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Evangelions can be outfitted with several different sets of armor "equipment":

Land-Only A-Type Equipment [Land War Equipment]

(陸専用A型装備(陸戦装備)) Seen only in Neon Genesis Evangelion Proposal. It is the standard Evangelion armor of this continuity.

B-Type Equipment [Normal Equipment]

(B型装備(通常装備)) The standard Evangelion armor. It is unsuited for use in combat underwater, or in extreme conditions.

C-Type Equipment [Flight-Use Equipment]

(C型装備(飛行用装備)) Seen in Neon Genesis Evangelion RPG: The NERV White Paper. This special equipment was developed to enable the flight of an Evangelion unit, but is mainly considered a failure because of the numerous drawbacks and the high construction costs.

D-Type Equipment (D型装備) [Heat and Pressure-Resistant Armor]

(D型装備(耐熱耐圧耐核装甲)) Used in Episode 10; a giant diving suit filled with coolant tubes which allows an Eva to be lowered into the magma of an active volcano, serving to protect it from extreme heat and pressure. The shoulder pylons are removed in this configuration. Used in conjunction with a pressurized plugsuit for the pilot.

Evangelion Unit-02 D-Type Front and Rear

Front and Rear

Evangelion Unit-02 D-Type Lineart


F-Type Equipment [Airborne Warfare]

(F装備(空挺降下戦用)) Seen in Neon Genesis Evangelion. It is the equipment used to transport the Evangelion units.

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Evangelion (mecha)

Fictional cyborgs in Neon Genesis Evangelion

In the science fictionanime series Neon Genesis Evangelion, Evangelions (エヴァンゲリオン, Evangerion), also referred to as Evas or EVAs, are fictionalbiomechanicalhumanoids that can only be piloted by specially chosen 14-year-old children and created to defend the world from mysterious beings known as "Angels." The Evangelion Units were primarily designed by director Hideaki Anno and mechanical designer Ikuto Yamashita.


Unit 01 runs through Tokyo-3.

The Evangelions were initially inspired by the Oni, a folkloric Japanese creature.[1] Although assumed to be entirely mechanical in nature, the Eva Units are revealed to be cybernetic organisms, a mostly biological being with a substantial mechanical infrastructure, including a capsule inserted into the spine called an "entry plug" in which the pilot sits and controls the Eva's actions, though the extent of this control can vary. The only people who can pilot Evas are children whose mothers have died after the Second Impact, who are chosen by the Marduk Institute and designated in numeral order as "children" (i.e. First Child, Second Child). The reason of this is not explained for some time, until it is revealed that the souls of the pilots' mothers are integrated with the Evas to enable a psychic link between the two. Once inserted inside and connected to the Eva, the entry plug is filled with a translucent, breathable liquid known as LCL, which allows the pilots to electrochemically control the Evas. LCL is repeatedly described as smelling like blood and is revealed later on to be derived from the blood of the second Angel, Lilith. The pilots wear uniforms called plug suits and devices called interface headsets on their heads to achieve better synchronization with the Eva. Although the Evas wear armor, their most significant defense is the Absolute Terror Field (AT Field for short), a form of force field which protects the Eva from all forms of conventional damage and can be used to disrupt an Angel's AT field.

All Evangelions save for one are derived from the first Angel, Adam (in the Book of Genesis, Eve is created from one of Adam's ribs). Unit-01 is unique in having been born from the second Angel, Lilith. With these revelations, the true purpose of their armor is also revealed - it is actually to constrain and control their actions and true strength. Based on production sketches from Evangelion 1.0 Complete Records Collection, all Evas are 75 meters tall; this presumably applies to the more humanoid Angels as well.[2]

To power their massive frames, they use internal batteries, an umbilical cable, or an S² engine, an organ the Angels use to sustain themselves. Auxiliary batteries can be attached to extend an Eva's unplugged endurance. The Evas are controlled through their psychic link to the pilot via a combination of hand controls in the entry plug and direct nerve impulses that link to the pilot's plug suit and interface headset. The pilot's link with the Eva is expressed in a "synchronization ratio". The higher the synchronization, the greater the command over the Eva. A high synchronization permits direct feedback, including the ability for a pilot to directly experience pain induced by any damage against the Eva. This is why the pilots often undergo routine synchronization tests, in order to measure how well the pilots can synchronize with the souls that are bonded within the Evas. The Evas can also be controlled by an autopilot system, the Dummy Plugs, which are based on the thought patterns of either Rei Ayanami or Kaworu Nagisa. Evas can also lose control in certain circumstances and go "berserk", such as when the pilot is under extreme duress.

The Evas fight with their arms and legs, but they can also wield and use a wide variety of giant conventional weapons. Additionally, each Eva has a retractable bladed weapon known as a "progressive knife" in their shoulder pylon.

Prototype Units[edit]

Failed Prototypes[edit]

Nerv made numerous failed attempts in creating a functional Eva Unit. The remains of these failed Evas are hidden in one of the lowest levels of Nerv headquarters. Most of these failed Evas' organic structures have rotted away, leaving little more than an armored head connected to a spine, often with an incomplete number of limbs and many of the skeletons are badly warped. They have the word "reject" painted on their heads in large red letters.[3]

In the originally aired episodes, the Prototypes were laid out on a massive empty floor, with what remained of their limbs carefully matched up with their spines and other body parts, and then circled by chalk marks. The Director's Cut episodes show the original concept with remaining body parts of dozens of failed Evas thrown into a series of waste pits.[4] Some Eva rejects can also be seen in The End of Evangelion (1997), suspended vertically by their heads.

Simulation Bodies[edit]

Three incomplete Evangelion Units are kept in the Pribnow Box at Nerv headquarters. They are unarmored, have no legs or cores, and have numerous cables exiting the neck instead of actual heads.[5] These Units are used as training simulators and are eventually infected by the 11th Angel, Ireul.[6]

The first Rebuild of Evangelion film reveals the firing range training simulator uses a simulation body, as opposed to the anime or manga which show Unit-01 directly attached to simulation equipment. This simulation body appears to be an apparatus that consists of portions of the skeleton and nervous system of an Eva, but without any means of actual movement except for two small devices on the front of the head.

Evangelion Unit-00[edit]

Unit-00 (零号機, Zerogōki),[6] is the Prototype, the first successful Evangelion, and is piloted by the First Child, Rei Ayanami. The head design is similar to that of the previous failed attempts, with a single round optic in the center. Unit-00 is the only one of the original Evas that is never seen without its armor with the exception of Unit-03 (Unit-02 was revealed in End of Evangelion, and Unit-01 on multiple occasions) or opening its mouth; thus the appearance of its organic body is unknown.

Unit-00 was initially colored yellow like the previous prototypes, but its armor was damaged beyond repair by the Angel Ramiel and has since been refitted with blue armor plating in addition to other alterations made in order to make it more suitable for combat conditions, including shoulder pylons similar in appearance to the ones on Units-01 and 02. Because it is a prototype, Unit-00 cannot be fitted with D-type equipment. Unit-00 is also equipped with retro rockets as shown in the fight against Matarael. The true nature of the soul inside Unit-00 is never specified, but it is implied to be the soul of the young Rei I. Unit-00 was destroyed when the teenage Rei II self-destructed the Eva in order to destroy the 16th Angel, Armisael.

In Rebuild of Evangelion, Unit-00's design stays with its initial yellow color along with more white and gray. In the second film, Unit-00 was the Eva Unit Seele recommended be placed in storage upon the arrival of Unit-03, as the Vatican treaty states that no country can have more than three active Units at one time, but Gendo Ikari chooses to place Unit-02 in storage instead. After Unit-00 fails to destroy the 10th Angel with its N² Missile, the Angel absorbs Unit-00 and uses its identification code to disable Central Dogma's defenses.

