Guide for Beginners

Remember the famous Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3? It was the developers of this legendary computer game that created a new product for mobile devices. And against the backdrop of a huge amount of various garbage (one-day games) that lies in Google Play and the App Store, this is a really interesting and addictive game. Westwood Studios really, as always, tried to make their product a masterpiece. This is not just the construction of a military base and periodic raids on neighbors, this is a tactical strategy where you need to think.

Distinctive features:

  • Mechanics are a feature of the developers, here you can control the army released into battle and do any available actions with it. In other games, you simply create troops and unleash them on the battlefield, and that’s it! They are fighting there themselves, advancing, retreating. And the victory mainly depends on the level of pumping the army. Here the army is divided into squads, and each of them can be easily controlled by simply flicking your finger on the corresponding building.
  • Variety - the game has a huge variety of troops of various types: from ordinary soldiers, military vehicles to planes and helicopters.

The game is divided into 3 game modes:

  • Mission is a real mission, with its own drawing and landscapes. Some missions are much more difficult to complete than real players. For completing such stories, you get very cool bonuses.
  • PvP battle - attack on player bases. They need to be looked for on the world map, while you should protect your base so that you do not fly in from other gamers.
  • War zones are several special zones where you can wage wars and extract rare resources. They become available at player level 10 after the construction of the Command Center.

There are 4 types of resources in the game:

  1. Thorium is a rare resource used for certain upgrades above player level 15 that can only be earned by mining Warzone deposits. Thorium storage can be used to increase capacity, but it is best to build it when you really need it.
  2. Oil is a resource used only to repair damaged or destroyed units. They can be collected using oil pumps or earned through campaign and PvP. Construction and modernization of oil storage facilities can increase its capacity. Thanks to this method of restoring units, the army does not need to be rebuilt every time. You initially build troops, and reanimate them with one click.
  3. Metal is a resource used to create, upgrade, or promote units. It can be harvested from metal factories or earned through PvP and war zones (FOB or rogue bases). Construction and modernization of metal storage facilities can increase their capacity.
  4. Gold is an in-game currency bought with real money that you can use for component packs, crates, or when you don’t have enough resources to build, upgrade, or repair damaged / destroyed units (they don’t add value at all). Completing the Command Center tasks can give you a certain amount of gold for free.

Player level - when you level up by filling the yellow bar in the upper right corner of the screen, you will receive a certain amount of metal as a reward. Certain levels can also give you access to more units, War Zones, and Command Center upgrades. You can only gain experience from upgrading buildings and upgrading your units.

It’s best to be careful when leveling up and plan ahead for the transition to a new one, especially when you are in War Zones, as you will light up your level and all players will see it. The transition will give an advantage to strong opponents.

In PvP battle, you can hit anyone 3 levels below or above you. This rule does not apply in War Zones, where everyone can be attacked regardless of level, but do not underestimate or overestimate your opponents. Not every player dares to attack an opponent without seeing his performance, after your transition to a new level, everyone will see it, and players with a higher level of pumping can immediately attack you.

Game activities. Periodically, new events start in the game, which will give an impetus to your development. You need to participate in them, since for certain actions or achievements in promotions you will receive rare items. Some events happen 1 time and do not repeat anymore, others repeat. For recurring events, you can plan a strategy for passing in advance.

Shock battle. Starting Wednesday at 10:00 AM, you can earn Shock Cards for 24 hours to ensure victory in PvP battles. Strikes are disposable items used in combat to either call for reinforcements or heavy artillery. They have a low chance of spawning in bronze boxes, a medium chance in silver boxes, and you are guaranteed to get hit from a gold box. You can store up to 3 pieces of the same hit in your inventory.

La Muerte. Starting most Fridays at 10:00 am, within 24 hours you can attack the fortresses of la Muerte from your base. The main reason to attack these objects is to earn a blueprint for the sniper unit and its critical components.

This is where you can use your redeployment tokens to hit the same base instance multiple times and save damage until the next fight. In addition, you gain a bonus percentage of damage on subsequent attempts, so that the base becomes "lighter" for each redeployment until you destroy it. Try to make the most of your tokens before attacking.

War Commander Rogue Assault: Base Construction Guide

The Command Center is the heart of your base and its main building. By improving the center, you open up new buildings for construction, increase the unit limit, get the opportunity to make improvements to current buildings, as well as Defense Towers and resource producers.

Military buildings:

  • Barracks - Infantry troops are created here. With the improvement of the Barracks, you will unlock more powerful warriors.
  • Military factory - produces ground vehicles, with the improvement of the factory, you unlock new types of equipment.
  • Global Operations - by placing this building, you will be able to enter the Global Map, look for rivals and resources.
  • Airfield is a building where you can manufacture and upgrade your air objects.
  • Helipad - a platform for the creation and modernization of helicopters.

Resource buildings:

  • Oil pump - produces oil (oil). Improvements increase mining speed and pump storage limit.
  • Oil storage (oil) - all oil after processing and brought from raids is stored and stored here. Upgrades allow for more storage.
  • Metallurgical plant - produces metal. Improvements increase mining speed and factory storage limit before harvesting.
  • Metal storage - here is stored and stored a message of metal after processing and brought from raids. Upgrades allow for more storage.
  • Thorium Harvester - Produces thorium. Improvements increase mining speed and factory storage limit before harvesting.
  • Thorium storage - all thorium is stored here after processing and brought from raids. Upgrades allow for more storage.

