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Frequently asked questions

What is Burst?

Burst is a free stock photo platform that is powered by Shopify. Our image library includes thousands of high-resolution, royalty-free images that were shot by our global community of photographers. We built Burst to provide designers, developers, bloggers and entrepreneurs with access to beautiful free stock photography. You can use our pictures for just about anything — your website, blog or online store, school projects, Instagram ads, facebook posts, desktop backgrounds, client work and more. All our photos are free for commercial use with no attribution required; you can read more about this on our license page.

How do I download free photos?

When you hover over or click on an image, you will see "High Resolution" and "Low Resolution" download options. "Low Res" images are great for small web graphics, where file sizes need to be very compressed. "High Res" images are better for presentations, websites, online stores, and anywhere else where quality matters most.

Can I edit, crop or resize Burst photos?

Yes, you’re welcome to crop, resize, add text and filters, or otherwise modify our stock photos as you see fit. If you don’t have Photoshop, there are lots of free or low cost online graphics editors that you can use instead. Feel free to add your logo or brand to our images to make them your own.

Can I use these pictures for another online store platform?

Yes! We believe in making commerce better for everyone, so these stock photos are free to use on any online store platform or ecommerce marketplace. Although they were specifically created and curated with Shopify stores in mind, it’s really up to you how you want to use them.

Why don’t you have photos of [___]?

If you can’t find what you're looking for, try searching for a synonym or more generic term. If that doesn't work, feel free to send content suggestions to [email protected] We're constantly shooting and uploading more pics to expand our library, but it's tough to cover everything. Your suggestions help us prioritize the content that matters most. By the way, if you're a photographer who wants to help fill in these gaps, please check out our submission guidelines and apply to join our community.

Do I need to credit the site or photographer?

Our photographers appreciate getting credit for their work because it helps share their photography with more people, so we’d encourage you to do so whenever possible. You can give credit by linking back to the original photo page or the photographer's Burst profile (e.g. “Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst”). We realize it's not always possible to provide attribution, so it is not mandatory under our image license.

What are the ‘Business Idea’ pages?

Business Ideas are free photo collections and case studies that empower you to start your own business in a trending ecommerce niche. They’re designed to help identify popular products that are relatively easy to make or dropship, and they provide images and insights to help you get started. The free photo sets include both the product photography and lifestyle images, so that you can download content to help you launch a professional brand for free. These collections are meant to be a starting point for a new business. We encourage you to add more products and take your own photos as you grow your online store.

Are these photos free for commercial use?

Yes! In fact, we’d highly encourage it, as many of our collections were created with entrepreneurs in mind. You can use these free photos on your online store, product packaging, or anywhere else you’d like. You can even use these pics to create t-shirts, mugs, or other products.

Can I use these photographs for offline marketing campaigns?

Of course. We’d be honored to have you feature our free stock photos on a billboard, flyer, menu or catalog.

I’d like to contribute photos. What types of images should I submit?

We’re looking for high-resolution, professional images that can be used by designers, developers, bloggers and entrepreneurs. Our users are always eager for more pictures of animals, nature photos, textured shots and background images. If you think it’s a compelling photograph, please send it our way.


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Free woman Images and Royalty-free Stock Photos

  • Woman,woman,lady,model


  • Young woman

    Young woman

  • business woman

    business woman

  • woman 1

    woman 1

  • Pregnant Woman

    Pregnant Woman

  • Woman Shoe

    Woman Shoe

  • woman,blue,proud,simple


  • Woman,girl,the,smile


  • woman,girl,pretty,beauty


  • woman,lipstick,japat,drink


  • woman,pretty,girl,summer


  • woman,pretty,girl,summer


  • islamic woman

    islamic woman

  • Old Woman

    Old Woman

  • woman,people,cut out,white color


  • Woman Shoe

    Woman Shoe

  • woman,portrait,light,shadow


  • woman Shoe

    woman Shoe

  • Mother/Woman,Woman,girl,the


  • A Karamojong Woman

    A Karamojong Woman

  • woman and a duck

    woman and a duck

  • pretty woman

    pretty woman

  • woman,pretty,girl,summer


  • Drinking Woman

    Drinking Woman

  • woman smiling

    woman smiling

  • woman resting

    woman resting

  • Woman in the sunset

    Woman in the sunset

  • Senior woman

    Senior woman

  • Sleeping woman

    Sleeping woman

  • Woman things

    Woman things

  • Young Woman 6

    Young Woman 6

  • woman statue

    woman statue

  • Woman's Midsection 2

    Woman's Midsection 2

  • autumn woman

    autumn woman

  • Woman in the sunset

    Woman in the sunset

  • Guitar Woman

    Guitar Woman

  • Gambian Woman

    Gambian Woman

  • young woman 4

    young woman 4

  • woman in marble

    woman in marble

  • woman beauty

    woman beauty

  • woman,pretty,girl,summer


  • Man and Woman

    Man and Woman

  • woman,pretty,girl,summer


  • woman with red rose

    woman with red rose

  • Woman's Smile

    Woman's Smile

  • business woman

    business woman

  • Japanese Woman

    Japanese Woman

  • Woman's Silhouette

    Woman's Silhouette

  • woman,people,portrait,closeup


  • Pregnant Woman

    Pregnant Woman

  • Old Woman 2

    Old Woman 2

  • A smiling woman

    A smiling woman

  • Mysterious woman

    Mysterious woman

  • young woman

    young woman

  • woman-2,woman,portrait,light


  • thai woman

    thai woman

  • stone woman

    stone woman

  • woman and snow

    woman and snow

  • statue of a woman

    statue of a woman

  • woman,pretty,girl,summer


  • poor beggar woman

    poor beggar woman

  • Woman,girl,woman,love


  • Pregnant Woman 1

    Pregnant Woman 1

  • woman and duck 2

    woman and duck 2

  • Washing Woman 1

    Washing Woman 1

  • woman,pretty,girl,summer


  • woman 05

    woman 05

  • Indian woman

    Indian woman

  • Woman dreaming in the park

    Woman dreaming in the park

  • Woman with a baby carriage

    Woman with a baby carriage

  • woman's body

    woman's body

  • Pregnant Woman

    Pregnant Woman

  • Woman on a horse

    Woman on a horse

  • Indian Woman

    Indian Woman

  • woman,pretty,girl,summer


  • Runners Silhouette - Woman

    Runners Silhouette - Woman

  • Waiting Woman

    Waiting Woman

  • old woman

    old woman

  • old woman

    old woman

  • Young Woman 5

    Young Woman 5

  • Woman accessory

    Woman accessory

  • woman,pretty,girl,summer


  • old woman

    old woman

  • Old romanian woman

    Old romanian woman

  • woman-brazilian,woman,brazilian,girl


  • reflective woman

    reflective woman

  • Pregnant Woman 4

    Pregnant Woman 4

  • beautiful woman 4

    beautiful woman 4

  • Woman dreaming in the park 2

    Woman dreaming in the park 2

  • Woman drinking white wine

    Woman drinking white wine

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    Free stock images from picjumbo have no watermark and all photos are free of charge. We have free stock photos for commercial use, free stock images for blogs, very high-resolution images, royalty free images free of charge and free images for websites, templates or mockups.

    What is picjumbo?

    picjumbo is a free stock photo site created in 2013 by designer & photographer Viktor Hanacek. It all started when all of the regular stock photo sites rejected his photos for "lack of quality".

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