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F1 Experiences: what really matters

America’s industry-leading travel/event/experience company, QuintEvents International houses the company’s Formula 1 business, and Keith Bruce, a veteran of the sports and event industry, is leading the F1 Experiences organisation serving all Formula 1 events across the globe. Bruce has kindly agreed to talk about the relevant issues of the sport’s hospitality with the Paddock magazine.

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Keith, what changed in F1 Experiences since 2017? 

Well, 2018 represents our first full-year launch of F1 Experiences in Formula 1, so there are quite a few modifications we have made to the product line and offers. We introduced F1 Experiences in mid-2017 so we could see how the market reacted, which products were most popular, and where we could tweak or improve the packages as we went from race to race. We spent the off-season doing a thorough review of our market research, our customer feedback, and input from other key stakeholders like the track promoters and FOM. As a result, we made some changes to the product to better reflect what was really working and what our customers loved most about F1 Experiences. Those changes are now reflected in our new portfolio of product offerings for 2018.

Our biggest change for 2018 is the expansion of our Champions Club, a premium hospitality package that is lower in price than Paddock Club but still offers exceptional views of the track, high-quality food and beverage, and official immersive experiences in and around the paddock that are the hallmark of F1 Experiences. We launched Champions Club in three markets last year and will offer it in 14 race markets this year, so it’s a dramatic expansion. Early sales are strong, so we are excited about this new product and how it fits in the overall line-up of packages we offer. We also have made some improvements to our Hero and Trophy fan packages and will add some new driving experiences alongside Formula 1 in 2018. In total, we now have three packages specifically designed and priced for the fan market starting at about 500 GBP, and we have five packages dedicated to the premium or corporate market. So it’s a well-rounded portfolio of offerings, in my opinion.

Talking about hospitality in Formula 1, what is most important in your work today?

Creating and offering an official Formula 1 product line with range and real value is the most important consideration. We understand that “one size fits all” is not the way to go in today’s marketplace. People are more sophisticated with their demands and want real value for the money they are paying. I think that is one of the most important pieces of feedback we received from our customers in 2017 – that F1 Experiences delivered exceptional value for the money they invested. And we connected with them because of the access we provided: experiences that had never previously been possible or available before. We believe it’s incredibly important to create a range of products that are aligned with people’s tastes and desire to try new things.

Another important aspect of our work today is continuing to provide high-quality experiences in our packages; that is the true signature element of F1 Experiences. We are a Formula 1 company, so that gives us inside and official access that is just not available with any of the other traditional hospitality products that may be available in the market for Formula 1.

We also have a major fixation on consistently delivering the top-notch services possible. The Paddock Club represents the gold standard of prestige and quality in Formula 1, and at F1 Experiences we feel we have a responsibility to deliver a highest-quality level of professionalism at every race on the schedule. We can’t be great at one event and just OK at another. Formula 1 is in our brand name, so we must raise the bar collectively with amazing experiences and exceptional quality with all of the products we offer.

We made some changes to the product to better reflect what was really working and what our customers loved most about F1 Experiences.

Keith Bruce

Tell us about the fun factor in your work.

There are so many fun factor elements of this job. But probably the one element that stands out for me is spending time and meeting our guests during the actual race weekend. To see the incredible excitement in their faces when they are walking down the pitlane, or making their way around the paddock during our Inside Paddock Access programme, or seeing a Formula 1 driver up close… it’s really gratifying. We are in the fun business, so everything we do should point toward making sure our experiences and our programmes are enjoyable.

Formula 1 travels to some of the most amazing cities and countries in the world, so being able to travel the world and see the beauty and culture of these incredible cities is another big benefit of the job. This sport is truly global, and so to get up close and personal with the people, the culture and the personalities of each circuit is just personally off the charts for me. There really isn’t anything like it in the sport today, so that is a special — and very fun — prerequisite of this work.

What are usually the main obstacles or problems when working with hospitality in Formula 1?

There are always going to be obstacles or challenges when your business is being delivered in a live event environment in 20 countries over a six-month period of time. Proper planning is incredibly important, and can be difficult to do when you are dealing with so many markets, the timings required and the decision making that can push back timetables, among other things. But you have to be able to roll with it and still be in a position to deliver the best possible product each and every time.

Formula 1 will launch new fan festivals at select races, with the goal of turning a Grand Prix weekend into a major week-long celebration of Formula 1.