Protective structures

  • Barrier - protects all buildings that are located behind it, allowing turrets to fire.
  • Minefield - Mines can be used defensively. This defense encourages players to be careful when attacking, especially in automatic AI mode (when the defense takes place without the participation of the player). Increasing the number of charges is not all that useful, since it is cheaper to refuel the mines.
  • Power plant - produces all the energy needed to control buildings and defense towers located at the base. The upgrade allows the overall power output to be increased to meet the increasing power needs of the base.

Defense platform - the levels of the towers are distributed among themselves. The best and most common strategy is to group them into one area to maximize damage from a tower covered in minefields and barriers. Your opponent will not receive any stars if he only destroys your buildings on other platforms.

Turrets must be purchased and upgraded individually and are exclusive to each tower. Their fire rate can be controlled by transformers. If the defensive platform was destroyed, then the impulse to other turrets of the transformer will increase, if there are several turrets on it, this platform receives massive damage.

They should not be confused with heavy platforms which are much more durable, have different turret choices and are regulated by heavy transformers. The platform will initially be unarmed unless the player purchases a turret for it, which it will remain on until the end of the game.

Transformer - can increase the turret’s rate of fire or reload speed within its radius. They cannot be placed next to each other in the same radius. One tower within the range of more than one transformer will only receive a bonus from the transformer with the most energy.

Bonuses will be split and rounded down between all turrets in range, even if some are already fully charged. When the power plant is destroyed, all transformers will suffer damage equal to 90% of their current capacity if they are still standing. When the transformers are destroyed, the tower will lose its momentum.

Advanced operating bases

FOB - Forward Operating Bases. These AI bases are specifically tied to the player and provide tactical advantages. They can only be deployed near the player’s headquarters and they will aid in PVP attacks / defense in war zones.

The army available to the POB can vary, and its stats depend on the player’s own counterparts, after which they are given a bonus. The characteristics of the FOB are changed with the help of global operations, which can also increase the quality of bonuses, and the number of units, ignoring the usual number of units. FOB units will spawn within 5 seconds after the start of the attack.

The FOB can be destroyed by other players or scrapped by the owner (with a refund). Updating FOBs through global operations does not affect existing ones, and in order to benefit from new ones, the player must delete their current FOBs and get new ones.

FOB units are not part of the player’s platoon, and therefore, if units are destroyed directly in battle, they will always be fully repaired for the next battle at no cost to the player. These units cannot be controlled by you, but the bonus to their stats partially compensates for this. Defending, one FOB will send units to help the nearest allied base (more precisely, the owner’s base and other FOBs). They work just like any defensive unit.

War Commander Rogue Assault: Army Secrets

Foot soldiers

  • Shooters - groups of shooters inflict significant damage even to aircraft. Keep them protected by tanks and out of range of missiles and mortars. Good against aerial targets, should not be aimed at vehicles.
  • Heavy - Use their M249s to deal significantly more damage than arrows, and they can take a hit when needed. Equip them with armor and upgrade them for devastating attack power. Good against aerial targets, should not be aimed at vehicles.
  • Mortars - shoot from a long distance, projectiles overcome obstacles, and inflict explosive damage in the area. Great for support to destroy bases and destroy enemy infantry and heavy vehicles, but keep them away from the front lines.
  • Scouts - Well trained in direct action missions, Scouts deal massive damage on the battlefield. Extensive training allows them to avoid direct hits, making them very difficult to kill. Good against aerial targets, should not be aimed at light vehicles.
  • Team MAAW - The MAAW reusable rocket launcher delivers heavy blows, projectiles pass through obstacles, from a great distance. Good against infantry and heavy vehicles.
  • Snipers - Almost invisible to enemy units due to their long attack range, snipers are deadly for infantry and helicopters. The Sniper can even outrun some Sentry Guns, such as Railguns, although they do little damage to Sentry Guns. Snipers can be opposed by tanks.
  • Sentinels - inflict explosive area damage. Through training, Marines improve their ability to aim and eliminate threats. The armor protects them from shrapnel, small-bore projectiles and shock explosions.
  • Ghosts are like snipers and can be used later in the game.
  • Dragons - similar to machine gunners, can be used in the later stages of the game.

Light vehicle

Light vehicles are extremely fast (only lose to some helicopters and planes) with high damage. Typically, they have low health points, and short range (with rare exceptions), are used as support units to inflict heavy damage on enemies, while other units provide cover or arrange extreme carnage and crush enemy defenses. Most light vehicles use ballistic weapons similar to infantry.

  • Infantry Vehicle - Provides continuous damage at high speed for tactical attacks. They are very lightly armored, so use his speed to quickly get out of enemy reach.
  • S-13 - The range, speed and destructive power of the S-13 compensate for less accurate targeting. Target grouped units to make sure each missile hits something. Good against infantry and light vehicles.
  • Hammer - Lightly armored Hummers fire .50 caliber rounds at 1200 rounds per minute and get out of trouble or get hit by it quickly. Use them to destroy slow-shooting enemies. Good against infantry, not used against aircraft or armored vehicles.
  • Ontos II is the spiritual successor to the WWII legend. Fast, with medium armor, he is more troublesome than most units on the battlefield. Can be used against all types of troops except helicopters.
  • The Stryker Transport BMP is a robust variant of the Stryker. If it is destroyed, force reconnaissance units will jump out of there, and help end the battle at the same level as your army’s force reconnaissance. Not used against aircraft and heavy equipment.
  • Cougar is a cheaper alternative to the Hammer, sharing the same overall stats and sharing multiple equipment slots, although it has a lower command count. The cougar can also attack planes and has similar damage.