Evangelion Unit-01[edit]

Evangelion Test Type-01 at the site of Shanghai Metallurgical & Mine Machinery Factory

Unit-01 (初号機, Shogōki) was created in the Third Annex of Gehirn's Artificial Evolution Laboratory in Hakone and is piloted by Shinji Ikari (with the Dummy Plug as backup). It is the first and the only Evangelion to be created from Lilith, the Second Angel, instead of Adam, the First Angel, from whom all the other Evangelions were created. Concept art for the anime reveals that Unit 01's body was grown from biomass cultivated from Lilith's legs (the reason why its legs are missing throughout the series). Despite this fact, Unit-01 bears no real morphological difference from other Units, possessing a core (unlike Lilith) and exaggerated proportions similar to Adam and the other Evas. Unit-01's armor is primarily purple; some components are colored neon green, light blue, orange, and black. Its helmet bears the signature unicorn-like single horn, and a 'frill', giving an appearance reminiscent of a ceratopsiandinosaur. It also has a distinctive chest plate resembling pectoral muscles, as opposed to the regular V-shaped chest plate the other Evas have. The entity beneath the armor has light brown skin, two emerald-green eyes, four small nostrils, flat white teeth, and red blood. It frequently acts independently, without the instructions of a pilot and without any apparent power source, moving freely even when the internal power source is depleted. The Eva will also take action to protect its pilot while sometimes servicing other interests. The Eva's resident soul, Yui Ikari (Shinji's mother), appears to be responsible for such events, in an attempt to protect her son. In such incidents, the Eva goes into a "berserker rage", characterized by inhuman savageness and animal-like behavior. In the height of its berserk state, Unit-01 also demonstrates "Angelic" abilities such as regeneration (repairing its damaged arm in a matter of seconds in battle against Sachiel and Zeruel), forming cross-shaped energy explosions, as well as manifesting a powerful AT Field for offensive purposes. It is the only Eva to have gone berserk in direct combat, inflicting fatal damage to Sachiel before it self-detonates, ripping apart Leliel and savagely mauling Zeruel. Shinji is clearly not responsible for these events, having blacked out in the first two berserk episodes and having dissolved into LCL after reaching a synchronization level of 400% during the battle with Zeruel. A similar state of battle rage, displaying heightened physical power and savageness, can be achieved when the Eva is controlled by the Dummy System, though this does not qualify as a genuine berserk incident. Unit-01 is called the "Test Type", in reference to its unusual method of creation.

Upon savagely disfiguring the 14th Angel, Zeruel, Unit-01 used one of Zeruel's arms to regenerate its severed left arm and proceeded to devour the Angel and absorb its S² Engine (which seemed to be used only at Unit-01's discretion, as the Eva was afterwards still shown to be sent into battle with an umbilical cable). By acquiring an S² Engine (the biblical "Fruit of Life"), it is stated that the Eva has become a being equal to God, possessing both the Fruit of Life and Knowledge.

In The End of Evangelion (1997), Unit-01 goes berserk for the final time, destroying Nerv HQ with a cross-shaped energy blast and growing enormous "Wings of Light," as seen in the series opening, similar to Adam's during Second Impact. From then on the resident soul of Yui Ikari seems to be in complete control of the Eva. Seele attempts to use the Eva in order to perform the Human Instrumentality Project in place of Lilith, who has been rendered unusable due to the loss of the Spear of Longinus. The Mass Production Evas impale Unit-01 with spears similar to the Spear of Longinus, possibly in an attempt to open the Doors of Guf on the Eva's palms. Later, Unit-01 and the Mass Production Units open their S² Engines, forming a giant Sephirot in the sky, signaling the beginning of the Third Impact and creating an enormous explosion which completely exposes the Geofront's true form as the Black Moon, the egg of Lilith. The original Spear of Longinus returns to Earth, merging with Unit-01 to form a Tree of Life, becoming a complete God with the power to either save or destroy humanity. The Tree of Life is later absorbed by the giant Lilith/Adam/Rei hybrid during Instrumentality. Near the end of the film, Eva-01 bursts out from the giant pupil of Lilith/Adam/Rei, roaring, and grows a complete set of twelve Wings of Light, then manipulates the Spear of Longinus to destroy the clone spears. At the conclusion, Unit-01 is left floating adrift in space, fossilized and still containing the soul of Yui Ikari, an eternal testament to the existence of humanity.

In Rebuild of Evangelion, Unit-01 sports more neon green highlights on the head, chest, abdomen and arms. The progressive knife and its storage mechanism are also redesigned, but most of the armor has not changed. During its fight with Shamshel, the skin of the humanoid entity beneath the armor is revealed to a lighter color than in the series. During its battle with Zeruel, the Eva enters an 'awakened state' and undergoes several radical changes: the pilot's plug depth exceeds a value of 180, the 'Great Beyond Depth', at the risk of being unable to return to normal. While appearing to have gone berserk, the pilot still appears to retain full control over the Eva's actions. In addition, its neon green highlights turn glowing red along with the Eva's eyes. Most significant however is Unit-01's possession of Angelic abilities, including the manifestation of a halo, advanced AT Field manipulation to replace its lost arm with an ethereal one that can launch concussive blasts and the ability to release a powerful energy beam from its eyes, similar to the one used by the Angels but with much more devastating effects.

After defeating Zeruel, Unit-01 undergoes several more changes, growing energy wings from its core and gaining the ability to bridge the entry plug to the Angel's core. After absorbing Zeruel's core, Unit-01 begins transforming into a glowing energy being, as a divine entity equal to God, a 'radiant giant' with 'wings of light' extending upwards into a vortex at the center of multi-colored concentric circles, similar to the Adams seen during Second Impact. The mere existence of the awakened Eva-01 triggers a phenomenon called Near Third Impact. It also seems that the Eva's awakening, triggered by Rei and Shinji through the battle against Zeruel, appears to have been planned from the beginning by Gendo, Shinji's father. While the Impact is aborted by Kaworu Nagisa in Evangelion Mark.06 impaling Unit-01 with the Spear of Cassius, it still results in the devastation of the entire planet, prompting the UN to seal Unit-01 into a cross-shaped tesseract they subsequently launch into space where it remains for the next fourteen years.

In Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo (2012), the tesseract is stolen by Wille in order to use the Evangelion as an energy source for powering their flying battleship, the AAA Wunder. The Unit ends up helping by blasting away the tesseract defense systems: it remains inside of the Wunder for the rest of the film, its only appearance being one of its face, one on a computer screen and one in a flashback.

In Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time (2021), Gendo forcibly removes Unit-01 from the Wunder while piloting Unit-13 and carries it into the "Anti-Universe" during Additional Impact, intending to reunite with Yui. Intending to stop Additional Impact, Shinji follows Gendo and boards Unit-01, taking control of it once more to battle his father, until Gendo declares that Shinji cannot defeat him through combat alone, and the Evangelion Units disappear as Shinji convinces Gendo to talk with him instead. Following their discussion, Unit-01 appears one last time, when Yui and Gendo (in the form of Unit-01 and Unit-13 respectively) embrace and then impale once another with the Spear of Gaius, sacrificing themselves to end Instrumentality and grant Shinji's wish to create a world without Evangelions.

Production Model Units[edit]

Production model Eva units have varying numbers of eyes. Unit 02 has four, Units 03 and 04 have two, and Units 05 through 13 have no visible eyes.

Evangelion Unit-02[edit]

Unit 02 (弐号機, Nigōki),[6] built by Nerv Germany, is the first Production Model Eva. It is piloted by Asuka Langley Soryu and is the first Evangelion built specifically for combat. Unlike Unit 01, it only goes truly "berserk" once, just before its destruction. It has achieved an unusually high sync ratio with its pilot(s). The Eva's armor is primarily red with yellow and white on the arms and head. As a result of being constructed by Nerv Germany, and also as an accommodation for its three-quarters-German pilot, its default language setting is German. It is known to contain the maternal part of the soul of Asuka's mother. Unit 02 features a different progressive knife from earlier Eva units as well as an internal weapon rack in the right shoulder binder which fires dart-like weapons. In the new movie continuity, it used a row of spikes from its shoulder extension in the battle against Zeruel. It has dark blue skin and four orange eyes, first seen when the MP Evas tear it apart during The End of Evangelion. These eyes are normally hidden by its head armor, with four green lenses fitted to the armor. Its head armor is hinged in two places, allowing the eyes to be exposed when the Eva reaches a high sync ratio.

Unit 02 is damaged and incapacitated several times over the course of the series, and is finally destroyed in The End of Evangelion by the mass-produced Evas. Asuka was still highly synchronized with Unit 02 as it was destroyed, thus practically suffering every wound (the frames after the faux-Lance of Longinus is plunged just above the Eva's left eye show her bleeding profusely from her eye, a rapidly spreading bloodstain on her lower torso when the Eva is literally gutted, and then her arm splitting in sync with the Eva's as the faux-Lances are thrown into her). In the manga, Kaworu Nagisa piloted Unit 02 against Armisael since Asuka was left comatose after the battle with Arael. The weapon he used in the battle was a double-bladed chainsaw. Armisael partially merged with Unit 02 while it was still fusing with Unit 00 and Rei.

In the second Rebuild film, it is shown that Unit 02's helmet is redesigned to have what look like oni horns, and that its shoulder pylons are equipped with a pair of bladed weapons. It also sports more white in several places on its body. Of note, the Eva is able to open its mouth in Rebuild, which was not the case with the original. However, it seems to have lost the capability to partially 'open' its helmet to expose its organic eyes. Later in the film, Unit 02 is placed into storage in accordance with The Vatican Treaty- a law stating that no nation can have more than 3 Active Evas- and with Unit 03 arriving from America Gendo decided Unit 02 would be the mothballed Unit. Mari later hijacks Unit 02 to fight Zeruel, and in desperation, activates Unit 02's Beast Mode which significantly increases its combat ability and gives it a more feral appearance. However, Mari is unable to defeat the Angel and Unit 02 is severely damaged, losing its left arm and part of its head.

