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A Wide Variety of Music Boxes & Musical Gifts

Welcome to our MUSIC BOX DIRECTORY. We’ve categorized our music boxes to facilitate your search. Our maroon menu bar at the top of this page contains links to aid you in browsing by Department, Occasion, Manufacturer and/or Price. You will see in the column on your right, a huge variety of collections including carousel mosques, merry go round carousels, musical clocks and watches, animated musical boxes, singing birds, Italian Inlaid musical boxes, porcelain figurines, licensed characters, Christmas, and our very popular Ballerina and Ballet  Boxes. At The Music House Shop, we are proud to offer you this extensive range of unique and beautifully crafted musical items which will surely be treasured gifts foreverwith unprecedented service.

Our Swiss and Italian cabinets housing their mechanical music and musical pocket watches, etc. are meticulously crafted and tuned, keeping music lovers in mind. They too, will be cherished as heirlooms by all who receive them.

Music Boxes for Children

Our children’s music boxes for sale in our Kids’ Korner promise to delight while encouraging the love of music at an early age. A music box most usually, enchants and charms young listeners and even captivates them with its moving mechanical parts and listening to the lilting melodies as it plays well known music is definitely educational. Purchasing a music box for an infant is the perfect gift to develop cognitive and motor skills. Children continue to receive these benefits from their treasured gifts and as they grow older and into parenthood, look forward to passing their treasured musical box on to their own children or grandchildren.

Incidentally, our inventory includes a wide collection in our Kids' Korner, of children’s musical instruments manufactured by respected companies that insure ease of playing and good tonality. We also carry decorative miniature instruments (not to play but to enjoy as treasured trinkets). The Music House Shop takes pleasure in catering to your needs.

High-Quality Personalized & Customized Music Boxes

We are dedicated to quality products, on time delivery with prompt and excellent customer service. Our manufacturers' directory includes categories such as Reuge, Porter, Gund, San Francisco, Sankyo - Orpheus, Mr. Christmas. Other manufacturers that we carry are Jobin, Giglio, Ercolano, Westland, Wendt & Kuhn. At our store, you will find customized music boxes into which you can install your own original music, a licensed song or a tune from our tune lists. These personalized music boxes are a great way to say you care when presenting as a gift and they will be cherished for a life time.

Musical Jewelry Boxes & Pop-Culture Characters

You can find a variety of musical jewelry boxes available in different designs in our store. We’ve collected a variety of different personalized music boxes to fit the tastes and style of music lovers of all ages and our music boxes are available in several styles from classic, elegant boxes to whimsical pieces of musical artwork. At, we have a wide selection of music boxes all crafted from unique, high-quality materials and feature several musical tunes suitable for those who prefer the classics to songs with a more modern streak.

We feature the following stunning music box options:

Jewelry Boxes:
A small musical jewelry box is a beautiful and unique way of presenting a piece of jewelry or engagement ring, and you can select a music jewelry box as a gift from our more than 2, music boxes or you can keep your jewelry carefully tucked away in one of our specially crafted musical jewelry boxes made from high-quality materials like white elm, rosewood and dark elm, featuring modern and classic songs including “Laura’s Theme” from Dr. Zhivago and “My Way” by Frank Sinatra. Some jewelry boxes can even be crafted with your own composition.
A very personalized customization for you or yours.

Singing Birds & Music Boxes featuring Birds:  
For the person who has everything or the bird lover in your life, check out our Singing Birds in Cages or our Singing Bird Boxes. These are upscale automatons that will amaze and delight as they move side to side or pop up to chirp their beautiful tunes, move their beaks and flap their wings. We also have a wide selection of musical boxes featuring delicately decoupaged with peaceful images of these winged creatures  or Italian inlaid birds on music boxes made of fine woods playing the tune of your choice.  Porcelain Bird and Bird House figurines, angels or children with their feathered friends or even some brass and 24K gold plated musicals with Swarovski Crystals are available. 

Music Boxes for Children:
Encourage a love for music early on and purchase a lovely, beautifully designed music box or children’s musical jewelry box for a special child in your life. Our wide range of music boxes are available in several styles, including crank boxes featuring beloved animated characters, shadow boxes with moving images from memorable children’s tales and musical trinkets from widely enjoyed media, including “Anastasia,” “Frozen” and “The Wizard of Oz.”