Heavy vehicles

Armored vehicles are a slow unit with a high attack power, but their range of action is small. After destruction, like light vehicles, they leave debris behind.

  • Rhinos are well armored and equipped with a 30mm cannon. Their low rate of fire makes them best used for absorbing damage when other units are pounding the enemy. Good against infantry and light vehicles.
  • Abrams M1A1 - These heavily armored tanks take high damage and obscure other units on the battlefield. They destroy enemy defenses with their slow 120mm cannons.
  • M1 Brecher - Its abilities differ significantly from those of a standard tank, although, like the M270, it is built to strike as an auxiliary unit. If Breach mode is activated by pressing the button above the tank icon, the player can no longer directly control its movement and target designation. It takes a while for the tank to turn around and after that it will no longer use its ranged attack.
  • M270 Launcher - Lightly armored heavy vehicle, General’s shotgun, fires M26 medium-range missiles that destroy groups of buildings and enemies. They are not used against flying units, and are good at destroying ground targets.
  • "Merkava" 4M - designed for survivability. The sloping armor and low profile design allow this tank to withstand impact. Not used against flying units.
  • GMLRS - Guided Missiles turns this launcher into an army sniper rifle. Destructive and accurate over long distances, the vehicle is the ultimate support unit. Not used against flying units.


Helicopters are guided air units that can ignore any minefields and anything that cannot shoot at them, especially heavy vehicles, but they are opposed by infantry with anti-aircraft guns, salvo and mostly anti-aircraft guns. They have the highest stats compared to ground units of all types. Moving them through buildings other than a barrier can be annoying as they need to move around rather than through them. Each of the helicopters goes out of control before exploding when their health points reach zero.

  • Cobra - can be added to ground platoons and inflict constant damage to enemy ground units, especially tanks and support troops that cannot fire back. They showed themselves poorly against the infantry.
  • Doe are flying tanks capable of inflicting significant damage. Use them to divert fire from units that deal more damage per second. Can’t aim at planes.
  • AH-64E - Cuts through enemy heavy armor. They are the best ground support for VTOL aircraft on the battlefield. They showed themselves poorly against the infantry.
  • MI-28 - This flying battleship inflicts amazing damage and devastates ground targets. Can’t aim at planes.
  • KA-50 "Black Shark" - an assault helicopter with amazing maneuvering. They work for all available goals. Perfect as support for infantry and light vehicles.


Aircraft - these are separate units that can be called in to deliver air strikes during the assault on the enemy. They have their own platoon stand with only 2 slots, and can be selected from the left side during an attack. When you aim at a building, a large red circle appears. When units leave (either automatically or after destroying their target) without being completely destroyed, there is a recovery period when they cannot be summoned. When attacking, planes aim exclusively at ground structures, and ignore enemy defenders. However, some have minor elements that can affect these units. When defending, planes will circle around the airfield and attack suitable targets. Unlike most units, planes appear at the edge of the map when deployed.

  • Reaper - Reaper drone drones rain down on a single enemy target until she or they are completely destroyed. Cannot aim at aerial targets.
  • Lightning Strike - Warthogs’ A10 Thunderbolts strike hard and fast. They are best used to destroy single targets before ground attack. Cannot aim at aerial targets.
  • Predator - Deal devastating damage to a ground target area of the battlefield. Cannot aim at aerial targets.

War Commander Rogue Assault: Upgrade Tips

Upgrading buildings and units increases their capabilities and increases the player’s experience. The player’s level is of great importance in the game. Knowing when to level up will greatly help you progress through the war zones.

Two areas where player level matters:

  • The level will unlock blueprints. Most units and buildings cannot be built until your player level reaches a certain threshold. Of course, unlocking more powerful units, buildings and upgrades will increase your overall power level.
  • The player’s level directly determines which war zones you can enter. Each warzone in the game displays a minimum and maximum level, limiting the deployment of a base there. For example, Bordeaux displays the stage "Requires 10-17". This means that once your player level exceeds 17, you will no longer be able to deploy your base in this warzone.

There are several factors to consider when deciding whether to move into the next war zone:

  • Make sure the towers on your defense platforms are at their maximum level. Your base needs the full protection it can get.
  • If it is difficult for your army to destroy Outposts and strong points in your current zone, stay put. The next warzone will likely have more challenging PvE targets.
  • Your Alliance offers you security in numbers within war zones. If you are ready to move up, and most of your allies are not, you can postpone development and progress with them.

Components - Needed to build and promote your units. They are earned through certain Command Center boxes, depending on the rarity, or from the black market. There are only 2 types of components available:

  • Regular. They can be obtained from chests and portfolios of any rarity. There are only 5 types of common components, reflected by the block type. They are only used for development.
  • Critical. They can be obtained from silver chests, gold briefcases, and citadel crates. Each unit has its own critical component. Building advanced units like Heavy, Abrams, and others requires their own components. Advanced marines only require 10 critical components, while others require 20.