Unit 02 is featured prominently throughout Evangelion 3.0, appearing to be only partially repaired from the damage it sustained during the last film, being called Unit 02'(Dash) by Misato at the beginning. At the beginning of the film, Unit 02 is one of the two Evas that participate in the operation to hijack an inactive Unit 01 from low Earth orbit, with Unit 02's equipment consisting of a harpoon gun, a pair of massive rocket boosters several times larger than the Eva itself and a cocoon-like pair of ablative heat shields to withstand atmospheric reentry; the boosters are seen to utilize vernier thrusters but their primary function is to provide a ten-second deorbit burn and are thus unusable for combat maneuvers. In the middle of Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo, it is modified into Unit-02'γ. Near the end of the film, Asuka is forced to engage "Mode 777 (Triple Seven)" Beast Mode against Mark 09, giving it an even more animalistic appearance resembling a saber-toothed cat. However, Unit 02 is later self-destructed to defeat Mark 09.

Evangelion Unit-03[edit]

Unit 03 (参号機, Sangōki) was built in the United States by Nerv First Branch in Massachusetts, United States, Evangelion Unit 03[6] is one of two Units built with the Second Production Model design. It is the brother Unit of Unit 04 (Unit 3 and Unit 4 were the only Evangelion who were addressed as males during the series). The United States government insisted on having the rights to build Unit 03 and Unit 04. A few minor changes were made between the first and second Production Models. Unit 03's color was unique, with much darker plates than any other Eva.

The pilot assigned to it was Toji Suzuhara, but in transit to Japan, it was possessed by the thirteenth Angel, Bardiel, which appeared from cloud, infecting it with fungus-like growths. As Bardiel, it was savagely torn apart by Unit 01, after the control of Unit 01 was switched from Shinji to the Dummy Plug system, designed to simulate an artificial pilot on the basis of Rei Ayanami's thought patterns. Toji, the pilot, is severely injured in the anime, but in the manga he dies.

Unit-03 is also shown in Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance, with Asuka Langley Shikinami as the test pilot. She was put into quarantine due to possible contact with Bardiel and was confirmed to have been placed in a medically induced coma due to her injuries when the entry plug was crushed. In the teaser trailer for Evangelion 3.0 attached at the end of the 2nd Rebuild film, she is shown awoken from her coma with an eye patch covering her left eye.

Unit 03 sports a predominantly black color scheme with white and red highlights and during its fight with Unit 01, it grows a separate pair of arms out of the top of its shoulders to help strangle Unit 01. Both the original and the Rebuild version of the Eva have grey eyes, as evidenced by freeze-frame play of their destruction.

Evangelion Unit-04[edit]

While EVA Unit 04 (四号機, Yongōki)[7] never actually appears in the series, it still serves a function in the story. Unit 04 was constructed at the Second Branch of Nerv, a desert site in Nevada, United States, acting primarily as a test subject for S² Engine (provided by the Third Branch of Germany) experimentation. Unit 04 was destroyed along with the entire Second Branch and all facilities within an 89 km radius. The cause of the accident remains unknown. Nerv determined that the incident occurred when the S² Engine was being installed in the unit, and that there were numerous factors that could have led to the accident. The very nature of the destruction itself is unknown as well. One theory behind Unit 04's destruction, suggested by Ritsuko Akagi, is that the S² Engine had opened up a Dirac sea similar to the one that was believed to comprise the twelfth Angel, Leliel. Unit 04's design is virtually identical to that of Unit 03. According to Gainax material, this unit is silver in color, with black and red detail. While Unit 04 does not appear on-screen in the series, it does make appearances in the continuities of various Evangelion spin-offs and games. The pilot of Eva 04 is never specified in the series. In some spin-offs, Unit 04 is piloted by Kensuke Aida.

  • In an official Evangelionpachinko machine in Japan (based specifically on the 2008 film "Evangelion 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone"), once you reach a certain level, there is a short animation featuring Unit-04.[8] The scene shows the 6th Angel Ramiel during an attack on Tokyo-3 (the footage is spliced in from the film). When it destroys some missile launching sites, Unit-04 suddenly appears floating over a hill, with Kaworu Nagisa controlling it by floating in front of its head. Ramiel fires, but Kaworu's AT Field protects Unit-04. The EVA then charges forward with the Lance of Longinus. Ramiel reshapes itself and fires again, but Unit-04 blocks the attack with a scaled-up riot shield (previously seen only in merchandise, never-onscreen because of its impracticality in favor of AT Fields). After Ramiel stops its attack, Unit-04 hurls the Lance of Longinus at the Angel, which penetrates its own Field, and destroys it in this single shot. Kaworu and Unit-04 are seen casually standing on top of a lake at the end of the video.
    • This video seems to be the only known officially licensed appearance of Evangelion Unit-04, but does confirm, in a way, that its appearance is based on Evangelion Unit-03, and that its coloring is silver with black and red. (This video also establishes Unit-04 in the coloring scheme of the Rebuild films, and shares similar decorations.)

Mass Production Units (05-13)[edit]

These Evas appear in The End of Evangelion and were produced at seven different Nerv branches around the world, probably Germany (Third Branch), the United States (First Branch, Massachusetts), Japan (Matsushiro), the United Kingdom, France, Russia, and China. Units 05 and 06 were made in Germany; Unit 08 was produced in China. Seele had them produced as part of their backup plan for initiating Instrumentality, but only nine out of an envisioned twelve were completed. They are controlled directly by Seele via Dummy Plugs based on Kaworu Nagisa. In dialogue, they are referred to as the Eva Series (エヴァシリーズ, Evashirīzu).

Their physical build is different from previous Evas, being narrower in the chest and shoulders and wider in the hips, and apparently covered by the same reinforced plastic that coats the arms. The long jaws have red muscular lips, metal-plated teeth, a large grey tongue, and produce large quantities of saliva. They have no apparent eyes.[9] Their heads overall have a similar shape to that of a whale. They are equipped with large, mechanical, avian-style wings that enable them to fly, and which can be fully retracted into the back. They also lack the shoulder-mounted armor "blades" which were characteristic of previous Evas. Their primary weapons are double-bladed Heavy Lances, which eventually transform into their true form, dark gray replicas of the Lance of Longinus. Additionally, the MP Evas consistently behave in an animal-like manner; they show formidable savagery, and circle Unit 02 in the air in a manner similar to vultures before descending to fight the Eva and tear it apart.

Each MP Eva contains an internal S² Engine, which grants them complete mobility (being freed from the umbilical cable) and no operational time limit.

In the alternate universe game Girlfriend of Steel 2, Kaworu Nagisa pilots Eva Unit 05, which is otherwise the same as the Mass Production units, except that the Dummy Plug is replaced by a standard entry plug.


According to Misato, Unit 05 and Unit 06 were originally planned to be more or less a continuation of the production model design used for Units 02-04. However, when Seele began construction of the mass production model Eva Units 05-13, these plans were scrapped. The unfinished original Units 05 and 06 were scrapped for spare parts used to repair Units 00 and 02 after their fight with the Angel Zeruel. Various different EVA units have originated in spin-off games and other various media.

In the Battle Orchestra game two new EVA units are introduced. EVA Unit-Alpha (甲号機, Kōgōki) is a green colored EVA with distance-controlled gun barrels mounted on its shoulders (possibly inspired by the Psycommu System from the Gundam franchise), its pilot is unknown. EVA Unit-Beta (乙号機, Otsugōki), piloted by Kaworu Nagisa, is gold in color with wings and a katana. EVA Unit 04 appears as well, painted a different shade of silver and piloted by Kensuke Aida.

Rebuild of Evangelion[edit]

Evangelion Provisional Unit-05[edit]

The EVA Provisional Unit 05 (仮設五号機, Kasetsu Gogōki), piloted by Mari Illustrious Makinami, features in the opening of the second film in the Rebuild of Evangelion tetralogy and is held at the joint U.S./Russian Nerv Bethany Base. Unit-05 is designated as local specifications unit and less humanoid than the other Evas with a design that includes having shorter left and right arms that end in a pincer and a lance respectively, and instead of legs has four limbs that end in wheel like mechanisms. The Eva's torso is predominantly white with orange and gray areas; its limbs are a shade of green. Because of the inhuman design of the Eva, special tubes are attached to the wrists of the pilot's plug suit to help aid in movement and the pilot wears a helmet-like contraption. Rocket boosters and drills also feature in the design to help aid this speedy Eva once in action. It appears to lack an umbilical cord and gathers its energy from pantograph-like wires atop the shoulder pylons, which connect to the roofs of the tunnels of Bethany Base in Evangelion 2.0. The odd build is most likely due to its provisional status as moving on various terrains might be difficult. The Eva is solely sent into action against the previously released Third Angel which attempts to escape. The melee results in the destruction of the Angel, Unit 05 and Bethany base. Its designation as "Provisional" may be a reference to the EVA being launched despite Bethany base still waiting on several components for installation.