A few unique musical products from our collections include a vintage musical Barbie as Glinda the Good Witch figurine from the Wizard of Oz, a Vintage Reuge dancing Ballerina under dome, a Clara with her Nutcracker musical figurine, Porcelain Merry-Go-Rounds, musical wrist watches, pocket watches, wall clocks and more.

We pride ourselves in having an enormous selection of fine and upscale music boxes that can be unique, romantic, friendly, or just whimsical for the lady or gentleman in your life, a dear friend, the new baby, or older children and grandchildren. We promise You won't find better service than ours in our Musical Industry.

Frequently Asked Questions About Music Boxes

  • What is the history behind music boxes?
  • What are music box movements and how are they different?
  • What types of wood and colors do music boxes come in?
  • What are music box inlay patterns?
  • Can you customize a music box?
  • Are custom tunes available for music boxes?
  • How do you properly care for a music box and keep it running properly?
  • Can you restore a music box that is broken or not performing well?

In-depth answers to all of these questions can be found on our FAQ page.


Musical Engagement Ring Box

engagement ring box 3
I recently finished new custom engagement ring box commissioned by John from Australia. He requested the box with his girfriend&#;s favourite plush toys inside. He secretly photographed 6 of them  from different angles and send it to me so I could replicate them in Sculpey or Fimo polymer modelling clay and green stuff (epoxy putty).engagement ring box wip2

We spent few days exchanging approx. 40 emails with ideas and links to different reference photos and deciding on the concept of the box. John wanted to add music when the box is open. I never constructed music box before so the project got even more exciting. We were considering two totally different approaches. One was electronic component with MP3 with little speaker, second option, classic clockwork music box.

After listening samples on Youtube we were both enchanted with the little mechanical instruments and option no At one stage we went crazy, sending links to Note versions and the size of little furniture 🙂 but we quickly realized that it will not fit inside the box. We ended with 18 Note version playing Pachelbel&#;s Canon in D. You can see the mechanism attached to side of the box on picture below, but in finished box it is hidden inside miniature piano.engagement ring box wip1

engagement ring box2
The box itself was going to be heart shaped. I made it with several layers of wood veneer bent and glued together creating rigid shell. The painting was borrowed from his favourite Tiffany&#;s porcelain design, slightly modified to fit this box. engagement ring box1

engagement ring box wip3

The finished box was shipped by DHL to Sydney and arrived in record time in 3 days just on time for romantic evening during the weekend. She said YES !

For both of you Lyn and John I wish you the best of life today and in the days to come! &#;and live Happily Ever After

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This Beautiful Video Game-Themed Music Box Was Built for a Proposal

Planning a marriage proposal takes a lot of thought, because a good proposal is a deeply personal event. Your betrothed might love to be presented with a big diamond at a beautiful restaurant in the city, while someone else might prefer a plain band given to them on a backcountry hiking trip. Fortunately if you’re planning on proposing, you probably have a pretty good idea of what will be meaningful to your future spouse. YouTuber Object Oriented Props knew exactly what his girlfriend would be charmed by, and spent a year building this beautiful video game-themed music box to provide that.

As far as music boxes go, this one is quite large—about the size of a toaster oven. That’s because it contains so much magic. When the lid is first opened, it doesn’t really look like much. A small mirror is mounted on the inside of the lid and the shallow main compartment doesn’t contain anything except a strange platform that’s purpose isn’t immediately clear. But if you lift one of the side panels in the interior, you can then slide out a drawer on the right side of the box. Inside of the drawer there is a key that can be inserted into a slot on the front of the box. Turning the key starts the music and causes the interior platform to open up and present whatever is stored there.

The video shows a number of items that can pop out of that platform, and most of them are small models inspired by video games like The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Doom, and Minecraft, which are presumably favorites of the lucky gal. The previously-mentioned mirror also doubles as a slot to place 3D-printed lithoplanes, which are pictures that become visible when they are backlit. The wood box itself was constructed by the bride’s father, but everything else was built by Object Oriented Props. That includes the electronics, though it isn’t specified which components were used for this project other than that an Arduino Mega development board was used for control. For the actual proposal, a lithoplane photo of the couple was placed in the box and the motorized platform was adorned with the engagement ring. The box was presented on September 12th and successfully resulted in a happy engagement.

Engagement Ring Music Box


Ring music box engagement


Custom Built Music Box for Proposal


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