Equipment (outfit)

Equipment can only be obtained by opening the Golden Foot Locker or purchased on the black market. You have to get the same equipment in a certain amount in order to upgrade the units (the amount is written in the menu of each unit).

Health related equipment - Applies to many units of units with high attack, support or airstrikes.

Type of equipmentDescriptionCompatibility
PlateLightweight lined vest with metal plates for added protection on the battlefieldShooter, Heavy, Recon
Composite insertsBritish design of body armor boosts health and includes a band to customize accessories used by tech infantry teamsMortar, Sniper, Team MAAWS
Armored chassis40 cm of opaque and transparent armor protects the gunner while standing without impairing visibilityPK BMP, infantry vehicle, Hummer
Armored frameReinforced skin around the original metal frame provides increased protection on all sides and the rear of the vehicleS-13, Rocket Buggy, Stryker,
Reactive IV moduleLarge ceramic modules provide increased protection against armor-piercing projectilesLauncher M270, GMLRS
Composite panel 6 mmCombination of several types of armor to provide light all-round protectionCobra, Doe
Reinforced fuel tankSoften swelling damage and self-seal after contact with fuelReaper, Lightning Strike, Predator

Related equipment damage - the equipment that increases the damage per second for units.

Type of equipmentDescriptionCompatibility
LAV CrewHelp the crew to attack on the moveHammer, Ontos II, M3 Bradley
Tank crewExperienced crew trained in armored attackRhino, Abrams M1A1
Combat pilotsWarship pilots trained to destroy enemy positionsDoe, Mi-28

Level up tips

Don’t chase player levels. Many beginners try to quickly advance in the player’s level by constantly improving their buildings. But level management is very important. Your access to war zones and PvP opponents is determined by player level as well as losses. When upgrading buildings, it is very important to consider whether you really need the building to be upgraded. This is especially important when you are approaching the level limits of Warzone 17 and 27 and others.

Prioritize construction correctly. As a newcomer to an alliance, you are most useful with a strong defensive base and all forward operating bases open. As you get closer to levels 15 and 25, consider upgrading structures that will improve your overall defense. Once you reach level 15 or 25, the first structure to upgrade is your command center to level 4 or 5. Once this is done, upgrade your global operations building to level 2 or 3. Now you need to pay attention to the metal storage , it should be filled as much as possible.

Audit your troops. Now you need to get as much metal as possible, which you can get for the used oil. Start opening the key fobs. The priority is the reinforcement of armor and bunkers. Start upgrading your troops. A level 7 rhino has the same health as a level 1 Abrams. You can develop various fortresses for metal and critical cards, or look for PvP opponents with weak defense, while they must have at least 40,000 metal.

Make your protection as reliable as possible. In addition to upgrading troops and unlocking FOB, upgrade your defenses. Not platforms, but the towers themselves. You can also upgrade minefields against infantry and tank.

You must do all of the above before you reach level 17. As you move into the next warzone, you will be much stronger, and you will figure out how to do it again when you reach level 25.

War Commander Rogue Assault: PvE Guide - Objectives

Campaign - Completing campaign missions will be your first opportunity to earn resources to build structures to expand your base, and build units to grow your army. Campaign missions will give you the necessary practice to deploy and manage your units in battle. Complete as many missions as possible as early as possible to accumulate a lot of metal and oil. However, be sure to build warehouses and oil storage facilities on your territory so that you have a place to store all your resources.

Outposts and fortresses are artificial intelligence bases on the world map. Like the campaign bases, they require different strategies compared to the player bases, and you must destroy each building in order to win. They can breed in mines. Enemy defenders do not need to be destroyed to ensure victory.

Some bases contain a defense laboratory.

  • Outposts - indicated by a yellow circle icon for a specific class. In sectors with points, they are one level lower if there are no control points nearby, and higher if there are. They are not visible at high enough magnifications. When destroyed, they are completely removed from the map. Only 1 player can hit an individual base at a time, and if they weren’t able to destroy it in time, it will be fully refurbished. For winning, you will receive portfolios containing common and critical (rare) components.
  • Strongholds - As the name suggests, bases are stronger than outposts and provide better rewards. Fortresses are marked with a red square icon and are fully visible on the world map. However, they do not appear in some dot sectors. When destroyed, they are not completely removed, that is, the player can attack as many as he wants in the same area, and several players can attack a separate base, but cannot watch others. For victory, you receive gold boxes with critical components for certain units.

War Commander Rogue Assault: War Zone Walkthrough

Preparation. The concept of zones is quite simple, but there are nuances in how to effectively use them in order to get the maximum amount of resources. To enter the zone, you must have a player level 10 and a Command Center level 3. After reaching the conditions, you must click on the "Build" icon, and then go to the "Services" tab. Here you should select the task "Global operations", then click "Build", and start the construction of this building.

After the building is built, you should open it. You will see a menu with a list of advanced operating bases (FOB). After construction, you will have access to a mining base. Then you should exit the "Global Operations" menu and click on the "Attack" icon. You will now have access to the "WarZones" tab.

A war zone is a plot of land divided into districts based on the player’s level. For example, Bordeaux can be used by players from level 10 to 17. You can click on the blue arrow at the bottom of the screen to expand the view of North Africa. To go to another zone, you must select it on the map, and click on the "Enter the zone" button. Then you will see a grid of green tiles, this is called the "Insertion Point".