Keith Bruce

It is an immense logistical challenge when you think about it — to move from country to country efficiently and then deal with production, installation, hiring of staff, training and then delivery of the best hospitality product on the market. And then you break it all down, pack it up and move to a new country in a week’s time. It’s not like setting up hospitality at the same venue for an entire season or organising VIP programmes at a major golf tournament or annual sporting event where you have significant lead-up time. Formula 1 is all about speed, and that is something we also have to take into account in our production cycles — speed to market and speed of our organisation in order to stay ahead of the curve.

Another reality we face is because we are so new, awareness of our F1 Experiences product is still a challenge. We think that will definitely subside in 2018 as we launch at every race, but we will be a new programme for the first time at the first seven or eight races on the calendar this year, which can make the sales process more time-consuming. But as we cycle through the calendar of events we believe that people will see us more and recognise us as the official Formula 1 provider of hospitality and experience packages worldwide.

Do you maybe see what Formula 1 could learn from other sports, markets or sectors in terms of hospitality?

I think that the learning curve is already in place under the new leadership at FOM. We regularly meet internally to review the best practices we see in other sports and entertainment sectors that could apply to what we are doing. Formula 1 hospitality has forever been defined by just one product, the Paddock Club, so we are now dramatically expanding that concept with F1 Experiences. My background is in global sports management and hospitality, and I have experience with producing VIP and corporate hospitality programs at numerous Olympic Games, FIFA World Cups, NFL Super Bowls and major golf tournaments around the world. So we can take some of the things that worked best at these major sporting events and apply them to what we are doing — new sales practices, upgraded fan experiences, product positioning, diversity of packages, highlighting the drivers and venues more. Those are some of the initiatives.

You will see some of these new ideas launch this year at various races, and not just in hospitality. Formula 1 will launch new fan festivals at select races, with the goal of turning a Grand Prix weekend into a major week-long celebration of Formula 1, with live entertainment and parties that more fans can be a part of. I’ve said it many times since I started last summer, it’s an incredibly exciting time to be in Formula 1 under the new management team. The growth trajectory is evident, and so the challenge for us at F1 Experiences is to not only keep up with that growth but also contribute to it however and wherever we can.


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Every year, those with an appreciation for horsepower and the smell of burning rubber converge on Melbourne for the Australian Grand Prix. For those who can’t make it to the Australian Grand Prix, we have the next best thing - driving experiences including Formula 1 laps where you get to be the one behind the wheel. We turned to our customers to find out which experiences come in first place in their opinion. Here's what they had to say...

Formula 1 reviews

1. "Formula 1 experience hard to beat"

"Just like a real race team... You get strapped in, nerves start to build and then you're given the green light and off you go - and as fast as you want in a safety first format. Definitely counting down the days until I get to go back." - Tony, Melbourne VIC

Formula 1 reviews

2. "Adrenaline rush!! Great experience"

"Awesome experience! Everyone was really nice and explained everything really well. Amazing car! always wanted to do a track day like this! Thanks so much" - Alison, Brisbane QLD

Formula 1 reviews

3. "Amazing experience"

"I have done V8, off-road and other driving experiences, but this is by far the most real experience in a race car. Thank you for offering this experience to the public." - Troy, Lakeside QLD

Formula 1 reviews

4. "Awesome fun!"

"Brilliant day out! Everything ran smoothly. The staff did a fantastic job and the car was wicked! I was not disappointed at all!" - Jono, Brisbane QLD

Formula 1 reviews

5. "Formula Ford experience was awesome. What a rush!"

"Such a great experience. The ride was definitely an adrenaline rush! Staff were very helpful and friendly. I'd highly recommend it." - Pete, Sydney NSW

Formula 1 reviews

6. "Great radical experience."

"Great day out. I got this for my 13th birthday and it was an excellent experience. I would definitely do it again. Thanks RedBalloon - oh and thanks for getting it for me Mum." - Saxon, Brisbane QLD

Formula 1 reviews

7. "WOW!"

"I've driven different car tracks, but this was the first time I've driven a Formula Ford - and WOW! What an amazing experience it is to be able to drive a true race car! Had the most amazing time doing the 10 laps and I waned more after! I will definately be doing this again without a doubt." - Adrian, St Clair NSW

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Sours: https://www.redballoon.com.au/hub/top-formula-one-driving-experiences-customer-reviews
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The best luxury F1 experiences to enjoy this year

As a guaranteed-to-thrill present, gift for yourself or reward for colleagues, luxury motorsport experiences are hard to beat. From the heady glamour of the Monaco Grand Prix where you can view the race from a luxury yacht, to being immersed in the excitement of the Italian or our own British Grand Prix, there are choices to suit even the most discerning of motorsport fans. Here are a few of our motor editor’s favourites.