Evangelion Mark.06[edit]

Introduced in Rebuild of Evangelion, Mark.06 (マークシックス, Mākushikkusu) is first seen at the end of the first film and fully appears in the second film. It was initially designed with blue armor with a glowing red visor covering its eyes and head design similar to Unit 01. Underneath its armor, the Eva unit has dark gray skin decorated on the torso with a seven-eyed purple face mask that is partially covered by a gray and red mask engraved with the words "Project Evangelion". In the 1.01 DVD release, Mark.06 has a glowing white halo. The narration states that it and its pilot "come down from the Moon". It is of SEELE's design who describe it as "the true Evangelion"; Gendo and Fuyutsuki had no hand in its creation.

In Evangelion 2.0, the unit's coloration is dark blue with gold highlights. It is piloted by Kaworu Nagisa. At the end of the film, Kaworu uses Mark.06 to throw a spear through Unit 01 (neutralizing it and stopping Third Impact) and descend from the Moon, after that declaring that he will make Shinji happy.

The unit briefly appears in Evangelion 3.0 where it is seen inactive and impaled in Terminal Dogma alongside Lilith. It was later revealed to have the Twelfth Angel sealed within it. This is the first Unit in the franchise that doesn't use the official Japanese naming convention for Evangelions (number + gōki) but instead has an English designation phonetically transcribed into Japanese.

Evangelion Unit-08[edit]

First appeared in Evangelion 3.0, Evangelion Unit 08 (八号機, Hachigōki) is piloted by Mari Illustrious Makinami. The Unit seems similar to previous units, but the shoulder pylons are slightly different, and it appears to have thrusters on it. The head design is similar to the helmet of a suit of armor, with a protruding horn. Unlike its first depiction in the first teaser for the film, the Eva went through a significant redesign between films: while the teaser showed it having dark gray armor and a vaguely anchor-shaped pink visor, the final version - designated Unit-08α - has pink armor and a total of eight green eyes. Then partly through the movie, Unit-08α is modified by WILLE into Unit-08β, unlike Unit-08α, is not shaped like a typical production model. It is bulkier in hips, shoulders, and most notably in the torso. The plating on the chest, abdomen, and legs is far bulkier as well, and does not match the thin, sleek plating seen on most Evangelion units. Unlike Unit-08α, it also has large, pink guards around its forearms and wrists which add significantly to the bulk of the arms. Its coloring is largely the same, the most notable difference being that the pink portions of the shoulder pylons on Unit-08α are now white, as well as the arm colors being switched to a different order. At the beginning of the film, the Eva participates in the operation to hijack an inactive Unit 01 from low Earth orbit alongside Unit 02 but fails to achieve the required orbital speed, commencing atmospheric reentry after only a few minutes of spaceflight. While in suborbital flight, the Eva is armed with a cannon that appears to be an energy weapon similar in function to a sniper rifle. It is also armed with rocket boosters and a cocoon-like pair of ablative heat shields identical to Unit 02's.

Evangelion Mark.09[edit]

First appeared in Evangelion 3.0, Mark 09 is piloted by a Rei Ayanami clone. It has orange and white armor and a cyclopean head with a single red eye, closely resembling Unit 00. It is first seen in the operation where NERV kidnaps Shinji from WILLE, with the EVA losing its head during the skirmish. The missing head is not restored and near the end of the film the still headless Eva reappears, wielding a massive scythe to hold back Unit 02 and Unit 08 on its own. At the end of the film, it attempts to hijack control of the Wunder battleship with a number of luminescent blue organic tendrils sprouting from its legs, causing both the EVA's entry plug and the Wunder's bridge to turn black and display a large number of SEELE logos. The EVA also grows a new head closely resembling the Wunder's primary bridge while its armor changes to black. Even without a head, the EVA is capable of utilizing a ranged energy attack like many of the Angels. When the EVA is attacked by Unit-02γ, it is revealed that the entire EVA is made up of core material at this point, making all attacks that fail to destroy the entire body at once useless. It is finally destroyed by Unit-02γ's self-destruct. During various scenes, the EVA is specifically referred to as "Adams' [sic] Vessel" by multiple characters, along with a confirmation that the EVA used to be the Wunder's "former master" and that it is attempting to take control "back" from Unit 01.

Evangelion 13[edit]

First appeared in Evangelion 3.0, Unit 13 (第13号機, Dai Jū-san-gōki) has an appearance near-identical to that of Unit 01, excluding having four eyes and arms. Its most distinctive feature is the Double Entry system of two entry plugs, with the two pilots capable of seeing each other as if they were in a single plug; either pilot is capable of controlling the EVA on their own, although both of them working in tandem is preferred. Unusually, the EVA does not appear to have an AT-field, instead using a number of remote-controlled drones called RS Hoppers to protect itself; these drones are each capable of deploying their own AT-field, can fly without any apparent means of propulsion and explode violently when damaged. Without these drones, the EVA does not appear to have any offensive weaponry but is immune to progressive blades and specialized anti-AT ammunition fired by Unit 08 fails to affect it whatsoever. The unit itself is also referred to as an "Adams" [sic], although the precise meaning of that term is left unclear. At the end of the film, Unit 13 is piloted by Shinji Ikari and Kaworu Nagisa who proceed to remove the two Spears of Longinus from Lilith, setting in motion a chain of events that cause the EVA to enter an "awakened" or "pseudo-evolved" form where it spontaneously emits light, sprouts a pair of wing-like protrusions from its shoulders and manifests a pair of concentric halos that allow it to fly at high speeds. In this state, the EVA proceeds to start Fourth Impact on its own before Kaworu commits suicide and Mari ejects Shinji's entry plug, making the EVA dormant once more. There is no umbilical cable socket on the EVA's back and it is unclear what power source it uses, if any. The unit returns in Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 as the medium for Gendo to begin the Human Instrumentality Project. To stop Gendo's plans, Wille launches an attack to destroy it, but fails and Gendo fuses himself with Unit 13. Shinji pilots Unit 01 and fights Unit 13 in order to stop it, and after finally reaching a compromise with his son, Gendo sacrifices himself and destroys both Units to stop the Final Impact while saving Shinji from doing so in his place.


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10 Things Most Evangelion Fans Don't Know About EVA Unit Anatomy

Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the most iconic anime series that turned the industry of Japanese Animation onto its head. The show exploded with a 26 episode series, theatrical films, directors cuts, games, remakes, and manga that have been consumed and dissected by countless fans around the world. Even a casual glance at the series reveals that in many ways, Evangelion is its own type of deep but rewarding monster of a series.

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But while most praise and analysis is thrust on the show's troubled protagonists, symbolic imagery, or weighty psychological themes, it almost feels like the EVA Units. The giant piloted cyborgs are forced to sit in the sidecar. Yet a closer look at the EVA Units' strange anatomy reveals some fascinating and disturbing facts that truly place these fearsome creatures in a league of their own.

10 EVA Bodies Are Humanoid

The lanky EVA Unit's elongated limbs and torso are similar to the body structure of a human. Although admittedly, the EVA's limbs and torso are way more exaggerated when it comes to its proportions, their bodies closely resemble a human's more so than your standard giant mech or kaiju.

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The similarities are to the point wherein the anime series, it's revealed that EVA Units not only have toes but fingernails underneath under all that armor plating. There isn't a tactical reason for the addition of toes and fingernails or their lanky reach, but it does reinforce just how organic EVA Units truly are.

9 EVAs Make Other Mechs Look Tiny

Exploring more on their lanky form, EVAs could easily gain dollar sign eyes from NBA team owners if they weren't built for destroying Angels or occasionally going berserk. Often, their height has varied in show episodes, sometimes reaching 200 meters.

However, according to the Evangelion 1.0 Complete Records, the units actually measure at 75 meters. Clearly, that's not 200, but it's also nothing to sneeze at as other giant popular mechs don't even come close. For reference, Mazinger Z measures at a measly 18 meters. And the real-life Gundam in Yokohama, Japan, only clocks in also at 18 meters.

8 EVAs Have A Variety Of Eyes

While the faceplates on top of the Evangelions give the impression that their eyes are robotic, that's not the case. Not only do EVAs have real eyes, but they also seem to differ in number and color depending on the Unit. Most of the Evas, including Rei's Unit-00 and the mass produced units, have two organic eyes, although fans never get the chance to see them beyond screen readouts in the show officially.

Shinji's Unit-01 also has two organic eyes, but they're also revealed to be green. Asuka's Unit-02 differs the most, as her unit has four orange eyes. But in the end, it's the failed Eva Prototypes from Gehirn that win the eye count contest, as their EVA Units had five eyes.