It is important to note that each zone contains several insertion points that provide access to different parts of the map.

To enter the zone, click on one of the green tiles and then select the headquarters building to build it. You can now click on any open tile in the area and then select your headquarters to move it there.

The first thing you have to look for is mining sites. Scattered throughout the war zone are clusters of blue tiles containing metal and pink tiles containing thorium. You need to select one of these tiles and place the headquarters in the cell next to it. After that, click on the blue tile, then select a resource base and it will be built on that tile. Once built, the base will collect resources for you.

All resource cells are gradually depleted, and you will have to look for new mines to collect materials.

Artificial intelligence bases. There are a large number of bases scattered across the map that are not controlled by players. You can attack them to pick up the components that are used to create and progress your units. These bases are called Outposts and Citadels (which we wrote about earlier). Some fortresses are available on certain days of the week. Go to the "New Attack" screen, and under the "Deploy" button, you will see data about what type of citadel is currently available.

PvP mode. At the heart of a war zone is control over territory. When you scan the map, you will see many bases highlighted in red. They are all controlled by other gamers. You may also notice a congestion of other players around insertion points or along territory boundaries. These players are in alliances, and mark their control over certain areas in this zone.

You can also take part of the territory with your alliance and defend it from encroachments. To do this, you need to build a FOB. Go to "Global Operations":

  • FOB protection - these include reinforcements for infantry, armor and helicopters. If you select an enemy cell in the zone, information about reinforcements will appear on the screen, and 30 seconds after the start of the attack, the appropriate units will come to the aid of the enemy.
  • Artillery FOB - designed to support your attacks. By placing it near the base (headquarters) that you are attacking, you can trigger artillery strikes during the attack.
  • Airfield FOB - will expand the range in which you can make attacks. This allows you to scout and attack bases 2 additional squares away from you.
  • The FOB Bunker is an excellent choice as a forward defender in your alliance territory.

By grouping your FOBs and alliance bases in a zone, you will become significantly stronger in defense and control over territory.

War Commander Rogue Assault: Base Defense Tips

Defender Platoons

Place military units in all available buildings. In addition to defensive platforms and towers, you can use your army units to defend your base from invaders. Barracks, War Factory and Heliport can designate units as defenders. Highlight one of these buildings and click on the "Defenders" button. If this is your first time opening this feature, you will need to unlock the Defense option before you can add units.

Keep track of the build time of units after an attack. When you add warriors as defenders, you will see a timer above each slot. This is the amount of time it will take for all units in that slot to line up on the battlefield. For example, a single infantry vehicle will be built 8 seconds after you are attacked. The more units you add to one slot, the longer it will take to unfold. It takes 16 seconds to build 1 rhino, and 33 seconds to build two.

After the units are added as your defenders, return to your base and inspect the building. You should now see the selected unit units represented directly outside the structure. This is how you can identify enemy defenders when attacking a base.

Defense and attack is an ever-changing puzzle game. An endless battle is going on between attackers and defenders. How much metal you can hold is partly related to base defense and partly to how intimidating your base looks. There is absolutely no magic formula for defending your territory. There are players who can and will attack you. Your goal is to keep your base defense above 80% or so.

Work on mistakes constantly. The best way to understand why you are losing basic protection is to watch the recordings of the battle. Pay attention to what the enemy has built his attack tactics on. How did he start the attack? Which towers and buildings were destroyed first? Is there a better way to protect them? What troops were used that your base could not resist? You can also ask a friend who is not in your alliance to take screenshots of your base. This will show you where the enemy can deploy their units.

In general, you will have a better chance of successfully defending your base if your defensive buildings can take out your defensive units. Your base layout should work around protecting your War Factory, Heliport, and Barracks. You can usually defend 2 of 3 buildings well. Typically you will see two types of platoons attacking your base:

  • The first is a ground assault with tanks supported by ground attack units.
  • The second is an airborne assault with tanks and attack helicopters.

It is difficult to build a base that can withstand everything. It is worth thinking about the defensive units and properties of each object that are good against a certain type of attack and turrets, for protection against a different type of attack.

Building turrets

The location of the towers will constantly change. The best way to understand how turrets work and what they work well against is to use variety and try different combinations. Make adjustments by watching defense replays at your base. You can unlock and upgrade multiple turrets on each platform. It is of course worth investing metal in the various types of towers available for your platforms so that adjustments can be made easily.

When placing turrets, always use turrets to protect your defensive buildings.

Turrets (not platforms, but the turrets themselves) can be upgraded without gaining player experience. If you are trying to stay at a certain level, then you can upgrade the turrets themselves without gaining experience. This is a great way to improve your defense (the ability of the defender can also be increased without gaining experience). The transformers are divided between the towers that they power. A single tower reinforced with one transformer will have a much higher rate of fire than 2 towers sharing a transformer. Turrets such as rail guns and howitzers benefit greatly from this type of power supply.

Protecting your power plant is important too. Once the power plant is down, your transformers will go down to 10% health. Consider these factors as well when setting up your base.

Turret characteristics:

  1. The machine gun is best used for additional air defense as well as against light vehicles.
  2. Howitzers have a slow rate of fire, if not fed with energy, they are well suited against light and heavy vehicles, against infantry. Can, but does not like, to hit aerial targets.
  3. Railguns have a slow rate of fire if not energized and are very strong against heavy vehicles.
  4. Anti-aircraft guns, very strong against any air units, but do not like ground units.
  5. The salvo, expensive and flexible, hits both air and ground targets. Good against infantry and helicopters.