Monaco Formula One race –  31m luxury yacht experience

Monaco Formula 1 Race -  31m luxury yacht experience

The Monaco GP is the highlight of the Formula One calendar and considered one of the most glamorous sporting events in the world. There is no better way to view this demanding street race than from the deck of a luxury yacht, moored literally feet from the track. These yacht packages include outstanding hospitality from the moment guests step on board. Champagne is supplied by one of the region’s leading brands, and is complemented by lavish food.

When: Weekend of 20-23rd May 2021
Price: Sunday race day £2,257pp

This package includes:

  • All day complimentary champagne bar.
  • Morning cake/pastries and welcome coffee.
  • Pre-lunch canapes.
  • Gourmet buffet lunch.
  • Sunday pre-race Q and A with F1TM celebrity.
  • Dedicated coordinators.
  • Speedboat tender transfers from Fontvieille Harbour.
  • Superb views of the world’s most famous street circuit.


McLaren Formula One VIP experience at the Italian Grand Prix

McLaren Formula 1 VIP Experience at the Italian Grand Prix

At the Italian Grand Prix in September, guests are welcomed to the McLaren Formula One Experience from first thing in the morning until the end of the racing day. On arrival, they will be presented with a gift bag before being directed to their table, where the McLaren hospitality team will personally welcome them.

Perfect for petrol heads, the experience is punctuated with driver interviews, broadcasting a live two-way interaction between the McLaren Garage and McLaren Paddock Club Suite. Race team headsets will be available for small groups throughout each F1 session. Members of the McLaren team will be on hand to host guests as they listen in to team radio whilst viewing the live garage feed displayed onscreen, alongside Marple and the track action.

When: 10th-12th September 2021
Price: From £1,181pp

This package includes:

  • McLaren tables or a private suite located within the Paddock Club above the Formula One pits with privileged views of the pit lane and the main start/finish straight.
  • Full breakfast provided, including pastries freshly made by the Paddock Club’s own chefs de partie.
  • Dedicated McLaren personnel on hand to host guests, offering a unique insight into the team.
  • Daily driver interviews via the Pit Link.
  • Daily Truck Tours where for guests to experience the circuit first-hand.
  • Access to the Paddock Club Lounge which includes activities such as a Formula One simulator and a virtual pit stop challenge.
  • Four-course fine dining lunch with carefully chosen fine wines.
  • An open bar including champagne, fine wine, coffee and soft drinks.


British Grand Prix, ultimate Formula One VIP one-day package

British Grand Prix, Ultimate Formula 1 VIP 1 Day Package

Ultimate Racing offers luxury experiences in their hospitality suites which provide one of the best views of the track, with a superb panoramic vista across a key overtaking area – the Wellington Straight – and the Brooklands and Luffield complex of corners.

There’s not just the Grand Prix to enjoy. In recent years, Silverstone has added to its schedule with track parades and on occasion FIA Historic Formula One or another similar classic race event. British F1 race weekend normally also sees visits from the Red Arrows, a parachute display team and also stages a series of concerts.

When: 18th July 2021
Price: £1,518 (Grand Prix day)

This package includes:

  • Full entrance ticket and VIP suite pass including access to the centre of the Silverstone circuit.
  • VIP parking (one per two guests).
  • Large covered viewing balcony overlooking the Silverstone track.
  • Private bar with complimentary beers, wines and soft drinks.
  • Champagne and selected spirits.
  • Superb all-day catering including special British Grand Prix menu – consisting of a two-course F1 Grand Prix chef’s table buffet lunch with selected fine wines, ploughman’s style afternoon tea, cakes and other sweet treats.
  • Official F1 event programme per person.
  • Silverstone ear piece radio per person.
  • In-suite televisions.
  • Private tables for groups of 10 guests, smaller groups on shared tables.

Book: ultimateracing.co.uk

Sours: https://www.luxurylifestylemag.co.uk/drive-sail-and-fly/the-best-luxury-f1-experiences-to-enjoy-this-year/
Formula 1 VIP Experience in Abu Dhabi

What are the benefits of choosing F1 Experiences?

With unprecedented access and unparalleled views, there really is no better way to gain access to the world’s fastest sport than by purchasing an Official Ticket Package from F1 Experiences.