7 EVAs Have Different Blood Types

The Evangelions may be powerful, but they can also be wounded. Throughout the original series and films, the units take damage. In other shows, this would be presented as an explosion of metal and oil, instead of the units actually bleed geysers from their wounds like a 90's martial arts film.

But what's unique is that almost all of the Eva Units bleed crimson except Asuka's Eva-02 unit. Its blood is blue or purple. There isn't an official reason given for the difference of color. However, it could be due to Asuka's unit being the first successful Production Model EVA.

6 EVAs Have Skin Under Their Armor

While Evangelions might look like humongous heavy metal harbingers of destruction, the piloted creatures are actually just giant humanoids wearing armor. That's right; breaking apart some of the armor platings for these units will reveal that these units are just trying to protect their epidermis.

Or at least NERV is also using the armor to control the units better and keep them from going into a frenzy. Most of the non-mass production EVA Units have brown skin. However, just as with its eyes and blood, Asuka's Eva-02 differs in this regard with its blue-gray skin.

5 EVAs Have Organs

Their organic anatomy isn't just skin deep. There may be cybernetic enhancements within EVA Units, but they also have organs. Fans get a chance to learn of this when peering through the display monitors present for the EVA pilots. But fans got a gruesome introduction to that fact at the End Of Evangelion film.

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More of its internal body is revealed during the aftermath of Asuka's last stand against a series of Mass Production Evangelions from SEELE. As Eva-02's power runs out and a replica Spear of Longinus strikes it, the Mass Production model violently tear apart at the unit. Eva-02 is destroyed in a gory fashion that seems more in tune with a Mortal Kombat game.

4 EVA Skull Shapes Differ

Peering into their skulls' structure, it appears that Evangelions continue to serve as a visual link between living organic creatures and something else entirely. EVA skull shapes vary between each unit, but they seem to fall under two major types.

Most of the active Eva-Units, including the Mass Production models, have a skull shape that resembles more of an ocean mammal like a whale of dolphins. Generally, the skulls give off an alien vibe. However, the failed Eva Prototypes from Gehirn has a skull shape similar to humans, which provides another creepy link between EVAs, Angels, and humanity.

3 EVAs Are Made Of Particle Wave Matter

Evangelions get most of their inhuman features, thanks to being composed of the same matter as Angels. This matter is called Particle Wave and is unique in its subatomic structure as it contains properties of both wave and a particle. In the series, Ritsuko Akagi says that both wave and particle properties are similar to light.

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However, in addition to this, while the EVA and Angel matter properties are different from human matter properties, the way those properties are genetically structured is almost 99 percent similar to how human DNA structures itself. EVA's have this type of matter thanks to being created from the remains of the Seeds of Life. Because of this link, EVAs share the same matter as the Angels they are built to fight.

2 Pilots Sit In The Central Nervous System

For all this information that paints just how organic Evangelions are, it's almost hard to forget that they are still generally controlled by humans via pilot synch through an EVA's central nervous system. The central nervous system consists of the brain and spine for humans and is where bodily functions are controlled.

EVA Pilots are placed in an entry plug that goes within an EVA's spine and attempts to synch and control from there. Given how similar EVAs are to humans, it makes sense that it would have to be in its actual central hub of control for a pilot to control these creatures. It's another notable parallel to the human body.

1 EVAs Have Regenerative Abilities

Evangelions take a lot of gruesome damage throughout the series, and what's worse is pilots can feel their unit's pain. However, EVAs can heal and recover from some of the worst wounds better than the X-Men's Wolverine.

This is thanks to an S2 engine, which is actually less of an engine and more of an organ. It's located within the core of Angels and can provide limitless energy. Shinji's Eva-01 obtains an S2 engine by eating it from the Angel Zeruel. And SEELE's Mass Production Evangelions come built with artificial S2 engines that help the units regenerate during their battle with Asuka in End Of Evangelion.

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Neon Genesis Evangelion - Unit 01 Goes Berserk (4k/60fps AI Upscaled)