War Commander Rogue Assault: Secrets of a Successful Assault

As we said at the beginning of the article, in the game you can control units and units during the battle. During the battle, simply click on the unit icon or on the hero himself, and then click on another place on the screen where you want to place him. By alternately clicking on an enemy unit, your allocated units will move to engage the enemy, and will not stop attacking until you give another order.

A very important part of every battle in the game is the "AI" button. The button is set to On by default, but you can easily toggle it to Off by clicking on it. When Artificial Intelligence is on, your units will always act aggressively and move forward to attack the nearest threat. When "AI" is turned off, the selected troops will only execute the most recent command. Knowing when to turn the AI button on and off will come with experience.

Base analysis and attack

There are two types of PvP in Rogue Assault: a random search for an enemy base on the Global Map and a War Zone. Random PvP allows you to skip bases that look too difficult or don’t fit your squads. For PvP warzones, you are dealing with bases that you sometimes miss because they have low metal and defenses that are harder to break through. All of these factors combine to make PvP in a warzone more challenging. If you are new to fighting other players, we do not recommend going straight to the zone.

Zone battles double your visibility, and there are times when you can be called upon by your alliance to defend the safe zone. But if you’re using a lot of oil to win battles, or don’t look at your opponents, you’re better off using random PvP to hone your skills. It will be enough for you to conduct 3 consecutive random raids on the Global Map, and you should have enough knowledge base to get into the war zones and cope with additional levels of difficulty.

Before attacking the base, you should look at the placement of the tower and the location of the buildings of the defenders. Each base is a puzzle, and your task is to determine the most efficient way to complete it based on the platoons you have.

Briefly about the platoons. You can have up to 3 different platoon configurations available to you in the form:

  • Alpha is a ground attack force with tanks, with units striking massive attacks with infantry / anti-tank / anti-aircraft units.
  • Bravo - Created as a more mobile air strike group with attack tanks and helicopters, as well as air support suitable for each platoon.
  • Charlie - Used for various outposts and fortresses, so it varies depending on the need.

Having platoons with different settings and being able to make good use of them all will allow you to defeat a wider range of bases.

Now that you’ve decided which platoon you will use to attack, it’s time to take a look at the defenders’ buildings (military plant, helipad, and barracks). Defenders’ buildings do not shoot back immediately, so the more you can remove from the base before they free the defenders, the better for you.

Which defender building you choose to destroy will depend on a number of factors, including the type of platoon you choose and the ease with which you can reach the buildings. If your platoon, for example, includes snipers, it would be beneficial to remove the helipad last, because your snipers can handle anything that comes out of the helipad.

It is also important to pay attention to the types of units actually located in the buildings of the defenders. You can see what types of units will come out of buildings during exploration. Note if there are defenders in the building. Sometimes not. It’s a waste of time and resources to rush into a building that has no defenders.

The first phase of any attack - after analyzing the composition of the base, is to eliminate any defensive buildings that can be quickly disposed of. It is necessary to disable the power plant if it is easy to reach. In addition, all the outer towers that can be selected must be destroyed.

In this phase, you must consider the types of turrets you will have to deal with. Different turrets are more or less effective against different units. Try to find a way to remove certain types of turrets in the base as early as possible so that your platoon units become more effective and take less damage. For example, using your ground forces to remove anti-aircraft guns from the base. This would allow your air support to disable other parts of the base and take less damage in the process.

While phase 1 is in progress, you must watch out for all the remaining defenders who come out of buildings that you could not quickly eliminate. Most often, battles are lost due to the fact that the player was too aggressive and tried to fight with towers and defenders at the same time. Don’t be afraid to back down and withdraw defenders.

Mass attack vehicles such as the Buggy, S-13 and M-270 are great at destroying infantry, tanks are good at destroying light vehicles, and can counter other tanks. Cobras and Sentinels are great against tanks and machine gunners, snipers and other fast airborne infantry helicopters. Keep this in mind when choosing a platoon to use. A base that has a full helipad that you cannot eliminate right away may require multiple machine gunners.

Know and understand the strengths and weaknesses of your platoon so you can counter defensive units with the right counter unit.

Phase 2. Once all of the defenders’ buildings are destroyed or devastated, it’s time for a big push. Most bases have a grouping of up to 5 turrets. Sometimes, depending on the base layout, you can only fight with 2 or 3 towers before moving on to others, because the base layout has isolated towers.

Your worst case scenario is a base with 6 or more towers that support each other well. It does take some tweaking and synchronization, but is more than doable with 3 or 4 tanks and some high damage units. The combination of tank and high can vary widely and can consist of Hind and Cobras, Abrams and Buggy, Rhinos and S-13, Merkava and M270 and others.

Remove barriers that will cause problems with the passage of your tanks if you are using ground troops. Use more ranged or faster units to blaze a path around the minefields that leads to the heart of the base’s defensive center.

Once the path and route are clear, drive your tanks. If possible, tanks should take over all the turrets’ fire. When your tanks enter the base, you must prioritize the turrets that can do the most damage to your units. Use your high attack units for this. Tanks can also target turrets, but if there is a weakened transformer around, this is also a good target. Let the tanks take them out first.