But is it really worth it? Can you really not get this access elsewhere? Fortunately for you, we’ve put together this handy explainer article to answer some of your most frequent questions…

What exactly is F1 Experiences?

F1 Experiences is simply the closest you’ll get to Formula 1 without becoming a driver yourself. Launched in 2017, F1 Experiences is the Official Experience, Hospitality & Travel Programme of Formula 1 and has grown to become one of the very best sports experience programmes available.

Surely I can get this access elsewhere, can’t I?

Not really, but that’s the best bit about F1 Experiences. Aside from the tickets which you can buy elsewhere, almost everything else included will be a perk or benefit that you simply won’t be able to buy elsewhere. The only way to get this kind of access is to become an F1 driver or to sponsor a team, and this option will definitely cost you less!

Ok, so what about hospitality? How does that work?

We’re not just talking prawn sandwiches and a couple of glasses of wine here, F1 Experiences does world-class trackside hospitality. All our packages include hospitality of some kind, starting from single-day access with a buffet and open bar, to 3 or 4-Day access to a premium hospitality suite offering 3-course seated meals with free-flowing champagne. If you want to experience the latter, then an Official Ticket Package with access to the Champions Club or the exclusive F1 Paddock Club is probably what you’re after.

Tell me more about the Paddock Club, what is that?

Quite simply, the F1 Paddock Club is the very pinnacle of sports hospitality. There’s no better way to experience a Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend unless perhaps you’re driving the car. It’s the most exclusive hospitality suite at the circuit and you’ll more than likely bump into some famous faces while you’re there. It’s more often than not situated directly above the team garages, so you’ll have a prime spot to see the race start and pit stops.

As well as the best views money can buy, you’ll also receive the very best in gourmet hospitality, daily pit lane walks, F1 driver appearances and exclusive perks only available with F1 Experiences such as Guided Paddock Access and the chance to chat to a current or legendary F1 driver.

How can I meet the drivers?

Aside from the Starter Package, all the F1 Experiences Packages include either guided access to the F1 paddock with an expert tour guide, an invite to an F1 Paddock Club™ Reception, or access to either the Champions Club or F1 Paddock Club with a guaranteed appearance by an F1® media personality, current or legendary F1 driver.

What about the other perks? What else is included?

As if premium views, gourmet hospitality, and the chance to meet your heroes wasn't enough, there are plenty more perks that are exclusive to F1 Experiences Ticket Holders. These depend somewhat on the package you purchase, but additional activities include an Exclusive Pit Lane Walk, Guided Track Tour, Podium Photo Opportunity, and Guided Paddock Access.

...and this is available at every race, right?

Yes, though the packages vary a little depending on the circuit. The F1 Paddock Club is present at each round on the calendar, while the Champions Club is also an option at the majority of races including Monaco, Silverstone, Spa, and Monza.

Sounds great, how do I book with F1 Experiences?

You can book an Official Ticket Page directly through Grand Prix Events. Follow the link below to view a full list of races currently on sale.


Sours: https://grandprixevents.com/blog/what-are-the-benefits-of-choosing-f1-experiences