Evangelion Unit-02 – EVA-02 is covered in approximately 12,000 plates of reinforced armor – However, the real purpose of the armor is actually to be a limiter to keep the EVA’s under control and restrict their power – Like all EVAs, EVA-02 is actually a biological being with flesh and organs – Approximately stand at 70-80 meters tall Evangelion Unit 02 gets a new RG Evangelion Series model kit from Bandai! Evangelion Unit-01 (初号機 [? Neon Genesis Evangelion. Instant digital download after purchase *.PDF, *.PDO, *.OBJ files included Please note: This is not finished model, you are only buying blueprints. It has never been seen on screen, but Gainax has stated it's color is silver. The head design is similar to that of the previous failed attempts, with a single round optic in the center. 1 Powers & Abilities 2 Equipment 3 Feats 3.1 Strength 3.2 Speed 3.3 Durability 3.4 Skill 4 Weaknesses Massive Strength, Speed, Agility, and Durability. For the main black fabric I used 4-way stretch matte metallic spandex bought from spandexworld.com.It’s a very stretchy fabric and easy to use. Unit 01’s armor is primarily purple; some components are colored neon evangellion, light blue, orange, and black. There’s two options for the chest and shoulders; I went for the one without the vertical shoulder armor. The Angel has a relatively powerful AT field, and its armor-like "skin" is strong enough to endure the point-blank detonation of an N² bomb completely undamaged even without the use of an AT field. Was constructed in the United States, but an accident happened as the S² engine was being installed in this Eva unit. As he looks up at Evangelion Unit 1, Gendo Ikari, Commander of NERV, suddenly notices a presence beside him. An Evangelion (エヴァンゲリオン) is a giant humanoid being of near-godlike power, created by NERV from samples of the First Angel, Adam (although Unit-01 might be an exception). Neon Genesis Evangelion is such a great source of Nightmare Fuel, that it deserves its own page. The End of Evangelion (新世紀エヴァンゲリオン劇場版 Air/まごころを、君に, Shin Seiki Evangerion Gekijō-ban: Air/Magokoro o, Kimi ni?) Unit 00 is the only one of the original Evas that is never seen without its armor (Unit 02 was revealed in End of Evangelion, and Unit 01 on multiple occasions) or opening its mouth; thus the appearance of its organic body is unknown. The entire pylon is just an extension of the Eva's outer armor. 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Gallery 4 Others 5 References Asuka Langley Sohryu (惣流・アスカ・ラングレー, "Sōryū Asuka Rangurē") is a 14 years old fictional character from the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise and one of the female main characters. $131.58 New. A) The glowing red orbs that are located under the Evangelion chest armor plates are the Evangelion's cores. This is a master file to create a standardize framework for armor so that modders can create and modify armor (like Armorsmith) while making edits compatible with mods that adjust dynamic item naming (like Valdacil's Item Sorting). Evangelion Filter Applied. This is the review of the first DYNACTION Evangelion. Rotten flesh can safely be used to heal and breed tamed wolves without any risk of the wolf being poisoned, as wolves are immune to rotten flesh poisoning. Watch trailers & learn more. Patterns for building EVA 01 Evangelion body armor. When Shogo ($2.99 on GOG) first landed in 1998, it was in a world where anime was finally making a splash in the West. Can I cancel my order?. The collectible's mouth can be opened and closed, and both the progressive knife and palette rifle are included. Each EVA is approximately 5 3/10-inches tall when assembled. For more information of the EVA please read this post: Unit 01’s armor is primarily purple; some components are colored neon green, light blue, orange, papecrraft black. The first Evangelion machine is now available in the RG series!Pursuing reproduction of Evangelion's action pose as an Android as RG. Evangelion Giganoth has no ecological place. Character Family. --Eva No. The inner parts of the model resemble muscles which move with the armor to allow for natural poses. Studying images of Evangelion Unit-01, the elements I really wanted to incorporate were the green bands throughout its armor, the subtle orange accents in the neck/upper chest area, and obviously, the signature purple hue of the body. Menu. see all. The progressive knife and its storage mechanism are also redesigned, but most of the armor has not changed. The Evangelion is the suit of armor we must all wear as we confront the world and its horrors. Was constructed in the United States, but an accident happened as the S² engine was being installed in this Eva unit. It frequently acts independently, without the instructions of a pilot and without any apparent power source. With Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance in theaters in the U.S. right now, we've been discovering first hand how easily you can start out as a regular human — … Searching for the best Asuka Langley Soryu cosplay online shop. By Holyrebelion Watch. Full cover. The two cores contort on contact and connect to … 179 Favourites. ... seen her and calls him a pervert. Neon Genesis Evangelion – SD Evangelion Unit-01 (EVA-01) Free Paper Model Download. It can be expressed simply by assembling colorful colors. The Evangelion's right hand curled into a fist before smashing into the red core. ---Armor Equipped---Evangelion Unit-01 (back) returns for a second go at the Soul of Chogokin saga. Action Figure Filter Applied. Introduction: I’ve never built an Evangelion kit before, despite being a fan of the series. It frequently acts independently, without the instructions of a pilot and without … Zombies may be spawned wearing armor, and upon death rarely drop some of their armor. Become a Patron! RG Evangelion Unit 00 January 31, 2021 at 12:20 | Posted in 1/144 scale | Leave a comment Tags: evangelion, 零号機, RG Evangelion Unit 00. are finished without any compromise in every detail. Evangelion Asuka Langley plugsuit cosplay tutorial by arcsin. RG Eva Unit 02 This is an injection-plastic kit of a science-fiction/anime item. If you want to get technical, an alternate timeline. 1/6 King Ezekiel – The Walking Dead ROBO-DOU Evangelion Production Model-02; 1/6 Tormund Giantsbane – Game of Thrones 1/6 Arya Stark (Season 8) – Game of Thrones DLX Megatron – Transformers: War For Cybertron Trilogy 1/6 T‐51 Blackbird Armor Pack – Fallout Jun-2021 From Neon Genesis Evangelion comes Auska's Evangelion Unit 2 in the RG line! As part of Studio Khara’s ongoing Japanese Animator Expo, with unique animation shorts released each week, we have now been graced with an Evangelion inspired entry … The armor around the cores retract. It has never been seen on screen, but Gainax has stated it's color is silver. Dragon Shiryu (龍星座「ドラゴン」の紫龍, Ryū Seiza (Doragon no Shiryū); Literally meaning "Purple Dragon"), also known as Shiryu is a bronze saint of Dragon.He is considered the most mature of the five heroes, and thus the wisest. Evangelion Papercrafts | Leave a Reply Cancel reply. While it starts out as what seems like a fairly conventional mecha anime, it quickly shows its true colors as a surrealist dive into the nature of being and belonging itself. Evangelions were supposedly created to combat the Angel threat, although their most important function (and one of their greatest secrets) is to initiate Third Impact to evolve humanity further. Make your own high detailed armor suit to wear. The are humanoid in appearance, but are coated in a thick layer of armor which "bonds the Eva to the will" of the humans. It frequently acts independently, without the instructions of a pilot and without any apparent power source. Instant digital download after purchase *.PDF, *.PDO, *.OBJ files included Please note: This is not finished model, you are only buying blueprints. Evangelion Unit-01 is the first non-prototype Evangelion unit, and is referred to as the "Test Type". 1 Official Graphics 1.1 Without Background 2 Gameplay Images 2.1 Monster Hunter Explore Game model Renders of Evangelion Brachydios. Unit 00 is the only one of the original Evas that is never seen without its armor (Unit 02 was revealed in End of Evangelion, and Unit 01 on multiple occasions) or opening its mouth; thus the appearance of its organic body is unknown. The standard Evangelion design is based on the that of the original Angel, Adam. The fit is surprisingly good. With the wide range of motion realized without interfering armor and parts interference, the intense action scene in the play is reproduced. on the surface, without any prior intelligence on the Angel's abilities. 2003. 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Gallery 4 Others 5 References Rei Ayanami (綾波 レイ, "Ayanami Rei") is a fictional character from the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise. Evangelion Unit 04 is similar to Unit 03. Neon Genesis Evangelion Fighting Robots Gundam Art Robot Concept Art Mecha Anime Anime Characters Dark City Memes Character Design. Evangelion is an apocalyptic anime in the mecha genre. Eva Unit Power Armor - posted in Fallout 4 Mod Requests: I realize its a tall order, and probably a huge undertaking, what with Custom Models, Textures and other thing about Modding I dont understand thatd probably need to be done from scratch. In this way, the requirement of the heavy armor was met without violating the spirit of the Evangelion system. Q does it as well, with "Ode to Joy" playing as Shinji accidentally sets off Fourth Impact. The series deconstructs its casts' traumas while subjecting them to ever-escalating torment and investigating the pain that comes with human connection. It is the only EVA to be born from Lilith. Matriel is a Child of Adam and is designated as the Ninth Angel named after the “Angel of Rain”. the enhanced arms and shoulder parts, put in place. Evangelion ends with Shinji thanking everyone and the final words, ... are left with no recourse but to confront their/our own flawed humanity in all its desperation and insecurities without the technological armor of the typical sf text. 2 has arrived as the third installment of the "RG Evangelion Series" that pursues the reality of Android. On the plus side, it reinforces the strength of Unit 01, but on the … Neon Genesis Evangelion is an anime series produced by Gainax and Tatsunoko Production and directed by Hideaki Anno.It began broadcasting in Japan on TV Tokyo on October 4, 1995 and ended on March 27, 1996. Evangelion armor was always very fuzzy, apparently very powerful EVA can generate armor at its own will (Eva 01) and the armor apparently can bend somehow (Eva Unit 2 beast mode), considering the EVAS are divine beings it isn't far fetched to say Neo Nerv/Seele utilized some magic to create armor Rather, only an aspect of her soul resides in Eva-02 - … 2009. A berserker Evangelion has greatly enhanced physical strength and at the height of berserker mode the EVA can operate without need for any electrical power. Unit 00 is the only one of the original Evas that is never seen without its armor (Unit 02 was revealed in End of Evangelion, and Unit 01 on multiple occasions) or opening its mouth; thus the appearance of its organic body is unknown. The size is large, but the movement is almost similar to the ROBOT Spirits, and it is possible to stand on the knees without difficulty. The basic structure is completely different from the existing LM-HG kits. It is the first and the only Evangelion to be created from Lilith, the Second Angel, instead of Adam, the First Angel, from whom all the other Evangelions were created. Evangelion Giganoth has only been sighted in the Elder's Recess. The purple shell on its body appears to be armor … Every time Evangelion gets remade, the mix of giant robots that make for beautiful toys and blasphemous religious iconography with attractive teenagers in skintight armor suits … After acquiring it, the Eva is still sent into battle with an umbilical cable. Although Neon Genesis Evangelion has been marketed as a mecha anime ever since it debuted in 1995, fans have always argued that the mechas piloted in the show are not exactly robots. However, in an interview promoting the latest Evangelion film, Anno declared, "Evangelion is a … Make your own high detailed armor suit to wear. What are the Angels in Neon Genesis Evangelion? ・The model can be constructed with her signature gear in “Armed Mode,” or without armor and weapons in “Unarmed Mode.” ・The kit includes a variety of translucent … Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the biggest and most influential anime series ever created, every episode shifting between philosophical introspection and giant-scale robot-vs … Introduction: I’ve never built an Evangelion kit before, despite being a fan of the series. All in all, Zeruel is one of the most powerful Angels ever seen. Unit 00 is the only one of the original Evas that is never seen without its armor with the exception of Unit-03 (Unit 02 was revealed in End of Evangelion, and Unit 01 on multiple occasions) or opening its mouth; thus the appearance of its organic body is unknown. So when the RG lineup was released, I thought it might be a good time to dip my toes into Eva plamo. Asuka is designated as the Second Children of the Evangelion Project and pilots the Evangelion Unit-02. It’s the brave face we must wear, the armor of conviction, duty and love. Biological Adaptations. It is simply filled with so much Nightmare Fuel, that one might even argue that you won't be having nightmares after watching it... because you'll be too scared to sleep. With the wide range of motion realized without interfering armor and parts interference, the intense action scene in the play is reproduced. Evangelion Unit 04 is similar to Unit 03. #8 Evangelion Unit 04 (263 points). Combination of Eldritch Manipulation and Technological Constructs. The Sledger in Battle Realms (a game set in a Fantasy Counterpart Culture of feudal Japan) is an Arnold reference, . ], "Shogōki") is the first non-prototype Evangelion unit, and is referred to as the "Test Type". 