Once your tanks get the attention of all machine gun and salvo turrets, and the anti-aircraft turrets are eliminated, your air support can join the attack, also destroying the turrets. Place target air support turrets in hard-to-reach areas or near minefields. By quickly killing 1 or 2 guns + a transformer or 2, you will significantly reduce the fire that your tanks are firing.

Railguns are a priority. You must remove them first if using tanks. Two or three shots from one or two railguns will destroy your vehicle. Once the first few turrets are destroyed, make sure the tanks roll forward towards the turrets on the back side so that the turrets are aimed at tanks and not your high damage units. These units, especially light vehicles, love to slip in front of tanks if you leave the AI on, and as soon as the tank falls down, the turrets start firing at the nearest unit, even if your tank unit had more than one tank.

Once all the towers are destroyed, clear the remaining buildings. Try to avoid unnecessary mine damage by taking the time to get around them or use multiple helicopters to clear them.

Unit management

Controlling the units during an attack is fairly straightforward. Click on the icon of the unit you want to move, then select the location on the map where you want to move the unit, or click on the building you want to attack. Your platoon can have up to 5 different units or squads. You can manage multiple squads in one platoon by clicking the "Control All" button. A more advanced way to control multiple squads is to use multiple fingers to tap multiple squads in your platoon at the same time. This will allow you to choose 2, 3 or 4 of your 5 squads so you can manage them individually.

It is not necessary for platoon personnel to place all units of the same type in one cell in a platoon. If you place, for example, 8 S-13 units in one unit, they will be scattered when attacking. This makes them less susceptible to massive damage like howitzers, but tends to have units at the edge of the group fight back with machine gun turrets.

If you want to keep your units in a tighter formation, use all five slots in your platoon, and place an even number of units of the same type in several slots. Let’s say your platoon consists of 4 Abrams and 8 S-13s. Only two places could be used in a platoon. Your best bet might be to use 2 Abrams slots so you have 2 in each slot, and 2 S-13 slots so you have 4 in each slot. Combine this with the ability to use two fingers to control only the S-13 or tanks when needed. This will add flexibility to your troops, as in the example above, tanks can move towards individual turrets to protect the S-13 behind them.

Another thing is that some units can fire on the move. If, for example, you are using PCS, and you drive them close enough to buildings that they are within reach of PCS cannons. But you click on a spot on the ground next to the building, and not on the building itself, then the PCS will drive past the building, start aiming at it, and eventually detonate it if it is within reach long enough. This can be especially useful when trying to avoid howitzers or volleys fire.

Use of air machines

There are currently 3 air support units in the game - reapers, thunderbolts and raptors. Once you build an airfield at your base, you will have access to these units. After you build them, you can add them to the platoon in the air support section. To use air support, click on the Support tab on the left side of the screen. Then select the unit you want to use and click on the building you want to attack from the air.

Reapers are drones and take up very little space. This allows you to have more in one support slot. Reapers will linger over the target you are using them on until they are destroyed or the target is destroyed. Due to their speed and size, they are not as afraid of anti-aircraft guns as other types of aircraft and helicopters. They are more susceptible to damage from other sources, such as infantry coming out of barracks or machine gun turrets.

Thunderbolts and Raptors - Attack in a manner similar to reapers. They swoop into your chosen target, hit it, rotate 90 degrees and fly off the map. The difference with raptors is that they have a range component that allows them to hit buildings around their primary target. Attacking an anti-aircraft gun reinforced with a transformer with this is suicide. However, they can be used with great effect against targets such as howitzers and defensive structures such as military factories and barracks.

When using air support, ideally it is necessary that they do not take damage. They are very expensive to repair with oil. Sometimes you have to sacrifice them to beat the base, but if this can be avoided damage, then you should not go on the rampage. Providing diversion for turrets targeting a target rather than your expensive aerial targets is the best way to save oil.

The simplest example is a lower level base with 5 machine gun turrets. Using rhinos to attract the attention of machine gun turrets will allow you to attack turrets with reapers.

A common tactic is to use reapers to distract anti-aircraft and machine gun turrets so that thunderbolts or predators can attack. It might work, but you will suffer significant losses in your air support.

Artillery and airfield

Using artillery is pretty straightforward. You go to the war zone maps. Place artillery near your target. When you attack this target, an artillery tab will appear on the right side of the screen. Click on the tab, select the artillery and the place that you want the artillery to attack.

Artillery of 1 level will give you 3 volleys, 2 levels - 5 volleys (can be placed at a distance of a tile from the target). The judicious use of Tier 2 artillery and airfields, along with the coordination of the alliance, can greatly facilitate the construction of strongholds.

Airfields are a little more difficult to understand. This is not the same as the airfield at your base. To use the airfield, go to the warzone map. Place an airfield, and place your base next to it. Your base can now attack or attack any cell within 2 cells of the airfield. This is an important but subtle distinction. The airfield does not extend the reconnaissance range of your bases. The reconnaissance range of airfields is 2 tiles. For example, you can use the airfield to attack a helicopter FOB that supports the bunker by attacking over the airfield bunker.

The author of the article: Evgeniya G.


War Commander: Rogue Assault is a game that twists a few aspects of the midcore strategy game. While it doesn’t turn things on its head, it does throw a few new ideas into the mix that might make even the most hardened fans of the genre scratch their heads and wonder quite what’s going away.