Reviews f1 experiences

It gets you closer to the action, technology and romance that is F1. Collection of H1B Visa Stamping Experiences in India by Consulate for 2021. Get up to speed with everything you need to know about the 2021 Spanish Grand Prix, which takes place over 66 laps of the 4.655-kilometre Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya on Sunday, May 9. Let’s see the questions asked to them.f1 visa acceptance rate, f1 visa rejection rate 2016, f1 visa rejection, f1 visa By Luke Reilly Updated: 5 Nov 2020 11:40 pm Posted: 6 Jul 2020 8:00 am Formula One is very much defined by its … To hear the roar of the 130000 race fans at the The latest licensed F1 racer, now with added cutscenes. It's not just a racetrack. Stream the latest F1 video footage online. Read Sony FE 85mm F1.8 Review Sony FE 85mm F1.4 GM $1,798.00 See It at Amazon Read Sony FE 85mm F1.4 GM Review Zeiss Batis 2/25 $1,169.00 See It at Amazon Read Zeiss Batis 2/25 Review … This is also my first review on Trustpilot. In reply to Stilograph • Sep 15, 2013 7 Allow me to present a totally opposite opinion to the previous posters: I bought a new (i.e. Biometrics Process, Interview questions, COVID related tests, other info Experience – 3: F1 … To start with a little bit of context; I never normally leave reviews (even if things are bad). Experiences like this cause a ripple effect on brand loyalty and trust. Here i am posting some F1 visa Experiences of students attended at US Consulates of Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai. If your love speed and any kind of racing you'll love this track. London, England, United Kingdom About Blog Get the latest stories from the formula 1 column of the Mirror, All the latest news, sport and celebrity gossip at Mirror.co.uk. F1 2020 Review Team player. If you bought tickets for races that have been postponed or cancelled through F1Tickets.com, F1 Paddock Club and F1 Experiences, F1 is currently working with each race promoter on the transfer and refund options available to There are however subtle differences in how the products operate in different countries. F1 2020 also pays respect to this year being the 70th edition of F1 Championship, with the game shipping in two versions: the Seventy Edition and the Deluxe Schumacher edition on … Reviewed on i5 8600k, RTX 2080 ti, 16GB RAM It seems so obvious now in retrospect. What is it? It offers upscale accommodation and the highest standards of services, facilities and amenities to the delight of its distinguished guests. It also shakes up a lot with the team career mode, but at this stage the Sony 20mm F1.8 first experiences (compared to 16-35 GM) 3 hours ago • Review of Sony 20mm F1.8G 1 I received my Sony 20mm F1.8 a week ago, and my first week of using it, I have been very impressed! F1 TV is available in many countries across the globe. Do better. arneh wrote: I received my Sony 20mm F1.8 a week ago, and my first week of using it, I have been very impressed! F1 USA VISA Services lists visa interview experiences of distinct students along with their intake and universities. If you're an F1 fan and even if you're not tryn to go and experience the vibe. F1 Visa Interview is the final stage to get pass to US Entry. HOTELS IN BGC: F1 Hotel Manila, Taguig City, "The Home of Happy Experiences" (HOTEL REVIEW) F1 Hotel Manila is one of the highly-regarded hotels in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) . Take the wheel on the official F1 cir Get the ultimate driving experience around the route used by the Follow popular F1 blogs to get latest F1 news, F1 Racing , Formula One live updates, F1 results, F1 schedule all in one place. F1 Blog best 100 list. Formula 1’s shortest pre-season in years is done and dusted, with teams enjoying just three days of running to get their cars in shape for the 2021 campaign. Formula 1 Managing Director, Motorsport, Ross Brawn looks back at the events at the Mexican Grand Prix including a victory for Hamilton that required great skill, and … Most of these student visa experiences will be useful for Spring … Watch today's hottest drivers and relive your favourite moments with gems from the archive. Grand Prix Events & F1 Experiences appear to be linked businesses that share the same Directors, F1 Experiences have similarly poor reviews.....I wonder why. F1 Driving Experience Follow in the tracks of Vettel, Alonso and Hamilton and make driving a Supercar a reality! F1 2019 Review: Brilliant game with one misstep By Toby Durant + 6 Codemasters promised the world with F1 2019, but does it all come together? Experiences like this cause a ripple effect on brand loyalty and trust. I was not asked to write a review. If F1 needs more revenue to come in so that refunds can be made, so be it, but communicate that. Welcome to the official website of McLaren Racing, home to the McLaren Formula 1, INDYCAR and esports teams. Amazing, amazing, amazing. Sony FE 14mm f1.8 G Master review DJI Air 2S review Fujifilm XF 18mm f1.4 review so far Canon EOS R3 review so far Sigma 24mm f3.5 DG DN review Viltrox AF 85mm f1.8 II review Sony A1 review Canon EOS R5 fw v1.3 update What’s included with F1 Paddock Club If you’re looking for the best seats in the house, then look no further than the Formula One Paddock Club . Experience everything Circuit of The Americas has to offer, from car shows to private events, karting to the USL's Austin Bold FC. Review of F1 - United States Grand Prix Reviewed October 20, 2018 via mobile We go to a lot of Grand Prix‘s and the ticket package we brought from F1 Experience was a very disappointing. Pan Pacific Singapore: Great Hotel makes great F1 experiences - See 11,004 traveler reviews, 7,925 candid photos, and great deals for Pan Pacific Singapore at Tripadvisor. While in many countries F1 TV Access is available, not all countries have F1 TV Pro I ordered 2 polo shirts and a cap from the F1 I live in mainland UK. With F1 2020, the franchise expands on what it does best — realistically simulated F1 experiences with a low barrier for entry and high quality of execution. The other wide angle lens I own is the 16-35mm GM, I … Re:Nikon 50mm f1.2 user experiences?

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F1 Experiences - The Only Way To Experience F1


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