1 Summary 2 Full Build Details 3 Combos 4 See Also This build mainly revolves around stunlocking everything apart from Unknown Arena bosses. Described in … A band of young warriors in magical armor vow to defend the reincarnation of Greek goddess Athena against evil forces and to return her to the throne. Shinji's AT Field lowers, the final barrier between them falls away. Instant digital download after purchase *.PDF, *.PDO, *.OBJ files included Please note: This is not finished model, you are only buying blueprints. Kaworu makes sure each aligned with the other and with his Eva's arm around the other's waist, pulls them together. Neon Genesis Evangelion is a classic 1995 Japanese animated series that takes place in a future that is already our past, the year 2015. It houses the soul of Shinji's mother, Yui Ikari. But it's not a model; it's a pre-painted toy. Show More. Plot. Predictably, Neon Genesis Evangelion played with this trope. It also created a spider-web of cracks in the Angel's core. Evangelion Unit-01 and its pilotShinji Ikari are the main characters from the Neon Genesis Evangelion series. . The Evangelion is the person we must become in order to save society. 2 has arrived as the third installment of the "RG Evangelion Series" that pursues the reality of Android. Ramiel detected the Eva even before it reached the surface and powered up a deadly particle beam that shot straight through a building and nearly melted through the Eva's chest armor. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Operational Capabilities and Equipment Inside each Evangelion is a human soul, an instrument used by NERV to … If we are talking about just the head (which is the only thing different between all the Eva Unit anyway, aside from colors and slight armor placement), then you can see the different heads from the Evangelion Figures (such as the Soul Spec series, they include the armor-less … Attack On Titan; Bleach; Digimon; Disney; DC; Demon Slayer 2019. All in all, Zeruel is one of the most powerful Angels ever seen. For more information of the EVA please read this post: Unit 01’s armor is primarily purple; some components are colored neon green, light blue, orange, papecrraft black. Bang! It appears in Episode 11 of the Evangelion anime series. But now that the GECK is out, at least in beta as of this posting. The S2 is never seen in the series. It will be playing in Vancouver on Saturday, Jan. 11th and Thursday, Jan. 16th. Evangelion Unit 02 gets a new RG Evangelion Series model kit from Bandai! Doom Slayer is a Character Build in Outward, created by Evangelion. It features a wide range of motion after assembly, with particular attention paid to ensuring the armor parts don't interfere with posability. Rei: You never understood anything. The are humanoid in appearance, but are coated in a thick layer of armor which "bonds the Eva to the will" of the humans. The biggest problem with making powered armor work is having enough energy to power it, which is why Iron Man built a chest sized arc reactor to justify everything else. Upload Download Add to wardrobe 4px arm (Classic) Background EVA 01 no armor Neon Genesis Evangelion ZlyCzarownik. The Angel has a relatively powerful AT field, and its armor-like "skin" is strong enough to endure the point-blank detonation of an N² bomb completely undamaged even without the use of an AT field. We’re big fans of anything Evangelion! Plot. Looking to his side, he sees Doctor Ritsuko Akagi, the scientist in charge of the Evangelion project. Bang! Mitsuo Iso (磯 光雄, Iso Mitsuo, born 1966 in Aichi, Japan) is a Japanese animation animator, director, and screenwriter.. His work mainly includes key animation starting in the late 1980s. see all. Reddit.com DA: 14 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 64. It features a wide range of motion after assembly, with particular attention paid to ensuring the armor parts don't interfere with posability. So his depiction of the face is fairly consistent with episode 2, the manga, and the original design work. Evangelion (mecha): | In the Children chosen by the Marduk Institute (a |front company| of Seele). Model may have some differences from original. Highly armored vehicles take little or no damage when shot by much weaker vehicles. The head design is similar to that of the previous failed attempts, but with only one eye. Synchronization does have some side effects, most important being the pilot sharing the pain of injuries suffered by the Evangelion. There's a ring of jetpack mod, and then there's a mod or two that allows you to mod a jetpack into your armor. An Evangelion (エヴァンゲリオン) is a giant human being of near-godlike power, created by Nerv from samples of the First Angel, Adam (Although Eva-01 might be an exception). Since the product is still in the development stage, the Size (up to 10%) & Weight (up to 10kg) may be … She is the First Children, pilot of the Evangelion Unit-00 and one of the female main characters. Bang! Budget was still an issue, however, and only 27 minutes of footage were completed and debuted as the second act of the Compilation Movie Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death and Rebirth, another unpopular decision with the audience.. Twice in 2.0: A children's song plays while Unit-01 munches on the out-of-control Unit-03, and it plays again when Shinji kicks off the Third Impact. Image result for eva unit without armor. Each EVA Frame includes an articulated inner frame and armor parts to construct an Evangelion Unit. About this mod. The humanoid entity beneath the armor has light brown skin, two emerald-green eyes, four small nostrils positioned, and red blood. ... Bandai NXEDGE Style Evangelion Unit Proto Type ESV Shield H100mm Painted Figure. Throughout NGE, giant-sized monsters called Angels attack Tokyo while the NERV organization utilizes giant "Evangelion" robots to counter them.But secrets abound, and the name Evangelion hints that the Angels and robots actually share a common ancestor—the being called Adam.. To make a very long story short, humans … Sideshow and Medicom Toy are excited to present the Rah Neo Evangelion Shogo-ki (2021) Collectible Figure from "Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time"!. The Eva... World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the most definitive collection ever assembled. Including headdresses*2, bodysuit, leg covers*2, gloves*2, backpack, hand guards*2, arm armors*2. Major spoilers ahead. Patterns for building EVA 01 Evangelion body armor. I bought mine from ebay, don’t really remember was it here or here but you can check your own us stores. Her areolae are visible for a few brief frames, but they are near-impossible to see without freeze-framing. Neon Genesis Evangelion – SD Evangelion Unit-01 (EVA-01) Free Paper Model Download. Armor Hunter Mellowlink (機甲猟兵メロウリンク, Kikō Ryōhei Merourinku?) So when the RG lineup was released, I thought it might be a good time to dip my toes into Eva plamo. The armor moves to allow posing with reduced interference. These are regarded as an alternate ending to the television series. Teenager Shinji Ikari is the pilot of Evangelion Unit 01, one of several giant cyborgs designed to fight hostile supernatural entities called Angels.Distraught over the death of Kaworu Nagisa, Shinji visits fellow pilot Asuka Langley Soryu in a hospital and masturbates to her comatose body.. Meanwhile, for anime fans, the real highlight of Takahashi's showcase has to be the Neon Genesis Evangelion collaboration. It's creation is a mystery, and its presence in the Elder's Recess led to even the endemic life fleeing. Please note the final product specifications may differ because each product is Handmade. The mouth can be opened and closed, and both the progressive knife and palette rifle are included. 2018. Common misconception is that the Core is the equivalent to the S2 Organ/Engine. Product details could be subjected to change without further notice. The completed item stands 34.5cm high, bigger than nearly every other EVA kit that has been released. "How bad is the damage to Unit 1, Doctor?" It seems like in many ways the best solution to the problem would be a fantasy dynamic in which there is a convenient energy source to draw upon. This Article contains Images of Evangelion Brachydios. Following its going berserker and eating of Zeruel's S² Engine, it was the only Evangelion able to go without an umbilical cable until the construction of the Mass Production Evangelions. Show Less. Do we know what evas 00 and 02 look like without armor . is a 1997 Japanese animated film written and directed by Hideaki Anno along with Kazuya Tsurumaki; it ended the anime releases in the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise until the Rebuild of Evangelion tetralogy remakes were announced in 2006. 1 Background 2 Powers & Abilities 3 Equipment 4 Alternate Forms 4.1 Berserk Mode 4.2 Eva Pseudo-Evolution 5 Feats 5.1 Strength 5.2 Speed 5.3 Durability 5.4 Skill 6 Weaknesses Shinji Ikari is the son of Gendo Ikari, the director of a military organization known as NERV. Four Evangelion Units and one Option Parts Set to Collect! Patterns for building EVA 01 Evangelion body armor. The shockwave from the sheer force of the blow caused the windows on the nearby buildings to shatter. About this item Eva No. Not Specified. The pilot, Shinji Ikari, was almost killed inside his entry plug. Thorough pursuit of precise coloring expression by molding color. Iso is known for his offbeat key animation in the prologue of Gundam 0080, large portions of Asuka's battle in The End of Evangelion and the first half of Ghost in the Shell's tank battle. FAQ; Account; 0. … Neon Genesis Evangelion is a mecha anime far more concerned with the psychology of its characters than skyscraper-sized battles. For the inner frame and grey parts I used Mechanical Surfacer Super Heavy; for the yellow, white and red parts I used Mr Base White 1000 primer. The inner parts of the model resemble muscles which move with the armor to allow for natural poses. May-2021. Remarks: It is originally sealed by DOUBLE GLUE TAPE. 6_ Neon Genesis Evangelion. The Evangelion Unit-02 and its pilot Asuka Langley Sohryu are part of the main cast of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Unlike Yui's experiment, Kyoko's does not cause her soul to be completely absorbed into Eva-02. The humanoid entity beneath the armor has light brown skin, two emerald-green eyes, four small nostrils positioned pre-orbitally, and red blood. All in all, Zeruel is one of the most powerful Angels ever seen. This didn't sit well with fans, partly motivating Gainax to adapt the scrapped series finale to a feature-length film. The head design is similar to that of the previous failed attempts, with a single round optic in the center. In the Rebuild of Evangelion series, Unit 01 sports more neon green highlights on the head, chest, abdomen, and arms. This is what is supposed to strike fear into your heart, according to Studio Gainax. Have extra cost. 2015. Neon Genesis Evangelion has actually been a robot anime this entire time, according to creator Hideaki Anno.. Perfect Strike is a must have ability that should always be used first due to it inflicting Pain (-25% physical resistance). As our second release of the ROBO-DOU line, ROBO-DOU Evangelion Test Type-01 from the anime film “Evangelion: New Theatrical Edition” is released. 2020. Zombies may be spawned wearing armor, and upon death rarely drop some of their armor. The rest of its body armor is just a simple, standard Evangelion armor without any shoulder pylons. 5 + Follow - Unfollow Posted on: … Make your own high detailed armor suit to wear. 38 Comments. But he takes exactly the same amount of damage from goblin attacks with the armor as he does without it in the prologue. To continue our Neon Evangelion papercraft series, here is Evangelion 2. The power to combine eldritch elements with technology. This is considered to be the “Final Form” of the Evangelion movies. 1997. Deluxe quality of Neon Genesis Evangelion EVA cosplay costume ready to ship now! The head is molded in At an unspecified date, Kyoko Zeppelin Soryu undertook a contact experiment with Evangelion Unit-02. The texture of the armor with a light gradation paint, the internal texture like a bodysuit, the markings and panel lines, etc. Sometimes it amazes me why Evangelion has so ... that it can be equipped with additional armor that protects from extreme conditions.
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Without eva armor 02