But don’t scratch too hard, because we’ve got the soothing balm of War Commander: Rogue Assault tips, cheats and strategies to make sure that your scalp remains unchafed and your hair stays as wonderfully on fleek as it is right now.

In this article we’ll walk you through the basics of the game and show you some advancced tricks that’ll ensure your raids are always successful, your defences are often impregnable, and your grunts all shout out army slogans in the same pitch and tone. Actually, probably not that last one to be honest.

The Basics


  • Stick together – In the earlier battles it’s better to keep all of your troops together. Throw them into the fray at the same time and you’ll be able to swamp your enemies before they have a chance to react to your overwhelming numbers.
  • Repair time? – If you’re going into one of the story missions then you’ll need to make sure all of your troops are healed up and ready to attack. If you’re taking on a fellow player, then have a scout and consider whether you’re going to need the full force of your entire army.
  • Scout smart – It might feel like scouting is a waste of time, but you’ll find that there’ll usually be a better route to take. Have a look around and figure out where to drop your troops so they’ll face the path of least resistance to their goal.

Advanced Tactics


  • When the going gets tough – When you get more troops and more options, then you can start using more advanced tactics. Splitting up your troops can work well, and you can use pincer moves and other tricks to try and make sure you’re going to come out on top.
  • Think about where you build – When you’re putting up your defences, the first few will go where you’re told. When you’ve got more options, think about where things are going to go. Look at the weaknesses in bases you’ve attacked and try to cover up the problems that you’ve exploited.
  • Watch the pennies – You’re going to find yourself low on currency a lot of the time, so make sure that everything you’re going to spend is worth while. A good idea is to save your money to upgrade your base of operations, as that will unlock even more options for building and training.

Hints and Tips


  • Focus on the infantry – There’s a good chance that while you’re attacking a turret or some other structure you’re going to get beset by some infantry. Change your focus to these when they come into view because they can do a lot of damage while you’re focusing on something else.
  • Think about your upgrades – Making your soldiers tougher is a pretty big expense. So rather than doing it when you’re playing, do it when you pick the game up after a break. You’ll have earnt cash while you were away and that means the spend isn’t going to be quite to crippling.
  • What are your weaknesses? – Look at the units that are taking the most damage when you’re fighting. What can you do to toughen them up, and is there anything you can replace them with to make your army more formidable. Remember you can have units in reserve and switch them out when you need to have a change in formation.

Now discussing:

War Commander: Rogue Assault v5.9.0 MOD APK (Mega Menu)

Almost all modern war games optimize their systems and unique mechanics to make their gameplay more agile and fluent in many aspects. One of those games is War Commander: Rogue Assault, which belongs to the large-scale strategy, with many modern elements to open up many new potentials of modern wars. The impressive thing about the game is that it is designed with superior 3D graphics, bringing the most exciting and refreshing feelings and experiences when commanding a vast army and conquering the world.

War Commander: Rogue Assault


Rogue Assault’s superiority lies in the pacing and flexibility of the system and control mechanics, allowing the player to organize armies, build facilities, and set up flexible defense lines. What’s impressive is that players can directly interact with each unit and use hotkeys to create multiple platoons or other divisions for easy combat on multiple fronts. It will also provide players with an interface with a refined design, making it easy and convenient for them to manipulate functions or memorize everything. Not only that, but the pace of gameplay will increase over time as new units or enemies appear, so players can customize the style or dynamic control mechanism to show off their abilities command over a vast battlefield.

War Commander: Rogue Assault


The game context is set in modern or future times, so the game’s battlefield is composed of many different pieces and lands for the player to become more flexible and creative. The gameplay will also make the terrain factor important when commanding troops, and players can attack or defend at strategic points. On top of that, players can hide from enemy sight and defend cities and fight in various states. Environmental diversity can be a boon or a disadvantage for the player. Still, it’s presented differently than most other real-time strategy games on the market today, making the value of the gameplay increased significantly.

War Commander: Rogue Assault


Rogue Assault boasts a huge and varied amount of resources and weapons for players to deploy and conquer all enemies. All units use the context of modern warfare, so players can take advantage of some of their special abilities to kill enemies smoothly and dynamically. In addition, the game will provide players with an interface that helps them manage each platoon, including customizing the units and number of units, making it easier to control in large-scale battles. Also, players can research and upgrade units to gain better performance and variety than the original, promising players many hidden potentials to win countless battles.

War Commander: Rogue Assault


The excitement of Rogue Assault doesn’t just stop at gameplay; it also extends to other modes and extras to expand everything, like gameplay, players’ entertainment, and more. That includes an online mode, where real players fight for valuable rankings along with many rare items and generous rewards. It will also continuously improve many mechanics and change a few parameters to optimize the potential and other factors throughout the game’s enjoyment.

War Commander: Rogue Assault deserves to be one of the top strategy games on the market thanks to its gameplay and settings, presenting superiority, novelty, attractiveness, humor, full of entertainment, and more. It will also create a bustling playground for generals to show off their abilities and entertain large battlefields.

Download War Commander: Rogue Assault (MOD, Mega Menu)

Download (67M)

You are now ready to download War Commander: Rogue Assault for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read MOD Info carefully to avoid mods not working
  • To see CPU or GPU your device uses, check with the CPU-Z app

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