Evangelion Unit-02

19 C029 eva03-mess.jpg

"When Aoba called B Wing's construction sloppy he hadn't seen anything like THIS!"
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Evangelion Unit-02 (エヴァンゲリオン弐号機, Evangelion Nigouki) is the third Evangelion completed, the first Production Model Evangelion. The design of Eva-02 supposedly rectifies the mistakes made during the construction of Prototype Eva-00 and Test Type Eva-01, making it the first Evangelion built specifically for combat against the Angels.


Eva-02 is a Production Model Evangelion and uses the same armor arrangement as the succeeding Eva-03 and Eva-04, along with the upgraded Eva-00. All Evangelions using this arrangement have the same shoulder pylon design and five V-shaped armor plates on their torso.

This Evangelion is unique in having bluish-purple blood, blue-gray skin, and four eyes. (All other Evas possess red blood, and, for all non-Mass Production Evangelions, including Eva-00, two eyes and brown skin are the standard.) The eyes are a uniform fiery orange in color.

Although Eva-02 has a jaw and mouth, when armored these cannot open to the same extent as those on Eva-01, Eva-03 and 04, and so there is no hinged jaw piece in the helmet. Instead, the helmet has movable sections that can shift to cover or uncover the Eva's eyes. Four prominent nostril holes are located in the bulging forehead section of the helmet.

As a Production Model Evangelion, Eva-02 is shown to be capable of using different equipment fits, like the D-type Equipment seen in Episode 10. In addition, Eva 02 has a distinctive progressive knife, the PK-2, that resembles a box cutter. Seemingly unique to Eva-02 is the needle gun, a rack of spikes in its right shoulder pylon which can be fired like missiles.

End of Evangelion Version

Evangelion Unit-02 in End of Evangelion
Eva-02 design used for End of Evangelion.
Dead Eva-02, with "teeth" on jaw piece visible.
Humorous captioned image comparing the head designs (gif file, best viewed in full resolution).

An altered Eva-02 design was adopted for The End of Evangelion. Although visually similar to the original, the new design has more human-like body proportions, drastically reduced pylon size, and a narrower, redesigned head shape. The blades of armor on the lower arms have also been eliminated. Some of these changes may have been made in order to ease the animation of Eva-02's final battle.

The "helmet-popping" mechanism is eliminated in the movie version. Although Eva-02 is never seen opening its jaws while the head is fully covered (despite the fact that it roars and makes other vocalizations), the jaw piece, when exposed later, visibly has "teeth" as per Eva-01 and others.


Eva-02 from the Proposal.

The Eva-02 seen in the Proposal is labeled "Test Type" and has two hornlike cheek extensions, along with many other design differences observable at this point. The red color scheme is already present.

Operational History

Eva-02 was first introduced in Episode 08 of the series, activated to fight Gaghiel even through it had no combat gear apart from standard equipment and its progressive knife (the spike launcher in the right pylon is not put to use in this episode). The Eva is severely hampered in underwater combat but succeeds in prying open the Angel's mouth and neutralizing its A.T. Field, allowing two scuttled Iowa-class battleships to explode inside and destroy its core.

The Eva takes part in several other battles, acting in concert with Eva-01 to defeat Israfel, and then being sent into a volcano in specialized diving equipment to capture the Angel Sandalphon. The capture of Sandalphon fails, resulting in a battle with the Angel. Eva-02 loses a leg due to an exploding blasting bolt, and must be recovered from the magma by Eva-01. Eva-02 also takes part in the Sahaquiel run, and stabs the Angel in the core with its progressive knife.

The Eva's successful combat record in the TV series virtually ends at this point. The Bardiel battle sees Eva-02 being incapacitated early on when Asuka is distracted and surprised, having done no damage to the infected Eva-03. The battle with Zeruel is even more disastrous, with all of Eva-02's gun and rocket fire proving utterly ineffectual and its head and arms being cut off by the Angel. The Eva is repaired and sent into battle against the Angel Arael, where both pilot and resident soul inside suffer from the Angel's mental probing. The synch rate between Asuka and Eva-02 is so low that the Eva is incapable of motion in the battle against Armisael and has to be withdrawn from combat. Finally, in Episode 24, Kaworu Nagisa controls Eva-02 externally and uses it to break through barriers on the way to Terminal Dogma and fight Eva-01.

Eva-02's final combat operation happens in The End of Evangelion, when Asuka is sent in Eva-02 to the bottom of the Geofront lake, where it is subject to depth charge attacks from JSSDF forces. Eventually, Asuka comes into contact with the soul of her mother, Kyoko Zeppelin Soryu, which was, unbeknownst to her, inside Eva-02 all along. The Eva enters an elevated power state somewhat similar to berserk mode, with Asuka seeming to achieve an unusually high synch ratio. The Eva easily destroys JSSDF tanks, VTOLs, and the frigate in the lake, but has its umbilical cable severed during the fight and is forced to switch to battery power.

In the subsequent battle against the Mass Production Evangelions, Eva-02 severely damages all nine of them in a little over three minutes, only to be struck down by a replica Spear of Longinus just as its battery runs out of power. The MP Evas reactivate and proceed to mutilate and disembowel Eva-02. Afterwards, Eva-02 goes into a strange variation of the unpowered berserk state for the first and final time before being struck by eight more Spears, the last of which strikes the core. The dismembered corpse of the Eva is later seen being carried by the Mass Production Evangelions, and is ultimately dropped onto the floor of the Geofront, where it stares with dead eyes up at the events unfolding in the sky.


Eva-02's soul is that of Kyoko Zeppelin Soryu, and for this reason, her daughter, Asuka Langley Soryu, was chosen as the Eva's pilot. Similar to Yui Ikari, Kyoko performed a contact experiment with an Eva's core (that of Eva-02), but unlike Yui, she was not completely absorbed. Instead, only the portion of Kyoko's soul containing her maternal aspects was taken into the Eva. (See Soul Divisibility for more details regarding this phenomenon.) As a result, while Kyoko physically survived her experiment, she was driven clinically insane and had to be institutionalized, eventually resulting in her successful suicide, a chain of events that profoundly affected her young daughter.

It is unknown what became of the rest of Kyoko's soul. One possible reading is that the remainder was salvaged into Eva-02 following her suicide. In Episode 25', right before Asuka learns her mother is inside Eva-02, Kyoko's voice can be heard saying "You mustn't die! You must live! You're alive!" several times. However, the familiar "Please die with me!" (as heard in the Episode 22 and Episode 25 flashback sequences) is mixed in twice amongst her words of love and encouragement, suggesting that the insane Kyoko and the maternal Kyoko were incorporated back together and coexist inside the Eva's core.

Other Continuities

The Manga

Eva2-22 C0750.jpg

"Making something... Nurturing something is really great. You can see and learn so many things from the process."
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Eva-02 is piloted by Kaworu Nagisa in the battle against Armisael, during which it wields the Dual Saw (a weapon that debuted in Neon Genesis Evangelion 2).


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Evangelion Unit-02

エヴァンゲリオン 弐号機

Model Type


Evangelion Unit-02 (エヴァンゲリオン 弐号機[?]) is the third Evangelion completed, the first Production Model Evangelion. The design of Unit-02 supposedly rectifies the mistakes made during the construction of Prototype Unit-00 and Test Type Unit-01, making it the first Evangelion built specifically for combat against the Angels. It is piloted by Asuka Langley Sohryu and briefly by Kaworu Nagisa.


Unit-02 is a Production Model Evangelion and uses the same armor arrangement as the succeeding Unit-03 and Unit-04, along with the upgraded Unit-00'. All Evangelion using this arrangement have the same shoulder pylon design and five V-shaped armor plates on their torso.

Sours: https://evangelion.fandom.com/wiki/Evangelion_Unit-02

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